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I Have Pancreatitis What Can I Eat?

I Have Pancreatitis What Can I Eat?

i have pancreatitis what can i eatIf you have pancreatitis, the question “I have pancreatitis what can I eat?” may be very important to you. In fact the answer to that question may mean the difference between living with pancreatitis, beating pancreatitis and dying from pancreatitis.

I Have Pancreatitis What Can I Eat Safely?

When the question: I have pancreatitis what can I eat? comes to mind I have a tendency to think vegan. The plant based vegan diet (no animal products, no dairy) is the most friendly diet for pancreatitis however …

The vegan diet allows foods high in fat content such as nuts, avocados, coconut, and oils which are not friendly towards a damaged pancreas so when answering the question: I have pancreatitis what can I eat? ALL high fat content foods should be eliminated. For those of you who are used to eating high fat content foods this may present a problem, especially at first but …

As you learn to accept the fact that your eating habits need to change for “I have pancreatitis what can I eat?” or you will suffer the consequences it will become easier. In time you won’t miss those high fat content meats, sauces, gravies and deserts. You will welcome the pancreatitis pain relief that you will soon experience due to a major change in menu and …

i-have-pancreatitis-what-can-i-eatYour new diet for pancreatitis and pancreas healing will become a treasured lifestyle change.

Safe Foods For Pancreatitis

When you are learning about “I have pancreatitis what can I eat?”  it’s important to know the TWO main enemies of a patient with pancreatitis are Alcohol and FAT both of which will inflame the pancreas. Alcohol and high fat foods are out. The ONLY safe fat for a pancreatitis patient with an unhealed pancreas is plant based. You are balking already, aren’t you?

I hear you! But …

Remember this:

YOU are the one who is still sick. I have had many, many acute pancreatitis attacks and was finally diagnoed with both acute and chronic pancreatitis in 1979. I am healed. I have learned this information about “I have pancreatitis what can I eat” the hard way (trial and error). You can believe your doctor, favorite nurse, the guy down the street or some book written by the descendants of some dead guy who had pancreatitis …

ALL of whom have never personally had nor experienced the horrible pain, nausea and other symptoms that come with pancreatitis or you can choose to take a flyer and believe me, the guy who has been diagnosed with pancreatitis, told he had maybe 10 years of life left and is still alive 33+ years later and …

Has lived pancreatitis pain free for most of those 33 years because I found out how to DO IT RIGHT. So …

i have pancreatitis what can i eatLearn About “I Have Pancreatitis What Can I Eat?”

The list of safe foods for answering the question: I have pancreatitis what can I eat? is a fairly short list. One task you need to do in order to prove to yourself what I tell you is true and more importantly to actually KNOW what foods are safe for you is to create your own food diary. Anyway …

Here is a view of that short list of foods usually safe to eat when you have pancreatitis (NOT when you are just coming out of an acute pancreatitis attack).

  • Egg whites (packed with protein – ZERO fat)
  • Legumes (beans, lentils, peas)
  • Vegetables (all kinds – leafy greens, tubers and cruciferous)
  • Fruits (all kinds EXCEPT avocado, coconut or some other high fat content fruit)
  • Whole grains (wheat, barley, oats, rice etc)
  • Spices (especially good are cayenne, garlic, turmeric, black pepper, ginger)
  • Supplements for Pancreatitis

Here’s a free tool I use to find out about foods. What the nutrient density is, the fat content and what kind of fat, vitamin/mineral content and more. You don’t need to buy anything or sign up for their newsletter (which may contain food choices not good for YOU). Simply use the tool.

6 Months Symptom Free

Once you have been symptom free for 6 months or more, while on your “I have pancreatitis what can I eat?” diet, you may begin adding in more protein sources to test how it works out for you. If you have not healed your pancreas enough to have been completely symptom free for at least 6 months DO NOT add these foods.

  • Fish (white meat fish such as cod, halibut, bass, crappie, pollack, orange roughy, talapia, catfish)
  • Seafood (lobster, shrimp, crab, scallops, clams etc)
  • Poultry (skinless chicken, turkey, grouse, pheasant, quail)

The Rest Of Your Life

Once you have been symptom free for a year or more DO NOT think you can vary much from your diet. I have pancreatitis what can I eat will never change. Once your pancreas has been damaged you ALWAYS have the risk of acute pancreatitis and more damage. If the attack is bad enough you may not have to worry about diet and if you make it you have to start all over from square one and re-heal the damage.

i have pancreatitis what can i eatI KNOW because I did something stupid.

I quit taking my supplements and varied my diet.

Soon I was sick as a dog again.

Be smart, learn from my mistakes and stay on your diet for pancreatitis.

It is a “I have pancreatitis what can I eat?” lifetime commitment but the alternative could be somewhat dim because I understand it gets really dark 6 feet under ground.



335 thoughts on “I Have Pancreatitis What Can I Eat?

  1. I read that mct oil was good to include in your diet. It is suppose to not require any release of pancreatic enzymes to be digested. Do you know anything about this?

    1. Harla I must admit I know NOTHING about mct oil. Never heard of it. So I looked it up – Medium Chain Triglycerides. At this point I can’t give an educated opinion simply because I am NOT educated on the subject of MCT’s as yet however, I did find one site with an article written by a doctor that said it may be good for pancreatitis patients but causes nausea. So …

      I would guess since a doctor thinks it may be ok for a damaged pancreas that it is most likely not good (yes I am a skeptic when it comes to doctors). However, I reserve judgement until I do some research. If you decide to give it a try let me know how it works out for you.

    2. I have been suffering from pancreatitis for over 10 years. I take pain meds, which has caused other problems. Central sleep apnea for one. Which is horrible. I am exhausted all the time, even with the cpap machine.. I follow a very strict diet and have cut out so many foods, but I still seem to be declining. Reading your blog has given me a glimmer of hope. At the rate I am going, I figure I have 2 maybe 3 years left. I have no quality of life because of this disease. If I exercise, by that I mean walking, I am in pain. I have to lie down after 2-3 hours of being up doing normal daily chores, I mean I am in tears. I”m usually in the hospital every 4 to 5 months, because I can’t take the pain. I hate taking so much pain medication. Sometimes I don’t bother because it really doesn’t help, I just wait it out. I’m in pain after eating, but i also became malnourished because I wasn’t eating enough. It’s very difficult to eat several small meals/snacks a day. How did you do it?? I don’t want to die. I want to be able to go to my daughter’s wedding in November, but at this point not sure I will make it. My family do not understand the severity of this and frankly I think they are sick of it. They just don’t get it. Your advice was great, anything
      else you can think of that may help me I would love to hear. I am so sick of being sick. I am experiencing spasms now, insomnia, the list goes on and on. They say I don’t have cancer, but I have all the symptoms.
      Sorry to rattle on…another sleepless night of pain and anxiety. I was looking up sushi and came across you.
      No sushi I guess. I made plans with friends and I never go out. I’ll just have brown rice if available and vegetables. I’ve also lost 35 lbs in less than 5 months. They are going to be shocked. You sounded so different than all the other articles I’ve read and believe me I have read sooo many.
      Thanks if you took the time to read all this. Love to hear back from you.

      1. Hi Kim – I understand your fear. Fear is an enemy. Do your best to get rid of it. Yes, people die from pancreatitis I won’t lie to you but it doesn’t have to be today, next month or even next year. I’m proof. Doc told me maybe ten years. That was 37 years ago. Doing what I do will not be easy. For most people it’s a huge challenge. You have to decide you want to live, you want to beat this condition called pancreatitis and that you will not quit. I find there are tons of folks, who say they want to get well yet don’t want to do what it takes, which is a huge lifestyle change for most folks. So, let’s see if we can get you to your daughter’s wedding, well or at least feeling a lot better than you do now. Then once you accomplish that goal you can form others lifespan goals. Smile! There is always hope 🙂

        What you have to understand is that I am NOT a doctor. I can not tell you what to do in regards to your health. I can only tell you what I’d do. What Almighty God taught me and told me to share with people like you. So I am only going to tell you what I would do and have done to get well and then stay well. IF I had it all to do over again I’d follow the exact steps I am going to lay out.

        Step 1 – I’d do the pancreatitis food diary and prep. This step is extremely important because without doing it you will never know exactly what foods trigger your pain and symptoms. You’ll simply be guessing or worse listening to someone who has no clue. I know what triggers I have to avoid and I lump everyone into the same regimen simply because I KNOW in most cases the two worst enemies of a pancreatitis patient are:

        1) Alcohol is extremely caustic to a damaged pancreas or for those people who have the genetic predisposition to alcoholic pancreatitis. No you don’t have to be an alcoholic or a weekend lush to get pancreatitis from alcohol. IF you have a genetic variant that predisposes you to the condition even casual drinking could trigger the disease. Abstaining from alcohol is crucial. and

        2) Food (fat really). I began to understand that food is not my friend. Especially red meat, pork, high fat junk food, prepackaged foods, anything with a high fat content. It is ironic but fat exacerbates every billary type disease (gallbladder, pancreas, liver, sphincter of oddi). Some people can tolerate more fat than I can. Others less. But fat and alcohol are the two main enemies.

        Food diary

        Step 2 is to start your new diet. I do not have a bunch of recipes. I have several posts that explain about diet, what to eat what not to eat. Using your imagination you should be able to create breakfast, lunch and dinner on a daily basis. When you do the food diary prep you will fast, then cleanse, then try organic veggie juice (hopefully you have a juicer) if not low sodium V8 (available at most stores) can do fine. Then you graduate to solid food.

        Pancreatitis diet

        Step 3 – Supplements. I’d go to your store (fred meyers, health store, etc) and buy the supplements today because I’d want to use them during the fast. The fast is water and supplements only unless you need pain relief (Ibuprofen).

        Those are the three steps I’d take, now, if I had to do it all over. Step 2 takes a while. The diary is best done one food at a time according to the directions which is time consuming, boring and challenging. The supplements are necessary for healing. Until the inflammation is totally conquered you will continue to have symptoms. It usually takes BOTH diet and supplements to be successful. When buying your supplements (grape seed extract, curcumin and vitamin C) make sure they are a single, stand-alone formula so that high doses can be achieved without toxicity.

        If you have questions ask. Smile you are going to be feeling better and attending your daughter’s wedding 🙂

    1. Kylie i hear tons of people say what you just said while they still eat steak and other high fat crap. I can eat any spice and i eat tons of garlic, cayenne, chili powder, black pepper, salt, onions. if it’s hot and anti-inflammatory i eat it. never bothers me. But … i don’t eat steak, roast, bacon, pork, lamb, duck, mayo, butter, or use oil in cooking or as an ingredient. I stay away from high fat foods and alcohol. i watch labels on products i buy. lard is either pig fat or beef fat and is used in a lot of stuff especially baked goods. unless you have done the food diary prep correctly and then started a food diary you will never know what is really good (safe) for you or bad (unsafe) for you. that is just the way it is.

      1. Healhy Guy. Porade help. First of all, your blog is fantastic. I have been diagnosed with chronic pancreatitis four yours ago, had my first attack when I was 18, now I’m 34. My doctors always told me that I developed this terrible disease due to alcohol, treated me like shit at ER or hospitals, I almost lost my mind. After 15 years of searching for right Gastro doctor I finally found one. After week of tests he istelling me I have Celiac Disease untreated fir many many years. None of my previous doctors noticed it. Oh man, makes me wanna punch them right in the face. Now, I know what untreated celiac disease can do to pancreas. I have already EPI and have to be on creon always when I eat, since my pancreas outputs so little enzymes. I’m not diabetic…..yet;))) I follow the same diet you do plus added grape seed and curcumin. But Celiac disease changes all that. Now to my question finally;) Man, what do you ea? mension you have this combo CP+CD as well. How do you get by? I need some tips, feeling like shit these days, really:(. Please, if you can give me some gluten-free tips that are also low fat and are in line with CP diet. Thank you sir!

        1. Matt – you lucky devil! You have chronic pancreatitis and celiac disease, like me? Lucky you dude! What do I eat? It sure isn’t steak, biscuits and gravy! I’m one of the lucky guys. Simply going gluten free (normal gluten free diet) didn’t work for me. Ah hell no. I had to cut out corn, oats and rice too. I thought, since I’d had it since I was a kid (CD explained the mouth sores, nausea and sometimes diarrhea). I was diagnosed with celiac disease in 2009. Went on the reg gluten free diet. No change to speak of. Found this doc online named Osborn. Specializes in CD. He explained that some celiacs who didn’t get well via the normal GF diet also had to dump corn, oats, or rice or all three. I dumped corn first, then oats and finally had to dump rice so I am one of the lucky few who illicit a response from more than just wheat, barley and rye. So to answer your question about what I eat ummm veggies, fruits, fish, chicken, turkey, potatoes, yams, beans, peas anything that doesn’t contain high fat content, alcohol, wheat, barley, rye, corn, oats or rice. Life is good but not a food smorgasbord!

          1. I love the Blog. Landed here because I have been all over the internet and my search terms are getting pretty specific, because I’ve noticed that the people who know what they are talking about have found out some of the same things.. and all are things which the best docs in the country have not. SO .. kudos and glad to be here. I know this is an old post, but I had a question about the eggs. You mentioned stocking vegan, but adding eggwhites. So meat fats and dairy are pretty much the no no’s eh? Just curious if there was a method. I have some input on vegan protein drinks etc if you’d like to blog on it. Also.. For the celiac.. glean some info from the specific carbohydrate diet if you can. It is the specific types of carbohydrates that feed candida and cause gut wall inflammation (laymen’s terms). So killing the candida and taking 10 grams of l-glutamine a day speed the regeneration. Once the leaky gut goes away, the response to grains diminishes drastically as well as many other allergy symptoms. Thanks again for getting this info out there. Very cool. Me? Recovering from the diagnosis of “moderate to severe crohn’s/colitis with autoimmune pancreatitis.

          2. Hi Mick glad you like my blog. Crohn’s/colitis with autoimmune pancreatitis. That doesn’t sound fun at all. Are you a Celiac as well? I’m guessing there is a reason you referenced to wanting info on carbs for Celiacs. I’m a Celiac that is why I asked. I’m one of the rare Celiacs who is completely grain intolerant. IF it is a grain with “prolamins” (wheat, barley, rye, corn, oats, rice, or cousins etc) it usually causes an unwanted response in my system. Since I am a long-term, undiagnosed until 2009 Celiac (had it since childhood and docs missed it) I have other things now such as lactose intolerance. Anyway about the eggs and meat …

            Once someone has done the food diary prep and then slowly introduced vegan foods (plus egg whites for more protein) and remained a “modified vegan” (no oil, nuts, or fat etc) for 6 months, symptoms have cleared and the subject is feeling much better then skinless chicken (roasted, boiled) cooked in a way that the fat drips off and stays out of the meat or other food to be eaten can certainly be tried. White meat fish usually works as well. Both of those provide excellent sources of protein. The fish is especially beneficial because fish usually provides more B12, potassium, other minerals and omega 3’s. Exactly why white meat fish and skinless chicken are better tolerated than other meats I have no clue, they just are. If I missed the answer to your question tell me and I’ll retry. 🙂

          3. I was literally just diagnosed last night in the er with chronic pancreatitis (thought I was my gallbladder for about a year), the catch? I also suffer dvt (deep vien thrombosis) for year’s now have taken warfarin & that’s no longer an option… having to go through my spices one by one, cros referancing each for both conditions (as I’m back to square one in controlling dvt without blood thinners anymore) and crfoods, like referencing foods like leafy greens, good for one, bad for the other ect. it’s a nightmare, just a day into recovering and still enjoying the full effects of the pain since the Dr prescribed vicodin for pain since ibuprofen and insaids aren’t an option, and the pharmacist then warned my that the acetaminophen in vicodin is only going to further inflame the pancreas…. it’s so hard to focus, do you have any pain management tips that don’t involve pain medications?

          4. Kristina – grape seed extract, vit C and curcumin. You can read about all on this site. Have someone go to the health store and get them and try them. They work. And all 3 are important. They work together synergistically. The brand NOW Foods grape seed 100 mg Vcaps have BOTH grape seed extract and Vit C. If money is tight that is the ONE I’d choose. I use it daily. It has worked for me for YEARS. IF all three supplements are possible budget wise that is even better! Like I said they work together really well. IF you have gallbladder issues (inflammation, stones sludge) or have been diagnosed with SOD (sphincter of oddi dysfunction) DO NOT get the curcumin. Just take loads of grape seed extract.

      2. Im really finding your info So Helpfull The Health Guy, I have only just got out of hospital and am in a lot of pain i have hardly eaten for 6 days and really want to, is 6 days too soon to be starting to eat obviously i have been having lots of water and fruit and also the odd bit of potato and vegetable, just a little worried as my pains havent gone away i still have to be taking Zapain tablets (8 a day) and still hurting, I have upcoming hospital appointments and further scans just wondered could you offer any advise on what to do in the early stages of an attack, I was diagnosed 6 days ago.

        Thank You So Much

        1. Richard – since you have just been released from the hospital after an attack of acute pancreatitis (I’m guessing?) I would suggest you stop eating and rest your pancreas. IF you are still in pain your pancreas is still inflamed. And IF it were me and it’s not, it’s you so you have to do what you think is best but IF it were me and it has been me more times than I like to remember I’d dumped the Zapain for a couple reasons. #1 Codeine is a narcotic that only masks the pain at best. It doesn’t address the inflammation of the pancreas and the Paracetamol, also known as acetaminophen, can and does destroy liver tissue. And acetaminophen is a very WEAK anti-inflammatory. I’d get some Ibuprofen which is a powerful anti-inflammatory. Advil can be bought at Walgreens, safeway etc. It comes in 200 mg tabs. I used to take 800 mgs to literally STOP acute pancreatitis. When the inflammation is eliminated the rest of the symptoms (pain, nausea, vomiting, bloating etc) resolve. Grape seed extract, Vit C and curcumin (if you have SOD or GB issues do NOT use curcumin) coupled with Ibuprofen is a POWERFUL cocktail (water + cocktail only by mouth).

          Once the pain and other symptoms resolved I’d continue to fast (water + cocktail only by mouth) for at least another 72 hours (3 days). Then I’d try some veggie JUICE. If you don’t have a juicer you can get low sodium V8 juice at the store. I’d do the juice for another 72 hours (3 days). IF I had ZERO symptoms AFTER 3 days of water, then 3 days of juice I’d consider some solid food such as rice or veggies or rice and veggies. NO OIL, NO BUTTER, NO FAT of ANY kind! Then …

          I’d do just what I say I did and do on this blog. If you invest the time on this blog you’ll find out how to do a proper food diary, what you can eat etc. THIS Page contains links to imprtant info about beating pancreatitis.

          Get well Richard and stay well. 🙂

      3. Hi Health Guy, I hope you get this. I have done so much research on pancreatitis to try and see what’s wrong with me but I think I already know. You see I haven’t been diagnosed yet as I see it is very hard for CP to be diagnosed. Since December 2015 to May 2016 I have had four blood tests and all four I have had slightly elevated Lipase levels-see my results. 1st time-121, 2nd-199, 3rd-82, 4th-130. The third test was the best (only 82 and normal is 70) and my doctor was happy but I know at that time I was working out and eating much healthier so it dropped from 199 to 82. BUT…once I started back eating poorly and not working out for about a month I had retook blood and it shot back up from 82 to 130. My dr didn’t really believe it could have been diet and said that is a myth. I think the fatty foods and all those Macaroons helped shoot my lipase levels back up. Do you think so? I am a drinker but have stopped for a month now. I am afraid that I might have CP. I did have a bad episode back in Nov where it was the worst diarrhea I ever had and I had stomach pain but not pain that would have sent me to the hospital. I had to vomit but didn’t but I felt nausea. I wonder if that was an episode of AP? What I want to know is do you think I may have CP? My CT scans and ultrasound/MRI all came back normal. he even took an autoimmune test and normal liver kidneys fine and no diabetes and no gallstones as yet. I go back to my dr in Sept to take blood again as his goal is for my blood test to be back in the normal range. If it comes back elevated I am going to get a second opinion. My current dr does believe my pancreas may have been inflamed slightly and has told me to stop drinking alcohol and to retest. Should I start taking supplements like pancreatic enzymes (which I brought and my dr didn’t really want me to take them) now to help whatever it is go away? I am afraid to because if I have it I want to be diagnosed so I can start doing what I need to do to get healthy again . Please give me any advice you may have -thanking you in advance 🙂

        1. Hi Tasha – this is gonna blow your mind but keep in mind I’m a celiac and so I have researched celaic disease – a lot. Celiac disease causes nausea, vomiting and in most people mild to severe diarrea. Celiac disease will also elevate pancreatic enzymes (check this out). And Celiac Disease can manifest as pancreatitis (read last paragraph under “Clinical Manifestation”. So could the increased fat in your diet have resulted in your lipase increase? YES! Celaic Disease is “systemic” and attacks other organs NOT just the small bowel (villi). And it has been proven to attack the pancreas. So get tested because most doctors do NOT even have a clue as to how much damage Celiac Disease can actually do when left undiagnosed and untreated 🙂

      4. I agree, it’s everything I’m putting in my mouth, I’m buying a food juicer and going to a vitamin store to get everything I need, for me my biggest challenge is my morning coffee witch is killing me. There’s just got to be a coffee I got to figure out if it’s the coffcan have or it’s the fat free creamer I’m useing, all I know is I’m in horrible pain. And I’m planning on getting off this pain meds and useing ibrophen. The pain meds are, I believe and my doctor believe are not doing me any good. Thanks for all your info

        1. Charlene read the label (ALWAYS read labels) on that non-dairy creamer! Most contain oil, usually soybean oil and often lecithin too (oil). I am willing to bet it is the creamer not the coffee. I hope you are better soon 🙂

          1. Yes I think your right, well now I have painful like cyst in my mouth and elbows, I looked it up and it from my pancreas,I just don’t know what to do,my doctor referred me to Miami university a month away, I need help now

      1. Hi Martha – yeah there are tons of folks who have no clue what works and what doesn’t. I eat all kinds of spices. I like my food to have ZIP! I eat cayenne pepper, black pepper, salt, cumin, turmeric, garlic and almost any other spice that I deem necessary for flavor. Spices have never hurt me but foods high in fat certainly do.

  2. How about sugar? How does it affect the pancreas? I went to ER last night because my abdominal pain persists even if my Lipase numbers are significantly lower, they discharged me with some pain medication and a referral for a gastroenterologist. When I got back home I had some pineapple juice and the pain came back even after I took the pain medicine, they didn’t give me any anti-inflamatories however.

    1. Monica if you were hurting enough to go to the ER you shouldn’t be ingesting anything but water for hydration. Your pancreas may be inflamed enough that it simply doesn’t tolerate any type of food and needs to rest for several days. The pineapple juice should normally be a decent choice because it contains bromelain which is an anti-inflammatory. I love pineapple and pineapple juice but like I said your pancreas may be to inflamed to handle anything but water for a few days. Sugar doesn’t seem to be bad especially if it’s from natural sources like fresh fruits. White, unsweetened grapefruit juice is even better.

