I Am Beating Pancreatitis

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Paul MillerHi … my name is Paul Miller aka The Health Guy and I am beating pancreatitis. I am just an average ordinary guy who was diagnosed with acute and chronic pancreatitis years ago. I learned how to beat it.

I am NOT a doctor.

I haven’t even attended college or a University.

There probably isn’t one good reason you should listen to me except …

I’ve been there, done it.

I’ve got the pancreatitis t-shirt.

I know what I am talking about when it comes to pancreatitis.

I’ve invested tons of hours, led by Almighty God, learning how to heal myself. I had divine help both in staying alive and finding the information I needed in order to learn how to heal so …

My Almighty, Most High, Living God gets ALL the Glory!

The BIG Difference? I Am Beating Pancreatitis!

I'm Healed. I am Beating Pancreatitis

The BIG difference between what you hear or read from me or some other person whether they are a doctor, nurse or your neighbor is that I AM HEALED.

I’m NOT cured but I am healed.

Which means I don’t suffer acute  or chronic pancreatitis symptoms. I don’t feel sick like I did years ago and I KNOW what you are going through. In other words I’ve been there, done it, went through it. I own the t-shirt. I won.

I have several sites about pancreatitis and for those who suffer (HubPages, two (2) blogs and two (2) Facebook pages). Some people who have read my stuff and tried what I do, have left comments. You may want to read the comments on all the sites to learn what others say about my regimen and what I do.

Great CT Scan Results! (“no evidence of disease in pancreas”)

This is ONE of the best comments I have seen posted on any of my sites:


I thought I´d share my story on this post since I got some very happy news yesterday.

A little under a year ago I was diagnosed with chronic pancreatitis after several bouts of stomach pain over a period of about five years, the last one lasting for several weeks with fever and everything.

I was sent to ultrasound and there the radiologist found scar tissue having formed in my pancreas and he said that this was caused by inflammation of the pancreas due to drinking too much (which is what caused the attacks) and ordered me to stop drinking altogether. I haven´t touched alcohol since.

Shortly after I came over this blog and adopted the regime of a low fat diet, grape seed, vitamin C, curcumin and enzymes before meals. I also took Ibuprofen whenever I felt the slightest sign of pancreatic stomach pain (you kinda know how it feels if you´ve had it before). I also made sure to get cardio-vascular exercise at least three times a week and have a certain amount physical activity every day (walks, biking etc).

CT-scanYesterday I got the results from a recent CT scan, (which is a more precise form of diagnosis than ultrasound) and to my surprise they found “no evidence of disease in pancreas”. This means that the scarring in my pancreas has healed in less than a year and I stand a much better chance of escaping this horrible disease, and the future looks bright!

I will continue to stay away from alcohol, and will also continue to take supplements, although maybe not as many as before, just to stay on the safe side.

This goes to show that there is indeed hope if you get an early diagnosis and implement measures immediately and stick to them.”

The above comment was posted on my other blog. You’ll have to find it but you can read it in original form here.

My Pancreatitis Info Can Be Found In These Places

pancreatitis-infoI have I think 5 sites about pancreatitis. This one you are on now is going to be my major focus point but …

Here’s my other sites:

Living With Pancreatitis (HubPage)

Overcoming Pancreatitis (original blog)

Beating Pancreatitis (Facebook Page)

This Beating Pancreatitis blog that you are on right now is the best place to obtain my information. Right now it contains about 70 pages and posts. Some of the best free information you’ll find anywhere about pancreatitis. It will have more information including a forum as soon as I get it working properly.

I welcome questions, comments, your stories but …

I can NOT give blatant medical advice.

I will answer all questions to the best of my ability using the terminology “If it were me” as often as I can remember to do so because that can only be construed as telling you what I would do or have done, not suggesting that you do or take anything I say as medical advice.

I am not here to give advice.

I am simply sharing knowledge, stuff I learned and/or figured out that works for me.

Will what I do work for you?

All I can say is that there are others who have adopted my regimen (lifestyle changes via diet and supplements) and some are feeling much better and as far as I know none have died or gotten worse simply because they adopted my eating and supplement lifestyle.

None of my sites are about making money via the suffering of pancreatitis patients.

I make a buck if you buy stuff on this site and it’ll help support my coffee addiction 🙂 however; you can get all the supplements at your local health food store.

It doesn’t matter to me. In fact …

Going to your local health store makes more sense, especially if you are sick as you read this. You could have them today by going to the store.

happy-danceJust try the supplements because they work, at least for me they work.

In the right doses they may also work for you.

Just remember the supplements aren’t a cure.

They aren’t miracle potions that will allow you to eat or drink whatever you want but coupled with a low fat pancreatitis diet they may help change your life into a whole new ball game.

You may be the next person doing the happy dance and wouldn’t that be cool? 🙂

For me it took BOTH diet and supplements.

I’ve been told I should write a book. I have no intention of writing and selling a book or becoming famous. In fact, I would rather not. My mission is to simply share, what Almighty God taught me, what I did to heal and still do to stay well.

That’s it.

The info is free.

I wish you healing and better health.

Oh wait …

One Favor Please

one-favor-pleaseIf you like this blog and the beating pancreatitis information contained herein please do me a favor and “like” my blog, pages and posts on Google+ and Facebook. Tweet it, Pin it and so on.

I’m not sure exactly how much doing so helps my blog to rank in search results but I know it helps and I’ll appreciate the help! You’ll find the “like” and “share” buttons at the bottom of each page or post. Thank you! :-)

Good luck and God bless you!


253 thoughts on “I Am Beating Pancreatitis


    Hi paul ,
    Thanks for your great help by sharing your experience . I wanted to ask you that , my mom is a patient of chronic pancreatitis and recently she is feeling that whenever she eats the pain disappears for some time …..Though other times she has high intensity pain . What do you think ?

    She is on 80% vegan diet and also taking the supplements .

    Aakash Girdhar (INDIA)

    1. The Health Guy Post author

      Hi Aakash – What is an 80% vegan diet? Does that mean she is eating 20% bad stuff (red meat, pork, oils, other high fat content foods) or veggies, grains, legumes with some chicken and fish? How much of the grape seed extract, curcumin and vitamin C is she taking each day? Most people with damage don’t see dramatic results without taking high doses of grape seed extract (600 mgs or more each day spread out over 3 – 4 doses). If she doesn’t get relief with 600 mgs of grape seed extract try more. Increase the doses slowly until she gets relief. The same with the C. Large doses. Curcumin should be around 500 mgs 2 – 3 times per day. Be advised – Large doses of curcumin can cause stomach upset in some people so less is often better.

      1. Michelle

        Hi Health Guy,

        Thanks for your very informative site. I have spent the last two days reading through it. I need your opinion on something if you have a minute. Im a 40 year old woman. About 3 years ago I started getting a pain under my upper right ribcage. CT scan showed nothing. Ultrasound and Hida Scan of gallbladder showed nothing. Gallbladder surgery was offered and I declined. Then about a year and a half ago I went off of a prescription drug I had been using for insomnia called trazadone (opiod) and my whole gut blew up. I was so sick I couldn’t walk or eat. I lost a total of 50 pounds. After the initial all over pain my symptoms seemed to settle in the upper abdominal area. With swelling and discomfort on the right and middle and eventually the left. I immediately change my diet but didn’t know what i was fighting. The past year and a half has been miserable. I have had 2 upper endoscopy of the stomach ( mild gastritis was found), a colonoscopy (no findings), additional ultrasound of my digestive organs, another ct scan this time with contrast (no findings) and finally most recently an mrcp (normal). They keep telling me my pancreas is fine. But I have been requesting pancreatic enzyme blood tests throughout this ordeal and the lypase has been either at the lowest normal of the reference range or slightly below normal. Of course none of my doctors are concerned about this. only me. ive been vegan/pescatarian for the last year but have included some fats. interestingly enough I have recently been getting ozone therapy for lyme disease and during the last three months and a lot of my gut issues (70 %)subsided and i was eating a mild amount of fat but now feel horrible again after eating a bunch of nuts. That is what lead me back to the pancreas and your site. I say all that to ask you this…. Is it possible to have severe damage in there but it hasn’t shown up on any of those tests? Are there other diagnostics I should push for? And what are your thoughts on prescription enzymes? Right now Im super uncomfortable but fasting and taking the vit c and grapeseed oil. I haven’t taken the ib profen because im worried about the stomach gastritis. Thanks again and Blessings to you and your family.

        1. The Health Guy Post author

          Hi Michelle – sorry to hear you have been ill. Before I forget grape seed oil will do nothing to help in fact IF it is your pancreas or gallbladder or sphincter of oddi the “oil,” which is always pure fat will do more harm than good. You need grape seed extract not oil. There is a huge difference. Grape seed extract is a highly anti-inflammatory powder made from grape seeds and usually used to make grape seed extract capsules/tablets. Grape seed oil is a quality high temp cooking oil. Anyway …

          Nothing showed on a CT, Ultrasound and Hida scan yet they wanted to remove your gallbladder. Sounds like doctors lol. Of course there is always the chance that you had stones and/or sludge and passed them before the tests could show them present. Did a doctor mention that your gallbladder wasn’t functioning properly or that there were signs of GB inflammation? I’m not familiar with Trazodone so I had to look it up and learn. It is used for many conditions, some off-label. The side effects are intimidating.

          In regards to blood work and the MRCP – if the blood work (enzymes lipase and amylase) were done at appropriate times (about 4 hours after first symptoms) and were not elevated chances are rare it was acute pancreatitis especially when nothing showed on the MRCP which a very good test for discovering pancreas damage. The Endoscopic Ultrasound and ERCP seem to be the only tests you haven’t had that are common and ERCP can have dangerous complications.

          To answer your questions:

          1) “Is it possible to have severe damage in there but it hasn’t shown up on any of those tests?” ANYTHING is possible but not very probable in this instance.
          2) “Are there other diagnostics I should push for?” IF you are really bad again go to the ed/er and ask them to check your lipase and amylase. Check your watch and count off 4 hours from time of symptoms starting (bad ones) because lipase usually takes 4 hours to elevate. And an EUS is about the only other test that may find minute damage.
          3) “what are your thoughts on prescription enzymes?” They are expensive but if needed can be truly helpful.

          Now there are some things that are often missed simply because the person reading the scans didn’t think them important or missed them. One is pancreas divisum which can cause symptoms and acute pancreatitis but again AP will usually show up via blood work (enzymes) and scans US, CT, MRCP. Another is sphincter of oddi dysfunction. You might ask about those conditions. The latter is difficult to diagnose but class 1 and especially class 11 will often have a common bile duct dilation which shows on scans whereas class 11 is simply difficult to diagnose because of the lack of obvious signs other than symptoms.

          One thing I noticed is the lack of pain or the exclusion of it as a symptom. RARELY does acute pancreatitis or chronic pancreatitis exist without pain in fact most biliary disease has pain as a commonality and pancreas pain can be absolutely horrible.

        2. The Health Guy Post author

          Michelle- I am so sorry. I am an idiot. I don’t know if you are still following this blog or not. I wouldn’t be if I were you cuz I’m an idiot and I owe you a HUGE apology for being stupid. I can’t even explain how I wrote the last paragraph. I must have started smoking weed again? Something … because you mentioned pain and being miserable and my brain must have exploded with a huge fart and blew my sense out. Obviously something is going on and why damage doesn’t show on scans etc at times I have no clue except humans read those scans and humans do the scans and humans make mistakes. I sounded like some of the doctors i have met and/or heard stories about. I’m sorry. I know of one case study where an older guy 66 I think presented at the ER with uncontrollable vomiting, no pain and no enzyme increases. He died and it was found on autopsy that his pancreas was destroyed. I sincerely hope you find a good doctor who puts it together and gets you well.

          I think you could have definitely had/have pancreatitis. And unfortunately nobody gets it right all the time. Patients do not always present with “classic” symptoms and damage, especially slight damage or even slight inflammation (which can be just as painful/symptomatic as major inflammation) doesn’t always show or someone just misses it. Anyway … I apologize again for being an idiot.

  2. Lee


    Di you ever completely lose your appetite during this ordeal?… If so, how long did it take to come back?



    1. The Health Guy Post author

      Lee, heck ya I lost my appetite. Almost every time I ate I got VERY sick (when I was really ill). And when I’m in massive gut pain, like with AP (acute pancreatitis) or have nausea the last thing I am is hungry. Then, I simply became AFRAID to eat. What happened from eating simply wasn’t a fun experience! How long it took for my appetite to come back is a great question. Unfortunately I don’t have a great answer. I simply don’t remember. I do know that when I didn’t feel hungry and ate anyway, usually to please some family member, I got sick. So what I can tell you, emphatically, is that if you aren’t hungry, I mean HUNGRY, don’t eat. It isn’t worth it. Don’t worry about losing weight. You won’t die because of not eating for a couple days or even a week or more unless you have some underlying issues. However going past a week with no food of any kind is pushing the envelop. That’s why I suggest organic vegetable juice. If you can’t make your own, buy some low-sodium V8. It isn’t organic but it works.

  3. Lee


    Sorry for the misspelling on the last post ;-)… I am asking because I haven’t had an appetite at all for six days but have been juicing to slow down the weight loss.

    Thanks again,


    1. The Health Guy Post author

      Hey Lee, 6 days isn’t long. I’ve went for almost 4 weeks with nothing but juice (after some of the worst AP’s). Just was to sick to be hungry and knew if I ate I was gonna pay. You’re welcome, hope you feel better soon.

  4. Noelle

    I do not have acute pancreatitis (yet and hoping to avoid) though many mysterious pancreas-related events have been happening over the past few years (nausea, difficulty digesting processed foods of any kind, difficulty digesting fats/carbs/sugars, and most recently pancreas pain and a skin rash). I already conquered chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia holistically, so I know the rudiments of healthy living, diet, and exercise. But, what may have appeared as celiac may in fact be low-grade acute pancreatitis. Am fasting for half my day and eating small amounts of yellow squash, lentils, and kale while juicing since I am a breastfeeding mother while I try to dig out of my first encounter with pancreas pains. Ordered curcumin as well as some other supplements. So thankful my mom is an herbalist. My question is, in your opinion, do you think pancreas issues once begun will always be chronic and therefore my lifestyle must completely be built around avoiding triggers from this day forward? How long should I remain vegan? Any guesses? If I cannot completely fast for 3-5 days while I breastfeed, would you suggest a total fast once baby is weaned (in about 6 more months)? Baby girl is 18 months. I could start weaning her now of necessary. Thoughts? Resources?

    1. The Health Guy Post author

      Hi Noelle,

      Have you been tested for celiac disease? You have a lot of classic symptoms, rash and all. IF you haven’t been tested you should be. Has any doc looked at your pancreas in any way (blood enzyme levels, ct scan, etc)? The reason I keep asking about your doc visits and any diagnosis’ is because I have had many people, like you, ask me about my thoughts regarding their symptoms and I can’t legally diagnose or play doctor. Plus what you and others think (who haven’t been diagnosed properly) in regards to pancreas pain could actually be coming from the intestines or liver, both reside in the area. In certain instances it could also be gallstone/gallbladder disease symptoms (this has turned out to be the actual case in several). So IF you have not gotten a complete evaluation, including all appropriate tests necessary for an accurate diagnosis I would suggest you start there. Your mom may be an herbalist but like me she isn’t a doc and like me she can’t perform the clinical tests necessary to pinpoint an accurate diagnosis. An accurate diagnosis is critical. Without that everyone is guessing. Good luck to you, I hope you find a good doc 🙂

  5. Jill

    Thank you so much for sharing your wealth of knowledge. I have referred people to your website and will continue to do so. Soon I will be creating a pancreatitis tab on my blog and will be referring people to your site. Check out my blog at jillshope.blogspot.com.
    Also, thought you’d be interested in our latest pancreatic attack experience…Spent another week in the hospital with my husband for his 6th pancreatic attack over the Christmas holidays. I know that these attacks are happening because toxins from toxic mold exposure have colonized in his gut, but the whole medical profession looks at me like I am a complete moron. Never mind that I have credible tests showing toxic mold found in the house we were living in and tricothecenes (the most deadly of the toxic molds) were found in my husbands urine and I have been working with one of the top toxologists in the US. Their way is THE only way and because I need their help with pain management we are forced into doing things their way. The ER doctor that was on call took the whole 30 min. that she legally had to respond to my husband’s plight for pain control while he lay there in horrific pain. Then she comes into the room and very rudely ask if he is going to listen to her this time (the last visit he had 5 mos. ago this same dr. had him in tears because she basically called him an idiot for not having his gall bladder removed)? To say I was irate is an understatement. I calmly ask her if she could please get his pain under control and then we could take the conversation in the hall. What I wanted to do was punch her in the face, but I figured it would not be a great idea for my 7 children to have their mother in jail and their father in the hospital. They held him in the hospital for a week until they could remove his gall bladder. Yes, legally we could have left, but to willingly get help from them in the future would have been next to impossible. When they did take out his gall bladder there were no stones (which is what all of the many tests he had run showed), but they did find black sludge which from what I’ve read is the build up of the toxins in the gall bladder which was its way of protecting the other organs. So now I still have to take the time to do the 3 mo. mold killing cleanse (a very intense diet and supplements) and we have to make up for what the gall bladder is no longer able to do. Is all I wanted was one more chance so that I could do a cleanse (we got out of the toxic mold environment and seemed to be doing better so we started to get lax). Now the medical community is convinced that they have once again saved the day as he is eating again. We will do the cleansing work (which was the root of the problem in the first place) behind the scenes and they will be more set in their ways because they think what they did fixed the problem. While at the hospital I was shocked by how many people told me their stories of having their gall bladders removed and everyone acted like it was no big deal, including the surgeon who very matter of factly stated to me that “you don’t need a gall bladder.” As nicely as I could I just responded that the God I knew was very intelligent and would not create an organ that we didn’t need. I recognize that there are some that have to have their gall bladders removed, but I fear that has become the latest “fad” in the medical community and studies in the future will show that this was a big mistake. For now I will just carry on using the humor from my sister who commented that at least I now only have 5 organs to worry about! Grrrrrrrr!!!!

  6. Noelle

    Hello Health Guy! Thanks for you response. I had the Celiac blood test 6 years ago and it was negative. It was the opinion of my doctor then that I did not have Celiac. However, a pain specialist doctor was pretty convinced I have Celiac but did not want to do further tests just to put something on my chart. She suggested I follow the SCD eating plan laid out in the book Breaking the Vicious Cycle. I did for almost two years and healed tremendously. Then, I got married and strayed from SCD eating plan. Anyway, paying for that now. Pretty sure this is a Celiac inflammatory reaction as you suggested. I was unaware that Celiac can be accompanied by that tell-tale rash and that level of pain. Been grain, refined sugar, dairy, and meat free for three weeks now. The pain and rash are gone. I feel great! Taking Curcumin anyway since it is so anti-inflammatory. Thanks again for your answer.

  7. Steve T

    Hi Paul,

    A sincere thank you!

    I am 53 yrs. young, 160 lb.’s and pretty good shape.

    I have recently been diagnosed with AP, been having the pain for over two years but only lasted for 3-5 days and would only come every other month or so. Last June the pain started coming every other week (I was still drinking alcohol then) and ended up in the ER with pain. Of course the young doctor bone head sent me home with “nothing wrong with you” and the next morning after the meds wore off I was right back in the ER only with a better doc and more tests. My GE doc came up with the diagnosis and I quit the alcohol, caffeine, sweets, fats…you name it. Problem was I quit so much I didn’t know what my alternatives were and kept relapsing, about every two weeks for 3-5 days of pain. A little fat to me was a chicken breast with Marsala sauce – wrong. I thought since I quit all that stuff in my regular diet a little now and then would be okay – way wrong…Then my loving wife found your blog!

    Sorry for the ramble but I am in the middle of an attack as I write this and my wife is shopping for veggies, white grapefruit juice and Motrin. Today I begin the “regimen” starting with food diary and will let you know how it goes. I now have some direction thanks to your blog, my doc is good but never told me this stuff.

    Thanks again, I’ll try to post as I go through the next few weeks. I’m in it to win it!

    Take care,
    Steve T.

      1. stevet004

        Okay, well its been a few weeks now and have had relatively no pain. By that I mean when I feel an attack coming on I go to the “safe place” diet as prescribed and take Motrin and Tylenol together. The attacks have been only lasting a day or half-day and I have been introducing things like Shrimp and Fish with no problem. Its really hard to go out to eat, that is the stumble point; on the road and hungry, get a Kale salad form a deli…oops, its laden with oil…but I’m starving so I eat it…sure as shit a day or two later here it comes….but since I am taking the enzymes and my diet is 98+% good it only lasts a short day or half. Immediately go to broth, Grapefruit juice and V8. So seems like I am almost in control but need more discipline.

        The world we live in is like a field of landmines for the diet we need and I have found that when going out with friends I preview the menu of the place we will go and decide on what I will eat before I leave the house; “I’ll have the shrimp tacos with no sauce or sour cream please, I am on a strict diet of no fat or oils, please tell the chef” It seems to work – somewhat. I have thought of writing down my request and just handing it to the server also, otherwise in a business situation the conversation always turns to my AP (ugh).

        Thanks again, you are a life saver and I’ll keep updating to give hope to others.

        1. The Health Guy Post author

          I am glad you are doing better Steve. I understand the ” field of landmines.” It is extremely difficult to eat out and be safe. Thanks for the update. Good luck and keep us posted.

  8. Tina

    I’ve been having pancreatic attacks every 3 months since having my gall bladder taken out 2 yrs ago. Right now I’m in the middle of an attack and was wondering if I should take my pancreatic enzymes while having pain (and not eating anything) or only when eating. I plan on trying your system when I feel good enough to go shopping.

    1. The Health Guy Post author

      Hi Tina – I apologize this is a late reply but anytime you are in an acute attack you shouldn’t eat and taking enzymes without food would do more harm than good. In fact if you are in an acute attack you should probably go to the hospital. Just because I’m a stubborn idiot doesn’t mean it is a good thing to emulate. I hope you are feeling much better by now.

  9. Janet S.

    Dear Paul, I have just printed off your entire website, including comments, for my husband to read. With his Chronic Pancreatitis, sitting at the computer (except as required for work) is not an easy thing to do. He is progressing through your information even as I write. Thank you for posting your experience in such a concise, readable way. Please consider collecting your information into an ebook or pdf to print out for this kind of situation. I’m sure he’s not the only one out there. I read your home page to him to see if he was interested, and he said to print it all!

    His is an ongoing journey, four years since diagnosis. We knew the diet was not right and have been following SCD (Specific Carbohydrate Diet) for about 2 years. That helped tremendously. But comparing your recommendations with that of Elaine Gottschall, we see that the restrictions need to be in somewhat different areas. Since he just had an MRI, colonoscopy and endoscopy yesterday–with all the prep that entails–your work came in at just the right time.

    When you first posted in this blog last year, he was in the hospital for the fourth time, and it was a 10 day stay. The SCD intro diet got him back on his feet then. We’ll being following your recommendations now. What the hospital wanted to feed him was unbelievable. Our doctor intervened to allow me to bring in what he needed to eat. The nursing staff was interested; the dietitians were not.

    About the grapefruit juice. He wanted me to let you know that sometimes fentanyl is prescribed for pain management for chronic pain in pancreatitis. (He suffers every day and any AP flare sends him back to the hospital. We were told this is true, origin unknown, in about 15% of Chronic Pancreatitis cases.) Grapefruit juice and fentanyl patches are a deadly combination. If using fentanyl, grapefruit and grapefruit juice must NEVER be consumed. Just FYI.

    I didn’t see a subscribe button for your blog, but note that it is a choice when commenting. Please consider adding that to your sidebar!

    Thank you for your continuing efforts on behalf of all of us.

    1. The Health Guy Post author

      Hi Janet – you’re welcome. I hope the info helps your husband. I know how rotten it is so I really he finds relief.

      It’s unfortunate that grapefruit (fruit, seed extract, juice) doesn’t play well with others because it protects the pancreas from acute pancreatitis. Check out reference #2 at the article end. I put the grapefruit warning on the page however i mention it from time to time and probably forget to do so each time.

