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Beating Pancreatitis

Beating Pancreatitis

IF you are searching for quality information about beating pancreatitis you have found the right site. You ARE in the right place because beating pancreatitis is possible.

The medical community will most often do their best to help you however in regards to pancreatitis I have found them sorely lacking in ability and knowledge. Let’s face it …

Doctors, for the most part, are highly intelligent. They have to be in order to learn everything they need to know to graduate medical school and begin practice BUT …
Beating Pancreatitis

They are human. Some may think they are omniscient but the truth is they are human, they make mistakes and they do not know everything about every disease or condition even IF they specialize.

What IS Pancreatitis

pancreatitis-informationPancreatitis is a disease condition wherein the pancreas becomes inflamed. Keep the words inflamed and inflammation in mind because they are the whole secret to healing.

Damage to the pancreas occurs when pancreatic enzymes are activated BEFORE they leave the pancreas and enter the small intestine. They attack and devour the pancreas often causing damage that is difficult to heal. But …

If you have been diagnosed with pancreatitis (acute or chronic) and are serious about healing and living pain free this page and site is for you so grab something non-alcoholic to drink and pull up a chair and get comfortable because you are about to learn how I have and am currently beating pancreatitis. 🙂

The Pancreatitis information on this site is especially for those of you who have been diagnosed with acute or chronic pancreatitis. The spouse of someone who has pancreatitis may also find it helpful as well. Hopefully it’ll come in handy if you find yourself needing  basic or in-depth pancreatitis information about the disease itself. So …

Like the movie “Kindergarten Cop” we are gonna play a game called “what is the pancreas and what does it do?” In order that you might learn about your pancreas. It is important to know what your pancreas does, its function and reason for being, so that you can understand why you are sick and why you may experience certain symptoms and complications.

learning pancreas anatomy and physiology is like eating-an-elephantThis is the pancreatitis information your doctor will never tell you simply because he/she likely doesn’t believe you have the brains to understand it nor do they have the time in 10-40 minute appointments to explain it all.

I’ve invested years learning what I know about the pancreas and , trust me on this, I still don’t know everything. I never will. I guess what I am saying is you can get a “basic knowledge” fairly rapidly but learning the in-depth stuff takes time so don’t get discouraged. AND there is a lot to learn so how do you eat an elephant? ONE bite at a time.

This site (beating pancreatitis) will be a work in progress. By that I mean it may never be quite done. It will, at some point, contain a lot of pancreatitis information, such as research articles written by scholars, what I think are the best sites on the Internet for basic and in-depth pancreatitis information, quality videos, all in one spot so you can visit, click links and learn at your leisure.

Pictures Of The Pancreas

Here is a fairly good, detailed diagram of the pancreas. A real human pancreas looks a bit different.


More Pictures of the Pancreas

If you are like me you want to know everything about your condition and sometimes it is difficult to find really good, quality information. The Internet is an awesome resource but it is also full of junk, even dangerous material when it comes to information in regards to pancreatitis, especially information about a proper diet and how to heal the pancreas in the event of damage but …

Pancreatitis Information LibraryThis page will not really deal with diet and healing. You can find that stuff on other pages of this site. Think of this page as a “library resource.”

Some of the stuff I read is interesting, some boring, some complex, some resources you have to register a free account to obtain. There are also others that charge a fee but I will not be posting any info from those unless the free “abstract” contains excellent information about pancreatitis  without the necessity of buying something. Again the cool thing about this site is that the pancreatitis information is top notch quality, correct and up-to-date , yet free information and I want to keep it that way.

If I have never told you, I appreciate the fact you visit my site and I sincerely hope you find it to be a quality resource. In fact I hope you find this beating pancreatitis site something you never again want to be without. If there is a subject you’d like me to cover and include in this resource or as a blog post please leave your suggestion in the comment section of THIS page and I’ll do my best to fulfill your request.

What Is The Pancreas and What Does It Do?

Pancreas Location Picture ImageThe pancreas is an important organ located underneath the liver and gallbladder with the greater part behind the stomach. The head nestles in a pocket created by the duodenum and the tail touches the spleen. See the image to the right.

The pancreas is tasked with producing enzymes (protease, amylase, lipase, nucleases). These enzymes help breakdown foods, turning those foods into usable components.

Protease, which is actually a group of enzymes (trypsinogen, chymotrypsin, carboxypeptidase), converts proteins into amino acids.

Amylase converts carbs and starch into simple sugars, glucose.

Lipase converts fats into fatty acids and glycerol.

Nucleases are enzymes that digest nucleic acids.  The word “nuclease” represents any nucleic acid breaker, and like the enzymes referred to as proteases there are a few different ones that our pancreas secretes.

The following video will not only entertain you but will teach what you need to know about the pancreas. This will give you a better understanding about your pancreas which will in turn re-enforce why it is so important to heal it if it is damaged.

What Is Acute Pancreatitis?

acute pancreatitisThere are basically two forms of acute pancreatitis which are classified by the orthodox medical community as mild and severe. Mild acute pancreatitis can be very unpleasant with recurrent attacks due to alcoholism, gallstones, medications, high blood fat levels etc causing enough damage to push the condition into a chronic state. Severe acute pancreatitis can be life threatening with a mortality rate as high as 50% due to infection, bleeding and organ failure.

acute pancreatitisAcute pancreatitis is an inflammation of the pancreas tissue. According to many medical authority sites most people recover completely after mild acute pancreatitis but if doctors paid more attention to what their patients told them they’d know that far too many patients do not fully recover, especially when they follow a doctor’s advice in regards to diet.

Due to the amount of catastrophic damage severe acute pancreatitis patients often have problems the rest of their lives because the damage often causes chronic pancreatitis. Recurrent mild acute can do the same thing.

This video, along with the pancreatitis information on my site, is not intended for you to diagnose yourself or treat pancreatitis. You should always contact a doctor if you think you are ill.

Pancreatitis Causes

gallstone-pancreatitisThe most common cause of pancreatitis is the passing of gallstones that become lodged in the common bile duct at the ampulla of Vater and cause acute pancreatitis. 

Alcohol consumption is another cause. Certain people are prone to alcoholic pancreatitis. The name alcoholic may be misleading because the gene variant may mean that one doesn’t have to be an alcoholic to get pancreatitis from drinking alcohol. In fact according to the article if you have the variant chronic pancreatitis can come from any form of pancreatitis not just alcoholic pancreatitis.

Traumatic abdominal Injury, sustained from something such as a car wreck, bad fall, gunshot wound or a 200 pound full back slamming into your gut at full speed, is also a known cause of pancreatitis.

Cancer of the pancreas often causes pancreatitis. In fact I have read where doctors say that pancreatitis pain is the cancer pain without the cancer yet how would they know if they have never had either? Maybe some listen to patients?

Pancreatitis InformationOther causes include:

  • autoimmune disease (autoimmune pancreatitis)
  • genes (hereditary pancreatitis, alcoholic pancreatitis)
  • medications (the list is long)
  • exposure to certain chemicals
  • surgery and certain medical procedures such as ERCP
  • virus infections like mumps
  • bacteria such as H. pylori
  • high blood fat levels
  • sphincter of oddi dysfunction
  • pancreatic abnormalities such as pancreas divisum
  • venom from scorpion sting, bee sting, and snake bite

I imagine there are other factors for causation as well.

Chronic Pancreatitis

chronic pancreatitis

Chronic pancreatitis is caused by damage from acute pancreatitis. Some types of pancreatitis such as autoimmune, hereditary and alcoholic pancreatitis can actually present first as or with “chronic” pancreatitis symptoms. Chronic pancreatitis often escalates to acute pancreatitis especially in those individuals who do not quit drinking alcohol or watch their diet fat intake. High fat diets are a cause for misery in many people with pancreatitis who do not know the facts or simply don’t care. I can’t imagine people choosing misery because they do not want to give up their high fat foods and/or alcohol yet …

I actually spoke with one female doctor who was a member of a support group that was actually looking forward to having her pancreas removed surgically. She obviously didn’t know how to heal her pancreas herself. Correct knowledge can often save a lifetime of pain and regret. Surgery, especially radical surgery, should be considered carefully and done only when all other avenues have been considered and deemed unacceptable for patient recovery and/or survival. THAT is my unprofessional opinion only (again I am not a doctor) but my opinion is based upon the fact that MOST people I have chatted with who have undergone surgical procedures from debridement to resection to complete removal (TP/AIT) often end up with more pain and additional complications than those who do not have surgical procedures.

steatorrhea-floating-smelly-turdsThe enzymes are synthesized and secreted from the exocrine acinar cells. When the pancreas sustains damage to these cells the pancreas is then compromised and its ability to produce enzymes becomes impaired. When this happens you may feel bloated, nauseous and vomit after eating a meal. You may also experience diarrhea or have foul smelling stools that float like little brown or clay colored boats, sometimes with fat globules attached (steatorrhea).

The pancreas is also tasked with producing insulin. Pancreatic islets, also called islets of Langerhans, are tiny clusters of cells scattered throughout the pancreas. Pancreatic islets contain several types of cells, including beta cells, that produce the hormone insulin. Your body uses insulin to move the sugar (glucose) obtained from food from the bloodstream into cells throughout the body. The cells are then able to use the sugar for energy.

When enough of your pancreatic islets have been destroyed by damage or surgery you become diabetic. This brings on a whole new cascade of events that could take place creating more symptoms and suffering.

Autoimmune Pancreatitis

Autoimmune pancreatitis is a whole different animal in some ways because it usually starts out with symptoms that resemble chronic pancreatitis and pancreatic cancer. In fact autoimmune pancreatitis is often misdiagnosed as pancreatic cancer. The good news that it often responds well to steroid treatment. The bad news is that treatment isn’t fun from what I understand and it simply seems to go into “remission” only to return at a later date.

Autoimmune pancreatitis can present entirely on its own or it can be associated with a various number of other autoimmune diseases including sclerosing cholangitis, primary biliary cirrhosis, inflammatory bowel disease, rheumatoid arthritis, hypothyroidism, sarcoidosis, and Sjogren’s syndrome.

Pancreatitis Information Resource Material

Pancreatitis Information ResourcesThe link below will take you to my Pancreatitis Resource Material. It will eventually be like an online pancreas library lists of medical sites, surgical sites, scientific research articles and more that you can use to learn almost everything you meed to know about your condition.

Once you possess a good knowledge about pancreatitis it is easier to understand common sense approaches to healing your damaged pancreas which can be found in other places on this pancreatitis site.

Pancreatitis Resources

By the way my resource page will most likely always be a “work in progress.” Whenever I find new, exciting information or something i think you should know I usually blog about it but I’ll also probably post that pancreatitis information here as well.

WHY Listen To Me About Beating Pancreatitis?

why listen to me about pancreatitisI was diagnosed with pancreatitis, both acute and chronic, in 1979 and was told I might have 10 years of life left to live. Quite frankly I didn’t much care for that prognosis nor did I look forward to the horrible pain and other symptoms that come with acute pancreas inflammation and chronic pancreatitis. As a result beating pancreatitis became my top priority.

The ONLY qualified reason I can think of in regards to WHY you’d want to listen to me by devouring every page and post on this site is because I have done it. I beat the condition. I crushed it. Glory to God! He gave me the knowledge, I received it, took action and beat chronic pancreatitis into remission.

What does this mean to you?

If I can beat pancreatitis you may be able to as well so …

I am going to share with you everything I have learned over more than 30 years of beating pancreatitis (Read Terms of Service). But, please understand this fact: 

Beating pancreatitis is NOT an easy task but if you want to live pain and symptom free, heal your inflamed pancreas and live a better life you may be able to reach your goal of beating pancreatitis by learning what I did to get the job done.

Why Have I Started This Pancreatitis Blog?

pancreatitis-remedies2020-04-06 15_17_50-pancreatitis keyword searches 4-2020I have created and started writing this pancreatitis blog because I was shown that there are literally THOUSANDS upon THOUSANDS of people world-wide who are suffering from this condition. 1.5 MILLION monthly searches as of April 6, 2020. People who are hurting looking for answers to their pain and suffering.

People who are suffering like I was until I discovered what works to become healed, not cured, but pain and symptom free and able to live a pretty normal life.

For that reason, to help others, is WHY I share what I was shown, through divine intervention (Praise God!) the secrets that work to heal the pancreas and beat pancreatitis. Again I charge NOTHING for the information and I pay for the hosting and other expenses of this site via ad revenue and amazon commissions. In other words you don’t have to buy my book (there isn’t one), you don’t have to buy ANYTHING from me! Just get well 🙂

Maybe this information on how to beat pancreatitis may help a few people to heal and live an almost normal, productive life without being butchered by some surgeon. That is why I started this beating pancreatitis blog.

The information on this blog comes from years of dealing with acute and chronic pancreatitis. I had ONE doctor, ONE out of FOURTEEN, who was finally able to diagnose my condition which ultimately led to my “school-of-hard-knocks” learning experience. What exactly did I learn?

health knowledge

5 Powerful, Must Know “Pieces Of Knowledge” For Beating Pancreatitis 

These 5 powerful pieces of knowledge will help you understand exactly what is going on with your pancreas and more importantly what you can do to help heal it.

1) What happens to your pancreas during an acute pancreatitis attack?

2) The #1 strategy I use to stop an acute pancreatitis attack in less than 90 minutes.

3) What to eat for pancreatitis and more importantly what NOT to eat.

4) How to create a pancreatitis food diary and do it right. If you don’t do it right you’ll simply be wasting your time and more importantly you’ll never really know what is safe for you to eat and what isn’t.

5) The supplements for pancreatitis that when combined with an appropriate pancreatitis diet will usually put out the fire of inflammation and begin pancreas healing.

As you read this pancreatitis blog you’ll learn about foods that will help heal your pancreas, relieve your chronic pancreatitis pain (and other symptoms) and also help you avoid another acute attack.

You learn about the juicing diet that makes it easier for your small intestines to absorb nutrients. This can be especially helpful for those with absorption issues.

The Information On This Beating Pancreatitis Blog Is Free

Free-infoEven though I have been told I should write a book about beating pancreatitis I have no intention of doing so.

There is a reason for that which is:

I totally believe God guided me to what I have learned about beating pancreatitis.

You may or may not believe in God Almighty. That is entirely your prerogative but since I totally believe God led me to these beating pancreatitis solutions, while protecting me from death, and taking into consideration He didn’t charge me one dime, I can see no other way than to return His kindness except by doing likewise. That is why this information about how to beat pancreatitis will be free for as long as I can manage it.

Word Of Warning!

nausea, vomiting, abdominal painAt this point I must caution you about other information you may find on the Internet.

There are some people selling books with dubious information (one is actually called beating pancreatitis). These well-meaning people have either had a relative who DIED from pancreatitis or now have pancreatitis themselves yet have NOT healed (are still symptomatic) or have never had pancreatitis. In any case of this nature …

Not to be crass or hurtful but learning from someone whose relative DIED (if the information was good the relative may still be alive) or someone who is NOT symptom free or someone who has never experienced the awful pain and illness that comes with acute and/or chronic pancreatitis or can not or does not offer solutions that make sense is like learning how to manage your finances from your uncle who has filed bankruptcy 3 times. Tell me does trusting that type of information make sense to you?

As far as I am concerned most doctors fall into the last category. They attend school for years in order to “practice” medicine yet most can not even diagnose pancreatitis unless it slaps them in the face and then they miss the OBVIOUS solution for healing. However …

As this condition becomes more and more prevalent doctors are challenged to learn more about this condition and they are beginning to learn more than the basics they are taught in school.

I am NOT a doctor. I can not prescribe a course of treatment to beat pancreatitis. I can only tell you what I did, why I did it and how I did it. When it comes to beating pancreatitis you will have to choose your own course and if you do choose mine – YOU DO IT AT YOUR OWN RISK.

Beating Pancreatitis My Way

beating-pancreatitis-my-wayBeating chronic pancreatitis is going to entail adherence to a strict regimen which will include a modified vegan, low fat diet and certain supplements. Both the diet and supplements will most likely be needed for the rest of your life, unless you wish to become ill again once you have accomplished pancreas healing. For some reason healing the pancreas does not cure the condition once damage has been done.

Pancreas healing will be much more difficult for those who have sustained large amounts of pancreas damage due to severe or moderate acute pancreatitis. Even a significant number of mild acute pancreatitis attacks may cause damage that is difficult to heal. Yet as I have said before …

Beating pancreatitis is possible. I have done it, so unless you have been totally butchered by some surgeon or simply do NOT change your eating habits and quit drinking alcohol I am fairly certain you will soon know the joy of better health. In fact …

When it comes to beating pancreatitis I’m rootin for ya!

One Favor Please …

If you like this beating pancreatitis information please do me a favor and “like” my blog, pages and posts on Google+ and Facebook. Tweet it, Pin it and so on. I’m not sure exactly how much doing so helps my site to rank in search results but I know it helps and I’ll appreciate the help! You’ll find the “like” and “share” buttons at the bottom of each page or post.

Thank you! 🙂

Good luck and God bless you!

P.S If you would like to receive any new beating pancreatitis information I might post that doesn’t hit my blog, some funny stuff from time to time, my Beating Pancreatitis Facebook Pages and and new support group you can find the links on this resource page.