      1. Do you know If marijuana edibles
        Are good or bad for pancreatitus ?
        Prior to being diagnosed with pancreatitus , I smoked pot for my diabetic neuropathy pain . It worked . I had been having foot pain and I started smoking pot and it went away .
        When I was diagnosed with pancreatitus I stopped cause Drs said it was bad to smoke.

        Now my neaurapthy pain is back
        But I don’t want to smoke and I’m don’t know I marijuana edibles are good if you have pancreatitus.

        1. Joe – I met this one guy in a support group who swore by pot as a remedy for his pancreatitis pain. He’s the only one I have talked with that said that but I can’t see any reason why pot would hurt. If it helped you and you know it then hey that’s a good thing. I say do whatever works as long as you don’t have any unwanted side efects.

  3. I have had 1 pancreatic attack a few yrs ago. I went gluten free 9months ago which greatly improved my stomach issues. But I think I am currently having another attack. I need a real food list because I cant eat any beef at all usually no chicken. It all upsets my stomach. I just basically can have fish…so guess I need gluten free and meat free diet. Maybe a pescaterian diet? Would that be ok. Fish only forever?

    1. Hi Stacy there are several posts that deal with diet and foods that usually work. No beef isn’t one that works, neither is pork, lamb, duck, goose or other high fat content foods. Chicken doesn’t work either if you cook it wrong. White meat fish is usually great while salmon, tuna, sardines, mackerel and other oily fish can cause problems. Just fish for a diet may not be the best. You need fruits and vegetables. Like I said there are several post on this blog that deal with diet and what you can eat that is usually safe. You simply need to read.

    1. Stacy salad is fine as long as you don’t use oil or conventional salad dressings. They all contain too much FAT. OIL is FAT. A salad with greens, tomatoes etc with a vinegarette or rice wine vinegar as a dressing should work fine. FAT and alcohol are the enemies for those who suffer with pancreatitis.

  4. Hi, Although I’ve read the entire blog, I d’like to know what’s your protein source today?

    Thank you in advance.


    1. Hi Antonio, my sources of protein are still egg whites (maybe one yolk mixed in), skinless chicken, turkey, grouse (during hunting season), rabbit (during hunting season), white meat fish, shell fish and sometimes fresh wild trout, tuna and salmon. I don’t recommend trout or salmon (lots of fish oil) for those who aren’t healed and symptom free for at least 6 months.

  5. Just wanted to let you know I have reading your blog all day today! My sister found it through your FB page! I was diagnosed a few weeks ago with Chronic Pancreatitis, which was a total SHOCK!! I’ve been having problems for 1 1/2 yrs and finally a diagnosis. I was started the same day on Creon! I have not drank a drop of alcohol since around 2005 when I had to start pain meds for SEVERE chronic back pain, have had a spinal fusion. This abdominal pain goes very nicely, I must say with the back pain- I just hurt all the way through front to back!! hahaha Before my back pain I was a “social drinker” but NEVER a heavy drinker. I may let 1 light beer sit all evening without finishing it! And this was about once a month. I have no idea my cause. My gallbladder has been gone for 28 yrs. I am age 55 now. It seems since the diagnosis I cannot get rid of the abdominal pain and nausea, it was coming and going before that day but I just wonder could something have stirred up my Pancreas during the Endoscopic Ultrasound procedure? Pain is sometimes tolerable if I lay on th right side and draw up my legs and sometimes severe! I was hospitalized last year in Oct, Dec, and then March- never a diagnosis! I’ve had Upper GI, colonoscopy, breath test, capsule endoscopy. I finally went back to the GI doc, about a month ago, crying as he came into the room, I took his hand and said , I am about to become a Grandma again, I LOVE my life, my family, I have a good quality of life for the most part, BUT – SOMETHING IS WRONG!!! He then decided to do an Endoscopic Ultrasound and finally- a diagnosis! Since then I have had constant abdominal pain and nausea. I went to ER twice last week, the first day, they found I had Pneumonia and sent me home! Shocker! Went back next day and they pretty much did nothing, it seems every time my Amylase and Lipase are checked they are normal, including each of the 3 hospitalizations! Sorry for this long post! I forgot to mention I have dropped 30 lbs since May, most of it in past 3-4 weeks- just because I have NO APPETITE, must force myself to try to eat, can tolerate only a few bites. After reading several blogs I am wondering what you think I should try next- the Food Diary begininng with only water- I feel so drained already- the only plant based diet until I am symptom free for 6 mos, stick right now with the list from “I have Pancreatitis, what can I eat.” A little confused about that. My PCP said don’t worry right now about the weight loss, stay hydrated and eat little bits that I can. I think she is hoping the MD that specializes in the Pancreas that I see next week may have something else to tell me! Who knows??? I BELIEVE what you are saying after your life experience!! I think finding your blog may be going to save my life!! I am willing to do WHATEVER it takes- the diet I will live with- I just want to live a quality life! What do you think I should do next. Thank you VERY much for your lifelong knowledge, your willingness to share and to answer questions!! God Bless, Jackie

    1. Hi Jackie 🙂 sorry you have chronic pancratitis. I know it sucks. The more damage you have the more it sucks lol. Your PCP is right. Don’t worry about losing weight. Worry about eliminating the inflammation. Once the inflammation is resolved you can begin healing as long as you keep the inflammation resolved. That is an ongoing battle. Diet and supplements help to eliminate the inflammation and keep it gone. Again, it will be a life-long, ongoing battle but it can be done. Once you heal you may regain your weight and almost feel normal. When that happens don’t think you are “cured.” There is no cure. Think of it as remission. A life-long remission as long as you adhere to a new lifestyle (diet and supplements). Think about becoming a grandma, how much you love your life and the diet and supplement for life regimen won’t seem so daunting. It beats the heck out of pain, nausea, disability and death. Hang in there, I’m rootin for ya.

      1. Thank you SO much for the response!! My husband asked my PCP last week 3 times at our appt about “a cure” and each time she said “There is no cure.” Maybe he thought she would change her mind!! LOL I already knew that but I like your idea of thinking of it as remission. I am totally committed to living the rest of my life with the new diet and supplements needed to keep me feeling well!! I am an RN, and I enjoy that part of my life as well! I HATE being on the other side, the sick patient in the bed- it sucks!! I am a much better nurse than patient, trust me!! Well, again, I just wanted to say THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART for all the great information AND for rootin for me!! 🙂

  6. Please.
    Some times I forget the diet and I feel little pain in the stomach and the back, but it heal in 4 days without painkiller or any medications.

    Is this an attack ? What do you consider a real attack?

    Thanks for your help.

    1. Hi Antonio – doesn’t sound like a full blown acute pancreatitis attack but you could be working up to it. If you keep eating to much fat and dangerous foods (red meat, pork and high fat content foods) you are gonna like what happens so I’d suggest you pay attention to diet and not do the “Some times I forget the diet” thing.

  7. Hi Paul, I believe I may have answered my own question by reading more of your blogs today. In “The key to beating Pancreatitis: stop the Inflammation” I think is my answer. Vegan diet for 6 months for now, along with supplements you recommend. Try to deal with the stress/anxiety! Find the right doctor. Learn all I can bout CP. Your thoughts? Thanks so much!

    1. Yep Jackie you got it – stopping the inflammation is the secret. The only way I know how to do that is with a proper pancreatitis diet and the pancreas supplements. Keep reading you’ll find all the info on diet and supplemts that I use myself. To my knowledge there are only two enemies, alcohol and fat. Do the proper prep and food diary, be careful of what you eat and drink and take enough grape seed, curcumin and vit C to actually resolve the inflammation and heal your pancreas (varies from person to person). If you have questions ask. I might even know the answer lol 🙂

  8. Hi Healthy Guy

    I want to ask you about something I read here:

    I mean this passage:

    “In really basic terms, added sugar means added calories which mean added workload for the pancreas. People with pancreatitis must be concerned with what they put in their mouths and one thing they’ve got to be careful of is adding empty, non-nutritious substances like sugar”

    So, please tell me:

    1) Does more calories in any food mean more workload for the pancreas?
    2) Is sugar OK for those with chronic pancreatitis (I think you mentioned it can be bad because it tends to turn into alcohol in the body)?
    3) What safe substitute is there for sugar?



    1. Hi George …

      1) The only thing I can see wrong with eating sugar is that cancer feeds upon sugar. Processed white sugar is useless, empty calories. Brown sugar is less refined and still offers a bit of nutrients. molasses, especially black strap offers a fair amount of minerals (potassium, magnesium and calcium) and some vitamins.

      2) Fruit sugars can turn into alcohol but not in the body, in the fruit. Over ripe fruit can be a problem. When the peel of a banana start to darken (spots) the sugar is beginning to turn. If the banana has a lot of spots you can smell the alcohol in the peeled fruit. I eat brown sugar, molassess and fruit (fruit sugars). haven’t died yet lol

      3) Stevia is suppose to be safe but who knows? I’ve never used it.

  9. Hello Health Guy, had my first experience with pancreatitis (alcohol related) hospitalized for 5 nights, my triglycerides were 4000, sugar 400 +, in a nutshell a walking time bomb. Anyways, have decided to embrace the new lifestyle (no alcohol, no fat) am excessively obsessive about what I eat and within 10 days got all my numbers down to normal (with medication of course). My question to you is, is my diet which is essentially egg white based, with plenty of vegetables, non sugary fruits mainly berries & cherries and white low fatty fish (Haddock) correct for me ? I must confess I do have nagging pain that is not excruciating at all but there nonetheless below by left rib cage towards the back. Do you think it is due to the fish or just an excessive qty of protein given that I have organic egg white omelets (cooked without oil) for breakfast, lunch and evening snack – I try to eat 5-6 times daily. Thank you for your help.

    1. Hi Anil, depending upon how long ago your attack was you may be (1) eating to much/ to often or (2) the fish might be just too much too soon. I’d back down to two or three meals per day plus a snack and cut the fish and see what happens. If that pain resolves then you can try a meal of fish and see if it returns. If it does cut the fish and try an extra meal of something that doesn’t include fish, like your egg whites. If the pain comes back you’ll know that both too many meals and the fish are causing problems, probably because you haven’t healed up enough yet. If the extra meal doesn’t cause pain after a couple days, add in another. If the pain returns you’ll know your are eating to much/to often. If none of that helps get on the supplements and cut back on the food. See what happens. It’s kind of hit and miss, different combinations with what are usually safe foods. Good luck 🙂

  10. Hello!! Great blog, but I’m not going to lie, it’s kinda overwhelming. I’m a 27 year old female. I’ve been diagnosed with both acute and chronic pancreatitis. My last hospital visit was about 1 month ago. I seriously thought I was dying! My lipase count was over 3,600!!! My illness is caused due to about 10-12 years of struggling with anorexia and then binging on the most unhealthy foods, all while also consuming enough alcohol to put down a grown man (did I mention I’m only 92lbs?!) this recent ER trip really scared me and I know I have to change my diet…. But this does seem really overwhelming. How were you first able to change your diet without everything seeming like ….cardboard? Would love ANY advice! Have been sober for a year, and do eat at least once everyday, but the fat thing is a hard pill to swallow! Bigger than my creon I take everytime I eat!!

    1. Hi Jessica M. 🙂 Sorry to hear you are a member of the pancreatitis hall of pain. It sucks doesn’t it? Congrats! on quitting alcohol that is a great step and you’ve been sober for a year? WTG! That is great. Yes, that FAT in foods will kill you, just like alcohol. Fat, like alcohol inflames the pancreas. You could eat a steak tomorrow, feel fine, eat some prk chops the next day and skate and then 3 days later bam! You are sicker than a dog! The scary thing is that your next fat filled meal could be the one that ends your time here on earth. Once I figured that out it wasn’t hard to reject those fat filled foods (beef, pork, lamb, duck, goose, cheese, mayo, butter, margarine, cooking oils, olive oil, high fat dairy products) or anything that even hinted it might be dangerous to eat. Do I miss some foods? Yep, I do but I sure don’t miss pancreatitis pain, nausea, vomiting etc. And …

      You’re right. It definitely can be overwhelming. If pancreatitis weren’t enough to deal with I also found out that I’m a celiac. So my diet is most likely worse than yours needs to be 🙂 Talk about cardboard food have you ever eaten gluten free? Imagine a fat free or very low fat pancreatits diet coupled with the need to be gluten free! Ok, I’m done whining 🙂

      I must admit that my food really doesn’t taste like cardboard. You simply need to learn how to cook great tasting low, low fat food without using oil to cook or bake, just like I had to do. It is doable. It sure beats being sick. Advice? Rely on a quality set of non-stick cookware. You can use almost any recipe and fix something similar by taking out bad ingredients (oil for example) or substituting ingredients such as beef in chili, pork and beef in spaghetti for ground chicken or turkey. Ground chicken has less fat than turkey. You want your meals to contain no more than 5 grams of fat with a total intake of 25 grams of fat daily including snacks. It isn’t easy but it is doable. In fact the best thing to do is to go modified vegan for the first 6 months. Vegans use fat filled oils, sauces, nuts, seeds, etc and you? Well, you won’t 🙂 Vegans don’t eat animal products or dairy. You however will rely on egg whites for a zero fat source of extra protein. You can also try fat free milk to see how that works for you. It should be fine. Because I am lactose intolerant due to long-term, undiagnosed celiac disease I have to drink lactose free, fat free, organic milk. I can’t drink a ton of it but once a day seems to work ok.

      More advice? Overwhelming amounts of information work best or are learned easiest if taken in smaller chunks. Heal up and stay well Jessica 🙂

  11. Hello my friend.At the moment I feel better but I have problems with my weight.My weight was 90 kg and now is only 60 kg and I am 175 sm high.I eat only brown rice,potatoes and eggs white.And some fruits.Could you tell me what to do to gain some weight.Is it safe to eat white bread?

    1. Hi Miroslav! Long time since you have commented. “At the moment I feel better” – what does that mean exactly? Are you still having pain and other symptoms or have you been feeling good (no pain, no other symptoms) for awhile? If you are feeling good you could begin to try some white meat fish like Cod (super good protein) with little fat. Skinless chicken breast would likely be a good addition as well. Do not cook either using oil. White bread is probably ok, check fat content per slice and ingredients (no lard). Wheat or whole grain bread would have more protein and nutrients but … white should be fine.

  12. Hello my friend.Unfortunally there are bad news fo me.I was in good health about 4 months.10 days ago I went to dentist because of problem with a tooth.In the next day I began to feel that my stomach is upset.I had a lot of gas and heart burn.Two days after that I began to feel pancreatic pain.I can not mistake that pain.Probably the acids in my stomach irritated the pancreas.I began to take Grape SE but unfortunaly I felt pain in my kidneys.I took only 100 mg per day GSE.I am afraid to harm my kidneys with GSE.I dont know what to do.I read a lot of articles and in all I read that GSE is good for kidneys.What is wrong with me?Why my kidneys react that way?I am so desperate.4 moths ago I had the same pains in pancreas.Then I took GSE and the pains gone.But then I had pain and burning in my kidneys.Then I took 1 g per day I probably I harmed kidneys.Now I take 10 times lower doze I again I have pains and burning in kidneys.I am sure that GSE can stop the pain but it damage kidneys.What to do?Could you give me an advice.

    1. Miroslav my friend, I wish I could tell you I know what is wrong but I don’t. WebMD is usually like ALL medical sites when it comes to alternative remedies yet they have nothing bad to say about grape seed extract. I’ve heard/read a few comments on blogs etc where some folks have problems with grape seed extract (nausea, one high blood pressure complaint which is totally remarkable since a study at UC Davis proved grape seed extract lowers blood pressue and that’s about it). It is almost impossible to find “bad” stuff about grape seed extract, even at HIGH doses for long periods. So you my friend are what is called an enigma. I wish I could be more help. It does sound like grape seed extract may be a tad to powerful for your system, for some reason. You may want to consider getting your kidneys thoroughly checked because most doctors do NOT catch kidney disease until tests slap them in the face. You could have early kidney disease and the action of grape seed extract (pushing toxins from the body) is simply to much for your kidneys to handle. That would be sad since it has already helped your pancreas pain previously. NOW, don’t go worrying like some folks do when I mention something. Your kidneys are probably fine and your reactions to grape seed extract a fluke BUT it wouldn’t hurt to get checked out.

  13. Thanks for your advices.A doctor said that my problems are due to my gallbladder.In the winter I was made sphincterotomy because I had SOD.Then doctors said that my gallblader is ok.All researches show no problem with gallblader but two doctors said that if they remove it that will heal my pancreas.I am sure they dont say this to take money for that operation because they are family friends..They think the gallbladder is infllamed and it inflames the pancreas.What do you think?I didnt change my diet or drink alcohol-pains beggins after my stomach was irritated.Could it be due to gallbladder?

    About my kidneys-I stopped GSE and I immediatelly felt better wih kidneys.Unfortunatelly the same story is with other antioxidants-sellenium,ala.I could not tolerate also vitamin C due to my gastritis.I had never before had problems with kidneys.But I noticed that after that kidneys problem I had gout.Now I begin to feel the burning of gout again.There is some connection between kidney problem and gout.Unfortunatelly I wiil try to handle with pancreatitis without supllements.I hope when remove my gallblader my pancreas to feel better.
    What do you think -is it good idea to remove gallbladder?I worry that after the removal of gallbladder all juices from liver wll go directlly to my stomach.And I have gastritis and afraid that will irritate my stomach.
    I have problems with my job.I have not went to work since August.Probbally I wiil lose my job

    1. Hey Miroslav – your doc could very well be right. Yet, if you have SOD, even though you had a sphincterotomy, may still become an issue. Yet eliminating inflammation (GB) could help. The biliary tree seems to be closely related. If one member part becomes inflamed it seems to affect the other member parts. I don’t know what I’d do because I haven’t been in your shoes. I find it amazing that you seem to be inable to tolerate grape seed extract. I don’t have any GOOD answers for you. I’m sorry my friend.

      1. Is it safe to drink juices that I have taken from shop?I think to get antioxidants from fruits and juices.But there are sugar in some juices in shops.Is it safe to drink them?

        1. Hey Miroslav Juices shouldn’t be a problem. Grapefruit juice is excellent for the pancreas. Cranberry juice is full of antioxidants, some similar to those found in grape seed extract Look around and see if you can find pure juice, not that 27% juice crap full of HFCS etc. Pomegranate juice is also full of antioxidants. Of course you could always try grape juice. It isn’t nearly as strong as grape seed extract but still contains some of the same antioxidants (polyphenol flavonoids). Sugar isn’t really a problem unless you are diabetic as well. Vegetables are also extremely high in antioxidants, especially kale, spinach, swiss chard, broccoli, cauliflower. I can’t recall if you told me you tried curcumin? It’s an awesome pain killer, antioxidant and highly anit-inflammatory, like grape seed. IF you have gallbladder issues or SOD you shouldn’t use it.

    2. Hey Miroslav i think i have same issue. I have lost almost 20 lbs in a month, and after i eat i have to go to the toilet in an hour. Where do you feel the pain? Is it under your left ribs? Lets talk about this i think we have the same problem.

  14. Hi. English is not my 1st language, so I didn’t understand what you meant with “NOT when you are just coming out of an acute pancreatitis attack”. Isn’t the food listed safe then? I’m recovering from an acute attack now, my first and hopefully last. And I struggle with finding a good nutritious everyday diet.

      1. Huldra I am guessing you are diabetic? Is that from your acute pancreatitis attack (severe damage) or were you diabetic previous to the attack? If you are insulin dependent of course you have to take your insulin. FAT is the enemy 🙂

          1. Huldra – ok, I misunderstood? Anyway – yep – fat is not good! We have to have some fat but no more than 5 grams per meal, 25 grams of total fat daily and most of that fat should come from vegetables (polyunsaturated). I’m not talking cooking oil lol – cooking oil is bad. Oil is bad. I mean veggies.

    1. Hi Huldra. I am totally in belief that one should be on a “juice diet” (organic veggie juice for the first few days after an acute attack. Then it would be prudent to start with low fat – bo fat foods such as brown ricee, veggies and similar fair all cooked without oil or fat (butter, margarine, etc) of any kind. IF you attack wasn’t to bad you could heal up and never have a problem but allowing that healing is very important and FAT aggravates pancreatic inflammation. You are NEVER well when just released forn the hospital. You are simply out of imminent danger. So prudent diet is extremely important.

      1. Ok. Thanks for explaining. Well, too late for me now, as it is one month since the attack. At the hospital they wanted me to eat from day 1. I couldn’t, as it got me worse. And I also developed a bad reflux problem. So I ended up with 9 days of only drinking water. Then my doc gave me nutrition drinks. And I got very ill. Turned out they contsined milk and fat. Now I try to figure out things on my own. But no litterature in my home language. I got a juicer and a blender from friends. Will it have an effect if I start juicing now, you think? And maybe fast with only water a couple of days ahead??

        1. Huldra if you are sick and in pain yes I think so. IF it were me I’d start all over just like it was yesterday which means I’d do the fast, then the cleansing (enemas), then the juice, then the diary just as I have written. It’s a real pain in the butt (no pun intended) but it’s usually well worth it. In fact I haven’t had anyone who has done it tell me it didn’t help. And you are welcome. Say for someone who has English as a second language you do EXCELLENT! And you’re welcome for the info – anytime – any time you have a question feel free to ask. Hopefully I’ll have a good answer. If not well, I can try to find out 🙂

  15. My name is steve. I was diagnosed with chronic E.T.O.H. pancreatitis just two days ago(7/16/15). I quit drinking alcohol 6 months ago before i even knew i had this . My biggest problem so far is constapation. What can i eat that want cause it? Right now i’m afraid to eat anything for fear it will cause it

    1. Ok, Steve. Congrats on stopping the alcohol. First step in in getting your alcoholic pancreatitis under control is accomplished. Just remain alcohol free, for life. The next is to make sure you read this blog because no matter what the cause (except for CF) the most profitable thing for me was to adopt a low fat, anti inflammatory diet and anti inflammatory supplements. The constipation thing may be helped by eating more fiber. Legumes (bean, peas, lentils), wheat bran, rice bran, figs, dates, oats, baked potato skins, raw crunchy veggies are all great fiber sources and all safe for consumption as long as you don’t do anything dumb like smother them in fat (milk, butter, margarine, oil, dressings, gravies etc).

  16. Is applesauce ok? What about grilled White meat (turkey, chicken, etc… )? What seasonings besides the ones you listed? Ketchup, mustard,etc…

    1. Hi Keith – yea applesauce is great. Grilled, skinless white poultry (chicken, turkey breast, wing) is fine. Dark meat has a higher fat content (drum sticks, thighs). Ketchup, mustartd are fine. Anything (not on the no-no food list) with ZERO or low, low fat should work. Remember 5 grams of fat per meal, 25 grams daily total. Some people tolerate more fat grams, some less. Depends on damage and healing.

    1. Yep cerals are fine (most anyway). Some, like granola contain oil/fat. Just make sure you read labels. Oat meal, cream of wheat (rice too) are all great. Just don’t smother your ceral in milk or fake milk products. The ONLY milk that MIGHT work would be “fat free” milk. Even that may still cause some people problems.