      The good news is that he should still be able to take grape seed extract, curcumin and vit c with no problem unless he’s on blood thinners like warfarin, pradaxa or plavix. Both grape seed and curcumin have a tendency to thin the blood a bit so IF he’s on any of those meds he may want to ask his doc first. If he can take Ibuprofen or aspirin as well to help resolve his inflammation that’s a plus. Some people have issues with NSAIDS. I prefer ibuprofen to stop an AP attacks and in smaller doses with grape seed, c and curcumin resolve inflammation because narcotics just mask the pain and demerol didn’t do anything for mine. Anyway …

      Thank you again for the kind words and best wishes to your husband for better times. 🙂

  10. Heather Kruger

    I am a 45 year old white lady who was diagnosed with CP with stones and calcification in early Jan 2014. I thank the Lord Jesus that I haven’t had pain since early March 2014. I am on a high protein low fat diet. I have been stumbling around looking for a cure for so long and came across your website and it has given me such inspiration and knowledge esp about the grape seed, your Faith as I am a re-born Christian and have been praying for a miracle, but now realise the miracle lies within me. My eating plan and supplements and my way of life as life is short and you must live it to the fullest. Thank you for your website and I wish everybody else there living with CP to never give up. God loves you. Take care. Heather from S.A.

    1. The Health Guy Post author

      Hi Heather – Thanks for all you nice comments and kind words. I wish I could tell you there is a cure for pancreatitis but there isn’t. My personal opinion is that if one does everything right there is a good chance of a “remission” you might say. The chance to either relieve the pain and other symptoms, even live pain free for years (I’ve done that). However it does take extreme dedication to diet and supplements. And there is no guarantee it will work. There are beginning to be a fair number of people who are doing what I have done and still do that ARE experiencing good results. There are also some who have not realized the significant changes that I have. There have also been some who have been extremely damaged applied my regimen of diet and supplements, saw promising results and then for some reason back-peddled. So unfortunately my regimen or whatever you want to call it is NOT batting 100%. Just being truthful. But …

      If it helps just 30% of those who suffer now when what they have been told by others simply is NOT working then I think it’s well worth it. Heck, ONE in TEN would be worth it. But I think the numbers could become significantly better than what I just said as long as the adherence to both diet and supplements is rigidly followed. But in all reality I am simply guessing at numbers and possible outcomes. The ONLY thing I can be absolutely sure of is what I have experienced. But I am NOT cured. If I went to Carl Jr’s and had a doubly bacon bourbon burger with fries and a shake I know exactly what would happen and it wouldn’t be pretty. Good luck, God Bless you Heather 🙂

  11. Tom

    Perhaps I missed it somewhere, so forgive me if I’m asking something that is already on your site. Did you ever discover the cause of your pancreatitis? So far, we have been unable to find the cause of mine. And while managing symptoms and healing damaged tissue is a priority, I guess I’m equally interested in figuring out what caused it all to begin with.

    1. The Health Guy Post author

      Hi Tom – I started getting sick after being injured playing high school football. It was an abdominal injury that benched me for the rest of the season. I and the doc who finally diagnosed me thought that may have been the cause. Come to find out years later (2009) I am also a celiac. Celiac disease seems to be associated with pancreatitis so who knows which one actually may have been the key player.

      I THINK, and it’s only my opinion, that the actual cause is only relevant in certain cases where an underlying condition is KNOWN to be the culprit. I’m talking about an autoimmune disease such a Sjogren’s Syndrome, alcoholism where the patient has the genetic variant that causes alcoholic pancreatitis, a defect such as pancreas divisum or another condition like SOD (Sphincter of Oddi dysfunction) or Hyperlipidemia (high blood fat levels) where that underlying condition causes the pancreatitis and thereby needs to be addressed in order to find resolution. I can certainly understand your curiosity but unless there is a blaring cause that jumps out and slaps your doc in the face and says “hey dude! this is the problem!” chances of you finding out that cause, with 100% surety, is almost nill. Most docs have trouble diagnosing pancreatitis let alone diagnosing and nailing down the condition that may have caused it. So good luck with that! 🙂

  12. Heather Kruger

    Dear Mr Health Guy – thank you so much for your prompt response. I concur completely with your reply. The eating plan that the Professor put me on is a bit difficult as I am hungry especially in the evenings. I have lost weight and now only weigh 47kg although was a healthy 50 kg’s. I eat oats and yoghurt for breakfast with my supplments and then for lunch maybe a plain tuna salad or provitas, apple (only certain fruit) to prevent sugar levels spiking,homemade soup and drink lots of water and rooibos and green tea. But later during the day I feel pangs of hunger. Dinner early with chicken breast with veggies. But later I feel hungry and am also craving sweet things that I have never craved before (am not diabetic). My eating plan am not allowed sweet things, nuts or crisps, creamy foods etc. Would please like your input as to how I am going to pick up weight. Am allowed beef and lean pork but would rather stick to YOUR eating plan to HEAL myself in order to avoid pain occuring. Thank you once again for your Wonderful Website and God Bless you for sharing it with others and being so selfless. Kind regards Heather Kruger from South Africa.

  13. rita

    dear MR health guy my son was diagnose with pancreatitis he is 21 years old college student with a bachelor degree I know he went under a lot of stress from college but he is almost done I am so proud of him . last month he was admit at hospital for 14 days left and went back 3 times during his stay they give him morphine for pain and no food .
    I am so upset at every doctor who treated him on his medical report they diagnose him as a 21 years college student that’s mean he party a lot and eat lots junk food which is not the case, we left the hospital with no guidance no information what to do or what to eat or how to manage his pain. I took him to 7 doctors most they said we don’t know what’s going on ,I did not leave any test from blood work to CT scan ultra sound MRA, x-ray ,endoscopy every test shows inflammation of the pancreas lipase and amylase 920 and 530 .

    as a mother I am going crazy I can’t sleep my blood pressure is very high my blood sugar is 50 it’s like I am sick not him because I don’t know what to do anymore

    My only hope is my faith in god and Jesus maybe he will listen to my prayers and taken this burden of his shoulder

    thank you and god bless

    1. The Health Guy Post author

      Hi Rita – It must be difficult for a mom to watch her kid suffer. The good news is that IF he manages a correct diet and uses certain supplements he may heal up nice and fine. He may never be able to eat or drink like a “normal” human again but who knows? If I were him I’d adopt a proper diet for pancreatitis and start taking grape seed extract, vitamin C and curcumin. It is amazing what proper diet and highly anti-inflammatory supplements can do. I hope he heals. Good luck to him and you! 🙂

  14. Christina

    Mr Miller. I would like to thank you for handing me the little bit of light I’ve needed. My family and coworkers have been super supportive, but that doesn’t really help ease the fear. In February I experienced some back pains (around kidney level) that I thought were just realted to known spinal issues, thinking back now however, I suspect they were early signs of the pancreatitis. At the end of April I was woken up with my first attack. On the pain scale I have now become accustomed to, I would label that first attack as maybe a 7. A few days later I went to the hospital with my second attack because now I was scared. They did an ultrasound, didn’t really tell me what the results were but sent me home with a scrip for famatodine (Pepcid). I opted not to fill that scrip because I had taken it before for regular indegestion type pains and didn’t see how it would help at all. 2 attacks later (this time a 9 with nausea to boot) I was back in the ER. This time they did another Ultra sound & added an MRI. This time I was told that I had galbladder sludge, and I was admitted. I”m not a heavy drinker and as I was already working on loosing weight, not a high fat diet eater either. Since then I’ve spent a lot of time in and out of the hospital (more in than out). At some point I was given a CT Scan, that showed not only was my pancreas effected, but that it was necrotic (though no infection). The CT showed that there was fluid collection that was actually larger than the original pancreas size. Another CT a week later showed it shrunk by about half (yay good start) and finally able to see at least portions of the actual organ. On May 17th, I was given an NJ tube, through my nose, all the way into my the duodenum, to allow for organ rest, but still give me nutrition. Even with the feeding tube Ive spent much time in and out of the hospital with recurring pain every couple of days. My most recen stay they restarted me on clear liquids (though I find that the italian orange ice they gave me was bad… no orange/lemon/lime for me too acidic). I’m just now on my way to full liquids, and I’m really nervous about what is safe and what isn’t. The dietician and doctors are more concerned with sustainable calories. I don’t find myself very hungry so it’s hard to get the calories up to an acceptable level so the feeding tube can be removed, though I have had it shut off for a couple of days now. In the beginning of July I am scheduled for my next CT scan, and hopefully from there a follow up appointment to have my gallbladder removed. In any event, I appreciate the information on your site and hope to use it on my own path to recovery. Thank you

    1. The Health Guy Post author

      Hi Christina – you’re welcome for and to any of the info. It sounds like you have been through a lot, none of it fun. Did they say whether the fluid collection was an ascites or a pseudocyst? I hope things go well for you and that you eventually are able to heal up. Hang in there.

      1. Christina

        They suspect Pseudocyst. I’ve made it nearly a week with only some small dips to the Norco bottle and I’m hopeful to use it less and less.

        1. The Health Guy Post author

          Hopefully as you heal with diet and supplements the pseudocyst may drain on its own. I wish you better health Christina 🙂

  15. patrick

    hello i am currently in the “we don’t know what the problem is stage” i have been suffering for about 6 months now and getting worse. i have gotten no answers from these idiot GI docs. i have done multi blood tests ,stool tests ,ct scan ,an endoscopy and a colonoscopy. all showed nothing really bad or out of the ordinary. i have had to change docs as they really know nothing and give no ideas or really seem to care .i am some what at a loss .i was forced to start researching on my own my symptoms and problems and that is how i came across pancreatitis .i know u and any one posting on here is not a doc but these “doc’s” seem to be a dead end .i would like to know if you or anyone posting here has started out with problems like mine. first i will describe myself ,i am 28 years old thin,work out almost everyday,and eat pretty healthy,lots of fruits vegs. i never eat fast food or fried foods. i have lived a pretty healthy life don’t smoke ,dont ever use drugs ,and only drank 2x per month on ave. this all started in the begining of the year when i had diarrhea for about 6 weeks went to the doc and they fond nothing ,then i had my first attack pain in my left side followed by horrible pain in the upper stomach right in the soft spot below my sternum every time i ate. i was unable to eat much for over a week getting worse and worse so i went to the hospital (big waste of time). since then i have been getting attacks unable to eat, more and more often .as of now its been about 3-4 weeks strait and i have gotten worse and worse each day can barly keep a small non fat meal down.i am currently at my worst as of today. the only reason im not in the hospital is because i know they will do nothing to help me .to sum it up i feels like i have rocks in my upper stomach everytime i eat,pain below my left chest ,yellow floating foul smelling stool and pain in my left shoulder blade. i am currently eating as little as i can with a non fat diet and taking digestive enzymes to help.i would guess i clealy have a problem with my pancreas since that is what breaks food down . if these symptoms sound familiar please yet me know i know no one here is a doc but these idiot GI’s could not even locate the pancreas . after reading your blog you seem to know way way more about the gi system than these so called flunk out docs. thank u

    1. The Health Guy Post author

      Hi Patrick – Damn! Sounds like you have been talking to the same idiots I did years ago but it isn’t possible cuz they have probably all retired or died hopefully. I found ONE good one out of 14. He most likely saved my ass simply by diagnosing me. Ok, let’s tackle your problem and remember you are right I can’t diagnose but I can tell you what I think. As far as I know that isn’t against the law, yet! 🙂

      Blood tests. I had blood tests too but the damn fools never tested my amylase or lipase in the ER. 7 TIMES in the ER and not one of those fools tested my enzyme levels. So my first question for you was did they test your amylase and lipase and if so do you know what the results were? My next question is WHEN did they test your enzyme levels? If it’s done at the wrong time it does almost as much good as tits on a snake. It takes about 4 hours into an acute attack for enzymes to rise. So if it is done too soon and done only once those tests are worthless. The enzymes will stay increased for 4 – 5 days but they will only be at PEAK levels during an attack after 4 – 6 hours of involvement and then for maybe 24 – 36 hours unless you have severe acute which may of course cause longer elevations. We can be reasonably sure that it isn’t or wasn’t severe acute with complications because you’d probably be dead now.

      Stools tests are worthless for diagnosing acute pancreatitis however, they do allow for diagnosis of pancreatic insufficiency which is normally caused by pancreatitis and is somewhat common in advanced chronic pancreatitis. So if they found nothing remarkable you probably don’t have severe or advanced chronic pancreatitis.

      CT scans are considered the “gold standard” in pancreatitis diagnosis. They are good for showing certain types of damage, fluid accumulation (ascites, pseudocysts), scarring, necrosis, dilated ducts, beading, calcification and more. There are a couple problems with CTs. One is that if they are done too soon, like blood enzyme tests, they may show nothing. Another is that doctors can be stupid. I have had people tell me their doctor said they don’t have pancreatitis even though the CT clearly showed some inflammation of the pancreas! What the hell do they think pancreatitis is anyway? I’ve only heard that a couple times but damn! that is nothing more than gross incompetence. CT scans, like every other scan or test, are only as good as the person interpreting the results.

      Endoscopy – are we talking ERCP, EUS or what? Both are pretty accurate. ERCP is actually dangerous and can cause acute pancreatitis. EUS is much safer.

      Colonoscopy is naturally not a test for diagnosing pancreatitis but along with endoscopy and CT does probably rule out colon cancer, crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis for the most part.

      Yellowish or clay colored stools may signify the presence of bile, which could mean jaundice, gall bladder infection or stones. It could also mean liver involvement. It could also mean pancreatitis. The floating, foul smelling part, steatorrhea, may indicate malabsorption which could be due to a small intestinal problem such as celiac disease or a pancreas condition, pancreatitis or pancreatic cancer. Since there wasn’t any remarkable finding that pointed to Crohn’s or UC you may want to get tested for Celiac Disease. Classic symptoms of CD are diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, weight loss, steatorrhea, malabsorption, pain and various other signs. BUT celiac disease doesn’t explain the severe pain just under the sternum. I have diagnosed celiac disease. Nausea was more of a problem than diarrhea. In fact I rarely had diarrhea but my mother had horrible diarrhea (she too is a celiac).

      I have never had pain on the left side as far as I can recall. I’ve had some pain that went across my whole upper abdomen area but not severe pain. Just annoying pain. The severe pain was only with acute pancreatitis and dead center just millimeters below the rib cage. It definitely sounds like you could have pancreatitis. I would suggest you find a pancreas specialist if they have any in your area or at least talk to another Gastroenterologist to get another opinion. If you have more than one ER in your city you may try a different ER. That strategy didn’t help me in 1979 but it may work for you now because the ER docs in various communities seem to be recognizing pancreatitis more easily now. I’ve even had a few folks tell me they were diagnosed correctly the first time! So keep at it. You definitely need to find out what is wrong. Until then you and I are just guessing. Good luck Patrick. Let me know what happens.

  16. danny

    Dear Health Guy,
    Thanks a lot for such an informative site. Really appreciate your efforts.
    I’m pure veterinarian and searching for good digestive enzymes which are vegan and which are as effective as animal based enzymes. Do you have any recommendations.
    Thank you

    1. The Health Guy Post author

      Hi Danny, I had to do some checking for you and this digestive enzyme product looks acceptable. I have never tried it so I do not know if it works but it seems to have enough protease, amylase and lipase to do the job with one or two caps at meal time.

  17. danny

    Thanks Health guy. I will check this product and will give feedback. Currently I’m using Garden of Life O-Zyme™ Ultra Ultimate Digestive Enzyme Blend . But this doesn’t seem to effective because I still get lose mushy stool. Are plant based enzyme equally good as animal based enzyme. My GI doctor mentioned to me OTC enzymes are not at all effective compared to prescribed enzymes like creon. Is he making valid statement ?

    Thank you.

    1. The Health Guy Post author

      As far as I know over-the-counter animal based enzymes are just as good as prescription, even better. They are much cheaper, you can adjust the dosage to fit you (you can’t do this with a prescription unless your doc wants to), and unlike prescription drugs, over-the-counter (natural supplements) usually won’t kill you and have less side effects. The only thing about OTC formulas is they are usually a lot less potent so you may have to take a few more to compensate. But again, in most cases OTC supplements won’t kill you where as prescription drugs (just side effects, not counting abuse) kill aproxiamtely 100,000 Americans every year (something the docs and big pharma don’t want you to know). I don’t know about vegan or vegetarian enzymes. I have never used them.

  18. Britt

    Health Guy, I just wanted to say thank you for your blog which I stumbled across yesterday. I have had CP (idiopathic) since 2007. I had “healed”/controlled it pretty well using diet and enzyme supplements, but in the past few years began to slack on the regimen. I had gone for such a long period of no attacks and stupidly assumed I was “fine”. Needless to say, I had a recurrence, but thankfully mild. I went back online to do more research and came to your blog. THANK YOU for the information about Grapeseed Extract- I went and bought some yesterday, and am giving it a try, and am back on the no fat diet and enzyme supplements.
    Your blog is so encouraging. Also funny- fun to read, not dry and clinical like some other sites dedicated to health. I’m so glad I came across it. Thank you.

    1. The Health Guy Post author

      You’re welcome Britt. Hope the info helps. Backsliding into old habits or “cheating” on the diet doesn’t work for many of us. It may take a bit of time to “catch up” to you but it will eventually get you. Stay on the diet, take the supplements and stay well.The other way just isn’t worth it. 🙂

  19. Lorie

    Health Guy, I am not sure if I have pancreatitis, I think I do, because i sometimes have burning pain accross my back, where my bra strap is. I also have a throbbing pain under my left rib cage, and soarness in my back directly behind where the pain is under my rib on my left side. I do feel nausea at times, have heartburn often and wake up at consistantly at night(3-5AM) with a strange aching in my stomach. i have a history of drinking, not everyday, but have had my share of drinks on the weekends and on vacation, mostly beer and wine. Thies symptoms all started about a year ago. I have gone to GI doctor and family doctor, they say I have acid reflux and put me on an acid blocker, which made my stomach hurt worse, so I took myself off of it. Since I don’t know what I have, I am going to try your regiman and see if my symptoms resolve. What do you think of my symptoms? Sound like pancreatitiis to you? T
    hanks for your site, I am just don’t know which way to turn and have to try something… Lorie

    1. The Health Guy Post author

      Hi Lori, sorry to hear you don’t feel well. In your own words “i have a history of drinking, not everyday, but have had my share of drinks on the weekends and on vacation, mostly beer and wine.” Now that doesn’t mean you are a candidate for alcoholic pancreatitis but here’s the interesting thing about alcohol and how it affect the pancreas. You don’t NEED to be an alcoholic. One can simply be a “binge” drinker” and get shitfaced on weekends and do damage via the alcohol. IF said person has a certain gene variant that predisposes them to alcoholic pancreatitis that increases the risk big time. My post “Who Gets Alcoholic Pancreatitis?” will explain more about the DNA gene variant. That said …

      What tests did the GI doc perform? Did he/she order enzyme blood levels, do an ultrasound or have any other more advanced radiological tests performed? If so what were the results? Even those tests are not always conclusive because …

      Alcoholic pancreatitis can present differently than classically. It can present like early chronic pancreatitis at first which is often misdiagnosed as acid reflux and various other maladies simply because the doctor seeing the patient didn’t listen and so did not investigate properly in order to make a correct diagnosis. I am not saying it sounds like you have a “cut and dried” case of alcoholic pancreatitis which is presenting as chronic. I can NOT diagnose people. I don’t have the skills, availability of diagnostic tests and it’s illegal. What I can do is suggest you find another doctor who might listen more closely and do some investigation that may not have been done. Of course if you get really sick an ER visit would be appropriate.

      Here is an indepth article (quite indepth and medical) that will give you a decent understanding of alcoholic pancreatits.

      Good luck Lori 🙂

      1. Lorie

        Thanks for your advice. My family doctor ordered blood work and actually initially thought it might be pancreatitis based on my symptoms, but then all blood work came back normal. She also order a CT Scan which came back that my pancreas was normal, she did say my liver was slightly enlarged but she said it was nothing that concerned her. She ordered the acid blockers for the heart burn and told me to see a GI specialist. When I went to GI doctor, he took all my history.This was a few months ago, and at that time I was not having spells of nausea. He also did a endoscopy and said everything was normal, and said I had acid reflux, and changed my acid blocker prescription. I do have some disc issues in my back, and am seeing a chriopractor regularly, and this does give me some relief in the back pain. What tests should I insist on having to get to the bottom of this, when I go back to the GI doctor or should I just try another doctor? Thanks, Health Guy, you are giving me hope.

        1. The Health Guy Post author

          When you went in to see your family doctor and she thought it might be pancreatitis were you actually sick at that time? Do you know what “blood work” she did? IF you weren’t sick at the time or within the last week prior even if she checked enzyme levels they may have been normal. They only stay raised for about a week or less. The pancreas looking normal on CT is a good thing but not 100% conclusive. There are many who have been diagnosed with acute pancreatitis, sent home after 3 – 5 days in the hospital, continue to have problems yet their CT scans are clean. At least you know there isn’t pancreas damage that shows and it wasn’t currently inflamed. You may have some other condition and maybe the GI is right. Anyway …

          IF you get sick again go to a good ER and get checked out. Don’t mention anything about seeing your family doc or the GI. Just let them do their thing and see what they think. Hopefully you begin feeling better or at least go to the ER the next time you are ill to see what they find. Good luck Lori 🙂

          1. Lorie

            Hi Health Guy,

            Went back to GI, because, still have this pain in my left side and now also moved to the center of abdomen. They did the blood work for the enzymes, normal. Again, GI still thinks I don’t have pancreatitis. Can you tell me what mild pancreas pain feels like? I have never actually been sick enough to go to ER… but I do have pain that radiates to the back. Just trying to understand…

          2. The Health Guy Post author

            Hey Lori sorry to hear you are still looking for answers. Lori I went back and re-read some of your comments so I could refresh my memory. It is hard to explain the pain of mild, moderate or severe acute pancreatitis and chronic pancreatitis pain can be mild, moderate or severe. Acute pancreatitis, speaking only for myself, is a pain I never want to experience again. There are commercials on TV that crack me up. A fireman that has shingles and says it’s like having a bag of burning charcoal on your neck. Maybe he has had a bag of burning charcoal on his neck so that he knows how the two feel and is able to make an accurate comparison. Or the lady with diabetic neuropothy that says it’s like being struck by a lightening bolt. I’m sure she’s been struck by lightening and can make an accuarate comparison but unfortunately I have never experienced anything like the pain of acute pancreatitis so I can not make an accurate comparison. Let me just say it is extreme. Listen to what Dr. David Whitcomb says about pancreatitis pain. That is as good as I can do because I’ve never been knifed or gut shot so using what I might think would be a good comparison may be way off base. The pain and symptoms I experienced because of the CP (chronic pancreatitis) weren’t near as bad yet for others they can be mighty severe. Then there are those RARE birds that have pancreatitis, even severe acute, and experience only severe nausea and vomiting, but, like I said that is rare.

            Your GI should know that pancreatitis, both alcoholic and autoimmune, can and do present in some people like chronic pancreatitis. Autoimmune is often misdiagnosed as pancreatic cancer because it often presents just like pancreas cancer. So if your GI has checked your IgG4 levels, ruled out autoimmune pancreatitis, ruled out alcoholic pancreatitis and other forms/types then you may not have it and hey who wants it anyway? You may have leaky gut syndrome, gluten sensitivity, chron’s or UC. And maybe none of those either. I wish I could be of more help. Good luck to you 🙂

  20. Dawid Schoeman

    Hi Health guy,
    My wife was diagnosed with pancreatitus, As other has mentioned, she was also discharged without any mentioning of what can or not be eaten and no dietitian visited her. Thank you for the information you are giving us. She is not big in vegies, she eat her fish and chicken and is getting better. My question can she eat Ostrich and Venison?
    Thank you

    1. The Health Guy Post author

      Hi Dawid, glad to hear your wife is improving. Venison is red meat. Even though it is wild, grass fed and has far less fat content it might not work. I quit hunting deer in 1980 and haven’t had any venison since so I can’t tell you from personal experience how it might work out. I don’t know a thing about ostrich, heck i didn’t know they were something people ate. What does ostrich taste like, ostrich right? lol 🙂

  21. Susan MacMillan

    Help!!! My twelve year old grandson hospitalized with very high amylase and lipase numbers. IV fluids, then clear liquid diet, as numbers came down chicken sandwich introduced, numbers rising again. Scheduled for a pc line tomorrow. Doctor unaware of ibuprofen but would look into it. So much more- any recommend for San Francisco? No obstruction or mass on MRI. Screening for hereditary pancreatitis underway.

