Testimonials of Pancreatitis Healing – Real People, Real Results

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testimonials-beating-pancreatitisThere are testimonials about diet, supplements, Ibuprofen, the power of prayer and beating pancreatitis scattered all through the 4500+ comments.

Obviously it is difficult to find testimonials when they are mixed in with thousands of other comments. In regards to the amount of actual success people have had and to the actual numbers of success verses failure (the ratios) I unfortunately do not know. Yet …

I believe a page dedicated to only testimonials will help both new people (new to this site) and veterans as well to formulate a better picture of what is possible. So …

I’m creating this testimonial page about REAL people who have visited this pancreatitis site, followed what I do and/or have done in the past and have seen success with diet, anti-inflammatory medications (Ibuprofen, etc) and various natural supplements.

The following testimonies are real. They have either been copied from the comment section of this site, my other site (the first one I did) on blogger.com or from emails sent to me. So, somewhere I have the original as proof and I’ll add more as I find them on my sites or they are emailed to me.

Some testimonials will be long, full of pain and emotion. Some will be short. ALL of them will show proof that others have found relief, healing and possibly become free of pain and symptoms. YOU, in all possibility, might be the next testimonial success story.

One word of caution: Science and the medical profession all claim that if a patient only suffers ONE mild attack of acute pancreatitis that approximately 80% recover completely and go on to live a normal life (eating, drinking etc) BUT my experience, especially from visitors to this site tells me that those numbers may be a “hopey dreamy” outlook at best and I am almost positive that if one sustains noted damage the chances of a complete cure are remote. Yet …

Hope and trust in Almighty God, as THE Great Physician, has proven to be beneficial and worthwhile. The great I AM will and still does completely heal when that healing is according to His plan and purpose.

“I am the LORD, who heals you.” Exodus 15:26

“He himself bore our sins in his body on the tree, that we might die to sin and live to righteousness. By his wounds you have been healed.” 1 Peter 2:24

“Is anyone among you sick? Let him call for the elders of the church, and let them pray over him, anointing him with oil in the name of the Lord. And the prayer of faith will save the one who is sick, and the Lord will raise him up. And if he has committed sins, he will be forgiven. Therefore, confess your sins to one another and pray for one another, that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous person has great power as it is working.” James 5:14-16

“This is the confidence we have in approaching God: that if we ask anything according to his will, he hears us. And if we know that he hears us—whatever we ask—we know that we have what we asked of him.” 1 John 5:14-15

So we have exceptional hope in Almighty God who asked me to do this site so that others could have what He taught me and thereby realize relief from pain and suffering caused by pancreatitis. The hope is real.

This is not a “catch-all” question and answer page. Please keep any comments strictly on topic. Any off-topic comments will be deleted.

This page is not to be a “rah rah” page dedicated to me. The glory, all of it, belongs to God Almighty. He showed me the way to beat pancreatitis.

When you give your testimonial please do not stretch the truth. Tell it like it is. I do not want people to get false hope but I also would like people to know (if it’s true) how some of you are doing better, have overcome suffering etc. This gives realistic hope.

You can either share your testimony via the comment section below or you can email your testimony to me along with permission to post it at: paul@beatingpancreatitis.com

Thank you in advance for visiting, reading and sharing. I pray that everyone who visits this site finds and realizes it to be a God Blessing via better health and time well invested. May God richly bless you 🙂

Testimonials – Beating Pancreatitis Success Stories

This first story is Mark’s story told by his wife Kim ….

“Thank you for sharing your knowledge about a proper fat free diet and a compromised pancreas. Your information is a Godsend. We searched online for suggestions going forward with a compromised Pancreas and found you.

My husbands story in short is “lost 75 % of pancreas in an acute attack caused by gallstone, had every possible textbook complication with near certain mortality. The infections, cysts,necrosis, acities,15 ercps, drains and more were all the worst the experts had ever seen.” I do suggest for pancreas people who have no hope, to seek out Dr Joe Hines at UCLA. He is the head of their pancreas department and has invented/created new treatments for the most compromised pancreas. He too has followed Marks tremendous progress with your diet and is a fan. He was able to cancel yet another surgery because the diet WORKS. Mark is pain free and healthy.

The cysts, fistulas, necrotic tissue, drains, infections, blood clots, organ failure , scar tissue, blocked / destroyed pancreatic duct and frankly losing most of his pancreas all took a toll on Mark. He would not have survived if he had been a drinker or had not been as strong and healthy as he was prior to the attack both in eating habits and exercise.