567 thoughts on “Beating Pancreatitis

      1. Hi Healthy guy, you deserve an applaud. I am not sure but I think I recovered from my chronic pancreatitis. I have gained 19 kg in the last 8 months and pain free after loosing 40kg and 5 years of misery and daily pancreatic pain.. All because of you. It feels like heaven now after 5 years of struggle with 2 times internal bleeding, pseudocyst, 50 attacks of acute pancreatitis. 50 times in ER. 5 times in ICU. Thinking of my painful past gives me a shudder. I can now eat all kind of food and can digest it. But most of the time I follow what healthy guy suggested. It’s tough to follow but after 2 years of rigorously following healthy guy and his blog I finally survived. To all, I say one thing – just have faith good times will come. Don’t loose hope. It’s nightmarish I know as I have gone through every second. This blog will save you. I survived death as all my 20 doctors lost hope.

      2. Hi Health Guy,

        Thank you for giving the helpful information on your website and the gift of HOPE that healing is possible to pancreatitis sufferers. God bless you!


        1. You’re welcome RG – and it’s true! There is hope. People who were sick before finding this site are now well or at least better. I wish I could say everyone but I can’t. Nothing is perfect but many see good results. So are you next? 🙂

          1. My teenage son was recently diagnosed with acute and chronic calcific pancreatitis. His symptoms had been missed (diagnosed as gastritis/acidity) for over a year by many doctors until one doctor finally did the right blood test. The information in your website is helping him.
            Finally, God is the greatest healer and I have faith in Him.

        1. Hi Kathryn – diagnosed with what? You sound excited. I remember when I got diagnosed with acute and chronic pancreatitis it was like “wow cool, I really am sick and it isn’t in my head” lol

          1. This is exactly how I feel and literally say to the doctors. This isn’t in my head and I am not crazy!

      1. Hi Jeanne – sorry to hear your daughter is not well. Sugar doesn’t SEEM to cause pancreatic inflammation even though it is inflammatory. I’m not saying that soda pop is great, in fact, I avoid it but when I did drink it (pop) and use sugar I did not notice any problems that could be directly associated with sugar. I still use brown sugar, molasses, honey etc with no problems.

        1. Thank you to The Health Guy, your reply was very helpful. I took in a home made Vegan meal for my daughter because I read it was good to heal the Pancreas and asked a mail nurse if he would allow my daughter to eat it and he said “it wont make any difference to her , it doesn’t work” and started talking about all fat rich foods he likes in front of her. Am I wrong in thinking that fat is bad for her while she is ill and recovering from Pancreatitis
          Best wishes

          1. Hi Jeanne – fat is bad. Alcohol is bad. IF she is in the hospital with acute pancreatitis she would do better on juice (V8 or fresh organic veggie juice) for the first few days, after her pain and other symptoms resolve, before solid food. Then the vegan food (no fat at all) to see how she tolerates it. I’d also get her some grape seed extract. And I’d ask her doc to give her Ibuprofen (anti-inflammatory).

        2. Hi Health Guy,
          It’s Barbie from Big Bear. I was diagnosed with Cronic pancreatitis April of 2016. I really need a list of foods to avoid and ones to cure. I will write them down and cherish them. My mother passed at 41 of pancreatic cancer but she smoked and drank.My insides feel solid and I have been getting nauseated lately. Please give me a good and bad list.

          1. Barbara – there are posts on this site that already list good and bad foods. Look to the right for a section called “categories.” Check the drop down menu for diet info and start reading. I hope you find the info you need so you can begin to heal and feel better. 🙂

      2. Hi Mr Health Guy, thank you for all your info, very helpful. It turns out my daughter has a large pseudo Cyst on her Pancreas. She has been in agony for three months and tomorrow she is at last having it drained. She was told that it could rupture at any time, which can course Sepsis which in turn can be fatal. She has been living at my house with her daughter for a month because I was so frightened the Cyst would rupture. Can you believe the hospital has left this so long knowing it could be fatal, they admitted to my daughter that it has been one mess-up after the other. Thank you again

        1. Hi Jeanne – when it comes to the medical community I can believe almost anything. Even though I have had some rotten personal and family experiences with doctors etc I have come to understand that most really try to do a great job often achieving some great wins but sometimes it just takes way too long for the light to come on or simply doesn’t work out. Since your daughter was to have her cyst drained on the 31st I hope that went well and she feels better by now. 🙂

  1. Hi- what are the effects of chewing tobacco in regards to pancreatitis? I can’t imagine it can’t be good but my husband is stubborn and for some reason he came across your website & is finally honestly starting to make positive changes!!!

    1. Hi Liza – I smoke. It doesn’t seem to bother me. I used to chew when I was in the Corps but not since so I can’t say BUT I would guess that swallowing some tobacco juice accidently would not be a good thing. I’m glad your husband is making some changes. Hopefully he’ll begin feeling better. 🙂

      1. Hi Health Guy thanks for all of the info! I’m curious, I know you smoke.. just wondering how much you smoke? Thanks

        1. Hi Brian – I don’t smoke nearly as much as I used to. I used to smoke two – three packs a day but over the last 10 years I am probably averaging a half a pack per day and frankly I am seriously thinking of quitting. It’s probably too late for preventing any cancer issues but stopping could always help my heart health improve.

          1. Time to quit I did after 48 years who knows it may help. Just quit my pain meds no vices anymore got to get a handle on this before it kills me. Great Blog I was doing the fat free diet and we raise our own meat I know the fat content. Nobody told me I had to do this they just said take Creon and watch your diet?? Still trying to find out more on the Grape Seed I would give it a try but don’t know yet how much and where to get it. Thanks for the good information wish I would have found this site 5 years ago!

          2. Hey Mark – grape seed extract is awesome. I wouldn’t go without it. It is my workhorse supplement. Diet, grape seed extract, vitamin C and curcumin. You can get all the supplements at any good health store. You want “stand-alone” formulas. As far as dosing everyone is different. The more damage your pancreas has the higher the doses you’ll need to see results. I’d start slow (low dose) because the supplements can cause digestive distress at first in some folks (due to detoxing). I’d increase the doses weekly until I saw the results I wanted. Sometimes it takes a healthy dose of each to get there. Diet and supplements are the key and Ibuprofen for pain flairs etc.

  2. I had type II diabetes and my A1C was bouncing between 8 and 10.5. I had, had enough so over 1 year i lost 100lbs dropoed my A1C to 6.5 and got off all insulin. After 3 months i went hypoglycemic with my numbers going to 30 or less. I was also disgnosed with Advanced Chronic Pancriatitis. The specialist thought maybe a rumor inside my pancreas but nothing there. I only eat some fruit, veggies, and light meat. I stream everything and yet i suffer.suggestions?

    1. Hi Lee – sorry to hear you aren’t well. Congrats! on dropping 100 lbs! Ok you said …
      “I only eat some fruit, veggies, and light meat”

      What is light meat? What types of meat do you eat?

  3. How did “they” determine you actually had epi? I was diagnosed w/sibo, small intestine bactera overgrowth. But, I’ve done a billion (not really ) treatments and still major problems. I was in the hospital once for pancreatitis. In shorter wording, how do I know if I have it?

    1. Hi Cheryl – somewhere on this blog there is a post about pancreatic insufficiency (EPI). It is a fairly recent so should show under recent posts other check the categories. I think that post may answer your questions. 🙂

      1. My name is Chandra I have chronic pancreatitis from acute I am suffering from 9 I suffering from chronic pancreatic divisom. Or it’s different chronic pancreatitis

        1. Hi Chandra – sorry to hear you have been suffering for a long time. Pancreas Divisum is different than chronic pancreatitis. Pancreas Divisum in a birth defect where the pancreatic duct does not form properly into one continuous duct but instead is separated into two segments. In people who are symptomatic the defect can definitely cause acute pancreatitis and or chronic pancreatitis.

    1. Letty…
      Fat is fat when it comes down to what we have. Nonfat milk or any nonfat dairy is good. (As long as lactose isn’t a problem)

  4. Your website is very helpful. Do you have best practices on not allowing this illness to affect your daily life like work?

    1. Hi Pari hernan – Thanks glad you like the site. I’m not sure what you mean by “Do you have best practices on not allowing this illness to affect your daily life like work?” BUT if you are well enough to work, then work. If not, don’t and do what it takes to get well enough.

  5. Thank you for taking the time to answer all of our questions. I just had a stent put in my bile duct so next week they can see where to zap me for shockwave lithotripsy. Do you know anyone who has had this procedure for a pancreas stone and how long does it take to recover? Just the little bit my surgeon messed with my pancreas while putting in the stent kept me out of work for 3 days. They will do another ercp to take out the fragments and remove the stent. Not looking forward to that at all!

    1. Hi Chris – No I haven’t heard of anyone having this (shock wave lithotripsy) done for stones in the pancreas (pancreatic calcification). It’s a treatment for kidney stones. WHY exactly are they doing the procedure? Is the stone blocking something? Will you die without the procedure? Please keep us posted. I’ll be interested in knowing what transpires.

    2. Chris I did the shock wave therapy. That was fine and not painful but if the earp is not done well.. that will be the source of problems. If that happens 7-10days bed rest. If not good to go 4 the next day

  6. Hey there! 11yr old has slight to moderate pancreas insuffiency now after having acute recurrent pancreatitis. Diagnoses in 2014. No enzymes quite yet. Few more tests to see if it’s beginning stages of chronic pancreatitis. However, doc recommended a trial use of Antox from pharma Nordic in the UK. Have you heard of this at all or been recommended to use it??
    Nancy Noud

    1. Hi Nancy – sorry to hear your 11 year old son has to go through this stuff. I first saw research about the antioxidants used in Antox in about 2010. There was a study done (the first I believe) by an East Indian doctor named Pramod Kumar Garg. His research was published by Gastroenterology in 2009.

      “Study medication
      The antioxidant supplementation included daily doses of 600 μg organic selenium, 0.54 g ascorbic acid, 9000 IU β-carotene, 270 IU α-tocopherol and 2 g methionine (Betamore G, Osper Pharmanautics, India). The compliance and timing of the medication were monitored at each visit of the patient by questioning the patient and relatives, evidence of the empty boxes of the drug/placebo, and capsule count.”

      The above excerpt is from that article. Later, another study was published this time using curcumin as well. The only two antioxidants used in either of those studies that are good are vitamin C and curcumin. I also use grape seed extract because it contains strong polyphenol flavonoids that are highly anti-inflammatory. So …

      I have been using Vitamin C, Grape seed extract and curcumin since 1994 (vitamin C and Grape seed) – 1996 (added curcumin). Almighty God led me to these antioxidants long before medical science began catching up. Approximately 13/14 years before. What bothers me about Antox (and why I’d never use it) is that it contains Methonine which in high doses can cause brain damage. Let me quote WebMD “Too much methionine can cause brain damage and death.” Selenium is also toxic and “builds up” when too much is taken. I could go on but leave it to doctors to use toxic ingredients when non-toxic ones are available and actually better.

      Now, nothing is totally safe. Vitamin C, grape seed extract and curcumin can all cause digestive upset in large doses. They are powerful antioxidants and can cause “detox symptoms” but as yet (at least I have never found any direct correlation) none of them has killed anyone whereas the same can not be said for those used in Antox and that is exactly why I do not and would not use Antox. THAT does not mean I’m right. I’m just a guy who reads too much lol

      I hope your son improves. 🙂

      1. So much great info on your blog. I’m glad God has given you the gift of writing and sharing your knowledge.

        Thanks for sharing!

  7. I,m 7 days into an acute pancreatic attack. I was not hospitolized. I tryed to eat a piece of wheat bread & a couple bites of rice with garlic & pepper because i got really dizzy.I woke up with pain in the night.I assumed my pancreas was healing & I could try & eat. I just made a fruit smoothie with red grapes ,apple and melon. Is this going to be trail & error? Am I hurting myself more by eating before my Pancreas is healed?

    1. Hi Johnna – how do you know it is an acute pancreatitis attack? Have you previously been diagnosed? If so and you know for sure you should be in the ER. Eating during an attack is not good. The pancreas needs rest. Please get checked out.

  8. Im going threw this alot right now but still have not been diagnosed with anything, its been 18months and im independent 17yr ive had about 17 er visits, 6 different gps from 6 different drs, been picked up in nz & aus from the ambo almost near dying and theyve found nothing, my bloods have come back near normal everytime, just high n white cells, get kept in for observation then dismissed with some ibrufeon. ive been prescribed and given nearly all the ‘best drugs’ every single time, it got to the point where morphine fed threw a iv., codeine, tramadol, acupan, alot i cant remember but these drugs i will never ever take again or forget how they make me feel!! Now i cant even cosume natural sleeping pills without feeling the need to itch right threw to my insides. After one would stop working theyd up the mg and the dosage. I try not let it get to me, but im loosing it somebody who knows about this crappy diagnosis could you please help me?

    1. Hi Deijaneira – I know how frustrating it can be, to be sick, and not know what is wrong; to hear different opinions from different doctors; most of which don’t make sense. I wish I had the answer but I don’t. All I can say is don’t give up. Find a doctor who wants to find out what is wrong and then let them get to it.

  9. Hi there, thank you so much for the invaluable advice and support on this site!!. My mother has pancreatitis and she is in and out of the hospitals 🙁 she has gallstones (some were taken out already) and I am looking at Golden Paste GP to see if that would help.(turmeric, coconut oil, black pepper and water – made to a paste, and taking 1 teaspoon a day.). I am in touch with the Turmeric Group Users, but there isn’t anyone there who used it in pancreatitis. Would it help my mum, if she takes is regularly? (She is still overweight, has a pace-maker and had her spleen removed, plus swollen/heavy feet)….oh, parents! ???? please advise on GP, if suitable. Thank you. Anda xxx

    1. Hi Anda – sorry to hear about your mother. The curcumin, black pepper and water are fine. Ditch the coconut oil. ALL oil is bad. It is pure fat and fat makes a damaged pancreas very unhappy.

      1. Hi there, thank you for taking your time to reply each one! what about citrus fruits – oranges, mandarins, satsumas etc. Lemon juice for flavoring food? xxx

  10. Hi i dont seem to get any help from my doctor complain for years how i was feeling being told you have this with out any help to help cure please can you help me told i have a shrinking pancreas what to eat and not to eat would be a help

    1. Hi Barbara – atrophy of the pancreas is caused by several conditions (diabetes, chronic pancreatitis) and supposedly old age. Check the categories on the right for diet and read the posts to learn what to eat and what not to eat. Has anyone told you why your pancreas is shrinking?

    1. Hi Darren – I don’t know of any safe meal replacement shakes. Ensure clear seems to work for some. It is the only Ensure product without oil. But in regards to regular meal replacement shakes I’m sorry but I don’t know of any at this time. I’m not to fond of low fat myself but I’m even less fond of pain, puking, organ failure and death which are all possible with acute pancreatitis brought on by eating high fat meals when the pancreas is already damaged.

  11. Hi,I appreciate your help.I watched my mother suffer with cancer of the pancreas when I was 13,she was only 41 yrs old when she passed.
    I have had a strange feeling under my right rib for over 4 yrs.This past April 2016 I had a CT scan in the ER …The Dr. Was nice enough to tell me first off no tumors were seen.What a relief!!
    So for the last 7 months I’ve been watching what I eat ,using turmeric, red pepper,ginger,garlic and black pepper.Well,2 weeks ago my income was cut down which makes it hard for me to buy everything I need.So this puts added stress on me daily. I also take Creon when I eat. So can you simply the list of suppliments I need to buy,veggies n fruit to eat also please.I am a 64 year old woman that’s not ready to go yet.Thank You so much.B.Thumbs Up.

    1. Hi Barbie – Almost all veggies and fruits are safe EXCEPT for soybeans (soy products), avocado, coconut. Anything high in fat is not safe. Anything containing alcohol (mouthwash, vanilla extract, cold remedies) is not safe. IF I could only buy one supplement I’d choose grape seed extract. It is my personal workhorse product.

  12. My daughter has been offered to have her Gall bladder removed but the surgeon said it may or may not work, sounds very hit and miss. So far they haven’t even found gall stones (she’s had scans)

    1. Hi Jeanne – if there are no stones or sludge visible on scans it may be because everything (stones and sludge) was passed before the scans or she doesn’t have them at all. I personally wouldn’t have my GB removed unless there was clear evidence to indicate the need. Of course you (and your daughter) need to do what y’all think is best.

    2. How much grape seed extract should a 18 year old take for pancreatitis and should it be taken at certain times of the day? with a meal?

      1. Hi Tonya – try a loading dose of one (1) mg per pound of body weight. If he/she weighs 100 pounds, 100 mgs. Then work up (increase) on a weekly basis until he/she gets results.

  13. Hi Mr Health guy, I have only just picked up your reply, to my email about fat and Pancreatitis. Thank you so much for your information, I really appreciate it. Just recently my daughter has been diagnosed with type 1 Diabetes caused by the Pancreatitis, she has been in hospital for over a month, in the last week she has had 4 Hypos night time and one day time, surely just before sleep a small snack of slow release carb would stop that happening in the night
    Thank you again

  14. Hi Health guy, it would be so awesome if you joined our facebook groups, ( the groups people join for pancreatitis so many people dont seem to realise the importance of sending you a message on your page. But we do try to share it often. I sent you a fb message a while ago too. Not sure if youve had time to read it yet. I am still struggling to understand this disease.

    My First question is this, why is it that all acute cases seem to become chronic even after one attack?

    Secondly my lipase has finally come down to more normal levels after 3 months yet I am still in extreme pain. Trying to eat mushy food for a while again and I did fast and ate jelly for a few days. Lipase stayed low though so not sure if it was an attack or not, no vomiting. If the lipase is coming down and staying down is this a good thing or totally irrelevant?