    1. The Health Guy Post author

      Hi Susan sorry to hear about your grandson. I don’t know WHY docs begin feeding people coming out of an acute attack sandwiches, salmon and other stuff but they do and it usually causes people to get sick again. The FIRST few meals should be JUICE, nothing but pure organic vegetable juice. If that isn’t available V8 juice works fine. White UNSWEETENED grapefruit juice protects and helps heal the pancreas. Make sure your grandson is not on any medication that would interact with grapefruit juice (that can be deadly in some instances). Go to the store and buy him some grape seed extract and curcumin. PURE grape seed extract and pure curcumin. Both are non-toxic. To much curcumin can cause nausea and vomiting so I wouldn’t take more than 1500 mgs per day. I’d take 800 – 1000 mgs of grape seed extract per day in like 4 doses. 800 mgs of Ibuprofen should get him back on track. But make sure you get an ok from his doc. I’m NOT a doc. I can’t give medical advice. In fact, just think of me a s your friendly neighborhood quack lol. I hope your grandson gets well fast. 🙂

  22. Eduardo

    A year ago, my wife of 52 was diagnosed with chronic pancreatitis and pancreatic divisum which appears to have caused the pancreatitis. Since then she had a sphincterotomy to open up her pancreatic ducts thinking that enzymes were not making their way out of the pancreas. Today she is still in pain and takes enzymes but has no appetite. Latest doctor recommends removal of the pancreas and injecting pancreatic cells into the liver so that they can make insulin. I just came across your blog and wanted to know if you think that the nutrition recommendations you make for the acute form of pancreatitis will work with the chronic form.

    1. The Health Guy Post author

      Hi Eduardo. Sure the diet and supplements will work on, help chronic pancreatitis. Diet and supplements can even help heal chronic pancreatitis damage and put the condition/disease into remission however … with pancreas divisum it may not be an easy or long-term healing because the divisum is a defect that as far as I know can’t be fixed. IF your wife qualifies for the TP/AIT procedure it may certainly be an option to consider however I urge you to do some very thorough research. Don’t just listen to the rah rah from those who have just had it done (the net is now full of people who are overjoyed with their outcome), especially if they have had the procedure done in the last 2 or three years. Try to find those who had it done 5 or more years ago and try to talk with them and find out if they’d do it again.

  23. Lyn

    Hi this gina..im having abdominal discomfort for almost 4 mos now,when i went to my gp he prescribed me for acid reflux meds and antibiotic because hes telling me maybe its ulcer..but then after a week i went for follow up because still the pAin is still there but not like before.he ordered a blood test which is my lipase is high only 5points to the normal range.,and he told me maybe its pancreatitis,but then he ordered abdominal ultrasound then result is normal.,thats why he refer me to gi doctor but til now im waiting for the call,but still having pain usually at night,i feel burning in my chest and stomach radiating to my back.and by the way i also had flouroscopy which is normal to..then when i went to er they repeat my ultrasound which is normAl to..and my blood test went normal too.and im having swollen abdomen,but when i wake up in the morning my stomach is flat again..and every morning i do always poop which is floating always and large amount of poop.is it im having chronic pancreatitis?thank you for your site.im starting to use grapeseed,curxumin and super enzyme i bought it in the health store.

    1. The Health Guy Post author

      Hi Gina – first since you haven’t been diagnosed you should probably stop taking the supplements. Doctors have a hard enough time figuring out what is wrong when you are feeling like crap. IF you start to get better because of supplements and diet you may never find out what is wrong. Just a suggestion, you have to do what you think is best but you can always start back on the the grape seed, curcumin and enzymes after you have a firm diagnosis. I’d get diagnosed first because that way you know what you’re dealing with.

  24. Lyn

    By the way since july i notice i have a bumped in my left middle quadrant stomach its like a guava,but then when they repeat my ultrasound everything went normal..thats why worried cos till now my stomach is swollen and tender during the day but in the morning it is flat but the bump in my left stomach area is still there..

    1. The Health Guy Post author

      Hopefully the lump is still there when you see the doctor. That should get his/her attention. I know you are worried. It sucks to be ill and not know what is wrong. Keep after your doc to find the problem.

      1. RT

        hello everyone

        ABOUT THE lump

        MY 21 years old son had pancreatitis for almost a year he suffered a lot from constipation to nausea ,inflammation of the pancreas later on inflammation of the liver because of all the medication he was on , he spent more than 28 days in total at the hospital plus not forgetting every week going at the emergency room we did run so many tests from blood work to CT scan MRI ultra sound endoscopy colonoscopy u name it and all the result came back normal only lipase and amylase are high we end up with so much medical bills plus 16 docteur with no answer at the end they told me we can’t help him anymore he will be like that all his life .
        i did not give up i knew something else wasn’t normal he had lump on his stomach I called a doctor outside the country he said just take him and do a special test for gallbladder i did
        he had no gallstone no nothing but the gallbladder not working properly thats mean very slow

        since last november after taking the decision to remove the gallbladder my son did not feel any PAIN no lump nothing, it was all because of the gallbladder but i am so angry at every docteur why it took them too long to figure IT out , so lyn go do the gallbladder test and make sure a specialist look at the result because 2 docteurs told me everything is normal only one said no he needs a surgery

        1. The Health Guy Post author

          RT – Thanks for your comment. It is good info. Ya I know how much doctors suck. Most are worthless. They just think they are great so when you find one that is great hold on to him or her because they are RARE finds. Hope your son is doing well still. 🙂

        2. Lyn

          Hello RT just want to ask you regarding the test of your son..what specific test for the gallbladder?coz til now my lump is on the left side of the abdomen,is it your son had lump in the left abdomen too before?thank you

  25. Lyn

    Thanks for your suggestion health guy.,very much appreciated..by the way im having a poop everymorning which is large amount and floating but its not oily,did u suffer that too before.?and though im not losing my appetite still my stomach is thin,im losing weight.thats why im worried bec about this im thinking maybe my gp is correct when his telling me that maybe its pancreatitis.:(

    1. The Health Guy Post author

      Hi Ginalyn, hey I apologize. I approved this comment and didn’t respond? I’m an airhead! I have to admit I don’t recall what the entire conversation was regarding so I went back and rereadd what I could find. The lump on the left side is still interesting to me. The rest of your symptoms sound to me like possible gall bladder disease or an intestinal disease such as Crohn’s, ulcerative colitis or celiac disease. Have you been tested for any of those?

  26. Boris Kindy

    I have just begun reading your site after having suffered from episodes of acute pancreatitis over the past 6 years, the last of which landed me in hospital just over a week ago. It was not pretty. I have only recently made the connection that my condition is alcohol related and this was confirmed by the medics. I accept that it is also most likely to be diet related too. Pancreatitis also runs in the family as my father had the same condition. I am fortunate enough not to have chronic pancreatitis, but continuing as I have been doing, it would only be a matter of time. Thank you sincerely for sharing your experiences, understandings and knowledge with sufferers of this painful condition. I have eliminated alcohol completely and will be using your wisdom to continue to make changes to my diet. Well done for beating pancreatitis!

    1. The Health Guy Post author

      Hi Boris – Sounds like you are on the right track (stopping alcohol and watching your diet). I hope you never have another problem with pancreatitis. Good luck to you!

  27. John

    Hi Health Guy – I sincerely appreciate your blog.

    I’ve had what I believe to be mild pancreatitis symptoms for about 2 weeks. An occasional NSAID for discomfort – but no change in lifestyle. I’ve adopted your recommendations as of this week and do notice an improvement. I’m scheduled for a physical in a week and hopefully the chemistry will shed some light. Since my symptoms are mild – I’m assuming there’s no need to push that physical ahead for any reason? I don’t want to promote damage, but based on other testimonials, there’s really nothing the docs can do except prescribe pain meds. I’m not inclined to pay 3K for a CT scan, only to be told what you’ve already posted.

    p.s. – it’s amazing what you’ll eat (and this is great) when you’re really hungry!

    Thanks again.

    1. The Health Guy Post author

      Hi John, I’m glad you like my blog and find the info helpful BUT and this is a big BUT … this info is not intended to help diagnose a condition, disease (pancreatitis) and should not be used as a tool to do so. I highly suggest you make sure to keep that appointment for your physical, give your attending physcian complete info regarding your symptoms (times, dates, severity etc) and let him/her form their own diagnosis or do whatever investigative work (tests) necessary to enable a firm diagnosis that makes sense. I appreciate your concern regarding cost of certain tests but consider this: You could have pancreatitis but you could also have something else, gallstones, an inflamed gallbladder, kidney stones, Sphincter of Oddi dysfunction or a myriad of other conditions that can cause similar symptoms including some form of biliary cancer. It is important to know what the problem actually is instead of self treating on a guess basis. In fact, if it were me, I’d do nothing different than I normally do until I met with my doctor and as soon as he came in I’d have a complete list, on paper, of symptoms, dates (when they first occurred (what happened), what might have brought them on, when the next occurrence happened, etc. and go over thm with him immediately. The more precise info you can give the better he/she may be able to put 2+2 together. I know from experience that most doctors have difficulty diagnosing things that aren’t totally obvious so if he/she tells you there is nothing wrong after a thorough exam either tell them they are wrong and they need to relook or ask them why you have the symptoms or find another doctor. If you hear the old “gastritis” or “GERD” diagnosis which may be something given to make them look less like an idiot you should probably seek better medical care. Just my two cent opinion. Good luck, I hope you find out what’s really wrong because then you have a way to plan an attack to win. 🙂

  28. Smedwards

    Diagnosed about a month ago with chronic pancreatitis. Scan showed innumerable cysts and calcifications. Never have had any pain, not a drinker or smoker. Dr’s can’t figure it out. Anyway thanks for your sites, very helpful. Goal is to reverse damage if possible. Are you taking prescription enzymes with food or over the counter?

    1. The Health Guy Post author

      Hi Smedwards, sorry to here you have CP. Never had pain? It happens. Rare though. Have they checked for an AID (autoimmune disease) or a genetic factor? Non drinker yet if you can never remember a sudden onset of nasty symptoms, due to some cause, it may be that testing for autoimmune pancreatitis might be in order since it usually presents as CP first. It’s often misdaignosed as pancreatic cancer because it looks similar on CT and the symptoms are also similar in early stages of PC. It may also be that you have the genetic gene variation for alcoholic pancreatitis (which often presents as CP first) and, even though you are a non drinker may have eaten enough foods containing alcohol (french cooking, italian cooking, even some cakes etc) that may have been the trigger. Just a thought. I have no science to back that food theory up with. If you can dig for and find a cause you might be able to “reverse it” with more success.

      I use OTC (over-the-counter) enzymes. I’ve never used prescription enzymes like creon.

      1. smedwards

        Thanks- have been tested for autoimmune diseases, so far nothing except Sjorgen’s came back positive, have no symptoms of that either. Am redoing some blood in a month since liver enzymes very slightly high – looking for autoimmune hepatitis. No genetic tests yet, need to see if insurance will cover.

        Reason I asked about the enzymes is that I am on Creon and they have completely resolved my digestive issues but am concerned that even with the enzymes I may be putting stress on pancreas. Dr. originally said 50-75 grams of fat per day but since I responded to the enzymes told me that I could up the fat to 100 or so grams per day. I haven’t done that, am trying to stay under 50 except once a week when I eat out. Your thoughts on increasing the fat consumption would be appreciated. Also have malabsorption issues – Vit D and K so am supplementing those as well as Calcium, not sure if that is the reason for saying it is ok to increase fat, to try to get my body to absorb nutrients. Do the supplemental enzymes cause the pancreas to stop trying to produce digestive enzymes – I am very concerned about the likelihood of further deterioration of pancreas (although based on the CT and MRI there is not much left) including the potential for diabetes and pancreatic cancer.

        1. The Health Guy Post author

          Sjorgen’s Syndrome is notorious for causing pancreatitis. Look it up, do research. 50 grms of fat is WAAAAAAAAAAAY to much fat; less than 25 grams PER DAY should be your target. 5 grams or less per meal. This is especially important if you want those cysts to heal. But, I’m not a doctor, so I really can’t advise people. I wouldn’t eat 50 – 75 grams of fat per day for anything. I don’t care what a doctor said lol. If I did I’d be sick. You are sick so I rest my case. I hope things work out for you because I know it sucks to be sick. 🙂

          Sjögren’s syndrome with chronic pancreatitis, sclerosing cholangitis, and pulmonary infiltrations.

        2. momofone

          My son age 26 now has chronic pancreatictis due to a cystic fibrosis mutation he carries. He was diagnosed at age 17. To be diagnosed with CF, he had elevated sweat tests and confirmed with genetic testing. Will this diet help for him also?

          1. The Health Guy Post author

            Yes and no. The low fat diet will help his pancreas but from what I understand from reading CF causes the pancreas to become fiberous (this causes pancreatitis) and CF requires a high fat diet. Both those situations usually make toast of a CF patients pancreas at an early age. IF his doctor has not told him he has to follow a high fat diet to keep his CF from progressing the low fat diet will probably (most likely) help his pancreas especially when combined with the three supplements grape seed extract, vit c and curcumin. It probably all depends on how advanced his CF is and how damaged his pancreas is due to CF. This is an area that I’m really NOT to knowledgable in. He should probably ask his CF doctor some real pointed questions in order to find out what may be best for him. CF is NOT my forte’.

      2. Laura

        I’m currently on Creon (36,000 units) and am experiencing some relief. May I ask why you have never used prescription enzymes? Also, what OTC enzymes are you using?
        Your blog is sensational and I’m grateful I stumbled upon it. I don’t know what your opinion is (if any) on the National Pancreas Foundation (NPF) but I was directed to a NPF Center by GI MD who diagnosed me with CP. It has been a great resource for support and receiving second or third opinion on things in question. I will paste details taken directly from their website ( https://pancreasfoundation.org/npf-centers-info/) below. Perhaps your readers might like to pursue it, if a center is in their area? See below:

        NPF Centers are at premier healthcare facilities that focus on multidisciplinary treatment of pancreatitis, treating the “whole patient” with a focus on the best possible outcomes and an improved quality of life.

        Current NPF Centers
        To see the list of approved NPF Pancreatitis Centers, please click here.

        To see the list of approved NPF Pancreatic Cancer Centers, please click here.

        For people coping with pancreatitis and pancreatic cancer, there are inconsistencies in the level of care they receive. The NPF Centers designation will help facilitate the development of high-quality, multidisciplinary care approaches for the field. Designated centers will also seek to advance research and lead the way for heightened awareness and understanding of pancreatitis and related conditions among community physicians, allied health professionals, patients, families and the general public.

        Approved NPF Centers had to go through an extensive auditing process and meet the criteria that were developed by a task force made up of invited subject matter experts and patient advocates. The criteria includes having the required expert physician specialties such as gastroenterologists, pancreas surgeons, and interventional radiologists, along with more patient focused programs such as a pain management service, psychosocial support and more. For a full listing of the criteria, please click one of the following:

        NPF Center Criteria – Pancreatitis
        NPF Center Criteria – Pancreatic Cancer

        “The newly designated NPF Centers will be of great benefit to the whole community,” said NPF Center Task Force member Dr. Christopher E. Forsmark. “Having the NPF Center designation will help distinguish institutions whose focus is on patient centered care either for the treatment of their disease or to get an expert second opinion.”

        “NPF Centers will also help to increase awareness of important NPF programs such as the National Patient Registry, the Animated Pancreas Patient and be a vital cog in the sharing and development of best practices,” said Matthew Alsante, Executive Director of the National Pancreas Foundation.

        1. The Health Guy Post author

          Hi Laura – the pancreas foundation has some good info, at least better than most. And they offer things like doctor lists and such that I don’t. Dr. Forsmark, a highly famous pancreas expert seems to like them. I have never used a prescription enzyme such as Creon. I used Now Foods super enzymes which are far less potent but I can control how much I take depending upon the meal, which seems to be working for me. I have nothing against prescription strength enzymes, in fact, some people absolutely need them. Praise God I am not one. 🙂

  29. Ken

    Hi Healthguy,
    I am a pretty healthy 48 year old, nonsmoking, social drinker, perhaps reckless eater in the past, but did indulge infrequently in some recreational nitrates use ( poppers?) ie. Aphrodisiac inhalants. My only vice. Last time I indulged was in Jan (coincidence?) and then shortly later I became ill. Regardless of cause, I feel stupid! It may not be the cause, but it gets you worried. The main thing is solving the present problem right? This is like confession, haven’t told all the docs this part but they should know everything right? I’m truthfully embarrassed about this.
    It has been since beginning of Feb of this year that I started to exhibit symptoms of lightheaded ness and some gut discomfort, my doc pulled bloodwork that revealed elevated lipase of 66 ( just a whisper higher than normal) and was sent for an ultrasound for the pancreatitis at that time, pretty astute MD, but by middle of the month, I had full blown loss of appetite and feelings of nausea, couldn’t even look at food. One 14 hour ER visit later mid Feb, I was told no gallstones and sent home with acid reflux meds; that night felt so different, I thought I was dying, mild pain but tightness and burning feeling. And was then off work for a week. It is now beginning of April and have had two more blood tests showing slightly elevated lipase levels 101 and 96. I know…people and docs included tell me that these levels are nothing. I am eating solids now but after reading your blog, now realize the need to modify diet pronto; the docs don’t tell you anything about diet. Despite resolution of that sickening gut feeling somewhat, I still have mild tension in my mid abdomen slightly left of centre, almost a trembling feeling. Although very mild, it has now disrupted my sleep, waking me up almost every two hours not to mention all the anxiety and panic I have been feeling. I dread the night time now. I have no appetite have dropped 10+ lbs and it has strained the family tremendously. Actually have an MD visit to check latest lipase level this AM. Still lots of gurgling in my gut at night and constipation (malabsorption?) but the tightness in the sternum area has settled down a lot this week. Another astute doc advised resting my pancreas by liquid supplementation like Ensure which helped. Glad to read of your juicing and supplementation routines, I will try the white grapefruit juice and grape seed, curcumin and Vit C stat. Ultrasound, barium fluoroscopy and CT tests were all normal over the last 6-8 weeks. Now awaiting GI specialist consult, but it is taking what seems like an eternity; it may be a month’s wait! Thank God that I never had severe pain, in fact the ER nurse wanted to give me morphine that night which I refused stating that I wasn’t in that much pain. My life has been turned upside down within two months, and it has been a very emotional journey. Your blog is the first bright light in many weeks for me. You have a fan. I will say a prayer for all fellow sufferers. Hope to chat more with you. Thanks. Ken

    1. The Health Guy Post author

      Hi Ken, sorry to hear you haven’t been well. Don’t feel embarrassed, ashamed, or stupid. But you may want to stop “popping” just incase your feelings of coincidence are correct. You may also want to stop drinking, even socially, just incase you do have a mild case of pancreatitis. Elevated lipase, even small elevations, should always suggest the possibility of pancreas inflammation and prudently be considered as a harbinger of things that could come. “Lipase testing is also occasionally used in the diagnosis and follow-up of cystic fibrosis, celiac disease, and Crohn’s disease.” More here

      You might also want to get tested for celiac disease and other forms of “IBS” such as crohn’s. I thought of celiac disease right off simply because you have nausea (my main symptom of CD), intestinal “gurgling” which I also had. DO NOT alter your diet to a “gluten free” scenario until you get tested for celiac disease. IF you do the test will not come back with correct results. But get tested, if for no other reason than to rule out a possibility that your symptoms suggest. I also had reflux, canker sores etc. Celiac disease doesn’t always present with diarrhea yet most doctors simply ignore the possibility if it isn’t present. My mother is also a celiac and even though she mentioned continuous, even dibiltating diarrhea (having to be close to a bathroom all the time) her doctor didn’t catch on. He let her suffer for over 20 years! If my doctor hadn’t listened to me on one visit where I told him I had some weird symptoms while eating pancreas safe foods and had the forethought to test me we’d have never solved my mother’s condition. I knew immediately what my mother’s problem was as soon as I was diagnosed. CD is a genetically prediposed autoimmune disease. Anyway … have your doctor test you. On a good note, celiac disease isn’t near as painful, not even close, as is pancreatitis and usually won’t kill you (like pancreatitis can) unless you happen to also be one of the few who also get small bowel cancer due to long-term untreated CD. So if you do have CD a gluten free diet normally resolves symptoms in a short time. God bless you and keep us informed 🙂

  30. Neal Borenstein

    Hi Paul, I had a few questions…first what does it mean if your lipase level is somewhat low…is that a form of pancreatitis? Are you better off health wise if your lipase level is in the low range or the high range? Also your thoughts on Creon which my doctor has me taking but I do not take it in the amounts he wanted me to take it in? He wanted me to take 3 pills(24.000 each pill) 3 x’s a day…I usually do 2 pills with food once or twice a day. Also I found out on the EUS that my doctor did he actually did not biopsy my pancreas(he couldn’t get to it, probably because I had gastric bypass surgery), so he biopsied lymph nodes that were around the pancreas that looked inflamed. The results came back negative. So how does my doctor give me the diagnosis of pancreatitus? What determines that diagnosis???
    I know the pain that I have had in the past mimiced that of pancreatitus but what would exactly would determine the diagnosis of pancreatitis? I have never had any yellowing of the eyes or skin…I know at times I’ve had some of the worst pain I have ever experienced in my life, worse than kidney stones, but how did he make that diagnosis? I recently was in the hospital about 3 weeks ago which what I thought was a major pancreatic episode. When they did a CT it showed that my messandery had twisted and it was thought as well that I had another internal hernia due to my gastric bypass. I’ve had 2 internal hernias, one that was fixed in 2010 and another in March of 2014. But my Dr..-Dr Blackstone again based on the CT thought it was another internal hernia….that day I went to the ER I tried mega dosss of grape seed extract, vitamin C. Cucurmin, grapefruit seed extract. Nothing worked! Of course I just read your blog this week about utilizing Ibprofen which didn’t even come into mind I was in that much pain. Anyway, when they put me out that Sarurday evening my doctor did not find any twisting of the messandery, just some scar tissue, and no internal hernia, what she did find was a mass the size of a walnut that was on the wall of my small intestines. She called it a divertici that somehow got inflamed, infected, or whatever it was! It was nasty looking. She cut it out and then did a staple line in the small intestine to fix it so it will heal back to normal. Everyone(family) is thinking that was the cause of my pain? Not sure? Staying optimistic! The pain that Saturday morning which I fought for 3 hours because I did not want to go the ER was unbearable. I couldn’t lay down, sit down, or even turn the TV on. Since the surgery I have been basically pain free but it still looms that this was not the end all be all problem. The pain I had radiated all the way to my upper back from my stomach. I still have doubts! I am still not sure! I’m hoping and praying that this was the cause of my pain!(My doc also said that this type of diverticuli gone wrong would not show up on an MRI or CT because it’s in the fat cells of your small intestine…the only way to find it is with a scope). Procedure was done laparoscopically and was out of the hospital a day and a half later. On a side note the dr who performed the surgery is not the se dr who performed the EUS on my pancreas. Dr Blackstone is a Bariotric Surgeon and is one of the top doctors on the country! This women has also removed by spleen back in 2010 becauseI’m get a strep infection. She has also performed 2 internal hernia surgeries. And has removed my Gaul bladder and appendix on the 29th of October. This past surgery which she removed the diverticuli gone wrong was the last surgery she did on me. She did not do my original Gastic Bypass in 1998 nor did she do my gastric bypass revision that I had in 2007….I apologize for writing such a long email but now you know my history. The only thing that I am being retested on by a Hemotologist in July is portal vein thrombosis. Which the hemotologist was not overly concerned about at this point! When I wss under Dr Blackstone looked at my liver and she said it looked fine and all my liver enzyme blood tests were in the normal range!