However once the Drs. Discharged him we were pretty much on our own to figure out next steps and to get him pain free. Most drs suggested eat what you used to eat and a few said go low fat most of the time. That didn’t make sense to me, so we looked online and found you.

That’s when your diet plan kicked in.

Because he has so little pancreas left we don’t want to take any risks and have followed the plan hard core. If we are not sure about a food, then it’s a no.

Learning how to plan ahead and eat safely when he is away from home is our biggest challenge. But that is more about building new habits.

This week we took a walk along the beach and Mark shared he had not felt this good and so pain free since our nightmare began 1 and 1/2 years ago. Yes the drs at ucla’s pancreatic center saved his life but your diet plan gave him a way to continue living and enjoy life.

The next story is about Steve and his struggle with severe acute pancreatitis. The story, via comments, is written by his wife Susan. The whole story can be read here. This is the short version …

Hi Health Guy, I just want you to know that I was praying to the Lord so hard about my husband, when He guided me to you sight. I know this wasn’t by chance! My Husband was litterally dying. He couldn’t quit vomiting. I got the C Caps, Turmeric Curcumin & Grape Seed like you suggested. I emptied out the said amount into a little bowl and added purified water. I used a syringe to slowly inject into my Husbands feed tube, as putting it in formula did not go over so well, clogged the tube line. Once we got going on this 4 times a day, it only took less than a week to start seeing a difference. First thing we noticed, is that the vomiting slowed way up. After a couple of weeks we noticed that he was not vomiting or feeling nauseated for the most. Steve kept saying that he was going to eat Thanksgiving Dinner with the rest of us, but I felt sick to my stomach wondering how he was going to take it when he finds out that he will never eat again. I was wrong and so were the Docs!!! To make a long story short, Steve ate Thanksgiving Dinner with the rest of the family and I have to say I’m still in shock. Now Steve is making up for lost time. I really thought I’d never see this day come, I only hoped for him to live and stop vomiting and feeling sick, so he could have a better life. Everyone thought that Steve was going to die. Now we see that he is going to live, thanks to God for sending us you!!! Can’t thank you enough, you truly were God sent… Susan

This next story is from a comment made by an anonymous party but you can read the original comment here

“Hi! I thought I´d share my story on this post since I got some very happy news yesterday.

A little under a year ago I was diagnosed with chronic pancreatitis after several bouts of stomach pain over a period of about five years, the last one lasting for several weeks with fever and everything.

I was sent to ultrasound and there the radiologist found scar tissue having formed in my pancreas and he said that this was caused by inflammation of the pancreas due to drinking too much (which is what caused the attacks) and ordered me to stop drinking altogether. I haven´t touched alcohol since.

Shortly after I came over this blog and adopted the regime of a low fat diet, grape seed, vitamin C, curcumin and enzymes before meals. I also took Ibuprofen whenever I felt the slightest sign of pancreatic stomach pain (you kinda know how it feels if you´ve had it before). I also made sure to get cardio-vascular exercise at least three times a week and have a certain amount physical activity every day (walks, biking etc).

Yesterday I got the results from a recent CT scan, (which is a more precise form of diagnosis than ultrasound) and to my suprise they found “no evidence of disease in pancreas”. This means that the scarring in my pancreas has healed in less than a year and I stand a much better chance of escaping this horrible disease, and the future looks bright!

I will continue to stay away from alcohol, and will also continue to take supplements, although maybe not as many as before, just to stay on the safe side.

This goes to show that there is indeed hope if you get an early diagnosis and implement measures immediately and stick to them.”

Polly about Ibuprofen …

I have used Ibuprofen for pancreatitis. 800 mg every 8 hours for up to three days in a row. This is the only thing that touches the pain and makes me be able to work. I still take the supplements with the Ibuprofen. Aloe juice and herbal teas. I can honestly say since finding this website I have never had to go back to the ER for pain control. The ER and being admitted was the worst. I came out after three days dehydrated with pneumonia and on oxygen. I wish I would have known about Ibuprofen then!

Pullin4ya on Ibuprofen for Gallbladder pain …

wow, i’m so glad I found your site and info. I started having my attack of what I’ve been thinking was a gallbladder one a few days ago. I also stumbled onto Motrin.
Even though folks on the web said nothing touched their gallbladder pain, I noticed the ibuprofen did. It took it away in about 30-45 min.

