Pancreas Inflammation: What Is Pancreas Inflammation?

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pancreas-inflammationPancreas inflammation simply put is inflammation of the pancreas. More commonly known as pancreatitis, pancreas inflammation can be classified as acute or chronic with certain other classifications for both types of pancreas inflammation.

Acute pancreas inflammation or acute pancreatitis can be mild, moderate or severe. Severe acute pancreatitis results in a death rate as high as 30%, usually due to infection, shock and organ failure. Chronic pancreas inflammation (chronic pancreatitis) can also lead to death but death usually occurs in patients with chronic pancreas inflammation due to developing severe acute pancreatitis.

Symptoms of Acute Pancreas Inflammation

Symptoms of pancreas inflammation depend upon the severity. Mild to extremely severe upper abdominal pain that radiates to the back is the prime symptom indicator of pancreas inflammation. Nausea and vomiting are usually experienced by those with acute pancreas inflammation with some patients experiencing intractable vomiting.

Since I have had acute pancreas inflammation (many times) I have experienced varied symptoms. Here is a list of likely symptoms you may have experienced if you too have had acute pancreatitis:

  • mild to severe upper abdominal pain that radiates to the back
  • pain is usually worse lying down
  • pain may lesson by leaning forward or bending down
  • swollen, tender abdomen
  • nausea
  • vomiting
  • chills
  • cold sweats
  • fever
  • rapid pulse
  • rapid and/or difficulty breathing


Complications that may arise in severe cases are:

Obviously you nor I want the complications that can arise so it is absolutely in your best interests to do everything humanly possible to avoid acute pancreatitis and you be able to find out how I have been able to do that successfully for years simply by reading the information contained on my blog. Here are several blog posts:

1) What happens to your pancreas during acute pancreatitis?

2) Ibuprofen STOPS acute pancreatitis dead, in most cases, within 90 minutes

3) I have pancreatitis what can I eat?

You’ll find more information about diet, supplements and more simply by investing the time to read my blog. The good news is that I have been beating pancreatitis for over 30 years and you can too! Everything you read is from my own experience, research and testing and a lot is backed up by scientific articles as proof. You are on my blog now so just poke around and learn.

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Chronic Pancreas Inflammation

pancreas-inflammationChronic pancreas inflammation results when you have had enough damage produced by acute pancreatitis attacks. The symptoms of chronic pancreatitis are usually much less severe that those produce by acute pancreas inflammation but they can still be extremely challenging especially if you are one of those lucky folks with advanced chronic pancreatitis.

Doctors seem to have difficulty diagnosing acute inflammation of the pancreas unless it slaps them in the face and diagnosing chronic inflammation is even more challenging for them. In both acute and chronic those brainacs have come to rely on a scoring system so …

If you don’t meet the criteria they most likely will tell you that you do not have either because most have never heard of minimal change chronic pancreatitis. What this means to you is that if reasons for your chronic pancreas inflammation do not show up in tests you could be looked upon as an idiot when the real idiot is the one who is providing care.

In order to protect myself from idiots I personally found in ER’s and at appointments (I went through 14 doctors to get diagnosed) I try to avoid them. I figure one should know that if something walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, looks like a duck and smells like a duck it is probably a duck but leave it to some doctor to get that wrong. The problem with incompetency is that while the doctors were screwing around, or worse doing NOTHING, my pancreas was being damaged. Pancreas damage causes chronic pancreas inflammation.

The secret is to eliminate the pancreas inflammation. Once the pancreas inflammation has been eliminated it is possible for pancreas healing to begin. If pancreas inflammation has caused a lot of damage it will take a lot of time to heal and if the damage to your pancreas is extensive complete healing may not be possible. Yet, I do believe you can find pain relief by simply learning how to eat an anti-inflammatory diet and by using supplements that promote pancreas healing.

206 thoughts on “Pancreas Inflammation: What Is Pancreas Inflammation?

