The KEY to Beating Chronic Pancreatitis: STOP the Inflammation!

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soap-box-harpingThe key to beating chronic pancreatitis is to STOP the inflammation. I’m gonna harp at you about this until you “get it.” It is absolutely imperative to stop the pancreas inflammation in order to beat BOTH acute pancreatitis and chronic pancreatitis.

Nothing else matters.


It is inflammation that is responsible for all the damage. Ok, it is actually the digestion of the pancreas by its own digestive juices that create the damage BUT …

It is INFLAMMATION that is responsible.

Stop The Pancreas Inflammation

The Key To Beating PancreatitisThe pancreas inflammation is directly tied to the pain. Once the inflammation resolves, so does the pain and usually most of the other symptoms of acute and/or chronic pancreatitis as well.

MY first goal to achieve during an acute pancreatitis attack is to STOP the pain by STOPPING the INFLAMMATION. That is WHY I swallow 1300 mgs of aspirin or 800 mgs of Ibuprofen, 200 – 300 mgs of grape seed extract and 500 mgs of curcumin during an acute pancreatitis attack. All THREE cocktail ingredients are HIGHLY anti-inflammatory.

nausea-vomitingIf you have nausea and/or vomiting you have to stop the nausea and vomiting first so you can keep down my anti-inflammatory cocktail. Phenergan suppositories are good for that.

NOTE: If for some reason the cocktail doesn’t stop the attack within 60-90 minutes you should be going to the ER because there may be some complications that can NOT be dealt with at home.

If you have chronic pancreatic pain, you have chronic inflammation. The inflammation is caused by:

1) The food you eat (fat content)
2) The alcohol you consume

Narcotics only mask the pain. They DO NOT stop the inflammation which is causing the pain. In order to STOP the pain you MUST stop the inflammation. Pancreatic tissue can regenerate that is why I have had several people tell me that their CT scans have improved after starting my regimen (read this page) but this regeneration can not take place until the inflammation is completely resolved.

Beating Chronic Pancreatitis

Beating Chronic PancreatitisHow do you stop or resolve the inflammation?

I did it using my regimen. I won’t promise or guarantee results the same or even similar to mine. In fact, IF you do what I have done and still do, you do it at your own risk.  How might you beat chronic pancreatitis?

1) Diet. You adhere to MY Pancreatitis Diet (find it in previous posts). If you have pain you need to become a vegan (No meat of any kind or any type of food prepared with meat, this includes broths. No dairy, No fat, No oil). This may not be a lifetime thing. It depends on the damage you have and whether or not it heals up properly. If you continue to do what you have always done I guarantee your pancreas will stay inflamed. Ok …

Vegans use oil to cook, you don’t. No oil. No fat. Nothing that looks like, smells like or walks like fat. Fat and alcohol are the two enemies you need to eliminate.

supplements2) Supplements – You consume 300 – 800mgs of grapeseed extract (100mgs to 200mgs 3-4 X Daily), at least 500mgs of curcumin (preferably 1000, 500 2 X daily) and at least 1000 mgs of vitamin C DAILY. You may also need to take a GOOD enzyme supplement with pancreatin 4X 15-20 minutes before every meal if you have malabsorption issues. A QUALITY multivitamin supplement with B12 is needed, especially while on the vegan diet. Do not buy a product with the B12 called cyanocobalamin. Cyanocobalamin is super cheap B12. Cyanide used in the extraction process. Methylcobalamin is the best. You NEED B12 when on a vegan diet because B12 can only be consumed naturally by eating meat and dairy.

3) Anti-inflammatories (Ibuprofen, aspirin) – These are needed to eliminate or at least reduce the inflammation and pain. Large amounts are usually not needed for chronic pancreatitis like with acute. Increase the amount of grape seed and curcumin instead if 200 – 400 mgs of Ibuprofen isn’t sufficient for the chronic pain.

