Pancreatitis Diet Food List – Foods To Eat and Foods To Avoid

By | June 18, 2022
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pancreatitis diet food listIf you are looking for a pancreatitis diet food list, a list of foods usually safe to eat and foods to avoid when you have pancreatitis, you have found the right article. So keep reading because …

You have found the pancreatitis “HOW TO” site that teaches common sense strategies for pancreas healing. Strategies that when put into action, will help heal your inflamed pancreas. Afterward you’ll feel good again and stay well.

And these strategies can be found all through this site not just this article. That is what you want right?

Who Needs A Pancreatitis Diet Food List?

A pancreatitis diet food list is extremely important in order to avoid the suffering one can be made to endure from a chronic pancreatitis flare or worse an acute pancreatitis attack for simply eating foods that trigger the event. IF your pancreas were undamaged normal food would not be a trigger.

IF this is your first visit to this site please note I have done my best to make this site easy to navigate with all links opening in a different window so you never leave the page you are currently reading. Please take a moment to read the TOS and …

Then visit THIS PANCREATITIS PAGE. Scroll down until you see “5 Powerful, Must Know Pieces Of Knowledge For Beating Pancreatitis” and read it. Then visit and read the other posts as well. Doing so will give you a leg up. Anyway …

Pancreatitis Diet Food List Knowledge Is Power

pancreatitis-knowledgeKnowing what foods are usually safe to eat will help you avoid pain, nausea and vomiting while also helping you to heal the damage that has been done by acute pancreatitis or chronic pancreas inflammation (chronic pancreatitis).

The reason correct knowledge is so powerful is that new discoveries are being made all the time. I had a Word from the Lord several years ago that the pancreas is able to regenerate cells and guess what?

Here is a fairly recent article (3-4 years old) that proves this “Word of Knowledge” I received from the Lord is true! I mean how exciting is that? The CREATOR of all life says it’s possible and science is discovering that it is in fact possible for the pancreas to regenerate damaged cells so …

Is Diet The KEY To Pancreas Cell Regeneration? 

The KEY to pancreas healing is a pancreatitis diet food list

Resolving the pancreas inflammation by eating anti-inflammatory foods, that are low in fat, yet nutrient dense is one of the most imperative courses of action you can take. I believe several necessary steps need to be taken but this article will cover foods and your personal pancreatitis diet food list. 

I will soon give you pancreatitis diet food list examples; foods to eat and foods to avoid when trying to recover and heal from pancreatitis. I don’t mean to bore you with details that may seem unimportant. They aren’t. It is extremely important to understand what a proper pancreatitis diet will do and why you should want to adhere to one.

So, if it’s important to you to stop the pain, nausea and vomiting and heal your pancreas, keep reading and learning.

If you have just suffered a mild acute pancreatitis attack, your doctor has found the cause and has rectified that cause, it is entirely possible (an 80% chance according to medical stats) that you will heal completely and never have another problem BUT …

Unfortunately doctors and dieticians are not the best sources for learning what is safe to eat and what isn’t. They should be the best sources and you’d think they would be yet, I’ve heard some interesting stories from patients who have visited my sites over the years I have been sharing what I know.

Imagine being in the hospital with acute pancreatitis, drugged up and NPO (nothing by mouth). You’re this way for maybe 5-7 days. Then you are told things are fine and you’ll be going home the next day. That evening they bring you dinner to see if you tolerate food.

roasted salmon in butter - pancreatitis diet food listRemember, you have been without food for 5-7 days and they bring you roast beef, mashed potatoes and gravy, a vegetable, bread and butter.

Or maybe it’s baked salmon swimming in lemon butter, baked potato with butter, sour cream and a nice salad smothered in dressing.

You’re feeling better, maybe even hungry so, you eat that food and …

Within a few minutes to a couple of hours you are vomiting what you ate because even though you were feeling better, no longer needing pain or nausea medications, your pancreas was still NOT happy and healed so …

Rebellion occurs.

Pancreas pain nausea vomitingOR worse you find yourself again in massive pain and vomiting. Your nightmare is beginning all over. Another round of acute pancreatitis. This could all have been avoided with a more conservative approach to introducing solid food back into your diet.