  1. joyce broyles

    I am sorry, but I have tried to leave a comment to you several times, but I think I must be posted it incorrectly. I just wanted to ask you your opinion on enzymes, probiotics and artichoke extract? I thank you so much for your site, it is wonderful and I have used many things you have suggested that has helped my baby girl sooooo much. God Bless you, Joyce

    1. The Health Guy Post author

      Hi Joyce – I apologize for my late reply. I saw your other two comments as well but I chose this one to publish and I’ll try to get all your questions answered. First the coconut oil, flour issue. Coconut it toted as a wonderful oil/food. It may be so for those who have a normal, healthy pancreas but for those who have pancreatitis coconut (high in fat), coconut flour (high in fat), almond flour (high in fat) are not good choices. Oil is oil – it’s fat. Even good oils like olive and fish oil are not good for those who have unhealed damage. Even after healing many pancreattis patients won’t be able to tolerate olive and fish oils, especially in large amounts. That is why I always suggest white meat fish when trying to add protein to the diet after going 6 months vegan. White meat fish has far less fish oil than salmon, sardines, mackerel, tuna and trout.

      Enzymes are almost always a must for most folks with CP, chronic pancreatitis. Good quality pancreatic enzymes help with the digestion and a damaged pancreas usually doesn’t produce like it did before the damage was done. If the pancreatitis patient get nauseated right after eating it is usually because their pancreas is not producing enough enzymes to break down the foods. If enzymes are taken right before the first bite of food the patient may see a big difference especially with protein (beans, egg whites, chicken, turkey, fish).

      Probiotics are necessary for good intestinal health but we usually have enough unless we have just taken a dose regimen of antibiotics. There are some people who advocate eating yogurt and other stuff while in an acute attack which is totally ludicrous. During an AP there should be nothing eaten. Nothing by mouth for 3 – 5 days after pain is gone. Just water. And there was an article I read that said probiotics increased the death rate in those who received them via IV while in the hospital for SAP. Now there is a vast difference between severe acute pancreatitis and mild acute so probiotics for many may be reasonable. One has to choose for themselves.

  2. joyce broyles

    Thank you so much again for your comments to my questions. I can not tell you how much you have helped us. You are a wealth of information and you taking time to share it means the world to us, as I am quite sure with many. I have heard that the coconut flour is just digested differently and that is why it might be a safe choice, but diffidently understand you explanation. My daughter has tried many of your suggestions, like the Turmeric and Grape seed extract, as well as others….these two had a dramatic effect!!…Did you just take them until you were healed are do you still take them? I have researched all my life about different health issues that she has encountered but this Pancreatitis is a challenge for sure, and so few people know much to do for it…except not eat…even the Doctors…especially the doctors. So again, you have been a true blessing. Thank you

    1. The Health Guy Post author

      Hi Joyce – Thank you for your kind words. I am glad your daughter has had a positive response to suggestions. 🙂 In regard to the supplements I still take them daily. Like I have said previously the diet and supplements are not a cure unfortunately. Nothing seems to actually cure a damaged pancreas however, I have received comments that point to the fact that the damage can be healed to the point that evidence of damage seen on a CT scan “disappears” after using the correct diet and supplements for a time. One person said her scan was clear after a year of diet and supplements. That happened to me as well. Unfortunately I found out that it does not mean the pancreas is cured of the condition. Shortly after that scan I made myself VERY sick again due to stupidity. This leads me to believe that one can heal but never be quite cured. The good news is …

      That I believe (my opinion only) most pancreatitis victims can heal. They can live pain and symptom free or at the very least dramatically lessen their pain and discomfort by using an anti-inflammatory pancreatitis diet coupled with grape seed extract, vitamin c and curcumin. It’s worked for me, it is working for others now as well. I even have one guy who had severe acute pancreatitis, lost a lot of his pancreas (almost half I think) to surgeons cutting out his infected, necrotized pancreas tissue. He later developed a pseudocyst. It grew quit large. he was in constant pain. Now his cyst is shrinking (slowly but shrinking) and he has far less pain, to the point that he was weaning off the opiates he was taking. I do think he will have issues for life, never be “healed” but then who knows? So …