Once you have adhered to the regimen for however long it takes to become pain-free you continue with the vegan diet until you have been pain-free for at least 6 months. Then and ONLY then …

You may begin to add in some LIGHT fat to your diet and see how it goes. But your days of red meat, pork, lamb and any form of alcohol are OVER.

Just because you become pain-free doe NOT mean you are cured. There is NO cure for Pancreatitis. Once you have it – you are ALWAYS at risk. So …

For the rest of your life you will be on the regimen, diet and supplements unless of course you want to have pain or worse.

The choice is this …

Stop the Inflammation or DIE

Pancreatitis KillsNo sense beating around the bush.

Those are your options. Chronic pancreatitis can shorten your life. Acute pancreatitis (severe acute with complications) kills up to 30%, many within days and it is definitely not a fun way to die. Others live for years with intractable pain due to surgical procedures to save their life. So …

Granted you may not die tomorrow if you don’t change your lifestyle and stop the inflammation. You may be lucky and suffer for YEARS before having that acute pancreatitis attack that leads to necrosis, infection, internal bleeding, organ failure and death. Or maybe the medical establishment will get you totally hooked on narcotics, slice open your pancreas (various procedures) or even remove it completely before you die. That sounds wonderful doesn’t it?

Yes, I am blunt and sarcastic, maybe even rude and obnoxious but I am doing my damn best to get you to understand how critically important it is to STOP the damage of acute and or chronic pancreatitis and you can ONLY do that by stopping the INFLAMMATION and keeping it stopped!

If you ever come up with a better plan that doesn’t include surgery, please, let me know. So …

What do you think? Do you want to live, maybe pain free like me or at least a lot more improved than you are right now? If so you need to learn a lot and here’s your homework. Start here


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    1. Wendy you just have to get some really good non-stick pans and other cookware and learn to cook things without oil. I can fry potatoes in a good non-stick pan, fry egg whites, make an egg white omlette, etc. I’ve learned to cook everything without using oil of any kind. I don’t use substitutes like cooking sprays either. That non-stick cookware is the secret.

        1. Brian – the only possible substitute for Ibuprofen that may not cause problems for your ulcers would be either grape seed extract or curcumin or both. Curcumin in proper doses is almost as effective as powerful NSAIDS like Ibuprofen.

  1. Oh, I didn’t know that I can use Ibuprofen for treating my CP. I thouht it was only for AP. Once I give birth I will try it. It’s a good thing I reread this article 🙂

    1. Yep Ibuprofen works in both situations to resolve inflammation. You may only need small doses for CP (200 – 400 mgs once or twice daily) for a short time like 7 – 10 days to help resolve the inflammation. It should be used in conjunction with grape seed extract, curcumin, vit C and a proper low fat diet.

  2. Hello from Canada,

    Mid February I started to have left side abdominal pain radiating around my back and to the right. It was strongest on left side. When I’d lay down at night the pain would increase to an 8 of 10 that I couldn’t sleep and felt so nauseous that I would spend 5 hrs at the toilet. Although still bad, the pain would let up enough for me to sleep. This happened for 3 nights. I ended up at the ER where they did an ultrasound and CBC blood work. Ultrasound showed sludge and 1.3 cm stone. they said my blood was normal.

    The pain continued with only 24 hr water only diet helping. My doc referred me to a surgeon. My parents flew me to their place in the us to care for me while I waited. I had an attack with vomiting, 10 of 10 pain, left side to back. I begged them to take me to ER but they said it would ruin my hubby and I (financially) so they flew me home after my water only diet finally started to reduce pain. I tried to get in to my doctor who was hooked who ordered an ultrasound and bloods. Ultrasound shoed the stone and bloods normal. She sent the surgeon an urgent request. Food is definitely a trigger (chocolate, cheese cake, salad dressing for sure). I never drank an ounce of alcohol, I drink almond milk or water only (reflux issues). I had a scope to check for ulcers. All good. I had my gallbladder out in April. I’m still having major left sided back pain after eating. I had a colonoscopy after my son (unrelated issues). It was normal.