      1. So what to smother with, if no milk or “false milk” (soyamilk, ricemilk, oatmilk etc)? I’d love to eat cerials again 🙂

  17. Hi, my name is Leiann. Thank you for all of the helpful information! I quit drinking 18 days ago, the day after I quit, I started experiencing what I now know is acute pancreatitis. Unfortunately I was stubborn and waited 7 days to go to an urgent care. The doctor said I had gallstones (a lot of my pain manifested on the right side) and sent me home with Hydrocodone and instructions to follow up with my GP. Five days later I woke up my husband and told him to take me to the ER. They gave me morphine (that shit felt awful) I really think the morphine made it worse. After blood work and an ultrasound (no gallstones) the ER doc said I had pancreatitis. I was admitted for observation, and after 24 hours on fluids, the doctor said I could go home if I could eat. They gave me oatmeal and french toast. The doctor told me to to keep taking the hydrocodone for pain. He said I will always have some pain because of the damage I have done by drinking, and then walked out. I am so glad I found your web site! Everything you say has common sense to back it up! I admit I am feeling a little overwhelmed with all of the extreme changes I am having to make, but I have been juicing for three days, and this afternoon ate a small baked potato (no skin) and poured some vegetable broth my husband made (no oil) on the potato and it was delicious!
    This is a rambling message, but I just want to say to anyone who is drinking or just quit, and you have abdominal/ back pain, don’t be stubborn like me, go to the ER! Who knows how much more damage I did to my pancreas by “just toughing it out”.
    And thanks to you for your wonderful site!

    1. Hi Leiann 🙂 you’re welcome. Hope it turns out to be helpful for you. Coongrats on quitting drinking! It is extremely important to stay alcohol free. It hides in places so make sure to be vigilant. Vinilla extract, cold remedies, mouthwash etc can contain alcohol sometimes a lot of alcohol (Vicks Nyquil 25%). I hope you heal up nicely and suffer few or no problems.

  18. Are MCT oils ok? This is from the Sanford health site

    MCT oil and Nutritional Supplements (use if you have or at risk of losing weight) MCT oil

    MCT (Medium Chain Triglyceride) is a type of fat that is absorbed directly into the blood without the need for pancreatic enzymes to break it down.
    It is found in coconut and palm kernel oils.
    Mix MCT oil into your foods. Start with 1-3 TBSP of MCT oil total for the day.

    1. Hi Keith – no oil is safe. No matter how good it may be for your healthy neighbor (fish oil, flax, avacado, coconut, olive oil, etc) – Oil is fat. Fat is the enemy.

      1. Hi Health Guy
        I’ve been following the diet and supplements including Curcumin,Grapeed extract etc. It helped a great deal.

        I am Diabetic and prior to getting Acute Pancreatitis I had the burning pain on my feet. I live in California so I started smoking medicinal Marijuana. It worked on my feet. I recently tried Hemp Oil , taking a tablespoon a day.

        I haven’t felt this good in a very long time
        I have no pain for longer periods at a time
        I have energy. No this oil doesn’t get you high it’s strictly for pain.

        I don’t smoke pot anymore I just use the oil.
        I use along with Curcumin, Grapeseed extract, Grapefruit juice and low fat diet.
        But I don’t use Ibrueprofen any more.

        I don’t have any long term info on this Hemp Oil so I’m not suggesting anything
        But it worked great for me

    1. Hi Callie – use lemon juice or lime juice and spices (garlic, cilantro, etc). Lime juice with a teaspoon or two of ketchup is great on shrimp salads or try some rice vinegar (it’s sweet).

  19. My Dearest Healthy Guy, Thank You so much for your blog, I have Chronic Pancreatitis, diagnosed 02-14-15, they say mine is hereditary, I’ve been in/out of the ER so many times, I refuse to take narcotics, I’ve been following the diet, chicken breast, fish, ect, I’m not able to do any spices, not even Mrs Dash, the cayenne pepper reeks havoc on me, my question is… How do I gain weight? I have lost all my body fat, I take liquid protein (2 tbl 2x daily) so I don’t loose muscle, they say I’m not absorbing nutrients so I take vitamin supplements, hoping I get some type of nutrients, I’ve lost so much weight, I just want to be where I was before this started, what do I do?

    1. Hi Rene – Sorry to hear you have been diagnosed with CP. It sucks. Pancreatitis sucks, period. First off, don’t take offense but I doubt spices are the real problem unless your pancreas is totally different from mine and every other pancreas. Cayenne pepper is HIGHLY anti-inflammatory. It’s used to relieve pain. IF you really want help read my post on doing a pancreatitis food diary. It’s important to do it properly. Once you have fasted, are cleansed and then begin your food diary you’ll know for an absolute fact what foods really do and do not cause problems. Otherwise you really are just guessing. And usually people guess wrong because they don’t realize that most foods do not trigger an immediate reaction. I can tell you from years of experience that the ONLY foods that cause problems with the pancreas contain FAT or alcohol. Spices don’t have either one unless you are using some weird off-the-wall brand. IF in fact while doing your food diary you do have a reaction to spices (highly doubtful) you should have your doctor check you for some other illness I.E. IBS disorders such as Crohn’s, UC, Diverticulitis, Celaic Disease OR possibly food allergies would be my second guess. My third guess would be a medication you may be taking? High blood pressure meds? Diabetes meds? Statins? Ok now for the weight issue …

      I hate to tell you but a pancreatitis diet isn’t going to pack on weight. IF you are still sick, which it sounds like you are, your first objective should be to heal. Once you heal you should be able to tolerate larger portions of fairly safe, good protein sources (skinless chicken, skinless turkey, fish). Beans and egg whites are good protein sources with ZERO fat. But it is hard to gain weight on very lean meats (chicken, turkey), fish, egg whites, beans, fruit and veggies. None have a huge amount of calories even in larger quantities. And even when you are healed you are NOT cured so eating banned foods is not a good idea. But higher amounts of fairly safe protein sources and strength training may help you increase weight and keep muscle.

    1. yes, many types of fish are good and usually safe for those who are healing. White meat fish such as cod, pollock, bass, and so on have less fat and seem to work well while other fish such as tuna, salmon, mackerel, sardines and similar cold water, oily fish have to much fat for a damaged, unhealed pancreas. Once the pancreas has healed up nicely small amounts of salmon, tuna, trout and other cold water, oily fish may be ok.

    1. Hi Suresh – aspirin and ibuprofen are highly anti-inflammatory and help resolve pancreas inflammation. Grape seed extract, curcumin (from turmeric root) and vit C are excellent for reducing inflammation.

    1. Hi Micheele – yep boiled, fried, poached or raw egg yolks contain 5 grams of fat per yolk. It is best to stay away from egg yolks until you are healed nicely and even then too many could cause a problem and even one may cause problems for some folks who have extensive damage.

  20. O.M.G., 80 % of the foods you list ” as foods not to eat ” if you are prone to pancreatitis don’t agree with the medical info. I have read from great reliable resources such as Mayo Clinic and various wellness experts. you might want to rethink your list instead of scaring the shit out of people.

    1. Hi Rob – Let me ask you do you have or did you have acute and/or chronic pancreatitis? IF you were diagnosed are you now totally healed, completeply pain and symptom free? I AM. I’d guess YOU ARE NOT becuase you are on this site. THAT tells me there is a good possibility you are still sick because you follow the dietary advice of people who have no damn clue how to heal a pancreas damaged by pancreatitis. But O.M.G., thanks for stopping by! 🙂

  21. Thank you so much for your site. I’d still be suffering with the advice from the doctors if I hadn’t found you. Can you give me an example of what 5 g of fat in a meal would include or 25 g a day? Exactly what foods should I be getting this fat from? What do you mean by plant based? Can I eat edamame/soy beans? I think I’m doing too well keeping the fat out of my diet. I need to know how to put a little in. And I can’t keep the egg whites from sticking to my pan :).

    I just had my first attack of pancreatitis last weekend and just got out of the hospital on Wednesday of last week. In the hospital the gastroenterologist called it idiopathic, then the hospital doctor said maybe it was the hydrochlorothiazide and took me off of that. He wasn’t very knowledgeable and kept coming back with more information to tell me that he had researched. The gastro told me to stay away from high fat foods, like “french fries”. Giving no further information, except my body would tell me what I could and couldn’t eat. Honestly, he looked so clueless, I was sure he had never dealt with a case of pancreatitis before. All he wanted to do was get out of the room.

    I had a hysterectomy in January of 2013 and my health has since taken a nose dive. I’m a little angry right now. I NEVER smoked, drank, did drugs, did caffeine, or ate a high fat diet. I overdid the carbs and portion control was always my problem and had no health insurance for many, many years. Now I have type 2 diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol and high triglycerides (800-900) . . . and all the meds to go along. I’m having an easier time not eating at all then finding what I can eat. Honestly, I’m not that hungry, just bored. I loved 15 grain bread, which was the only bread I ate after the diabetes diagnosis, but when I got home from the hospital I kept eating it with the egg whites, and it me nauseous – probably the seeds in the bread – cut it out and the nausea went away. Because of my diabetes, I’m really limited in my carb intake, so it and the pancreatitis are making meal planning extremely difficult.

    1. Hi Eva – Last weekend you joined the pancreatitis hall of pain huh? Sorry. About the docs “then the hospital doctor said maybe it was the hydrochlorothiazide and took me off of that. He wasn’t very knowledgeable and kept coming back with more information to tell me that he had researched.” He is correct. Diuretics such as hydrochlorothiazide and furosamide cause acute pancreatitis. Diabetes drugs (almost all) and drugs used for hypertension are notorious for causing pancreatitis. AND your tri’s are in that dangerous area that can also cause acute pancreatitis. So your Gastro is an idiot and the other one – HANG ON TO HIM/HER! Do you know how rare it is to find a doctor who even cares enough to research what could have caused what you have? Dang! THAT doc is a saint!

      About the egg whites and other foods – sounds like you need quality non-stick cookware. You can cook anything without oil in a quality non-stick pan. I do it all the time 🙂

      Somewhere on this blog I have examples of meals that are 5 grams of fat or less. Let me see if I can find it for you. Ok here ya go:

      1) Chronic Pancreatitis Daily Meal Plan – Breakfast
      2) Low Fat High Protein Foods

  22. Hello my friend.I am better now.I am still on low fat diet and take 2,5 g grape seed extract every day.I think grape seed extract is the key to beat pancreatitis.I want to thank you for your advices.
    I want to ask what can I drink.Is it safe to drink coca cola and non-alcoholic beer?

      1. Hi Health Guy,

        First off, thank you for creating this site! Your information has been extremely helpful to my family and me! What are your thoughts on Hummus, Baba Ghannouj, and Soy? Yay or nay? Should I ban them completely or give them a try?

        1. Hi Nin – I can only say I haven’t eaten hummus. I know it is made mostly of garbonzo beans which have a little fat. Read the label. Check for fat content. IF it’s high in fat it isn’t good. I can’t say anything about Baba Ghannouj because I don’t even know what it is lol. Soy beans have way to much fat. Most soy products are the same (soy milk, soy cheese etc). Soy sauce usually contains alcohol, as much as 2%. So tread lightly with soy products. The others are up to your discretion as is everything and what the labels say.

  23. what will be ok when I get the go ahead from my Dr to eat? I’m on clear liquid diet (just diagnosed with cronic in er 4 days ago after attack). have a long list of other issues they found including a uti & the antibiotics are tearing me up,they say take with food, on top of the attack, so I’m really looking forward to eating something, after I see my Dr next week. also have tests coming up -upper gi- to look for ulcers, but already have dvt’s (am on warfarin but stopped because of the bleeding risk) and asthma (can’t find any info on albuterol steroid effect on pancreaus) so I’m still wandering around in the dark a bit just with that. any help would be great if anyone knows. but mostly right now I just want to know what I will be able to eat just comming out of the attack.

    1. Hi Kristina – it’s all on this blog. What to eat, what not to eat, what to eat after an acute attack and it isn’t solid food. How to prep for and start a pancreatitis food diary. It’s all on here. Start reading 🙂

  24. Hi Health Guy!! I just wanted to know your thoughts on foods that stated “fat free” on the label? For example fat free cool whip, or yogurts, I even spotted fat free fig newtons at the market the other day. Do you think things like this are safe or no? Thanks! Erin.

    1. Hi Erin – “Fat free” can be dubious AND it all depends upon what food it is. I’d NEVER trust a “fat free” or a food that states “99% fat free” yet contains pork like soups. I have had a guy who comments from time to time tell me he found “fat free” cheese and tried it and it sems to work. I haven’t been able to find it at the store to try it so I can’t tell you from personal experience. I have tried “fat free” milk and I can tolerate some. What I mean is I can tolerate a glass evey couple days but I doubt 3 or 4 glasses per day would work when just one every day gave me minor symptoms and I then backed off. So … It depends on the damage you have personally sustained and how healed you are. Just use caution. 🙂

  25. Hi, My name is Tamera and I’m and 18 year old who as recently diagnosed with pancreatitis!
    I have been eating salads and chicken , fish , cereal.. but I’m to scared to change my diet yet!
    They can’t find a cause as too why I have it, because I don’t drink, smoke or take steroids(The obvious causes).Are there any types of exciting food to add to my diet that you can suggest?

    kind Regards xx

    1. Hi Tamera – sorry to hear you have been inducted into our growing group. In regards to exciting foods that are safe? Ummm … just what you find on my lists of “probably safe” foods. I’d push for them to find a cause because the pancreas is one of those organs that usually doesn’t wake up one morning without provocation and decide to be a pain. There has to be a reason. Booze, drugs. Undiagnosed autoimmune disease such as celiac, lupus, RA, dry eye (I forget the name), Sjogren’s Syndrome or maybe gallstones (maybe the stones had passed when you had the attack and the GB was empty when it was checked), gb sludge, sphincter of oddi dysfunction, medications, high blood fat levels (they should have caught that). Does someone in your family (usually parents) have it (hereditary panc)? The thing is if this was your only attack and you heal from this last attack and have no more you may heal up totally and be able to be normal in a year or so. I’d like to hear that that happened for you. 🙂

    1. Hi Maria white meat fish is great (Cod pollock, perch, bass etc). Cold water, oily fish (salmon, sardines, tuna, mackeral etc) should be eaten with caution. Fish oil is great for healthy people not so much for those who have an inflamed pancreas.

  26. Healthy Guy,

    I am new to your site and just started getting acute attacks, ALL this information you provided is great. I have two quick questions:

    1)I am allergic to egg-whites, therefore what would you suggest I can use as a protein substitute (egg yolks, beans, etc…)?

    2)I see all oils are out, but can we use coconut oil for cooking? If not, what do you use to cook your fried onions and potatoes?



    1. Hi John – ok here we go …

      1) Beans, peas, lentils, vegetarian. No egg yolks.
      2) NO oil. None, zip, nada. I use a quality non-stick pan. If you don’t have a good one go get some good quality non-stick cookware.

      Take care, get well.

    1. Hi John I don’t see why not. Garbonzo beans (chick peas) have fat in them whereas red beansm black beans, pinto beans, peas, lentils etc. Just watch the amount of fat you consume. Try to stay at 5 grams per meal (or less) with no more than 25 grams total per day. Once you HEAL you can experiment with more fat per meal to see how it goes for you.

      1. Hi. Thank you so much for this blog. You say no
        oil. I don’t use any oil or fat in my cooking and follow the 25g diet. However, my doctor asked me to take 1 tablespoon omega fish oil every day due to low vitamine levels. In the first weeks it made me nauseous, so I took it in small portions to my main meals. Now I take it with my gluten free oatmeal breakfast. The fish oil I use is pure, and of good quality. I am on Creon enzymer (40.000 three times a day). I seems to be tolerated, and I count it into the 25 grams. Do you think this will harm my pancreas?

        1. Hi Huldra – you said “In the first weeks it made me nauseous, so I took it in small portions to my main meals.” Then you must have healed enough to tolerate it at lower, small doses. Gluten free oat meal? Are you a celiac? IF so that fish oil might contain gluten and THAT is why you became nauseous. It is also possible it irritated the pancreas. Fish oil, though good for most people, is often to much fat for a damaged pancreas and if you are a diagnosed celiac it (the fish oil) could also contain gluten because it’s often used as a binder and filler. IF you are not a celiac and your pancreas tolerates a small amount, well, it may be ok. 🙂

  27. I’ve been reading that grape seed extract should not be taken with vitamin C because it raises the blood pressure. Do you know anything about this? The NOW grape seed product does have C in it. My BP is higher than normal, yet I don’t take BP meds. But, I don’t want to combine these two products into one if it’s going to raise my BP even higher. Yet, I need both grape seed AND C. So, how would this work to take both? I have a pancreatic cyst that was diagnosed 3 years ago. It was said to be “unremarkable” and the doctors told me not to worry about it. Yet, I’ve been having pains after I eat and nausea for about 2 months now until I finally went to the Dr. yesterday because I feel worse and she said I may have pancreatitis. She did blood work that hasn’t come back yet and I’m scheduled for another MRI in 6 days to check the status of the cyst again. I probably should have been taking grape seed these past couple years, yet I didn’t know anything about it until I started searching the internet yesterday. Thank you for your response.

    1. Hi Marilyn – IF it were me I wouldn’t worry too much about BP. I’d worry more about the damage and destruction that can happen very quickly due to acute pancreatitis. I’d also find out why I had a cyst on my pancreas, especially if I’d never had acute pancreatitis before and you didn’t mention a previous attack so I am guessing the cyst appeared and nobody knows why?. Hopefully by now, since I am slow in responding, you have already had your MRI and have the results. Anyway … I’d just do the grape seed extract (with C cuz C enhances the GSE performance) and monitor my blood pressure for any outlandish increases that could be attributed to grape seed extract used in conjunction with vitamin C.

      1. Thank you for responding. The blood work came back that I did not have pancreatitis, for which I’m thankful. But, what I still DO have, no one knows. My liver and pancreas enzymes were normal. Kidney function normal. All blood work normal, except B-12 was too high and magnesium was slightly high. Dr. wasn’t worried about the magnesium being a little high, but told me to stop taking anything with B-12 in it. I do not know why I have the pancreas cyst. To my knowledge I never had pancreatitis. But, all these cramps and pains surely do feel like it, I guess. I had the MRI yesterday, but no one has called as of yet to tell me the results. At the time of the first MRI when they discovered it (had the MRI because of other pain in lower abdomen and they found the pancreas cyst by accident), they said “it must have come because of a previous bout of pancreatitls”, although I do not remember ever having it. She has me keeping a daily diary of what I eat and what pains I have, etc. and coming back to her in 3 weeks (2 left yet), to be evaluated again. UNLESS there’s something she needs to discuss about the MRI, which I hope to hear the results next week. I appreciate you giving your opinion about the grape seed and vitamin c which is probably good to take even if one doesn’t have pancreatitis.

        1. Marilyn – IF it were me I’d want to find out WHY I have a cyst on my pancreas and what type of cyst it is, especially IF I could not recall having acute pancreatitis and honestly, that would be really hard to forget if it had occurred. From what I have read cysts USUALLY do not appear on the pancreas for no reason. There are exceptions (Serous cyst adenomas which are usually benign) but time could be of the essence. Hear is material you need to know. I don’t think I’d want to wait around for 3 weeks here and 3 weeks there to find out what is actually the reason for and type of cyst.

      2. Hi health guy I have pancreatitis and I’ve been in the hospital for 20 days. But now I’m out and have been for a month and I’m eating 5 eggs 4 chicken breasts 6 scoops of rice two big bowls of honey nut cheerios an apple and a banana 1 bell pepper 3 carrots three pancakes with syrup a day and I’ve only gain 1 pound since I’ve been out. Is that the much food to be eating? I don’t want the pancreatitis to come back.

        1. Hey Fred – IF you are tolerating that much food and fat in a day you are doing well. Time will tell if it’s to much for you personally but for a guy who spent 20 days in the hospital you seem to be doing very well.

  28. Im always so sick and weak Thank you i cried then i realised veggies aint so bad…….HUGE SMILES ON THIS END AND GRATITUDE?

    1. Hi Carla – you’re welcome. Pickles are fine. No fat in pickles. There is some question about the use of probiotics in those who have pancreatitis. They have been suspect in regards to worsening the mortality rate should AP occur.

  29. I retired to Mexico and had my second pancreatitis attack (last one 8 years ago) here. The first one, morphine barely touched the pain. This time they gave me Espacial compuesto, which is Lysine clonixinate 125 mg/Hyoscine N-butylbromide 10 mg, This stuff is a miracle! No high like you get from morphine and 95% total relief from the pancreatic abdominal pain.

    In addition to using the Pancreas Foundation’s Cookbook, I take 135 mg of Grape Seed Extract, 105 mg of Puzzlegrass (Field Horsetail), 500 mg of Circumin (Tumeric extract), 25,000 IU of Vitamin A (Beta-Carotene), 5000 mcg of Vitamin B-12 (Methylcobalamin), 500 mg Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid) 1.4 g c/u pf Vitamin E (Omega 3 from Alaskan Salmon) and Omega XL (30 Free Fatty Acids).

    Within a week, I knocked my Lipase serum levels from 991 down to 171 (should be below 60), my Amalayse serum levels from 395 down to 103 (should be below 100) and my Glucose from 126 down to 102 (should be below 99).

    Diet is essential and the most important thing you can do.

    1. Hi Stuart thanks for your input. “Lysine clonixinate 125 mg/Hyoscine N-butylbromide 10 mg, This stuff is a miracle! No high like you get from morphine and 95% total relief from the pancreatic abdominal pain.” I had never heard of those two drugs before. I’m glad they work for you. And you are correct diet is extremely important. Thanks for the info on Lysine clonixinate 125 mg/Hyoscine N-butylbromide 10 mg and commenting. I checked them out and one of the reasons they (Lysine clonixinate 125 mg/Hyoscine N-butylbromide 10 mg) work is that the Lysine clonixinate, like Ibuprofen, is an NSAID (anti inflammatory drug) and Hyoscine N-butylbromide is an anti spasmodic which often helps with the other unpleasant symptoms. Hope you are feeling great very soon 🙂

  30. Hi there, I strongly suspect I have pancreatitis as does my GP but a recent trip to the hospital they said first “peptic ulcer” and then “gastritis”. My symptoms were horrible nausea, horrible pain in my back and under my ribs, fast heart beat and just feeling the worst I’ve ever felt in my life. By the way I love this website for your help and your honesty. I am going to go vegan for 6 months but I’m a bit overwhelmed on what I can eat. I think I had a acute attack 3 weeks ago which lasted 2 weeks then I found your site got lots of great info on what to do then I switched to vegan, fat free and obviously alcohol free.
    Question, is it okay for me to eat wholemeal bread and oats for breaky? And would chic peas be okay now? I’ve had no nausea for 5 days and the pain is now much much lower.
    Appreciate your help so much. This website has given valuable info I would not of had otherwise.
    Thank you kindly.