    Then lastly a bit of an odd question, If your stool floats I was told this is a sign of malabsorbtion, yet my fecal elastase test was normal. Is this even possible? Because I know something isnt right. I bloat after eating nearly anything. I am concerned what the excess gas inside your intestines does to your body. Is it normal to bloat with pancreatitis issues?

    Thank you:)

    1. Hi Candice – I haven’t seen your message. I apologize. I’ve been locked out (FB jail) of one account for several weeks. The other is still working.

      Question #1: “why is it that all acute cases seem to become chronic even after one attack?”
      Answer: that’s a really good question. according to the medical community 80% of one-time, mild acute pancreatitis attacks heal with no further complications. I can see that being possible as long as there isn’t an underlying condition that is causing the problem which has not been addressed successfully. the problem lies in the fact that many doctors have difficulty diagnosing AP let alone finding the cause unless it happens to be so blatant it slaps them up side the head (gallstones that show on scans). 10-40%! of acute pancreatitis cases get diagnosed as idiopathic (depending upon the sources read), with an average of 20%. Idiopathic means the docs have no clue as to cause. And so when the cause is not addressed there can be recurrent bouts of AP which means damage on top of damage (happened to me. heck it took 14 docs just to diagnose me. 13 couldn’t figure out what was wrong. this fact caused me to have attack after attack with more damage being piled on top of the previous damage. luckily more and more people are being diagnosed correctly the first time in an ER). Anyway … it is my humble opinion that even a small amount of damage, that doesn’t show up on CT etc, can eventually come back to bite someone under unfortunate circumstances (they don’t heal properly or fast enough before turning to a regular diet).

      Question #2: “If the lipase is coming down and staying down is this a good thing or totally irrelevant?”
      Answer: According to everything I have read lipase levels normalizing is a good thing and signals the resolution of inflammation. However, lipase doesn’t always rise or stay increased with mild cases of CP and in the most advanced cases where the pancreas is burned out (does not produce enzymes) they don’t increase in either acute attacks or chronic flares because there isn’t any enzyme production.

      Question #3: “If your stool floats I was told this is a sign of malabsorbtion, yet my fecal elastase test was normal. Is this even possible?”
      Answer: Yes, floating, oily, foul smelling stools (steatorrhea), can be caused by pancreas damage but did you know that stools will float because they contain gas? It true! In fact gas is the most common reason stools float. Unless they stink to high heaven and/or you see an oily film on the water or globs of fat hanging on your stools I wouldn’t worry.

      Question #4: “Is it normal to bloat with pancreatitis issues?”
      Answer: Yes.

    1. I guess the doc who diagnosed me found enough evidence of damage on CT and endoscopy that he told me I’d be chronic and within 10 years unable to eat anything. Anyway he must have been right because I can’t go off my diet and supplements and stay well. I learned that the hard way.

      1. thg… thanks in advance for all your info as you have no idea how your blog tremendously helped me starting about 6 yrs ago.. but i was curious also, what caused your pancreatitis?? for me, it was too much alcohol and very high tryglcerides… i’m sure this is on your blog somewhere but just curious to what you think or know was the root cause of your pancreatitis..?

        1. Hi Kris – I’m glad to hear the blog helped. Good news is always welcome 🙂 I got hurt playing high school football (abdominal injury) and was told my season was over (doc’s orders) so when I got sick I remembered that, mentioned it to the doc who diagnosed me but there was such a time lag, that in retrospect, it didn’t make good sense. In 2009 I was diagnosed as a celiac. All the childhood illness and weird stuff started to make sense. Come to find out celiac disease, when undiagnosed for years, can cause all kinds of interesting things and can manifest as acute pancreatitis. I have to admit there is nothing concrete in regards to a cause in my case. But there has to be one (a reason) because the pancreas simply doesn’t wake up one morning and decide to cause problems without provocation.

  15. Sorry, last thing I hope:) I found a fat free, sugar free protein drink. The protein content is 14g per 250ml drink. My question is, we place a lot of emphasis on fat and sugar with this disease but does your pancreas not also break protein down? Would it be safe to drink this at all?

    I had an EUS done to try and diagnose chronic pancreatitis, they found a few ‘granules’ which I would imagine is calcification due to my attack? But the one Dr says it was less than 3% and in size they were 2.5mm ( in opinion this is big? ) but she says its not. They wont diagnose me as chronic on this one find. Thats also why I was wondering what tests you had done to diagnose chronic? How many years after your last attack, did it take for you to feel fairly normal again? And I was wondering are you diabetic? Do you think cutting out all whet products would help? Im just struggling to gain weight, I weigh 85 pounds currently.

    Kindest Regards

    1. Here are more answers Candice …

      Question #1: “we place a lot of emphasis on fat and sugar with this disease but does your pancreas not also break protein down? Would it be safe to drink this at all?”
      Answer: Fat & alcohol are the two primary enemies of a damaged pancreas. Large amounts of protein at one time can also cause problems with some. I have never been able to point a bad finger at sugar except that it is highly inflammatory (the processed white stuff) and cancer feeds on sugar. If we were to cut out all sugars we wouldn’t be able to consume fruits or vegetables because they all contain sugar. And most fruits (except avocado and coconut) are safe choices. In regards to the protein drink make sure you read the label carefully because many/most contain oil. Ensure clear seems to work for most folks.

      Question #2: “what tests you had done to diagnose chronic?”
      Answer: CT and endoscopy

      Question #3: “How many years after your last attack, did it take for you to feel fairly normal again?”
      Answer: Around a year

      Question #4: “are you diabetic?”
      Answer: No

      Question #5: “Do you think cutting out all whet (i’m guessing you mean wheat?) products would help?”
      Answer: No. Unless you are a celiac like me or allergic to wheat I see no benefit in going wheat or gluten free

      1. Thank you so much fro your prompt responses!! Is the oil in the shakes bad even if it says 0.3g fat per 250ml drink? Dont want to go spend a fortune on a product that is bad for me. I have had the oil in the stool but yet the malabsorbtion test came back clear. So weird and frustrating. I am drinking soups and a thinned out porridge for the next few days just to be safe. And my diagnosis was idiopathic, although there is a general consensus between my Drs that a medication I was on at the time caused this. The thing is I stopped the meds and still have problems up until now. I guess I am trying to figure out if this means I am chronic or not as my Drs cannot agree on this. On the Fb groups everyone seems to be chronic. But yes maybe it will take a year to heal. I have been told to take something called moringa oliefera as it is a clean and very potent antioxident ( not made in a lab) All natural product and I have been told to combine it with Ambratose. Have you heard of this at all.

        1. Hey Candice – Pancreatitis FB groups are full of people who have chronic pancreatitis. Well people usually don’t hang out in support groups unless they have a loved one who is sick and so look for answers. For the most part I found pancreatitis support groups (i joined several) full of sick, frustrated and angry people (I understand the frustration and anger) who liked to give advise to others (usually wrong) which helped everyone to stay sick. So I left and haven’t been back. Moringa oliefera is a south asian tree that grows like a weed. The leaves are chalked full of nutrients and phytochemicals. I’ve never tried it but I would think it could be very beneficial. One thing that concerns me is that the leaves, etc, contain oil. It is even used in cooking in some countries. Oil, any kind, is pure fat. So it may be better to locate a powdered formula (capsules, tablets) and try it after researching the fat content. Ambratose on the other hand looks to be empty promises.

  16. Sorry Mr Health guy I thought they might be connected, some people who suffer bouts of Pancreatitis end up with Type 1 Diabetes
    Best wishes

    1. No reason to be sorry Jeanne – your thoughts are correct, diabetes is definitely connected. Diabetes seems to be a risk factor for pancreatitis and damage caused by pancreatitis often causes diabetes.

  17. Hi,thank you for your advise .In what form do I buy the grape seed oil,and how much how many times aday? I drink. Aloe vera juice and white grape juice,is water the best for flushing my organs out. What would you suggest for a healing daily diet?
    I didn’t mention my pancreatitis is chronic..I keep losing weight.Anything I can eat so I can rid myself of this,to repair my organ. I also have swollen lymph nodes in my neck.I would rather get remedies from you then another prescription. to mask things.Bottom line is…I want to be my old self again and gain weight and want to leave the house.
    Thank you so much for chairing your recovery.I would love to be a success story of yours.I will follow everything you tell me to a tee.

    1. Hi Barbie – Grape seed oil is not good. Grape seed extract is the ticket. Start out with one dose per day (100 mg) and work up on a weekly basis until you feel results. Water is great for flushing toxins and staying hydrated. Diet and supplement info can be found on this site (check the categories on the right). If your lymph nodes stay swollen for more than a few days you should have them checked out. If you have specific questions that you find are not answered somewhere on this site please ask. I would like you to become a success story because it glorifies Almighty God – He gets all the credit because He taught me what I know. I would like everyone who suffers with pancreatitis to become a healing success story!

      1. Thank you for sharing your knowledge. Your site gives me hope. I’m just beginning my pancreatitis journey.
        I’m 31 years old, female, (was a) social drinker, exercise regularly, and don’t eat all that great. Or didn’t until now.

        The second week in October I began feeling a pain under my left rib cage that wrapped around the flank to my back. I thought it was a pulled intercostal so I had my chiropractor begin some myofascial release. It continued to worsen and after 3 weeks of constant pain, I began to have loose stools. I finally sought medical attention with my PCP.

        My amylase was 143 so they sent me for abdominal CT. Their only finding was a “prominent” pancreas. They prescribed Nexium and said to give it two weeks. I had my pancreatic enzymes re-checked two weeks later and they were normal. I still continue to have the pain so they sent me for a HIDA scan yesterday. My gallbladder is functioning at 64%, so this isn’t the cause. Now I’ve been referred to a gastroenterologist. I’m guessing the next step might be an MRCP? An ER doc I know said he thinks it’s maybe a stone stuck in the bile duct.

        I had been drinking protein shakes and drinking broth but I won’t be drinking protein shakes anymore after reading this thread.

        I’m so over the pain and mine just began a couple months ago. Thanks again for your information. I’m so glad you learned how to beat this evil disease and give all the glory to God. I Praise Him!l and know He will pull us all through this.

        1. Hi Coatsy – Sorry to hear you have been having some health issues. Pancreatitis certainly isn’t any fun. God gets all the glory because He deserves it! I’m not smart enough to discover all He has led me towards and taught me. I am glad to hear that you are doing better, healing is good!

  18. Hi Health guy, Do you perhaps know how wide your pancreatic duct should be? Mine was 1.7mm they told me that is good as they dont like seeing it more than 5mm, But is 1.7mm not too narrow maybe?

  19. Hi HealthGuy

    A dear relative of mine detected a few days ago a tumour on the pancreas on abdominal ultrasound; it is not confirmed whter it is cancerous or not; a CT scanning has yet to confirm what it is. We are really scared. Can a non cancerous tumour of the pancreas be a sign of pancreatitis? I mean; are patients with a tumour found on pancreas diagnosed with pancreatitis? I know so llittle and I am so scared.

      1. Thanks I am praying of course. We all hope that it is not cancer. Even though pancreatitis is not desirable, anything is preferable to it being pancreatic cancer.

          1. The result from the CT scan came in. It was a cyste and nothing more. We are very relieved. The prayers helped it seems.

  20. Hi Health guy, me again. I am so sorry for bombarding you with messages. Ive told you my story before but I desperately need advice. I had one attack in August but I constantly feel as though I am on the verge of another attack. I never know. So I get my lipase tested to see. I have found I have to fast almost weekly to prevent what feels like an oncoming attack. My pancreatitis is idiopathic. For the last two months I am having major digestive issues ( i am not sure if you ever experience this?) I had a faecal elastase done but it came back normal despite visual signs of malabsorbtion. Whenever I eat anything my stomach rumbles and hurts for hours, lots of air bubbles in my tummy. It isnt stopping its getting worse. I weigh 85 pounds and still dropping. I cannot live this way constantly fasting to prevent attacks and always in severe pain when I eat. I saw my Dr today to tell her how overwhelmed I am by this disease and the fact that I cant put weight on and still losing. I had an EUS down and it showed minor changes. Not enough for her to worry and because the faecal elastase was normal she says I am being ridiculous worrying about Chronic pancreatitis. Yet she diagnosed me with it. My lipase remains higher than it should be 89 today. Shes told me I am not a Dr and I know nothing and the pain I am feeling could now be from irritable bowel syndrome or Crohns disease because my colon was mildly inflamed in colonoscopy. The issue is that the pain I feel is where I felt pain since my first attack. That pain never moved or changed except that it got worse. Why oh why is it that the scans are not showing anything? How can I be in this much pain if the scans are still clear?

    She admitted that chronic can take years to show, but she says I need to see a psychiatrist to address the pain. She thinks this pain that started after acute pancreatitis is now in my head. She told me I MUST STOP reading food labels and just eat. She said only God can prevent a 2nd attack and I need to live my life and that by avoiding fat I am driving myself insane. She says she is going to have me admitted due to the weight loss because I am not listening to her.

    What am I supposed to do, I am going through hell as it is. I am in pain whether I juice food or not and its always after I eat. and its high up under my ribs and in my back. I told her I am 100% sure its my pancreas and she told me I am not a DR theres no way I can know that.

    Surely I need to consider finding a DR to remove my pancreas as extreme as that sounds, and I know that you become Type one diabetic and with it plenty health risks. But how on earth can I go on like this, being unable to eat for months on end. I have been taking your supplements since September now and Moringa Oliefera and I drink kefir. But nothing , I mean nothing is helping me and the scans are coming up clear. Now they say I must eat normally. My family are crying daily because I am getting sicker and sicker and fading away due to the lack of proper food. If I am still in pain on a low fat diet how can I possibly introduce normal foods like meat or milk or butter ever again. And at the same time, I cant live the way I am living now as it is becoming dangerous. I was very thin when I started with this so I didnt really have weight to lose. I have seen 3 dieticians but they keep telling me I have to eat normal healthy foods, Ie nuts, olive oil, coconut oils, flaxseed, avocado. All of these things are very dangerous. I am living with the daily consequences of one attack as it is. If there is anyone with help or advice I would really appreciate it. I am a born again Christian and been pleading with God since this started. I have a two year old son and I am about to lose my job due to being constantly off sick with pain or diarrhea. Something I really cant help.

    Is my only solution removing my pancreas do you think. I m not sure how long I can live at this weight that is dropping weekly ( lost 1kg a week since august)

    Any advice at all I would appreciate. This sickness has cost me about R50k since August. Im running out of funds for Drs. 🙁 I am 29 years old.

    Kindest Regards

    1. Candice I apologize that it has taken me so long to answer but I needed to pray about what I was to say to you. Don’t worry about how many messages or comments you write. I’m here for ya. I don’t know everything and don’t claim to know everything. In fact, I know very little. Yet I do know that 85 pounds is a tad (understatement) light. I know you are worried, sick, frustrated and scared but if it were me I wouldn’t be looking to remove my pancreas just yet.

      As a born again Christian you are a child of the King, the Most High God but more than that; we are brothers and sisters of Christ who died for us. Because Christ died and rose from the dead in victory over Satan, sin, death and disease, those who believe and trust in Him have been given a wonderful gift … we are adopted children of the Most High God. We also have an inheritance (through Jesus Christ) which is the Kingdom of God. What does inheritance mean? …
      noun: inheritance; plural noun: inheritances

      a thing that is inherited.
      “he came into a comfortable inheritance”
      synonyms: legacy, bequest, endowment, bestowal, provision; More
      birthright, heritage, patrimony;
      “a comfortable inheritance”
      the action of inheriting.
      “the inheritance of traits”
      synonyms: succession to, accession to, assumption of, elevation to
      “his inheritance of the title”
      And …

      We, as believers, have the title “child of God.” This is a fact as it is written in John 1:12. It is extremely important to understand, thoroughly, what this really means. Jesus, in Matthew 7: 7-11, teaches us to ask, seek and knock (there is much more to this than meets the eye). Ask according to His will, seek His Kingdom and be persistent by asking until you get what is asked for and … He goes on to teach us that the Father will give us ALL good things that we ask for. Wouldn’t you give your son any good thing he asked for if you could provide it? God can and will provide every good thing (that which is according to His plan for you, His Word, His character and His will). Now …

      Mark 11: 22-26 is one of my favorite Biblical promises from Christ to His true followers (believers, disciples). In this passage there are two keys. We must speak and believe (pray for and declare what we want and believe that it will take place). To His disciples Jesus gave power (I believe disciples exist today). He gave his disciples then and I believe He still does today the power to cast out demons and heal the sick (Matthew 10:1, John 14:12).

      Bible verses about healing.

      You know God loves you so trust in God. Lay your cares upon Him. Lay your pain, suffering and future at the cross. Ask Him what He wants you to do about your illness and everything in your life. Keep asking until you have an answer.

      Ok …

      There are several things that I’d do (knowing what I now know, which isn’t everything but is more than many) IF I were experiencing your symptoms is to:

      1) Get tested for celiac disease for no other reason than to rule it out but also because you have certain symptoms that may indicate its existence. Your doc even mentioned possible IBS. Your doc doesn’t know why you have pancreatitis (idiopathic) and celiac disease not only attacks the small intestinal villi but can also attack other organs (liver, pancreas, etc) because it is a systemic autoimmune disease. It can also manifest as pancreatitis. For you it is a simple blood test. If you come back positive a gluten free diet could change everything. Do NOT go gluten free before you are tested. By the way lipase can be slightly elevated in celiac disease.