    Do you have any insight or advice?

    I keep asking about pancreatitis. They say the blood work doesn’t support it. I have a beautiful one boy and two year old girl. Im terrified by the life expectancy by medical sites about chronic pancreatitis. I want to see my kids grow up and without pain preferably. I’m terrified.

    Thank you for your research and experience. I imagine it gives many people hope 🙂

    33 yr old Mom of two, Jen

    1. Hi Jen, sorry to hear you are ill and worse dealing with idiot doctors (like I did). From what you have written t sounds to me like there is a real good chance you have suffered acute pancreatitis due to gallstones and sludge. IF the doctors only ordered a CBC there isn’t much in that test to even point to acute pancreatitis unless you have severe acute with necrotic infection in which case your white blood cells would be elevated. IF they didn’t check your pancreatic enzymes (amylase and lipase) while you were there after viewing a fairly decent stone and sludge via ultrasound you really have some morons to contend with. Sorry, I don’t have a fondness for most M.D.’s. The fact that a water fast helped relieve the symptoms, that your pain was in the area of the pancreas tail with pain radiating to your back, your nausea and vomiting, ALL point to acute pancreatitis. Heck, it’s as close to classic as it gets! So the next time you ask your doc about pancreatitis, ask also what blood work was done, when it was done (sometimes if done to early enzymes have not had time to rise) so you can figure out how long you’d been actually sick with symptoms BEFORE the blood work was done. It USUALLY takes 3-5 hours of pain and agony before your pancreatic enzymes begin to elevate. IF you had only been symptomatic for 30 minutes to and hour when you arrived at the ER and were admitted quickly and they drew your blood soon after admittance your enzymes may NOT have had time to elevate. Anyway …

      Since you have already had your GB removed, yet still have pain, obviously there is residual effects. Which again points to pancreas damage. Just my $.35 cents worth of opinion 🙂

      1. Thank you for your response. I’ve pushed for an MRI but the closest one is July 10. what would you do at this point I have pain still.

        Also, it’s pretty scary stuff reading about pancreatitis. I have two babies at home and the stuff I read is scary. Anything you can say about that?

        I could go to Emerg and insist on a CT before hand but that’s it. I’m really, really scared about my life and longevity. Everytime I hold my kids, I cry. My husband thinks everything is fine even though I tell him I know it’s not.

        Thank you! its 430 AM here and I’m up reading on this.

        Oh finally, how high is the back pain for you.

        1. Hi Jen, you’re welcome. Yea pancreatitis is kinda scary so I understand your fear. The problem is that doing anything that may stop the inflammation is going to have an effect on any tests. Doctors have a hard enough time trying to diagnose pancreatitis, in most cases. I RARELY hear of people being diagnosed right the first time yet it has happened. People have commented that they were diagnosed right the first time. Anyway …

          Going in to the ER unless you are symptomatic, like the time you were at your parents, is probably not going to produce optimum results. The MRI you are scheduled for may shed some light. The right blood work at the right time would also be useful but again that almost always requires an acute attack which isn’t the best of things to have happen. It’s a crap shoot.

          I don’t have pain any more, praise God! BUT when I did have attacks the pain would be dead center, just at my lower ribs and it would at times (not always) radiate straight through to my back (not left or right, straight through). Height was the same as front pain. So I never had pain on the left or right, during an attack. It was always dead center.

          1. With that said, should I do you water diet 3-5 days then liquid then do diet with supplements. I’d like to heal, not let more and more damage occur? Thanks for your advice. Doctors aren’t helping. I feel quite alone suffering.