Jody in regards to Ibuprofen, supplements and grapefruit juice …

I am one of those people who was told initially that ibuprofen usage was the cause of my pancreatitis attack. It has since been decided that gallbladder sludge was the cause. I have been dragging my feet on getting my gallbladder removed. However, two nights ago I felt like a mild attack of pancreatitis was beginning. Actually, I suffered with it for awhile. I decided that I would use the ibuprofen last night along with grape seed extract, curcumin, and white grapefruit juice. This morning when I got up I still did not feel well. I was in pain so I decided to repeat. Within about an hour I felt better. I felt well enough to get dressed and go to a Christmas gathering. It worked for me.

Darlene in regards to success with Ibuprofen …

I am so, so, so, thankful that I found your website. I was searching a few months ago after having a few attacks. I tried the ibuprofen during my next attack after reading your post. It worked like magic! I just had another attack about an hour ago and a few minutes after taking the ibuprofen, the pain started easing off. It’s unbelievable! The pain is the worst pain I’ve ever had in my life…worse than childbirth! It is truly unbearable! Thank you and bless you for posting what you did. I can’t thank you enough!!! I really can’t! Bless you a hundred, thousand times!!!!!

Boon in regards to Ibuprofen …

Ibuprofen is magic for me. Thanks for your advice.

Kirby talking about his Ibuprofen experience …

Thanks for the site and the information. Been suffering from chronic PC for about 5 years. I had 2 Acute attacks and was hospitalized the first time. The 2nd time I dealt with it with pain medication. Both times they lasted 5 days. I got an attack yesterday and looked up your site and read about treating with Ibuprofen. Everything you said about how the hospital treated me the first time was spot on. Now I’m smart enough to stop eating but after reading your site I immediately took 800 mg. ibuprofen and pain was reduced but not gone. Took another 800 mg in 3 hours and went to bed. Woke up almost pain free. Today I’m taking 400 mg and reducing as the pain goes away and not eating. Worked great for me especially when I think about what I went through the last two times. So today I ordered the supplements you suggest. Thanks for the information and your site!

Double Barrel on grapefruit juice …

Grapefruit juice is working! Thank you so much for sharing your experiences and accumulated knowledge of pancreatitis. I have bought grape seed extract, and will look for curcumin, as well. I already take vit C and digestive enzymes, but will add the other two to my daily regiment, as well. I will be reading all of your site and comments in the coming weeks, and I cannot thank you enough for putting all of this out there for us fellow CP sufferers.

Angela on turmeric, curcumin …

Hi, I’ve not had a definite diagnosis of chronic pancreatitis (but they think it could be that) I know it is I’ve had loads of acute attacks and now it’s gone to chronic (pain every night now wakes me from my sleep) I’m taking creon 40,000 with every meal and snack and zomorph for pain plus oral morphine when it’s really bad. Problem is zomorph worked at first but Dr as had to increase my dose twice because it stops working. Anyway past 5 days I’ve been taking turmeric (first night pain not as bad as usual no oral morphine needed) last 4 nights practically pain free! This stuff is working for me I can’t believe it! I’ve also bought some grape seed extract started that as well today. Only problem is I have sphincter of oddi dysfunction (which for the past year since I had botox in it as been ok) so I’m just hoping the turmeric doesn’t upset it. Thanks so much for all this information it’s been a big help for me I’ve seen countless drs over the past 6 year with no joy as my scans are always ok, my amlayse is always raised in my blood but not high enough for them to say pancreatitis straight away (these past 6 years have been a massive struggle the latter being the worst as it’s been getting worse) thanks again for all the information. Regards Angela

payingforprivateschool had this to say about grape seed extract …

Hurray for Health Guy!! This Grape Seed stuff (plus reducing meats as you suggest) worked – and in less than a week for me! Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This stuff is awesome. Who would have thought a seed would have good stuff for us in it – not me. Thanks for sharing your experience!

John shares his story …

Health Guy:
Your recent post made me realize I’d never sent you a proper thank you for the information you put out there for those of us who are suffering/have suffered.

My first acute attack came Christmas night 2015 after a day filled with mimosas, fine wine and delicious fatty foods. After the “brainiacs” at the hospital released me (only 4 hours later) they said to “cut back” on the drinking. Needless to say, I had another attack January of 2016, and then another in February 2016. Always getting the same b.s. advice from the doctors at the hospital. Truth is, I was drinking way too much and the alcohol was causing the repeated attacks.