    Thank you for listening to me ramble ion about my health Issues. I also managed to squeeze in last year on May 1st a left hip replacement. Which has really not given me any problems at all and has turned out to be really helpful in getting me back to my cardio of 1 hour a day which I just started back last week! I need the cardio it helps me mentally deal with stress during the day! I hope to one day that I can eat without fear of something happening! I really do! My weight at my heaviest was 365 lbs and now Inam 165 lbs. Believe me o do not want to lose any more weight. The cardio has helped me put weight back on because I walk on a 15 incline at 4 miles an hour an hold on to the top of the treadmill! This is a great way to build muscle in your legs and bring your weight back up! It’s basiclaly similar
    To mountain climbing! Thanks again for listening and everything that you do for all the folks that reach put to you..you are truly a special individual! All the best, Neal
    Let me know if you eat bagels..we make gf ones as well..I would be delighted to ship you out some from me to you!

    1. The Health Guy Post author

      Hi Neal – I’m only going to address your question about diagnosing pancreatitis because I have very little knowledge about your other issues. I am guessing you have been diagnosed with pancreatitis, there was obvious damage seen by the EUS or CT scan and because most doctors usually don’t prescribe creon for grins and giggles so …

      How would they know you have pancreatitis? IF after a battery of proper tests, especially blood (amylase, lipase, wbc, etc), ultrasound, EUS, CT, glucose tolerance, MRI and various other testing if necessary and matching all the criteria to their scoring systems you qualify as a lucky new member into the pancreatitis hall of fame there is most likely little chance of a misdiagnosis. Misdiagnosis usually happens when an ER physcian or some other doctor you take your body to doesn’t recognize your condition and passes off some lame diagnosis such as gastritis or reflux because they have no clue what may be wrong with you so, the fact that you had a doctor who recognized the possibility and pursued appropriate testing is a good thing. IF by chance the mass in your intestinal wall was causing the pain and other symptoms associated with the diagnosis of pancreatitis that would be interesting indeed. Anything is possible and intestinal problems (celiac disease, crohn’s disease, small bowel cancer) can elevate lipase but not dramatically enough to warrant an acute pancreatitis diagnosis, at least not to my limited knowledge. With that said some forms of pancreatitis such as autoimmune pancreatitis and alcoholic pancreatitis actually present with chronic pancreatitis symptoms instead of an acute attack which makes diagnosis for most doctors even more difficult. So IMHO a firm diagnosis of pancreatitis is far less likely to be incorrect than a diagonisis of gastritis, reflux, or chicken pox when one actually is suffering from pancreatitis.

      I’m glad to hear that testing didn’t show need for major concern about the portal vein thrombosis issue. I know that had been a worry for you. Congrats on your weight loss, exercising is helpful, keep at it and here is a site with a list of some of the testing done to diagnose pancreatitis. Take care and God bless you 🙂

  31. Ken L.

    Thank you so much for your inspiring and informative reply Paul. Today was a bad day, tried to work but very straining. I may need to take a few weeks off until I can sort this all out and hopefully get in to a specialist. Just asking, but doesn’t even a slightIy elevated lipase already infer pancreatitis? My pain is more of a mild ache referring to my back at its worst, it’s a sickening gnawing, trembling feeling. What is your actual definition of it from all your self research and experience; it’s splitting hairs? Oh btw, tried curcumin, grape seed and Vit C for the first time last night and had steamed halibut and cauliflower, fresh diced fruit ( apples, banana and papaya for dessert. No oil at all. Best feeling night that I had in ages but today is a bit of a setback. Feel crappy level 2 discomfort despite supplements today. Your thoughts on enzyme preparation Creon and Ensure meal replacement? Will chat again soon. Thanks again. Ken

    1. The Health Guy Post author

      You’re welcome Ken. It is interesting that with the supplements and a usually pancreas safe meal you had a good night (8th), yet you are feeling poorly again the next day (9th). Creon is powerful stuff. Much more powerful than OTC (over-the-counter) enzyme formulas. Some people with a lot of damage from either acute or chronic pancreatitis need it. I’m blessed and don’t need to use that powerful of a formulation. Hopefully I’ll stay blessed. The pain radiating to the back is also interesting. It does sound like a mild case of pancreas inflammation but it is hard to tell because as I pointed out lipase can be somewhat elevated with other conditions, very few but some. The fact that your lipase at first was 66, then 101 and 96 I also find interesting but those levels may be seen in chronic pancreatitis patients. Some people present with chronic pancreatitis symptoms first. This is most common in those who have the gene variant for alcoholic pancreatitis or have autoimmune pancreatitis.

      I understand your concern though, I do. I urge you to get tested for celiac disease (blood test), like I said, if it comes back negative that is one possibility ruled out. You were told you don’t have any gallstones so they must have done an ultrasound of your gallbladder? Your discomfort is in about the same area as mine when an acute attack comes on but mine is never a discomfort level of 2. It’s more like a 12. Makes me cringe to think about it.

      I’m not a doc but for some reason I’m thinking 4 possibilities that should be looked into, tested for and ruled out or in.

      1) Celiac Disease
      2) Some other form of IBS such as Crohn’s or UC (Ulcerative Colitis) however your symptoms don’t really match well
      3) Sphincter of Oddi dysfunction which can cause the upper belly pain and also trigger acute pancreatitis. This condition is somewhat difficult to diagnose and the invasive procedures can be very risky.
      4) Pancreatitis, including autoimmune pancreatitis

      About ensure. Most ensure contains oil. That is not good if you do have an inflamed pancreas. There is one type of ensure, I believe it is called “clear” that does not contain oil and should be ok. However it does contain milk solids which may cause some people problems.

  32. Neal Botenstein

    Thanks again for all you do! Just look forward so much to reading all of your replys! Thank you again for helping so many people! Please always tahr care of yourself because there are not enough good people like
    You in this world! They just don’t make me like that anymore! All the best , Neal

  33. Elizabeth

    Hi Healthy Guy!

    I have had severe abdominal pain for over a year now. (I went to China over a year ago and fell mysteriously ill, went to the ER, was prescribed anti-parasitic meds and antibiotics and eventually got mostly better) Fast forward 5 months to a 6 week trip to Costa Rica, where I got even worse and upon return to the states, I had multiple trips to the ER, where nothing was resolved. (They thought I had an ulcer) I finally saw a GI doctor, who was of no use, then some naturopathic doctors, who helped but couldn’t find the root cause. I saw another GI doctor, who repeated exams and brushed me off, prescribing me anti anxiety and anti depressants. Yesterday I saw an internal medicine doctor who said it sounds like it may be my pancreas.

    I have a lot of the symptoms of chronic pancreatitis, but I know that abdominal pain is hard to diagnose. What exams did you have done that finally revealed pancreatitis? How do you think you developed it? I am 29 and eat pretty healthy/organic. I’ve had 2 upper endoscopies, multiple ultrasounds, a HIDA scan to check my gallbladder, a colonscopy. Thanks to this new doctor, I’m supposed to be getting a CT scan next week and hopefully an endoscopic ultrasound asap. I’ve been in such severe daily pain and it’s hard to stay positive. I feel like I’m slowly becoming depressed.

    My symptoms are:

    pain right in the middle of my stomach where my ribs part
    when pain starts, it often radiates to my intestines
    a swollen/distended belly
    acid reflux
    chronic fatigue
    occasional nausea
    anxiety from not having an answer
    trouble sleeping

    please let me know what you think! I know you aren’t a doctor, but you have more knowledge about this than most doctors.

    I currently take:
    digestive enzymes with each meal
    sometimes chewable DGL (licorice)
    just started Vit C again
    doctor just gave me some pancreatic enzymes to see if it helps

    Thank you,

    1. The Health Guy Post author

      Hi Elizabeth 🙂 sorry to hear you aren’t feeling well and worse, not sure why. You Internal Med doc sounds like he/she has it together and is on the right track. The EUS (endoscopic ultrasound) and CT should shed light on the problem and definitely help get you diagnosed. Pain in the middle, right at the rib cage is where I used to get my pain during acute attacks. The chronic, long-term pain wasn’t anything like the acute and sometimes went across my whole abdomen – it was mostly just tender. Really tender. Any pressure in the pancreas area caused discomfort (nausea and/or pain). If you haven’t read my story here it is. I think it answers your questions regarding tests and such but I had upper GI’s (3 or 4), one lower GI (that was fun), then the doc who diagnosed me did a lot of blood work while I was in an attack, then an endo, CT, glucose tolerance. The tests are much better now than they were then. I hope they find out what is wrong. At least then you’ll know and be better able to formulate a plan of attack.

  34. Chris

    Hi Paul, I suffered a severe case of pancreatitis in July that I’ve been told by my GI Dr caused 30% necrosis (dead/damaged tissue) in center portion of pancreas. I just found your name and sites today and what you are saying gives me great hope that I may be able to fully recover.

    On my own I have totally given up alcohol and been on a very low fat diet – maybe 50 grams per day. For the past 2 months I’ve been feeling much better. GI Dr continues ERCP’s to improve damaged ducts and after each one I feel better and better. I’ve had 4 ERCP’s with at least 2 more to go.

    Can I ask you if you know how severe your attack was (CT scan?)? Your 30 year longevity gives me great hope. I’m 49 years old and do not want to die in 10 years or less as most of what I read seems to indicate. I also believe God has helped me to recover. I was never very religious before my attack but after my 1st ERCP I swear I felt I was in heaven before I woke up. From that point forward my pain was greatly reduced and I’ve felt better each day since.

    Knowing how severe your damage was will help me to tie science to religion and validate what I’m feeling already & that I may have more then 10 years left on the earth!

    1. The Health Guy Post author

      Hi Chris – I have to tell ya I can NOT say how much damage my original CT (1979) showed. I was to stupid to ask. I was so thrilled (ya that’s kinda dumb too right?) to finally have a diagnosis that made sense that even while Dr. Langdon was telling me, in a roud-about way, that I might only have another 10 years left that all I remember doing was smiling and bobbing my head up and down like an idiot because I was happy to finally know I wasn’t insane. So, I am NO help to you or anyone else in that regard. As a further example of “my dummer than a bag of barber hair” mentality I didn’t even ask to see what Dr. Langdon’s records said when I had them shipped to the VA doc I go to know so that I could get my nausea meds. He doubted me when we first met. Imagine that … BUT after he reviewed my records I immediatly got my meds so … obviously something was there lol. I should probably ask to read them lol. And …

      Praise God you are feeling better! Sounds like you had some really rough times. I hope you continue to heal. Good luck and God Bless ya! 🙂

  35. Josh Scheel

    Is it normal to have pain within minutes after eating, only for it to go away within an hour with CP?

    1. The Health Guy Post author

      Hi Josh – I’ve had that but ONLY with real high fat trigger foods like bacon grease (before I got smart) or when I was dumb enough to eat when I wasn’t feeling well anyway (before I got smart). Like I said bacon grease did me in within minutes. And I’m not talking just a little pain. That stuff throws me into full blown AP within minutes, or used to. I quit eating it and anything else full of fat.

  36. debabrata Biswas

    Hi Paul,

    My 10 years son is suffering Pancrease Divisum last 5 years. stent was placed 5 times via lower papilla but he is till suffering Pancrease Divisum with Cronic Pancreatitis with severe pain. Surprisingly stent is automatically removed from the body. Pain also come after stent placement. He is feeling pain two to three month interval. He is taking Creon and Antoxid.

    What is your advice about my son ?

    Debabrata Biswas

    1. The Health Guy Post author

      Debabrata Biswas I’m sorry to hear about your son. I wish I could help but other than adhering to a low fat diet and using the supplements I am at a loss. I was trying to find a surgical procedure that I was sure I had read about that cured the condition but I have not been able to locate it. Stenting and cutting the duct doesn’t seem to do much good, especially long-term. You already know this to be true. I’ll keep looking. I was sure I had read something about a procedure. I could have been mistaken but one thing you might do is make sure he sees a real knowledgable pancreas doctor. I wish I could be more help. I’m sorry.

  37. Lostinfrance

    Hello Health Guy
    I have read nearly everything on your sites after being diagnosed with CP have two small calcification one in the neck and one in the middle of pancreas, also psuedocyst in duodenum. We live in France and although my OH speaks fluent French, ( mine is rubbish lol ) he struggles a bit with the medical side of things, poor love has been through the mill with me over the last few years. Had to have hysterectomy 2 and bit years ago and maybe a coincidence this was when the problems with my pancreas started. Hindsight being the wonder full thing it is I was drinking far to much wine I guess I just didn’t want to admit it.
    First it started with very bad acid and indigestion and prescribed Pantoprazole which seemed to help, then things got worse and started getting really bad pains just in the middle of chest where the ribs separate, was then given Doliprane for the pain. When that didn’t help was then given Monocrixo LP this was like magic no pain, brilliant could eat, sleep and was able to go back work.
    Anyway after a while I did think it’s fine being out of pain, but wouldn’t it be better not to have any without taking painkillers , so after reading about you I have ordered some grape seed extract, bought some grapefruit juice and Hubby is going to try and get some Ibuprofen today.
    On Thursday night I took my last Monocrixo, was on 200mg just one at night then it was reduced to 150 mg. OMG I never realized these damn things had Tramadol in them and were addictive, was just so happy to be out of pain, it’s now Tuesday and have had awful withdrawal symptoms, it’s got better except not being able to sleep I know I’m nearly there and defo don’t want to start taking them again, I have had no pain from Pancreas and have touched wood, crossed fingers you name it I’ve done it.
    I have changed my diet a lot eating plenty of fruit and veg oh forgot to say haven’t touched any booze since August and very surprised at myself for not being that bothered about not having it.I guess if we can’t get get Ibuprofen over here we can get friends to bring it over from UK.
    I can’t stop thinking hysterectomy started this pile of crap, although I know the booze hadn’t helped, before we moved here we ran a pub more drinking, I shouldn’t really be shocked that the devil finally caught up, should I !!! Also why do I find it embarrassing to say I have CP ? I have already had a comment ” I didn’t know you drank THAT much” compared to a lot of wine swigging Brits over here I wasn’t, but I do know I never gave my body a break even if some nights it was just one glass of wine, alcohol is alcohol even if watered down.
    Anyway just wanted to share my story with someone who understands and to say I think your amazing

    1. The Health Guy Post author

      You are welcome Sue and thanks for sharing your story! I wish you better health and hope you are able to achieve a pain free life and stay pain free. 🙂

  38. Nancy

    Hi! I’ve come acrossed your blog numerous times. I have a 10 yo that has acute recurring pancreatitis due to genetic mutation. No fat restrictions in diet. No doc has given us the go ahead with turmeric and grape seed extract. Have any idea if these are OK for children to take? No indication on vitamin bottles either.

    1. The Health Guy Post author

      Hi Nancy – I certainly can’t prescribe nor give medical advice but I can find NOTHING scientific (not just a guess) that would indicate toxicity of either grape seed extract or curcumin for adults or children. Both can cause unwanted side effects in some individuals due to the pruging of toxins. They are BOTH extremely strong antioxidants and when taken in too large of a dose(s), to quickly can cause a toxin overload (the toxins can’t be removed fast enough) on the liver and kidneys. This inturn causes some folks nausea etc. That is why I have suggested in most cases to start out SLOW, with SMALL doses and work up until the desired results are achieved. Curcumin can cause stomach issues (nausea and vomiting) when too much is used.

      IF it were me who had a 10 yo with recurring acute pancreatitis (due to any condition, cause or reason), and it isn’t me, it’s you, so you have to make your own choices – I’d start my 10 year old off with 100 mgs of grape seed extract from now foods once per day for a week or two. Now foods 100 mg VCaps also contain vitamin C (this is good). If no problems were noticed I’d increase to 100 mgs 2x daily. THAT should be enough grape seed extract coupled with a LOW fat diet (absent of ALL trigger foods) to see some good results in a 10 yo. IF my son/daughter still had recurrent AP or pancreatitis symptoms I’d increase the grape seed extract to 3x daily. Etc, etc, etc. I’d probably avoid curcumin and simply lace his/her food with turmeric instead. Now …

      IF the underlying genetic condition can’t be resolved, like in pancreas divisum for example, it may take even more grape seed extract to protect the pancreas. If it’s high blood fat levels that are the problem those need to be addressed. If it’s hereditary pancreatitis diet and supplements should be extremely helpful. Again, what I’d do and what you should do may be totally different. You have to weigh all data and make your own choices for your 10 yo. I wish you the best 🙂

  39. Nancy

    Thank you Paul. Your advice is a blessing. This is more information than the docs give. My son’s episodes happen more often in the winter months and seem to be triggered by viral infections. Antioxidants, supplements, and constant prayer are on our agenda. I am so glad you are blogging about your experience thank you! Nancy

    1. The Health Guy Post author

      You are welcome Nancy and I hope you are able to resolve your son’s symptoms so that he is able to enjoy better health.

  40. Xtrology

    Paul, I can’t thank you enough. I followed every one of your suggestions and I am healing. I still do not have a diagnosis from a doctor. I’ll probably be healed before that. But I wanted to share with your readers the thing that I believe pushed me over the top. I had an Ultrasound and I found out where I hurt. So I began apply DMSO to those areas. And I haven’t had any nausea in almost a week. I am so grateful for your site. Wishing you a long lasting healthy life.

    1. The Health Guy Post author

      Xtrology – AWESOME! It is good to hear you are healing. I’m even more intrigued by your usage of DMSO. I have read articles that suggest it is highly anti-inflammatory but I have never really researched it nor have I tried it. I do know that it helps the skin absorb certain things (like snake venom if one wants to get rid of someone lol) but I never thought about it resolving pancreas inflammation. THANK YOU for the cool testimony on DMSO. I’ll have to look at it more closely. Stay well! 🙂

  41. 2 dogal

    I just want to thank you for your site. I’m here due to my dog having chronic pancreatitis. Why am I not taking my vet’s advice? Because all he wanted to do was sell me a high priced canned dog food and did not want to discuss with me making my own dog food, supplements or anything else. After searching the web for make your own dog food for pancreatic diets, there were still questions that were not answered, so I turned to human diets. Your site has answered many questions so I think I’ll on the right track to feeding my 100 pound dog many times a day. (thank heavens I’m retired!)

    1. The Health Guy Post author

      2 dogal – Since I know that one of the causes of canine pancreatitis is too much fat in their diet (too much at one time) a low fat diet should work wonders. Many pet owners feed their dogs Thanksgiving, Christmas dinner scraps and the dog gets sick from all the high fat food. Since this is a fact it would stand to reason that to much fat during recovery could be just as bad so a low fat diet should help dogs just as much as a low fat diet helps humans. Making your own low fat dog food is probably the best idea so good for you! I hope your buddy recovers nicely and has no more problems.

  42. helpnded03

    After hours of searching for natural healing on this subject, I found your blog. My mother is in the middle of a horrible attack, its now been a little over a week for her. She was sent home from the hospital and not even a stomach doctor is helping her. They are full of it, and has her fully in belief that there is nothing that can be done to heal her pain, and her pancreas. However I knew that it just had to be some way she could and went looking, and ended up here on your blog. I have read your posts on the supplements along with the grapefruit juice that you took to help you to heal. The thing is my mother is a type 2 diabetic, is it still okay for her to take those supplements? She eats fruit cups and applesauce, is that really helping her and should she continue with it or stop?? I also read on one of your posts something about v8 juice, however I don’t remember what posts it was. What kind of v8 juice would work best? Your help is truly needed.

    1. The Health Guy Post author

      Hi – What diabetes meds is your mom taking? Many such as Januvia, Victoza, Trulicity and others CAUSE acute pancreatitis. IF she is one one of those ask her doc to switch to something else. Ok … the supplements are fine and should help her a lot. Fruit cups and applesauce should be fine in moderation (could spike her blood sugar). V8 juice – the low sodium V8 juice (veggie) juice not the Infusion.

  43. virtual-on@msn.com

    Hi Paul,
    I’ve been having AP bouts for the past 4 years. I had 1 major bout that hospitalized me for 5 days, which that time my pain only lasted 2 days. Nothing last for more than a day or two. I went to the Dr. and he is puzzled since I went for an examination of my pancreas with a camera through my upper GI (the name of the procedure escapes me) and there was no sign of damage and no sign of autoimmune disease. I do have some inflammation, but that’s it. They also checked my gull bladder and there is no sign of gull stones. The doctor told me that sometimes a medical exam does not detect very small stones (sand like), so now they want to remove my gull bladder. My question to you is, what is your opionion about gull bladder removal? I will start on the regime that you recommend for the inflation, I’m ordering my supplements online asap. Thank you for posting this valuable information.

    1. The Health Guy Post author

      Hi Virtual – Sounds like you have a bad 4 years. Was the endoscopy procedure with the camera called Endoscopy UltraSound or EUS? That’s a pretty good test if it was. That and CT seem to be the best with MRI right in there as well. They all are good tests, some just make it easier to see certain things. BUT nothing is perfect or 100%. And so sometimes sludge or sand isn’t detected one day yet is seen on another. It’s always possible that the gallbladder emptied and everything got flushed prior to testing. The next time sand, sludge or stones may show. You may ask for another test, maybe just basic ultrasound before having surgery. Sometimes basic ultrasound sees stones, sand and sludge better. IF they see the stuff you might consider having your GB removed to get rid of the risk of more and even worse AP. As always that is totally your call. There is always risk when surgery is done. But gallstones are the #1 cause of AP.

      By the way you are welcome and thank you as well. I hope everything works out for you. Let me know how things go with diet and supplements. Get well and Good luck to you 🙂

  44. Jill Ward

    I am commenting about having the gall bladder taken out. My husband has had 27 pancreatic attacks over the past 3 years. These attacks started when we moved to a new home and the majority of our family became very ill (Type 1 diabetes, pancreatitis, Bell’s Palsy, asthma etc.). We found that the home had mycotoxins (mold poisons) in it and all of our bodies were also positive for these poisons. I tried reasonsing with the medical community that his gall bladder was not the problem, but rather he had been poisoned with mycotoxins. If alcohol (which is a poison) could cause pancreatitis then why not mycotoxins? Mycotoxins take down your immune system and cause inflammation in the body. To keep the peace with the medical community and all of the social pressure (school, work, friends, family) we had his gall bladder removed, but it has just made things worse. The medical community pretty much told us that they would not help us any more if we did not have his gall bladder removed. All 9 of our family has since gotten out of the toxic environment, changed our diet, and been to see an environmental MD in California and we are doing much better.

    1. The Health Guy Post author

      Hi Jill – sorry to hear y’all have had tough times. I feel for your husband. 27 pancreatic attacks in 3 years, that sounds like me. I never counted but it was a lot. 1979 to 1982 were not good times. It sounds like your whole family had some rough dealings. I’m glad y’all are doing better.

  45. Jill Ward

    One more quick comment. There is a medical study on pubmed.gov about how mycotoxins caused pancreatitis in a pig. I tried to show this to the medical community and as usual most of them roll their eyes and think I am nuts. I think it is something to consider, especially for those who have no other explanations. I am in the process of writing a book about all of our experiences and all of the knowledge I have gained over the past 3 years. Paul, thanks for sharing your. Yours was the most helpful website we came across and still refer to, to help keep the pancreatitis at bay.

    1. The Health Guy Post author

      Jill it wouldn’t surprise me to find out that mycotoxins could cause organs to do weird things. Like you pointed out they are toxins. Scorpion stings, snake bite etc cause pancreatitis in some people. If the toxins destroy tissue or cause inflammation within the pancreas it only seems natural that AP might certainly follow. You are most welcome to the info, hope it has been helpful. Good luck with your book and y’all stay well. 🙂

  46. Nancy

    Docs look at me all crazy when I tell them my son’s recurrent acute pancreatitis is every time he has viral infection! There’s just not one particular thing with this awful awful pancreatitis. Frowny face!