By introducing something easy to digest like vegetable juice or vegetable broth (no meat broth) for one to three days to determine how you tolerate normal feeding again versus no food. But that is just my thinking which I have found via my own experience is correct however …

Most would consider the only test subject, myself, a very small clinical trial. 🙂 

The good news is since I have been beating the drum about proper pancreatitis diet foods I have seen medical sites change their thinking from totally dangerous high fat foods too much safer meal recommendations. It’s like they visit MY site and then put my info on their site but just a tad different so it isn’t outright plagiarism.

For those who are healing after acute pancreatitis or those who want to relieve the symptoms, even heal their pancreas from the damage of chronic pancreatitis this is very good to see. So, some are learning and that is a good thing.

There are two basic enemies (things you can put in your mouth and swallow) for those who suffer with pancreatitis.

One is alcohol (do NOT drink alcohol or consume it in food or medications); The other is fat.

Food is not your friend when you have unresolved pancreas inflammation or have sustained enough pancreas damage to cause chronic pancreatitis. What you put in your mouth and swallow is extremely important so let’s take a look at what is usually safe to eat.

Your Pancreatitis Diet Food List

pancreatitis diet food listThis list will contain foods that are usually safe for most people who have sustained pancreas damage. BUT nothing is perfect. IF it isn’t on the list it isn’t safe to eat.

Like I said earlier food is not your friend when you have pancreatitis. This is a fact you need to keep in mind at all times.

If the food you are thinking of eating is NOT on this safe list I would suggest you avoid it. I would also suggest doing a food diary starting with the proper prep (fast and cleanse).

Keep in mind you can make the following usually safe foods unsafe by preparing them incorrectly. Adding unsafe foods or ingredients (FATS) to them will make them unsafe.

Safe Foods For Your Pancreatitis Diet

you can heal your pancreas with a proper dietFor the average person with an undamaged pancreas, most foods are safe. For those who have sustained damage via acute or chronic pancreatitis or pancreatic cancer this is no longer the case. 

After pancreas damage there are TWO new mantras, catchphrases or jingles we should learn and those are:

1) “Food Is Not My Friend.”

2) “Eat to live instead of living to eat.”

With those in mind we are going to look FIRST at foods that are usually safe for a damaged pancreas. Keep in mind that if your pancreas is still highly inflamed almost any food can and often will cause problems.

NOTE: I DID NOT say that any food will cause problems all the time or that everyone is different. Your pancreas, unless congenitally different, as in pancreas divisum, is the same as mine.

pancreas damageThe only other difference is damage and damage can and often does make a lot of difference. The more extensive the damage the less foods you may be able to tolerate and …

Inflammation causes more damage.

This is EXACTLY why it is best to resolve any inflammation ASAP by:

  1. fasting (no food, just water for hydration) to rest the pancreas.
  2. Using anti-inflammatory medication (Ibuprofen or aspirin) 
  3. Supplements grape seed extract, curcumin and vitamin C

The fast, in conjunction with proper medication and supplements, will resolve the inflammation quite quickly unless there are complications such as pseudocysts, calcification, pancreas divisum or another condition that may impede healing. With complications healing will take longer.

The first category of safe foods comes under the group heading of vegetables. This group has various sub-groups. These sub-groups are mine not scientifically based. They are NOT all-inclusive.

pancreatitis diet food list for healing

Vegetables are excellent for most people with pancreatitis

Group one: “leafy greens” which consist of: 

  1. Lettuce – all types (iceberg, romaine, red leaf etc etc etc)
  2. Spinach
  3. Kale
  4. Turnip greens
  5. Beet greens
  6. Mustard greens
  7. Collared greens
  8. Watercress
  9. Swiss chard
  10. Dandelion greens
cruciferous vegetables are excellent for those who have pancreatitis

cruciferous vegetables are excellent for those who have pancreatitis

Group Two: Cruciferous and Other Vegetables

  1. Cabbage
  2. Broccoli
  3. Cauliflower (oh not green? pretend it is lol)
  4. Bok choy
  5. Brussels’ sprouts
  6. Sweet green pepper (red, yellow, orange etc)
  7. Cucumber
  8. Squash (some are green lol)
  9. Celery
  10. Artichoke
  11. Asparagus
root vegetables and tubers are excellent food choices