It wasn’t until after my third attack that I found your site and finally got up the courage to quit drinking. I stood at the gas station filling up my car praying, making a deal with God that if he helped me heal that I’d never have another drink. I’ve kept my end of the bargain and thanks to an amazing family and Gods help I’m more than a year without a drink or any pain. Even though i have no physical damage to my pancreas according to my doctor I keep a low fat diet, no alcohol and take the supplements daily.

I can say without a doubt that your website I would at best be lying in pain, bankrupt and divorced and at worst be dead. That’s not an exaggeration. But since I’ve found your information my marriage has never been stronger, my career never more vibrant and my health is where I want it.

Thank you, Health Guy, for helping me rebuild my life

This Next Testimony Is From Pam

Pamela Worcester Testimonial: after my diagnosis in 2015 my gastrointestinal doc turned me over to his NP for my ongoing care. She was a gem and pointed me immediately to Paul’s blog. I adopted his food plan and adjusted it slightly for myself. I immediately kissed my wine goodbye and limit my fat intake by never eating anything if I can’t verify the fat content. I’m about to celebrate five years on March 13th and I feel amazing. I’ve told Paul before and I will tell him again he saved my life! Finding him was the best possible break I could have had! Thanks again Paul ?

I hope the above testimonials help to not only give you hope but to also understand that with effort your health can improve. There may not be a cure for a damaged pancreas or chronic pancreatitis but there are ways to help you live pain and symptom free as much as possible.

I’ll add more testimonials as I find them or they are sent to me.

God Bless You! 🙂







29 thoughts on “Testimonials of Pancreatitis Healing – Real People, Real Results

  1. Holly Watson

    I have CP, I have the PSSR1 gene mutation so my pancreas is jacked up and was going to be no matter what! BUT, my sister, who also has this gene mutation and CP, got me onto your website and at first glance this is like whoa, too much!!!! But then I had another attack and this one wouldn’t quit. I bought the Curcumin, and grape seed extract, after I had a consultation to have my pancreas removed, TP/AIT, which is way scarier than a low fat diet! Every time I get a slight pain in my pancreas I take the supplements you listed and BAM! Pain is gone. I haven’t even had to take ibuprofen recently. The thing is I can tolerate most food, I don’t drink anymore, and I eat fat because Im breastfeeding, and have been and will hopefully be pregnant again. But my body seems to tolerate most healthy fats. I have found that dairy is a legit no go and I avoid pork, and obviously avoid alcohol, and try to exercise most days of the week. But your supplement suggestions are on point! SO thank you for that!!! ANd I think coffee helps is that weird? Anyways, thank you for this site and sharing all your knowledge

    1. The Health Guy Post author

      Hi Holly – you’re welcome to the info. I’m glad some has helped! Fat toleration is an individual thing. I may error on the side of caution in regards to my suggested fat intake but some people can’t even tolerate 5 grams per meal while others tolerate more. It USUALLY depends upon the amount of damage sustained and other conditions involved. For example there are some who visit this site who have sphincter of oddi dysfunction along with pancreas damage from pancreatitis, or others who have pancreas divisum while yet others have maybe as little as 25% of their pancreas left due to debridement of necrotic tissue and/or resection. There are so many who visit with varying degrees of damage along with other risk factors that also flare due to fat (GB issues, SOD, etc) that being conservative is often better than being too liberal. I’m glad to hear that the supplements work for you as well. THANK YOU for sharing!

  2. BM

    Hi I was following your plan after my acute pancreatitis attack and after 2 months of pain free (not 6) i decided to have a big seafood meal (more that the friends I was with were having one so I wanted to be social). I was very sick and vomiting for the rest of the night. A week on, I have reverted back to my plant based diet but continue to feel slightly nauseas especially if i exercise. Has anyone else had a feeling like this also? Thanks in advance

    1. The Health Guy Post author

      Hi BM – please understand I am not scolding you when I say it is extremely important to heal totally before trying to be “normal” as far as eating. If you were diagnosed with mild acute pancreatitis you could heal totally and never have to worry about pancreas inflammation again or at least that is what I’ve read. The problem is that the more attacks you have (even mild ones) the more damage you sustain. That isn’t good but here’s the thing 80% of attacks are mild but it’s those 20% severe acute attacks that can kill you and it is impossible to tell whether the next attack will be mild or severe. Severe acute pancreatitis has an average death rate of 30% with 50% death rate not uncommon in cases with infected necrosis and organ failure. I’m NOT trying to scare you but this is nothing to “play” with. Eating to please others is NOT a good idea. I don’t want you to suffer more attacks or develop the chronic form because it isn’t fun. It sucks to have to be careful of what you eat ALL the time for the rest of your life. Give yourself at least 6 months to heal (no pain, no symptoms for 6 months). It is far better to be over cautious, eat the proper way for 6 months in order to potentially live the rest of your life in a normal fashion. 🙂

