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Pancreas Healing: 5 Steps to Pancreas Healing After Acute Pancreatitis

Pancreas Healing: 5 Steps to Pancreas Healing After Acute Pancreatitis

acute-pancreatitis-pancreas-inflammationThere are certain steps you need to take in order to achieve pancreas healing once you have experienced either acute pancreatitis or you have unfortunately been diagnosed with chronic pancreatitis. However …

Before we get into the steps necessary to achieve pancreas healing from chronic pancreatitis, which are very similar, I think it is best to cover pancreas healing for acute pancreatitis.

Hopefully you have only suffered a mild acute attack which with proper diet will heal and allow you to be one of those lucky few who heal completely and never have another episode of AP or even minimal change chronic pancreatitis.

One of the things I think that the medical teams do wrong is to introduce too much of the wrong foods to those who have just come out of an acute pancreatitis attack. Even though the majority of the pain may have subsided and your nausea has been controlled chances are very strong that your pancreas is still inflamed.

The pancreas has likely sustained some damage that if addressed properly may completely heal yet I read story after story of patients being given solid, high fat content foods to early and foods that most likely will make the person sick again. So …

Step # 1 – The Introduction of Foods After Acute Pancreatitis

salmon filetIf you have been hospitalized with mild acute pancreatitis and have been ordered NPO (Nothing By Mouth) in order to rest the pancreas and allow the inflammation to subside food should be re-introduced in ‘baby steps.” For example:

I have read where acute pancreatitis patients are immediately re-introduced to food with a sandwich, salmon or something similar and that is just asking for trouble. 

If it were me, and it has been me to many times, I’d start really slow with food in liquid form such as pure vegetable juice. I’d drink enough quantity to allow for decent nutrition. Fresh, organic vegetable juice made from tomatos, beets, carrots, celery, green pepper, spinach, broccoli, red onion and fresh garlic if possible (you’ll need a juicer and the veggies) but …

juice-diet-fresh-fruit-vegetable-juiceLow sodium V8 juice which is high in potassium will work in a pinch. V8 is almost dead due to pasteurization which kills most of the vitamins and minerals.

THAT is why owning a juicer and being able to drink fresh, organic vegetable juice is so important.

Juicing fresh, orgainic vegetables enables you to literally drink liquid vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients every day in an easy to digest and absorb form.

I’d also drink white unsweetened grapefruit juice (Ocean Spray is a good brand if you don’t have a juicer). Grapefruit juice has been shown to offer protection against acute pancreatitis so it could protect you against future episodes even stop them from happening, like it did with me in 1981-82. However …

Grapefruit Juice Warning

Take NOTE: IF you are on medications check with your doctor and your pharmacist to make sure that it is safe for you to drink grapefruit juice. Grapefruit juice should not be taken with some medications and can cause extreme problems. So check FIRST!

Step # 2 – Will Someone Please Get Me Some Supplements!

Buy-CurcuminIf it were me I’d have someone run to the nearest health food store for vitamin C, grape seed extract and curcumin (those with gallstones or SOD should not take curcumin) and …

I’d be swallowing 200 milligrams of grape seed extract 4 times per day, 500 milligrams of vitamin C 4 times per day and 500 miligrams of curcumin 4 times per day to fight the pancreas inflammation and begin the pancreas healing. In fact …

I’d do this BEFORE I began re-introducing food to my pancreas.

See the Supplements page for information on supplements.

Step # 3 – For Pancreas Healing Start a Food Diary

food diaryWhen you begin solid food you should keep a record of what you eat. A food diary is important because the way you introduce a new food and how you keep track will tell you exactly what your pancreas will and will not tolerate.

Read my post on how to prep for and start a food diary.

This step really is important especially if you have had more than ONE acute pancreatitis attack or have been diagnosed with chonic pancreatitis.

Like I said this step will help you know exactly what foods do and what foods do not inflame your pancreas.

This step eliminates the guess work and bad judgement calls.

Step # 4 – The RIGHT Solid Food

split pea soupAfter 72 – 96 hours (3 or 4 days) with no symptoms from the pure vegetable juice you can be slowly, in small amounts, introduce your cranky panky to solid VEGAN type food.

I’d start with something liquid but nutritious like vegetable broth or pea soup.

Then graduate to rice, beans, peas, lentils, egg whites (NO yolk, just egg whites for protein) and other vegetables.