Homegrown root vegetables – Beet, Carrots, potatoes and turnips etc are great food choices

Group Three: Tubers or ROOT Vegetables

  1. Carrots
  2. Potatoes (white, sweet, yams, etc)
  3. Onions
  4. Radish
  5. Turnips
  6. Parsnips
  7. Rutabagas
  8. Garlic
  9. Kohlrabi
  10. Celery root
  11. Beets

The above vegetables all have one thing in common, They are highly ant-inflammatory, full of inflammation fighting polyphenols and nutrient dense. Some like broccoli, Brussel’s sprouts, cabbage, kale and cauliflower are full of sulforaphane which kills cancer cells. They also offer protein content. There are a lot more vegetables. This is not a complete list.

I’m blessed by God. I can eat raw vegetables. Some people with a lot of pancreas damage can not tolerate raw vegetables but are able to eat them cooked. Remember damage makes the difference and that’s why it’s imperative to test, test, test!

legumes-beans-peas-lentils high protein

Legumes are excellent for most people with pancreatitis

Group Four: Legumes

  1. Beans (ALL kinds EXCEPT soybeans, garbanzo and peanuts). Yes peanuts are in the legume family. Soybeans, garbanzo beans aka chickpeas and peanuts all have too much fat for many people. You’ll also need to avoid or be cautious of soy milk, soy cheese, etc and hummus which is made from chickpeas (garbanzo beans). 
  2. Peas (all)
  3. Lentils (all)
grains are excellent for most people with pancreatitis

grains are excellent for most people with pancreatitis

Group Five: Grains

As far as I know ALL grains are fine as long as you do not cook them in a manner that makes them unsafe. Again, it is easy to make safe food unsafe simply by combining safe foods with those that are not safe. The following list of grains is not a complete list.

  1. Wheat
  2. Barley
  3. Rye
  4. Bulgar
  5. Rice (All)
  6. Corn
  7. Oats
  8. Pseudo Grains such as quinoa, amaranth, buckwheat, etc
fruits are nutrient dense food

Most fruits are excellent choices for those with pancreatitis. Coconut, olives and avocado need to be avoided or eaten in very small quantities

Group Six: Fruit

All fruit except avocado, coconut and some weird fruits you may never see are fine to eat. Avocado and coconut have way too much fat for most people with a damaged pancreas. Grapefruit is excellent BUT can cause serious interactions with many drugs. So ask your doctor and pharmacist if eating grapefruit or drinking grapefruit juice is safe for you. The following are suggestions for fruit to enjoy:

  1. Apples
  2. Bananas
  3. Berries (ALL)
  4. Oranges
  5. Grapes
  6. Pears
  7. Pineapple
  8. Mango
  9. Papaya
  10. Melons (ALL)

Remember just like the vegetable groups above these are all safe foods but you can make them unsafe by adding things like whipped cream, booze, vanilla extract (use vanilla BEAN instead, FRESH vanilla bean that is NOT processed). Another thing to watch for is fruit that is too ripe. When fruit become too ripe the sugar turns to alcohol and of course that is how peach brandy, etc is made.

Group Seven: Animal Protein

AVOID Juicy high fat steak Most animal protein, especially red meat, pork, goose and duck contain too much fat.

AVOID them!

FAT and ALCOHOL are the two major villains to avoid.

Yes you do need some fat in your diet for your body to accomplish several things such as absorbing fat soluble vitamins (A, D, E, K) but it doesn’t take nearly as much as a doctor or nutritionist is going to tell you.

According to them I should have likely been dead years ago but here I am enjoying life 42 years after diagnosis.

I’m not as damaged as most in my support group so if fat makes me sick what is it going to do to you if your pancreas is far more damaged than mine?