      2) Stop the kefir – it has too much fat and could be part of the problem (symptoms).

      3) Try white meat fish like cod, pollock, perch etc all of which will provide more protein, vitamins and minerals than kefir without nearly as much fat. Beans, peas, lentils, egg whites all provide protein without fat. You do need to eat. You are too thin but I also understand your concern, pain and worry about another attack. Yet, dying of starvation is NOT the goal.

      4) You mentioned that you are taking the supplements. BECAUSE they do NOT know why you had an acute pancreatitis attack IF you are taking curcumin stop the curcumin just in case the reason for your attack has anything to do with the gallbladder or sphincter of oddi. In case it is CP (minimal change) causing your continued pain I’d increase the vitamin C and grape seed extract until I saw results (less pain and symptoms, preferably no pain).

      Your doc may have good intentions but from what you said, that your doc said, it is blatantly obvious that she has no knowledge of what diet can mean with a CP patient (she diagnosed CP right? Your EUS scan showed some minor changes right?) and may not be familiar with minimal change chronic pancreatitis. But don’t simply discount her. After all she did get an M.D. degree. And she may be somewhat narrow minded when it comes to a patient’s thoughts she could be (even though unknowingly) on the right track with the IBS thing. Again, if she has NOT checked you for celiac disease have her do so. At least that can be ruled out or in which ever the case may be.

      1. I really appreciate your reply and prayer, thank you!!! My dad also says we must pray until God gives us an answer. Im struggling to not give up. I have been tested for celiac- negative:( But My colon was inflammation biopsy so they are saying Crohns possibly I asked if Crohns causes pancreatitis and they said no. But I am not sure. Regarding the kefir, I uses water grains so they are in fat free milk or water. Trust me I am far to scared to put them in full cream milk. I remember so clearly leading up to my attack that I would drink coffee in the morning and have terrible pain which I though was an ulcer. Took ulcanic and that made it worse. Then I had chicken the one day and got very sick but thought the chicken was off. Three or 4 weeks later I had a chocolate and that set the full blown attack off, but I assume I was already sort of having attacks in mild forms with the coffee and chicken. I am so grateful for your site and advice.The Dr wanted to try put a stent in but from reading and doing research it seems a stent buggers your pancreas up even more. Ive always been very thin because I guess I had fast metabolism, my mom and sister are very thin too. When I reduced the fat intake. It became so much worse. I will keep praying thank you so much!! Going to read every verse you have linked now. Kindest Regards

        1. Hi Candice – I am GLAD to hear you were tested for celiac disease and found negative. I wouldn’t wish it on anyone. Now …

          Since I am always wary of answers doctors give I find myself doing research when I think there may be a reason for it. Crohn’s, according to your doctor, can’t possibly cause pancreatitis yet this article “Pancreatitis in inflammatory bowel diseases” published by NIH seems to disagree. It seems that pancreatitis (both acute and chronic) can manifest from IBD itself (not common but it happens) and drugs used to treat forms of IBD such as Crohn’s and UC definitely do cause pancreatitis. In another article “Acute pancreatitis in patients with Crohn’s disease: clinical features and outcomes” you’ll read similar discovery results. This is all just for your edification as I am not a doctor. I just read too much lol 🙂

        2. Candice — You may test for celiac and be negative; however, you may be gluten-sensitive (NCGS). I am, and also have IBS. You must also heal your gut so it is not leaky, and this takes time; eating properly because any amount (the size of a pinhead) can set the whole thing in motion. I have been eating GF for the past 5 years, and have experienced tremendous relief from intestinal gluten-related issues, which included fatigue, muscle aches, bloating and depression. I still have some issues related to the IBS; exercise, prayer/meditation, deep breathing help. It’s a life-long process! Don’t give up 🙂 There is a lot of good info on Hope this helps!

      2. Hi , I have minimal change pancreatitis and its chronic.. and what I’ve learned through tons of reading and personal experience is that Wheat (gluten) and Casein (milk) are both inflammatory and should be avoided if possible by everyone. There are so many products now that can be substituted like almond mile, and gluten free bread, my thought is why not give it a try and see how you feel.. if it works what difference does being diagnoses make, just go with what works.

        1. Hi David feel free to do whatever you want. I have to be gluten free because I am a celiac but for those who do not have a gluten issue that demands abstaining from gluten I see no reason to do so. It severely limits the choices for good tasting food. Most commercial GF foods suck in my opinion. GF pasta is horrible. GF bread doesn’t even taste like bread. But again if you feel it (abstaining from gluten) is a benefit by all means enjoy!

  21. Hi health guy, I just read that protein drinks are not good for chronic pancreatitis. I drink the Premium protein 30gms protein 1 gm sugar 160 calories mixed with blueberries, raspberries ,strawberries ,kale and spinach with a dash of cinnamon and oatmeal.blended it great.can you suggest something more beneficial for me.Thank God for you,Barbie

    1. Hi Barbie – Many people can’t tolerate protein drinks (because of oil, fat and/or whey content) but if you are doing well on it that is GREAT! Why change what is working?

  22. dear Health guy, I was diagnosed with pancreatitis aug 2015 after having a whipple procedure at uva in charlottesville,, va. They had found a mass on the head of my pancrease and I had a stricture in my common bile duct. thought it was cancer, thus the whipple. the mass was found to be benign and I did good for 8 months, then I started having pancreatic attacks 1 in march, 1 in july 1 in august 1 in sept, 2 in nov the last one lasted 10 days, my labs are normal with only slight elevations of lipase now. I found your site and am going vegan. I see what supplements Im suppose to take. How do I get protein, my doctor said to drink carnation instant breakfast low sugar with skim milk, what do you think?

    1. Hi Casey – it doesn’t sound like you have been having much fun. Usually safe protein can be achieved with beans, peas, lentils, egg whites and Ensure Clear (only safe protein drink) while doing the Vegan deal. Once you feel decent you could also try some white meat fish (cod, pollock, perch, bass, rock fish) which is high in protein and really low in fat.

      Question: “my doctor said to drink carnation instant breakfast low sugar with skim milk, what do you think?”
      Answer: I think if you bought the Carnation Instant Breakfast called “Light Start” (the powdered mix version) and used NO FAT milk to mix it with you get 13 grams of protein (milk +mix) and should do ok. The “ready made” forms that I checked out all contained oil, not good. Ensure Clear comes “ready made” with 10 grams of protein (only ready made protein drink without oil).

      I’m going to pray that Jesus heals you. 🙂

  23. Hi there, with Christmas approaching, are the Brussel Sprouts a yes or a no in acute pancreatitits? (Boiled and server with a bit of salt only). Please advise. Anda Xxx

  24. Hi Mr health guy,

    Firstly i would very much like to say a big thank you to you for your web site. You have given me the mental control and information to take stock of my situation and carry on with my life with almost no consequences other than some small sacrifices in diet (unless i do something stupid of course). This makes the condition however serious it may be to be almost completely controllable. A position that most people with serious conditions would no doubt envy so you have made me feel lucky and for that you have my unreserved thanks.

    I have in my researching CP come across a very interesting study which i would like to share with you. You may or may not already have seen this but it does seem that there is certainly even more hope for the not to distant future, although i know it can and probably will be several years before anything happens. Anyway have a look and let me know your thoughts.

    I do however have a couple of questions regarding a few weaknesses that i have and am very interested to know what you think.

    Zero fat yogurt – I love this stuff but is it ok in your experience??
    White bread – crusty and toasted with some chopped tomatoes and garlic
    white rice – i just don’t like brown but will eat it if its the only option
    Chilli spice in meals. I have been making an excellent tinned mixed bean, Steamed chicken and vegetable chilli with white rice. (basically just all that with a tin of chopped tomatoes)
    Jacket potatoes instead of boiled
    Jelly mixed with fruit. I will miss a christmas trifle but if this is ok i’ll be very happy.

    Lastly what are your thoughts on therapeutic oils on the skin for other ailments?? Any harm in that?

    Thanks again Mr Health guy and Merry Christmas to you and yours.

    1. Hi Jack – You are most welcome. 🙂 Thanks for the article it definitely is interesting. All the foods you listed should be fine. Oils on the skin are fine just not in cooking. Merry Christmas to you and yours 🙂

  25. Dear Health Guy,

    Thank you so much for the information on your site. I believed that it saved my life, especially the tips bout taking ibuprofen to stop the pancreas from self-digesting during an acute attack and what to supplement with afterward.

    In the last three years, I have had several bouts of acute pancreatitis caused by gallstones, each one worse than the last. Yet what really tipped it over the edge was earlier this year when I drastically changed my diet: I went from very healthy (no processed foods) to low-carb near-vegan, thinking that would help. But instead of getting increased health, I got worse and worse, and my gallstone problems got unbelievably bad.

    I knew this change for the worse was connected with my change in diet — the timing was unmistakable — but I didn’t know how until after praying one day I stumbled across the link between iron deficiency and gallstones. It was just a single line in some online article, but it was like sirens went off. When I googled “iron deficiency and gallstones” I came across study after study that said the same thing.

    Simply put, if your liver doesn’t have iron — or enough iron — to make enzymes, it can’t hold the cholesterol and bile salts in suspension and they precipitate out: gallstones. The gallstones then block some duct or another and presto, recurring pancreatitis with increased risk of severe complications and mortality.

    And that was the key. After we went vegan (because you know I dragged my better half with me :)) I got to a point where I couldn’t stand to see another leafy green salad — and leafy greens are where the iron is in a vegan diet, and I think I am probably one of those people that doesn’t process non-heme (plant-based) iron very well either, which also complicated matters. I was eating a varied, healthy plant-based diet and killing myself with it.

    But now that I have been supplementing iron (and D3, which I was also very low in) for a few weeks it’s getting to the point where I’d never know I ever had a gallstone. It’s nothing short of a miracle, and I mean that sincerely. It’s like the stones are melting. I will still do cleanses (the olive oil thing, which has always helped my own symptoms regardless of any “saponification” of the oil involved) but I feel better than I have in many, many months.

    Please, *please* let your readers know what I found out the horribly hard way, that the four “F”s of gallstones (fat, forty, female, fertile) are an almost direct overlap with the beginnings of iron deficiency in a lot of women — and Vitamin D3 too, which is just as important. If I had only known I could have spared my pancreas a lot of damage. I’m healing it with juicing and *careful* supplementation, but it could have killed me, and I’ve never heard a doctor mention that link, nor was I obviously anemic. If their gallstones aren’t caused by low iron and/or D3, this won’t help at all — but if someone visiting your site is suffering from gallstone-provoked pancreatitis and is also “fat, forty, female, or fertile” this may be the exact thing that turns it around.

    I would add that iron supplementation is not to be undertaken lightly; it’s one of those things — like Vitamin A — that can be supplemented to the point of toxicity, but lack of it can be tested for easily, and iron-rich foods of both plant and animal origin can be easily added to the diet without danger as long as people with gallbladder problems also watch out for the fat. You don’t have to be anemic or have all the symptoms of iron deficiency to be suffering gallstones from it, so anyone in doubt who thinks this might be their problem should take any low test result and/or symptoms of iron deficiency seriously and NOT wait for anemia to try adding iron to the diet. Finding out this one simple thing, the link between iron and healthy bile, has saved my life and my health, not to mention my gallbladder which I’d very much like to keep, thanks.

    So thank you again for writing what you have written and sharing your hard-earned lessons with the rest of us, because I fear to think what would have happened if I hadn’t known how to manage pancreatitis at home (no insurance), and I give God the glory for all of it. Maybe this will help someone else as well. Many blessings to you!

    1. Hi Daisy P – WOW I just learned something from you that I did NOT know. THANK YOU! Possibly a Word from God I would think! I had to check out your info and you are right on! Iron deficiency can indeed cause super bile saturation forming cholesterol gallstones, especially in women. I think I’ll write a post regarding this find but until then I am including some research from NIH (National Institute of Health – PubMed) that backs up what Almighty God led you to find. Thanks again. 🙂

      1) To study serum iron levels in patients of gall bladder stone disease and to compare with healthy individuals. Read here

      2) Iron deficiency enhances cholesterol gallstone formation. Read here

      3) Patients with iron deficiency anemia have an increased prevalence of gallstones. Read here

      The best source of iron (heme iron from hemoglobin which the body absorbs and uses more easily) comes from animal meats (chicken, turkey) and fish. So graduating from a total plant based diet non-heme iron (vegan) to a more iron rich diet is obviously beneficial. That is the reason I only suggest going vegan for at most 6 months; to hopefully avoid situations of this nature (vitamin and mineral deficiencies – B12 as an example which only comes from animal based foods). Plant based foods such as leafy greens (spinach), beans, lentils, peas etc all contain iron in fairly good amounts yet it is non-heme iron which the body finds more difficult to absorb and use.

      Thanks again Daisy! 🙂

      P.S. By the way Vitamin C enhances iron absorption.

      1. All the glory goes to Him! I just did the suffering and begging. 🙂 But I think you see what I saw — once you have that link, the evidence is overwhelming, and the overlap between the risks for gallstones and the risks for iron deficiency are absolutely incontrovertible. It’s not an exaggeration to say my jaw was hanging open when I saw what came up on just the first page of a Google search on “iron deficiency and gallstones.”

        Because I’m that age, gender, etc I think my gallstones were iron related all along, frankly, and it was inevitable that as my iron deficiency became more serious, the gallstones did as well. It’s the body’s coping mechanism when in lack to rob a resource from a secondary process (such as bile production) to sustain a primary one (such as hemoglobin production) — I have no proof but I would not be at all surprised to find that’s what happened to me over the last three years, and why I wasn’t anemic even when my iron deficiency was severe enough to cause grave gallbladder and pancreas problems.

        Just so you know, I do take my iron with Vitamin C, and also drink a lot of green juices that combine Vitamin C with plant iron. It’s a very deep physical hole I’m digging my way out of; weeks later I still have a lot of weakness and even some occasional residual pain in the pancreas (not a twinge of gallbladder, though — yay!) but even so, everything is getting better, *slowly*, day by day. Iron supplementation can’t be rushed. I hope when you write your post you explore that, because it’s no good climbing out of one hole just to fall into another. 🙂 I researched the living daylights out of it before I did it, but it’s safe enough if you’re aware of the risks.

        I’m SO glad this information blessed you, and it’s my sincere hope that it blesses others too. Having been given such riches, I can’t keep them to myself any more than you can! 🙂

        Thanks again, and have a wonderful Christmas — I look forward to reading whatever you come up with!

        1. Daisy P – you are so right. ALL the Glory goes to God, our rock, our fortress, the one true living Almighty God who heals all our diseases and so loved us He gave His only Son so that whoever believes in Him as Savior and Lord will have eternal life. No more pain, no more tears, just total joy in the presence of God Almighty.

          Your info (I believe a Word from God) did bless me and I am sure will bless others as well. Thank you. Merry Christmas and God’s bountiful blessings to you and yours during this season when we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ Lord of Lords and King of Kings!

  26. Ericka, thank you for your comment. My daughter has since become Type 1 Diabetic, she has had 7 Hypos since being in hospital. on one occasion a nurse made her eat 10 sugary biscuits( just in case) she had a hypo in the night, which personally I think is totally wrong
    Thank you

  27. Hello there, is beetroot a yes or a no in pancreatitis, please? Boiled or oven roasted?! (Not the pickled one). Thank you, you are such a wonderful resource!! Bless you ??

  28. Hi Health Guy

    I hope you are well. I was just wondering what your thoughts are on these supplements?

    Research studies
    Polyphenols in the treatment of inflammatory bowel disease and acute pancreatitis: the missing ingredient in enteral and parenteral nutrition formulas?
    Gut. 2006.
    This article focuses on four polyphenols with established anti-inflammatory properties: resveratrol, epigallocatechin gallate, curcumin and quercetin. In rodents, ingestion or systemic administration of these agents inhibits Nuclear Factor Kappa B-dependent gene expression and induces Phase II anti-oxidant and detoxifying proteins. Conditions prevented and/or ameliorated by these polyphenols include inflammatory colitis and acute pancreatitis. Polyphenols also attenuate ischemia-reperfusion injury and endotoxemic sepsis, which play a role in the development of multiple organ dysfunction in severe acute pancreatitis. We suggest that the addition of polyphenols to artificial nutritional formulas would improve the outcome of patients with inflammatory bowel disease and acute pancreatitis in need of enteral or parenteral nutrition.

    Pancreatitis natural treatment questions
    Q. Can lipoic acid or serrapeptase help with chronic pancreatitis?
    A. I don’t know about serrapeptase but it is possible alpha lipoic acid, as an antioxidant, may be helpful. Pancreatitis is a serious illness that needs to be addressed by accepted medical means since it can lead to serious consequences if mistreated.

    Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10), 100 to 200 mg at bedtime, for antioxidant and immune activity. CoQ10 might help the blood clot. By helping the blood clot, CoQ10 might decrease the effectiveness of warfarin (Coumadin).
    Alpha-lipoic acid, 25 to 50 mg twice daily, for antioxidant support. Taking alpha-lipoic acid in the presence of a Thiamine (vitamin B1) deficiency can cause serious health issues. Alpha-lipoic acid may also interact with certain chemotherapy drugs.
    Specifically The Alpha lipoic Acid

    Kindest Regards

    1. Candice – Polyphenols are highly anti-inflammatory. Grape seed extract (the good stuff) is 90 – 95% polyphenols. Resveratrol is found in grape seed extract so there is no need to buy another supplement. Curcumin is also a polyphenol compound. In fact those are the two most powerful polyphenol compounds around. That is why I use them. Vitamin C works synergistically with polyphenols and helps them to be powerful longer. ECG (epigallocatechin gallate) can be had by consuming a nice cup of green tea. Fruits and vegetables also contain polyphenols.