No OIL! NO oil or FAT (butter, margarine, cooking oil) is to be used in either food content or preparation.

TRUE vegans do not allow or eat animal products of any kind.

NO meat, NO Dairy, NO Broths or soups made with meat or dairy, No fish.

They do eat things that contain fat and you will not.

This means NO nuts, NO Seeds (sunflower, flax etc), NO Avocado, No Coconut, or anything else, that VEGANS may use as ingredients or in preparation, that contains fat. Then …

no oilAfter several months of a pure modified vegan diet (no oil or foods such as avocado, flax seed, sunflower seeds, nuts, coconut all of which have HIGH FAT content) you can try introducing different foods, one at a time to see how you do.

Eat that food several times over the next week, along with your newly acquired modified VEGAN diet and WAIT at least ONE WEEK more after the last serving before introducing another food type.

This gives the body time to completely digest the new food to see if it causes pancreas inflammation.

IF you notice pain or nausea upon introduction of a new food you’ll know that food should be eliminated from your list, at least for now and maybe forever depending on how well you heal.

Step # 5 – NO AlcoholNo-Alcohol

If you have been diagnosed with alcoholic pancreatitis you’ll need to bite the big, bad bullet and stop drinking. Alcohol is an absolute no-no after acute pancreatitis, no matter what caused it, especially if you have enough damage to cause chronic pancreatitis because alcohol is extremely toxic to a pancreas, especially an inflamed, damaged one so …

If you don’t stop drinking make sure you grab yourself a permanent vacation home at the cemetary of your choice because you’ll end up there, probably sooner than you expect.

Another thing regarding alcohol.

Alcohol hides. It is used in:

  • Baking (both booze and vanilla extract)
  • Pre-packaged foods
  • Vanilla extract
  • Cold remedies
  • Flu remedies
  • Mouth wash

You don’t have to ingest a drink to have alcohol cause problems. All you need to do is eat something that contains alcohol and a lot of foods, medicines, etc contain alcohol.


By following the above 5 steps you may be one of the lucky few who have one acute pancreatitis attack and never have a problem after. I hope you are that lucky! However …

IF your CT, EUS, MRI, MRCP or ERCP have shown you have damage then the damage is most likely enough to cause chronic pancreatitis and we’ll cover the necessary steps to achieve pancreas healing with chronic pancreatitis in the next post even though they are very similar.


237 thoughts on “Pancreas Healing: 5 Steps to Pancreas Healing After Acute Pancreatitis

  1. I was diagnosed with severe acute pancreatitis June 23rd, 2014, 2 months ago. Hospitalized, gallbladder removed, etc. I just had my first appointment with a gastroenterologist a couple of days ago. I don’t have diarrhea & not a lot of nausea. I adhere to a strictly low fat diet. I still have pseudocysts. The doctor gave me samples of Creon Enzymes; 36,000 Lipase units. Two with each meal, 1 with snacks. Too much!! Brutal side effects. I can’t find anywhere on the internet that Enzymes CURE pseudocysts. Do you know? One more question – why are soda’s bad for pancreatitus? Diet soda……..

    Thanks – I love your website. It’s helped me get through this nightmare.

    1. Hi Kathleen – sorry to hear you have been inducted into our club.

      The side effects of creon, especially to much can be brutal from what I understand. I use enzymes but not creon, not a prescription. As far as I know enzymes don’t cure anything they just help those with a damaged pancreas digest food. I don’t know any reason why you can’t drink soda pop. It isn’t good for you but it shouldn’t harm the pancreas. No fat, No alcohol, it should be ok. I used to drink it now and then. I’m not a real pop lover but sometimes it surely did taste good.

      The things that may help your pseudocysts heal are diet and supplements. You can find my posts about both on this blog.