    1. Hi Stacey – Sorry to hear you are not well. Your symptoms dfinitely sound like pancreatitis but I’m not a doctor and can’t diagnose. You really should pursue a concrete diagnosis simply so you know what the problem is for sure. Ok with that said …

      “Question, is it okay for me to eat wholemeal bread and oats for breaky? And would chic peas be okay now? I’ve had no nausea for 5 days and the pain is now much much lower.”
      Stacey you can certainly try to eat those things. They are normally safe but when the pancreas is already inflamed it doesn’t take much to really piss it off.

  31. Hi there. I am from Australia & we have a no fat milk here called Shape which I’m tolerating okay it no pain or nausea. Do you think it would be okay for me to have done with my oats or coffee? Also I’m wondering if glucose powder would be a good alternative to processed sugar? I just like my coffee to be a little sweet. Many thanks again your advice is the only thing that working for me.

    1. Hi Stacey – I already responded to your question about Shape. If it isn’t causing issues it should be fine. If you have Stevia in Australia you could try that or whatever you like. I put molasses in my coffee lol

      1. Hi again,

        Sorry my mistake. But thank you for the reply. ? Molasses now that’s interesting I will have to try that one. Sorry to be a pain but did you reply to my question about pantoprazole ?

  32. Okay here’s my story. May 6 had acute diarrhea with fever (thought it was the flu). Diarrhea 20 plus times a day for May 6 and May 7. Had fever 101.8 but Advil brought down to normal. Probably ran low grade fever for a week so so (99.0). May 8 started feeling better and ate a grilled cheese sandwich and one piece of cheese pizza. Seemed to be okay. May 9 feeling okay and ate chicken noodle soup for lunch and boy it brought on diarrhea again. May 10 went to internist (fever 99.0) and thought was a virus and told me to take imodium if needed. Took imodium once in evening on May 10 and three times on May 11. Diarrhea stopped and then really didn’t have any bowel movements or pain until May 18. From May 11 to May 18 did eat pretty normal again and did drink some wine (4 glasses) on May 13 and then wine and beer (too much) on May 15. Diarrhea started again on May 18 (not as bad as first episode on May 6 and 7). Took imodium three times on May 18 and diarrhea and pain stopped again. Ate pretty bland low fat diet and did not take any more imodium after May 18. May 22 diarrhea again (only 5-6 times that day) and only took pepto bismol two or three times that day. Seemed to help. Again ate very bland and low fat that whole week and diarrhea came back on May 27 and took pepto again. Called GI doc on May 18 and they ordered stool samples (CDiff, parasites, bacteria, etc). All stool samples came back negative. He decided to put me on Cipro and Flagyl which I didn’t start until June 1. I did drink 3-4 glasses of wine on May 29 and some diarrhea began again on June 1 (not too bad thought). Took Cipro for 5 days and then GI doc said to stop Cipro as I was still have mild pain and oatmeal consistency stools. Continued to take flagyl for full 10 days, ended on June 11. During this whole time have eaten very bland and low fat and no alcohol since May 29. The whole time have had mild pain/discomfort in mid abdomen (twice had lower right quadrant abdomen pain). Only nauseous maybe two days during this whole time period and during the time taking antibiotics. The GI doc decided to do blood work. Everything came back normal with exception of slightly elevated Lipase of 112 with range of 0-59. GI doc then ordered abdominal ultrasound which right kidney, bile ducts, pancreas and liver all normal findings. I have literally been eating a banana, jello for breakfast (past few days have added one piece of gluten free toast with breakfast) for lunch have two slices deli meat turkey, white rice and sometimes applesauce and have now added gluten free pretzels (boy how something can taste so good) and for dinner two more slices deli meat turkey and a whole baked potato. That is it staying away from dairy and decided to try gluten free as well (not sure if need to). Have been drinking plenty of water. Stools have been like shredded and fluffy or soft to then hard almost constipated this past week and 1/2 (constipation may be from pepto GI doc said to take if needed – took one time at night for 5-6 days). Haven’t taken pepto for the last three nights. Low and behold last night was my first normal good solid stool I have had during all of this. Still have some mild cramping/pain abdomen. Went to see GI doc yesterday and he’s not ready to diagnose me with chronic pancreatitis but stated I may have had an acute pancreatitis attack or went into other details about how I have not taken care of myself (gain 40-50 pounds in last 2-3 years) eating a lot of high fat (eating out) and drinking too much wine, etc. He stated the alcohol really irritates the intestines and eating bad and I have high tryglcerides, and maybe a virus stared all this, etc. Well he drew lipase again yesterday and results are still slightly elevated (less than 2x higher) blood was drawn at different lab with normal range of 10-220 and my level was at 417. I am feeling better, have more energy (boy was I weak and tired during all of this) but still concerned about elevated lipase. Will ask GI doc when he calls with results (I looked up results on line). I know your not a doc but does this sound like an episode of acute or chronic pancreatitis. Also scared to death to add anything to my diet but know I need to. Can I add oatmeal for breakfast. Can I add a small portion of green beans at dinner, some blueberries with oatmeal, boiled chicken breast, salad with tomatoes. What about decaf green tea or any juices. I’m just so scared with still elevated lipase to add anything to my diet as I never ever want to go through this again. I will not touch alcohol again and don’t mind eating low fat but want to add fruits and vegetables. I have never taken any advil during this but maybe I should to help with inflammation. My GI doc also told me to start a probiotic and I have started taking a multi vitamin. I have a follow-up with him in five weeks and he stated to call him if I added green beans, etc and had bad symptoms from adding anything to diet. Maybe you can suggest what to add to my diet and if I should be taking anything else other than the multi vitamin and probiotic. It seems like you really like the grape seed extract. I really appreciate you listening/reading my story and any advice you can give.

    1. Hi Marie – Just curious have you ever been tested for celiac disease? If not you might want to have it done BEFORE going gluten free. Celiac D (and other IBS conditions) are notorious for causing diarrhea. It can also lead to AP and is associated with autoimmune pancreatitis (check IgG4 levels as they rise in AIP). I’m just thinking outloud. Lipase definitely does elevate with acute pancreatitis but low or moderately increased lipase values can occur in other conditions, such as kidney disease, and may also be due to decreased clearance from the blood, salivary gland inflammation, gallbladder inflammation, celiac disease, a bowel obstruction, or peptic ulcer disease. Ok, now to answer the food questions.

      ALL vegetables (except soybeans) and MOST fruits (except avocado, coconut, etc) are safe. Salads (vegetables) again are safe as long as you do NOT put high fat, oily dressings on them. In other words if it is FAT or alcohol it isn’t safe. There are a lot of posts on this blog that deal with diet.

  33. Sorry another question I forgot to ask in long winded story above is can you have CP without ever having an acute attack? Also back in beginning of January (4 months prior to the May 6 lingering episode) I had what I thought was a GI Virus as I had diarrhea for about 24-36 hours and then I was completely fine. Not sure if that was a virus or linked to this long episodic whatever starting in May. Thanks again.

    1. Marie in answer to your question: “can you have CP without ever having an acute attack?” I’d have to say yes because both autoimmune and alcoholic pancreatitis can present as CP first or at least with symptoms that are more indicitive of CP than AP. But AP doesn’t ALWAYS produce extreme pain. In rare cases (i’ve read actual cases studies) someone can present with vomiting (usually severe) and have AP. Diarrhea can also be a symptom. Many times AP is diagnosed as gastritis when in fact gastritis is NOT the problem. So “classic” clinical symptoms aren’t always the way AP presents. Because of this someone who did NOT present with classic symptoms and were NOT tested properly could have recurrent attacks which damage the pancreas enough to cause CP.

      1. Thank you. Quick question do you know if elevated lipase levels can last for awhile after an AP attack like a few weeks? I love the website and recommendations for the diet. I believe I read somewhere you mentioned salad dressing to use white rice vinegar and lemon juice – is that correct? Also, no I have not been diagnosed with Celiac I just have been so anxious about all of this that I started cutting so much out of my diet. Maybe I should add gluten back in for some calories, low fat obviously. Thanks again and have a great day!

        1. Hi Marie – Your question: “Quick question do you know if elevated lipase levels can last for awhile after an AP attack like a few weeks?” As you probably already know the two main enzymes that aid in laboratory diagnosis of acute pancreatitis are amylase and lipase. Amylase rises within 6-24 hours and usually normalizes in 3-7 days. Lipase rises within 4-8 hours and can stay elevated for 8-14 days. Normally. However sometimes things do not always follow normal.

          Next question: ” I believe I read somewhere you mentioned salad dressing to use white rice vinegar and lemon juice – is that correct?” Yes. Rice wine vinegar (sweet nice flavor), lemon juice and lime juice (lime juice is great with cucumerbers, celery, green pepper and tomatoes. They can all be used to make salads taste better safely.

          IF you haven’t been diagnosed with celiac disease there is really no sense in going gluten free. Gluten free sucks. Gluten free pasta, bread etc just suck in taste compared to the real stuff.

          1. I’m Zyain Hi health guy I absolutely love ur page it has given me hope ? And knowing that I can still have some what of a life after this passes…I was told by my Gi Doctor that my biopsy came back clear of everything only thing is I have some redness around my pancreas but he said its mild and I will recover from it he also put me on creon 2 with every meal and 1 with snacks …all of my organs such as liver kidney normal duodenum normal bile duct and normal gallbladder and normal esophagus no masses no lymph nodes or cysts I have just a little pain in my left side but he didn’t give me any pain meds he said take Tylenol it doesn’t work on me I’m use to taking Advil and Advil PMs the little pain only really comes when I’m standing to long or sitting up to long I’m thinking I should try the grape seed pills along with my creon to get this inflammation down faster what do u think I should do because I eat chicken fish all white meats and all fruits and vegetables with no problem it’s just this miner pain HELP ?

          2. Hi there. Well I had an MRI last week as doc wanted that as a follow-up as my Lipase was still elevated. MRI showed moderated hiatal hernia and mildly dilated common bile duct of 9mm. Pancreatic duct was fine, pancreas showed normal, as well as kidneys, etc. Only findings was the moderate hiatal hernia and the common bile duct is mildly dilated measuring 9 mm. This
            tapers appropriately at the pancreatic head. No filling defect is seen within it. No intrahepatic biliary ductal dilatation. The pancreatic duct is not dilated. The gallbladder is surgically absent. Waiting for a call from my GI doc today. Do you know if mildly dilated bile duct is a prognosis for chronic pancreatitis. From what I have read it can be. Still on my very low fat diet. I have added in green beans. Question for rice vinegar you mentioned rice wine vinegar but wasn’t sure if I should just choose rice vinegar; not sure about all the vinegars (i.e., rice wine vinegar, red wine vinegar, balsalmic vinegar – do they all have alcohol in them)? Also, what about taking a probiotic if this is in fact CP. I thought I have read somewhere you should not take a probiotic if you have CP. I have read so much stuff and am confused. I’ll let you know what GI doc says and then once I know something concrete hopefully I need to start really adhering to your diet plan as I need to add more stuff in (fruits, vegetables) and start the grape seed extract and Advil when needed. Believe it or not I have not had to take any advil. The cramping I had with the diarrhea when this first started back in May is pretty much subsided but I have pain right underneath my right rib cage now off and on -not bad enough for Advil but didn’t know if this is typical pain for CP. Again, so thankful to have found this site and your kindness to everyone.

          3. Hi Marie – I do not know about the dilated common bile duct but it would not surprise me to find out it does in fact have something to do with CP especially if it were in close proximity to the pancreatic duct. Rice vinegar or rice wine vinegar, in fact all vinegars seem to be safe. It is true that vinegar is made by fermenting sugar (alcohol) but the alcohol is turned into acetic acid. The end result is no alcohol. Yeah keep us posted as to what the GI doc has to say, especially about the common bile duct dilation.

          4. Hi Health Guy, well wanted to follow up after doctors visit and MRI findings. Somehow I couldn’t reply to my latest post where I mentioned MRI showed mildly dilated common bile duct. I had lipase blood drawn again prior to my appointment with GI doc last week. Lipase is finally back in normal range – hooray and I am feeling better for the past week. GI doc did state I did have an acute pancreatits attack and blood numbers don’t lie. He stated since I was not in the hospital and completely rested my pancrease and continued to eat it took my body awhile for pancrease to heal after attack. He stated the inflammation of pancrease caused the common bile duct dilation as well and dilation number wasn’t high enough to do anything right now. He does not think I have CP at this time and I understand not wanting to give that diagnosis right away however he wants to really baby my pancrease (like you would with CP) and absolutely no alcohol ever again and low fat diet for the rest of my life. However he mentioned eating about 50g of fat a day which I don’t possibly see I could do. I am scared to death to add new things into my diet but I know I have to. I have a few questions and am very grateful for this website and for your time to answer my questions. Please see below.
            1. I know my acute attack was caused from abuse of alcohol. No worries never drinking again. I also ate very high fat the past couple of years and gained 50 pounds. No worries will eat low fat forever now – much better for you. My question is if you stop the alcohol and high fat and the attack was caused by alcohol will this completely diminish or very much diminish the likelihood of having another attack or once you have an attack are you prone to another one no matter what. I just want to make sure I do everything I can do warrant off another attack ever.
            2. Even though I have not yet been diagnosed with CP should I still take the Vitamin C and Grape Seed extract daily to head off future attacks? I do take a multivitamin daily. Does a diagnosis of acute pancreatits mean you have pancreatitis (that diagnosis) forever? Which it is what it is and know I need to eat low fat forever which I am fine with but I really need to starting adding more food for energy.
            3. My diet now consists of banana and piece of toast for breakfast, and rice, turkey deli meat and blueberries or green beans for lunch, snack a couple of times a day is pretzels and dinner consists of baked potato (nothing on it) and deli turkey meat. Lots of water. I feel I should add in the low-sodium V8 tomato juice and more vegetables and fruit and salad. Is it correct after an attack you should add in more fruits and vegetables at first vs. adding in more protein? I did try to add some boneless skinless chicken breasts and seemed to have a bit of cramping the next day. Maybe add in more protein later or try egg whites first and more fruits and vegetables at first. Another question since I have been on above diet for almost 3 months I am so afraid to add anything so should I try adding one new vegetable or fruit and try that one new item for one week and see how it goes? What are the symptoms if your pancrease is not liking the food you ate – cramping? Another question is should the cramping of the pancrease be in the same spot – mine seems to differ so am not sure if it is intestines reacting to adding food as I have ate so little for the past 2-3 months. I just don’t want to stop adding in food or continue to eat the food even if I have a little cramping if it is intestines. I don’ want to inflame pancrease. So I am very confused.
            4. What about low fat catalina salad dressing – ingredients include tomato puree (water, tomato paste), vinegar, sugar, corn syrup, water soybean oil, salt, contains less than 2% of modified food starch, dried onions, xanthan gum, guar gum, phosphoric acid, dried garlic, red 40, potassium sorbate and calcium disodium edta (to protect flavor). 2 tbsp is=1 gram of fat. I’m fine with the rice vinegar and lemon and lime juice but didn’t know if eventually if this was an alternative.
            5. What about sugars and high fructose corn syrup – any worries there? any limit on sugar intake daily?
            6. What about jelly to spread on toast and mustard and/or ketchup and pickles – trying to add some flavor eventually. What about low fat spaghetti sauce with no meat in it on pasta noodles?
            7. I know this is probably a silly question but what about body lotion that has alcohol in it, will that alcohol get in the blood stream and affect anything/pancrease?

            I apologize for this long email and so many questions and hopefully in time with your help I will be able to manage this awful disease and live somewhat of a normal life. When do you eventually not worry about waking up with another attack – I guess never. Thanks again and take care!

          5. Hi Marie – Hey it sounds like you have a decent doc. He can’t technically give you a diagnosis of CP because you don’t meet all the criteria. And babying your pancreas is an excellent idea. That dilated duct may have some influence upon your outcome but you have definitely determined a decent course of action with diet and supplements. I’m glad you recognize that 50 grams of fat daily may be high. It is twice what I would do but hey you could always try it and see how you do on that much daily fat.

            Question #1 “My question is if you stop the alcohol and high fat and the attack was caused by alcohol will this completely diminish or very much diminish the likelihood of having another attack or once you have an attack are you prone to another one no matter what.”

            Answer: Quitting alcohol and adopting a low fat diet will NOT guarantee you will never have another attack of AP. NOTHING can guarantee that but you should be lowering your risk a ton. I mean a TON.

            Question #2 “Even though I have not yet been diagnosed with CP should I still take the Vitamin C and Grape Seed extract daily to head off future attacks?”

            Answer: YES. ABSOLUTELY. The grape seed extrct and Vitamin C will resolve inflammation, help heal your pancreas and help protect the pancreas as well. IF you are not on any medications that would negate the use of grapefruit juice I’d suggest ingesting about a QUART PER DAY as well.

            Questions in #3 ” feel I should add in the low-sodium V8 tomato juice and more vegetables and fruit and salad. Is it correct after an attack you should add in more fruits and vegetables at first vs. adding in more protein?

            Answer: Yes

            Question #3a “I did try to add some boneless skinless chicken breasts and seemed to have a bit of cramping the next day. Maybe add in more protein later or try egg whites first and more fruits and vegetables at first.”

            Answer: Probably to soon for chicken. Egg whites, beans, lentils, peas (zero fat protein), fruits, grains (bulgar, rice, barley, oats all four of which offer some protein as well) and veggies

            Question #3b “Another question since I have been on above diet for almost 3 months I am so afraid to add anything so should I try adding one new vegetable or fruit and try that one new item for one week and see how it goes?”

            Answer: Yes

            Question #3c “What are the symptoms if your pancrease is not liking the food you ate – cramping? Another question is should the cramping of the pancrease be in the same spot – mine seems to differ so am not sure if it is intestines reacting to adding food as I have ate so little for the past 2-3 months.”

            Answer: It depends on damage. Nausea, cramping and what could be called mild to mildly moderate pain may all be indicative symptoms due to residual inflammation and damage such as your dilated duct.

            Question #4 “What about low fat catalina salad dressing – ingredients include tomato puree (water, tomato paste), vinegar, sugar, corn syrup, water soybean oil, salt, contains less than 2% of modified food starch, dried onions, xanthan gum, guar gum, phosphoric acid, dried garlic, red 40, potassium sorbate and calcium disodium edta (to protect flavor). 2 tbsp is=1 gram of fat. I’m fine with the rice vinegar and lemon and lime juice but didn’t know if eventually if this was an alternative.”

            Answer: No. Oil is not good, even a little. Once you are totally symptom free for at least 6 months and you wish to try that salad dressing you could do so with caution. See how you tolerate it. Oils generally do not work out well. BUT if your duct heals and the dilation disappears who knows? Understand – I always vote for the safe thing because the risk, in my opinion, isn’t worth it.

            Question #5 “What about sugars and high fructose corn syrup – any worries there? any limit on sugar intake daily?”

            Answer: Those should be safe. Now they both either cause or feed cancer but in regards to causing inflammation of the pancreas you should be fine.

            Question #6 & #6a ” What about jelly to spread on toast and mustard and/or ketchup and pickles – trying to add some flavor eventually. What about low fat spaghetti sauce with no meat in it on pasta noodles?

            Answer: Jelly, mustard, ketchup and pickles should be safe, are perfectly fine. The spaghetti sauce (if commercial) will usually contain olive oil. That may cause problems. You may want to learn how to make your own and leave out the oil.

            Question #7 “what about body lotion that has alcohol in it, will that alcohol get in the blood stream and affect anything/pancrease?”

            Answer: I t is interesting that you’d ask that particular question because a lady and I were discussing that very thing a couple days ago and I told her it possible could absorb and she produced a report that makes me second guess myself. The report said alcohol doesn’t absorb through feet but I’d have liked a more thorough investigation/study. I have NOT followed up to check stuff out for myself. I know it absorbs via the mouth (mouthwash with alcohol for example) without swallowing. But there are teeth to contend with and potetial abrasions from brushing etc. So that is NOT a silly question.

            Question 7a “When do you eventually not worry about waking up with another attack – I guess never.”

            Answer: Depends upon damage. I try to forget about it but it is ALWAYS in the back of my mind.

            You’re welcome and you take care as well 🙂

          6. Hey Health Guy hope you are well. This is Marie again. Thank you for all your responses to my comments. Your last response was back in beginning of August when my doc did confirm I had an acute attack. I didn’t want to bombard you with more questions so I thought I would take a month to wrap my head around this diagnosis, understand prognosis and see how I am doing. I do feel I have a pretty good doc so I guess consider myself lucky. He did mention that every (every single attack no matter how mild) causes some degree of scarring to your pancreas. And since he doesn’t want me to ever eat a high fat diet or drink alcohol (which I am completely fine with) it tells me even though the scarring wasn’t bad enough to see on Ultrasound or MRI, there is still scarring and you need to treat your body/pancreas differently for the rest of your life. So I don’t feel like an acute attack is a one and done situation but maybe there are those few out there that are lucky but I certainly wouldn’t advise going back to normal ways…I do have a few more questions and greatly appreciate your responses. Here goes…
            1) You mentioned my doctor could not give me a diagnoses of CP as I did not meet the criteria. I have read there are 9-11 criteria you need to meet for CP but am having a hard time finding what those are. Can you provide me with 9-11 criteria for CP.
            2) I know even though I will never drink alcohol again or eat high fat there is always a chance I may have another attack. If I don’t ever have another attack (wishful thinking and praying) would the damage to pancreas (even if small which was not seen on tests) ever turn into CP or would I have to have another attack to have CP. I guess I need to understand if my acute attack or my pancreas will turn into CP if I never have another attack or since there is scarring and my pancreas works differently now is there a chance CP could develop regardless of another attack (I hope this questions makes sense).
            3) Do you recommend probiotics or do you know if this helps/hurts pancreas
            4) I would like to try decaffeinated tea or coffee (not sure if caffeine/stimulants do anything to pancreas). I am fine with decaf. I am actually fine with green tea with lemon juice but if I did went to have some decaf coffee what about non diary creamer in coffee?
            5) Any restrictions on honey?
            6) What about lemon or another fruit flavored sorbet or frozen fruit bars?
            7) What about unsweetened hot cocoa made with water – again wasn’t sure about caffeine in cocoa or cocoa in general?
            8) Couldn’t I make my own potato chips. Cut up a white potato and put in oven with sea salt and vinegar or cut up sweet potato and put in over with cinnamon or brown sugar? That would be okay right.
            9) I should be able to saute veges in water or low fat broth – right? I have a lot of low fat recipes where you could certainly substitute the oil for low fat broth.
            10) I still have twinges here and there but nothing like they used to be and am not sure if that is the pancreas working to digest food or what. Also, how soon after you eat something does your pancreas digest the food and how soon would you notice pain if you have any to understand if your pancreas did no agree with that food. Trying to understand as I add more food items (all low fat of course) how will I know if pancreas is handling food or not
            11) I am going to start adding gluten back in as I never was diagnosed with a gluten problem but was trying anything to help my situation. I will add back in slowly but didn’t know if you knew if not being on gluten for 2-3 months how your body would react to it. Any feedback would be appreciated.
            12) I know we spoke about the alcohol in lotions and face moisturizers. Didn’t know if you did anymore follow-up on that and if I should be concerned. As it is getting winter time skin becomes dry, etc. I really can’t find much on it but don’t want to take any chances. I think I might have found a lotion out there with no alcohol but really would like to understand if alcohol in lotion is a problem. Your thoughts are appreciated.
            13) Now that flu season is right around the corner and if I am out and about with no access to a restroom with soap what about hand sanitizer (GermX) which is all ethyl alcohol. Same question as with the lotion any concern there. Have you looked into this at all.
            14) Another question in regards to flu season and the need for me to be obsessive with washing my hands and/or GermX if absolutely needed is what if I do catch or come down with a GI Virus (stomach flu vs. respiratory flu). Does a GI virus affect your pancreas or cause a pancreatitis attack. I am really nervous about coming down with a GI virus this year and how will I know the difference. Any feedback is greatly appreciated.
            15) What about the respiratory flu and your pancreas, does respirator flu or even the common cold affect your pancreas or cause pancreatitis? Again just nervous with the flu season upon us and any feedback is greatly appreciated

            I apologize for the long note and number of questions but thought it would be best to send one note instead of bombarding you with questions daily.