      1. E H Valet

        After my 2nd “mild” attack, I was foolish & did not take a GI recommendation for a cholecystectomy (gall bladder removal), & continued to have one glass of wine with my dinner. A year later in ER I almost got to meet my Guardian Angel for the flight to heaven… Three years on (2.5 after finding this website), the pseudo-cyst on my partially-necrosis’d pancreas is shrunken 60% but not gone. Red meat always gives me slight symptoms & a run for an Aleve or 2. Mostly I avoid that which has pained me even in the slightest. Extreme moderation is key; e.g., just have a bite of your wife’s bacon, a taste from her gelato cone, etc…. Thoughts & prayers, gV.

        1. The Health Guy Post author

          Thank you for sharing your story – I am glad to hear that you are better. Stay well, Merry Christmas and God bless you too 🙂

  3. august589

    Hi! Thanks for allowing me to present my testimonial. I’ve been very fortunate in that I have not been as ill as others with pancreatitis. However, it took around seven attacks in five years for a physician to even think of pancreatitis (and now that I’ve read about the symptoms, it could even be EPI). I gradually learned my food triggers and have gone the last 18 months without a full-blown attack (though I’ve had some close calls due to overripe fruit this year that I’ve fended off). I’ve learned to enjoy the nearly vegan diet and I should be a stockholder in Subway for as often as I eat there–its the only place I go when I eat out. Thanks, as well, for your testimony of Jesus Christ and His healing power. God’s blessings to you.

  4. E H Valet

    Today, Dec. 4, 2017, is the 3rd anniversary of Mr. Pancreas trying to kill me; I was hospitalized for a month and am still technically in recovery since the pseudo-cyst on Mr. P is still shrinking. I am grateful to the Mayo Hospital staff for saving my life (the last memory I have of Dec. 4th & 5th was the ER Doctor asking me “Do you have a Living Will?” & me only able to point to my wife). For the first 3 months out of hospital I was still very sick & on heavy meds. Until I discovered this website, I was not sure I was going to recover to a “normal” life; very depressed. I started the Health Guy’s regimen in May of that year. With that, with much PRAYER, and exercising regularly, by the end of that 1st year I was stabilized and off the opioid Rx’s. Two more years on, and despite having a prognosis of chronic pancreatitis, I now can’t find many differences between my health before the massive attacks ( 5 while I has in hospital ) and now. So I want to thank Health Guy and to recommend this course of supplements & way of life going forward. I continue to PRAY and hope and trust the Divine Healer for progress & healings for you all & please include me generally in your prayers for all who have this affliction. Merry Christmas Health Guy, & “God bless us every one.” gV. (Ponte Vedra FL)

  5. Barb Golden

    Paul, I love you and your website! I am almost 50 and about a decade ago was told I may have the start of chronic pancreatitis. I drastically changed my diet and have only had a few flare ups since then, all of which occurred when I’d felt good for so long that I declared myself cured and then got a little crazy with forbidden foods. But recently I began a very low dose of natural estrogen and progesterone , applied transdermally, to treat menopause symptoms. Unfortunately, one rare side effect of the hormone replacement therapy is accute pancreatitis! So now I’m trying to treat myself at home and hoping to avoid a trip to the hospital. Needless to say, I have stopped using the hormones. And just to remind myself that I really can feel good again, I have been re-reading your wonderful website. Thank you for being so generous in sharing your experiences and your wisdom with the rest of us. May God bless you richly!

    1. The Health Guy Post author

      Hi Barb – Thank you for the kind words 🙂 I am sorry to hear you have had a set-back possibly due to hormone therapy. I’ve never had “hot flashes” or menopause but from what I have read, heard etc I would rather deal with menopause than an inflamed pancreas. But like I said I have no clue really because I am not female. I’ll pray for your healing and that God blesses you as well. Keep me posted on your healing progress.