      Some will heal, some won’t (may only experience some relief). Those who have been filleted like a fish by surgical procedures will most likely never experience a pain free life. Hopefully your daughter doesn’t fit within that category. Thanks again 🙂

  3. Karen

    I came across your site today while trolling the net looking for info on pancreatitis…my 23 yr old son is in hospital right now recovering from 1st acute attack. So glad I found your site, a wealth of info here that I will share with him. We are still in a bit of shock at what is transpiring and my son is crushed at the thought of no alcohol ever again, lol. Lots of learning to do. Just wanted to say thanks I’m glad I found your site and feel I should march into his room and give him my own dose of 800mg ibuprofen and quit the pain killers they are pumping into him! Lifestyle change here we come.

    1. The Health Guy Post author

      Hi Karen. Sorry to hear your son is suffering from acute pancreatitis and is not well. I hope he achieves better health. I know it’s difficult for you as well. It’s tough to watch someone you love suffer. Good luck to both of you 🙂

    2. Kyle

      I just wanted to say I was the exact age and we are in the same boat. It’s going to be a complete lifestyle change with no alcohol and changing my diet.

  4. stacy

    Hello, I had been diagnosed with chronic pancreatitis in December 2013. I was 63 at the time. I cannot take ibuprophen as I am allergic to it.
    Is there any other pain med I can take to allieviate the discomfort I am having? It is not severe enough to go to a hospital. May I ask also, what is the life expectancy for someone with chronic pancreatitis?
    I was on prednisone therapy since 2006… for allergic bronchopulmonary aspergillosis. As I am not a heavy drinker, could this have been the cause? I have not taken prednisone for quite a long time now.
    What can I do to avoid another attack? thank you.

    1. The Health Guy Post author

      Hi Stacy – No Ibuprofen for you huh? Crap that sucks. What about aspirin? I’ve tried 1300 mgs of aspirin while in an acute attack and it worked. It isn’t quite as good as Ibuprofen but it does work and aspirin doesn’t cause heart attacks like other NSAIDS. In large doses curcumin can be as effective as NSAIDS however, in large doses it can also cause nausea and vomiting. Instead of trying large doses (5000 mg or more per day) I’d try 500 mg of curcumin, 200 mgs of grape seed extract, 1000 mg of vit C and a couple aspirin. Yes that is a cocktail. I’d see how that worked for moderate daily pain that isn’t acute pancreatitis pain. I use the same cocktail for acute pancreatitis EXCEPT I use 800mg of Ibuprofen instead of the aspirin. Like I said I have also used 1300mg of aspirin with very good results on acute pancreatitis. The aspirin works almost as well as the Ibuprofen and doesn’t cause heart attacks (I think I said that). The aspirin doesn’t seem to last as long as the Ibuprofen.

      Life expectancy varies depending upon who writes the articles. My doctor told me maybe 10 years. That was 35 years ago now. Some authors say 7 years, some say a tad more. Some others say it only shortens normal life expectancy by 7 – 10 years. I can’t give you a real concrete answer because I don’t know. A lot would depend on the patient, the damage and what they did exactly to enhance healing.

      In regards to your question about cause – I have no clue. Steroids can cause pancreatitis (rare) but if you are no longer on it, probably not. The allergic bronchopulmonary aspergillosis is interesting. I had to look it up and read lol. I have no intelligent answer, I apologize. Thanks for reading my blog 🙂

  5. Ms. Stan4

    My husband had a onset of a pancreatic attack (pancreatitis)in July 2013 and was hospitalized. Since then he has been hospitalized 2 additional times and shad several ER visits. He has been diagnosed with both acute and chronic pancreatitis. He is 53. He says about 20 years ago he had a episode of acute pancreatitis but nothing since until July 2013.

    During his hospitalization his enzymes level are extremely elevated. The ER visits the enzymes level were slightly elevated and the pain was intense. Hence ER treated him for pain.

    He has lost a lot of weight since July and continues to lose.
    He is restricted on his diet especially protein. He takes a digestive supplement to help break down his food.

    Any suggestions on supplements, pain medications, diet . His dr. has recommend thiamine.