            Thank you very much!

          7. Hi Marie – I’m gonna try to answer all your questions.

            1) You mentioned my doctor could not give me a diagnoses of CP as I did not meet the criteria. I have read there are 9-11 criteria you need to meet for CP but am having a hard time finding what those are. Can you provide me with 9-11 criteria for CP.

            Those criteria seem to change. But here is a fairly up-to-date article that explains a lot about criteria.

            2) I know even though I will never drink alcohol again or eat high fat there is always a chance I may have another attack. If I don’t ever have another attack (wishful thinking and praying) would the damage to pancreas (even if small which was not seen on tests) ever turn into CP or would I have to have another attack to have CP. I guess I need to understand if my acute attack or my pancreas will turn into CP if I never have another attack or since there is scarring and my pancreas works differently now is there a chance CP could develop regardless of another attack (I hope this questions makes sense).

            It is rare when I find someone is lucky enough to have a doc like yours. One who recognizes that any acute attack damages the pancreas no matter what shows on scans. Unfortunately I can promise you’ll never have another attack. Did your doc happen to mention WHY you had one at all?

            According to most info available approximately 80% of patients who have ONE mild attack usually heal and never have another problem. How true that statement actually is I have no idea. It would seem to me that unless there is a definite diagnosed reason for the attack that is resolved so that it is not able to cause another recurrent bout of AP that those stats are off mark. So I’m suggesting that caution is certainly warranted if no one knows why you suffered in the first place.

            As for the future developement of CP, I’m sorry but, I have no clue. All you can do is make darn sure you do what’s necessary to heal and hope you never have another problem.

            3) Do you recommend probiotics or do you know if this helps/hurts pancreas

            I personally have nothing against probiotics. Let’s face it the gut need the good bacteria. The ONLY time prob iotics are proven to be bad news is when someone is suffering an attack of severe acute pancreatitis. According to one study that examined actual cases the injection of probiotics while someone was in an SAP attack increased the rate of death due to infection.

            4) I would like to try decaffeinated tea or coffee (not sure if caffeine/stimulants do anything to pancreas). I am fine with decaf. I am actually fine with green tea with lemon juice but if I did went to have some decaf coffee what about non diary creamer in coffee?

            I’d stay away from non-dairy creamer. Most contain oil and other junk.

            5) Any restrictions on honey?

            No, honey, especially REAL honey is awesome.

            6) What about lemon or another fruit flavored sorbet or frozen fruit bars?

            Read the labels, check for fat content or anything that smells like fat.

            7) What about unsweetened hot cocoa made with water – again wasn’t sure about caffeine in cocoa or cocoa in general?

            Cocoa is great as long as the fat content is LOW. Hershey’s works for me. Fat content, with no fat milk, is about 1/2 a gram per cup.

            8) Couldn’t I make my own potato chips. Cut up a white potato and put in oven with sea salt and vinegar or cut up sweet potato and put in over with cinnamon or brown sugar? That would be okay right.

            I don’t see why not. If you don’t use oil (pure fat) they should be just fine. Like eating a plain, no fat potato.

            9) I should be able to saute veges in water or low fat broth – right? I have a lot of low fat recipes where you could certainly substitute the oil for low fat broth.

            Saute veggies using water works. I’d be careful with the broth unless it is veggie broth.

            10) I still have twinges here and there but nothing like they used to be and am not sure if that is the pancreas working to digest food or what. Also, how soon after you eat something does your pancreas digest the food and how soon would you notice pain if you have any to understand if your pancreas did no agree with that food. Trying to understand as I add more food items (all low fat of course) how will I know if pancreas is handling food or not

            It depends on the food. For some reason, and frankly I haven’t figured out why, most foods are not immediate triggers. It may take hours to days before a food inflames the pancreas or I should say before the pancreas shows signs of aggrivation. Red meat, pork, other animal products and high fat oils, butter, margarine, nuts, seeds etc may take 24-96 hours of digestion before the pancreas gets pissed off and yet it could also be very fast (I’ve personally had both experiences). Other foods that are usually safe (plant based) fruits and vegetables could become the “straw that breaks the camels back” and be the trigger that sets off an inflamed pancreas (due to eating the high fat stuff previously). For those who have more damage (have developed CP) food is really not a friend. It’s something we have to eat to stay alive.

            11) I am going to start adding gluten back in as I never was diagnosed with a gluten problem but was trying anything to help my situation. I will add back in slowly but didn’t know if you knew if not being on gluten for 2-3 months how your body would react to it. Any feedback would be appreciated.

            I can tell you IF I weren’t a diagnosed celiac there is no way I’d be on a GF diet. Most products with gluten are powerhouse foods. They offer protein, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. They have little fat. Not only that but they taste good!

            12) I know we spoke about the alcohol in lotions and face moisturizers. Didn’t know if you did anymore follow-up on that and if I should be concerned. As it is getting winter time skin becomes dry, etc. I really can’t find much on it but don’t want to take any chances. I think I might have found a lotion out there with no alcohol but really would like to understand if alcohol in lotion is a problem. Your thoughts are appreciated.

            Wow – I spaced this completely. Even though the skin is the largest organ and sucks up products applied to it which could eventually travel to the blood stream and possibly the pancreas – I doubt it’s a huge problem. I could be wrong.

            13) Now that flu season is right around the corner and if I am out and about with no access to a restroom with soap what about hand sanitizer (GermX) which is all ethyl alcohol. Same question as with the lotion any concern there. Have you looked into this at all.

            Again, I don’t think it’s a problem but if you should notice symptoms you can directly pin on your hand sanitizer please do share it. I know that isn’t the answer you wanted but it’s all I’ve got. 🙂

            14) Another question in regards to flu season and the need for me to be obsessive with washing my hands and/or GermX if absolutely needed is what if I do catch or come down with a GI Virus (stomach flu vs. respiratory flu). Does a GI virus affect your pancreas or cause a pancreatitis attack. I am really nervous about coming down with a GI virus this year and how will I know the difference. Any feedback is greatly appreciated.

            Viruses are known causes of AP attacks (mumps. cmv, etc). I’ve had several people swear their acute attacks were precipitated by flu virus. So it’s entirely possible. A couple flu season ago I found that collodial silver will kill stomach flu. It kills norovirus, rotovirus and their relatives. It takes large doses but it does kill those critters. Now I make sure I have at least one 8 ounce bottle of colloidal silver on hand at all times. One bad thing about silver. HIGH doses can cause your skin to turn blue/gray and it is PERMANENT. So it isn’t something you use every day. But silver kills almost all bugs (it’ll worm your cats and dogs too) and bugs do NOT become resistant to it.

            15) What about the respiratory flu and your pancreas, does respirator flu or even the common cold affect your pancreas or cause pancreatitis? Again just nervous with the flu season upon us and any feedback is greatly appreciated

            I think and it is only my opinion that any virus could, potentially, cause AP in someone who has already sustained damage. Like I said there are viruses that are known to cause AP. If one can, they all can under the right circumstances.

            Marie if I missed something holler. If you have more questions feel free. 🙂

        2. Gluten intolerance is often diagnosed as IBS, 1 in 5 people are thought to be gluten intolerant. If you have an intolerant to gluten your body finds it difficult to digest and process it. So, if your pancreas isn’t working properly and you are intolerant to gluten, eating gluten isn’t going to help. An intolerance to gluten generally doesn’t show in blood tests as it does if you are celiac.

  34. Hello health guy IM ZYAIN first of all let me start by saying I LOVE THIS PAGE SO MUCH KNOWLEDGE I LOVE IT ? ok here’s the deal I went to the ER ABOUT 3weeks ago with abdominal pain they ran test came back nothing so the pain continued so I went to my PCP SO ALSO DID STOOL PEE BLOOD AND MANY OTHER TEST EVERYTHING CAME BACK GREAT SO THE PAIN CONTINUED SO I WENT BACK TO MY PCP HE THEN GAVE ME A Referral to a GI DOCTOR WHO DID A EUS AND IT CAME OUT MY PANCREAS WAS A LITTLE RED AND INFLAMED SO WHEN I WENT BACK FOR MY FOLLOW UP HE SAID THAT MY Biopsy came back negative no cancer no stomach infection my esophagus kidney livers normal gallbladder no masses lymph nodes or cysts .I eat an all white meat diet plenty of fruit and vegetables I drink nothing but water and juice my doctor did put me on creon 2 with every meal and 1 with snacks he told me to take Tylenol for the pain but it don’t work because Tylenol has never helped me that y I was taking Advil and Advil pm it helps me but they told me not to take it I don’t drink or smoke I guess my question is should I take the grape seed pills to help the inflammation go down faster cuz I’m able to eat with no problems help please lol???

    1. Hi Zyain – Tylenol is a lousey, worthless drug when it comes to pancreas pain and inflammation. I mean worthless. Ibuprofen is the BOMB! In appropriate doses Ibuprofen will stop the inflammation. Grape seed extract is the BOMB! Curcumin is the BOMB! Vitamin C is the BOMB! Those 3 natural supplements and the drug Ibuprofen (advil) will (or usually will) help so much that most who use them are amazed.

      Zyain if you have had only one mild attack you may heal totally and never have another issue. I’m not sure why your doc put you on creon (digestive enzymes) but hey it’ll maybe help you heal faster. Let’s hope that for you! 🙂

      1. Thank u so much for replying I have been such a mess I went to the er last night and they tell me that from what they can see my pancreas showed normal I also asked what is an attack they can’t even explain to me what it is my GI Doctor is worthless he just was like u have a little redness around your pancreas it’s nothing to worry about its mild I was looking like um so what should I do so he tells me to do nothing it will heal on its own just take these samples of creon ☹️ so then at the ER THIS DOCTOR WAS SO SWEET AND Engaging and wanted to know what I was going through for almost a month so after he did his test he came to me and said” IF I WENT TO Las Vegas and had to put money on it I would bet what u have is GASTRITIS SO IM CONFUSED BECAUSE I HAVE NEVER HAD TO BE Admitted into the hospital my pain is not that of having a child it’s just irritating pain that I know should not be there so this is driving me crazy then they tell me don’t take Ibuprofen take Tylenol so u see HEALTH GUY IM GOING COOCOO LOL ?

        1. Zyain – I understand. Medical issues can be very confusing and the fact that doctors “practice” their craft doesn’t help much in many instances. I’m not going to make “lite” of your issues. Obviously there is something wrong. It may not be pancreatits (playing devils advocate – wait for my response later in this comment). Believe it or not Gastrtis can be painful and make you quite ill. It can also last for a time. It can become a chronic issue. So that in itself may be the reason so many doctors misdiagnose pancreatitis as gastritis. BUT …

          When EUS shows pancreas inflammation, even a little, which could be residual from the real attack that sent you to the ER originally 3 weeks prior I have little doubt you had acute pancreatitis. So with that in mind I am going to stand firm on what I said in my original response. 🙂

          1. Hi Health Guy,
            Thank you so much for blog. I have followed your plan as well as I can….from 1.5 years of feeling like crap!! I was wondering I’m 2 weeks away from a medium attack at home then I went 3 days just water and juice and grapes with some bannana….In total i have lost from 185 to 155lbs. I am now eating very low fat wheat toast with jelly because Im so damn hungry and feel a lot better, also eating egg whites and fruit and veggies….anyway can i drink no fat skim milk? and really low fat yogurt?? I went to central market with my wife and we bought all kinds of low to no fat foods… Im scared as hell to try anything other that the wheat bread though…. thoughts??

          2. Hi Kelly – It is hard for me to say whether or not some foods (animal products) are safe for everyone. I am not able to drink very much milk, even no fat doesn’t work real well for me if I drink it to often but you may tolerate it better than me. Some people (who comment on this blog) are drinking no fat milk with no problems. Some are eating greek yogurt and low fat yogurt. The key is to stay away from the high fat, high trigger foods such as beef, pork, lamb, duck, goose, mayo, butter, peanut butter, nuts, coconut, avocado, flax seed, sunflower seeds, margarine, oils (any kind) etc and alcohol. Try to keep each meal at 5 grams of total fat or less with 25 grams total daily fat consumption.

            ALL vegetables and most fruits (except avocado and coconut and overripe) are safe. You can fill up on zero fat veggies and fruits. You’re gonna lose weight for awhile until you can tolerate more protein (skinless chicken breast, white meat fish cooked without oil). Beans, peas, lentils and egg whites (all zero fat) all carry a fairly large amount of protein. Eat as much as you can tolerate. Caution, overeating even normally safe foods is not a good idea so eat small to medium sized meals but more often.

          3. Thanks so much I am going to wait a few months on the no fat milk and try to eat a little less of the safe foods ea. time…. without your blog I would not be making it! This has really really helped me and I’m so greatful for you!!…. I do notice my lower back is sore every morning almost like it is my kidney’s…. like a 3 pain. This has been there for years when my pancrease is not doing well…..once I get up out of bed it disappears… kidney function looks great on blood work….damdest thing ever!! (oh one more question…..dark choclate or any sweets I can dream about in the future? Im a 5.6 on A1C.

          4. You’re welcome Kelly I’n glad to hear you like my blog 🙂 – hey if your pancreas is swollen still, even a little, laying on it all night especially if the damage is located on the back of the pancreas would cause irriatation and pain and that may be why when you get up it relieves the pressure on the pancreas and the pain disappears. Your A1C is decent but the problem with chocolate is fat content. BUT once you are healed – no pain, ever, no nausea, ever, and you feel GOOD again you could always try a small piece of dark chocolate and see how it works out. Just know it’s almost all fat and sugar but at least dark chocolate is healthier than milk chocolate.

          5. ok great I drank 2 very small cups of coffee at a local grocer and noticed it had pecan flavoring in it before I left the store! Man some pain came last night and I did the cocktail and it really helped and I did not have a attack…. I did not eat though….. so now back on basics but did sleep and feel decent today and know that Jesus is with me…..eating grapes, juice, egg whites this AM and feel pretty good…. (feel like the worst is gone if you know what i mean 😉 thanks again HG!! (funny thing is I never ever have nausea or throw up….I thank God for that!!)

          6. Hi Kelly – I’m glad the cocktail worked for you and yes Jesus is with all of us who follow Him. He and the Father protect us, give the angels charge over us and keep us safe. You’re lucky you don’t get the nausea etc too. I hate that. I hate that more than I do the pain and naturally I have both pancreatitis and celiac disease; both cause nausea. Life’s little challenges lol 🙂

          7. Thanks HG! also how many of the Super Enz. from NOW do you take? 1 before ea. meal? how about snacks? and always before or during or after? thanks!!

          8. Hi Kelly – My enzyme intake varies depending upon what I eat. If it is something with zero fat one tab or two if meal contains a lot of protein. If meal contains a lot of protein and some fat I’ll do 3-4 (it’s a guessing game sometimes). Snacks (apple, carrots, apple sauce, etc) I usually don’t need any.

  35. I really like your site and plan to add your recommended supplements to my diet. I’d already figured out low fat was the way to go by accident following a diet for GERD so was already inclined to believe you. I haven’t been diagnosed yet and have been sick for years. I have a diagnosis of Steatorrhea though and take CREON. I’ve had episodes where everything was fine right up til it wasn’t. Chicken Korma made with coconut milk (didn’t look at the label!) was my Smithfield Sausages.

    I have very mild pain in my upper left rib cage – always the same spot also feeling sick with no energy and nausea. I have GERD and type 2 diabetes as well. Going to look at celiac based on info I found here, it’s about the only diet intervention I haven’t tried.

    I am like you in that I take a very active and researched interest in fixing my health. I don’t have insurance so have been limited to what tests I can get and only got to see a GI once so far. So far we’ve ruled out gallstones and liver problems. (CP looks good compared to liver failure). I very much believe in the power of lifestyle and diet to improve our health and have done a lot of research on darned near every nutrient out there.

    I’ve made lots of mistakes and want to point out two areas where you may have problem with your diet and should look into supplements. Choline and Calcium. When I went on the GERD diet I got better but since I had stopped eating cheese and dairy I had calcium deficiency. Supplements are not a good idea so people following your advice should make sure they get enough calcium. One way a calcium deficiency shows up is difficulty sleeping. (Bone broth isn’t good for calcium). Some protein supplements may have some calcium.

    The recent liver scare I did a lot of research on NAFLD.
    I have ADHD also and 10 years ago a friend recommended eating eggs daily. I became vegetarian so that didn’t harm me and I lost weight, got of diabetes meds and my attention span was better. When I started researching nutrition, I wanted to find out why eggs were helping and Choline was the answer. It’s a precursor to acetylcholine which is important to your brain function. It’s also important for the NAFLD reason. NAFLD can develop into more severe problems but it takes a long time for the problems to develop and there are some people who have genetic variants and don’t make it naturally.

    Every time I go to the doctor and they tell me they can’t find anything wrong, I start to think I’m just crazy and eat the wrong things again. It has been getting worse and harder to fix. Fasting was the only way I could over it.
    Thanks again for sharing all your research and story.

    1. Susan – I am so sorry. This comment ended up in the “spam” folder and I did not see it till now. Yeah I am often deficient in Vitam A, D, K and calcium. Mostly due to celiac disease which has destroyed my small intestines and yeah CP hasn’t helped much either lol and so I absorb very little of what I eat. That is one of the reasons I became a big fan of juicing. I absorb veggie juice way easier than solid food. In an answer to another comment of your I asked if you’d ever been tested for celiac disease. From what you’ve said above I guess you haven’t been tested.

  36. Hi there, I’m so glad I found your blog. I’m 49. I went into the hospital Saturday and got out Tuesday. Acute Pancreatitis. Had an ERCP there Monday where they put a stint in my bile duct leading to my liver – my pancreas was too inflamed for them to do anything with that at the time. I am supposed to go back in a couple of weeks for another procedure when my pancreas inflammation has died down. I’m not vomiting or in screaming pain anymore (thankfully!) but i still feel pressure pain, uncomfortable but not horrible. Sat and Sun no food or drink (iv fluids only). Then Monday clear liquids and mild diet on Tuesday then they sent me home. I haven’t really needed pain meds but 400 mg Ibuprofen to take the ache off. Something is still wrong I know, but I am happy not to be in extreme distress. I had emergency gall bladder removal on 12/25/15 and I really haven’t been ok since. Pain a couple weeks after the procedure and every 2 months thereafter and my liver and other counts have been out of whack. When they sent me home from hospital they said stick to bland diet for a couple days and return to my normal diet. More then 1 doctor staid that, including the ERCP specialist/doctor. Crazy. How can that be? I read enough to know that wasn’t a good idea. Because i still feel pressure pain in the center of my abdomen I’m thinking of fasting for 2 or 3 days to see if it changes or just sticking with the bland diet of cream of wheat and a few slices of canned peaches/pears until my procedure. I’ll need to do the food diary eventually. I’m learning alot from your page and welcome your thoughts and suggestions.

    1. Hi Lisa – I’m sorry to hear you have pancreatitis and SOD 1 (I’m assuming that is sphincter of oddi dysfunction 1 and not the gene in which mutations cause ALS). A normal diet for people with pancreatitis is not good. A normal diet for those who have SOD is not good. So you have two conditions that are readily exacerbated by a medium to high fat diet. According to JHU “The pain may be aggravated by meals, particularly fatty foods. Opiates may also worsen symptoms. Patients may present with a recurrence or persistence of pain after gallbladder removal.” And the article goes on to say “Medical therapy may be considered in the initial treatment plans. This includes a low-fat diet, antispasmodics, non-addictive analgesics, nifedipine and nitroglycerin.” And …

      It just makes sense because it seems that all biliary conditions are some how connected and respond to low fat vs high fat diets (low fat good, high fat bad).

      1. Thanks man your articles are awesome and make sense for what I’ve experienced. Quick questions or maybe compound question. What can I do with sweet potatoes? Can I have white potatoes? And what sort of if any vinaigrette is best for salads?

        1. Hi Brandon – I love sweet potatoes, especially candies, but that doesn’t work so I just bake them and when done split them open and dump dark brown sugar in them, mix it up (it melts) and believe it or not it’s really good. Sorta like candied but without the pound of butter lol. Sure you can have white potatoes. ANY veggie that grows in the dirt (leafy greens, cruciferous, tubers) is safe. I’m working on a page of recipes for oil free sald dressings. 🙂

          1. Thanks man. Never had sweet potatoes they’re awesome haha. Also didnt see anything about pickled beets? And can I have white rice with some tabasco for spice? You rock man this diet is seriously working.

          2. Hey Brandon – Thanks man! Yep pickled beets are fine. White rice, brown rice, bulgar (wheat), barley, all kinds of grains are fine. Tabasco is fine. Any grain, any vegetable that grows in the ground, any fruit (except avocado and coconut), any of the legumes (except peanuts and soy beans) are great cuz they are packed with protein. Salt, pepper and all other spices are fine.

          3. Please keep going with your oil free salad dressings, health guy, and get that out to us. I need tasty ideas.

          4. I’ve got a couple I just need to write them up and post them. One is really simple (if you like honey mustard). Put 3 table spoons of apple cider vinegar, 3 table spoons of honey mustard (not grey pupon or any mustard with wine) and a dash of Worcestershire sauce into a shaker cup and shake. It’s pretty darn good if you like honey mustard salad dresing. You can also add sweet hot mustard if you like (gives it more zing lol). Oh – IF you have SOD (sphincter of oddi dysfunction) mustard should be avoided because it contains turmeric which increases bile flow and can irritate the SO, even cause it to spasm.

  37. Really wish I had found your site after my first acute attack. My experience with this disease has caused me to loose a lot of faith in my doctors. My first bout came a year ago and landed me in the hospital for 4 days. I had been a heavy drinker but am still quite young (27), so it seems the fact that I have a pancreas divisum and I had a injury to my right abdomen in a bike accident a few weeks before might have made me more susceptible. After my hospital visit they told me to avoid fatty foods and no alcohol for at least 6 months, that was it. I took enzyme supplements for a few months which helped me eat, but I always still felt right on the verge of another attack. I quite alcohol and ate a pretty low fat diet (not low enough I think now). Despite this MRIs and ultrasounds have shown I have no scarring on the pancreas and otherwise normal Kidney/liver/gallbladder function. However, my bloodwork is a bit odd. For the past year I have had elevated levels of bilirubin and amylase (lipase and everything else is normal).