  6. Brian

    Hi HG, I want to update your blog in regard to my progress in beating pancreatitis. I was diagnosed in fall of 2016, in and out of hospitals for 3 months, primarily in. Weight loss of close to 45 pounds, vomiting, nausea, pain, cysts, necrosis, all the good stuff. For sure the great focused care from doctors and the hospitals saved me from a bad ending. For sure the information on you web site saved me from suffering the same thing again, I say this without a doubt. Diet is incomprehensibly important, the supplements advised do work. I have spread the word to people I have ran across who have or are suffering from this terrible condition and will continue to do so. Thank you for creating and maintaining the vital tool of a website for us to use.

    1. The Health Guy Post author

      Hi Brian THANK YOU for the update and testimony. GOOD news is always welcome. I am really glad to hear you are doing well. That is awesome!

  7. Paige

    Hi – I have Sjogren’t Syndrome and Lupus, which are autoimmune diseases. As a result, I get pancreatic attacks (they are referred to as “autoimmune pancreatitis”). In the last 15 years, I have had such terrible attacks, that I have been hospitalized at least 10 times. The pain is something so severe, that words don’t adequately describe it. The ER doctors typically give me an IV with pain meds, and draw my blood. Of course, the bloodwork always shows “elevation” in all panels. Then, I am discharged after the pain subsides. My gastroenterologist told me, “My best friend died from pancreatitis, so stop drinking NOW.” I have stopped drinking, even though the majority of my attacks had NOTHING to do with alcohol. In fact, my very first, and most severe, attack happened on my office floor at work. I literally thought “this is how I’m going to die.” I had my most recent attack, early in the morning two days ago. And again,it had nothing to do with alcohol. It woke me up out of a dead sleep. So, I am very thankful that I came across your website. I am going to the store right now to buy the Ibuprofen and all the supplements that you recommend. But one question: Do you mean grape seed extract or grapeFruit extract? You make reference to them both, and I am confused. Thanks very much for this much-needed information!

    1. The Health Guy Post author

      Hi Paige – Grapefruit seed extract is good. I PREFER Grape seed extract. I use grape seed extract all the time. Curcumin is also excellent and in combination with grape seed extract, vitamin c and Ibuprofen in sufficient doses will really help you or at least they do me and others. During massive pain it takes 800-1000 mgs of Ibuprofen in ONE dose (4-5 200mg pills from any store) to handle the acute attack. IF you get nausea and vomiting like many do you need a GOOD anti emetic (anti nausea medication) so the cocktail stays down. So get some promethazine (25mgs) also known as Phenergan to help control the nausea. Zofran in 8-16mg doses is ok but promethazine is usually better. Get it in suppository form cuz it is difficult to puke up a suppository. I use both promethazine and compazine for nausea or used to. I still keep them on hand in case. The cocktail doesn’t work unless you keep it down but that cocktail (grape seed extract, curcumin, vitamin c and Ibuprofen) will be effective 99% of the time for most people.

    2. The Health Guy Post author

      By the way Paige I am sorry to hear you have had so much suffering because I KNOW it too well myself. It has been a long time but I cringe thinking about those attacks. They are enough to give some one PTSD. Unfortunately Sjogren’s Syndrome and Lupus both cause acute pancreatitis. Autoimmune pancreatitis is an autoimmune disease and differs from other classifications of pancreatitis because it is autoimmune and believe it or not can be successfully treated with steroids. It also mimics pancreatic cancer (vaugue symptoms at first, more like mild chronic pancreatitis AND it even LOOKS like PC on scans such as CT) and usually doesn’t cause acute attacks until it is severe disease (undiagnosed for a long time). So chances are you suffer from recurrent acute pancreatitis caused by either Sjogren’s Syndrome or Lupus attacking your pancreas. Unfortunately there is no cure for either so you are probably always going to be at risk for recurrent AP. You’ll need to do everything possible to keep AP attack at bay so that you don’t end up with CP (chronic pancreatitis). I have celiac disease which also attacks the pancreas. Fortunately celiac disease can be controlled with a gluten free diet helping to eliminate the cause of recurrent AP BUT neither Sjogren’s Syndrome or Lupus have the ability to be controlled by diet like celiac disease. So you are going to need to be very vigilant and proactive.

    3. The Health Guy Post author

      Now what I said Paige about diet not helping Sjogren’s Syndrome or Lupus doesn’t mean it won’t help your damaged pancreas so IF it were me I’d adhere to my diet (see diet articles on this site) and take the supplements (grape seed extract, curcumin and vit c) consistently with low doses of Ibuprofen daily (200mgs as prophylactic to deter recurrent AP attacks). I can think of nothing else that might work. Do your best to stay away from immunosuppressants given for autoimmune diseases for most all can cause AP. BUT also remember I am NOT a doctor and can’t give medical advice nor can I prescribe a course of treatment so you do whatever I have said (that I do for myself or did and still do to stay free of pain) at your own risk. I wish you well and better health. If you have questions please ask. I’ll do my best to help.