    1. The Health Guy Post author

      Hi – Sorry to hear your husband is ill. been there, it ain’t fun. Everything you want to know can be found on this blog. Take some time to read the articles/posts and I won’t have to retype it all 🙂

  6. Heather Kruger

    Dear Mr Nice Guy. I was diagnosed with Chonic Pancreatits with stones and calcification in early January 2014 due to alcohol abuse over the years. I am a 45 year old white female. I have been looking for a “herbal” cure on the Internet as well as praying for healing as I am a re-born Christian. I came across your site and was so relieved on your remarkable recovery. Amen to Our Lord and Saviour. I printed everything out on your website and also wrote to you on your facebook. Unfortunately I did not know how to write to you in private. The Professor here in S.A. did not advice of my “life span”, just merely adjusted my diet to a high protein, low carb one and put me on Creon to digest my food (enzymes). I praise the Lord Jesus that I have not had pain in my tummy since seeing him on 27 Feb 2014 altho had lower back pain about 4 weeks ago but none since then. He put me on Tramaset pain meds, but haven’t taken since then. I will follow your eating plan now as he said I could eat beef and lean pork, eggs (protein), etc. but no sweets. I eat oats and yoghurt in the mornings and take supplements, Vitamin B range, Vitamin C, pro-biotics, anti-oxidants, at night calcium, magnesium with borum. Thank you once again for your advice. I have re-written this mail as I am unsure if the first one went through. Kind regards Heather Kruger

    1. The Health Guy Post author

      Hi Heather – sorry to hear you have CP with calcification. I’ve always wondered how one could dissolve the calcium inside the pancreas. Edta chelation comes to mind. It dissolves plaque in arteries why not the pancreas? Just thinking it may be worth a try. It’s something I’d look into, maybe do just to see what happened. Thanks for the kind words and yes! Our God Is an AWESOME God!

  7. Christine


    I came across your site because I have been having upper abdominal pain radiating into my back for the past 3 months. I have been through a number of tests and still no diagnosis except a non-functioning gallbladder. I have had a blood work, an upper endoscopy, abdominal ultrasound, and a CT can with and without contrast and nothing has shown up except an inflammed colon on the CT which then they suggested colitis. I also had a hida scan and found that my gall bladder wasn’t functioning so they removed it but I am in the same pain if not worse. I do not have naseua or vomiting (only the one time the day before they told me I may have colitis) and I can eat most things without getting a lot of pain. My pain is just a constant dull to medium ache. I am a 32 yo female with 2 small children. I would consider myself a social drinker before all of this, and a heavier drinker during my college years. I know you are not a doctor, but I see that you had to go to 14 doctors before you got a diagnosis. Does chronic pancreatitis show up on abdominal ultrasounds and CTs? My surgeon said that usually you will see calcifications in the pancreas if I had the condition. They have referred me to another GI for a second opinion. In the meantime, I am trying to cope. I feel like I am falling into a deep depression not knowing what is wrong with me and thinking the worst. The fear of the unknown is taking over my life. I am in the process of taking your suggestions about a vegan diet. I am considering taking the supplements but am not sure I should do that without a diagnosis. I do not meet with the GI for a consultation until May 7. Any advice would be appreciated. Christine

    1. The Health Guy Post author

      Hi Christine – You may have colitis if that is what the CT showed. From what I have read calcification of the pancreas is NOT always a presentation in CP however it is a common CP trait in those who have alcoholic pancreatitis. I was not told I had calcification but was diagnosed with both AP and CP. There are many who are diagnosed with CP who do not have calcification and then there is also minimal change chronic pancreatitis that almost always never shows calcification at that point. And yes chronic pancreatitis shows up on CT scans and other radiology exams. I would think the first step would be to get a concrete diagnosis. The colon spreads from right to left and descends to the anus but before it descends it crosses within the same area as the gallbladder and pancreas area. If that is the section that is inflamed that could be what the problem is. You may want to ask what section of your colon showed inflammation. The supplements and diet may still help since both are anti-inflammatory. You may find that your inflammation resolves with diet and supplements but who knows? It’s just a guess. And you may not want to do ANYTHING different at this point until you know for sure what is wrong exactly. IF diet and supplements resolve the inflammation your doc may NEVER be able to diagnose you. Just another thing to consider 🙂