    Then, about a month ago I started feeling worse all of the sudden. My eyes became yellowish, I felt that pressure in my upper right stomach again, and I just felt unwell. I tried taking a curcumin supplement but that might have made it worse, so I decided to go to the hospital. After IV and fluids a day later I was feeling better and out in 2 days. I asked the doctor if I had Chronic Pancreatitis now and he reassured me that I did not and had a rather mild case. But it’s been a year that I had had on and off symptoms. So now I have decided to follow your modified vegan diet even more strictly and take grape seed extract (I thought the curcumin reaction might indicate SOD, but my doc said they should’ve seen that on the tests I’ve had). I also will be tested to see if I have gluten intolerance, although I don’t expect to since I’ve never seemed to be bothered by it.

    But it has now been nearly a month on this diet, I’ve lost a lot of weight, but I still seem to be feeling poorly off and on. How long does it take on this diet before you start seeing improvements? How long after your last attack did you rid yourself of most symptoms?

    Also, I never really have pain from pancreatitis so I never needed to take painkillers. But I do get that feeling of pressure in my upper right stomach, a general feeling of being unwell/weakness, and some nausea/light headedness.

    My doctor says with all the tests I’ve had I am otherwise quite healthy. I’m glad the MRI shows no scarring on the pancreas, but the high Amylase and bilirubin levels and the fact that I still don’t feel week cause me great stress (which in turn seems to make me feel worse). I’m almost hoping to find gluten intolerance as it would give me some kind of explanation for the past year. However, I’ve been gluten free for almost 3 weeks now and not noticed any real difference in how I feel.

    Any thoughts? Or perhaps have you heard of anyone else not having the Amylase levels return to normal after an attack?

    I’m also wondering if stress can have some impact that you’ve noticed?


    1. Hi Edward – I was 25 when I was diagnosed (so we’re close in age at time of diagnosis). I wasn’t diagnosed with celiac disease until I was 55! So it went uncontrolled for 55 years. Anyway, you have found the site now and HOPEFULLY the info will turn out helpful.

      You have a challenge (pancreas divisum) that can be difficult to resolve. Sometimes, even surgically, PD isn’t resolved completely. BUT doing certain things (diet and supplements) should improve your QOL over time.

      It is good that scans showed nothing. I mean that could be really good. You may not have to worry about CP as long as you don’t have any more acute attacks. So MY goal would be and is to avoid acute attacks like the plague! Again, I do that with diet and supplements. Those links are to “categories.” You can scroll to read the posts about diet and supplements.

      Yes, a modified vegan diet will make people lose weight (no calories or fat lol). Diet alone did NOT complete resolve my condition. I had to do the supplements too. That is when the good stuff started happening. But yeah, I did lose weight. And here’s the thing. Since you have symptomatic pancreas divisum (not all PD is symptomatic causing problems) you may always have some difficulty. You might want to look into procedures that may possibly fix the problem surgically.

      About the amylase and bilirubin levels – did they check your gallbladder? Those levels indicate possible gallbladder involvement. That is probably why curcumin made your discomfort increase. There could be a stone stuck somewhere (choledocholithiasis) that simply did not show on the scans (less likely but possible). Cholecystitis is another possibility (likely). However your doc said the GB showed no involement yet you have had jaundice which is indicative of GB, liver or pancreas issues.

      If it were me I’d have my doc do some digging. If he wasn’t interested (because he doesn’t think it necessary) I’d find another doctor. And tell him your story just like you have told me. I hope you are feeling better soon but seriously, get checked out. 🙂

      1. Thanks so much for your response. It really amazed me how few resources there are like this out there for people looking for answers. Even my gastroenterologist seemed to be pretty useless for giving me tips on what I could do to improve my situation. So I really can’t thank you enough for taking the time to do this. Most stories out there are doom and gloom, it seems few people who have managed to “beat” this take the time to share their side.

        At just 27 It sure is a pretty hard prognosis to swallow, considering all the things I can no longer do, living in a big city and no longer going out with friends at night, explaining to dates and colleagues why I don’t drink and most people assuming i’m an alcoholic. I resolved I would do everything possible to beat this and not let it drag me down, so I was quite happy to find someone like you who managed to overcome and lead a largely normal life. Perhaps being younger makes it more likely I’ll find some healing.. Who knows.

        But you’re right it does indicate issues with the GB, however my test results showed no issues there, and the imaging (MRI, ultrasound) showed no stones. My doctor thinks the jaundice might be caused by Gilbert’s syndrome (which would explain the bilirubin), but I haven’t had that diagnosed yet. Now I am waiting the results of my stomach biopsy to see if i have any gluten intolerance, but I’ve been gluten free for about 3 weeks now and haven’t seen any improvement, so I don’t expect to see any problems there.

        I am wary of surgical options because I’ve read some horror stories about mortality rates when operating directly on the pancreas, but I suppose I’ll cross that bridge when i get to it. I tried some grape seed extract and ibuprofin last night and that seemed to go down OK. I also started drinking white grapefruit juice. I feel like I probably get enough Vit C because I have a very nutritious fruit/veggie smoothie 2x per day.

        Few more questions.. Do you think exercise plays a role in helping? I’ve heard yoga and meditation can help so I was curious if you’ve experimented with that. I tried jogging but that seems to be a bit too much jostling around, so maybe I will stick to cycling.

        Also, how quickly do though expect to see a benefit from the grape seed extract? I’ve been on the diet for a few weeks now and still have some discomfort and abdominal tenderness, so I’m hoping the GSE will kick in soon!

        Thanks again and have a great Sunday!

        1. Hi Edward – At 25 I never quit partying lol – I just drank something other than booze. Then I started drinking grapefruit juice instead of booze. And soon after my AP attacks quit. Pancreas divisum doesn’t have to mean the end of your life as you know it – it simply means you have to improvise, adapt and overcome. We have the same “wariness” about surgical procedures. Whatever can go wrong will (Murphy’s law) so one needs to have all the knowledge available in order to make a good decision as to what is best for him or her.

          Gilbert’s syndrome – interesting. Never heard of it before but of course I HAD to check it out. I learned something new. 🙂 I’m so weird I really enjoy learning about weird conditions. Naturally I then looked for any link between Gilbert’s syndrome and AP and this popped up!

          Ya ya I know – way to much time on my hands lol.

          By the way …

          You won’t get the amount of vit C from foods that is needed to help heal the pancreas. You couldn’t eat enough fruit daily to get 4,000 – 5,000 mgs of vit C.

          I do NOT remember how long it initially took to see results from grape seed extract and vit C wen I first started. I don’t believe it a was too long. Maybe a month or two cuz it takes awhile to work up to the doses necessary. I think I started with about 400 mgs of grape seed daily then went to 800 mgs and that’s when things got interesting (good results).

          When the pancreas isn’t quite well exerise can cause problems. The less you bounce that little puppy the better.

          1. Hi Guys,
            Exercise makes me feel worse, way worse. I feel our story’s are somewhat similar on that most of my tests are normal but I’ve felt so unwell was hospitalised etc. I also think the curcumin was making me feel worse so Im just using the grape seed and vit c. It’s been 6 months for me and I’m am so much better than even 3 months ago thanks to HGs kind sharing all that he knows re pancreatitis. I think I had this 6 years ago as well, but not as bad as this attack back in March. Anyhow I hope you continue to improve.
            Stacey ?

  38. Haha.. I am impressed! I quickly came to the realization that it can be hard to enjoy yourself in a club or a bar completely sober! Luckily I have some other hobbies to keep me busy, but it sure was a quick change in lifestyle.

    Well I just had another conversation with my doctor this morning and he is now leaning towards a chronic pancreatitis diagnosis. This is due to the fact that my blood Amylase levels are still elevated even a year after my acute attack. In my heart I suspected it, but this is a tough pill to swallow nonetheless.. Looks like I’m a card carrying member of the club now.

    I guess my question is, were you still getting bouts of random acute pancreatitis before you started the supplement regiment but while you were on the diet? Did you take enzymes and go on the low fat diet before you discovered the supplements? I just read these horror stories about people with CP with pain and I wonder if they are on the proper diet and taking the enzymes. I am hoping that since I don’t have visible damage to the pancreas so far and that I quit drinking/smoking, and along with the fact that I am still young I can avoid that route..

    I ask because I seemed to be feeling quite OK with just being careful about food and using Creon enzymes. I did however, get lulled into a false sense of confidence I think. I stopped taking the enzymes and was cheating with chocolate and cheese quite a bit. Then I was at a dinner party and ate a good amount of meat, chocolate cake and ice cream and I think that contributed to sending me back to the hospital a few days later.

    My doc was highly skeptical of GSE and vitamin C (I suppose that doesn’t surprise me), but I think I will give it a go based on your experience. If this experience has taught me anything, it’s that doctors really don’t know everything, especially when it comes to the pancreas. I’m just a bit concerned about taking such high doses of GSE and Vit C..

    I think I’m going to try that PlantFusion protein powder you featured in another post to mix into my shakes to avoid loosing more weight too. I’m going to get back into strength training too (while avoiding anything high impact). If I gotta eat perfectly healthy now I might as well pack on some lean muscle too!

    1. Hi Edward – You asked: “I guess my question is, were you still getting bouts of random acute pancreatitis before you started the supplement regiment but while you were on the diet?” Yes, no, kinda – I started the diet half-hearted by cutting out some fat. I didn’t get serious about diet until I was divorced. So at first I still had random attacks. In fact the first 3 years (79, 80, 81 and part of 82) were really horrible and well worth forgetting. Anyway …

      After I left my wife (1982) I got serious about diet and then started drinking grapefruit juice and the AP attacks quit. But my abdomen was tender all the time. I mean we are talking years. I didn’t feel to well sometimes but no AP. Then in 1994 I found grape seed extract. I started taking grape seed extract and vitamin C in fairly large doses. I started feeling better. In 1995 I found curcumin and added that. I also increased my doses of grape seed and C. I’m GUESSING but I think it was about 6 months later when I really felt good. So for me it took both diet and the supplements.

      I didn’t start taking enzymes until about 8 years ago. I had a doozy AP attack (totally my fault) I ate something that should have never been eaten and ever since have needed the extra digestive help with proteins and fats.

      I can understand your concern about supplements. Some vitamins and minerals can be toxic. Some can kill you (A, D, potassium, selenium are examples). But grape seed, C and curcumin (as far as I can tell from research and personal experience) are non-toxic. I’ve taken over 1800 mgs per day of grape seed extract (i’ve known people who have panc who take 3 – 4 GRAMS per day). I’ve taken 800 mgs of grape seed per day for years, I’ve taken 10,000 mgs of C per day for a month (to see what would happen) and I’ve taken 2,000 mgs of curcumin per day (not in one dose) … and I ain’t dead yet. Curcumin is known to cause nausea and vomiting at HIGH doses (2,000 mgs daily isn’t HIGH). BUT with that said …

      I think you should start out with lower doses and work up (weekly) until YOU have felt and experienced good results. Yet what I think doesn’t matter. You may want to invest time researching supplements and what they do for certain conditions and read material by those who know (scientists) not jolly miss mollie down the street who has a family blog.

      You’re right about doctors. They don’t know everything and usually what they don’t know hurts their patients. Do research. Learn how to get well. It’s worth your time, trust me I’m a civilian lmao.

  39. I would be grateful for any advice, help and general guidance. I was diagnosed in May 2016. I’m not sure about my symptoms, different types of pain and what to eat to try and ease it. Thank you Claire

    1. Hi Claire – I thought you were on your fast with a good plan mapped out? If I remember correctly it sounded good to me except for the length of the fast which was really pushing the envelope lol. But give me some specifics that you need help with and I’ll do my best. 🙂

  40. I have just been diagnosed. Have to give up alcohol, smoking,and have started a new diet. I just wanted to thank for your blog. I will return to it often if I feel I need a reminder of why I need to change my bad habits

  41. EXCELLENT INFORMATION!!! This is better than any information received from the specialists. I have acute on chronic pancreatitis. I was recently diagnosed and hospitalized for seven days, and sent back to work. Eating/Energy is a HUGE CHALLENGE. What to eat? What not to eat? Full after two teaspoons of anything. Questions about food… May I eat oranges, grapefruit, or pickles?

    1. Hi Cheryl – sorry to hear you have joined the pancreatitis hall of pain. ALL fruit is great except for avocado (too much fat), over ripe bananas (sugar turns to alcohol), coconut (HIGH fat) and a few other weird fruits that most never eat. Grapefruit is especially beneficial if you are not on medications that it doesn’t play well with. If you are on medications check with your doctor AND pharmacist FIRST before you eat or drink any grapefruit product. All vegetables are safe. All legumes (beans, peas, lentils) except soy and peanuts (high fat) are safe. Yes peanuts are actually legumes not nuts lol If you have any more questions all you need do is ask. IF I know the answer I’ll tell you. If I don’t know the answer I’ll tell you that too and maybe go find it 🙂

      1. Hi HG. I cannot tell you how many times I have visited your site. It has been very helpful in handful of attacks over the past three years. I have been a heavy drinker off and on for twenty years. It believe that is what causes my attacks. Right now I have a lot of back pain and not that stabbing take your breath away stomach pain. I feel run down. My question is can you still have pancreas inflammation without the stabbing stomach pain. I had to take 800 mg Ibu and 300 mg grape seed and 500 of cucirimin today. I am putting a heat pad on my back which helps. On u tube there is a video on pancreas massage. Can I do this safely. Or will it make things worse?

        1. Hi Polly – I can tell you if you are still drinking alcohol that is the problem. IF you are still drinking you need to stop. I’m very serious. Please, do whatever you need to do to quit. It is etremely important to quit drinking. Alcohol to pancreas inflammation is like gas to fire. And yes, your pancreas can be inflamed without experiencing severe abdominal pain. I wouldn’t be massaging my tender, swollen, inflamed pancreas. Again, the best thing you can do is quit drinking. The diet (watching your fat intake) and the supplements won’t save your pancreas if you keep drinking. Please, stop drinking 🙂

      2. HELP HG!!! PLEASE!!!! OMG….I have to believe this will get better. I am down 37 pounds in 60 days, and I cannot keep anything on my stomach but hard candy :-((( I am drinking plenty of water, which I am sure is sustaining my life. I am EXTREMELY fatigued. It hurts my legs to take one step up on a curb or staircase. THIS IS CRAZY. I went to my Internist as instructed by my HMO, and he prescribed enzymes for me. After the first dosage, I got sicker instantly. I tried it two more times, same results. I stopped taking the enzymes. I started eating fruit…it was good for about two days, and then I was sick again. I cannot see my Gastroenterologist until October 25th. What can I do? One good thing is that I have been able to tolerate Ensure Clear for the past three days and I have a little energy…energy to walk and drive my car a little. What can I eat? Should I try cooked veggies at this point? (BTW – I tried the rice, toast, applesauce…it works for about three “meals.”) What can I do to stay on this side (alive)? By the way….I have anatomical pancreatitis. What took it so long to manifest? I am 47 years old. I know…I am all over the place. I AM HUNGRY, TIRED, FRUSTRATED, AND WORRIED. P Please tell me something. I am rereading your website now. Thank you! Cheryl

  42. Cheryl,
    Slippery elm powder, raw ginger, and beets are three things that have nutrition, yet should not provoke an attack. Make tea of the ginger. The candy you have eaten may have had white sugar (not good) or high fructose corn syrup (worse yet.) If you are already ‘in’ an attack, all you can drink is water for 72 hours. Enzymes on too empty of a stomach cause pain…as you apparently have just proven, again. I’m so sorry. I use a touch of stevia powder to sweeten tea. It isn’t delicious, but it does provide something a little interesting to entertain myself with. (Sigh) You might be able to eat raw, ripe, sweet papaya. And please research whatever I tell you before trying it. You are in a very dangerous situation.

  43. What a blessing. Been dealing with nausea and some stomach pain for nine months. Lot of CT, gi, endoscopy and blood work all normal. After reading your great info., I asked doctors if enzyme test was included. They said no.. ARGH!
    Mid60. Don’t drink.
    Before results I already started on 72hr. Fast. Nausea much less. Can’t thank you enough for such clear and concise information.
    Hoping I will be able to move forward soon..
    Chris a.

  44. I bought a bagful of beautiful white mushrooms at the grocery store last week. I chopped up a couple of them and put them in soup –skinless chicken breast, mushrooms, beet stems, onion, and some himalaya pink salt. It was delicious, but my pancreas hurt some afterward. I hadn’t yet read that I should not include the chicken broth in the soup, so I will have to eliminate that next time. But, as far as you know, is it all right for pancreatitis sufferers to eat mushrooms?

    1. Justvisiting – chicken broth contains too much fat. I boil the chicken first. Discard the first round of broth and then cook the chicken and veggies again. That way I get rid of the fat or a large majority of it. The mushrooms and other veggies are all fine.

  45. Hey, I’m Cassandra and I’m 22 going on 23 next month. It was just this June I was diagnosed with Severe Acute Necrotic Pancreatitus. For… a few months I kept feeling this kinda stinging pain in what I thought was my stomach, I wasn’t really sure what it was, and just kinda ignored it. I didn’t drink much just on the weekends or every other, I had actually gone out to the bar with my sisters in march and drank them under the table. Though, I always thought it was just a little weird i’d get reflux, sometimes diarrhea and that old familiar stinging sensation back at random points. I decided to get it checked out and was given two weeks off of work, because the doctor I saw had felt a “mass” in that area. She wasn’t sure if it was just poop or something else. So I was sent for a complete xray in the area… they came back absolutely normal. Well… I followed up with my regular doctor who thought it must be from the acid reflux so she prescribed me rantidine. Now at that current time I was smoking ( quitting again here as I made the stupid decision to start back up after 3 months), taking birth control pills to keep regulated, and taking gemfibrozil and fish oil pills to help manage my high cholesterol. My eating and exercise habits were also terrible, at this point I was just a vegetable that ate a lot and smoked. I craved sugar like crazy and didn’t quite know why. Turns out that if your deficient of magnesium, you crave more sugar.

    Well, not even i’d say three weeks later, I was having this feeling like a gas bubble was stuck in my left rib… it wouldn’t go away… I was taking pepto, gas – x ultra, tums.. nothing was really working. I was also starting to have a little bit of back pain. I never knew what was coming or what was even happening, I just was laying around a lot and some days i felt better than others. I woke up one morning for work… and all I remember is thinking “Wow… I really feel like shit, I really wish I didn’t have to work today, that I could just call in” I didn’t though… I got literally 2 hours into work.. before the back pain was intense.. I couldn’t concentrate and I was getting nauseous. I had also ignored the previous 5 day warning signs of my lack of appetite, eating despite.. not feeling hungry. I had to leave… I came home and called the primary doctor’s office and was instructed to take 2 ibuprofen, and if it wasn’t better in a few days to come in. I couldn’t sit.. I couldn’t stand no matter what I did I didn’t feel right, I didn’t feel comfy, I just had an intense nagging pain. I just kinda looked at my parents and said… I need to go to the emergency room, they are wrong, they should never tell you to wait unless they have seen you first. Well, by the time I arrived and was waiting I was beginning to dry heave. I began puking once in the e.r, I had a cat scan done, and my triglyceroid levels were found to be at 12,000. Well over 1,000 which causes acute pancreatitus.

    I was admitted, and received morphine just about every 2 hours. When it wore off all I remember is kind of whining, it was so uncomfortable and the hospital beds did not help a bit. I also lost the ability to pee somehow, they had to insert a catheter as I wasn’t outputting much urine. Things got even more fun. I was transferred to Icu not even the next day. I could barely even get out of bed I was so sore, I couldn’t move walk or anything, the nurses had to help me to the bathroom which was so painful just to get there. My skin began to swell, and I could not eat, so a tube was put down my throat so I could receive nutrition. ( Wrong). I could scarcely even drink water or gatorade I tried like hell to eat , but I couldn’t. And then… suddenly, when I’d get in bed it would take me just about 20 seconds to catch my breath. More tests, more scans. It had been nearly over a week, when the doctor had come in to tell me, I had developed pneumonia, there may be a pseudo – cyst, but it was unclear how many, or if there actually was because of all the fluid. At this point I was just praying they would ship me off somewhere else, I was having a panic attack, I felt I was going to die. Not only that, my sisters were on their way, that wasn’t a good sign. I was trying to keep cool and collected for everyone.. and that was the only thing that was worse than the pain itself.

    I was transported to the other hospital where I didn’t have just one, but many doctors working with me. Gastro, Kidneys, Respiratory. My levels were now down to 8 or 9,000… and I had extreme thirst. It took a while but finally after a few hours we saw a doctor. I wanted water and before the nurses knew anything, they wanted to keep it away from me.. which is hard when your thirsty, so I was getting ice. The doctor came with the news that I had developed a pseudo-cyst, suffered a pulmonary embolism, had pneumonia, and severa acute necrotizing pancreatitus. It didn’t take me very long to decipher what necrotizing meant. I was scared… but the medicine kept me numb, kept me under. If it weren’t for my two older sisters, I have no idea how I would have kept it together, I stayed strong because of them, they got me to laugh, and kept me in good spirits. My feeding tube was taken out and another was put in, this one extending past my stomache and into my small intestine, as the previous tube was causing my pancreas to still work hard, and continuing the inflammation. It was a day or so later they began to feed me and I could tolerate it. They would bring me jellos and small apple juices but i wouldn’t touch them. I didn’t want to touch anything at all, I still wasn’t hungry.

    I was given many medications and I’m still taking a majority of them now. Blood thinner, Vitamin D ( which I was already taking for lack of), Magnesium, Thera- M Iron, Fenofibrate, 4 fish oil pills, Atorvastatin ( there was pressure pushing against my heart from the fluid), Creon for my pancreas. I can’t even remember the other few right now. I basically was told I nearly died, my lips were blue… and it wasn’t until another two weeks i could even walk again. I was so happy when I could go home that I began to cry. They finally got my levels to safe place by using insulin. The worst part of it all honestly, was depression. There is nothhing more depressing than being stuck in a hospital for 3 weeks wondering if you’ll even make it home. My family had to drive an hour every day just to see me and would stay with me for hours. They really helped me through the worst. Once home, I could finally eat more because I wasn’t so depressed. Thankfully on my request a nurse got a gastro doctor down to me after 2 days without seeing him, and they said I would be fine to go home, that since I was tolerating a little food, I would be able to leave and there was no reason to keep me any longer and expose me to more illnesses.

    I apologize for the lengthy novel I’ve just wrote, but I definately went through a hell of a time. The cause? Super High Triglycerides. Also I suffered the pulomonary from 1. Being over weight. 2. Lack of exercise 3.. Smoking and 4. Birth control pills. I will never take hormone pills again. My diet consists of things low in fat, and low in sugar. i opt for some sugar free and fat free foods. Though I’ve just noticed my creamer although sugar free, has coconut and vegetable oil in it… crazy. Though I am able to tolerate desserts here and there, or things like pizza here and there, just not very often. My pseudo cyst is still being monitored, I will have another ultrasound in 5 months. All my levels are back to normal including my pancreas enzyymes. Thank good ness, now I just have to knock off the smokes as it increases the risks of another pulomary and pancreatic cancer. I have been using olive oil sprays just to coat the pan, but also because things stick to our pans like crazy. I was wondering if you had any advice for me as far as coffe creamers and such go… It’s hard to find anything both sugar and fat free… and with my high triyglyceroids.. its a little harder. I have also taken up some cardio, and am feeling great! Any advice is much appreciated but ive pretty much got the low fat low sugar thing down.