      1. Paige

        Hi Paul: Thanks for the very generous comments! I have refused the immunosuppressants that my rheumatologist recommends due to the awful side affects. So I an thrilled that I found your website! I have a question: so I thought the Ibuprofen was to be used JUST at the beginning of an attack. But are you recommending a daily dose with the other supplements? That can’t be good taking a daily Ibuprofen, is it?

        So, take a daily Ibuprofen to fend off an attack; then how many do you take at the beginning of an attack?

        Thanks so much!!

        1. The Health Guy Post author

          Hi Paige – good questions. I will give you my thoughts which basically consist of 2-3 choices.

          NORMALLY I wouldn’t suggest a daily prophylactic dose of Ibuprofen but since you have two (2) autoimmune diseases that CAN cause acute pancreatitis it might be a good plan of attack. You are right. Using Ibuprofen daily or any other anti-inflammatory drug in the same or similar class may not be safe but one has to measure the risk vs benefit. THAT will be up to you. Severe acute pancreatitis occurs in approximately 20% of cases but nobody can predict whether the next acute pancreatitis episode will be mild or severe. Severe acute pancreatitis is deadly in up to 50% of cases depending upon severity. IF one gets infected necrosis with organ failure that is NOT good. Yet, there is also the chance of increased blood pressure, stroke and/or heart attack with anti-inflammatory drugs in the Ibuprofen class. The risk isn’t huge but is is there and large enough to carry warning. There is also the risk of bleeding, kidney damage and liver damage though slight. So one has to determine which risk one wishes to take.

          In regards to doses for acute pancreatitis yes, high doses for only a time or two, maybe three. USUALLY it isn’t needed for an extended period because it works very well for most people with most cases. However …

          The safer route for prophylactic use would be an aspirin per day. This is what I do because I too have systemic autoimmune diseases. Celiac Disease and RA. Both can damage internal organs and there are case studies where celiacs have recurrent acute pancreatitis and the Cleveland Clinic website actually has an article on celiac disease that states it can manifest as pancreatitis. SO instead of an abdominal injury as thought to have been my original problem for pancreatitis it was obviously undiagnosed celiac disease all along. Another choice is definitely Grape seed extract, curcumin and vit c in appropriate doses (those that get results for you). I use the supplements and aspirin in combination as a prophylactic regimen and also to keep the inflammation of CP at bay, even gone. And so in combination with my diet I am usually pain free all the time.

          Remember I am NOT a doctor. I am not prescribing treatment. I am simply sharing thoughts about what I might do or what I am currently doing in my personal situation and IF I were in your particular situation what I might do all of which may be very wrong. Yet, in my case it has proved quite successful ?

  8. linda reges

    hi i have pretty bad Gastropresis i need a good Gastric Emptying Supplement so my pills an other supplements dont lay in my stomach for days.I have tried Enzymes that claim to work but dont do u no of any…dont care how much they are ,as long as they break down my food .and i dont feel blooded . I also try an eat small meals HELP PLEASE I ALSO HAVE A MASS OR CYST thats Pre Cancerous but my meds lay in my stomach to long thats why i need something to really help break up food

    1. The Health Guy Post author

      Hi Linda sorry I am slow responding. Has your doc tried Reglan for your gastroparesis? If not I understand it helps. It helps with nausea too and is one of the drugs I have for nausea when needed. In regards to enzymes the most powerful are prescription forms (CREON etc). If you haven’t been put on enzymes you could ask at the same time.

  9. Lavonne Edwards

    Hi Health guy, I love you!!! I wanted to ask if my sugar starts going down while in a pancreatic episode what juice to drink to keep me balanced. I haven’t had any nausea. But not being able to eat keeps me checking my sugar oh yes I am not diabetic, at least I wasn’t. I will drink this for 6 months!!

    1. The Health Guy Post author

      Hi Lavonne IF you are in a flare it is best not to eat but if you absolutely must eat for some reason vegetable juice would be good.

  10. LaVonne Edwards

    Thank you health Guy for your quick response. I’ve used your cocktail for a while now it really helps. I’ve had to for about 12 years now. Just got diagnosed 3 years ago. When I go to er they do nothing. So I just take your cocktail and wait it out. I just got a juicer will start juicing for next 6 months. But now I have a different type of pain. I think I’m coming to the end. I have atrophied pancreas. Have you heard of that?