      1. Hi Health guy. Im sorry for the constant bombardment. Thank you for your reply. I have a few more questions that I see no one has asked. Have you heard of alpha lipoic Acid and low dose naltroxene? Secondly as I have mentioned before im stilk very ill. Ive had this for 5 months now and still no improvement. Weight is falling off me. I was always very thin and stayed the sane weight 102 pounds without even trying for 10 years. Im now in the low 80s. My family and drs say that I desperately need to stop limiting my fat intake. But they dont understand. Even 3g of fat per meal hurts me for hours to days. I get a flare weekly and have to fast due to.the extreme pain. My question is what are your thoughts on the TP/IAT? Ive increased my proteinibtake with fish eggwhites and protein shakes and porrigde but stikk nothing. Abd it hurts like crazy to eat all the having to quit my job and sell our home now due illness.rare diseases South Africa have started a campaign to try help me raise money to get to America to see if drs there can help me as I am in South Africa and have a 2 year old who desperately needs his mom. At what point do I consider the TP/IAT?

        1. Hi Candice – No need to apologize for asking questions. I apologize for not always having answers that help.

          Question #1: “Have you heard of alpha lipoic Acid and low dose naltroxene?”
          Answer: Yes on ALA but I have no idea whether it is of any benefit for pancreatitis. I had to look up low dose naltroxene. Again I can’t say whether either would work.

          Questions #2: “My question is what are your thoughts on the TP/IAT?” and “At what point do I consider the TP/IAT?”
          Answer: TP/IAT is a grueling surgery for both patient and surgeon and there are few surgeons who are even qualified to perform the surgery. You have to qualify for the surgery (meet criteria). I have never been able to find long-term outcome research (ten or more years after the procedure). Most of the people who have had it done (blog about it etc) have not reached even the five year mark. I can NOT even suggest what you should do in that regard. TP/IAT is something you need to talk with a qualified surgeon about.

          I know you are avoiding high fat foods and eating doesn’t set well with you. Are you taking grape seed extract, curcumin and vitamin C? I know these work in the right doses (everyone is different in amount requirements). If you are not using those I’d be trying them before resorting to surgery but that’s just me. I hope God blesses you this new year 🙂

  29. I’ve been diagnosed with hiatal hernia and chronic pancreatitis with recurrent flare due to alcohol I’ve quit btw just wonder will my hernia impact my pancreatitis and put me in more flare ups thanks for input

    1. Hi Kate sorry you have been diagnosed with CP. I don’t know whether a hiatal hernia has any connection to CP or AP. I wouldn’t worry too much about it (I know easy to say but not do). Ok, I just had to look for an answer cuz well I was curious and I have found that in RARE cases hiatal hernia has been connected to acute pancreatitis.

      1) Hiatal Hernia – read
      2) Hiatus Hernia: A Rare Cause of Acute Pancreatitis – read
      3) Acute Pancreatitis Secondary to an Incarcerated Paraoesophageal Hernia: A Rare Cause for a Common Problem – read

      BUT here’s the deal and just my two cents …

      I think it is more likely that the drugs used to treat hiatal hernias, gerd etc (proton pump inhibitors such as omeprazole) are the more probable cause of acute pancreatitis. But who really knows for sure? I can only go by the professional articles that I find and read. Again the incidence is very low. In fact, PPI’s are used to treat acute pancreatitis in some instances.

      1) The risk of acute pancreatitis associated with acid-suppressing drugs – read
      2) Lansoprazole-induced acute pancreatitis – read
      3) Acute pancreatitis associated with omeprazole – read

      Conflicting evidence (for and against) make it difficult to know what is actually truth. I hope you have a happy, blessed new year 🙂

  30. Hi Health Guy,

    I was wondering if maybe you would be able to help me. I went into the ER almost a week ago. I’ve been having pain in the left side of my abdomen, and not really been able to eat, no appetite. They ran tests on me and told me it’s not pancreatitis, because with pancreatitis, the lipase levels are high, but for some reason, mine are lower than normal. Does that sound right to you? Can lipase levels be low and you still have pancreatitis?

    1. Hi Karyne – Yes, one can have acute pancreatitis and have no elevation in lipase but it is RARE. There are several conditions that low lipase levels could indicate. One is damage to the acinar cells of the pancreas. Acinar cells produce pancreatic enzymes. Damage from pancreatitis can cause low levels of enzymes but this is usually seen in a highly damaged pancreas from acute pancreatitis or long-standing chronic pancreatitis. Certain forms of IBD (irritable bowel disease) can also cause enzyme deficiency (EPI). EXTREMELY low levels of lipase (even zero production) for no apparent reason could indicate pancreatic cancer. IF your lipase was extremely low I would hope your physician explored more possible conditions.

      1. Thank you for your response! I found I have a fatty liver, so I’m taking the necessary steps to try to reverse it. But it is still weird that my lipase levels were low. My pancreas was normal during my CAT scan. Although from time to time I do feel pain in my upper left abdomen. I’m not sure how low extremely low is. What is extremely low?

        1. Hi Karyne – In answer to your previous comment (scroll up) I linked you to a study that tells about low lipase and what is considered too low and possibly a problem. Anything less than 5 U/L

  31. Hi Health Guy should a person with a pseudo cyst on the Pancreas that has bouts of Pancreatitis be eating hot piri piri sauce on food
    Mr Health Guy

    1. Hi Jeanne – Chili sauce (depending upon what is in it other than the chili pepper) may or may not be good. Chili peppers, cayenne pepper, etc are all highly anti-inflammatory (a good thing).

  32. Hi Health Guy…

    It’s been a year since I was hospitalized for chronic pancreatitis for 10 days…Since I have chronic pancreatitis from stones, it has been an on going adventure to learn everything about this disease, including how to eat low fat and eat well so that I don’t have repeat performances…I just wanted to share with your readers something that may help those like me that went from eating loads of fat to thinking I would never be able to eat some of my favorite foods again. I purchased a Power XL air fryer 5.3 qt for my boyfriend for Christmas. Tonight, I made a blooming onion in it and it was wonderful…I thought I could never have something like that because it is typically deep fried…We have made French fries, chicken breasts, and they have all been amazing, and all fat free except for the tiny bit of fat from the chicken breast. You can make almost anything in it and if you tweak the ingreadients….ie use egg beaters with no fat vs. eggs, or almond milk vs milk…I’m loving it. Plain and simple… with chronic pancreatitis… fat is the enemy but there are so many things that can be made without it….I’ve also learned to make brownies that are amazing from pureed black beans and brownie mix (yep that’s it) and they come out so good for those that have a sweet tooth…I will probably never have chicken wings and cold beer again, but let me tell you, there is lots of great tasting stuff… I wish the very best to all those still trying to get through the worst part of this…my first step to really getting better was this web site…I can’t thank you enough for helping me educate myself on the do’s and don’ts of pancreatitis…thank you so very much Health Guy for all you do for us…I gained so much more from you than I did from the many doctors that don’t seem to know all that much about this sickness. Education and discovering what your body can tolerate is the key to this…everyone is different…I can only tolerate 5grams or less of fat per meal…Wishing all who share this disease the very best and a healthy 2017!

    Lisa D

    1. Many people won’t tolerate whey protein, especially in large amounts. All you can do is test for yourself and if you haven’t done a food diary (including the prep) testing won’t do any good because you’ll never know what foods are actually to blame for your pain/symptoms. 99.9% of the time the offending foods will be moderate to high fat foods or contain alcohol.

  33. Hi Mr. Health Guy. I am 43 years and a social drinker. I was just recently diagnosed with alcohol induced acute pancreatitis. I was told to halt my social drinking and was wondering why my diagnosis is alcohol related ?I have friends who drink way more than me and are fine. My AP only lasted two days with hospital stay. How can I prevent any future attacks?

    1. Hi Veronica – some people have a genetic variant that predisposes them towards alcoholic pancreatitis. IF you happen to have that genetic variant you do NOT need to consume heavy amounts of alcohol. Social drinking could be more than enough to cause problems but unless they did genetic testing I don’t know how they could know that but since the two most common causes of acute pancreatitis are gallstones and alcohol the knee-jerk diagnosis (if no stones are seen) is usually alcohol or idiopathic. It may be wise to quit drinking.

  34. Hi Paul! I sent you a message via this page a day or two before Christmas. I’m guessing you never got it?

  35. Yes that is what I sent you! I never got an email notification and when I checked page one of your blog, my message and your reply were not there! Is there another page or tab I should be clicking on? God bless you and all us CP folks.

    1. Hi Jayne – I have heard this from others and I think it may have something to do with the updates of WordPress. You may have to re-follow the site posts or comments or both. You can do that by selecting the appropriate boxes in any comment section. God bless you back! 🙂

  36. Hi Lisa Dobson! I enjoyed your post and have similar issues as you. I can only tolerate about 5 grams of fat per meal.. Would you be interested in communicating with me via some other medium? If not, I understand, but it’s nice to have a friend in deed and in need. Thanks, Jayne Mitchell

  37. Again, I’d like to say thank you for all the help and insight. Kinda, strange question. So I had a severe attack day before thanksgiving, i was told by the doctors I was lucky to not be in the ICU. I have been extra careful with everything, & as a procaution they removed my gallbladder 4 weeks ago. I started back at the gym with just 45 minutes of brisk walking and weight lifting. I also do an hour of water aerobics. So, I’ve been having slight attacks, I haven’t doubled over in pain, but I have had to sit for 20-30 minutes trying to allow the pain to calm down. Is this from the exercising, or could it be still something i am eating?
    Regular day consists of oatmeal or low fat yogurt, fruit, raw veggies, brown rice , chicken or turkey, sometimes I’ll do deli meat. I try my best, but these small attacks are what I started with and one day full blown and thrown into the hospital for the week. Should I be concerned?
    Again, thank you. I read about supplements that you take and I plan on getting some today. I currently do not take anything.

    1. Hi Desire – Since you were diagnosed with severe acute pancreatitis? Is that right? It will certainly take longer than 8 weeks to heal. Heck it takes longer than 8 weeks to totally heal from a mild attack. Just because you may get released from the hospital in a few days doesn’t mean you are healed. It simply means you are well enough to go home. You may be a tad premature on doing that much exercise. Since you remember what your warning signs were before the acute attack I’d pay attention and back off from whatever is causing those signs. Deli meats aren’t always safe either. Give yourself 6 months at least to heal. Stay well. 🙂

  38. Hello healthy guy – i have pancreatitis from the past five years but from the past attack i got a severe pain in right quadrant abdomen,now the pancreas pain is gone but the right side pain remains same it has been 1 month now im feeling the same pain i think the fire in duodenum descending part can u tell me the reason for it and a better solution for this

  39. Hello my son has even experiencing pain in his left side of stomach since age of 11 he’s now 15 last year he was finally diagnosed with pancreatitis after his amalyze levels were over 1000 he’s gone on to have another 3 attacks in the last year and they have found a gene mutation spink 1 they have said he has ideopathic pancreatitis which is not chronic as of yet he has decided to go on a trial for a year of taking antioxidants or magnesium or even a dummy tablet looking for foods to avoid and eat to help his everyday life he has niggling pain everyday but copes fine at the moment

  40. Hi Paul! I hope you’re well. Do you have any feeling pro or con about bone broth? I see one on that has less than one gram of fat. It’s supposed to be good for gut health but our guts aren’t normal…

    1. Hi Jayne – You can certainly try it to see if you tolerate it. I’d only use chicken or turkey bone to make broth (just the bone). When I make soup, chili or whatever using skinless chicken or turkey I always cook the chicken (boil it) for 15-20-30 minutes (most of the fat cooks or is drawn out) and then dump the water and fat down the drain and then replenish the water, cook more, add whatever I want and then eat it. But that gets rid of the fat (most of it) and then creates soups and other stuff with a lot less fat.

  41. Thank you Lord for allowing me to find this site!! I can finally make sense of all this that is happening to me!!! Because the only thing the Dr’s told me to do is stop alcohol!! Well I did and the pain continued ! I went and saw my Dr. 6 weeks after being hospitalized for 5 days and thousands of dollar later walked into his office after paying $78 he sits down asked how i was i said i was alright but not back to normal. He hopped up said i was cured and wish me the best of luck!!a week later i had attack. This was in April 2016. I found your post on pintrest about 3 weeks ago i have been taking the supplements for about 2 weeks knock on wood no attacks. But i am having stomack cramps w/ diarrhea. I read in one of you articles vit “c”. May be the cause I am taking curcumin grape seed , vit c and enzyme morning and nite. The cramps wake me up around 3am Any suggestions? And once again THANK YOU!!!

    1. Hi Susie – sometimes people experience some “detox” symptoms. They are usually gastrointestinal type symptoms (like yours) and you can either cut down on doses or work through until they resolve. Those supplements are extremely strong antioxidants. What happens is that if the body is full of toxins (common) from things we eat or ingest, the environment, etc (free radical damage) and those antioxidants push out the toxins too fast one can experience some unwanted symptoms. Some people may even have to break off for a week or so and re-start.

  42. I started the low fat diet in October and have not cheated once but I just started on the grapeseed extract recently. Are there any side effects I need to be aware of ? Also I am taking Lactulose which I recently started and I can not find out if there is any fat in it. Another question is I am trying to find the vatimin powder you take on your blog and the dosage you mentioned and can not seem to re find it. Thanks so much for all your help, Shar

    1. Hi Shar – grape seed extract can cause some digestive upset in those who take large doses without working up. It is an extremely powerful anti-oxidant and when toxins are pushed out of the body too fast an overload can occur causing flu-like symptoms. That’s why it’s best to start with a low dose and work up in dosage on a weekly basis. Lactulose is simply prescription milk sugar. No fat that I am aware of. It is used to treat liver disease and constipation. You can find info on the multi (vitamin/mineral powder) under the category about supplements (right side of page).

  43. Thank you Mr Health Guy. My daughter is feeling so much better now, which is lovely to see, she will have the Stent removed in six weeks. The good thing in all this is she has lost nearly three stone, a great start to a healthier way of living (I hope). I feel that what and how you eat has a great deal to do with this problem, as she has never drunk alcohol and doesn’t have Gall stones , there has to be a reason, her diet has been poor.
    Best wishes to you

  44. So glad We found you. Common sense concludes that these principles are Basic precursors to for the Cure of pancreatic cancer.

  45. Hi Mr Health Guy
    I suppose when you’ve lost a Granddaughter, through NHS negligence, when your brother almost died through negligence, and when a second Granddaughter picked up an infection in the hospital after her birth and died, also more minor family incidence have happened, its hard to trust hospital staff, even though you know there are good ones doing their jobs properly, its hard to put your trust in anyone.
    Best wishes

  46. Hi Health Guy! Thank you so much for all of this information, for sharing your work and research here, and for responding to all of us. I am just starting out on this journey, I am Celiac and my doctor expects I have CP after a few months of ab/back pain and recently elevated lipase/amylase results. I hope you will continue to maintain this site, I feel as though it may save me.
    God bless…Desiree

    1. Hi Desiree – wow we have the same issues. I am celiac too. Are you on a GF diet? How long were you celiac before diagnosis and when were you diagnosed? Thanks for the blessing and God bless you back 🙂

  47. Mr Health Guy since my last message my daughter has become ill with a serious infection and is back in hospital. We are praying for her. It’s early days, but I am so glad I said she needs to go back into hospital
    Best wishes Jeanne

  48. Dear Health Guy,
    After my second liver flush, I had a wonderful three-week repreive from pancreatitis. Then I ate some slightly stale pecans and I was right back in the pancreatitis nightmare.

    But what has brought me back here today is that I want everyone who is able to get to read a 1998 research article from the UK. You will either have to go through your university, a hospital library service, pay for it outright, or your local library (if it is extremely helpful) in order to get to read it. This research absolutely parellels everything that the Health Guy has been teaching us. It starts with two case studies, listing factors that led up to their pancreatitis, and how (about six months of) antioxidants stopped their pain. I haven’t finished reading the paper myself yet, but I just couldn’t wait to come here and share it with you.

    I will paste the name of the article and the summary below, so you can find a way to obtain the rest of it somehow. And I will sign off, again with gratitude to the Health Guy.
    59, Suppl. 4, 1998
    Issue release date: November 1998
    Section title: Paper
    Digestion 1998;59(suppl 4):36?48

    Chronic Pancreatitis at Manchester, UK
    Focus on Antioxidant Therapy

    McCloy R.

    Manchester Royal Infirmary, Manchester, UK

    * The Manchester ‘oxidant stress’ hypothesis for the development of pancreatitis accommodates published information on both chronic pancreatitis and acute pancreatitis. Oxidant stress, mainly from reactive xenobiotic metabolites, is perceived as the pivotal pre-morbid problem in chronic pancreatitis and, by depleting glutathione, targets the exocytosis mechanism of the pancreatic acinar cell. Inhalation exposure to petrochemical products is identified as an independent risk factor in patients at Manchester Royal Infirmary, where some 50% of patients referred have non-alcoholic disease. This paper describes the development of antioxidant therapy, using supplements of methionine, vitamin C and selenium, and its validation in a placebo-controlled trial, followed by a retrospective cross-sectional study in 94 consecutive patients for an average of 30 months. Antioxidant therapy emerges as a safe and effective medical alternative to surgery for painful chronic pancreatitis.