Instead look for your protein fix in legumes, Skinless Turkey and Chicken (white meat), fish and seafood. You can still have your tuna sandwich simply avoid mayo and use canned white albacore tuna (canned in water not oil) mixed with onion, celery, garlic, salt, pepper and honey mustard. The white albacore tuna has 29 grams of protein and 1 gram of fat. Tasty, high protein without the fat. By the way most people should avoid salmon, mackerel, sardines, trout, whitefish and other oily, cold water fish. If you try them test small amounts to see how you tolerate them.

Unless You WANT To Be Sick AVOID These HIGH FAT Foods!

High Fat Fast Food

High Fat Junk food

Here’s the list of foods I know you should avoid like the plague. And it’s not just high fat junk food. Foods HIGH in fat are BAD, even if you’ve been told or think otherwise. I don’t care if your doctor says they are fine, they aren’t.

I chatted with one doctor in a support group who was waiting patiently for her surgery to remove her pancreas. She had no clue how to heal herself. And when I asked her what her diet was like she told me diet didn’t make a difference. Now …

I’m healed, she’s sick BUT because I don’t have an M.D./O.D. she wouldn’t listen and blew me off. Just another pompous, stupid doctor. The world is full of them. I’ve met two who really knew anything about pancreatitis.

I see people post in support groups, mine included, about their food choices and the majority make me cringe.

I see people spout that they enjoyed their steak with trimming and suffered no problem yet they are always in the ER department, admitted to the hospital and popping narcotics at home for pain relief. Ya right! No problems! 

Chocolate-Sweet-Rolls will make your pancreas scream in anger

Chocolate Sweet Rolls and similar foods will make your pancreas scream in anger

Sometimes even a brick upside their head doesn’t wake people up. Let’s get to that list of foods to avoid. This is off the top of my head and not a complete list.

  1. Red Meat
  2. Pork
  3. Goose
  4. Duck
  5. Mayo
  6. Butter/margarine
  7. Cheese 
  8. Milk
  9. Egg yolks
  10. Baked goods (pies, cakes, cookies, candies, sweet rolls, donuts etc)
  11. Chocolate
  12. Gravy/sauces
  13. Dark meat on the turkey and chicken (twice the fat as white meat)

fat-inflammation-pancreatitisI know my diet isn’t easy. It isn’t easy to personalize via testing and it isn’t easy to continually adhere to. Unless you enjoy being sick, visiting the ER department and possibly dying due to complication of acute pancreatitis you might want to consider making a prudent lifestyle change.

And if you think your diet may be difficult I’m also a Celiac which means I have a lot less choices than you. IF I can do it you can do it. It all boils down to this: Do you enjoy being sick or would you like to heal and feel decent again?

29 thoughts on “Pancreatitis Diet Food List – Foods To Eat and Foods To Avoid

  1. Norbert

    About grape seed extract (sorry if I post this comment here, a little OT): is it more useful than pycnogenol _for pancreatitis_ or they’re both extremely beneficial?

    1. The Health Guy Post author

      Hi Norbert … great question! Both are extremely beneficial and when used in combo they are killer good. Maritime pine bark {pycnogenol) and grape seed extractcan be found together but those formulas are usually expensive so I don’t mention them but the combo is awesome especially paired with vitamin C which enhances and prolongs the effects of both.

      1. Jenn

        What dosage and how often would you recommend for pycnogenol? I take vitamin C, grape seed extract and grapefruit extract. I found the curcumin bothered my stomach so I don’t use that.
        Thank you!

        1. The Health Guy Post author

          Hi Jenn … sorry I am so late responding. I think you’re in my support group so hopefully you’ve had your question answered by now but it’s always best to start out with a low dose and work up to avoid any unwanted issues due to the potency of the supplements. So you many want to consider starting with one pill/capsule of each for a week then go to morning and evening then to morn, lunch time, and evening and then to morn, noon, dinner time and then before bed. I try to do 4x daily so that the pancreas is bathed in anti-inflammatories almost all day and night. then you can increase each dose as needed until you see the results you want and need. It varies for everyone. Some need more, some less.