  8. Christine

    Thank you so much for your quick reply! I agree with you on waiting on the supplements until a diagnosis; however, I am just a mess and am willing to try anything to stop my constant pain. A lot of info on the internet says that diagnosing CP is hard. I have read that people have normal blood work and clean scans but still suffer from CP. My doctors do not believe I have this but the fact that I have a constant dull ache in my upper ab accompanied by back pain makes me think otherwise. Laying down on a heating pad helps me and I am trying to stop stressing which I know adds to my misery. Well I will wait to get a second opinion from a GI and probably a colonoscopy. I have not had the lower area examined because my pain has been upper abdominal the whole time. Even without a diagnosis, your site is uplifting and powerful. I spent a lot of time reading through everything and learned a lot about supplements. I am so glad you are living a healthy life and are able to help others who are suffering. Christine

    1. The Health Guy Post author

      Christine – Thanks for the kind words. Diagnosing CP is hard for most doctors. To many criteria (9). IF you’d have been diagnosed with acute pancreatitis prior it would be more likely however … there is always the chance you are one of the rare birds that present with chronic pancreatitis first but the inflamed colon is interesting and as far as I know unrelated to any form of pancreatitis EXCEPT autoimmune pancreatitis but who knows? The back pain is also interesting and is certainly a symptom of both acute and chronic pancreatitis. Hopefully your GI is good and will find a proper diagnoses.

  9. Christine

    One more question. What is generally used to diagnose CP without calcification?

    1. The Health Guy Post author

      Blood levels of enzymes amylase and lipase which are not always elevated. Radiology tests such a ultrasound, CT, EUS (endoscopic ultrasound), MRI and ERCP (dangerous and causes AP). Read more here

  10. Christine

    I met with the GI and am having a colonoscopy tomorrow afternoon. I am also having a MRCP some time next week. Hoping to uncover some answers. I was having a pretty good week until I ate a few bites of lamb (I completely regret it but have not been sure food has been part of my problem)and have been feeling miserable all day. Since I have to fast and complete the colon cleanse, I figure I will start my food journal after 3 days. My GI said no supplements until after MRCP so tests are more accurate. So my question is will this food diary be accurate? I have read your blog on diet and supplements but have a few questions. Should you be completely pain free before starting foods? I haven’t had a complete pain free day since this all began. Sad. I want to start the supplements and be pain free! I am unsure if pain will go away without supplements. Thanks!

    1. The Health Guy Post author

      Hi Christine – I guess by now you have had your colonoscopy. Maybe even the MRCP? Any answers? The lamb not setting well seems to indicate something is wrong in your digestive area. Hopefully they find out. It is sounding suspiciously like pancreatitis.

      The food diary is only as accurate as the person doing it. If you do it correctly it should be quite accurate. If you do it half assed you will get half-assed results and of course no accuracy.

      If it were me I’d do the fast until the pain subsided; however, no more than 5 days. 3 days and then the complete cleaning of your system via an enema or ten should be sufficient but if necessary 5 days of nothing but water and supplements should be quite telling. Then just follow the directions. Oh wait …

      Forgot you just had a colonoscopy and should already be cleaned out. BUT fasting is still important and an enema to get rid of any residual may be helpful. I’d also want to get rid of all that crap (barium) you drank and the laxatives before the colonoscopy began. I can’t see where any of that crap is good for a person.

  11. Elaine

    I found your site recently and I wanted to thank you for all the helpful information!