          2. Hi Jen … I suppose you could if that is what you want to do. The only problem I can see is that you don’t have a firm diagnosis. I keep thinking what IF it’s not pancreatitis? But then you have a valid point regarding more damage if it is pancreatitis. Your call 🙂

        2. You are seriously over reacting about the life expectancy of CP .it isn’t cancer you aren’t going to die in the foreseeable future especially when the only diagnosis you have is the one you got from google so to say you sit and cry when you hold your babies is a massive over reaction . Most people with CP live very long lives and if you are just going to sit around thinking your going to die your just depriving not only yourself but children as well of a life .also having your gallbladder out does not mean you can’t get gallstones still

  3. OK Healthy Guy, you saved me before and haven’t had a pancreas attack since until…. I’ve had this pain (only upon movement) on my right side lower rib cage. Sometimes it hurts, sometimes it doesn’t, my point is it isn’t constant and only when I bend forward or stretch backward in a certain fashion but located in the same spot each time. I can push on the area with my hands and feel no pain at all. So I guess what I’m trying to figure out is, it is flaring up again? I started dosing with grapeseed extract 400-500 mg daily, vitamin C 1000 mg, Tumeric 95% 2000 mg and I always take the “All One” supplement you suggested daily as my “go to” daily supplement.

    1. Hi John – The grape seed, curcumin and vitamin C need to be a daily routine (3 – 4 times daily) not just when you start getting sick. The vitamin supplement is also daily because many can’t eat enough food (without symptoms) to get what the body needs and then there are those with malabsorption issues due to damage. Diet and supplements, make them a lifestyle. As for the pain issue …

      You could have some inflamation in the head of your pancreas. Head is on the right, tail on the left. It could also be something else. Pulled muscle? Do anything lately that might have pulled something? Could be a colon issue. The ascending colon is on the right, transverse in fron, descending on the left. It could also be a duodenum issue. And like I said it could also be some minor inflammation in the head of your pancreas or your gallbladder. The GB is on the right (rib cage area). Where you ever diagnosed with GB issues (gallstones)? Any nausea or diarrhea? Constipation?

      1. Thanks for you response. No, didn’t strain any muscles, feels like either the pancreas issue I’ve had before ( but very dull) or IBS which I’ve also had before. Went to the doctor and he did blood work, waiting on that and ordered an ultrasound. During the exam he pushed way below my belly button and I felt some moderate pain unlike the dull pain in my right side which is what the IBS felt like. So I have been taking the supplements and got some fiber and anti gas because I felt really bloated and it helped a lot. I’m afraid to take the 800mg of ibuprofen so I did 400 but I’m not really in a lot of pain. We’ll see what the blood work says but I’m convinced its IBS.

  4. You and this website are a lifesaver. I’m 25 years old and have been battling Acute Pancreatitis attacks since 2001. I haven’t consumed alcohol once in my life but I’m so happy to have all this information in one designated website, FINALLY! Thank you, can’t say it enough.

    1. I left a comment. I doubt it gets approved lol 🙂

      Here’s what I said:

      I was diagnosed in 1979 with acute and chronic pancreatitis. The doctor who finally figured out what was wrong with me said I might have 10 years left. 1979 – 1982 were incredibly horrible years. Then I figured out what doctors should have known years ago. Well, here I am, 36 years later, living pain free. I’ve been pain free for most of those years after 1982. All it took was correct knowledge and common sense.

      Y’all keep searching for magic pathways, new big pharma drugs or dangerous surgical procedures that will line your pockets while your patients suffer.

      Putting CP (chronic pancreatitis) into “remission” all boils down to knowing what it is (hint: inflammation) and attacking THAT problem with common sense solutions.

      The rest is simply garbage designed to keep the patient sick, paying for office visits, hospital vacations, surgical procedures and drugs.

      1. Thank you for this inspiring comment. Don’t know ifmyoy are still able to get these replies in email but did you get an early diagnosis or require enzymes at all how did it all go down?

  5. How long can it take to be pain free on the supplements and enzymes and diet? I have been doing this a month and I don’t feel any better. I am so discouraged after reading all the great testimonials.