  2. Lorinda

    Hello, I have been trying to get in touch with you… I am getting desperate!! I have been reading and trying to study all I can, Praying I will Live and not Die and declare the works of the Lord!! You are SURELY A BLESSING TO MILLIONS!! I am having a little trouble trying to concentrate due to my little one, he has severe autism and is nonverbal, we lost his mommy in auto accident, Please pray for us both!! My GI doc telling me “everyone needs a little fat” keeps going through my head. Geeze, what you said about doctors is SO TRUE. This should not be the case, but, I am Grateful to God we have YOU!! I am currently drinking fruit for one meal and boiled potatoes carrots and snap peas for the other. I am leary of enzymes, I need your HELP with when and how to use them and what kind or brand that is safe? I am afriad, I raise my little one alone, but, God is with us. I just want to continue to do so. I think I have suffered with this for years, and now they call it chronic pancreatitis. You are a light at the end of the dark tunnel, I hope I can reach you at some point. When I drink the berries, pineapple, grapes, blueberries and bannas my stomach hurts. I am only taking the Grape Seed NOW supplements and Turmeric Curcumin. That is all I am taking right now, I need your advice as to other supplements I can take. I found a list online that says we can take many other supplements, but, I do not trust it. I do not trust my physician, but, I trust you. I know I need to add enzymes, I am wondering if you could tell me which one is good, that will not make me sick? Also, I noticed that we can have Garlic? Can we just dice it up and swallow it with honey? I am sorry to bombard you with all my questions, but, myself and my little one have been to the ER more than I care to admit, it’s not easy taking him to ER with me, but it is a have to, it’s just us. I am anxious to hear what other supplements I might be able to take and until then, I am waiting for YOU. We should be paying YOU instead of a doctor who knows little to nothing about our condition. PRAYERS FOR ALL HERE AND ESPECIALLY YOU FOR BEING AN ANSWER TO OUR MANY PRAYERS!! MAY GOD BLESS AND KEEP YOU IN HIS MIGHTY CARE!!

  3. Lorinda

    Thank you for your response, but no!! I did not get your response!! I will go to the support group, I am so grateful to you for all you do!! I am so thrilled to have received your response!!!!! I haven’t found it yet but, I will not stop until I do!! I am sorry if I have caused you any inconvenience!! It is my Prayer that I will CRUSH IT, BEAT IT, JUST LIKE YOU HAVE!! I am literally crying because I didn’t think I would ever actually get to talk to you or ask questions. You have NO idea what this means to me. I raise my little Grandbaby and want to LIVE as long as God allows to continue caring for him. He has severe autism, he cannot talk, and I’m it…. all he has. GOD BLESS YOU FOR HELPING OTHERS, I LITERALLY DO NOT KNOW HOW YOU KEEP UP!! AND I AM NO STRANGER TO HARD WORK, I AM DEDICATED TO MY LITTLE, MY JOB AND MORE… GOD BLESS YOU!!

  4. Charles Iuli

    You can eat Hawaiian taro poi worry free with only 2 ingredients water and poi it’s a bland starchy paste that can be jazzed up with berries bananas goes well with grilled chicken also with raw and canned tuna all in all you can make it whatever you want it to be it also has healing properties rich in vitamins and has a low glycemic index also is easily digestible baby’s who are diagnosed with failure to thrive are given this it’s naturally hypoallergenic contains natural probiotics and is cancer fighting

  5. Edit

    This is perhaps one of the most spot on posts I have read on pancreatitis. I through suffering have figured out much of this to and agree the doctors no so little. However interestingly following my last attack I went to see an out of the box specialist who told me gluten intolerance/celiac is a high trigger for pancreatitis. Learnt the hard way so now gluten free too although not celiac.
    I am able to tolerate some more foods than you eg eggs and some goats cheese etx but general rule no red meat, no dairy, no alcohol ( my pancreatitis is not caused by alcohol but it feels the safest route to take) and try to avoid most high fats.
    It’s a learning game with horrible consequences when you make a mistake. Best of luck and to many more years of pain free living 😌

    1. The Health Guy Post author

      Hi Edit … thank you for the kind words. I’m amazed that even a specialist knew that celiac disease can manifest as acute pancreatitis. I know this because of two reasons: I’m a celaic and I do painstaking research on subjects that intrigue me.