    During the years of 2012 and 2013 I have been having stomach issues. I always have this pain in my stomach (in the center/top of stomach). My family doctor can’t figure it out…. he orders Ultrasounds, CT scans, Hida scan but all are normal so he sends me to a GI specialist who orders a GI endoscopy (one done each year), another ulrasound and a colonoscopy…. everything normal so he puts me on Amitriptyline 25mg and after about 3 weeks my pain starts to go away so he diagnosed me with IBS even though I only have one symptom of IBS (Stomach pain)

    In November of 2013 I started having the same intense, burning, pressure, dull pain in the top/middle part of my stomach. I went to my family doctor and he did blood work which showed a slight increase in my lipase levels. I was on a liquid diet for 5 days and my levels dropped and I felt much better. Two months go by and I am feeling the same pain again but I don’t go to the doctor, I do the liquid diet myself for a few days and I feel better. Then July of this year it happens again and it’s more intense and more painful. I go to my family doctor again and says it can’t be my lipase levels so he doesn’t do bloodwork but he does send me to have another HIDA scan done and this time it shows 0%. I have my gallbladder removed 2 days later and for the first 3 days after surgery I am feeling fine.

    After the 3 days I started to feel bad, I knew something was off. I was very weak and exhausted, I was dropping weight, very nauseous and that horrible pain right below my sternum was back. Ten days after surgery I have someone drive me to my family doctor because I am too weak to drive myself. He thinks its an infection and orders bloodwork and sends me home. Nurse called the next day to say that my lipase levels were slightly increased and I was put on a liquid diet for 2 days and was told to repeat bloodwork. I went back on day 3 and tested again, levels were even higher… back to the liquid diet and repeat again in 3 days…. this time my levels were “2 points under normal” and he tells me everything is fine, I can start eating again.

    Now it is August and the pain has never left. I barely eat anything and if I do, I make sure it has no fat and that it’s a small amount but still the pain is there. I went back to the doctor today and he said its not my pancreas, it has to be something else causing the pain. He suggested “stomach inflammation” and gave me medication to decrease the acid in my stomach and ordered me to have another CT scan done (still waiting on that)

    So can you have pancreatitis with slightly elevated enzyme levels? If my levels aren’t very high can I still feel this kind of pain? What else can cause an increase in lipase levels and cause pain in the upper/middle of your stomach?

    Thank you for taking the time to read my lengthy post!

    1. The Health Guy Post author

      Hi Elaine – Sorry you aren’t well. Lipase levels, though quite pancreas specific, can increase due to a list of conditions:
      Lipase levels may be increased in the following conditions:

      Acute pancreatitis
      Perforated or penetrating peptic ulcer, particularly involving the pancreas
      Obstruction of pancreatic duct by stone
      Drug-induced spasm of sphincter of Oddi (codeine, morphine, methacholine, cholinergics)
      Chronic pancreatitis
      Pancreatic pseudocyst
      Pancreatic malignancy
      Gastric malignancy or perforation
      Acute cholecystitis
      Small bowel obstruction
      Intestinal infarction
      Cystic fibrosis
      Inflammatory bowel disease
      Acute and chronic renal failure
      Organ transplantation, particularly associated with a complication (organ rejection, cyclosporine toxicity, cytomegalovirus infection)
      Diabetic ketoacidosis
      Intracranial hemorrhage
      Chronic liver disease
      Use of certain drugs: Methodological interference (pancreozymin [contains lipase], deoxycholate, glycocholate, taurocholate [prevents inactivation of enzyme], bilirubin [turbidimetric method])
      After endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography (ERCP)

      Anyway yes, acute pancreatitis, even severe acute can present with low enzyme levels and unfortunately those patients are often misdiagnosed. For more info here is an article. Read the conclusion portion of abstract. Article: Underestimation of acute pancreatitis: patients with only a small increase in amylase/lipase levels can also have or develop severe acute pancreatitis read here

      Good luck, hope you are able to find someone who can get a handle on your condition.

      1. Elaine

        Thanks for all the helpful information!

        Since my last comment I have received the results of my CT scan, they were normal. So I was sent to see a GI specialist who went over all my test results and listened very intently to all that I had to say. He said he strongly thinks I have Sphincter of Oddi Dysfunction that was brought on by the removal of my gallbladder. He prescribed Amitriptyline for the pain and sent me to have a MRCP. I have not received the results of that yet.

        I am still in pain daily. I have pain if I eat or if I fast. It’s just very frustrating.