    1. Hi Jen – There is no “time schedule.” Healing depends on the individual and the amount of pancreas damage. Some people may never become pain free, others will. It all depends on the individuals challenges and their commitment to healing (what they do and don’t do to promote healing). I know that is NOT what you wanted to hear but it’s the best I can do.

  6. Hi heres our story. In 2011 my mom had a bad case of AP. She had tubes in her abdomen for months while they did debriment to her pancreas. After this she was mostly ok until oct of this year when she got another attack. She mostly sticks to a los fat diet. Not much gluten either. There have been ups and downs but she continues to loose weight. What to do?

    1. Kasia the weight loss is hard to avoid on a low fat diet. Couple that with being ill and it’s even more difficult. The only thing I can suggest is more safe protein (egg whites, beans, peas, lentils and IF she can tolerate skinless checken breast roasted with NO fat of any kind in cooking or prep). The more ill one is the more difficult diet and healing become. Grape seed extract in large amounts (800 – 1,000 mgs per day), Ibuprofen (200 – 800 mgs per doase depending upon pain), vit C (2500 – 5000 mgs per day) and curcumin 500 mgs 3x daily) ( Curcumin IF she doesn’t have SOD or gallbladder issues) should be extremely helpful. Keep us posted regarding her progress Kasia. Good luck! 🙂

  7. 2 questions: 1) doesn’t our bodies require some fat for survival in our diet and 2) what type of salad dressings do you use? Vinegars are okay right?(without oil)

    1. Hi Debbie – Yes the body does require some fat in the diet in order to obsorb fat soluble vitamins (A, K, D, E etc). And the human body actually burns fat for energy. 5 grams of fat per meal with a total of 25 grams of fat per day is somewhat on the extreme low side but that’s what it takes to help heal the pancreas and avoid inflammation. So far I haven’t starved to death (over 30 years) so it must be workable. It’s either live in pain, cause more damage or worse or live on a little fat. Vinegars are fine. Rice wine vinegar is safe and tasty on salad. Lime juice is good too on a salad of cucumber, tomato, celery, green pepper and cilantro.

      1. hi,i have recurrent pancreatitis,had 6 episodes of er scenes.last admitted over a week still on a 90 day prescription med.would it be safe to try your regimen for anti-inflammation after the 90th day? and also is a spoonful of apple cider vinegar into a hot cup of water safe to drink? and is a little extra virgin olive oil not a good substitute for cooking? i’m from the philippines and it is really hard to find fat-free and gluten-free food here,unless i go vegan all the way after 30 yrs of eating meat=( the advising me for ercp since they found out in ct scan that i have a possible whatsoever that’s blocking my pancreatic duct and that’s hella expensive. I’m hopeless to even imagine of the cost since i don’t have insurance and a job now.i’m watchful of my diet but still i eat steamed fish,grilled chicken breast and sauteed mixed veggies with lil soysauce to taste.i’m still learning to research and search for an acceptable food that can’t upset my gut.

        1. Hi baby carmel _ IF it were me I’d call my doc and ask if I could take Ibuprofen now (with your 90 day med). The supplements usually do not interact with drugs except blood thinners and I highly doubt you are on those for AP. Apple cider vinager is fine. No on the olive oil. Ok, I just re-read and see you may have gallstones (something on CT blocking your pancreatic duct. You need to get that rectified. That blockage NEEDS to be removed. Unless you are a celiac eating gluten free is not beneficial. Red meat and pork a are out. Soy sauce contains alcohol. It is out (should not be used). Everything (well ok, almost everything) you need to know is on this site. Invest time reading. Good luck – get that stone removed.

  8. Hi Health Guy,

    I previously read your “beating chronic pancreatitis regimen” or “MY pancreatitis diet”, but I am currently struggling to find it on your site. I recall you did a period of nothing by mouth, then I think drinking grape fruit juice, then vegetable juice but can’t quite remember details. I would be really grateful if you could please help me locate the details.