    1. The Health Guy Post author

      It’s well known that certain viral infections are associated with acute pancreatitis. Mumps, measels etc. Maybe other’s do the same in those who are susceptible.

  47. Jayne Mitchell

    Hi. I thought I had pancreatitis for a couple of years but they finally found some cysts in my pancreas and they were growing rapidly so I had to have the Whipple. Believe me, I tried not to after reading your comments on it. But they did find a small stage one cancer so it’s good I got it done. I’m 6 weeks post surgery and forcing myself to eat to gain back weight lost. My ribs and back are burning and I know it’s from the foods I’ve been told were ok to eat. All low fat, but still I’m in pain. I know you can’t answer medical questions but do you know or have heard if it’s ok to take the grape seed extract post Whipple? It really helped me when I had pain before the surgery. Thanks for all you do.

    1. The Health Guy Post author

      Hi Jayne – Wow, sounds like you have NOT been having a good time. I certainly didn’t expect to hear that you had to have a whipple done. I have NOT read or heard about grape seed extract after a whipple but I can’t even think of a remote reason why grape seed extract would NOT be beneficial. It helps relieve pain, nausea, eliminates inflammation and is known to kill cancer cells in some cancers. IF it were me I’d be taking hefty doses of grape seed, C and curcumin and keep track of results (diary). Keep us posted. I wish you a speedy recovery!

  48. Carlyn

    Dear Paul I appreciate this article so thank you 🙂 also I work for an addiction program and have a woman here that would greatly benefit from this information however she does not have computer access, I am unable to print any of this information to give to her. Is there any way you could send me an email with the list of food she can and can not eat?

  49. Tam

    I just got another episode of pancreatic liapase nd amalyse is high pain is there
    last time got admitte
    d but now this treating myslf at home!3 days i was just on liquids clear that too
    pain subsided now have to go get trsts again & see the progress.. please guide me that can i eat any fruit vegetable or even any juice
    is it safe to eat wheat and pulses

    1. The Health Guy Post author

      Hi Tam – sorry to hear you are not well. If it were me I’d just drink veggie juice for a few days, then maybe try some solid foods such as veggies, fruit, rice, etc. NO FAT (oil, meats etc). Wheat and pulses are fine.

      1. Patricia Waugh

        Just noticed that you say white grapefruit juice-is there a difference between red and white? In my area I can’t find pure white grapefruit juice, but I can find and have been drinking, Ruby red grapefruit juice.

        1. The Health Guy Post author

          Hi Patricia – I don’t know if ruby red grapefruit juice contains the same phytonutrients. If it works I’d say keep using it!

  50. Jayne Mitchell

    Dear Paul, thank you again for this site. I mentioned last post that I had to get the Whipple even though I knew it was rough (mildly put). I’ve lost 20 pounds that I couldn’t afford to lose as I can’t eat much. They took out half my pancreas but I still have the chronic pancreatitis issues, this was not a cure, just to remove cysts. I had an acute attack the other night but I really can’t afford to fast due to my low weight. Will my pancreas heal if I just eat vegetables, fruits and no fats? Is fasting a must to heal?

    1. The Health Guy Post author

      Hi Jayne – It sounds like you are NOT having a fun time. 🙁

      Fasting, resting the pancreas is really important. If it’s sick and inflamed, and yours must be, even safe foods can be the straw that breaks the camel’s back. You can always try juice, veggies, fruits etc and see how you tolerate foods with zero fat. I really hope you start feeling better.

  51. Lisa

    Hi Paul, I was reading about enzymes with serrapeptas could actually break down some of the scar tissue. I have scar tissue in my pancreas. Is there a brand you recommend? What about MSM or Vitalzme? Is it worth trying to get rid of some of it or is that just not possible? All this information gets confusing. I bought the grapeseed, vitamin c and a robotic to start. I already take magnesium and a mulitvitamin. I do not take a enzyme but thought I probably should- would it help slow the progression or actually help get rid of some of the scar tissue? I have no pain at all and no symptoms, but somehow I have chronic pancreatitis. Thank you, Lisa

    1. The Health Guy Post author

      Hi Lisa – Serrapeptase is a proteolytic (protein destroying) enzyme from bacteria native to the digestive system of silkworms. It is the enzyme responsible for dissolving a silkworm’s cocoon. Serrapeptase has been used for several things one is to clean out artery plaque because it eats up the fibrin, another is against inflammation due to its anti-inflammatory properties. Whether it will dissolve scar tissue or not I am not aware. IF you wish to try it beware most formulas are very expensive. They blend small amounts of different enzymes with Serrapeptase (propriatary formulas) and charge outrageous prices. It would be MUCH more cost effective to buy quality pancreatic enzymes and Serrapeptase seperately. You’d also be able to read the label and know how much of each enzyme you are actually getting. Here is a Serrapeptase product with only two ingredients. A little calcium, a lot of Serrapeptase and about 65% – 80% less expensive! Read the product reviews. It rates high. If you try it let me know how it works. 🙂

  52. Brittany Vaughan

    I was reading about Pancreatitis because I just had my third episode of acute pancreatitis, and I’m just healing from it and I saw in this website, you can die from it. That pretty scary to think about. I was hopping if there is more to learn about acute pancreatitis.

    1. The Health Guy Post author

      Hi Brittany – Yes you can die from pancreatitis. Severe acute pancreatitis with infected necrosis and/or organ failure is not a good thing. Mild acute rarely causes death. You can feel like you may die but it’s rare. There is a lot you can learn about acute pancreatitis. There is an abundant amount of info online, most is basic stuff but if you dig you can find all kinds of stuff. Just don’t read anything – go for actual medical sites and/or scholar type articles if you really want to learn. There can be all kinds of complications, some rae, some not so rare. I enjoy reading that kind of stuff but most people find it boring and it can also be somewhat scary. Since you have had 3 acute pancreatitis attacks you should use caution when it comes to diet. Alcohol should be stricken from your diet, forever and if you don’t already know you should find out WHY you have had 3 attacks. It is important to find out what is causing the recurrent attacks.

  53. Jennifer

    -Pain in left side near rib for 1.5 years.
    -CT scan in 2/2015 was normal. Told I prob had gastritis, but had no indigestion or burning. Just point pain.
    -Pain gradually worsened and radiated to lower back and even shoulder blade.
    -Got GI referral in 3/2016. Put me on Famotidine. No change.
    -Mentioned persistent prob to GP at last checkup, and he kind of dismissed as muscular.
    -Mom had same pains in 4/2016, and we laughed that we’d try to get a diagnosis together. Two weeks ago, she was diagnosed w pancreatic cancer. Not laughing anymore.
    -Over the past month have had another CT scan, HIDA scan, EUS, bloodwork, upper GI. Waiting for GI results. All normal except slightly elevated bilirubin and amylase levels and stomach inflammation. Again diagnosed w gastritis, but my side doesn’t hurt when I DON’T eat . . . just when I do, plus a bit of chronic pain. But no real burning. Seems to hurt more in the morning when bowels are starting to move. (sorry for the gross detail.) And after eating. Doc changed from Famotidine to Omeprazole.
    -Friend suggested digestive enzymes, which I take and which have helped.
    -I’m pretty convinced I have CP. Have started your diet. Will be meeting w new GP on Sat and requesting an out-of-town referral to a Pancreas Center (not sure which).

    A few questions:
    -Any thoughts on these symptoms?
    -Do you know anything about Omeprazole and CP? Helpful? Harmful?
    -Can you recommend a brand and dosage for OTC digestive enzymes?
    -How many daily carbs do you recommend for a pancreatic diet?
    -What about sugars?
    -Do you have any recommendations for Pancreatic Centers, docs, or hospitals in the Northeast (PA, NY)?
    -I’m struggling w the grapefruit juice and vit C recommendation because of the gastritis diagnosis (in case it’s right). These two substances are supposed to aggravate gastritis but help CP. Thoughts?

    Thanks very much for your blog.


    1. The Health Guy Post author

      T – Thanks for visiting. I’m sorry to hear about your mom and of course your health issues as well. Since pancreatic cancer runs in families (not trying to alarm you) and you said your symptoms seem to mimic or be very similar to your mom’s you should make sure you keep a close eye on your health. You have had an EUS which is pretty good at seeing visible pancreatic cancer. The tumor markers CA 19-9 and carcinoembryonic antigen (CEA) are the ones most closely tied to pancreatic cancer. IgG4 levels also elevate in pancreatic cancer. Again since your mom has PC you may also want to ask about genetic testing. IF it were me I’d ask for those to be checked as well.

      1) “Any thoughts on these symptoms?”
      Not really other than already mentioned.

      2) “Do you know anything about Omeprazole and CP? Helpful? Harmful?”
      Omeprazole is a PPI (proton pump inhibitor) used to treat GERD. PPIs have been suspected to cause acute pancreatitis. Whether they are useful or not for pancreatitis patients I don’t know for sure.

      3) “Can you recommend a brand and dosage for OTC digestive enzymes?”
      I use Super Enzymes by Now Foods

      4) “How many daily carbs do you recommend for a pancreatic diet?”
      As many as you want. Carbs aren’t the problem. Simple carbs turn to sugar quickly so I usually eat a lot more complex carbs.

      5) “What about sugars?”
      Sugars aren’t a concern either EXCEPT in your mom’s case and maybe yours because sugar (especially refined sugar) feeds cancer. Otto Warburg (nobel prize winner) explained this fact years ago.

      6) “Do you have any recommendations for Pancreatic Centers, docs, or hospitals in the Northeast (PA, NY)?”
      No. I’m sorry but I am extremely limited in my knowledge of good pancreas centers.

      7) “I’m struggling w the grapefruit juice and vit C recommendation because of the gastritis diagnosis (in case it’s right). These two substances are supposed to aggravate gastritis but help CP. Thoughts?”
      I understand your concern. Gastritis is NOT typically a long-term condition. So how long have you had this supposed gastritis? IF you do have gastritis due to some weird deal that lasts longer than a couple days I have an idea that may be helpful. Go to the store and buy a bottle of Mylanta. IF Mylanta takes your symptoms away on one or several doses you may actually have gastritis or GERD. Give it a few days of dosing and see what happens. IF Mylanta does little or nothing I’d doubt you have gastritis or GERD.

  54. Jennifer

    A few more questions . . .
    -Thoughts on nonfat Greek yogurt? High in protein, no fat, and often low in sugar. I love the stuff but not if it’s going to harm my pancreas.
    -Can you actually provide a recommended nutritional overview for a pancreatic diet–as in how many grams of carbs, proteins, sugars, sodium, and fats? I know fat limit is 20 grams and that the body needs 44 grams of protein. But what about the other stuff when you have pancreas probs?
    -Do you anything about inositol? It was recommended for OCD/anxiety, but I also found an article that suggests that it could also help the pancreas handle fat. I currently take 800mg of inositol and choline daily.

    1. The Health Guy Post author

      T – Here are my answers:

      1) “Thoughts on nonfat Greek yogurt?”
      IF Greek yogurt doesn’t cause symptoms eat it. FAT and alcohol are the two BIG enemies for those of us who have pamcreatitis.

      2) “Can you actually provide a recommended nutritional overview for a pancreatic diet–as in how many grams of carbs, proteins, sugars, sodium, and fats?”
      I’ve never considered doing a complete overview because it isn’t necessary. Again FAT and alcohol are the ONLY two substances that you need to avoid. NO alcohol and you already have knowledge of what your fat intake should be.

      3) “Do you anything about inositol?”
      I have to admit I am lacking knowledge in regards to Inositol and Choline. I only know the basics and nothing in regards to the pancreas.

  55. Jennifer

    One last question (sorry) . . .
    -I saw your page re supplements and a little bit about coenzyme Q10. Do you advise taking this supplement because it’s a major antioxidant and anti-inflammatory? If not, would you explain why?

    1. The Health Guy Post author

      CoQ10 is found in every cell of the body, especially the heart. The body actually produces it. I can’t see any reason not to take it if you desire to do so but it isn’t my first choice for pancreas healing. Grape seed extract, curcumin and vitamin C are the three work horses for healing the pancreas and keeping the symptoms of pancreatitis at bay.

    1. The Health Guy Post author

      I wouldn’t worry to much about that Mayo Clinic article in regards to vitamin C. I read it and if I remember correctly there are no “references” to back up the warnings. I should probably do a post on vitamin C and why it is so good to use it in conjunction with grape seed extract and curcumin. Linus Pauling (Nobel Prize in Chemestry) said that everyone should take a good dose of vitamin C daily. I’ll believe Pauling over a white coat any day. Pauling was brilliant. He took 10,000 mgs of vitamin C per day and lived to be 94.

  56. Ilona Stepinska

    Hi, I have the same dilemma as you had all these years. If you could email me some recommended supplements, I would appreciate it. I thank you in advance.

  57. Mark

    Hi paul,

    Your success story is very inspiring for me . I m also a victom of CP since 2012, honestly took me 1 yr to understand the illness bt it was to late as it was already turned into chronic, since then m following your block and thoroughly followed your diet plan ,however dint used the supplements you suggested but still survived 4 years with couple of acute attacks in 4 years with 2 or 3 days of hospitalization , Got the last attack on 14 june 2016 with a recovery in 7 days and now I hv added grape seed extract and vitamin c in my routine , hope it give more power and fighting spirit to me..

    All that being said want to tell you that i also love to work out and runs 4 km every day with 50 or more push ups, so do you think its fine or as other says that it can aggrevate pancreas inflammation???

    1. The Health Guy Post author

      Hi Mark – Sorry to hear you’ve not been real well. I had to do both diet and supplements. One without the other didn’t work as well as both in combination. If you aren’t on prescription meds that prohibit grapefruit juice I’d add that as well. Grapefruit juice protects the pancreas and I believe that it was the factor that stopped my acute attacks at first. In answer to your question in some people exercise can irritate an already inflamed pancreas. During my three bad years sometimes even driving in the car made me nauseous. But after I began to heal I was able to again work out. Stay strong, hang in there. Do everything you can to avoid another acute attack and heal.

  58. carla

    Hi Paul,

    I manage the condition quite well whilst strictly following your guidelines. However, I am guaranteed an attack or increase in symptoms at the time of my monthly cycle. Are you aware of any birth control methods that can help. I have read that estrogen pills can cause an acute attack so that’s out. I understand you may not be very versed in this particular circumstance given your male but just thought I would ask anyway as i’m desperate.



    1. The Health Guy Post author

      Hi Carla – I’m glad to hear you are able to manage your CP but I’m sorry about the menstrual cycle issue. You guessed right I have no clue BUT what I have started an investigation because just from a few minutes of searching I have found that you, Carla, are not the only woman experiencing issues during your cycle. In fact it seems to be quite common. So I’ll be searching for the WHY and then the HOW to resolve it. I’ll write a post when I have answers. Until then, I’m sorry but right now I’m worthless to you in this regard. I’m guessing it has something to do with the increased hormone production during a couple portions of the female cycle. I’ll see what I can find out.

  59. Shweta

    I was a told that my chronic pancreatitis would lead to diabetes. Is that true? What blood tests should I do to keep check of how my pancreas are doing? I feel ultra sound is not very accurate.

    1. The Health Guy Post author

      Hi Shweta – Thanks for visiting. Yes, uncontrolled chronic pancreatitis can and does often lead to diabetes. It can also lead to calcification (usually seen most often in hereditary and alcoholic pancreatitis). YOU can do a lot to prevent that from happening simply by adopting lifestyle changes, following a proper diet and taking certain supplements that seem to control inflammation and CP. At least they do for me and others now as well.

      I have found the best test is the “how do you feel” test. When inflammation is no longer present, people feel better. Some even feel almost normal, so much so they cheat and end up back at square one or worse (I’m a prime example lol). But good tests are CT, EUS, MRCP. So …

      IF you have actually been diagnosed with CP the first thing you need to understand is that there is no cure. If you begin to feel normal that doesn’t mean anything except you feel better and life is good again as long as you continue doing what is necessary to stay that way. That means, instead of being stupid like me, you do NOT go off your diet or quit taking the supplements. I did that, I paid and the price was to high. If you have any questions at any time feel free to ask. If I know the answer I’ll tell you. If I don’t I’ll tell you that too and then find it if it’s to be found. 🙂

      1. Shweta

        Thank you so much for the response. I started having my pancreatic attacks since I was 12 but only got diagnosed when I was 17 and had a very severe attack. And the first thing the doctors told me was that I would get diabetes by the time I hit 30, which was very depressing.
        Im 26 now, and by controlling my diet my attacks have become far apart and less painful ( which I’m not sure if it’s a good thing, because lessening of pain over time indicates pancreatic damage, according to the doctors).
        I’m very happy to know that I can do something about this, and thanks to you I now know exactly what. I,m going to do everything to prevent diabetes and further attacks.

        Thanks Health Guy.

        1. The Health Guy Post author

          You’re welcome Shweta. Yep pain lessening over time can indicate your pancreas is burning out but that usually happens to those who do NOT learn how to control it with diet. If you have already been watching your diet you may be ok.

    1. The Health Guy Post author

      Hi Kathy – typo ain’t a big deal with me. I can read between the lines MOST times lol. Hey you bring up a valid point/question. I’m not a doctor and that site you linked to is a doctor site so it is difficult to argue a case when facing some dude with an M.D. after his/her name because – they should know right? But the fact is they often don’t know and what’s worse not knowing they “wing it.” If he’d have backed up some of his statements with proof I’d have been more inclined to sit back and say HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM. But here’s the deal …

      I invested time researching drug induced pancreatitis. Now, I didn’t spend years, or even months but I did invest time and I just checked again. The WORST article I have found or should I say the most condemning article in the case of Ibuprofen is this one. Scroll down to the section on drugs and click the link for the drug list. The list is somewhat ambiguous. It simply says NSAIDS. Ironically it never mentions opiates! And even though that list was suppose to be done according to class I can not seem to see any class (1,2,3 etc) at all. On the other hand …

      I do have this ONE case study that implicates an Ibuprofen OVERDOSE as a “possible” cause of the guys pancreatitis. There was no re-challenge so nobody is even sure that the OVERDOSE cause the acute pancreatitis however I will concede that an overdose of Ibuprofen could cause acute pancreatitis. But who normally ODs on Ibuprofen? 3200 mgs is the daily max adult 24 hour dose. THAT is a ton of Ibuprofen. That is FOUR (4) 800mg doses in 24 hours. I’m talking 25% of that to stop an acute attack for me. I’ve never had to do even two doses in a 24 hour period except one time and that was with aspirin (1300 mg doses). It did the trick but I’d think twice about doing it again. Now re-read the first paragraph where you’ll see and I quote “There have been no prior definite cases reported of ibuprofen-induced pancreatitis.” THAT is probably the exact reason I can’t find any!

      Here is a study that shows a “half-baked” list of class 1 and class 11 drugs. Drugs that are KNOWN to cause acute pancreatitis. I said “half baked” because it lists only a few drugs. But notice opiates are class 1. Class 1 is the most notable offenders. The class 111’s are not listed because they are drugs supposedly associated with but not proven by re-challenge or enough cases to draw a definiteve conclusion.

      Anyway, take what I say with a grain of salt because like I said I am not an M.D. or a PhD. I’m just a guy. I hope your husband gets better soon. 🙂

      1. Kathy

        I trust you more than some article by a doc who probably has no experience with acute pancreatic attacks. Hubby finds aspirin works better, but doesn’t like to take it often. Seems soda crackers help when he first feels pain returning, so he trying that for now. Gotta get food into him, 15 lbs to regain, yet get rid of inflammation. You will find posts all over your site from me. I keep coming up with questions after reading whatever article I just finished.

        Thank you for your time and effort in sharing your knowledge. He was sent home with no instructions at all. No diet info, no suggestion of a pillow wedge (OK, we should have figured that out on our own, but panic shuts down your brain), no pain treatment advice, be it ibuprofen or aspirin, no nothing.

        1. The Health Guy Post author

          Thanks Kathy I appreciate the confidence. And you’re welcome 🙂 Aspirin is good. If it (soda crackers, aspirin etc) works it is good!

  60. kendall pineda

    my assistant was looking for VA 21-2680 several days ago and saw a great service with lots of fillable forms . If people need VA 21-2680 as well , here’s a https://goo.gl/bUaO0D.

  61. Sure Auster

    I LOVE YOU PAUL 🙂 Okay, here I go…….diverticulitis/celiac/pancreatitis/and let’s not forget systemic Candida! Can’t handle any grains, their trigger foods. I, stupidly went on an eating binge while visiting N.Y…DUMB….I am spiritual, I prayed and hence there You Were 🙂 I, purchased GSE….ALPA LIPOIC ACID/BILBERRY/REVERSATOL/THIAMINE

    1. The Health Guy Post author

      Hi Sure Auster – thank you for the kind words and I can always use prayer!:-) I have a thing about oil. Any kind of oil because it’s pure fat and usually without real benefit that can’t be obtained in another manner such as eating codfish, instead of just the oil. A nice piece of cod would be a better choice and I’d say no on the coconut oil. Shalom 🙂

  62. Brian

    Hey there thanks for all the amazing info! I am wondering if someone with Chronic Pancreatitis in its early stages who takes very good care of themselves and their pancreas could partake in an alcoholic beverage once or twice a week. Is this possible? I know you mentioned that you smoke, how to swing that as well? Anything you could relay would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

    1. The Health Guy Post author

      Brian – you’re welcome. I wouldn’t drink. Alcohol is definitely out. I smoke. It hasn’t seemed to bother me. But that doesn’t mean it’s a good idea either. I have been contemplating quitting. But alas as of yet it is merely a contemplation 🙂

  63. Cagdas

    Hi Paul,

    Thank you for creating this side and allow people share their experiences.

    Mom mother had her first pancreatic attack 7 weeks before, she stayed in hospital along one week.
    After docs let us go back to home. It was the wrong attitude of mine to give her meat. The day after, we had to return back to hospital again. After taking one week treatment, she was discharged from the hospital and her pains were decayed over time and disappeared. She is right now fine but only bad thing with her is weigth loss; I have read many things on line, saying that it can take time to regain the weigth one has lost.

    At the hospital period, they saw a gallstone that had blocked the pancreas’s secreation in the first ultrasonic investigation. In the second one, blocking gallstone had disappeared.

    She is now eating fat-free nourishments even without olive oil ingredient dinners.
    Shea ate botino, and boiled skinless chicken. After reading your advices I decided that botino might be dangerous since it can cause an attack again. I know that legumes are fine to eat for her health.

    Last time we went to examination which is 5 weeks after she had her second attack docs said us that she had a severe pancreatits and they will make a surgery. Before the surgery docs will see results of tomography and blood values. I can estimate for what they will make this surgery but I do not exactly know for what. We will have a chance to ask about these important details before the surgery.

    Beside that it is really hard to live with the risk of having these attacks again and again even she looks fine for now. This illness, can it be a thing that may shorthen the life time. By the way she is 66 years old.

    What would be your advices for us?

    1. The Health Guy Post author

      Hi Cagdas – sorry to hear about your mom. I know you are worried. My advice is to see to find out what the doctors have in mind. Ask a lot of questions. Get the answers you need. Watch carefully what she eats. You can find my ideas (what I do) about diet and supplements that help the pancreas heal on this site. Let me know how she’s doing and what they (the docs say). What is botino?

      1. Cagdas

        Dear Paul,

        This was the day we go to examination after 5 weeks she dischared from the hospital. Fortunately, the news are good.

        The doc compared the results of both tomograpghy and blood values. He said the current results are fine enough compared to those she had 5 weeks ago and said there is no need to make a surgery. The tomography report shows that collection neighbouring the pankreatit got shrinked for the time being and the doc said that they can check it after 3 months. He also added that she has to increase the number of meals with small amounts in each meal thus this will be not only the good way of dealing with pankreatit but also way of being healty like nikename you have :). On the other hand, he advised, of course, in case of having any complaint regarding to this illness to apply immediately to the hospital again.

        Beside these checking progress, I think, she has started to get back the weight she lost before thus it can be concluded that skinless chickens, fruits and other vegetables seem to work well enough. I always remember the asistant doc’s advice is that she can start eating fat content things after 3 months. We will be definitely carefull about what she eat after that – no fat content meals I think. I am writing this things in detail here beause sufferers can find some common parts like we have in our case and this may help to them.