        1. The Health Guy Post author

          Hi Elaine – is the Amitriptyline helping the pain? Amitriptyline (Elavil) is used for depression and has a ton of possible side effects. It is also habit forming. I have never heard of using it for pain but then I certainly don’t know everything lol and if it helps, good! I’m not to well versed on SOD either. I know just enough to be dangerous but I bet a ton of grape seed extract might be beneficial. I’m just guessing but if you are still in pain it might be worth a try. You can grab some good, pure grape seed extract at your local health store. If it were me I’d try to find some NOW Foods Grape seed extract, 100 mg Vcaps and take about 200 mgs 4 times a day for as long as the bottle lasted to see if it did anything to help. If it does you have a solution. If not well you wasted about $20 – $30 bucks depending upon the cost at your store and size of bottle. And diet. HIGH Fat foods aggravate SOD. “What are the symptoms of sphincter of Oddi dysfunction?
          The symptoms of sphincter of Oddi dysfunction include recurrent attacks of upper right quadrant or epigastric abdominal pain. This pain is usually non-colicky and steady. The pain may be aggravated by meals, particularly fatty foods. Opiates may also worsen symptoms. Patients may present with a recurrence or persistence of pain after gallbladder removal.” That quote came from this page.

          1. Elaine

            Yes, my GI doctor said that Amitriptyline was for depression but they have found that it also helps with SOD pain. The only thing that it helps me with is sleeping. I take it at night and it totally knocks me out, I wake up tired and stay groggy for half the day. I haven’t noticed a difference in my pain.

            I will be taking your advice and purchasing the supplements as soon as the store opens tomorrow! I’m tired of hurting and I need to try something different.

            I avoid any high fat foods and I eat smaller portions throughout the day instead of one huge dinner but still the pain persists. I have went days with only water, hoping the lack of food will help but still I have the pain. At times it seems like having an empty stomach aggravates it even more so than normal.

            Thank you again for all your advice!

          2. The Health Guy Post author

            You are welcome. I wish I knew more about it. Let me know if grape seed helps. It’s just a guess and if it doesn’t work I guessed wrong. But I’d like to know what results you have either way. Hope you feel better soon Elaine.

  12. Stacy R

    Hello! I have pancreatitis – started with gallbladder issues and about 5 years after removing gallbladder and having an ERCP, I couldn’t eat anything without severe pain. Dr did another ERCP (his nurse has been hospitalized and almost died with pancreatitis so she knew over the phone that is what I had) and my pancreatic duct was swollen shut, the little hole thing in the pancreas was 80
    % swollen shut so my pancreatic juices were attacking my pancreas. He saw mutliple damaged areas but has said if I eat 20-30 grams of fat per day on a strictly vegan diet then it can totally repair itself in 5 years or so. That’s my background. Now, for my question. I did the juicing and got the supplements you recommended, was feeling almost normal again when doing the food journal….I got cocky, ate more fat than recommended, now I’m hurting again and very swollen for a couple weeks now. I want to confirm that I should take 800 mg ibuprofen, grape seed extract, and curcumin…do a juice fast….and start the food journal all over again right? Thanks!!
    Stacy R

    1. The Health Guy Post author

      Hi Stacy – dang! I can’t believe it! Your doc actually said that?! HE’S RIGHT! You are REALLY lucky to have that guy. If you have already started your food journal you don’t need to “start over” with the journal and prep, just the fast no food for a couple days, water, supplements and a one shot dose of ibuprofen (400 – 800 mgs) couldn’t hurt with maybe 200 mgs per day with the supplements for a couple days to help reduce the inflammation, pain and other symptoms. Then juice for a few days, see how that goes. then vegan foods if the juice works out ok.

      IF it were me I’d do the supplements in this fashion: about 800 – 1000 mgs of grape seed extract per day in 4 doses, 500 mgs of curcumin , two – three doses.

      Good luck hope you feel better. 🙂

      1. Linda Kopacki

        I want to know who Stacy R doctor is , I feel just like her.. plz. Linda K

        1. The Health Guy Post author

          Hi Linda – I don’t have that info but I am approving the comment in case she is a reader or someone knows who she is.