      Good luck to you. I hope you feel better soon. 🙂

      1. Creon gave me stage 3 kidney disease before anyone figured it out. Thankfully it hasnt progresses any further since I stopped takin in several years ago

    2. Hello about 17 years ago I got admitted to hospital with the worst pain imaginable. I was not diagnosed at the time as I lied about what I drank. At the time I was drinking very strong white cider and seemed to get the pain every time I drank it. When I was admitted I was white as a ghost with purple lips and looked dead. My pain was just under my breast bone and went through to my back. I lost an incredible amount of weight. I was diagnosed with type1 diabetes not long after. I stopped drinking for 5 years some years later and after a year of not drinking my diabetes was reversed to impaired glucose tolerance and I was no longer diabetic astounding doctors. I also grew and ate broccoli sprouts which after 2 months of eating I started to feel ill with insulin and stopped injecting ( this was in the first year of giving up alcohol) ~ I read somewhere broccoli sproughts rejuvenate the pancreas, anyway after 5 years I started drinking again (7 years ago) and four years ago became type 1 diabetic again. Because I was never diagnosed I have never thought to give up alcohol but have been told by a few doctors that it defiantly sounded like pancreatis and I really shouldn’t be drinking. The five years I gave up was for a different reason. I have never had the pain since and have never drunk that cider since so did I get a one off acute attack? I have to say after reading all this I’m giving up alcohol again as it’s possible I could get another attack if I had it isn’t it? Not that I want to but do you think I’m a ticking time bomb if I carry on drinking? Thanks in advance

      1. Hi Jane – From what you have said it should be easy to choose whether or not to drink. You quite drinking and felt a lot better. You then started drinking again and felt ill again so the choice is easy. If you want to be well stop drinking 🙂

  2. Hi health guy. I hope your still answering questions. Can I use a magic bullet type of blender to make juices. I can’t get a juicer yet. I also have loose turmeric im guessing I could use as my supplement in a tea form. I don’t have grape seed extract but I have oil of oregano im thinking for now it my work, what do you think. Thank you for your time and God bless you, Thank you

    1. Hi Susan, I don’t see any reason why a magic bullet wouldn’t work. Blenders usually don’t create juice real well but you could try and see what happens. Maybe add some water and create a smoothie of sorts. You may have to blend the heck out of it but … If it works great. Hope it does for you. 🙂

  3. After a water fast and juice in which you are pain free for 3-4 days, what are some of the first foods you’d add to your diet one at a time for 2-3 days? I just started juicing but I want to be ready for next steps. Thank you!

  4. I have been eating Japanese food and wondering if I can have sesame seeds . Also what about Splenda ?thank you

      1. never use chemical sweeteners like splenda, there are many natural sweeteners like stevia that
        don’t affect blood sugar and are not potent chemical

        1. Good point Kim – you and Tam are both on the money. Splenda contains sucralose which is a neurotoxin. Although splenda may not be problematic in most people I should be more careful about saying certain products are safe. But let’s face it too much water can kill you 🙂

  5. Hi there. I was hospitalized and diagnosed with acute pancreatitis. My CT scan showed no signs of anything abnormal with my pancreas, but the bloodwork revealed the high levels of the two enzymes.

    I wasn’t kept in the hospital, I was given pain and nausea prescriptions and told to rest and keep my fluids up and I should recover. It has been 4 days since I went to the hospital and although my symptoms have greatly lessened, I still have mild nausea sometimes and diarrhea, but no pain, fever, or anything else.

    I hadn’t tried to eat any foods until yesterday, I had a small bowl of grits made with only broth. And then a small bowl of soup with some soft dumplings. After that I felt bad and had diarrhea. Later I realized that the dumpings were made with eggs, do you think it was the presence of the yolk?

    Anyway, I guess my question is, now 4 days after going to the hospital, should I be feeling better?

    1. Hi Max – 4 days probably isn’t enough, it takes a while to heal. Grits and broth? What kind of broth? If it wasn’t pure vegetable broth that may be a part of the problem. The egg yolks in the dumplings probably didn’t help either. And what were the dumplings cooked with? I love dumplings but haven’t had them in years. Watch what you eat.

  6. I was diagnosed with Acute Pancreatitis when I was 28, the doctors never found the cause, I had none of the typical traits, as I am a white female, weighed about 120 pounds, was not much of a drinker, did not/do not smoke, and did not have poor eating habits. I was treated in the hospital for nearly a month, and was sent home with a pic line and a visiting nurse for another 3 months, while food was slowly introduced back into my diet. I had since completely healed and have had little to know issues for the past almost 20 years. About 8 months ago I began having similar pains again, and just 2 weeks ago I was finally diagnosed with Chronic Pancreatitis. My doctors tell me to eat a low/no fat, low cholesterol, mainly vegan/organic diet, no GMO, no preservatives, no pesticides, no animal products with the exception of fish (not fried). They said that a glass of wine with dinner is fine, but not to over-consume. I’ve been doing lot of research and I’m wondering what your thoughts are and if I may be over-looking something that is cause for concern. My mine goal is to avoid the next stage of Pancreatic Cancer.