        By the way, sorry for my typo, I was supposed to write “bonito” instead of “botino”.

        Everything could be worse but hopefully it is not.
        The idea that I had from this experience is to behave organs of the body gently, do not overload them or force to limits that they cannot endure.

        Last but not least, I sincerely wish healty life for everyone in the world.

        Again thanks to you make such a platform for people to be more aware of.

  64. Sue

    Hi, I have recently been diagnosed with CP and have read your blogs with interest. I am following a 20g low fat diet ( with no more than 5mg at each meal) and has ordered the supplements you recommend. I am a little confused about dosage though. Do I take these once/day or before each meal or snack. Thanks

    1. The Health Guy Post author

      Hi Sue – Sorry to hear of your recent CP diagnosis. I’m glad to see you are taking the appropriate steps (diet and supplements) to help with symptoms while slowing, even possibly stopping the progression of CP. It is usually best to start slow with the supplements (low dose) and work up. Once a day for maybe a week, then twice a day, then 3 times a day, then 4. This pertains only to grape seed extract, curcumin and vit C. It is trial and error because some people respond to less while others need more. Once you hit 4 times per day then, if you need more, begin increasing the doses (one dose at a time for a week etc) while keeping the frequency the same. Curcumin can cause unwanted stomach issues at higher doses so I’d stay at 2,000 – 2,500 mgs per day and experiment with grape seed extract and vit C. Thank you and let us all know how you are doing. 🙂

  65. Joyce Broyles

    THE COMMENT I LEFT A FEW DAYS AGO HAS DISAPPEARED DECIDED TO REPOST…..I first left a comment back in 2013 when my daughter had her first bout of pancreatitis They have told her since that it was not chronic…but she has been in pain since it happened and did all you suggested and got better…..at that time they did not check out the Function of her gallbladder ..only to see if it had stones which it did not….She recently had another attack with her lipase at 30,000,,,this time they did a Hidya scan and saw it was functioning at only 8% and removed it along with performing and IOC ( running dye in her pancreas…and also biopsied her liver with no reason to do so nor with out telling us ….made her liver enzymes go sky high and also sent her lipase up after it Finally had come down. She has been in excruciating pain ever since..especially at the site of the liver but also other areas. They have not explanation of course. Your were so helpful 3 1/2 years ago so I am praying for possible insight from you… again any info would so be appreciated….. Thank you again, we So hope to hear from you soon. God Bless you for what you do. Joyce

  66. saurav

    Hi i m suffered from CP due to PD and when i am in pain ,am not eating for 4/5days and be on liquid diet until it get low. until that my pain not stopped yet am suffering from since 5 yrs and get bored from this .when i read your blog i am getting excited to know how u cure by yourselves pls give some tips

    1. The Health Guy Post author

      Hi Saurav – I am sorry to hear you have CP due to pancreas divisum. ALL the tips you need to help you as much as possible can be found on this site. Check out the categories to the right and focus on diet and supplements. They will not cure either your CP or pancreas divisum but may help to give you relief.

  67. Shirley Claussen

    The link for registering is not working. How can new members join your website? Thank you!

  68. Melissa

    Hi. I have learned a tremendous amount in a short time. This may seem like a silly question…in your opinion…would you take the supplements (I can’t take the grapefruit one due to steriods) during an attack (I am currently having pain but not in hospital etc)…I am also suppose to have an EUS in a week. Should I just wait until after that the EUS to start taking things? Also have you heard anything about Ursodiol causing pancreatitis?

    1. The Health Guy Post author

      Hi Melissa – I have taken grape seed extract and curcumin coupled with aspirin and/or Ibuprofen for an acute attack. IF you get real sick the ER is the best choice. Ibuprofen (800-1000mgs) is the main choice. No food, just water and go to the ER.

      I looked for evidence linking Ursodiol with acute pancreatitis and found nothing that directly linked it yet side effect symptoms looked suspect.
      Ursodiol Side Effects
      Abdominal Pain after Taking Ursodiol
      ursodiol (Oral route)

      1. Melissa

        Hi. I just saw your comment to my question that I just saw today because for some reason not notified by email etc. Thankful I saw it today. Thank you for the links to the Ursodiol. I have dealt with back pain since 2014. I experienced pancreatitis during my first pregnancy 2012 (until my gb could be removed after delivery). I had some right side pain back in 2013 and they discovered my liver was elevated (dx autoimmune hepatitis or primary billiary cirrhosis (PBC) (they were not sure lol) and then I found out I was pregnant with baby #2. The good news is that my body suppressed the autoimmune liver stuff and baby and I made it fine Thank God. So after baby delivered…the old liver stuff came back. elevated liver ALT AST not severally high). They put me on steriods and different immune suppressing medications specifically Immuran. I developed severe back pain over a period of time and after an EUS the doctor dx me with pancreatitis and said I should no longer take immuran for the liver. I stayed on steriods…and tried different drugs that suppressed the immune system (focus was more on the liver than anything else). I had reactions to many of them due to me being very sensitive to medications. My last one I tried was Ursodiol. I only took 1/2 of the dosage to try to wean up to the full 600 mg they wanted me take daily. I noticed my acid reflux became much worse and I had to take Zantac twice a day to manage it. I took half the dosage of Ursodiol over a couple of months with the steriods and then had the blood work done. My liver was normal for first time in 2 years. My liver liked the medicine except when I would experience pain after taking the medicine (warning I know). While my liver was great, my pancreas numbers were elevated…3 times normal range. They scheduled me for another EUS (which I had a year ago). What is really interesting…I have been reading about the pancreatitis symptoms people experience …I never had that except back pain…constant back pain. I could eat and not experience pain etc. After I saw the doctor and reviewed my labs…the week after…i experienced the worst back pain…I had pain when I ate food…excruciating pain. I was scared and wondering what was the problem. I called the doctor (who was going to do the EUS) they recommended bland foods (they said if I ran a fever to go to ER). I was “scared” to eat. I tried bland food…no oils…for a couple of weeks. I slowly began eating food again. I NEVER had a problem eating foods or having pain like that until after I took the Ursodiol. I have stopped taking it (on my own…yes I am one of those)…and I have been thinking about trying it again (dumb, right?) because of my liver pain and back pain. The doctor assured me there is no way Ursodiol could cause or flare up pancreatitis…but I told them I am not like everyone and my body reacts differently. Sometimes I wonder if focusing so much on liver and the real problem is the pancreas. I think I have had pancreatitis for awhile but not had the eating problems other than that last episode. Ok…so that was alot of detail. What do recommend for me to eat? Should I just try to eat as you do…I have reactions to dairy when I eat it…I tested negative for celiac a year ago. It is very hard for me to eat with a growing family in a restricted way. (PS The EUS was put on hold because I got the cold/flu stuff and could not be put under with my bronchitius etc…I decided to wait on the EUS). Thank you for any thoughts or recommendations.

        1. The Health Guy Post author

          Hi Melissa – where PBC is concerned they shouldn’t have to guess. I quote: “Once PBC is suspected, a blood test to check for antimitochondrial antibody (AMA) is done. This test is positive in nearly all people with PBC. A liver biopsy, where a small sample of liver tissue is removed with a small needle can help confirm the diagnosis. Imaging studies may be used to rule out other diseases, or to further evaluate patients once they have been diagnosed with PBC.” You can read the whole page here. More on PBC from NIH. The only research I have found so far in regards to possible pancreatitis caused by PBC is this one. It is supposedly rare. But from what I have read autoimmune diseases can travel in packs. What I mean is that if there is one present there’s a good chance there are others too. Just remember I am not a doctor. I just read way too much lol.

          Right now I don’t really have any suggestions. IF my diet doesn’t conflict with or make PBC worse you might try it to see if your back pain improves. IF it were me I’d also want to try curcumin and milk thistle because both help detox the liver. The curcumin will also help your pancreas but if you have not had your Gallbladder removed and there is a chance you have gall stones you may want to tread cautiously with curcumin (or avoid it) because it could cause you to pass stones and/or sludge which could get stuck and cause acute pancreatitis. Grape seed extract (for pancreas) is a safe choice if you still have your GB.

  69. Lora

    Hi Paul, thanks for all the great info. Is it fat content that we should avoid pork and beef? Why avoid for example Boars Head Turkey lunch meat? Next, I have had flare ups of pancreatitis. Actually, I believe I’ve been in one for the last 6 months. Can’t quite get it right. I have severe pancreatic insufficiency. I’ve lost 35 lbs and weigh only 85 lbs. I’m also gluten and lactose intolerant and have trouble with bacterial overgrowth/leaky gut. Trying to balance all these things. Sometimes I just don’t know which discomfort is from what. I just started turmeric to see if it helps. I want to know if you or anyone that reads this has shortness of breath with their flare ups and or a heaviness in the abdomen. I do have a mild sharper pain on the left side but I suffer with this constant heaviness/ discomfort/ shortness of breath. Also, need to gain weigh. It’s hard on low fat diet, especially when I can not eat a large volume of food. Any suggestions?

    1. The Health Guy Post author

      Hi Lora – yes fat and alcohol are the two major enemies. Red meat, pork, duck, goose are way to high in fat. Boars Head Turkey? What is that lol? Wait I’ll look it up. Wow I gotta see if that roasted turkey is available in my area cuz it not only looks totally safe as far as fat content but it’s gluten free. One would have to know the complete list of ingredients to be sure it is safe (doesn’t contain some sort of mystery meat as well) but from what I can tell the roasted turkey breast looks fine.

      You said “I’m also gluten and lactose intolerant and have trouble with bacterial overgrowth/leaky gut. Trying to balance all these things.” Are you a celiac? I am and those issues are definitely mine so I understand COMPLETELY. It is difficult but doable.

      You said “I want to know if you or anyone that reads this has shortness of breath with their flare ups and or a heaviness in the abdomen. I do have a mild sharper pain on the left side but I suffer with this constant heaviness/ discomfort/ shortness of breath.” I’ve definitely had the heaviness, distended abdomen, discomfort, nausea and pain thing. Shortness of breath may or may not be related and could be due to heart or lung issues as well (not a doctor but I’m right lol). I’ve definitely had breathing issues when having an acute attack (glad they are only memories and hope they stay memories).

      You said “Also, need to gain weigh. It’s hard on low fat diet, especially when I can not eat a large volume of food. Any suggestions?” I really have no suggestions other than eat as much safe protein as possible. You have issues that limit what you can eat, just like I do. It sucks but it is either be sick or eat what is safe.

      1. Lora

        No, I am not celiac and oddly enough my mom is and my cousin has Chrohns and I suffer/ have side effects way worse than they do. I just saw a dietitian and she gave me samples of a pediatric amino acid-based powder to start drinking. It has 470 cals per drink. They chose the pediatric formula because of all my various food sensitivities. One of them is called Alfamino Jr. Also, they instructed me to take one Creon per 10 g of fat. They said not to worry about how much fat I eat in a day but to watch to not over do in one meal. I am with you though, I feel worse with more than about 5-8 g per meal.
        My food sensitivities come from leaky gut and I am learning that pancreatic issues can lead to leaky gut. It’s miserable, as you know, but I am hoping to heal my gut and then be able to add back in some of those foods. I am trying to get back in with Johns Hopkins Pancreatic Center since I’ve found out about my EPI. They give the most awesome care. Thanks for all your help!

        1. The Health Guy Post author

          Lora – you’re welcome. Hang in there. Be careful of anyone who tells you not to worry about fat consumption. Dietitians are dangerous for those who suffer with pancreatitis. Most don’t know squat about the condition. Alfamino Jr has 38% fat.


          I wouldn’t touch that stuff.

          1. Lora

            Thanks- I did notice it was high and made one serving and I tolerated it but for the last two days have not been feeling well. I will definitely heed your advice which makes me feel better. 🙂

          2. Lora

            Hi Paul, I wanted to mention that I am not using the Alfamino due to high fat content. Instead, I’ve started using Pro-Stat Liquid Protein. It gives 100 calories and 15 g of Protein in a 1 oz dose and you can take it theee times a day. It also has an amino acid profile. It was made for those with malabsorption problems and various other problems.
            Also, I have another question for you since you have so many years of research. I read that the pancreas handles MCT oils differently and so are safer– for example it said coconut oil does not cause the pancreas to release enzymes. Can I assume that I can cook with it and use on foods and it will not irritate my pancreas?


          3. The Health Guy Post author

            Hi Lora – Pro-Stat Liquid Protein (reg or AWC) look ok – in fact really ok, expensive but maybe well worth it. The Pro-Stat Liquid Protein MAX may not work for some because of the milk (whey) in it.

            I avoid oil no matter what kind. Oil is pure fat.

    2. Jayne Mitchell

      Hi Lora! You can do this! Just follow exactly what the Health Guy says (I do) and you will eventually be pain free and able to add more foods to your diet. I lost 20 lbs.last year and have been able to gain 10 back this year. Don’t trust anyone to cook for you unless you know exactly how it’s prepared. Make yourself fresh vegetable soups. There are SO many low fat and fat free recipes on Pinterest. Look for me on Pinterest, I have a Vegan Low Fat board. Take the supplements the Health Guy recommends, they really do work! I eat lots of salads and I love to add chick peas, canned artichoke hearts, fresh corn cut from the cob (raw is delicious). Black bean or lentil soups with fresh herbs and spices. Fresh fruits, etc. If I’m tired I’ll drink V8 juice or grapefruit juice till I feel like making a recipe. Good luck and be vigilant! You too can be pain free most of the time!
      God bless you,
      Jayne Mitchell

      1. Lora

        Thanks Jayne! I will take a look at your board and try some of your recipes. Do you have low fat, low volume high calorie suggestions? Even when I am trying my hardest to get in calories, I can only manage 1100 per day. I need to at least get in 1600.

  70. donald navone

    I guess I am the rare type. Was diagnosed immune disorder induced pancreatitis.
    The story being my immune system is attacking my pancreas, causing a tumor/mass to
    form on the head of the pancreas and blocked the common bile duct, thus causing
    johndis (spell). That was how they found it. weight loss, nausea, but no pain.
    The doctors did extensive testing to find this: cat scan, MRI’s, blood test, PET scan.
    All in 4-5 days. I am living on CREON and RETOXAMIB (?). I have a lot of respect
    and trust in my doctors. My diabetes keeps popping up and causes problems.
    I am going to try your method of healing and will stay in contact to let you know
    how it is going. Thank you Paul and all who have commented on this blog.


    1. The Health Guy Post author

      Hi Donald – well, I know you aren’t having fun. I’m sorry you have to go through what you’re experiencing. Do they know what autoimmune disease is causing the problem? What diabetes drugs do you take daily?

  71. Val

    Mr. Health Guy; **First: LOVE your site, best I’ve seen on the net!**
    Just saw your site when googled for info about pancreatitis & diets
    for this.. Came from my MD today & they think may have inflamed
    pancreas–bloods done today 5/24/17 & results will back in couple
    or so days & a CT Scan is scheduled for Sat.5/27, results from the
    CT will be a couple or so more days. I had my GB out in 1996 (lap –
    choli.procedure,- said loaded w stones & GB enlarged when removed
    it, Surgeon also did cholangio radiography while on OR table to ck for
    stray stones etc; in rest of bilary system/tree before closed me up –
    came up clear).. Though there is more to my med history, will get into
    that in another post, because do not want to write a “book” here in this
    one post lol.

    **Rarely, if ever, have an alcoholic drink (have 1 glass wine at a
    holiday dinner -XMas, thanksgiving–SOMETIMES.- instead, it’s usually
    diluted juice with water or seltzer,or plain seltzer 99% times), because
    never cared for it to start with. Not much for meat eating or fish
    (never was) -rarely eat it because, no matter how lean the cut &
    much fat I removed before cook it (I still “butchered” the meat myself
    to remove as much fat as possible, even with chicken), it was still too
    heavy & repeated on me due to the tiny amt of fat/ grease still in
    it (which also made me nausea.for hours). I have a weakness for cheese
    & some dairy products. Eggs I’m allergic to so never eat these (no
    mayo either). Rarely, if ever, eat fried foods (bothers me makes me
    nausea) & do not eat fast foods (tastes like sh-t & never know
    exactly what it really is – their meat etc; or,,even how fresh the food
    is either). Also, do not eat Soy in any form, cannot stand avocados
    & will not eat it; do not eat coconut or use coconut oil, coconut:
    water, paste, milk stuff either.. Only oil use (for years) organic extra
    virgin olive oil cold pressed. Bananas I eat on occasion (not over
    ripe–or it goes outside for the birds, squirrels etc; to eat, as with
    other fruits too ripe)..

    Over the years I would have what I referred to as GB (yes, I know, had
    it removed) symptom flare ups. I was aware the body needed to adjust
    (shortly after GB removal surgery). without having GB & would take
    weeks to months. I knew still had to watch what I ate (as did before GB
    removal). for quite a long time after surgery. Well, many years later
    & older,.would still get these type flare ups if over did it with
    fat laden or oily type foods (cheese, dairy, etc;). I was also (still
    am) lactose intolerant since a teen & learned how to juggle this
    & know when/how much can actually eat, what can eat etc; without
    getting affected. If slipped up, I was quickly reminded &
    immediately abstained for a while & then got back on track again,

    On May 18 or 19th, I decided to have for dinner Spinach & cheese
    Tortellini.(a treat haven’t had in long time), made my own tomato sauce
    (not meat sauce) aka: marinara. It was good but noticed while eating it,
    the tortellini was a bit richer and heavier than usual, slightly
    different taste with more pungent & sharper flavor. I chalked it up
    to the brand changed their recipe (more fat laden creamier/heavier type
    cheese in it).
    Unsure if I either ate too fast and too much (I was quite hungry) or, it
    may be food poisoning. Within 20 to 40 minutes after eating this, I was
    in pain and getting nausea & it wouldn’t let up.. I remained this
    way for days (to date, today as well 5 /24 -25/ 17) & eating anti
    emetics and Zantac as well. I thought it was food poisoning
    (gastroenteritis -food borne) and would wait it out, also had fever on
    and off throughout (which can happen with food poisoning,
    gastroenteritis; gastritis as well). I went to MD today and she
    eventually suspects inflamed pancreas (had the bloods done today &
    soon to have the CT scan)..

    Also, I had recently started taking (with my vitamins & probiotics)
    NAC (N-aceytlcysteine) 600 mg tab every other day (I thought 600 mg was
    a bit much is why did it every other day). I suddenly stopped taking
    this as well as the vitamins, when that flare up happened on May 18 or
    19th. I was afraid to take anything else. I had started to take the NAC
    approx 1 month then stopped due to this sudden “attack/fare up”..

    Sorry so long (also writing during work in between clients). Wanted to
    give you some bit of background first, before I asked my questions.
    When I get the results back of the bloods & the CT scan, will post
    it here to let you know (unless there’s another place you prefer me to
    post, let me know).

    My questions:
    1) Is it possible that the NAC that I recently started could’ve had something to do with this flare up, pain etc) know it’s not what brought on the initial attack but, wonder if it may have added to this problem)?.

    2) I first thought I had Gastritis-Gastroenteritis from food poisoning
    that brought on this attack (many similarities of symptoms is why suspected this). What’s the
    likelihood of this “attack” as I described in this post, being Gastroenteritis vs inflamed pancreas (pancreatitis)?

    3) I had the GB removed in 1996, the MD (doesn’t read my med rec/chart to SEE this in there–not smart!) and FIRST mentioned “think it’s your Gall Bladder”. Told her, “Not possible. It was removed in 1996. Unless I suddenly have a phantom GB now or, it miraculously grew back – you know that’s physiologically impossible
    impossible”. Question: As ridiculous as this sounds & seems, is it possible (despite GB removal many years back), to experience same GB symptoms (inflamed GB, w/o or with stones in it AKA: Cholecystitis/Cholelithiasis) again years after removal?

    Thank you for this site & blog you wrote & keep writing, all your help giving to others here and, for whatever
    help you can give info wise regarding my situation here in this post. If you have any questions for me feel free to ask so I can clarify any
    areas if need be, supply you with further info if necessary to answer my

    Thank you again, in advance for whatever insight and info you may
    provide me.

    Most Sincerely;


    1. The Health Guy Post author

      Hi Val – thanks for stopping by, reading, the kind words and for sharing. 🙂 Sorry to hear you may be having pancreas issues. Hopefully your blood work and CT will show what’s up. Now I’ll get to your questions.

      #1 – I believe it is a very small chance that N-aceytlcysteine (NAC) was the cause of your symptoms IF it is from an inflamed pancreas because their is evidence (NIH) via studies with rats (or was it mice?) that N-aceytlcysteine actually reduces the severity of pancreatitis. Google keyword phrase: N-aceytlcysteine pancreatitis. You’ll get several NIH articles.

      #2 – Doctors misdiagnose acute pancreatitis as gastritis often because both cause similar symptoms yet the pain of pancreatitis can be very severe, so severe, demerol doesn’t do anything (personal experience), even powerful dilaudid and other opiates don’t seem to do the job well (from reader testimonies).

      #3 – As ridiculous as this sounds the answer is yes. HOWEVER the problem is usually found to be sphincter of oddi dysfunction caused by gallstones cutting the sphincter as they pass through and scar tissue forming ot simply an idiopathic (i hate that term because I think there is always a reason something doesn’t work properly) dysfunction. Anyway SOD can have symptoms similar to GB symptoms. It can also CAUSE acute pancreatitis when the sphincter spasms and/or closes allowing digestive juices to back up and enter the pancreatic duct. SOD itself can have mild, moderate or severe debilitating symptoms very similar to acute pancreatitis.

      Let us know how things turn out.

      1. VAL

        Hi Health Guy;

        Thank you so very much for getting back to me so quickly. I admit, I was surprised (pleasantly surprised) by the quick response. Also, I’m sorry for delay getting back to you w results. I wanted to wait for the CT results before responding back to you & present you with all the results, at one time.

        According to the MD: “You could’ve had a pancreatic attack but you don’t now. Your bloods and enzymes (yes, pancreatic enzymes checked Val, as well along w, full liver profile too) all were normal”. “What showed on CT Scan was, you have kidney stones in both kidneys. The abdomen is fine – liver, pancreas, etc; all normal as well (I’d like to see the actual CT scan photos & the radiologist’s dx written report on this–myself!)”. I was then told to see a Urologist as soon as I can get appt.. So, I go to see a Urologist on June 5th. Not too crazy about some of those MDs (urologists have here) but he’s the only one can get in to see quick enough. Though, I have a back up MD (Urologist) will call, to then have records etc; transferred over to him (in next town & he’s considered one of the best in tri-state area) after my initial appt. w this one, on June 5th.. Soooo, in the meantime, I’m straining & sifting my pee for any passage of stones, gravel etc;. I can surely think of tons of better things to do than tinker around w my urine each time I pee.

        Though, I do know & aware (despite labs & their standards of normal, high/low level values that MDs use & go by) .that hypothyroid (low thyroid) can affect kidneys, along with (in my case–and in many others as well–it’s direct result of insulin resistance, again, mine is originally stemmed from the low thyroid) cause insulin resistance and all the ‘fun’ things that go with this insulin resistance (HBP,, pre -diabetes, type 2 diabetes, high cholesterol & triglycerides, for starters). According to the labs (despite MD stating all numbers are “good” even the A1c), it was actually BS–they were both on high side. “Normal high, but we still consider it normal range /levels”..Really? 5.7 was the A1c; the FBG was 110 or 120 –it should be below 85 at least; the A1c should be below 5 (approx 3 -3.5 to 4.25 is considered good/normal–not the standard labs 5 – 5.7 that state this is normal; FBG should below 85 preferably 70 -80 range is considered technically normal & prevents diabetic complications)….