    1. Cassandra – it definitely sounds like you had a horrible experience. You are doing some things I wouldn’t but hey if it works for you so be it. As long as you are feeling great that’s what counts. Thanks for stopping, reading and sharing your story. Hopefully your pseudo cyst will resolve and you’ll be fine. 🙂

  46. I have pancreatitis and diabetes starting now. I have always eaten lots of butter with all my veggies, fatty meats, and sweet stuff like coconut cream pie at bedtime.and i always liked my sweet ice tea. Do the cranberry juices work? what about gatorade? This is a very difficult transition for me because Ive always craved my fats and sugars, mostly with as thin as I am. Ive tried to use them to gain weight! How does one gain weight on a vegan diet? how do u transition over after 59 yrs of being used to eating so poorly? Im scared and not sure where to start. the Drs have me on creon. is this ok? it says its made from pig intestines? is this a bad medication? I have difficulty swallowing also and not able to get a partial to fit due to having no bone on my jaw. how do I take supplements and which ones are important with these 2 diseases? so many questions! i need help!

    1. Hi Mary – having pancreatitis does throw a monkey wrench into a diet. High fat foods simply do not work if one wants to stay out of the ER. Cranberry juice is good. Gatorade is fine as well. People usually don’t gain weight on a vegan or modified vegan diet because the calories just aren’t there, especially when one takes out the high fat vegan foods that don’t work well with a damaged pancreas. Creon is fine and many people who have damage need it. You can probably find answers to most of your questions (diet and supplements) on this site. Invest time reading and learning. If you get stuck or have specific questions just ask. 🙂

  47. My daughter is currently in the hospital for the 6th time this year with Pancreatitis at age 21. She has Cystic Fibrosis and is currently on a gluten free, dairy free diet. She can’t seem to get past the soft food diet in the hospital and she is sick of popsicles and jello. Is there anything that I can take her to try out – she’s so hungry and is on day 10 in the hospital and wants to get out of there so badly.

    Thanks for your help.

    1. Hi Laura – sorry to hear your daughter is having a horrible time. CF does create challenges that others don’t have because the disease itself scars the pancreas and fills it with gunk. IF it were my daughter (and she isn’t so you have to do what y’all think is best) I’d go to the nearest health food store and buy grape seed extract, curcumin and vit C (do not get formulas that contain other ingredients). I’d also get some Ibuprofen (anti-inflammatory drug). CF creates mucus. Mucus contains proteins. I have this crazy idea that a natural proteolytic agent (digests proteins) such as Bromelain (comes from pineapple) may be beneficial in reducing the mucus build up within the pancreas. IF it did reduce the mucus build up it may help your daughter. Be advised this idea is nothing more than an idea which may produce no results. You could also get bromelain in the health store. I am not a doctor. I know very little about CF and have never had to deal with it. In regards to food veggie juice like V8 may help without causing more pain and inflammation.

  48. Hi, First thanks so much for your website of all the “info” available on the web its is the most solid.
    I have a couple of questions my husband was recently diagnosed with chronic pancreatitis during an acute episode.(5 days in a hospital) He has been suffering for a couple of years now and it had gone un-noticed!!!!
    Anyway I was wanting to know if sugar is acceptable in his diet , that is brown sugar , raw sugar etc in very moderate amounts.
    next how about soya products mostly tofu and soy milk, and lastly yogurt/curds (from cow milk) . As he travells frequently these would really make things easier(I’m hoping he can have these) . Please let me know what you think.Last one dried fruit, without any additives??
    Thanks again you really have been a source of information and hope.

    1. Hi Bianca – unfortunately you are going to be disappointed with my answer. Soy (any soy product) contains too much fat. Some folks have had good luck with no fat yogurt, no fat cottage cheese and no fat milk. Dried fruit is fine but watch for those that contain sugar alcohol (sorbitol). Any word on a food label ending in “ol” is usually an alcohol. I automatically read the label to find out what ingredients are in a “processed” food. I also look at fat content.

  49. 36 use to drink with panic attacks and numbed my sobreity with benge eating. Today went to E.R and learned what I had done. With my drinking days way behind me I just was told it was A mild case but the pain was brutal. You have helped A lot of people I appreciate that. I’m ready for what this diet brings I’m just not sure what to buy tommrow at Walmart. I was A stir fry or Mexican food guy daily so this change is hard but A must. Do you think I can maintain light meals with no oils but changing to brown rice with chicken? Also salads with blue cheese I assume is not A option but for sweets maybe nature valley? I don’t know if sugar free candy can be used to fullfil that sweet spot? . Finally if your going out to eat and your eating gluten free year around, do you still at A occasional dinner try A burger meal and treat yourself like twice A year? Or is it say goodbye forever to the one special meal with fries for me?

    1. Hi John – sorry to hear you have been feeling ill and experienced the pain of even a mild case of pancreatitis. Blue cheese dressing was one of my favorites but it does not work well. Brown rice with skinless chicken breast (no oil in cooking or prep) should be fine. I’d avoid everything with oil (Nature Valley bars) for a while because if they know why you had the initial attack and that cause has been resolved you could heal up totally and never have another problem (in 6 months or so) and thereby possibly be able to eat a normal diet again. I hope that is the case for you. 🙂

      1. Hi HG,

        I’ve been choosing to eat gluten free for months now, mainly because gluten is very inflammatory to the human body. What do you know about the following foods in relation to fat and the pancreas.

        Chic peas?

        Always appreciate your take on things.

        Many thanks again,

        1. Hi Stacey – they all should be fine. Quinoa, buckwheat and chickpeas all have tons of good nutrients. Chickpeas (garbanzo beans) have some fat (couple grams per half cup) but I eat them with no problem. Hope you have a Happy, blessed new year 🙂

          1. Thanks HG :-). I’ve been making humus with the chicpeas without the tahini. Just wiz up can of chic peas (soaked in water over night), juice of 1 lemon, 1 garlic clove, generous amount of salt. Dash of water. Serve cold with celery, carrot, any non fat/oil water crackers. delicious ?

            Have you ever heard of acai bowls? On my god! I have been making these at home with an acai powder as the fat content is much much lower (1.5 grams per serve) Yummo!!! Something I think readers would enjoy and should be pancreas friendly. Basically I use 50grams raw buckwheat soaked over night as this makes digestion much easier, 1 frozen banana chopped (not too ripe), good handful of frozen fresh blueberries, 1 1/2 heaped tablespoons of the acai powder, 3 ice cubes and a dash of water. Wiz it up in a NutriBullet. Top with strawberries, kiwi fruit and cherries or any fruit you prefer. I make these for breakfast. Absolute Heaven!!!

  50. Hi, I’ve been reading through your site for a few days. I’ve been in and out of pain since late September. I ended up in the ER twice due to intense pain under my right rib that radiated to the center of my ribs and wrapped around towards my lower backside. Now before this awful nightmare of a night I had two other “attacks” the first two felt like I had pulled a muscle (muscle spasm pain) Both in the same area right at the bottom of my ribs on the right side. Now I do recall before the second attack I was being silly for a video my son wanted to take of me. He asked me to dance while I jumped in the air. As I did this, I could feel an odd feeling right there by my ribs on the right side. The following evening I ended up with the muscle spasm pain. Now anything I looked up online kept saying it was my gallbladder. Now a little more info on me healthwise- I had recently been diagnosed with Dysbiosis. I was exposed unknowingly to black mold in my old home for almost 3 years. In that time I was constantly sick and had several different types of infections. I had taken several rounds of antibiotics and started to notice certain foods bothered me. We found the mold thankfully, moved away and have been away for 4 years now. In those 4 years I did a lot of research on how to heal my body. I unfortunately followed yo-yo diets- AIP and Paleo. Not exactly 100%, but I eliminated all grains, corn, processed foods, refined sugars, hydrogenated oils, etc. I still drank grass-fed dairy milk, raw cheese, and full fat European butters(unsalted). The diets call for high fats (good fats) so I was eating pasture raised lard, grass fed beef, duck fat, etc. My old symptoms faded and I felt so great. However, within a year and half I started getting other problems (very heavy periods, I lost a lot of weight and I think too quickly, upset stomach most nights laying in bed, mood swings, depression..) I started to reintroduce certain foods (potatoes, wheat, rice, beans..) they seemed to cause no problems so I got adventurous and they turned into cookies, donuts.. however I would only have one pastry or cookie one day every weekend. Then I ate them more frequently and I started gaining more weight. Then this past year I started losing weight without eliminating those foods. I started getting strange issues with my bowels and decided to try out a naturopathic doctor since I’m terrified to see conventional doctors as all they did was make me feel stupid for my symptoms and suspecting mold was causing them. (also because of them I knew I was sick!) Well, within a month of seeing my natural doctor she had me do several tests showing I had Dysbiosis (imbalance of good and bad bacteria in the gut) I have an overgrowth of pseudomonas aeruginosa and I needed to get my gut back in balance and kill of this bad pathogen. I also had a food panel done showing I have several food sensitivities and she wanted me to start a rotational diet. I followed the rotational diet for a while, but ended up very overwhelmed, by not only food families but how expensive it was even though I’ve been used to being broke since I’ve changed my diet years ago. Unfortunately it’s even pricier since I can’t eat the same things daily. Anyhow.. I had noticed my heavy periods were becoming lighter since adding carbs back into my diet. I forgot what it was like to have energy and so I did my best to follow the rotational diet. However, as a mom I have so much to do and some days I found myself making rice more and more. I also want to add in that even though certain foods showed up as I wasn’t sensitive to, I found out I was. My doctor informed me this is common as they only test you to see if you’re sensitive to the most common protein in each food. So even if I am not allergic to that one protein on the test, there’s several others. This too has been such a headache and can get overwhelming at times as well. One of the only things I’ve kept in my diet as far as grains go is rice. I like to eat organic brown rice, or organic sprouted brown or organic sprouted brown basmati. I really haven’t noticed any issues with the rice, but it could just be because I love it so much and I don’t want to eliminate it again. The day before my horrible nightmarish attack, I was on the ground in a very odd position trying to take photos of items I sell online for my shop. The photos need to be professional and I had accidentally purchased the wrong size light tent which ended up being HUGE so it only fit very tightly in my office. I can honestly say I was in and out of the position for probably a good 2 hours straight. I was on my hands and knees and at times twisting my back or aching my spine inwards while my head was up (giving my body a U shape) just to get these photos. After I noticed I was VERY shakey and I had to sit down. I thought to myself my legs and arms are going to be sore tomorrow! Well around night time I started to feel it coming on- under my right rib. Then it hit me. I can say I have NEVER had any pain like the last episode before. Giving birth wasn’t even this painful. The pain was intense and I couldn’t stop moving. I cannot take ibuprofen due to the Dysbiosis, but after about 4/5 hours I took a very small amount so I could fall asleep. I woke up, still dealing with the pain. At times it was so bad I started shivering uncontrollably. My husband felt my abdominal muscles and said they were spasms like crazy. Does this happen during an attack? Do your abdominal muscles contract? I finally had so much pain in the center of my ribs that it made me nauseous. I was so desperate I reached out to a fitness fanatic that had injured her oblique muscle and told her my symptoms. She told me her story and our symptoms were pretty much identical. She took ended up in the ER, they checked her gallbladder, had a ct scan etc. By the way, they did an ultrasound on my gallbladder, did a urinalysis and blood work. They said everything was fine, no gallstones, my gallbladder was normal. They said unfortunately the only thing wrong they could see was that I was dehydrated. I was put on an IV and afterwards discharged. I was still worried it was my gallbladder, so for about a week I started to change my diet to no fat, no oils, lots of veggies, fresh juice. I still had the nagging pain in my abdomen, almost like that feeling of intense hunger. The pains would come in spasms and it felt to me like an infection. It took them a few days to get the results sent to my natural doctor and she was concerned as blood was showing in my urine. I ended up going back to a different ER and got another urinalysis, more bloodwork and this time a CT scan. Again they said everything was normal. I looked over my results for the CT showing my pancreas had no abnormalities, my gallbladder was fine, kidneys fine, everything was normal. Again I was put on an IV and then discharged with another packet claiming I have “unknown abdominal pain” my doctor got the results again and there was still blood in my urine. She had to go get another urinalysis and still blood in my urine. She diagnosed me with an asymptomatic UTI. She had me start colloidal silver and continue taking probiotics. I was getting ready to take the colloidal silver anyhow to kill off the bad pathogen in my gut. And she assured me, the bad pathogen or Dysbiosis I have would NOT cause intense pain. Just bowel issues and food sensitivities. She also said it’s very likely the rounds of antibiotics I had taken are what caused the imbalance. So here I am.. it’s been a month of being on the colloidal silver. Since I was told I have no issues with my gallbladder or pancreas I cautiously would have a treat or use small amounts of oil still scared I’ll get another “attack” like that again. She also believes that I may have injured an abdominal muscle which could cause the blood in my urine. Tomorrow I get another urinalysis after being on the silver for a month. In that time I’ve had to deal with die off symptoms of the bad pathogen which has been that much more stressful on top of being concerned about my gallbladder/pancreas/digestive tract. Since she felt it was my muscle, she told me to be very gentle and do not lift or do any exercise. Well, a few days before Christmas I had to clean for family to come over for the day. I was as gentle as I could be, and I started to feel pressure in my abdomen. I ended up having to quit and had my husband finish. The next day I felt really bad under my right rib and it started to feel like indigestion pain. This was different- however it still spread over to the center and then left side under ribs and up my ribs to the bottom of my breasts and wrapped around into my lower back. The pain went down into my pelvic region as well. The pain perfectly aligns with my abdominal muscles. I did eat a glazed donut the same night I tried cleaning for Christmas. So I started to panic. Fortunately, I did not end up with the intense pain and the pain had subsided after a few hours. However, not completely. All during the next few days I kept getting random spasms all over the place. Now I know you’re not a doctor and I will be getting an MRI here shortly to see if it is my organs or a muscle injury. I was just curious to know if this sounded like it could be my pancreas? I feel much more comfortable keeping to a strict diet until I know 100% what is wrong with me. I am so sorry for the novel!! By the way I am a 30 year old female, I do not drink and have not for over 4 years due to my issues with food and yeast. I’ve never been a big drinker, just on occassion and it would usually be one drink. I can’t handle the hard stuff or beer. I would drink raspberry lambic which has like 2% alcohol.

    1. Hi Felicia – sorry I have taken so long to reply. I’m playing “catch up” lol. When you were in the ER with the intense pain did they check your pancreatic enzymes (lipase and amylase)? If so do you know what your levels were?

    1. Hi Sue – you are very welcome. Thanks for the kind words. I give God/Jesus ALL the glory! Here is a list of posts having to do with supplements. My two work horses are grape seed extract and vitamin C. Grape seed is highly anti-inflammatory. Vitamin C makes grape seed work better and longer. Curcumin is an awesome pain and inflammation reliever (can do as well as NSAIDS) but is not good for those who have gallstones, sludge or SOD.

  51. Hi health guy,

    Thank you soo much for your informative blog! FINALLY someone who has been through it to give advice! I really appreciate your time going out of your way to help others! My doctor feels my Pancreatitis was not of a huge scare as my lipase level was only at a 75 but boy I wish he felt that pain he would say otherwise. Also, they ran a CT scan and found everything to be negative and all organs including pancreas to be fully functioning. I did have a baby 6 weeks prior to attack and they assume it’s due to pregnancy and a gallstone may have passed. Since then I have changed my diet completely. Thought I was healed and 2weeks later the fire came back to me. I wish I read your blog earlier to help avoid this. Because I thought I was in the safe zone to eat squid. Eek! Now I’m at square one but feeling a lot more confident reading these helpful tips. Do you think I’ll be the lucky few and completely heal as long as I go according to diet? I DO NOT drink as well. In the meantime of the 6 month frame. my daily meals consist of tofu, eggplant, quinoa, jello, applesauce, ginger, onions, blueberries. Is there any advice you could give me? Also will the curcumin help for someone like me in case I get another episode? I usually get bad cramping, heavy chest, hard to breathe in a way and vomiting which I find vomiting makes the stomach pain go away. I would hate to be dependent on going into ER for heparin and morphine. I was in pain for 8 hours straight until I got seen. 🙁

    1. Hi Terina – Thanks for the kind words. Glad you like this site. Unfortunately even very mild cases of acute pancreatitis can be very painful while some severe cases have little pain (not common). I’m sorry you had to experience it. On a positive note 80% of mild cases (as long as the cause has been found and resolved) heal completely with the person being able to lead a normal life (diet, etc). Squid (raw squid) has no fat and should be perfectly safe depending upon HOW you cook it. Most shellfish and white meat fish are safe BUT IF it’s cooked in fat (butter, cream, oil, etc) that is a whole different story. Make sure you invest time learning about diet (diet category). I hope you are feeling great again soon and congrats on your new baby!

      P.S. Tofu is high in fat.
      Just in case you have gallstones curcumin should probably be avoided. Use grape seed extract and vitamin C instead.

  52. Hi Health guy – I had pancreatitis due to my gall bladder, which was removed, but the pancreas was so inflamed that cysts formed and the blocked my duodenum. I was told by the doctors that you don’t want to messed around with the pancreas. I wasn’t able to hold anything down and was in the hospital 31 straight days in the month of October until they released me and was told since I was very sick that I came very close to not surviving. I was released to home in November and I was vomiting 4 & 5 times a day still not able of eating or keeping anything down. I was readmitted to the hospital in December and had a few procedures done. First they put a stent in my pancreatic duct to try and open my duodenum so I could at least hold down liquids. I then had a feed tube put inside my stomach and to this day, as of this writing, that will still be in for next few months,as told to me by my GI doctor. Now during my stay at the hospital in October they put surgically in my arm, what they call a pic line and that was how I was being fed for 3 months. Now I have to feed tube, which pumps in a liquid form of food to my stomach. I don’t want to bore you with all this info, but I didn’t have any food for 94 straight days. I was finally released the second time from the hospital 3 day before Christmas.

    I contacted the doctor and asked to upgrade my diet around the first of year since, unbeknown to him I was drinking water w/crystal light and other liquids and holding them down about 2 weeks before I left in December. I asked to have pastina with chicken broth and that’s how my diet started with broth soups. I started a food diary after I got out of the hospital and as of this writing. I have had usually green tea and yogurt w/ blueberries and red grapes for breakfast or egg whites w/ mushrooms and spinach. I Have had for lunch anything from soups with orzo and wheat bagel w/tuna fish (nothing added), just plain tuna out of a can of water. My dinners have consisted of soups and I just tried making 94% ground beef cooked in a pan, drain all the fat and grease if any, then add chicken or vegetable broth, add some frozen peas and put that on top of mash potatoes.

    My question to you is. What else can I eat? I’ve read that acute pancreatitis patients should avoid all oils and fats, but I have been using a little spray of canola oil in the pan and I have been able to tolerate it without any problems. I think I’m progressing a lot faster than usual and want to try chicken and fish. I’ve been told that everyone is different and I could try these things. I’m just wondering after reading all this info about pancreatitis if I’m doing the right thing.

    1. Hi Bill – it certainly sounds like you have had some really rough times. I am totally surprised you can tolerate what you eat. I tolerate shell fish, skinless chicken, turkey and most finned fish but I wouldn’t touch red meat or pork with a ten foot pole (neither work for me). Fat and alcohol are the two worst enemies. The less fat, the better but some fat IS necessary in order to absorb fat soluble vitamins and minerals. Instead of using oils (including sprays) to cook with I use good quality non-stick cookware. Some people with damage like yours tolerate certain foods (for example beef) for a time but then find themselves sick again. I tried beef after I had been well for a time and had to cut it from my diet and pork simply is not good at all. Skinless chicken, turkey, white meat fish (cod, pollock, perch, bass, etc) and shell fish work much better.

  53. Hi. Thanks for your blog…best source of information I have found. I was hospitalized for several days with idiopathic AP a couple weeks ago. My only instructions upon discharge were to return to eating and activity “as tolerated”. I was very active prior to getting ill (working out at least an hour per day). I am still feeling very weak (I have lost about 15 pounds over the past two weeks) but have returned to mild exercise. What advice can you give about returning to exercise after AP. How long can I expect to feel so weak?

  54. hey… enjoying the information on your site.. my 24 year old son was hospitalized for a week for his first, mild acute idiopathic pancreatitis attack… it has been difficult finding a list of foods til I found this site… thank you! I was wondering about the grape seed extract-vit c-curcumin… where do you find these and how do you take them? how much? My son is also epileptic so the medicine he is on forbids grapefruit juice.. and he is allergic to ibuprofen… thanks for the time you take to give your advice, opinion and suggestions…it is appreciated!

    1. Hi Marie – that is my mom’s name. Sorry to hear about your son. Grapefruit juice does NOT play well with prescription drugs. You can get grape seed extract, vitamin C and curcumin at any good health store. Heck, I even saw them at safeway and fred meyers. The amounts needed to see results depend on the person. So it is prudent to start with a low dose of each and work up until he feels results (relief from symptoms). Just make sure you get “stand-alone” formulas. All you want is plain grape seed extract (nothing else in the formula), plain vitamin C and curcumin.

    1. Hi Linda – two granola bars average about 6 grams of fat from canola oil. Dark chocolate contains tons of fat. 4 little squares can average 24 grams of fat. I don’t recommend either but it’s up to you. You may tolerate them while others won’t.

    1. Hi Debbie sorry to hear you have pancreatitis. I drink NO fat milk. Others use NO fat dairy (yogurt, cheese, etc) with success. Rice milk should be ok but read labels some of those phony milk subs use oil and oil is pure fat (no good).