    1. Hi Vintage – Yep antioxidants are awesome little angels. Be advised that methionine and selenium are both toxic at high doses. That is why I use grape seed extract, vitamin C and curcumin. All 3 are non-toxic. And grape seed extract and curcumin are much stronger antioxidants yet again non-toxic! I appreciate your comment affirmation. Thank you for posting! 🙂

      P.S. here is another study using the same antioxidants as the one you posted.

  49. I have noticed that if I don’t eat everything very fresh like fruits and vegetables it will set off an attack. So any vegetables etc. that have been sitting in my fridge for a little while I have to toss. Not worth the risk.

    1. Hi Jayne – fresh is best. ALL fruits and vegetables contain polyphenols. Polyphenols have an alcohol molecule. When fruit ripens, bananas are great example, the sugar turns to alcohol. Yet before that happens they are perfectly safe. I would imagine the same process takes place in vegetables to some degree. So fresh is safe, old not so much.

  50. Yes, “totally!”, Health Guy. I learned 40 years ago not to take those horrible, toxic “supplements”, marketed to us in a “chemically pure” form, completely separated from their natural synergists. No, no, no. When I read “selenium”, I think Brazil nuts. When I read, methionine, I think “fish and turkey”. I forget that many people don’t know this. Good catch! Thanks for protecting ‘already sick’ people.

      1. Dear healthy guy! My husband who is only 38 diagnosed with acute pancreatitis in feb 2016, I have had few conversations with you regarding how can we beat this we strictly followed your supplements and diet for two three months and he was back to normal in few weeks time. But in june his father passed away and we kind of forget his situation and we were busy with family. He started eating normal diet I.e. fat, red meat everything, he never had any problems and pain, one day he started having pain, bloating and we thought it is just minor gastric problem, he had some test done and they showed his lipase amylase levels slightly high, dr. Gave him some gas medication and he was just fine, during last month he had severe pain and we went to new doctor as. Recommend by some family, he got the test done again his lipase and amylase levels were slightly high, he also got the ultrasound done, it showed swollen pancreas with few mm. Dr. Prescribed him antibiotics for a month an he is also taking ceron 1000, he is having no pain, his appetite is good, no fever, no nausea but I have a major concern his seems to be loosing some weight, form past one month we are strictly following fat free diet and now from one week he is taking the supplements also, I m really worried whether his pancreas are damaged or not, how can one make out if the pancreas are damaged and what should be done to avoid further complications. Please please please advice us, we have a eight year son, I am really afraid as I hav researched that it is a life threatening illness, please sir help me and show me the right path. Thanks

        1. Hi Muneeza – I have to say that what you are telling me – husband got well in a few weeks with diet and supplements then months later went OFF the diet, ate normally and in a few months was again experiencing symptoms, lipase level elevation and swollen pancreas on ultrasound – this does not bode well for complete healing and being able to eat normally again. I could lie to make everyone feel better but I won’t do that. Also his doctor has him on creon for a reason. Obviously there was damage to the acinar cells (they produce the pancreatic enzymes). The good news is that acinar cells can regenerate as long as the inflammation is resolved so that healing can take place. That doesn’t mean your husband may ever eat normally again it simply means that he might not need creon forever but I can NOT say that with any degree of certainty. It may be beneficial to get back on the no fat, low fat diet and supplements and stay on them both so that the pancreas inflammation resolves and his symptoms resolve as well. I understand your concern about the disease/condition but if he goes back to a proper diet and supplements and abstains from alcohol he could enjoy many more years of life. After I was finally diagnosed properly I was told I might have 10 years yet here I am (by the grace of Almighty God) 37 years after diagnosis, still alive and kicking. So be of great courage things may work out fine 🙂

  51. I believe that the forms of selenium called “dietary supplements” in this article are toxic. For my body’s selenium requirements, I eat a few Brazil nuts.
    Selenium and Healthful Diets…
    * Includes a variety of protein foods, including seafood, lean meats and poultry, eggs, legumes (beans and peas), nuts, seeds, and soy products. Pork, beef, turkey, chicken, fish, shellfish, and eggs contain high amounts of selenium. Some beans and nuts, especially Brazil nuts, contain selenium.

  52. I’ve been taking Major Bupleurum Formula Dietary Supplement (Da Chai Hu Tang) from a company called Herbal Science. A Vietnamese herbalist in Garland, Texas chose this one for me. It has helped me a lot. These are the ingredients:
    Bupleurum chinensis, Rheum officinale, Scutellaria baicalensis, Pinellia ternata, Paeonia lactiflora, Zingiber officinale, Zizyphus jujuba

  53. I cant seem to find where you have your cure at? I don’t have Facebook. Can you email me a link or the cure that you followed ASAP, I’m in a lot of pain? God bless

    1. Hi Kate – I’m sorry to hear you are not well (understatement right?). Links to food diary (including prep), diet, supplements and how to stop the pain in 90 minutes or less (usually) are all on this exact page. There is NO cure. BUT doing the right things will give you an opportunity to heal, maybe even completely if you have had only one acute attack and it was mild. Supposedly 80 of people who have one mild attack heal with no more problems (according to the medical profession). If you have specific questions ask and I’ll help all I can. God bless you back 🙂

  54. I’m back posting because the Da Chai Hu Tang (described in my above post) has continued to help me. I’ve had pancreatitis for three years, since being hit by a car. I’ve suffered terribly, just like most people here. But this herbal combination is giving me my life back. I’m down to taking only three capsules (all at the same time) once a day. I’ve been able to drink milk and eat smoked turkey leg from the deli with no attack. I’m still taking everything that the Health Guy recommends, but in lower doses. I don’t know why the Chinese herbs are working, but they ARE working. Please, if anyone else has success with the Da Chai Hu Tang herbal combination, give your feedback. Pancreatitis is devastating.

  55. Hi Dear Health Guy,
    I’ve been eating tamarind pods lately as a laxative. I got tired of prunes and prune juice. Then I did some reading on tamarind and found that tamarind seed is very good for the pancreas. Here is a link to one of many research articles that recommend tamarind seed for pancreatic health. The flesh of the pod is chewy and sour. The seeds are inside the flesh of the pod. They are hard and shiny…and must be cooked to be edible.

    Research on rats shows that tamarind seeds are good for the pancreas.
    Anti-inflammatory action of Tamarind seeds reduces hyperglycemic excursion by repressing pancreatic β-cell damage and normalizing SREBP-1c concentration

    1. Hi Vintage – thanks for the article link. I did some checking and Tamarind may help diabetics or those who are constipated. I couldn’t find any research that would indicate it may be helpful for pancreatitis but who knows?

  56. Hello healthy guy, 3 years ago I had an attack of pancreatitis and I was in hospital for several weeks. After multiple tests they found a small cyst on my pancreas as well. I continue to have what I believe to be “pancreatic flares”.My gastro does not believe they are related to my attack but they feel the exact same as my attack, just not as painful. How can I get my gastro to believe that this may be related?


    1. Hi Kim – next time you see your gastro ask him/her if they have ever had an acute pancreatitis attack. If they say no (probably the answer), then ask how would you know what the pain of an attack or flare feels like? The pain I get feels exactly the same as when I had my attack how do you explain that? Watch them stammer and sputter on that one lol Don’t be afraid to call them out. If he/she tries snowing you (or asks you what medical school you went to – I’ve said Harvard before lol) with some off-the-wall garbage that doesn’t make sense find a new doctor.

  57. Eating bread made from brominated (bleached) wheat flour gives me a pancreatitis attack. Almost all bread sold in grocery stores is made with brominated flour. I’ve now bought organic whole wheat flour to make my own bread. Health Guy, you have avoided the pitfall of eating brominated flour since, due to your celiac disease, you don’t eat any kind of wheat flour. So, this warning is for others, like myself, who can eat wheat. Everybody–look up “brominated flour” and see what a harmful toxin it is.

    “Alloxan causes diabetes because it spins up enormous amounts of free radicals in pancreatic beta cells, thus destroying them.”

  58. Is SOD different than pancreatitis or does it cause it. Is it treated the same way.I’m on my 5th GI doc. They don’t have a clue what to do with me. They look at me like I have 3 eyes. It’s so discouraging. I have also learned that it causes trouble breathing, which I have complained to doc about. An article I read said if you have pancreatitis it causes the lungs to not carry the proper amount of oxygen in the blood.I have suffered for years and am going to try your plan. I truly think God sent your articles to me after prayer.

    1. Hi Peggy – I’m sorry you are ill. I have to ask have you been diagnosed with SOD? It is different than pancreatitis however it can and does cause acute pancreatitis. SOD can be mild, moderate or severe in symptoms (pain, nausea, vomiting etc) which could be very similar to acute pancreatitis symptoms. I wrote an article about sphincter of oddi dysfunction. You can also google it to learn more. SOD isn’t treated the same way as acute pancreatitis because as far as I know SOD itself is not life threatening unless there are complications (e.g. acute pancreatitis). SOD can be debilitating (symptomatic). As far as treating SOD …

      The medical way can be dangerous (ERCP with sphincterotomy) but I have found quality info (The Lord leads me to it) that backs up my hypothesis that a low fat diet will help. I’d also bet that the same supplements (grape seed extract and vitamin C) and anti-inflammatory medication (ibuprofen) will help SOD just as they do pancreatitis and an inflamed gallbladder. IF you have been diagnosed with SOD do not use curcumin or turmeric (even in cooking) because it increases bile flow which could cause the sphincter to spasm. Do NOT use narcotics because they too can and do cause the sphincter to spasm. Spasms can lead to acute pancreatitis.

  59. Thank you for your answer. Yes I’ve had 3 ERCP’S. Your web site has given me more info than any other. I appreciate it so much. I have ordered supplements you recommended and will go on low fat diet. The doc wants me to take morphine. Think I’ll pass for now and try your natural way. God bless you Health Guy.

    1. Hi Peggy – Thanks for the kindness and you are welcome. It is likely a good choice to avoid morphine (narcotics) because they are addictive and norphine was used in combination with another drug called prostigmine (Nardi test) to diagnose SOD in the old days before ERCP and high tech radiology tests. The Nardi test often caused pancreatitis.

  60. I was wondering if you are ever completely pain free or will it always be some days are better than others. I started the supplement regiment you recommended and I have noticed some relief but I’m never completely pain free.

    1. Hi Terry – yes I am pain free most of the time. It takes a while for things to all work out. The supplements are potent and work but by themselves (without a proper low fat diet) may not get the whole job done. You will probably need both diet and supplements to become pain free.

  61. I was wondering if you take Vitamin D3, I just got Diagnosed with Chronic Acute Pancreatitis and my levels of Vitamin D3 were low in the 20’s. Dr told me to take Vitamin D3, but I read that taking Vitamin D3 might cause Hypercalcemia, What are your thoughts on this?

    1. Hi Rene – yes I do take D3. Being a celiac along with pancreatitis I am usually deficient in several vitamins and minerals if I don’t take supplements to compensate for my lack of nutrient absorption. Too much vitamin D can be toxic to your pancreas so large doses should be avoided. 500 – 1,000 units per day should be sufficient. It usually takes a lot of D to cause Hypercalcemia.

  62. Hello:

    I was just diagnosed as having Acute Chronic Pancreatitis, but I have had it for 3 years, I was also told that I am Vitamin D Deficient, do you take vitamin D or do you think I should take or just get it naturally, I started taking your recommendations on Diet and the supplements. Please can you give me your input on this subject matter.

    1. Hi Rene – I saw your other comment with questions and addressed them a few minutes ago. Let me know how the diet and supplements work for you. I hope you are feeling better soon 🙂

  63. Health Guy- My question is, have you heard of duodenitits being a complication of chronic pancreatitis then contributing to liver inflammation? If it were you, would grape seed being as it is very bitter be something you would still take if your duodenum and stomach were very aggitated from all the inflammed organs? cannot eat anything except for broth and miserable.

    1. Hi Jan – I’ve heard of duodenitis causing acute pancreatitis but not the other way around, yet. Read the first paragraph under “clinical picture” of this article and you’ll see that AP can be a complication of duodenitis. Anything ending in “itis” is an inflammation so anti-inflammatory supplements such as grape seed extract should help. Liver inflammation would probably be helped with grape seed extract as well but curcumin and milk thistle would be more helpful. I’ll do more checking and if I find something more I’ll make sure you know.

      1. Thank you for your input. It seems SOD, duodenitits, gastritis, have been complicating my pancreatitis. I had my pancreatic duct collapse and an ercp to open it back up with sphincterotomies but have not been able to get things under control and am in miserable pain. I am starting your supplements and diet plan and looking forward to seeing what may happen. Also, do you think some of these supplements can help autoimmune by chance? Sorry if I have repeated, I have read through a lot of your blog but keeping it all in my head is another thing. lol Thank you for reaching out and sharing;-)

        1. Hi Jan – you’re welcome. I definitely know that SOD can and often does cause acute pancreatitis as does duodenitis on occasion. Sphincterotomy can cause scar tissue to form which causes the sphincter to spasm. This doesn’t always happen but it does happen. You asked “do you think some of these supplements can help autoimmune by chance?” I think that any type of condition that is associated with inflammation can be helped by the supplements. Since you have SOD it may be wise to avoid curcumin or the root it is extracted from which is turmeric because it can increase bile flow which could cause the SO to spasm. Grape seed extract should be helpful. If you can take Ibuprofen that may be helpful as well for SOD.

  64. I have a question.
    Have your or your readers ever been cautioned about taking a prescription drug “Lisinopril” used for blood pressure regulation? Suppose to be baaad!
    I am a newer member to this elite club of pancreatic issues. Yippee…Age 56, health up to my recent first acute attack was good, not overweight, very active, not a big drinker. My diet was ok by today’s standards. Mostly home cooked all sorts of great stuff, a few beers a few times a month, minimal hard stuff. I weighed a 185 on a 6-foot frame. After my recent, almost 4-month battle with 3 acute attacks and ever increasing stays in the hospital my weight dropped to 155 lbs, that really annoys me! During a recent follow up exam I was advised to no longer take this drug as it has been thought to be a drug that has the ability to negatively affect the pancreas in a big way. I see a bit about this online, but not as much as would be expected. Regardless, I stopped the taking of this pill and just added it to the oh so long list of what not to intake. I was fortunate enough to have my initial attack diagnosed for what it was “acute pancreatitis” The Dr’s and specialist concluded that it must be idiopathic. All tests, scans, MRI’s and endo’s good, no family history.
    What I have found though is that they are not even close to being able to impart the absolute imperatives of diet….I mean….severe diet modification in order to not become a repeat customer!!! Had this been “hammered” into my head the first time, I might not have got to know all the ER techs on a first name basis after all the repeats, but then again who knows? I do know that after thee discharge sequences the “diet issue” was never once given the priority it obviously deserves, further to the point during my time entire time hospital beds this was a low priority item.
    Thanks for creating and mainlining this excellent site.
    Regards to ya 🙂 PG

    1. Hi Brian – Sorry to hear you’ve joined the club. I’m glad you like the site 🙂 Yes, Lisinopril (Ace Inhibitor) has been shown to cause acute pancreatitis (Google Lisinopril + pancreatitis). Lisinopril is made from the venom of the South American lance head (bothrops), locally known as the Jararaca. This species of snake is responsible for most of the deaths due to snake bite in South America. Lisinopril along with its siblings (ace inhibitors) include a peptide from the snake venom. Snake venom, scorpion venom, spider venom can all cause acute pancreatitis so who with a brain would create a drug with it? Worse yet doctors do not tell their patients because most don’t even know!

      1. Hello,
        Thanks for the info on Lisinopril…..that is a strong combination of poison extracts all in one little pill. One that is supposed to keep a person healthy. Why/how could this be….stunning!

        1. Yes Brian I find it (using poison to treat people) interesting as well. Big Pharma always tries creating concoctions that usually cause more problems than they cure. The only exemptions are antibiotics which do save tons of lives. Yet they too can be dangerous.

  65. Hi Mr.H.G.

    “Question #2: “what tests you had done to diagnose chronic?”
    Answer: CT and endoscopy” What kind of endoscopy diagnosed
    your CP.?

    Few weeks ago I had a CT scan, EGD (upper abdominal endoscopy)
    blood test, all normal.I can’t eat and of course loosing weight.This is
    an ongoing problem (10 yrs)I usually I put myself on a diet and few later
    back to normal. but not this time.I was told by GE eat.If I touch fat food
    I’ am ill.(never womit, just can’t eat and having upper abdominal pain)
    I am scared that I got CP.I’ve never been diagnosed with AP. I had an
    MRI in 2014Ultrasound in 2015.CT scan 2015.All normal. I do not drink.
    Is it possible to have CP and not knowing it. after all this test? Thanks
    for taking your time reading my post.

    1. Hi Alex – I know it’s frustrating to be ill and really not know why and have doctors tell you that you’re fine, when you’re not fine at all. I can not tell you how many people come to this site (having previously had one or more bouts of AP) and ask if they could have CP because they continue to be ill even though their doc says they are well. Since you have never been diagnosed with AP it is even more difficult for doctors to arrive at any definite diagnosis, especially when tests show nothing apparent.