      Not to bore you but I was sick all the time as a kid and the family gp couldn’t figure out what was wrong with me so he told my parents I was a hypochondriac.

      I was finally diagnosed by my VA pcp in 2009. After a slight confrontation when we first met (like most doctors he didn’t listen well) he started paying attention when I told him things were different and it wasn’t pancreatitis. He didn’t believe I had pancreatitis so I had to petition my files from a former clinic where Dr. David Langdon (one of the best I’ve met) was practicing.

      After proving he was wrong about my pancreatitis diagnosis and our confrontation he became a really good pcp. And …

      After learning I was a true celiac, which is genetically predisposed, I knew why my mom was sick all the time as well. I had her worthless doctor test her and viola! She too was celiac. So … that led to her feeling better in her digestive tract area. Too bad someone didn;t catch it before she miscarried 3 times after having me. So many doctors don’t know how devistating CD can be, It’s a systemic autoimmune disease, like Lupus, RA and several others, that attacks all organ systems including the brain and reproductive system. Ok …

      I’ve bored you to death so … keep learning, researching and do avoid alcohol even though a lot of MD’s/Do’s will tell you to simply limit your consumption. It’s deadly to a damaged pancreas and the #2 ORIGINAL cause of acute pancreatitis, alcoholic pancreatitis. THAT should give them a clue but it doesn’t seem to ring bells in the brain dead. Get well Edit, stay well!

  6. D in Mpls

    Health Guy – you are a superb resource.

    The Basics

    57 yr old male
    Drank too much in past – nothing in7 years
    Suspected Minimal Change CP
    MRCP this week
    I have used your diet and sup’s religiously for over 6 years – zero symptoms
    Diet got loose over the past year – bam!! Pain in epigastric region, sweating, general feeling of illness, palpitations, etc.
    Just did 3 day fast, now on day 2 of juice only
    Pain is pretty much gone, but still feel sick and sweaty, headache, etc.
    Will introduce food tomorrow SLOWLY- starting with peas, then move to all vegan (rice, beans, egg whites)
    Here’s my question – Can I still be “healing” if I’m feeling unwell? I know that this is going to be months to get under control again? I take 2000mgs of Vit C, 1600 mgs Curcumin, and 1600 mgs of grape seed extract total day. I’m so frustrated that I let it slip away by diet. Could you please offer any insight?

    1. The Health Guy Post author

      Hi D … I’m glad you like my site and have had success with diet and supplements. Once many people have damage it becomes a life-long struggle to stay well. I also ley things go for about a year and then had one of the worst ap episodes of my life. Lasted 12 horrible days but then felt very ill for another 4 weeks. I don’t eat when I am sick so there was zero solid food during the 5+ weeks. I did have some v8 juice when I was able to get some nutrients. But mostly lived on water. Food only prolongs the episodes whether flares or full blown episodes of ap. I can’t prescribe a course of treatment because I am not a doctor but I wouldn’t eat until all pain and nausea were gone for several days. Ibuprofen is my friend. 800 mgs once or twice a day until feeling better then I back down to 400 mg 3x daily for a few days then down to 2x daily then I go to 200mgs for several days until I feel normal again. Thankfully that doesn’t happen much. Been almost 18 years since that last ap episode and just a couple flares since because I cheat sometimes on my diet. Yeah … I’m human but it isn’t worth it.

  7. D in Mpls

    Hi Health Guy!

    Just for a bit more context regarding my previous question – these are some symptoms I’m dealing with that are different than last time:

    Epigastric – largely resolved from fast
    Feeling sickly, sweat easily
    Red eyes
    Hoarse voice

    Pretty much classic systemic inflammation signals … Given that I had this wired right for 6 years with your help, I’m hoping for a path back via strict vegan diet and sups. Based on your experience, I could really use your thoughts on this. Anxiety is very difficult.