      1. Mmm I was told no dairy products whats so ever. You’re saying non fat milk yougurt ect is ok ? Please advise. By the way your blog is the only thing that has valuable education into the insights of how and what to do what and what not to eat. I was just diagnosist 6 days ago after going to ER they basically do not give you much guidance on how to heal and prevent. In fact in this cyber world we are in the Doc told me to Google information and said to have no dairy no fat no meat no oil no nuts no gluten. I appreciate very much how you go into detail and elaborate the what’s the why’s and the how’s. Any meal plans and snack information you have would be helpful for me with pancreatitis and no gallbladder . Thanks for your time and willingness to help educate us.You’re an exceptional person in a not so exceptional world. Cudos to you! Thanks from Debbie

        1. Hi Debbie – yeah I used to promote no dairy at the time when most medical sites and doctors believed that a pancreatitis patient could eat normally. Then I think they started reading my site, seeing people get well and all of a sudden they changed their sites to reflect almost exactly what I’d been saying for years. Anyway – I can tolerate some no fat milk. Others who have come to this site and found relief have also experimented with new products like no fat cheese and no fat yogurt and seem to tolerate them. That does NOT mean everyone will tolerate no fat dairy. AND since you were just diagnosed 6-7 days ago I wouldn’t suggest trying either and stick to the no dairy, no fat (oil, animal products, nuts, avocado, coconut, mayo, butter, margarine etc). In fact, IF it were me and it definitely has been I’d be on a juice diet (veggie and fruit) for about a week to let the inflammation subside. Once I was really hungry and felt decent I’d try some steamed vegetables and rice or bulgar. Going gluten free isn’t necessary unless you have celiac disease or gluten intolerance. I’m not to great on recipes and meal planning but I do have a couple ideas posted on the site (very few at this time lol). I should work on that for people. On my pancreatitis diet page there is a list of foods to avoid and a list of usually safe foods that you could use to put together a meal plan until I get around to doing more meal menu ideas and recipes. Thank you for the kind words but Almighty God gets the glory because He led me to learn everything. If you have questions feel very free to ask. I’ll help all I can 🙂

          1. Yes glory to God always first. It’s through him all things are possible. Thank you for all your teachings.

  55. You talk about supplements…what kind of supplements would that be? Any recommendations?? Thank you!

          1. Hi, I was just reading interactions grapefruit can have with certain medications. Although I don’t take any of the meds specifically named, I do take an anti anxiety and there was a list of anti anxiety medications listed that they say do not eat or drink grapefruit. I also take morphine for pain once or twice a day still. (still weaning, and still in bad pain occasionally, but I need much less) Again, morphine wasn’t listed, but oxycodone, and a couple of
            other narcotics were. Should I refrain from drinking grapefruit juice?
            I don’t know if it’s taking this cocktail of supplements, but I seem to be sleeping better and more at night. Before I would sleep just a couple hours at a time. I had ridiculous sleep habits. Is this common, sleeping better? I’m still experiencing bad days, but I have good days too.
            I have to go off all supplements for 7 days due to a procedure I need. Not very happy about it, but it is what it is. I will start fresh March 27th.
            My other question, when you are pain free and eating your “normal” diet do continue taking the supplements regularly? Thank You, Kim

          2. Hi Kim – yeah you might want to avoid grapefruit juice and grapefruit period. It doesn’t play well with a lot of prescription medications. I don’t know about the supplements helping sleep but if your pain is less that might help you sleep. In regards to your question about the supplements and a normal diet – I can’t say because I am not able to eat a normal diet lol

          3. Sorry, when I said : “normal diet” I meant normal diet for us. I know no fat, no alcohol, no dairy, is a life long thing for me and you. I misspoke. When you start eating meals, do you take supplements on a regular basis,or do you stop when your pain is gone? That is what I meant. Nothing is normal about pancreatitis. Sorry! I had 2 great days and the past few days I’ve been miserable. I’m a little grumpy today. My doctors office are doing studies on cannabis oils and using it other ways. I told them I’m game. I don’t know if they will use me yet. What do you think?? I took a survey for them, but haven’t heard back.

          4. Hi Kim – I take them every day (the supplements) and if you get to try cannabis oil do it. I have heard nothing but good things about it. Everything I have read is good. It takes pain away in cancer patients. So yeah, go for it see if it works for you.

  56. The last year I’ve been experiencing short bursts of these sudden pancreatic attacks yet no clinical lab findings occurred until end of February. Earlier in the year I focused on determining my food and environmental allergies (many skin rashes). My PGM and Father have these same allergies that can lead to chronic respiratory conditions COPD, Emphysema. Once I stopped eating the allergen foods I did not have any more respiratory illnesses. At the end of February is when I had multiple prolonged pancreatic attacks within 2wks revealing a 4K + Lipase (only once). Requiring a brief 24hr hospital stay (for fluids, NVP management) only to leave with a Diagnosis of Idiopathic Pancreatitis. No Dietician, No Nutritional education visit available on weekends when your in the hospital. So trying to muddle through NVP daily escalating to uncontrollable diarrhea while going back to work full time, finally led to a GI Specialist visit, 2 PCP office visits, several nurse calls to the PCP. Not to be provided anything close to what you explained. Instead I was told get Bariatric surgery and join weight watchers! The first diet I was told to do upon discharge from the hospital was low fat. The second diet from the GI office handout is Mediterranean. Yet, what you’ve explained in your article, tools and references is what every person with pancreatitis needs to be set on a path to wellness, THANK YOU! THANK YOU! – Newbie in NH with Pancreatitis.

  57. Hi there 1st time posting
    Just came across your blog when looking for information on pancreatitis
    A little history on my self
    Back in 2004 i was 24 I became really ill even swollowing my suliva would drop me to my knees it started off as coming down with a viral infection then the pain in upper abdomen started it gradually got worse over a few days to the point I could not eat or drink
    I thought it was like a tummy ulcer went to AE dept they gave me Zantac sent me home went next day they told me to up my zantac my own doctor was on holiday for 2 weeks at the time I knew within myself I was very ill and was panicking about how bad I felt and no one was taking me serious I struggled with this pain and barely ate anything for that full 2 weeks eventually my own doctor came back I told him my symptoms and what AE told me and he said he had a feeling what it could be he sent me for blood test and came back following day as amylase level very high think it was around the 500 mark he said it was potentially very serious and put me on a special tummy tablet he said was one of the dearest tummy tablet going at the time not sure what it was called but it had antibiotics within it
    I like my weekends going out drinking with the lads and enjoy glasses of wine with dinner but he said drinking must stop I love love spicy food again this must stop it took me 6 full months to get back to some normality and looking back I feel I should have been admitted to hospital I felt and looked gravely ill. However I was at home with my partner and my 4year old daughter who has cystic fibrosis I am a carrier.
    I barely moved and barely ate for that six months lost weight like nobody business and was very lethargic. My doctor had over 40 years experience and so glad he was my doctor as he was the only one that thought to the right test and finally diagnose me with pancreatitis.
    However he told me to stay away from ibuprofen as apparently it can burn the tummy and said it could cause more damage is this true?? As now I’m reading on your post it’s a inflammatory that can help ??
    12 months later I’m feeling like my old self and for past 13 years I have been able to go out drinking and eating what I want.
    Then here it comes I start feeling unwell during eating a rare cooked steak while sipping a coctail through a straw on Saturday night there so I tell my wife lets just go home and have an early night I have 2 more daughters 1 yr and 3yrs now and our 1st night out in many months we wee looking forward to getting out my life has changed dramatically since the last episode of pancreatitis I don’t drink anywhere near the levels I used to barley get a chance to drink to get drunk with months go by between getting out now
    But Sunday I feel a little better my daughter has just had noravirus and I’m thinking god I’m hoping I’m not coming down with it
    So I say I’m getting Chinese for dinner have a few cans of beer that will kill the bug off
    Wake up Monday early hours in morning bam pain that you don’t ever forget I now know I was like erm this feels like pancreatitis but still thinking noravirus
    Go to doctors Tuesday morning tell them my fears new doctor new town I stay in with my new wife and kids my oldest daughter with cf lives back in my old town few miles up the road she comes down most weekends and is doing well with her condition I’m pleased to say
    Any get bloods done 1st one back inflammatory levels are high I’m waiting on amylase level this morning which doctor now feels I’m right in saying pancreatitis pain the fact the result is not back she thinks is 1st one is high and there retesting and will send result in before lunchtime today
    That pain being back has scared me not as bad I must say as it was all those years ago but enough to wake me up make me feel ill lethargic not been sick but had some diarea but have now stopped going to toilet altogether
    I’m still been able to drink juice and eat soup
    So thinking my body is warning me to get into shape change my diet and stop the can of beef or glass of wine with dinner
    But I’m going to come clean I love those things I love takeaway I work hard over 60 hours a week I’m not over weight I’m one the luckily Ines who can eat all day and not put on weight ad I do a lot of walking especially having the girls chasing them about the park and walking even in work
    What’s the chances of this been a flare up and being able to go about normal again in a few months like I did the last time or am I thinking of a risk that is not worth taking
    Doctor has left me pain mess to pick up also an inflammatory tablet co codamal is the pain relieve not sure yet what the inflammatory tablet is any feedback would be appreciated your work on this site is second to none
    Keep up the good work and wish you and everyone well in there fight against this horrible stupid illness

    1. Hi me again
      So I’ve been given naproxen 500mg bp tablets
      And just read about them and there is one site that actually suggests been on these tablets can give you acute pancreatitis??? Huh if that is true why is my doctor prescribing me them surely this can only make my symptoms worse if these tablets can cause illness as a side effect yet wants to treat me for the illness with them
      And I wonder why she gave me these instead of just prescribing ibuprofen which could deal with inflammation and pain I don’t understand??

      1. Hi me again so amylase result finally came back 114 not high I know but higher than a my last test a few years ago which was 80
        The fact my inflammatory level was high and amylase level is slightly raised and the pain I recognised straight away from previous years suggests to me I have had a small flare up my doc thinks it’s more a gallbladder or gallstone problem now waiting an apt for ultra sound and X-ray which will probably be weeks away
        I definitely going to stay away from alcohol and eat more healthy and see what happens if I see a dramatic change in how I’m feeling it’s not going to be gallstones I don’t think anyway as I’m sure I would need something done if that was the case
        I’m one for feeling even the slightest change in my body even if my heart rate raises slightly I know right away not sure what you call this lol and may sound strange but that’s me lol
        I take comfort in knowing how I’ve been feeling pushing for the blood tests and finding out yes inflammatory marker is up and yes my amylase is slightly raised to me it’s my body giving a warning to change life style and reading everyone posts on here and other sites would rather make these changes now while I still have a chance too and live a good life than ignore it and think along the lines if I’d years ago and went back to going out drinking what I wanted and eating absolute rubbish takeaways etc
        Time to get into shape eat healthy and hopefully see and feel the benefits
        I know it’s going to be very difficult as I’ve said before I love my takeaways and glasses of nice red wines with dinner going out too nice restaurants having cocktails etc but I have my girls my job and a few sacrifices to be able to give them a happy life then I know what needs done easier said than done I know but I’m definitely going to give it a good go and hoping when I feel the health benefits it will push me harder in making the right choices.

        Good luck to every one

        1. Andrew – good choice. After a while you won’t miss the alcohol, at least I don’t but I can’t say the same for foods lol BUT a healed, healthy, full-functioning pancreas that doesn’t cause issues (symptoms) so that you can enjoy your family trumps food 🙂

          1. I was wondering if you could tell e where you buy your supplements? I’ve been reading a lot about being careful not to buy the cheapest ones. it’s very confusing. I want to get the best product without breaking the bank. I saw Puritan Pride has a good rating and good deals. It’s always hard to know what to believe. Any advice?? Thanks

          2. Kim I get my supplements from Amazon right now and have for sometime. They deliver for free (if you buy over 35 – 40 bucks) and they seem to be cheaper in cost than most other outlets. I’ve never tried Puritan Pride so I can’t say. I’ve tried several different brands of supplements. I have a list of the supplements I prefer somewhere on this site. Look under the category tab on the right side of the site.

          3. Okay, Thanks, I will look. I’ve been reading a lot about supplements and to be careful not to necessarily buy the cheapest. Puritan Pride has a great review and they give you great deals. Like buy 2 get 1 free, or buy 3 get 1 free. I did read not to take Amazons advice on supplements. It did NOT say not to buy from them. I’m on a budget, but I also want to make sure I’m taking what is best for my body. I wanted to tell you I had to stop for 7 days due to a procedure I needed and I couldn’t believe the difference. Within 48 hours I was in so much pain and back taking a lot of pain medication. It’s been 2 weeks back on the supplements and weaning back off the meds. I do take 1 slow release a day, but I was taking 3 before in addition to 3 instant release. Very big dosage My doctor said she is going to get me an appointment with a doctor to get cannabis. I wish she would hurry up. I’m looking forward to see if it works and I can be off narcotics completely. I definitely need something for my bad days. You have allowed me to cut way back, but my goal is to be off them completely. I’m so happy I found YOU. Thank you so much!!!!

          4. Yes sir it does. Thanks for all your help this diet of yours I have memorized and I am so so much better for it…. Thanks so much HG! Kelly

      2. Andrew NSAIDs such as Naproxen and Ibuprofen get a lot of “bad wraps.” The ONLY credible evidence I have found in regards to either Ibuprofen (1 case) or Naproxen (1 case) actually causing acute pancreatitis have been in cases of self-inflicted overdose (suicide attempts). If it were me I’d have chosen Ibuprofen simply because I think it is a better drug for pancreatitis and I have had extremely good results from it BUT I am NOT a doctor. Neither Ibuprofen nor Naproxen nor any of the same class of NSAIDs (aspirin is an NSAID but a totally different class) are NOT safe and can cause heart attack, high blood pressure, gastrointestinal bleeding, liver and kidney damage in high doses and/or long-term usage (even in lower doses). Drugs are not safe and that’s just the way it is but anti-inflammatories (NSAIDs) do resolve the pancreas inflammation.

    2. Hi Andrew – sorry to hear you have experienced the horror of pancreatitis. Supposedly about 80% of people who have one mild case usually recover with no recurrence. Stats say that 80% of cases are mild and 20% of cases are severe. The problem with recurrence is one never knows which it is going to be so with what you have told me it sounds like you may have had another mild recurrence but your doc should be able to tell you more than me (I can’t diagnose). It may be beneficial for you to look long-term (to stay healthy and enjoy life) and avoid alcohol entirely and modify your diet (less fat) especially if your doc tells you it was another mild acute attack.

  58. Hate to be gloomy… sorry, I have to ask.. do you have anything in place to keep this site going if you pass? This site is wonderful, you have a very dangerous condition, and I hope it continues to be a resource for thousands more people. My husband and I used to have a website and I know you have to pay and renew yearly. I’d hate this valuable wealth of information to disappear into the abyss. I actually found your site searching for scripters to heal pancreatitis! So thankful God gave you this opportunity and healing and that you chose to say yes to Him and help others!! My husband has one of the worst cases of necrotizing pancreatitis the surgeons have ever seen. This journey started 8/2016 , about 8 crazy long months ago. My husband has only been home for a couple of those months, in the hospital more than out No one has expressed to us the importance of diet!!! Supplement has never been suggested!! I swear the medical community wants him to stay sick so they can make money off of him. The hospitals feed him fatty foods! Thank you for all your efforts, God will return that to you.

    1. Hi Mary Jane – I am sorry to hear about your husband. Necrotizing pancreatitis is nasty. You posed a great question. It is interesting to note that I asked the Lord the same question. Most of us who have had this condition (AP & CP) know, in the back of our mind, that our next meal could be the one that turns life into a nightmare or death but as for me I try not to dwell on that. I just give that worry to the Lord to handle. He’s been faithful! Yet, should He decide it is time for me to come home I have no plan for succession at this time. I’m sure God has a plan in case I am no longer here but what that plan is I haven’t been told as yet 🙂 Let me know if you have questions. If I can help I will. I’ll keep your husband in my prayers.

  59. I am brand new to this pancreitis affliction and tother say it is a pain is a colossal understatement. I will be following your diet so I pray that it works m

    1. Hi Timothy – sorry to hear you have joined the pancreatitis hall of pain. If you have questions just ask. I’ll help if I can. I hope you are well and healed soon 🙂

    1. Hi Lori – if you have AP currently you shouldn’t eat anything, you should go to the ER. If you mean that you have had AP (it’s over) I’d be careful of soybeans because they are full of fat.

  60. Where do you find gluten-free legumes? I’ve read so much that they’re always contaminated with gluten. What brands do you buy? Have you ever had any issue with legumes?

    1. Hi Felicia – yep beans are a problem for celiacs due to farming practices. Farmers often rotate crops wheat or barley one year, beans the next. And most harvest those crops using the same equipment. This causes cross contamination to be an issue. Google Edison Grainery. They offer certified gluten free beans. Be advised they aren’t cheap. That’s another great thing about being a celiac – we pay through the nose for food!

      1. Yeah, I’m not too fond on the prices! I have been wanting to try Edison Grainery, I just wasn’t sure if they were legit or not. Have you eaten their beans? Which would you recommend? Thanks so much!

        1. Felicia no I have not tried Edison Grainery beans. In fact, I thought I knew everything about what I could and couldn’t eat as a celiac and BAM! You just taught me something or made me search for more info that led me to learn that the beans, peas and lentils I eat are possibly making me sick. Thank you. I’m sitting here shaking my head thinking “How dumb are you Paul?” I had wondered about beans, peas and lentils but I had never seen anything on packaging to really make me skeptical but now, I am going to eliminate the dried legumes. THAT is unfortunate, a loss of a zero fat protein source! I am so sick of being a celiac!

    2. By the way Felicia – after doing more digging I don’t think I’ll be buying any “gold priced” beans from Edison Grainery. The reason being is that I have read where people have found grains of barley, wheat etc in certified GF beans. To pay almost $5 per pound and still get sick isn’t my idea of a great time or investment. I could be simply over cautious because Edison Grainery says they test every batch of beans for gluten but I am beginning to understand that the GF seal may or may not be as trustworthy as people think because they (the packers and sellers) have to rely on their suppliers (farmers) in regards to how those beans (or any crop) are actually grown and harvested. And integrity often gets lost when there is money to be made.

  61. Hi Health Guy… I am a 53 year old female that has been diagnosed with pancreatitis. Although I have been working with my doctor to try and figure this all out. I have been dealing with pain for over a year and although at times the pain is pretty significant, its never been enough to put me in the hospital. Back is December my lipase was slightly elevated (93 on a scale of 0-59) so this (along with my complaint of pain) was what caused the initial diagnosis. Since then I have gone through CT scans that show my pancreases is normal, and my lipase level is back to normal, however I still have pain so I am seeing a GI next (been waiting 4 months). 🙁 I too am a Christian and lean on the Lord, but I have to say my spirits have been severally tried and many times I feel super frustrated and down with all of this. Your website (reading other folks experiences), and diet advise has really helped. Mainly, I was wondering what your take/advice would be on using Fat Free Milk (I use this in my coffee as well as other recipes), Fat Fee Sour Cream, Fat Free Yogurt and Braggs (liquid amino acids) in place of Soy Sauce?

    1. Hi Teddi 🙂 Sorry to hear you have been ill with pancreatitis. I know it sucks. Leaning on the Lord is a good thing. He is the Great Physician! And God says: “For I am the Lord who heals you.” Exodus 15:26, “He himself bore our sins in his body on the tree, that we might die to sin and live to righteousness. By his wounds you have been healed.” 1 Peter 2:24, “And the prayer of faith will save the one who is sick, and the Lord will raise him up. And if he has committed sins, he will be forgiven.” James 5:15 More verses on healing. However …

      I know your frustration. God’s plan and timing is perfect yet doesn’t always correspond to what we think should take place or when. That is where our faith is tested and sometimes it is mightily tested! Now to answer your question …

      Fat free milk, sour cream and yogurt may or may not work. Many folks will tolerate those items where others will not. The secret is to test (one at a time), watch for symptoms, then if symptoms appear eliminate that item to see if symptoms disappear. It could be that item that is the offender or it could be something else and you just need to find the offender and eliminate it. MOST offenders have fat, alcohol (in some form) or both. ANY food could be “the straw that breaks the camel’s back” when one has been eating unsafe foods that have slowly or quickly caused inflammation but typically the offender has too much fat (various foods that are even toted as healthy) or it contains alcohol (soy sauce, vanilla extract, etc). In regards to Braggs soy sauce substitute, I have heard good things yet I have never tried it, so I can not say from personal experience.

      God Bless you 🙂

      1. Thank you Heath Guy for responding! Means so much. I have to say what you are doing for people and the time you take is truly a blessing and a gift from God. There are so many people out there, that are at a loss, feeling helpless, frighten and alone in their fight and your site truly brings “hope”. Seriously “Thank you again”. I will report back on the Braggs when I know more….

    1. Hi Ben, yes i have problems with running and strenuous exercise because I am old lol – ok – seriously – when I was younger and very ill I used to have problems. After I healed up, not so much.

  62. I am having pain if I eat more food or spiced food I got discharged from hospital 10days back pls instruct which food should be taken

    1. Hi Wilson – Diets that are plant based with little fat are usually best. You can check the categories (drop down box) located on the right hand side of this site and read about diet.

  63. Hi great information my nan suffers from acute pancreatitis and she’s a stubborn old lady has lived her whole life eating what she wants and drinking what she wants while she’s now cut out drinking all together and eats hardly anything it’s the stuff she does eat it’s completely not good according to your article, my question is does panadol effect the pancreas she takes it like every day? Her doctor also prescribed her endone for the pain don’t know if that’s good or bad he knows nothing really about it…. and when you do eat fish or chicken how do you cook it the best way with no oil etc, also is hydrolight drink good? And one more haha what about turkey bacon can u eat that? Thanks so much! Not ready for my nan to leave this earth yet 😀

    1. Hi Kayla – Acetaminophen (panadol) is an extremely ineffective drug for pancreatitis and is toxic to the liver. Endone (oxycodone hydrochloride) is a narcotic pain killer. If it helps it’s good but narcotics are also addictive which is bad. The first thing one needs is a good quality non-stick set of pots and pans (baking too) so that the fish and chicken (skinless) can be fried, roasted, baked or boiled (not fish, fish can be poached) without using oil. Good quality non-stick cookware makes life a lot easier. The Hydralyte drink looks ok. Turkey bacon is high in fat and well, doesn’t taste like bacon. Hope that helps some 🙂

    1. Hi Subhra das maity – Pulses (legumes) are great except for soybeans and peanuts (yep peanuts are legumes) and soy and peanut products. They have way too much fat.

  64. Hai i am a victim of acute pancreatitis found recently 5 days back.. still on my loquid diet.. my doc advised me i can start my diet after 2 days . But still i go for liquids… wt do u feel? Hw long i should continue this?

    1. Hi Sunitha – sorry to hear you have had to experience acute pancreatitis. It is Not fun. Did they find out why you had your attack? If so did they fix it? My personal feeling is that doctors push solid foods to quickly and in many cases the patient ends up getting sick again which is not good. So IF it were me I’d stay on liquids such as vegetable juice and fruit juice until I had no symptoms at all and then slowly introduce safe solid foods such as vegetables, rice and other zero fat, low fat foods.

      1. Thnk you somuch for your response..iam doin good, still from my side i didnot start any solid food, eventhough my pain and other symptoms are subsided..
        Thanks again

  65. Can you answer this…. my husband has just been diagnosed with chronic pancreatitis, but he only has 1 enzyme, lipase, that is ever elevated. His gastro last year said he doesnt have pancreatitis and throw the enzymes away, dont waste your money… Now to THIS… besides that… is it just 1 enzyme that can cause theses attacks? Just trying to understand more of what we now have to figure out.. lost a whole year in not taking the right meds,… He has so far only had 1 attack last year….. lipase is ONLY thing elevated.
    Thanks for your help.

    1. hi GGGrant – sorry to hear your husband has been suffering. Often ER docs and other docs only check lipase elevations now to determine acute pancreatitis because it is the most specific. It is simply a diagnostic tool. And it