      You asked “What kind of endoscopy diagnosed your CP.?” I can’t tell you, I didn’t ask but I don’t think they had EUS in 1979 so I am gonna say it was a combination of the endoscopy and CT scan that was done at that time. Unfortunately I can’t ask that doctor because he is no longer in my area, if he is even still practicing. You also asked “Is it possible to have CP and not knowing it. after all this test?” Anything is possible, even if not probable. There are forms of pancreatitis that many times start off with CP like symptoms instead of AP symptoms. Alcoholic, Hereditary and autoimmune pancreatitis can all start off with mild CP like symptoms. All I can say is hang in there, keep close tabs on what is happening to you and notify your doc of changes.

  66. Hi Health Guy – I actually located your blog four years back when I had suffered yet another acute attack after having been diagnosed with chronic pancreatitis in 2012. I had listened to doctors and took the pain meds but was still miserable so I looked for other options and found your site. I feel very blessed that I did because your information has given me my life back. I adjusted my food drastically.. nothing with fat at all and no alcohol. Like you have mentioned sugar it not the best for me but not as horrid as fat and alcohol. So THANK YOU for being such a wonderful soul to share your history and solutions. Your efforts are deeply appreciated.

    1. Hi Rhonda – THANK YOU for sharing your success! I love hearing good news! I sincerely appreciate it because it gives hope to others, especially those who are new and find this site. I give Almighty God all the glory because He deserves it. Thank you again. Stay well 🙂

    1. Hi Cody – turkey is on my list of safe foods but since it does boast more fat than chicken one needs to be cautious and test. Hummus may or may not work because most recipes contain olive oil. Oil is not good for those of us who have pancreas damage. Again tread cautiously.

  67. I’m climbing my way out of the abyss of the pancreatitis nightmare. And I come here to share my failures, successes, and whatever else I think might be of use to those who have this affliction. Thanks, Healthguy, for giving us a place to meet, and for your faithful presence to see us through our crises.

    Here are two more things that I believe bring on my attacks: 1. molasses and, 2. white vinegar when it is derived from petroleum rather than from fruit or grain. I offer these short quotes and the links to their sources on the internet.

    “…So, molasses is worse than refined sugar as it carries with it all the bad qualities of refined sugar plus the added toxins.”

    “In the report “The History of Vinegar” by Hubert A Conner, Department of Physical Sciences, Northern Kentucky University and Rudolph J AllGeier, Wheaton Place, Catonsville, Maryland, it states:…
    “Beginning  in  the  early  1950s, increasing  amounts  of  synthetic  ethanol from ethylene (derived from natural gas) were substituted for fermentation  fermentation  ethanol  for  vinegar  production  in  the United  States and other parts of  the world”.

    (Links removed – I don’t like linking to off-the-wall sites with erroneous content)

    1. Hi Vintage – this really isn’t a “forum” page. It isn’t a support group where the blind lead the blind. I’m glad you are climbing out of your nightmare but avoiding molasses and vinegar probably isn’t the answer. In fact molasses isn’t a trigger. I eat a lot of it 🙂 Regarding molasses as a “junk food” simply shows the ignorance of the author of your linked article. Molasses is loaded with nutrients (molasses contains vital vitamins and minerals, such as iron, calcium, magnesium, vitamin B6, and selenium). Molasses contains no fat, no alcohol. I’d suggest you look for a different trigger for acute pancreatitis. The same holds true for most vinegar, white (distilled) vinegar is the exception. It is junk and should only be used for cleaning windows lol

  68. Apple cider vinegar is wonderful. The point of the link was that, oftentimes, what is called “white vinegar” is a petroleum product, rather than being from fermented fruit or grain, and that the vinegar from petroleum products isn’t good for you.

    1. I would certainly agree apple cider vinegar is great and completely safe. White vinegar maybe not so much – I mean who wants to eat or drink something that may contain remnants of oil or gas?

    1. Hi Carol – Grape seed extract helps but when it is real bad the only thing that really helps is a good anti-emetic (prescription nausea medication. Phenergan (promethazine) is good. Here’s a list of possible nausea meds. When needed I use promethazine suppositories (it is hard to puke up one) and Prochlorperazine. I always keep them around in case. Call your doc and get some good nausea meds.

    1. Hi Hilma – if you have acute pancreatitis you should not eat. You should seek medical help (ER). If you have HAD acute pancreatitis and it has resolved there are various posts on this site that deal with food choices. I hope you are feeling better soon 🙂

  69. Hello Mr. Health Guy,

    I am suffering from chronic pancreatitis and have been living on almost 0 fat diet. I have undergone ERCP 5 times already since I was diagnosed 2 years ago. The doctor has just remove my stent last week and wonder if there is any medicine or supplement to keep the duct open. Thank you for your help…

    1. Hi Salman – I am going to have to apologize because I’m not going to be much help to you in regards to your question. I don’t know of any medication that will help keep you duct open and I don’t know if any supplement will either. I wish I could be more helpful.

      1. Hi health guy

        I would like to thank you for all the information you provided here. God bless you.

        I’m 26 years old, and I have some of the CP symptoms. I did take some tests ( blood test, ultra sound) and the results were fine. However, the pain is still there. Sometimes I just can’t sleep easily. It started January 2017. Unfortunately, when the stool test came out in February. It turned out I had H pylori bacteria. I followed my doctor advise, and took medicine for that. I took the stool test again. On march, and it came back negative. So I’m totally healed of the bacteria. But, I do still have the upper/abnormal pain. my doctor believes I don’t have a pancreas issues. However, I did not believe that. When I told my doctor that the pain is still there, she replied: ” you might have this for the rest of your life as a result of H pylori bacteria damage to your stomach. So she just advised to me to eliminate the amount of fat I take. Anyhow, I started taking your suggested supplement two months ago, and honestly I started to feel better and energetic. The reason I believe I have CP cuz I consumed much of alcohol last year.

        I’m confused at this point, what would you suggest? Keep taking the supplements?
        And another question, I go to the gym everyday, and I take Whey protein. Is protein whey good for pancreas?

        Thanks in advance.


        1. Hi Ben – You’re welcome, thanks for the blessing and God bless you back! 🙂 Yep keep taking the supplements and adhere to a pancreas friendly diet (low fat). About the whey protein – some people tolerate it some don’t. If you do, it is good.

  70. Hi Health Guy! I had written to you earlier about my mom’s condition. She has had three attacks of acute pancreatitis so far. We have consulted doctors and nobody has an answer as to why she has recurrent attacks. However, she has now been put on these very strong anti-oxidant medicines called Betamore-G. She takes them regularly and has been maintaining her diet. Her last attack was in January 2017. But she was doing fine after that. All scans showed up normal. Only for the last one week or so, she’s had extreme physical exertion and has been very stressed. She ate something for breakfast yesterday which was a little heavy and got acidity and there was some amount of gas formation. But, she also complained of a slight back pain, the kind she has had earlier. Usually this kind of pain, if persistent for long, leads to an attack in a couple of weeks or so. She’s doing better today, but says that the pain is mild, but keeps coming and going. I am scared out of my wits because it’s just been 3 months since her last attack. Are such minor flare ups normal due to wrong diet? Any advice/guidance will be helpful. Many thanks!

    1. Hi Kaushambi – I understand your concern and yes diet goof-ups can cause what are known as flairs and flairs should be taken as a warning sign. The only thing I can say is:

      1) Be careful about her diet
      2) Have her doctor find out why she is having recurrent AP. There is always a reason. It just has to be discovered.

  71. Hey there Health Guy. First off let me say thank you and praise GOD! This page is a blessing and an island of solitude in a sea of confusion when it comes to pancreatitis. I count myself among those lucky enough to have pancreatitis without a diagnosis (yet). I have been to 3 different doctors and the ER once with my pancreas pain (intense upper left quadrant pain radiating around the ribs and into my back and many other of the textbook symptoms). A week and a half later at another doctor they finally decided maybe this inst acid reflex or an ulcer and sent me straight to the ER given my symptoms and how fast my heart rate was. The other doctor before just said my WBC was a little high and that I “seemed dehydrated”. Anyway,

    Someone finally tested my lipase and amylase and gave me a ct scan once I got to the ER. They found “nothing wrong” but my excruciating pain said otherwise. I later learned through your website that my enzyme levels were probably normalized already by the time I got to the hospital a week and a half after the first attack. I’m going to see a GI specialist in a week but I’m afraid of doing more damage in the meantime as my pain hasn’t subsided. The worst part being the pain that radiates to my back.

    I fasted for 2 days (only water) before introducing veggie juices, grapefruit juice, and the supplements you suggest. I’m now on my second day of doing this and was starting to see real progress. I was having less pain until all the sudden my severe pain returned in my back and stomach (like the first attack, since the pains always kind of there to a lesser degree).

    My questions are,
    1. Did I break the fast too early given that I still had pain when i began juicing? Is that why my pains flaring up right now?
    2. Should I stop the juices, water, and supplements and do a complete fast since I seem to be possibly having another attack? If so how long?
    3. Should I take the supplements during this second fast?
    4. should I take more ibuprofen? I took 1000mg last night and 400mg right now when my pain spiked.

    Sorry it’s so many questions but your site has been such a blessing and I feel like asking the doctors sure hasn’t been helping!

    1. Hi Brandon – First let me say you need to get diagnosed. IF you are still really ill (like on the 5th) you should probably go to the ER. Now to answer your questions ….

      1) You may have broken off to early, especially if you still had pain but it was decreasing.
      2) You should go to the ER if you feel like you are having an attack of AP.
      3) Yes
      4) Yes but again you should visit the ER

      Feel free to ask questions anytime Brandon 🙂

  72. I forgot one more question.
    Does pain mean there is a flare up? Or is it just just residual inflammation? How long does it take to go away after an attack?
    I ask because I don’t want to confuse residual pain from an attack with another attack.

    1. Brandon residual pain is usually a lot less than a full blown attack of AP. Residual inflammation can hang on for weeks, especially if it isn’t treated properly with diet, Ibuprofen and the correct supplements.

  73. Hi HG,

    I have been on the zero fat diet for about a week now, along with the recommended supplements, with almost complete resolution of symptoms. Still have little twinges of pain, but thankfully the nausea is gone. Question-is all fat bad, in any amount? If I add 1/2 teaspoon of olive oil to the pan while making an egg white omelette, is that too much? My doctor suggested a low-fat diet, not a no-fat one. It’s impossible to go completely fat-free, as most foods contain natural fat; perhaps the answer is a no-added-fat diet, with zero processed foods.

    1. Hi Mark – it is always good to hear good news. I’m glad you are feeling better. A no fat diet is achievable but can only be done by going what I call “modified vegan.” Vegans eat fat just not animal fat. Most leafy greens, cruciferous vegetables, tubers and legumes (except soybeans and peanuts) are free of fat. But you’re right it isn’t easy to go no fat. And it isn’t good to go no fat for a long periods of time because some vitamins (e.g. A, D, K, E) are fat soluble and need fat to be absorbed. It really is a crap shoot!

      Question #1: “is all fat bad, in any amount? If I add 1/2 teaspoon of olive oil to the pan while making an egg white omelette, is that too much?”
      Answer: ALL fat is NOT bad UNLESS you have a damaged pancreas. For normal people fat, in moderation, is great. It is the preferred source of energy for the body. Some fats like olive, flax, fish and krill oil contain omega 3’s and are actually highly anti-inflammatory UNLESS your pancreas is damaged.

      Question #2: “If I add 1/2 teaspoon of olive oil to the pan while making an egg white omelette, is that too much?”
      Answer: I would NOT try or test olive oil or any oil until you have healed (no symptoms for at least a couple months). Then test at your own risk. Some people will tolerate a small amount, some won’t.

  74. Hi Health Guy. I am new to your pages. I have a unique situation. I never had the original pain that most have when experiencing an acute attack. I was losing weight gradually and then quickly. It got to the point where I knew the weight loss was something so went to my GP, smart guy who ran the blood tests right away along with CT scan, MRI and colonoscopy. He found it quick. WBC, amylase and lipase were all high. And a spot on pancreas from CT scan. Too late, I was already too underweight to be hospitalized which totally sucked as I am in between a rock and a hard place. Before, it was always just nausea and then the pain came. I have what I think is a great GI at the UofM in Ann Arbor. She did more scans and ERCP but found the pancreas spot was gone. Now I am assuming I have CP because the pain is constant. I try to watch what I eat but I am 5’5 and 98 pounds. I can’t afford to lose any more. Just never had a break to give my pancreas a break. I have done research upon research to find out the root cause along with my Drs. No luck yet but they are still not giving up. Im not sure how to give my pancreas some relief without losing any more weight along with not eating so much because of the pain but I force myself. I am doing the low fat diet. Only skinless chicken for main source of protein. While doing research, I think its something missed in my biliary tree but could be wrong. Havent had to go to ER yet but think everyday about packing my bag to go. My pain level is around a 7 constantly. Even on days that I eat very little good stuff just cant get rid of the pain. So afraid I wont make it out of the hospital. Any suggestions? I dont know how much you are familiar with the biliary tree but I will state what my test show. Pancreatic parenchyma abnormalities consisting of mild atrophy in the entire pancreas. A bile duct draining Seg 7 inserts on the cystic duct near the confluence of the cystic duct and common hepatic duct. A small seg 4 duct drains into the right posterior hepatic duct. There is more but that seems to be what stands out. I go back to my GP and GI in a few weeks but not sure I will hang in there that long without making that dreadful trip to ER. Do you think I should be in the hospital? Every time I manage to gain a little weight, I lose it and actually go under my previous lowest weight. I am back and forth on the hospital thing. I hate hospitals. I know my Drs would love to admit me but are so worried about my weight. BTW, I am taking low doses of Creon and I take Norco for my really bad back but just doesnt seem to help. I also take Xanex and Celexa because this mind thing gets horrible at times. Any advice at this point would be greatly appreciated. I am thinking about trying the grape seed. Should I at this point?

    1. Lynette – wow sounds like your illness started similar to mine. Nausea came first, then pain. Anyway … I agree at 5″5″ and 98 pounds you don’t have much room to wiggle but eating is NOT going to resolve the inflammation. I’m thinking that with your pain at a constant 7 you should definitely get medical attention (ER) to see if you have AP again. Hopefully you are already there.

  75. hello healthy guy,
    Is there any replacement for alcohol to get the same pleasure which in not bad for pancreas.

  76. Good Morning Health Guy,
    I stumbled across your blog last night as I was desperately casting around for help. 17 years ago I had a Whipple surgery to removed a cyst adenoma on the head of my pancreas. It was discovered after several bouts of what seemed to be food poisoning, pain, nausea, severe bloating. 4 incidences occurred after an evening that included loads of guacamole and some alcohol. This occurred when I was 35 years old. Since the age of 20 I have abstained from meat, chicken, fried foods, junk food and have lead a healthy lifestyle as a “fish” eating vegetarian, a big time runner and weight lifter. The Dr claimed that had I been a “normal” eater I would have likely presented myself to him many years sooner. Needless to say, I haven’t touched an avocado in 17 years. Anyway, since that surgery I periodically have my stomach sort of “go off” and I am hurting for several days, experiencing general malaise, unable to eat without pain and nausea and I have long suspected these were mini pancreatic flare ups and something I have to live with. After a full 7 days I am always feeling better. Well, now I am 53 and the past 10 months I have been having more and more incidences along with significant back pain and strangely, very itchy soles of my feet. At one time my lipase was at 1300 and I was directed straight to the ER. Since then I have “flares” but lipase and amylase appear normal as well as liver tests, confounding the docs. I had a pancreatic MRI recently and what’s left of my pancreas seems to look ok. I have had every blood test you can think of as other complaints include collarbone pain, shoulder pain and sometimes severe joint pain all over. That said, when I am feeling well, I am an avid surfer, very active, still eat very well, I do drink periodically (2 drinks per week roughly) and I realize that has to stop.
    I am tired of the endless parade to different doctors and need to take matters into my own hands. I intend to get started on the supplements you have suggested and wondered if there is anything else you might suggest? Not sure if you have dealt with post whipple patients and their complaints.
    Thank you for all of your efforts regarding this complex organ and for getting your message out there.

    1. Hi Jackie – there are a few folks that stop by from time to time who have had a Whipple procedure. I hope the supplements help. It sounds like your diet is pretty in tune. Do you have any idea how many fat grams per meal you consume (is that something you have tracked)? Have you ever been checked for or diagnosed with an autoimmune disease?

      1. Good Morning, No I am not sure about the fat grams but should make a diary. I am fairly fond of cheeses, mostly goat and sheep but still…. I have been checked for autoimmune and have had some preliminary markers show that perhaps something is going on but whenever they take the next step with the labs, they are normal. My physician concludes that in all likelihood my pancreatic duct is dilated which is not uncommon many years post whipple. He says the invasive surgery to confirm and correct is very dangerous and not worth the risk unless I am sick all of the time which I am not. He has prescribed a super low dose (5 mg) of desipramine to help relax the duct. Been on that one month and have had one 6 day episode of the usual pancreatitis like symptoms. I will give it more time along with the supplements, a complete ban on alcohol and keep my fingers crossed. Thank you!!!!