    1. The Health Guy Post author

      Hi D I apologize for the lag time in answering. I answered via another comment. Hope you’re much better by now.

  8. Valerie Allen

    I typically cannot tolerate ibuprofen for long periods when taken with food. I am currently experiencing my second bout with acute pancreatitis, the first occurring nine months ago. Being in the middle of an attack, I want to follow the protocols correctly. If I take ibuprofen on an empty stomach now, as it is, advised to fast during the episode, it will most likely cause damage to my stomach lining. I guess there is no way around this. The risk of stomach damage from the ibuprofen is less than the risk of allowing the pancreas to consume itself. Am I correct?

    1. The Health Guy Post author

      Hi Valerie … I’m sorry you’re unwell and I apologize for this late reply. I’m not a doctor so I can’t legally say what you should or shouldn’t do regarding treatment. I can only tell you I always look at the risk vs benefit and I am always willing to reduce the pancreas inflammation over worrying about stomach erosion or bleeding that could possibly happen when I KNOW that my pancreas is autodigesting itself causing more damage than the ibuprofen is likely to do. But that’s my choice. I can’t tell you what you should or shouldn’t do. I hope you are much better by now,

  9. Valerie Allen

    Also… Thank you so much for making your experience and your knowledge available for people like me, desperate, and in need! I am thanking God now, for allowing you to survive pancreatitis to make this information available for myself and others who are suffering.

  10. Frank

    Dear Paul,

    Really appreciate your site. What about lemon water in chronic pancreatitis? I have beginning stage, pancreas shows some fatty atrophy.

    God bless

    1. The Health Guy Post author

      I’m sorry I’m so late in responding Frank. I answered your question but again lemon water should be good. It’s full of antioxidants that help lower inflammation.

  11. Frank Majta

    Hello dear Health Guy,
    I am so grateful for all your amazing content. Sorry, my latest posts were a bit abrupt and short. I very much appreciate the time you have taken to establish this great website.
    I have a mild but long on-going case of CP. The pancreas shows some calcium alterations and some fatty atrophy, but is not too bad just yet. I am keen to get the inflammation out, so I recently started trying to go no-fat for 6 months (I do not drink).
    Every time I oatmeal or other non-fat carbs, my blood sugar spikes. I always have a mild background pain in my back which I think comes from my pancreas. I find it really hard to choose the right diet to get the inflammation out.
    Particularly, I am interested if you think lemon water (pressed lemon juice from a fresh fruit) is good or bad. I would think the citric acid can clean the body, but some seem to say this can make the inflammation worse.
    God bless!

    1. The Health Guy Post author

      Hi Frank … yes lemon water should be ok. It’s best to do your own pancreatitis food diary. You can find out how to do that including the prep on this site.

      1. Frank

        Thank you so much dear Paul,
        I really appreciate it. What do you think of light yogurt with some pieces of apple? I sometimes have this for breakfast.

        God bless you much, and your awesome work!

        1. The Health Guy Post author

          Hi Frank … Thank you for the blessing and may God bless you as well. I think if the yogurt with apple is working then it’s good. I apologize for this very late response.

  12. Joëlle SIMON


    Suite à la découverte d’une pancréatite chronique, je suis votre régime sans gras.
    Je suppose donc que toutes les huiles sont interdites ? Y compris l’huile d’olive…

    1. The Health Guy Post author

      Bonjour Joëlle SIMON … I apologize for this very late response. my beating pancreatitis support group and writing a book seem to keep me busy; however that’s no excuse for not checking in on my site for people who need help. I’m sorry. To answer your question … yes, all oil is pure fat and usually will cause problems in most people.

      Je m’excuse pour cette réponse très tardive. mon groupe de soutien pour vaincre la pancréatite et l’écriture d’un livre semblent m’occuper ; cependant, ce n’est pas une excuse pour ne pas enregistrer sur mon site les personnes qui ont besoin d’aide. Je suis désolé. Pour répondre à votre question… oui, toute l’huile est de la graisse pure et cause généralement des problèmes chez la plupart des gens.


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