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Acute pancreatitis can become very serious very fast. If you are experiencing the sudden onset of moderate to extremely severe abdominal pain, with or without nausea and vomiting go to the ER.

Pancreatitis Remedies You Can Use At Home

Pancreatitis remedies are few in number. In order to understand what may or may not be a viable home remedy for pancreatitis you first have to have a clear understanding of pancreatitis. What is it, how it happens and so on. The most important in my humble opinion is what pancreatitis is. Once you have… Read More »

Biliary Microlithiasis Causes Up To 79% Of Idiopathic Acute Pancreatitis

Biliary Microlithiasis, sometimes referred to as gallbladder sludge, is made up of cholesterol monohydrate, calcium bilirubinate, or calcium carbonate stones measuring less than 2 mm. Sludge is a suspension of crystals, mucin, glycoproteins, and cellular debris. Have you been diagnosed with Idiopathic Acute Pancreatitis? You have? Well that means your doctor has no clue or… Read More »

Gallstone Pancreatitis Information You Need

IF you are searching for gallstone pancreatitis information and want to learn about pancreatitis you have found the right site and article because … The leading cause of acute pancreatitis is a gallstone (or stones) that creates an obstruction in the common bile and/or pancreatic ducts. Thus the name gallstone pancreatitis. Obstruction occurs when gallstones… Read More »

Pancreatitis Pain: How to Stop Pancreatitis Pain

Pancreatitis pain can be mild to severe. I can personally tell you from experience that you do not want to experience the severe form of pancreatitis pain but I’ll wager that if you are reading this blog post about pancreatitis pain that you’ve been there, done that. Living with pancreatitis pain is not fun. Those… Read More »

NSAIDS Linked to Irregular Heart Rhythm

NSAIDS linked to irregular heart rhythm? Common pain killers, used to reduce inflammation have been associated with an irregular heart rhythm called atrial fibrillation (AF or A-Fib) or flutter according to a study published in the peer-reviewed medical journal the BMJ Open. This is an open-access journal, the study is free to read online. In a… Read More »

Best Supplements For Pancreas Health

What are the best supplements for pancreas health? Hopefully I can answer the question completely because people are using that particular question as a search term to find this blog. I may as well make it easy for them! Naturally I’m geared into talking about the best supplements for pancreas health in terms of how… Read More »

Curcumin: People with SOD or Gallstones Should NOT Take Curcumin

Important information about curcumin (turmeric) in relation to gallstones and SOD. Once you read this post feel free to throw darts at me if you have Sphincter of Oddi dysfunction or gallstones and have taken a turmeric product on my recommendation. However … IF you have seen good results please hold the darts but consider… Read More »

Curcumin For Pancreatitis

I personally use curcumin for pancreatitis because it puts out the fire of inflammation. Together with grape seed extract and vitamin C, curcumin helps to keep me free of pancreatitis pain and acute pancreatitis. I have been using it for 16 years. Most doctors are not aware of the benefits of using curcumin for pancreatitis. There… Read More »