    Many thanks and kind regards, Claire

  9. Hello again, I’m stressing out over finding your regimen for beating pancreatitis. I am a mum of 2 young children with little spare time. I keep trawling your sites and reading the same info over and over! I want to start my pancreas purge asap. I know this will be a drastic measure over the next 6 months but its those early weeks/ months I am keen to know what you did. Please direct me to the page where you listed the details of your extended regimen with nil by mouth, grape fruit juice, then veg juice. Many thanks, Claire

    1. Hey Claire – This Page explains what to do after an acute attack but it also links to the food diary info and supplements. This page explains the basics about a proper diet. It also links to the main diet page. This page talks about grapefruit seed extract and grapefruit juice. If you need more ask me or brouse the “categories” dropdown tab. Thanks for being one of my blog visitors. 🙂

  10. Hi HG, am I going mad… I don’t think I am? I’m sure I read about a much more drastic regimen that lasted for 6 months and would mean you should expect to loose a lot of muscle tissue. Over the past 6 months I have fasted 6 times for between 3-6 days, I felt much better after fasting, but have soon gone back to feeling unwell. My diet was initially low fat, small meals of bland food with a max of 5 grams of fat. I derailed on a few occasions ate some drilled chicken, another time avocado another cod and several times just too much food over a short period, all triggering massive pain. I am gluten intolerant but started eating wheat again after discovering my gluten free alternatives contained a lot of fat so stopped eating them. Wheat used to cause tiredness and bloating but now much more serious abdominal pain and acid reflux. My diet for the past month has been gluten free and the modified vegan you suggested, no nuts or seeds… pretty dull!!! I’m taking lots of supplements and getting protein from a vegan rice supplement, Thankfully only mild pain but I’m still having periods of feeling generally unwell. I want to do this fasting rehab for my pancreas properly and fix myself as best as I can. Please advise me on what you did. You’ve out lived the predictions and I want to too. Please feel free to contact me via my e-mail address. Many thanks, Claire

    1. Hey Claire – I hear ya – dull is well, dull and I have to admit after 30 + years it is really dull but when I think of the alternative (a nice, thick slab of prime rib, baked potato with sour cream and chives, a bountiful salad with chunky blue cheese dressing) and then the acute pancreatitis attack that would probably come after I settle for dull. Hey if you are gluten intolerant eating wheat, barley and rye isn’t going to help you. And …

      The first 6 months I recommend drinking fresh organic juice (veggie) and eating a modified vegan meal plan (no high fat foods that vegans use such as oil, nuts, seeds, coconut, avocado, etc) but with the addition of egg whites (animal protein which vegans don’t eat). You can actually doctor up an egg white omelette with various spices, veggies (tomato, onion, celery, spinach, salt, pepper, capers) and make it taste good! And really, everything I did to get well and/or still do to stay well is on this site, somewhere. I’m gonna make a page that will sorta serve as a guide for new folks so they don’t have to read about 70 pages and posts to get the right start. Anyway, later, when you feel better and that’s the main goal …

      You can make a garlic, lemon juice and caper sauce for cod fish that is pretty good. You can make an apricot sauce for cod too. And there are things one can do with poultry (skinless breasts) such as using lemon, pepper, salt and hot spicey mustard to liven meals up. But first …

      You need to do what it takes to heal as much as is possible for you.

      1. I use lots of salsa on my fish and chicken……Salsa without a doubt the best option for fat free eating on chicken fish turkey, etc….occasionally I will do aturkey burger made from white meat turkey only, Jenio has them and they are pretty good…even ketchup is fat free…on fat free/gluten free corn tortillas is really great,,,A nice baked potato–salt-pepper, mash it butter or sour cream needed….