  77. Hello HG….I just found your blog….I am writing this with a broken heart and have a sad story to tell you….last wed may 10th 2017 my sister age 67 went into the ER with unexplained stomach pains…she had never been diagnosed with any type of pancreas problems…plus she was a very Christian lady and had never drank or smoked in her life….maybe a little over weight but really no bad eating habits……the hospital did testing on her and finally did a CT scan and in the end did diagnose her with pancreatitis…. they told her she should probably stay in the hospital for a few days but it was totally treatable. and after 2 days the doctor told her that her blood work came back and her pancreas count was way down and she would probably be going home the next day….well about 2 hours after he told her she could probably go home the next day… on Friday may 12th 2017 she passed away from a rupture…the nurse went to check on her and found her unresponsive and they couldn’t bring her back……evidently the CT scan couldn’t see a rupture 2 days before when she had been admitted???….the doctor on staff said she is in a one percentile of people that this happens to..(kinda like it was a freak accident) and said there was nothing they could have done to stop it………and like I said in the beginning she had never been diagnosed with pancreas trouble in her life…..lets say we are all in SHOCK…….im wondering if there was any signs that she could have looked for that would have led her to seek a specialist out (other than a tender tummy at times she really had no symtoms before the day she had to go into the ER with the severe stomach pains……. or any advice you can give to all of us to prevent something like this happening again? I am her sister and have been having stomach and back pain for several years now so I am def. a lot spooked by all of this and worry about others in our family…. thanks soooooo much for all the info you are putting out here about this complex organ in our bodies that seems to be very misunderstood or not understood at all by a lot of people…..I never knew how much what we eat and drink could affect our pancreas….thanks abunch again…

    1. Hi Rhonda – I’m so sorry to hear about the loss of your sister. I will pray for you and your family. I understand your personal concern and since you are experiencing discomfort (pain) you may want to get your concerns addressed by your GP. He/she can order some tests to either rule in or out any pancreatic issues. Be sure to explain why you are concerned (your sister’s passing).

  78. THANKS HG…..its comforting to know there are people out there like you that can offer information about this illness…..seems like there are an lot of people who either have pancreas troubles or know someone who does….I am a 56 year old female and have never really thought to much about my pancreas and how the sugars and fats that we ingest affect it..until my sister died from the rupture…I wish I would of been educated at a way earlier age about the damage that happens when we eat and drink the bad stuff….and thank you for the PRAYERS….there are never enuf PRAYERS…we are comforted knowing our sister is with JESUS but we sure miss her….its only been a little over a week since she passed away… I know with our LORD we will get thru this….GOD BLESS YOU…YOU ARE A SPECIAL PERSON TO TAKE THE TIME FOR EACH PERSON THAT CONTACTS YOU FOR PRAYER!!!!

    1. You’re welcome Rhonda – Thank you for the kind words 🙂 I will continue to pray for you and your family. In the mean time here are some of my favorite verses that will enable you and your family to have God’s comfort and peace. In Mark 11:22-24 Jesus teaches us that if we have faith and SPEAK what we want to happen we will receive what we declare and ask for. In Philippians 4:6-7 we are told “Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God; 7 and the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.” Again in Philippians 4:13 we are told that “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” And in verse 19 “And my God shall supply all your need according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus.” I like that chapter of Philippians. And I have found that when I speak The Word of God in prayer He (God Almighty) really takes action! He loves you, your family and me and as His children He wants us to have every good thing!

  79. Just a note to let you know I am back on normal food now, gained 15 pounds and found another problem making me sick inside my small intestines to cause real bad bloating. I quit sugar in my 10-15 cups of coffee a day. I used to put 2 table spoons of sugar and was sorta living off it??? The day I quit sugar by that night no bloating and have not bloated in over 15 days so the sugar was causing it. Looked it up seems some of us have more bacteria in the small intestines then we should. I do and it was causing the sugar to ferment big time!!! Not that I went from over 13 pills a day the VA gave me along with 9 Creon Pills a day to eat I only take one pill it is for pain at night called Nortripaline and I only take a low dose. It was not hard to quit the drugs including the 4-5 pain meds a day when I decided to do it. Best thing that ever happen to me I feel so much better off all those drugs and my pancreas is working again after 5 years of this crap due to the pills making it worse! Now I have to watch what I eat I gained 20 pounds and had to lose 10 and it is now hard to keep the weight off cause I now enjoy eating again. I still take your supplements you mention as they sure can’t hurt plus blended fruit Juice Drinks every morning. Thanks Again for the Site! Mark

  80. Hello Health Guy!
    I wrote to you last year regarding my Pancreatitis journey. Well, I finally was diagnosed as having Minimal Change Chronic Pancreatitis (Early Pancreatitis). I have followed your diet and supplement suggestions and I am happy to say for the most part I hardly ever suffer with debilitating pain or nausea. Yaaay!!! Lol
    I recently had my annual physical and my PCP said my tryglicerides were high obviously due to genetics and not my health diet. He said they were not high enough to go on RX meds though. I was wondering if I can take FishOil supplement to help as I read they can make a big difference in my levels. Since it is “Fish Oil” the word oil just scares me! Lol
    I also read that MCT oil can be safe for pancreatic patients in very small amounts for cooking. Any thoughts on that as well? I really appreciate all your input, research and knowledge on this dreaded disease… To save the least your input, research & recommened regimen have saved my life!!!! Thank you is just not enough!!!!!!

    1. Hi Nuris Tavarez! Thank you for the kind words I am super glad to hear you are feeling better most of the time. That is awesome 🙂 Anyway regarding oil – oil is oil. It’s pure fat so using it, any type can be chancy. I’d say get your fish oil from fish. Try salmon, sardines, trout, mackerel, tuna IN SMALL amounts. Cod is a decent source of fish oil with far less fat content.

  81. Hi, I know I’ve had a few pancreatic attacks. No blood work but as a medic w/no gallbladder I don’t think it was anything else. I spent a few weeks just letting the swelling & tenderness go down & got the vitamin C, but not the grape seed extract or curcumin. I couldn’t find the grape seed at the local Walgreens & just noticed the curcumin today. I will also get 8 juice. I like it. I don’t drink alcohol do to fear of getting nauseous & set off a vomiting spree for 10-12 hours. I don’t eat much meat & hate fat!;) I do love milk and usually get 2% now. It calms my stomach & eases the rotten taste of some of my opioids I use for severe arthritis & spinal fusion, replaced knee and at 62 cannot hack anymore surgeries. Pain sucks my life away. Do I have to give up my milk. I get stressed just thing about it. I also use Nestle Quick chocolate powder. It helps me to not get nauseous from meds. Any advice on the two things I enjoy that make me feel good. Also doc put me on statins & I had multi dysthymias & swore to never take again. The bp rx made me like I was choking & I don’t want to keep eating pills. Please help me if you can. I’m sorry for the lengthy letter. I don’t want bp rx and won’t take statins ever again. I thought it was going to aide a heart attack. God bless you for helping so many people.

    1. Hi Theresa – If milk works for you I would guess you don’t have to give it up however I would suggest 1% or no fat milk. But whatever works for you. I personally try to stay as low fat as possible which means less than 25 grams of fat daily and usually not more than 5 grams per meal. Just as my diet pages suggest I only eat fish and chicken, sometimes turkey (animal meats). I also eat egg whites. I am mostly plant based in diet. I try to take as few drugs as possible (only when needed). I take a lot of grape seed extract. I drink a lot of grapefruit juice. I also drink vegetable juice and coffee lol. A plant based diet sprinkled with fish, chicken and egg whites is the best way to go for me. I know you are a previous medic or emt but you should do your best to discover what is wrong so I’ll suggest the ER when appropriate. If you have specific questions I can help with just ask. Thanks for the kind words 🙂

  82. So far I wish u had been my Dr. 10 yrs ago. Just diagnosed 2mnths ago. No one could figure out what u have in the 10min of starting to read your blog. I aplaude u. Amazing wisdom, I thank you. GOD has a very special place for u in heaven!!. Ps. I would love for u to hear my story but it would be a 10 chapter novel and u would need a comfortable chair, cig and a glass of wine. SHARON

    1. Hi Sharon – Thank you for the kind words. You do know I am not a doctor right? 🙂 Hey IF you decide to write your story, you could always email it to me (my contact info is on the menu bar) and if you give me your approval I could copy and paste it to a blog post with you as the author. I’m not promising I’d do that but hey I have read some good stories! I’ve got a chair, smokes and coffee – so I’m good to go in the reading dept lol

  83. Hey there health guy… I was diagnosed with acute pancreatitis 4 yrs ago… I am hypertensive and taking meds for hbp. The Dr took me off of one of my blood pressure meds and put me on a different one.. had a ercp done in Dec of 2016 and had gall bladder removed in Jan 2017. Went two month with no pain. Since March it’s been about every other week in the hospital. I have changed my eating habits.. I don’t drink alcohol at all.. we don’t do fried foods at home. We either bake or grill our food.. the gi dr I see put me on a med called creon.. it’s a lipase med.. the last two times in the hospital I went acute to chronic.. the gi dr said I don’t have cancer but my pancreas is damaged.. thus the change of diet.. I’m still having bad pains in my abdomen.. it sucks.. my gi dr has sent me to another gi dr that is talking about putting a Stent in the spinster from the pancreas duct to the intestine.. is this a going to be a good thing to have done or is it going to be worse on me?? I have a hard enough time just going to work and doing my job… so if you could enlighten me with some info if you could on that.. I am trying so hard to live a better life so I can watch my grandchildren grow up.. I still have a life to live but it’s hard when I’m sick all the time or in the hospital.. thank you for your time. Any advice would be really helpful..

    1. Hi Dewey – Man I am sorry to hear you are ill. It sounds like you may have sphincter of oddi dysfunction which may have caused your acute pancreatitis? Or was that definitely a gallstone that got stuck? Anyway it sounds like they want to stent the SO is that right? Or the sphincter in the pancreatic duct itself? I need more info to give an educated opinion but as for now, from what little I know, I’d be digging deep into info to see if it is 1) worthwhile because if I remember correctly only about 50% of procedures done in that area work and give the patient relief and 2) Complications used to be high and scary. BUT … do NOT rely on my opinion because I am NOT an expert. I am not a doctor. I’m just a guy. I wouldn’t even think of advising you on this type of procedure because I’m not qualified. Yet from what little I know I’d be asking the surgeon some very specific questions such as:
      1) Why exactly do I need this procedure?
      2) How many of these has he/she done?
      3) what % are completely successful?
      4) How many patients have you had (%) that experienced major complications? Minor complications? and what were those complications?
      5) If I were your dad, brother or son would you tell me to do this procedure?
      6) If it were you with my problem would you have the procedure done?

      And, like I said, I’d do some real deep digging to find out all about the particular procedure so make sure you know exactly what it is by name(s).

  84. Hi my name is prem. I am facing with chronic pancreatitis. Last 2 year .can you please help me to recover from this

    1. Hi Prem – Thank you for vising. Calm down take a breath. Everything will be ok. Everything you need to know to help you relieve your chronic pancreatitis symptoms can be found at this site. Invest some time reading. Use the category drop down box at the right to choose what sections interest you most. If you have any specific questions please ask. I’ll do my best to help. 🙂

  85. A few questions.
    1. About the supplement cocktail – curcumin, grape seed and vitamin c. Do you take this only when you have an attack or can you do this daily, as a life style and to ensure you have a heathy pancreas and don’t ever suffer an attack?

    2. Since you’ve been taking the full supplement cocktail of curcumin, grape seed and vitamin c, have you ever had inflammation of the pancreas?

    3. I know diet is also key but when you’re taking the supplements can you also occasionally do a cake or burger or fish and chips or a burrito? Or will this cause an inflammation?

    1. Hi Raymond – good questions so let’s get to them …

      #1 – It’s a great cocktail for both. Using the supplement cocktail (if one has sphincter of oddi dysfunction they should not use curcumin or turmeric) as a lifestyle definitely keeps pancreas inflammation a memory but it usually needs to be coupled with a proper diet.

      #2 – No and yes. I had a major attack in 2006 or 2007 after dumping the supplements for a year (stupid move) and I ate some stuff 3 days in a row that I shouldn’t have eaten – those smoked turkey sausages that are stuffed in pork casings. I missed the pork on the label. And then a few years later I ate too many peanuts (I cheated on my diet). The last was while on the supplements but it was a small, minor bout.

      #3 – Ironically I did cheat before the bad attack in 2006 or 2007. I paid dearly. NOT worth it! I have since curtailed my cheating and I didn’t cheat often but I did pay twice for doing so. I do NOT suggest cheating! The attack in 2006 or 2007 whichever year it was was bad. I should have been in the hospital. I filled the toilet with blood once and was very sick for 12 days and felt horrible for 4-6 weeks. I do NOT want to repeat that. Those are the only two times in YEARS. My worst 3 years were 1979, 80, 81. Those were nightmare years.

  86. So the two attacks you had, one in 2006 or 2007 and the other a few years later, happened because you had cheated and gone off your diet and/or supplements.

    So you can convincingly say that had you continued faithfully with your supplement regime and had you not succumbed to temptation, you probably would not have had those two attacks.

    Another question. So when you are in the middle of an attack you should not eat anything but only have water right? And then a few days after the attack you can start juicing? Again, no solids. When can you start having solids?

    Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions.

    1. Yep – Raymond I can convincingly say that had I continued faithfully with my supplement regimen and had not succumbed to temptation, I probably would not have had those two attacks. And I can tell you I really wish I had done what I knew I should have. It would have saved me a LOT of pain and illness.

      #1 – “So when you are in the middle of an attack you should not eat anything but only have water right?”
      Answer: 800-1200 mgs of Ibuprofen and go to the ER. Do NOT be like me. Go to the ER if you think you are having an acute attack. And if you do the Ibuprofen (which I would definitely do) make sure you tell the ER staff.

      #2 – “And then a few days after the attack you can start juicing?”
      Answer: depends on how bad the attack is – it is even difficult for doctors to know how bad the attack is without tests and of course severity will determine how long you are NPO (without food, etc).

      #3 – “When can you start having solids?”
      Answer: After the pain and symptoms are gone and you tolerate juice for a few days without symptoms.

      You’re welcome. Anytime 🙂

  87. Could you please tell me what dosage of vitamin c, curcumin and grape seed extract do you take and how many times a day?

    1. Raymond in regards to supplement dosing this IS an area where people are different. If someone is large 6’5″, 230lbs will need more than someone who is 5’5″ and 130lbs. Someone with more damage will need more in order to control the symptoms from that damage. The best I can tell you is to start wit a lose dose of each and work up on a weekly basis until you see and feel the results you want. The reason I suggest starting slow and low is (even though the supplements are non-toxic themselves) some people experience a “detox” or cleansing which can cause unpleasant symptoms at first if they jump in with large doses. Those supplements are very powerful antioxidants and they purge toxins. IF that purge happens too fast it can actually make one sick. That is not the desired effect. There are simply too many variables to say what doses will work for you. Start at 100 mgs of grape seed extract, 500 mg of C, 500 mgs of curcumin and stay there for a week and see how you feel. Work up from there but work up by adding another pill so that you are doing 100 mgs of grape seed extract twice a day instead of once daily, then 3 times etc until you see the results you need. If you get to 3-4 times daily then you could add another cap per dose or on just one at a time. I hope I explained that ok.

  88. Thank you so much for the information. Glad I found this site.

    So you have been living with chronic pancreatitis for almost 40 years now. It is possible to live with this condition and live pain free.

    What tests were done to confirm your diagnosis of chronic pancreatitis?

    1. Hi Raymond – tests were med history – how many acute attacks, a CT and endoscopy. Yep 38 years since diagnosis. More than the ten years he (my doc) alluded too lol Oh and he gave me a glucose tolerance test too – that sucked. I had to drink a bottle of sugar lol Actually it ALL sucked. It was a 3 year stretch of SUCK.

  89. Hi Paul. I came across your blog tonight while sitting here in intense pain and fighting off a panic attack. I have no diagnosis yet for my pain, so of course I’m googling my symptoms. I hope I can find the strength you did to fight this. It will be a year on the 21st that my pain has started. Ive been to countless doctor appointments and had a few procedures done, only positive was stage II endometriosis. I had that removed and my rib and abdominal pain continue on a daily basis with absolutely no relief from any medication so far. The radiating pain across my ribs gets worse after eating. I feel like a can’t breathe and start to panic and just want to die. I recently started to see a psychologist to help with my bad thoughts so I don’t go into panic mode. Hoping to find answers in PA!

    1. Ryann I’m sorry to hear you are ill with no idea why. That is frustrating. Can you go to the ER Like now? They may get a handle on what’s wrong if they see you while you are ill.

      1. Hi Ryann: I literally feel your pain. I’ve had same pain for many years. Docs can’t tell me why I am having trouble breathing. My Many GI docs have sure let me down.My GP is sending me to a pain clinic but I wont take opioids so don’t know what they will come up with. I white knuckle my way thru every day. Blessings and good luck. Peggy

    2. I also have breathing issues with pancreatitis. Had endometriosis removed and have hiatial hernia. My Dr explained that some people have sensitive/shy diaphram and will subconsciously take shorter breathes defensively which trains the lungs, wrongly, not to expect to fully expand and having pancreatitis AND hiatial hernia, yup, shy at least in my case. There are breathing excersize technique videos on you tube and one is a reset breathing technique that works if done once or twice a day. Also one not mentioned there is where you growl deep like a bear on full exhale (working the diaphram) and bear down your tummy muscles then upon inhale lean back arms up and back to stretch abdominal wall making more room for lung expansion. Relax tummy muscles each inhale when breathing normally.
      Hope this helps.

  90. Hello. I left a comment and then signed up for your blog at the sane time. Did you receive it or do I need to resend? I understand it may take you some time to reply. Just checking thanks

  91. Hi Health Guy, I’m so glad that I just found your website! I got sudden, severe abdominal pain after a bad reaction to colonoscopy prep 4 years ago. Couldn’t eat or drink anything for weeks. I think docs checked for pancreatitis but, di