        So, between the digestive issues (IBS, NAFLD), MDs telling me all is well according to labs (bloods, urine) and, not seeing what they are doing is NOT working & gets worse….What is one to do but become their ‘own MD’ and also challenge their MD(s) in question, when need to? Thus, by showing, explaining that obviously, what they’re doing about these areas (thyroid, insulin resistance etc;) has not been /is NOT working. Also, to finally LOOK at the patient(s) & LISTEN to the patient(s)–maybe they’ll (MDs; etc;) learn something–beyond those lab findings, to SEE the overt & obvious symptoms. Meaning, what the labs etc; results state versus actual pt. clinical symptoms presented (their actual symptoms can sometimes be very obvious), show different! They (MDs etc;) need to wake up & pay attention. Will they (MDs etc) do this? Naaaaah, no such thing going to happen because, MDs fear will lose their license, their standing in hospital(s) & admitting priviliges, be black balled etc;….so, the patients are on short end of stick & thus suffer. Isn’t modern medicine & their greed, just marvelous? lol

        I know you deal mainly with Acute Pancreatitis & Chronic Pancreatitis, Celiac Disease, etc; on your blogs etc; I know some of your followers may have multiple medical problems, along with the above mentioned areas. I was wondering if any of your readers (maybe even yourself) may have had issues with their kidneys (ie: stones etc;); thyroid issues (BTW, hypothyroid -under active thyroid- and, hyperthyroid -over active thyroid- can cause kidney problems in humans & animals), as well?

        I will also keep you posted as to what is going on & whatever further results (tests, treatments, etc;) come up; any further GI synptoms (aside from originally described in my 1st post) as well. In the meantime, I’ll continue to strain & sift for stones etc;. & try to figure out what in hell I can actually eat beyond low (or very low) fat, no salt, low to no sugar foods & now, (don’t know yet what the stone composition is made of– ie: calcium oxalate, calcium phosphate, uric acid, struvite, brushite, etc; type stones–haven’t yet as of writing this at moment, passed any -yet- to save & have analysed) with this kidney stone stuff going on, do not want to further aggravate it eating trigger type foods. Unfortunately, until I know what the stones are comprised of, I have to wing it, so to speak. I’ll keep diet as a low purine and also very low fat, no salt to extremely low salt (from tsp or tblspn of cheese) & very low to no sugar, no refined carbs, until I find out more regarding the stones. Along w drink alot of water. Hell, I know I need to lose weight but, this was not exactly how I planned to do it. There is barely much I can eat for the time being. Oh, haven’t been eating any meat (very rarely do anyway) nor fish (esp. shell fish). Been eating whole ancient grain.pasta; veggies steamed (baked or boiled but, 99% times steamed) or raw as in spring mix organic salad or, romaine lettuce..

        Again, Thank you for all you do here for everyone on your sites/blogs, and responding & answering my questions,. Love your site, it’s extremely informative as well as helpful. You responding to your readers,, answering their many questions really DOES give the final touch, and makes your site(s) the successes that they are & became. Keep up the excellent work.

        Most Sincerely w genuine heartfelt thanks in advance, for whatever input you may provide (or not);

        1. The Health Guy Post author

          Hi Val – you’re welcome. Sometimes I’m quick other times not so much lol. Anyway sounds like you are having a blast (J/K)! 🙂 I think I passed a kidney stone once, It didn’t hurt much (some flank pain) even though it cut me up and I bled after passing it and, then stung to pee. That is why I had to have a tube and scope job (Cystoscope). They were looking for stones that may have still been in my bladder, bladder cancer, and prostate cancer. That was a real treat! Hurt to pee for a week or more. I don’t know what else to say about the rest because if everything looked good or decent it is simply hard to evaluate.

          I just went back and read your original comment story and I just had this little thought when I re-read this: “Over the years I would have what I referred to as GB (yes, I know, had it removed) symptom flare ups.” AND yes I also read this “said loaded w stones & GB enlarged when removed it, Surgeon also did cholangio radiography while on OR table to ck for stray stones etc; in rest of bilary system/tree before closed me up – came up clear).” What I am thinking is if it wasn’t a bit of pancreas inflammation it could be Sphincter of Oddi Dysfunction (SOD) of which there are 3 types; class 1, class 11 and class 111. Class 1 and 11 usually show signs if whoever is looking knows what they are looking at. Class 111 shows no obvious signs. The interesting thing about SOD is that the pain and nausea can be as debilitating (severe) as acute pancreatitis, moderate, or mild. SOD can also CAUSE acute pancreatitis. For some reason, SOD is most often seen in women who have had gallbladder issues (stones etc) AND have had their GB removed. It may be something to explore at your next doctor’s appt. It also often responds favorably to a low-fat diet and also flares with a high-fat diet but there are people who visit this site who can tell you SOD spasms (flares whatever) can be caused by eating anything (which strikes me weird). Yet, there are foods that increase bile flow and increased bile flow seems to cause the SO to spasm. The SO will also spasm with narcotic usage.

          It could also be you are passing kidney stones – they show on CT right? There are my two cents lol

          1. joy porras

            hi! i have been reading your blog since yesterday.i have the same issue with my pancreas.i remember it was 2001 when i was admitted for acute pancreatitis. but that i was so young to understand i thought its only a normal stomach pain. as far as i remeber the dr told my parents to undergo surgery for my pancreas so it wont keep coming back the pain but my parents refused.that time i lived normally since that year only avoiding alcohol and spicy food. as far as i remember i didnt have any attacks until 2015. i was hospitalized for 5 days and experienced the same ordeal of pain. after that i was on strict lowfat diet, however , im stil eating chicken and fried stuff. after one month i had an attack as out patient. after that i started again eating normal foods.. though im not drinking alchol or smoking at all. last 2016, like 6 months after that i was again brought to hospital for the dame issue but only as out patient. then recently, i was admitted for 4 days in hospital last may. all the laboratory tests are fine except that my amylase is very high and my pancreas is some fluid. then after a month i was admitted again for 4 days with dame issue. but i know its my mistake coz i didnt diet first my self. i keep eating vegetable and lowfat diet but i keep earing fried fish.i was really scared. then the doctor did a MRI on my pancreas. i was under the same gastro doctor. at first he explained to me that everything is fine with my lab test except again my amylase. then he told me that my pancreas is something the shape is different.. like its a rare shape that it doesnt flow naturally the enzymes something the duct. as per him its normal but like out of 12 babies only 1 could have this kind of pancreas. like its my inborn. so he told it will keep returningyour pancreas unless i will go for surgery and they will do something from the shape of my pancreas.( sorry i cant explain it the way the dr said) then prior to my discharge he told me again that they study my mri and ct scan result it showing a fluid collection something like cyst. as per him it will be removed naturaly or else i will undergo endoscopy. to be honest im really scared but im just doing my best to be strong. i feel paranoid after reading all the stories here. now im carefully taking my food intakes and my 7 days medication before i go back for follow up check. i feel helpless coz im also underweight. and people keep telling me im so thin. please advise me.. evrytime i eat my mind is thinking what will be the reaction of my stomach. im really having nervous about how my stomach would feel.

          2. The Health Guy Post author

            Hi Joy sorry to hear you aren’t well. From what you have said it sounds like you have pancreas divisum (the pancreatic duct isn’t completely together like it should be) does that sound like what the doc said? The cyst is obviously a pancreatic pseudocyst. If it were me I’d start learning what is safe to eat and stay away from fried foods. You can find diet info on this site. Check the categories to the right. Fat and alcohol are two of the worst things you can ingest (eat). Foods high in fat are NOT good or safe.

  72. Joy

    i have been diagnosed with moderate Chronic Pancreatitis after 2 months of complaining intermittent upper abdominal pain . GI Doc did an EUS and confirmed moderate CP. I started following your plan. My problem is, I am always hungry and my blood glucose level sometimes goes very low with 1 hrs of eating. I have also lost significant weight. If i eat full i have CP pain. Will adding digestive enzyme help ? I am also hypothyroid and take medicine for that.

    1. The Health Guy Post author

      Hi Joy digestive enzymes may be beneficial. But eat foods that help keep you blood glucose levels on an even keel. Stay away from simple carbs (pasta, white potatoes, sugar, white rice) and choose complex carbs (beans, peas, lentils which are high in protein), bulky raw or lightly steamed veggies. Egg whites are also high in protein and have zero fat. Proteins and complex carbs take longer to digest and so keep blood sugar levels more even. Eat small amounts (5-7 times daily) so that you don’t suffer from hunger or CP pain as much. Sometimes eating often doesn’t work while trying to heal so everything is a test to see how your pancreas will respond.

    2. Joy

      As per Doc note “incomplete Pancreas divisum was suspected”. No pancreatic pseudocyst. I have been leading a very healthy life and lot of weights training plus taking many bodybuilding supplements (no steroid or GH) and i am 42 yrs old. Not sure what caused my CP. Auto Immune is ruled out as IG4 is fine. i was a social drinker and only drank 2/3 drinks per week (max)

      1. The Health Guy Post author

        Hi Joy I was thinking pseudocyst because you mentioned water on pancreas. Any mention of ascities? Anyway – if I can help with any questions just holler.

  73. Laura

    You are such a blessing and your site is so helpful! I was recently diagnosed with CP after a EUS was performed due to elevated lipase, nightly swollen abdomen and constant back pain across my back. I have yet to do additional testing to rule out gene variant for alcoholic pancreatitis or autoimmune pancreatitis, for the cause. I have never consumed alcohol ( well maybe a sip of champagne during a wedding toast). Anyway, I write because unlike most of your readers, I have not lost any weight. If anything, I keep gaining despite being on such a restricted diet. Do you know of anyone gaining rather than losing and perhaps why?

    1. The Health Guy Post author

      Hi Laura – you’re most welcome, thank you for the kind words! About the weight gain you are experiencing – No I haven’t heard of anyone else with that problem. As you said most lose weight, as did I until I healed and was able to eat more protein (animal – chicken, fish). I’m still not where I should be on weight which is 165-170. I am 20 – 30 pounds lighter depending upon the day lol. But then I have another digestive absorption issue (celiac disease) that is not responding to OTC enzymes as well as it did previously. 55 years with undiagnosed celiac disease (I was finally diagnosed in 2009) caused some problems.

  74. Oscar

    Thanks Health guy for sharing your experience. You’re such an inspiration!

    I started feeling pain upper left where the pancreas is located January 2017. I’ve seen three different doctors in Philadelphia where I live. I’ve done blood tests, ultra sound and Endoscopy. Nothing showed up. However I still have the pain (Especially after eating). First time I had the pain was after heavy might of drinking, that’s why i though it might pancreas related condition. I quit alcohol since then. I started to take the supplements you suggested for two months, and I’m feeling much better. The pain level has decreased. At this point, I’m not sure what to do. should I keep taking the supplements as I’m feeling better or stop. What would you suggest ?

    1. The Health Guy Post author

      Hi Oscar – many times nothing shows on scans (radiology) but usually blood work will show something (lipase and amylase elevations) if the pancreas is inflamed. Yet the right blood work needs to be done and if they (docs) didn’t check your enzyme levels or you weren’t experiencing an acute attack enzyme elevation may not have existed. If you are feeling better it may be a good idea to stay off alcohol and keep up doing what you are doing that seems to be working.

  75. kjs

    Thanks so much for your advice Health Guy… after moderate flare ups of chronic pancreatitis over about 7-8 years, the pain has all but subsided after a few weeks of following your supplement regime. I also pulled back on my diet, to really low fat and sugar and kept that food diary, to watch what my body disliked. I used a broad spectrum plant based digestive enzyme capsule with each meal, which seemed to take the stress off my digestive system too, but am weaning off them gradually. My digestive system seems much more resilient. Once again, thank you so much for sharing your advice. So far, so good!

  76. Southern Dirt Roads by JM Fontaine

    I do not have a gall bladder so based upon your information, I should NOT take curcumin due to the fact that it produces more bile. Am I understanding this correctly? Could I take the other supplement without the curcumin and see results?

    1. The Health Guy Post author

      If it were me (in your situation) I’d just use the grape seed extract and vitamin C. Both are great. Grape seed extract is actually my favorite workhorse supplement.

  77. DJP

    Hi Health Guy,

    I am a 30 year old female and have been suffering from chronic pancreatitis since childhood. I have undergone an open surgery to remove the stones from the pancreatic duct. After the surgery, I had pain only 4 times, but they were critical that I had to be hospitalised each time. Currently, I am perfectly fine and planning for a baby. The only concern with me right now is that even after taking pancreatic enzymes from the last 2 years my weight hasn’t increased from 43 kilograms. Have you heard of any such case till now which could help me?

    1. The Health Guy Post author

      Hi DJP – it is hard for most people to gain weight with chronic pancreatitis since many are continually ill with eating causing more discomfort (usually because they eat like normal people who can consume normal amounts of dietary fat and alcohol). I am glad to hear that you are feeling fine and planning to have a child. I do not have any suggestions in regards to weight gain other than eat more safe protein (low fat). IF I run across something I think may help I’ll post it for you.

      1. DJP

        Thanks a lot…:)
        Do let me know if you come across something regarding a combination of chronic pancreatitis and pregnancy…

  78. manish Pandya

    Hi Paul,

    Your inputs & practical information on pancreatitis is just what one needs to know when diagnosed of AP or CP. I am 40 years old and MRCP reports confirmed mild calcification in pancreas, Naturally i have diabetes now but by the grace of god i have no pain at all. I lost about 12 kgs in a span of 3months and that is when i realized it was due to AP attack which i had 3 year back. I continued alcohol and with routine of veg oily foods, Now i have been advised to have panlipase 25000 /3 times with each meal. It has started to work as i have gained 3 kgs in 4 weeks , My diet is now without oil ,cheese , no colas and ofcourse no alcohol , it mainly consists of whole wheat and multi grains + vegetables. I must say cottage cheese can be added to the diet and its filling.

    My latest Blood report shows lipase count of 8 as compared to an average of 13 for males. My Amalyse levels are in normal range. I take insulin lantus 16 units a day and dianorm 80mg 3/day. My Sugar levels have been going in the range of 80 to 250 levels . I would like to have your inputs on if i can get rid of diabetes or i will have to continue with insulin & medications for the lifetime.

    just for your infomation i came across an advertisement of an institute in Northen part of India which claims that they can get CP cured completely through Ayurveda in a year.

    What are your thoughts on this treatment as it has many testimonials which support their claim of curing. I was thinking to speak to few of the patients who have undergone the treatment.

    1. The Health Guy Post author

      Hi Manish Pandya – You asked me “I would like to have your inputs on if i can get rid of diabetes or i will have to continue with insulin & medications for the lifetime.” From what I have read acinar cells which produce pancreatic enzymes can regenerate but the beta cells located in the islets of Langerhans not so much. I haven’t done any real research in the beta cell area but I think once destroyed they are gone. I also do not know anything about that Ayurvedic Physician and his clinic. Your idea about speaking with some patients who have used his services is a good idea. You may also want to investigate Vaidya Balendu Prakash, the doctor and see what you find out about the guy.

  79. Mahantesh s

    Yes,iam in same boat where ur going,thank u for sharing others may get help from this information & main role is faith in God,stay blessed

  80. geniveve barber

    I think I’ve read every single post here. God bless you and all here, mostly for believing and following through.

    im so sick of hearing female, fat, and over 40 I could scream. well, ok, sometimes I do. like others I’ve been diagnosed with everything under the sun and even had half my colon removed.

    my symptoms are nausea, excruciating and I mean excruciatingly bad stomach pain above navel to ribs and out to sides, sometimes diahrrea 4-5 times a day. never had fever and every single test is normal. I mean ct scans, xrays, mrcp, stomach scope, colon scope showed diverticulitis, but everything normal . all bloodwork normal even during worst visit to er. amalyze and lipase haver never elevated.

    I’m at a loss, scared and helpless. I’ve jus bought the supplements and started the lowfat diet.

    oh, I do have malignant high blood pressure which they can’t control so I’m on a water pill and two medicines for that. I refuse the antidepressants cause who wouldn’t be depressed in my situation.

    I have these attacks at least once or twice a year but they are getting more frequent and this last one has been going on for weeks.

    isn’t there any help for me? nobody believes me. they look at all the tests and, yep, im crazy.

    1. geniveve barber

      I forgot to add I have kidney stones and hiatal hernia and no gallbladder. the pain goes all the way through to my back between my shoulder blades, most the left one. been told I have gerd too. heart checkup fine.

    2. The Health Guy Post author

      Hi Geniveve – you are sure they checked your lipase when in the ER for the worst times? I ask because it sounds like pancreatitis but it is extremely rare when the enzymes do not elevate during an acute attack unless your pancreas has stopped producing them due to damage from previous acute attacks or long-term chronic inflammation. If that were the case I would guess something (calcification, damaged tissue etc) would have shown up on tests like CT, MRCP or EUS. SOOOOOOO … it could be that the diverticulitis is in the transverse colon (under rib cage and above naval). IF that is the case that could explain the pain, nausea and diarrhea yet … you mention being on BP meds and a water pill. Is that water pill a thiazide diuretic or is it lasix (furosemide)? ACE inhibitors, such as lisinopril are used to control high BP and they are made from snake venom. ACE inhibitors can cause pancreatitis. Diuretics are also know culprits. . You also mentioned you have kidney stones. Those can be quite painful and can also cause nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. Since you have had your gallbladder out it may also be that your Sphincter of Oddi doesn’t function properly and when it spasm it can cause terrible pain, nausea, vomiting etc. The fact is MOST digestive conditions have common symptoms so the issue/condition simply needs to be uncovered. You could also ask your doc where the diverticulitis is located and if that could realistically cause the digestive issues you are experiencing.

  81. geniveve barber

    bless your heart for responding. yes the er docs told me both times they checked amalyze and lipase plus sodium, potassium, cholesterol, you name it. xrays, ct scans, everthing normal. I am on diovan and nadolol for malignant high blood pressure. yep water pill is hydrothorzine sorryfor spelling and half ativan at night.

    hiatal hernia maybe or gerd? my throat feels like it closes up after eating and oh man, the belching..awful… nausea constantly. stomach jus hurts but when I have these,attacks I become a raving mass I’m in so much pain. the er docs jus look at me and go duh…we dont know.

    I just tried to get in with my gastro but instead they now want me to see a doctor’s assistant. i feel like I’m being shuffled off with the old ibs diagnosis.

    I had 12 inches of colon already taken out from lower left and am due for colonscopy.

    so frustrating. I don’t see how peopledo this.

    thanks for your comments and help.

    1. The Health Guy Post author

      Geniveve – I am sorry I am not more help. Elevated lipase usually gets their attention and acute pancreatitis almost always causes lipase and amylase to elevate within 4 hours of attack onset. Inflammation will often show on scans. If the attack is severe there are many more things that show up in blood work and scans. Sometimes they don’t see horses either. Keep banging the drum because someone will find out what’s wrong.

  82. geniveve barber

    oh sorry forgot. the drs said no fever, elevated heart rate, or vomiting which is pancreatitus. my symptoms are nausea, stomach and back pain. jus pain. they said no diverticulitis showed up either. as one doctor said ” we’re trained to see horses not zebras” and you’re definitely a zebra”.thanks doc.

  83. Judith Grandjean

    HHi Paul!
    SO happy to have found your info! just came home from the hospital after a bout of pancreatitis..I have had 5 episodes over the course of a year and a half and did not know what these episodes were…well this last one was so painful, it put me in the hospital..So I am using alot of your diet tips and supplement advice..but you can drink coffee now? Do you ever touch wine? I am not a heavy drinker – just social, but because they didn’t see anything in my gall bladder, they are looking for reasons..My pancreas is very inflamed, with an area of “abnormality” noted..in 6 weeks I will have an endoscopic ultrasound for further information. Every time I ever had one of the “episodes” was after eating ice cream or something with milk in it..but they disregarded that information.
    Thanks for all your information!
    Judie in Moscow, PA

    1. The Health Guy Post author

      Hi Judie – I am sorry to hear you are ill. I will pray you are soon well. Yes, I drink coffee. Coffee is full of polyphenols which are highly anti inflammatory. Wine is a no – no as is beer and hard liquor. Alcohol is just not good. And it hides in cold remedies, vanilla extract, mouth wash etc. Ice cream and milk have fat. ice cream has LOTS of fat. fat will make you sicker. Fat and alcohol are the two worst things you can put in your mouth. Unfortunately we do need some fat in out diets BUT high fat foods are not a good thing.

  84. Gail Tilley

    I hope you are still put here sharing information. You have been so helpful with the info you share. Many blessings!

  85. Phil

    Hello Paul.

    My experience is very different that most. My illness started over three years ago with sudden symptoms of most likely Lyme disease or a virus, which led to chronic fatigue syndrome with a lot of complications. I have been diagnosed with chronic Lyme disease, something the medical community says doesn’t exist, despite many research studies showing it absolutely does. Anyway, I have had terrible gut pain starting about a month after my initial illness. It seems to be a complication of the infection, and many people with Lyme disease of complications of the pancreas, gallbladder, and liver. We initially though my pain was gallbladder, then maybe cancer, ulcers, crowns, celiac, hepatitis, and so on. After more than three years it’s looking now like we can narrow it down to the pancreas. I have an appt tomorrow with a specialist at a research hospital in Denver.

    Anyways, I have a few questions for you. More than a few actually. Anything you can answer I will appreciate.

    I didn’t see anything about caffeine in your article. Do you have issues with coffee or tea? Regular or decaf? Green or black tea? I seem to have issues with all of them.

    Do you have issues with rice?

    With your symptoms, did you have fat in your stools?

    Did you have dull back pain when the pancreas pain was bad?

    And did you notice a time frame in which pain would get worse after eating? For me it seems to start 30 minutes to an hour after eating, and will stay severe for several hours. For the past month I can’t really eat anything without pain, even veggies.

    Lastly, did you ever notice abdominal rashes with your symptoms? I have a rash across my rib cage all the time, which will expand across my abdomen often after eating.

    Thanks for your time

    1. The Health Guy Post author

      Hi Phil – questions are fine. I’ll answer them as best I can. Some answers will be ambiguous since learning I have been celiac all my life without knowing it and some symptoms I have had may have been because of celiac disease. So we have a combo (pancreatitis and celiac) to contend with in regards to my personal symptoms.

      1) “I didn’t see anything about caffeine in your article. Do you have issues with coffee or tea? Regular or decaf? Green or black tea? I seem to have issues with all of them.” I have no issues with either coffee or tea (green or black). I drink a lot of coffee. There is an article on this site that offers proof that coffee is actually good because it is full of anti-inflammatory compounds called polyphenol flavonoids.

      2) “Do you have issues with rice?” Yes. Most celiacs seem to tolerate corn, oats and rice without challenges similar to wheat, barley and rye. However … some do not. Here is a scholar type article about maize (corn) which is an important grain for most celiacs and supposedly safe; yet I can not consume it in any form. Oats and rice protein (prolamin) is very similar to the prolamins found in wheat barley and rye. Rice also causes a celiac challenge in me. According to ALL the research I have plowed through since 2009 when I was diagnosed I have leaned that I need to abstain from all grains if I do not want to have nausea and vomiting. I also learned that celiacs can present with acute pancreatitis which could be why I have had pancreas problems in the past.

      3) “With your symptoms, did you have fat in your stools?” Yes, before going gluten free (grain free) I used to see GLOBS of fat hanging onto and in my stools. I suspect that issue was and is still more due to celiac disease than pancreatitis but I doubt pancreatits helps with that issue lol.

      4) “Did you have dull back pain when the pancreas pain was bad?” Yes, at times, not all the time.

      5) “did you notice a time frame in which pain would get worse after eating?” This one is difficult to answer because when I was REALLY sick (about 3 years) I was married and my wife was a great cook and I ate everything I should not have eaten. PLUS before I was diagnosed I drank some. So when diagnosed I was told to quit drinking and I did, no big deal because it wasn’t something I needed but the food still remained a HUGE challenge; unknown to me at that time. So often I was sick within minutes to hours after eating yet … I ate tons of high fat foods. Bacon, steak, eggs, beef, whole milk, bacon grease (to cook fried taters, eggs, anything really), oils etc etc. I miss the food but not the pain etc Here’s the deal though … when the pancreas is always HIGHLY inflamed, eating anything can be a problem. Once diet compliance is achieved and the inflammation resolved things that people think are unsafe all of a sudden become fine to eat for most people (veggies, fruit, grains etc).