          1. Been doing better..I have an episode hear and there about every 2 or 3 weeks.. But I can live with it….I actually use something called suboxone for pain..which helps a lot….Also been having good luck with Carafate-the liquid form–it actually tastes a little bubble gummy and coats the stomach,,I used to have an issue with narcotics back in the day, and because of my gastric bypass surgery I cant do advil, aleve or ibuprofen, Suboxone works great for pain and you cant take too much of it because it wont work after 16 mgs. .. I use between 4 and 8 mgs a day… My weight has gone back up from 163 to 171.. I exercise a tremendous amount and can run up to 6 miles a day. I try to eat mostly fat free..but do have a weakness when it comes to peanut butter which can get me in trouble,,,,, And at least 5 days a week, I usually skip weekends, I have my protein shake and add all sorts of stuff to it….Grape seed extract-500 mgs, Cucurmin, 2000 mgs vitamin C, and all sorts of fruits and vegetables,,,,the only fat that is in my shake is I use 1/6 of an avacado This is my breakfast…THANKS SO MUCH FOR ALL YOU DO FOR SO MANY PEOPLE! IF YOU ARE EVER IN ARIZONA WOULD REALLY ENJOY MEETING YOU IN PERSON AND WOULD REALLY LIKE FOR YOU TO TRY TO EAT AT ONE OF MY RESTAURANTS. ITS ON ME… I CAN GET YOU A FRESH GLUTEN FREE BAGEL, WE CAN DO EGG WHITE OMELETTES, WE COOK OUR OWN TURKEY, CHICKEN, ALL FRESH TO ORDER..

          2. The best part is I have been staying out of the hospital. I have to admit though without the suboxone I would have had to go to hospital on a few different occasions,(2 for sure). I have not been back to the hospital since Thanksgiving 2015..4 day stint..It just though seems lately I have been feeling better and with the suboxone Knowing that it has not let me down in fighting the pain off within 30 minutes, I have a real sense of freedom mentally….I don’t think I am going to get sick when I eat…..and their is a lot of freedom in that!

  11. Ok still wondering about the old post I read. I intend to go all out in the next week, it’s currently the summer holidays in the UK so no need for rushing around over the next month. I will be going at this blind without any suggestions of how to do it. I’m quite nervious as I have already lost 46lbs over the past 6 months, I was very over weight so not a bad thing. I would really, really, really appreciate you sharing with me the time periods you spent fasting and then drinking juice. Again, please feel to share info via email address. Many thanks in anticipation of your help. Claire

    1. Hey Claire – all that stuff should be in the links I gave you but you are not the only person who has some difficulty locating certain things on my site. I do too! lol. Anyway, I have tried my best to make navigation easy but the way I write is what can only be termed as haphazard. I jump from one thing to another and sometimes take the scenic route to where I originally wanted to go in a direct line. I apologize. I’m trying to create something that will hopefully fix the problem (nope not a book, that would be just as bad lol), but, who knows?

  12. Hi Healthy Guy-
    Hope all is well at your side. I needed your suggestions in regards to ibuprofen. I could get 2 medicine in India. One is ibugesic plus(ibuprofen 400mg, paracetamol 325mg) from Cipla. Second one is brufen (ibuprofen 400mg) from Abbott. Which one is safe to use? When should it be taken? Daily? When to stop it.
    In regards to grape seed extract capsule I bought 500mg. Should I take it everyday with or without pain?
    In case of pancreas enzymes, I bought pan lipase 10000. How often should I need to take this? Do I need to continue lifelong?
    I was curious what are the daily medicines should I stick to so that I do not have more horrible AP attacks?
    I am a branded CP patient for last 2years:) lol.. With 14 AP attacks already… With gall bladder removed, ercp senting done. Angioplasty done due to bleeding and psuedocyst. Some how in last 6 months the psuedocyst disappeared. Don’t know where those vanished. I am into strictly vegan diet, no oil, no fat,.. Somehow I felt better a few weeks back and thought about eating some chicken rolls and that was the worst mistake.. As I was again floored and back in ER. I am just bit OK now to slowly getting the inflammation down.