    1. The Health Guy Post author

      Hi LaVonne … sorry you are feeling lonely, scared and frustrated. I’m also sorry for the late response. Yes, the pancreas sometimes shrinks and shrivels (atrophy). This happens as people age but is much more common in people who have pancreatitis. Atrophy in itself isn’t a significant condition but it is usually indicative of previous damage. Whether it is indictative of the “end” I can’t say. I haven’t found any evidence (scholar type articles; case studies) that would support that possibility. I’m sorry you receive poor care at the ER. This is a problem experienced often by many. It seems as though doctors no longer care about the quality of care they provide or it may actually be due to unseen issues that are imposed by the hospitals, big pharma, insurance companies and the gov’t. I hope you are feeling better by now. I won’t tell you not to worry because I know it’s almost impossible not to do so for most people.

  11. Ash

    Hello. This was my first time experiencing an attack of active pancreatitis in my life . I am 37, and I also carry the burden of struggling with chronic sinusitis. My question is , like the other testimonies, I too did not have a good experience in the ER. Or even with the GI specialist from UCLA. (Which he wasn’t a pancreas specialist and I had a bad feeling due to that) my case and how it all happened is what confuses me . I’ve had two sinus surgeries and one deep cleaning I had to be put under for . The past 3/4 years I’ve been on progesterone steroids 10mg and a numerous amount of antibiotics… this year during Xmas , on the 22nd , I caught influenza. I was tested positive flu-b . I was then given Tamaflu antiviral medication. I also started taking a new round of steroids same day I started my antiviral. And from that point things escalated . I noticed I began getting another sinus infection , therefor started doxycycline.
    I had every text book symptom of having an attack on my pancreas . And went to the ER four times or three in a week. Had fluids and multiple tests done . Never had a ct on my abdomen until just yesterday (from what I read was a good outcome)
    From doing some reading and coming across Dr Eric berg . He goes explains how steroids and antibiotics could have been the cause of the attacks . I also have sludge in my gallbladder but no stones developed . Every time I’ve seen a doc I’ve made sure to ask about their knowledge on steroids and antibiotics being the cause . They always say NO , without hesitation……. I feel left blind in a sense without having been told what the cause was from . I was wondering if you happened to know of anyone or just read it anywhere that can help me figure out how this all happened (I am not a drinker either, yes I’ve had some socially but I don’t drink often). I also need to have another sinus surgery performed and I am very hesitant because the doc likes to have me start steroids prior and antibiotics and anti fungals after …. I feel possibly my microbiom has been shot , so I’m scared and don’t really want to do the surgery anymore . Any thoughts or aid in the right direction I’d extremely extremely appreciate it ! Thank you for your time : )

    1. The Health Guy Post author

      Hi Ash … sorry to hear you have been having health issues. I have found over my lifetime that doctors are the single most educated group of idiots I’ve ever met or come across. They either can’t recognize a disease or condition (piss poor diagnostic ability} or can’t heal it or both. AND even if they know how to heal you they won’t because there is NO PROFIT in healing. They want you chronically ill because that’s where the revenue stream is at. Any way … BOTH steroids and antibiotics cause acute pancreatitis. Doxycycline has a warning that it causes acute pancreatitis. It’s a powerful antibiotic and very useful. I’ve taken it many times but don’t like it because it makes me nauseous. Sludge is also a primary cause of AP. I have an article on this site about sludge also called microlithiasis, biliary sand or sediment, pseudolithiasis, and microcrystalline disease. In most patients, biliary sludge is composed of calcium bilirubinate and cholesterol monohydrate crystals. This sludge can clog the CBD or Pancreatitc duct and thereby cause acute pancreatitis. It can also cause scarring of the sphincter of oddi (imagine sand paper) which can then cause the sphincter to slam shut backing up digestive juice into the pancreatic duct and causing AP. Steroids like prednisone cause AP as well which is ironic because prednisone is used quite successfully against autoimmune pancreatitis. But then there are many drugs that actually cause or make AP worse such as morphine which is proven by rechallenge to cause AP yet they give it for AP pain. Go figure. Most doctors will gladly give morphine or a derivative but will rarely give Ibuprofen or IV Toradol (very potent anti-inflammatories) to combat the inflammation unless a patient tells them to do so. But then one must consider the their actual agenda.


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