      6) “did you ever notice abdominal rashes with your symptoms?” Yes, but since going grain free those have disappeared.

  86. Stacy Ragas

    Good evening! Do you know of anyone with hereditary pancreatitis that used your regime? If so did they have positive results? My son is 19 , diagnosed with PRSS1 mutation when he was 2. He had a lot of good years with no symptoms. Since January of this year he has been hospitalized 8 times with AP and has developed complications. ( splenic vein thrombosis, enlarged spleen, and pseudo cysts)
    God bless and thanks for sharing your experiences!


    1. The Health Guy Post author

      Hi Stacy – I’m saddened to hear your son is ill and having a really rough time. I know there have been those with hereditary pancreatitis visit this site but I don’t recall who nor if they shared any results or even if they are using what I d. I seriously doubt that the diet and supplements wouldn’t be of benefit. It seems to help even those who are symptomatic with pancreas divisum (hard to treat) but there are no guarantees. You know I’m not a doctor, I can’t prescribe treatment, diagnose or give advice. So my thinking outloud may be off but to me hereditary pancreatitis varies very little from other forms of pancreatitis except mutations in the trypsinogen gene PRSS1 that promotes premature conversion of trypsinogen to active trypsin that causes pancreatic autodigestion. Hereditary pancreatitis does have a higher risk of PC. It does have a higher risk of pancreatic calcification and it does seem to be recurrent (AP) in nature due to the premature conversion of trypsinogen to active trypsin. It is also often more severe in nature what I mean is this form often present as severe more often than other forms of pancreatitis. It also usually presents in early childhood. I wish I could be more help. All I can say is if it were me I’d try diet and supplements and anti-inflammatory drugs (Ibuprofen).

      1. christine

        Hi – I just happen to come across this post looking for something else. I have the prss1 mutation and I have posted on this site before. The diet is critical in managing CP from HP – I think there is hope for the future to have a more robust diet if other treatment options become avaialble. To date the only treatment for CP is a TP with our without AIT. Without any treatments – the patient can only avoid all triggers. My doctor has said HP will happen regardless of lifestyle but I personally don’t think that can be true based on my associations with times of RAP. I will say I had a lot more RAP in my teens than I do know in my 30s – so there is hope for son. I have a theory based on my own experience that pancreatitis is bothered by hormonal fluctuations. I haven’t completely tried the regime because I have been nursing or pregnant but I have to agree with everything that you have told to stacy. I have found the curcumin to be helpful – which is the only one that I have tried to date. I also think that the key is finding a very very good doctor that specializes in gene mutations (there are not many in the country so it depends where you live). The good news for your son is that a new study just released last week showed that the lifetime pancreatic cancer risk is much lower than previously reported (40-70%) versus (7.2%). The doctors do not know everything (even top experts have said it is okay to have an occasional glass of wine!) and the patient must be its own doctor but the doctors can help navigate the research and keep you abreast of developments. Also pancreasfest is going on this week in pittsburg and they’re website is loaded with information. A few of the speakers are specifically discussing the role of antioxidants and the treatment of CP including HP. I have found aspirin and not ibuprofen to be effective at reducing pain related to CP (I am not sure why). I have started a facebook group just recently for PRSS1 mutations – if you can find it on facebook than I am happy to add you stacy. Also mission:Cure is a new non-profit that has a 10 year goal of curing CP and is studying HP. Also INSPPIRE is a non-profit studying pancreatitis in children.

        1. The Health Guy Post author

          Hi Christine – Thanks for commenting. It looks like you have been doing some research and if you try the regimen (diet and supplements) I hope you realize the results that others have. Hereditary Pancreatitis does offer challenges that pancreatitis from most other causes may not have (the increased risk of recurrent AP due the the activation of trypsin, calcification and PC) however … I have to disagree that TP, with or without AIT, is the only treatment for CP. Drugs and TP may be the only answer the mainstream medical community offers BUT … I know people (who visit this site), including myself, who have been able to completely change the predicted outcome of CP via diet and supplements. But whatever works for you is what you should do but … unless I had severely advanced CP with so much damage there was NO hope and I think there is hope until the pancreas is so calcified it could be a doggie treat or the pancreas is riddled with cancer. EVEN then Almighty God, Jesus Christ (THE Great Physician and Creator), still works miracles when it will glorify Him and His Father and promotes the Father’s will. I know HP is a lot more challenging than a mild case of gallstone pancreatitis (just used for an example) but you may find if you diligently work towards healing it may be worth it. HP is so challenging because of the genetic activation of trypsin. IF someone finds the solution to that problem it would make HP a distant memory.

          1. Christine

            I apologize I should have clarified that I was referring to the doctors- the only treatment provided by the medical community. I don’t disagree with you. I hope to find I can a manage it with lifestyle and supplements. The biggest stuggle I have is avoiding hypoglycemia with such a low fat diet. Fat is the only thing that keeps my blood sugar stable- I don’t have diabetes but I’ve always had to manage hypoglycemia. HP even with the exact same mutation develops and presents very differently, so each person has to figure it out themselves. Your story and information provides a lot of hope and just because there is no medical research proving beyond a doubt the pancreas can regenerate doesn’t mean it can’t.

          2. The Health Guy Post author

            No worries Christine. I apologize as well because often I come across as a “know-it-all” when I certainly don’t, nor do I mean to do so. Anyway, like I said you have obviously done quite a bit of research into your condition and that is a GOOD thing. I believe knowledge is armor. I also believe that correct knowledge gives us the ability to make a plan that works. So keep learning! There is quite a lot of info out there if you know where to look. Now …

            I understand about the hypoglycemia. The only way I have found to effectively reduce it is to eat enough, throughout the day, to keep blood sugar stable. Eating complex carbs (beans, lentils, yams, sweet potato, brown rice, whole wheat breads, vegetables) instead of simple carbs (white rice, white potato, white bread, pasta, fruit juice etc) helps tremendously because the simple carbs turn to sugar quickly and so we can experience that drastic drop in a couple hours while coming off of the “sugar high” lol

            The really cool thing is that now there are others that believe that the pancreas the pancreas can regenerate. Right now it seems to be only acinar cells that do so but hey if they can maybe others can as well. Check out this article from the NIH https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4324082/ I find this stuff not only interesting but extremely hope-filled, especially for those who need enzymes to digest food. With proper inflammation resolution and control who knows what is actually possible. Maybe the insulin producing Islets will regenerate as well allowing those with extensive damage the ability to either substantially reduce the amount of insulin needed daily or go without all together. I see hope. With man certain things are simply not possible but with God ALL things are possible. It is entirely possible that some day the secret to turning off the early trypsin activation will be found and so make it totally possible for those with HP to heal and thrive. 🙂

          3. The Health Guy Post author

            In regards to hypoglycemia Christine I was talking about eating more times daily if possible (small meals more often) containing complex instead of simple carbs. I left out protein. Protein and complex carbs help deter hypoglycemia so I eat as much fiber rich, complex carbs and safe protein as possible. This strategy seems to keep hypoglycemia at bay. I hope it works for you as well.

  87. Christine

    Thank you! Yes I do pair carbs with protein and eat complex carbs, but the fat is needed for me. Still learning the right mix- to minimize fat and hypoglycemia. Do you recommend digestive enzymes? Are there any downsides to starting them early versus late? There are a lot of studies suggesting that beta cells can regenerate which of course has been given a lot more attention in medical research because of the diabetes epidemic. There is a drug that was developed for cystic fibrosis which the idea sounds similar to genetic mutation in HP. In the CF one such defect is the G551D mutation, in which the amino acid glycine (G) in position 551 is replaced with aspartic acid (D). The drug corrects this- for a small price of 300k a year! I am not a scientist but it sounds similar to me The most common PRSS1 gene mutation that causes hereditary pancreatitis replaces the amino acid arginine with the amino acid histidine at position 122 in the enzyme (written Arg122His or R122H).
    Also have you looked at the recipes by dr. Mcdougall? I haven’t vetted but sounds similar to the diet on your page and I know many people ask and struggle with diet. I’m going to try some. drmcdougall.com/health/education/free-mcdougall-program/

    1. The Health Guy Post author

      You’re welcome Christine. I wonder if additional supplementation with L-Arginine would help. No, never heard of Dr. Mcdougall.

  88. Jared K.

    Hey Healthy Guy,

    Been a long time lurker. Although I haven’t been officially diagnosed with CP yet, doctors are thinking that is what is going on. I have had pain for the past 22 months, including pain under my right rib and upper back after fatty foods, alcohol and caffeine. I have had 2 CTs with contrast (oral and IV), 6 blood/liver panels, colonoscopy, endoscopy, HIDA scan, gallbladder removed, and a MRCP 17 months after symptoms started. All negative. Last thing to try is a EUS and I am hoping to get this done before the holidays when my first child is due to arrive (some good news).

    6 months ago I adopted your low-fat diet advice, as I had to or I would be in pain. I have never had a bad acute attack– my pain is always around a 4-6 out of ten. This tends to last for a few weeks and is aggravated by food. Slowly things settle down and I would be good for a few months. About 6 weeks ago I started to develop pain in my left shoulderblade/neck region, with pain radiated down my left arm into my hand (sometimes my wrist and pinky hurts). My vertebrae at the base of my neck (C7) is sore to the touch and if I press on it it shoots an electric type pain down my shoulder.

    One question to you and your knowledge of other people’s pain, has anybody described pancreas pain like this? I am thinking this actually maybe a disk issue or something, because it really feels like a nerve is pinched. When it gets bad my upper back muscles will tense up and it becomes almost unbearable. When I lay down the pain goes away, so I never have pain sleeping or in the morning.

    Also, perhaps I missed this on your pages or the comments section, but is your pancreatitis idiopathic or does it have a cause, such as alcohol? In addition, after having this for such a long time have you developed stones or diabetes? Essentially every study I read (I have a PhD and have access to medical journals) there is transition to endocrine and exocrine issues in 10-15 years. Your story is truly a remarkable one and I commend you for writing this blog and getting this information out. I am trying the supplements, but grape seed extract tends to make me dizzy and gives me night sweats (I read it is a vasodilator, so this makes sense). I am taking the ones you suggests.

    I struggle with anxiety and depression as well, as I am constantly concerned about having or getting pancreatic cancer. I guess that fact that none of my scans over 17 months (including MRCP) showed any indications of a tumor is a good thing, as I have read that pancreatic cancer is fairly aggressive in nature. I just can’t help to feel on edge, always looking for new symptoms. I am sure this constant anxiety is just making things worse.

    Thanks for listening and responding to people. Out of all the articles I have read, your blog is the most helpful thing folks burden with the terrible disease can read.

    1. The Health Guy Post author

      Hi Jared – congrats! on your new child who you will soon meet 🙂 Thank you for the kind words and I am glad you like the site. Your arm pain sounds like a back/neck/nerve issue just as you mentioned. I used to get similar pain due to calcium spurs on my neck which were growing on a neck vert that I damaged in a body surfing accident. At least that is what a bone cruncher told me years ago when he adjusted my neck. The pain hasn’t been as bad since but I still get some from time to time.

      The doc who diagnosed me thought I may have injured it playing foot ball but in 2009 I was diagnosed as a celiac and guess what can cause acute pancreatitis? So, who really knows, not me but from what I have researched I’d bet on celiac disease as the cause.

      1. Jared K.

        That’s interesting about football… I had a bad mountain bike crash a few years back and wonder if that impact (on my gut) had something to do with this. It sounds like you have the form of chronic P that is repeat episodes of acute attacks, versus the ongoing constant pain that some folks get– is this true? Also, how were you diagnosed– CT, EUS, MRI? I’m struggling to find a test that can show something, and at this point all I have left is EUS, but it appears this is the most accurate in imaging mild/early CP, or minimal change/small duct CP.

        I wish I could have my gallbladder back! 🙂

        1. The Health Guy Post author

          Hi Jared – I was diagnosed via several tests. Blood work drawn about half a dozen times while in an acute attack and then endoscopy and CT. I was actually told I might only live 10 years. Fooled him lol. Most of the time when I had cp symptoms it was mild pancreas pain and nausea. IF I cheat on my diet those symptoms can return and have. I have also caused acute P a couple times in the past 35 years as well. BUT if I don’t cheat I’m good. My diet is extremely important if I want to remain well and symptom free. I don’t know if it was a football injury or celiac disease (a systemic autoimmune disease) that was the initial cause. Since I have been diagnosed as a celiac and know that it can present as acute pancreatitis I lean more towards it as a cause.

  89. Bailey

    Hi, I’ll admit my head is spinning after a month of activity since what I now believe was a pancreatic attack. I’m 48 yr old female and It started with a fatty meal and a couple of glasses of wine (I’ve been a drinking wine for 20+ years on avg 1-3 glasses night). Vomited dinner and had several hours of very painful diarrhea. Stomach was sore the next morning, but assumed I had food poisoning. Avoided food for a few days and just drank water. Then returned within a week to low fat healthier food choices and wine with dinner. My daily stools were fatty for two weeks and then constipation set in for a week before I returned to fatty. Went to Doctor, checked blood-normal, did an upper GI normal. She mentioned she was also checking my pancreas levels which definitely caught my attention. Normal, but based on everything I am seeing that would be expected 3 weeks post.

    After weeks trying to find diagnosis online and seeing all the information about pancreatitis, I started recalling any previous bouts of diarrhea in the past. A good year ago I was traveling and had a similar incidence with vomiting and painful diarrhea on that trip which I attributed to stress. Then I see dull ache between should blades as a symptom and I recall having it that on and off in the past as well…

    5 weeks post incident, I have lost 16 lbs. and I’ve got an appointment with a GI this week. First 4 weeks I didn’t have any abdominal pain, but now when I eat I’m starting to get pings of pain in the adomen on the right side and that ache again between shoulder blades. Most sites say that the malnutrition starts around 5 years after the pain starts. Could I have had a mild trigger episode years ago that started the chronic progression without the constant pain? Not sure how quickly I got to chronic….had I only known that I had an attack I would have changed the diet and stopped any alcohol immediately. While I’m grateful that I didn’t end up the hospital as many have noted with an attack….at least I would have known that it was a pancreatic attack and changed my lifestyle dramatically.

    Sites indicate that 90% of function is gone when malnutrition starts…..so would that put me on the back end of the estimated 10 year spectrum? With chronic and following the plan you have shared (which is a given) I’m wondering if my chances of succeeding are significantly diminished from early onset.

    Appreciate your thoughts and anything I should specifically ask my GI outside of requesting a CT to confirm (not sure anything else would be the cause) and determine extent of damage.


    1. The Health Guy Post author

      Hi Bailey – sorry you aren’t feeling well but frankly unless it is pancreatitis beginning as CP (chronic) which a couple of forms of the condition can do what you are describing sounds more like intestinal issues or possibly gallbladder disease but you obviously need a complete and thorough work up and just for your own benefit I’d quit searching for an online diagnosis because it is difficult enough to get a concrete and correct diagnosis from a reputable doctor let alone someone online. I also doubt that malnutrition is going to set in within 5 weeks. I have had pancreatitis (CP) for 40 years? And Celiac Disease since I was a kid which didn’t get diagnosed until 2009 and yes, I DO have some malnutrition issues but it took YEARS of undiagnosed celiac disease. So do yourself a favor and get a concrete diagnosis and then worry about the other stuff because right now you are just guessing and worrying.

  90. Bailey

    Forgot to add…that I did stop the wine 4 weeks ago after just a couple of nights. It seems everything out there estimates AP CP related attacks to start after several years of 4-5 drinks a night. Citing only a small percentage of those would have a pancreatic attack ….that many could drink double to triple that daily and not ever have an attack. Wondering if there is genetic piece at play with a predisposition….


    1. The Health Guy Post author

      Yes, genetics can def come into play. If one has the genetic variant that predisposes them to alcoholic pancreatitis 3-5 drinks per day isn’t even necessary. ONE glass of wine with dinner two or three times a week would likely be enough. BUT again – get a diagnosis. I can’t diagnose, neither can you. Guessing doesn’t help. I hope someone finds out exactly what is wrong and gets you fixed up. 🙂

  91. DEE

    I was hit in the gut at work by a coworker who wasn’t looking where he was going and mistook me for the door he was trying to open with his fist. It’s been two weeks and the doctors just say it’s a bruised stomach muscle,but I know it’s pancreatitis.Thanks for the information,I’m just hoping I can heal this. Workman’s Comp isn’t going to cover followups for a bruised stomach muscle if that’s what they insist it is and I keep going back. I’m torn between healing myself or staying on a regular diet until the docs begin to address the pancreas issue. I’ve had two exams and I swear they are making it worse by poking on it.When I say the pain goes through to my back and show them where it hurts they say that I’m pointing to a back muscle.No duh,but it’s not muscle pain.Very frustrating. I know it’s pancreatitis because I dealt with it about 11 years ago for a brief time when I had systemic inflammation issues resulting in appendicitis,which resolved the problem.I also have pancreatic divisum,which means my pancreas can get backed up by inflammation. I’m just praying that because of the nature of the injury,that it will heal. I’ve been water fasting and taking supplements since I began to realize what’s going on,and that my pancreas isn’t bouncing back. I am hopeful that it will due to the nature of the injury. Do you know what the best test to request is to diagnose an issue with my pancreas? An ultra sound showed nothing,but my sister who works in that field said that test would be useless,especially when done by a doctor who wasn’t an ultra sound tech and he had me sign a waiver acknowledging that he wasn’t . Also,any thoughts on CBD oil,liposomal vitamin C, or MSM for inflammation. Both CBD & liposomal Vitamin C use oil and fats as a delivery method. Any tips for dealing with malabsorption? That was a big issue for me my first go round and the most depressing part of dealing with it as my body became so weak and aged. Anyway,thanks for this page. It’s such a life saver for people who are desperate,because it’s actually helpful.

    1. The Health Guy Post author

      Hi Dee I am sorry you are not well. Does that doc know you have pancreas divisum, have had pancreatitis before and still thinks it is a muscle issue? IF so – Get another doctor. Best thing to do is hit the nearest good ER/ED when you are ill so they can do blood work and check enzymes (amylase and lipase) and if indicated do a CT or MRI or EUS to get the real picture. I don’t know much about Cannabis Oil but I’ve heard it is good for pain. The supplements I KNOW work are grape seed extract, curcumin and vit C (regular C). Grapefruit juice is very good too (if you aren’t taking meds that would prohibit it). IF you’re on meds ask a pharmacist first for safety. I hope you feel better soon.

  92. Terri

    Hi Health Guy, I’ve been told by my doc that my pancreas looks great. I’ve been suffering with this pain for 12 years and no one even mentioned pancreas. I was always afraid it was my liver. My husband and I do a lot of internet searches when I’m experiencing pain. Of course we both just retired and want to start enjoying life and I started feeling the pain especially my side going up my back. can be pretty excruciating at times taking me to the ER and of course them finding nothing. It was very frustrating I’ve been having bouts with this for about 12 years. I found another doctor who finally did something called an ERCP but it didn’t help the pain.
    I’m thankful for your site and that I found it. You are simply amazing and I know God has a special place for you for being so helpful to educate about this disease.
    I’ve been told my pancreas looks great by my physcian. I and have been prescribed CREON and was told to take 2 for each meal that it would make me feel so much better. 32000units. the pharmacist said usually Its 1 before a meal. I guess I finally had a full blown attack on Nov. 11 and it made me cry and fear for my life. Its very scary.
    I have some questions I hope you still answer questions. How can you not eat for 3-5 days? Really just water?
    Thats very scary and I don’t know if I could do this. I guess if I’m in excrutiating pain maybe. Do you really not eat for that long?

    1. The Health Guy Post author

      Hi Terri – yes I am still here and answering questions when I remember to check for comments. I find I forget a lot as I get older lol. I am sorry to hear you had an acute attack just a couple weeks ago. I have had my share so I know how interesting the experience can be. I am sorry you have had to have the same experience. Doctors never cease to amaze me. Your pancreas is fine, looks great but he gives you a stiff dose of Creon at each meal. Maybe that was just very recent after your attack? That would at least make sense. Anyway …

      1) You asked: “How can you not eat for 3-5 days? Really just water? Thats very scary and I don’t know if I could do this. I guess if I’m in excruciating pain maybe. Do you really not eat for that long? ”

      Answer: Easy. When I am that sick I never want to eat. I mean why aggravate an already irritated, inflamed pancreas? Why suffer more pain, agony, nausea, puking etc just to eat? 3-5 days isn’t long. IF you were in the er/ed with acute pancreatitis they likely made you go NPO (nothing by mouth) for several days unless you had an extremely mild attack and they just sent you home. Fasting is the only good thing they make patients do. Anti-Inflammatory meds are another but they almost NEVER think to do that. I’ve even had people say they asked for anti-inflammatory meds and were told no! I shake my head because Pancreatitis is INFLAMMATION of the pancreas. Anti-inflammatory meds just make common sense. Fasting and large doses of an anti-inflammatory such as Ibuprofen simply make good common sense. Eating while sick with an inflamed pancreas is just asking for more trouble. I have fasted for much longer than 5 days. I have fasted a couple weeks on several occasions. Again when I have been really sick food was the last thing I wanted so it wasn’t a difficult thing for me. I hope you feel better soon 🙂

  93. Jim

    Hi Health Guy,
    I was diagnosed with EPI 18 months ago having had additional CT,MRI -MRCP, and Ultrasound scans all clear of any problems and at the time the specialist suggested I simply had idiopathic EPI. I was presenting pain in back and abdomen at the time, post a few drinks at the weekend, and he brushed this off as probable gastritus ushering me out of his office asap having avery busy waiting room.
    Prior to this episode of pain I had perhaps had two occasions previously where I had presented back and abdomen pain, dull in nature post drinking and had not thought anything of this at the time. I had suffered from what I thought had been IBS for perhaps 15 years previously.
    Fast forward 18 months and have had an extended period of pain 4 weeks back and abdomen with occasional nausea and stomach cramps and have had an appointment with an alternate specialist who is suggesting Chronic Pancreatitus, currently waiting an MRI.
    Generally speaking I have been fit and healthy, exercising regularly with limited drinking perhaps once a month last 18 months, although 10 years ago I was a heavy drinker, currently 48.
    Wondering how to make sense of two differing diagnosis, also if I do have CP is this likely at an advanced stage as I have EPI already.
    Any advice appreciated.

    Best regards,


    1. The Health Guy Post author

      Hi Jim … quit drinking. Stop eating high fat foods (read diet articles on site). See how that worksand how you feel after 30 days. Also go to the health store and buy grape seed extract (single ingredient formula with 90-95% polyphenol content) and vitamin C and start taking them. You can read about those supplementson this site too.

  94. Rob


    I had 3 AP attacks last year. In the first one I have been in a hospital for almost a month. I used to drink beer every day for a long time but Just bear. I did all kind of exames. The Docs found calcification and a stone of 0.4 cm in the main pancreatic duct. Some of they say I need to remove by endoscopic some say Just to quit smoking and drinking. That is no consern. Do you think that the seeds and curcumin can help to improve calcification on pancreas? Thanks you for your site. That is a lot of good information.

  95. Brandi barber

    Will any grapefruit juice do? I understand there’s white grapefruit and yellow grapefruit.

    I have started the supplements and can only take 1 each once a day. Hopefully I can build up. They make me nauseous.

    I can’t take a lot of things because I have malignant high blood pressure. It’s nothing to have it around 160/100 and higher. One hospitalization was 264/176….no lie. That got their attention!

    All tests are still coming back normal. Some nausea, no vomiting or fever. Just pain. What can I say…I’m an enigma….doctors jus give up on me.

    1. The Health Guy Post author

      Hi Brandi, sorry to hear you are unwell. That is some scary high BP! If the supplements make you nauseous you maybe taking to high a dosage for just starting or your body is toxic and they are pushing out those toxins or you don’t tolerate them. The grapefruit juice may not be a good idea if you’re on meds. Check with your doc or pharm guy/gal to see if any of your meds interact with grapefruit juice. Grapefruit is known to not play well with others, so before you drink it check. But if you are good to go regular 100% grapefruit juice by Ocean Spray or Simply Grapefruit are good. The others are likely to be as well.


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