    1. Hi Avi – WOW sorry to hear you had another ER visit. You were doing so well too. Keep us posted on how you are doing, please? Ok …

      IF it were me I’d choose brufen (ibuprofen 400mg) from Abbott. Neither is safe but Paracetamol (acetaminophen) aka tylenol, is known to cause liver damage, bad liver damage and it is USELESS for pancreatitis pain and inflammation. I never take Ibuprofen long term. I use 800 – 1000 mgs for acute attacks (usually stops them in 60 – 90 minutes). I buy Ibuprofen over the counter at the drug store (Walgreens). There are generic and brand name (Advil, Motrin, etc) choices here in the states and it comes in 200 mgs tabs. I’d use 200 – 400 mgs daily to handle any residual inflammation for about a week. One of your 400 mg prescription tabs should be perfect for CP flairs and/or residual inflammation. Two (2) = 800 mgs in one dose should work for an acute attack. Three (3) 1200 mgs at most for an acute attack.

      GREAT news about your psuedocyst(s)! “Some how in last 6 months the psuedocyst disappeared. Don’t know where those vanished.” … “I am into strictly vegan diet, no oil, no fat” – the vegan diet with NO fat may have helped a lot in making your psuedocyst(s) disappear. I hope they do NOT return due to this last AP attack.

      1. Absolutely. Thank u so much my friend for the ibuprofen knowledge. Today I think I recovered 70%. Another 30% to go. Got back to work today. I pray to God the pseudocyst don’t again come back. Your inflammation reducer cocktail is absolutely Miracle. God has send you for sure:)
        God knows why the doctors don’t recommend ibuprofen. Guess the profit margin is nil. Good news is now I have thrown my pain killers tramadol and paracetamol out of my window. You are a life saver. Doctors were killing me with pain killers and paracetamol. Those bloody bastards don’t really care.
        I know it’s me and only myself who can cure my terrifying CP flare ups. Hope to quit the smoking habit and kick the butt . Also sticking to proper vegan diet, no oil, no fat. I just wished I followed the diet a year back and wished i never had touched alcohol. Alcohol is a killer socially and personally. It spoils lives. I had indeed spoiled mine. But now through you I see a pleasant light to drive for survival. I feel it’s never late to lead a decent good life with family and friends.
        Thank You again for the support both mentally and physically. You don’t find many good human being like yourself. I will try my best to follow your footsteps to enlighten as many people who are suffering daily in this world.
        One more thing, I came across this website, Facebook page, who are claiming to cure CP totally through special ayurveda medicine they have prepared mixing various compound named AMAR. It seems it takes 2years to prepare this medicine. Here is the website. Testimonials looks good.
        But unsure about this as when I contacted them, it seems they are charging a hefty sum. Some 400k Indian rupees. I don’t have any issues people making money but not so much for making common folks to shell out so much cash. Let me know your thoughts. Will wait for your suggestions before venturing out there. I don’t mind a month long Himalayan trip:)

        1. Hi Avi, I had a look at this site, I think the key to their sucess is that they put you on an IV drip for a year so no need to eat. I’m trying a long fasting approach no possibility of an IV drip for me. If you have the cash you might be able to get this privately in the US? Don’t think you would need to do this for a year maybe 3 months?

  13. Hi I’m starting my fasting today. I’ve been on a modified vegan, low fat diet for 6 months, with several short periods of nothing by mouth. Initially I feel better after fasting, but my pain and general feeling of being unwell slowly returns and gets a little worse each day. No point in holding off any longer. I’m going for a long fasting approach. My plan is to completely fast with only water for 7 days. Then drink a combination of grape fruit juice and pineapple juice (both good for inflammation) for 6 weeks. At this point I will also start back on my supplements. From there I will drink fresh vegetable juice for a further 6 weeks. That takes me to 3 months of water then juice. For the next three months I will start to introduce whole vegetables, fruit and rice, plus a rice protein supplement. This will take me to 6 months of rest for my pancreas. For anyone who is interested, I will try and blog here as often as possible with updates of what I’m doing and how I’m getting on.