          1. Linda Kopacki

            Hello Healthy Guy

          2. The Health Guy Post author

            Hi Linda I am sorry to hear you have had rough times (understatement right?). I do not envy you I hate nausea and vomiting. Hopefully with diet changes and supplements things will change for you. I deleted your email so you don’t get spammed but I did email you just now.

  13. Angeline


    I’ve been reading your site religiously since I’ve started my newest bout of pancreatitis. I’m currently deployed right now in the middle east and last week I got hit with a really bad attack. I’m hesitant to take ibuprofen because I’m convinced that my pain is caused by the medication I’ve been taking daily for the last 2 years due to my chronic back and neck pain. I was hospitalized and diagnosed back in February of this year right after a training exercise. It wasn’t until this last attack that I found out about changing my diet. In an environment where everything has either grease or oil, what can I eat that will provide me with enough nutrients and sustain me. It’s very hard to go days without eating, but it hurts to eat. Do you have any recommendations? I ordered the grape seed and all the other recommended supplements but it will take a few weeks to get them. I could really use some type of guidance being that the doctors on my base are convinced I have gastritis even though I’ve tried to convince them other wise. Thank you for all your helpful info and I hope to hear from you soon.

    Soldier in pain

    1. The Health Guy Post author

      Hi Angeline! Thank you for your service! What meds are you on for chronic back and neck pain? Having served myself I know your food options suck. If Army chow is anything like Marine Corps chow you are between a rock and a hard place when it comes to pancreas friendly chow. I can’t think of much that was pancreas friendly. One of my favorite breakfasts, eggs, fried potatoes, smothered with that beef crap in cream sauce (shit on a shingle mix) and coffee isn’t good lol. MRE’s are not conducive to good health when one has an inflamed pancreas (in my case it was C-rats, didn’t have MRE’s then). Angeline, I don’t know what to tell you. You are kinda screwed. IF I read things correctly you have been diagnosed with pancreatitis? And they still have you deployed? You must be one strong woman to be able to endure that crap while in a combat zone. I really am at a loss for suggestions. IF I remember correctly even the vegetables found in the chow hall were cooked in butter/margarine. The only things I can come up with is to stay away from alcohol and eat as little high fat food as possible. Abstaining from alcohol shouldn’t be to difficult but eating is going to be a major challenge, especially since it sounds like you have had recurrent attacks. Did they check you for gallstones by any chance? The only other thing I can suggest is to take a ton of grape seed (800 – 1000 mgs per day in like 4 – 5 doses) and vitamin C (4000 – 5000 mgs in 4 – 5 doses) when your supplements come. 500 mgs of curcumin 2 – 3 times a day. Those may help a lot but with your diet choices it is gonna be a challenge. Trim all meat of fat/skin the best you can. Try to avoid gravy. Dang, good luck soldier. God bless ya. Stay safe.

  14. LS

    Hi Thanks for the blog, I have been suffering from attacks upper left front and back abdomen when ever I ate oily food, the doctors just dismissed it as gastric ulcer, but after taking the medicines the pain did not go off. Then I had endoscopy so ulcer was ruled out, blood testing, ultrasound, CT, all come up normal. The pain would last for 3 days then, if I ate oily food, the pain would come back again, I have suffered 3 major attacks and 3 minor attacks all caused by eating oily food in the past two months. The doctor said that it is not AP or CP since there is no evidence, he said that it is probably caused by stress.

    1. The Health Guy Post author

      Unless you are in the middle of an AP episode (4+ hours) enzymes (amylase and lipase) usually haven’t risen yet. If you go to the ER as soon as an episode begins and happen to get in quickly and the er draws blood right away chances are nothing will show. But don’t get me started on doctors. Most are useless unless you are having a heart attack, have been shot, knifed, or been in a car wreck. You know, something easy to diagnose. Hang in there. Find a good ER and go in during one of your bad attacks. A concrete diagnosis is important.

  15. LS

    I have another question, do AP heal on its own? even if your eating food ? and does CP usually have flatulence?