    Thank You, LoriAnn

    1. Hi LoriAnn – WOW! I’m amazed at your doctors! “My doctors tell me to eat a low/no fat, low cholesterol, mainly vegan/organic diet, no GMO, no preservatives, no pesticides, no animal products with the exception of fish (not fried). They said that a glass of wine with dinner is fine, but not to over-consume.”

      They are catching up with knowledge in regards to fat in the diet of those who have pancreatitis and I can’t dispute what was said about low fat – no fat, organic/vegan diet with no GMOs, no pesticides. That is great advice! The wine? Not so much. THAT is not good advice. Wine contains alcohol. Alcohol and fat are the enemies. I’d definitely pass on the wine. The rest is all GOOD. 🙂

  7. Hi Health Guy, Wow, you are so informative, thank you! I had an AP attack 10 days ago. Was released after 1 night in hospital. And I can vouch for the fact that the hospital served me THE WRONG type of food to see if I was OK to be released. I even asked the woman who took my food order if I could eat whatever I wanted. She said Yes. Only after a few hours and after being home, did I realize that was the worst thing ever. I did not have another attack, but was in pain, thankfully more subdued pain than w/ onset of attack. I had no fever, was constipated and bloated for 72 hours after. I finally felt better a week ago. I have been able to work and assume my activity level moderately. I have eaten too, but have noticed slight pain when I eat too much. I immediately went to a liquid diet the next day so as to not trigger another attack. My question is, I have now been extremely tired. I have energy and have been able to work (I am a waitress at a busy restaurant), but I find I need a good long nap, say 2 or more hours, every day. That for me is not normal as I am a healthy, active young woman in her late 30’s. I do not drink and follow a mostly raw and vegan diet. Though sweets and dairy do show up frequently, but not in excess. Can you speak to the fatigue I feel? I’m assuming my body is still healing. Is this normal? My lipase was 610 upon admission and 317 24 hours later. Quit a shock for me, but once I researched, I have seen values in the 1000’s. Thanks for being such a wonderful resource. Katrina. 🙂

    1. Hi Katrina – You’re welcome. Thank you for the kind words. 🙂 Sorry to hear you have been inducted into the pancreatitis hall of pain. Did anyone tell you why you had an acute pancreatitis attack? About the fatigue – even a mild attack knocks a person for a loop. It may take a couple months to feel more healthy and for the fatigue to disappear. You may want to consider following up with your primary care physcian with the objective of trying to find out why you had the attack, if you don’t already know. The good news is that as long as you don’t have an underlying issue that causes another attack you should heal up fine and probably live a normal life. According to stats 80 of mild acute patients heal with no recurrance. Let’s pray you fall into that category 🙂

      1. Thank you!! Ah shucks! Adjusting to not being able to be active will be tough for me. 🙁 There was no clear reason of why the attack occurred. No galstones, I am sober, no autoimmune, and triglycerides were not high. The GI said they saw what looked like remnants of sludge…so that may have triggered it. But he was so brief that I never had the chance to ask him how that may have happened. I bought some pancreatic digestive enzymes as well as herbs to support my liver. Thanks for the advice. I don’t have a primary care physician, suppose now would be a good time to do so. 😉

        Thanks Again.
        Your site has been more helpful than all the others I have found. Big THUMBS UP to you.

        1. THANK YOU for those kind words Katrina! 🙂 “The GI said they saw what looked like remnants of sludge” THAT (sludge and/or stones that passed, maybe got stuck and were not visible after they dislodged and exited the common duct and were spit into the duodenum) is most likely the trigger. Gallstones and/or sludge are the #1 cause of acute pancreatitis, alcohol is #2. Yep, find a good primary care physcian (internal medicine would be good) and make sure he/she knows about your acute pancreatitis attack, the “remnants of sludge” and determine a good course of action for you (gallbladder removal or not). You have had one mild attack right? You need to get ahead of the problem and take the best course of action to prevent another attack. Recurrent attacks are NOT good. So, find that doctor, do what you need to do to avoid another attack and possible worse damage that may lead to chronic problems. Good luck, heal up and be one of the 80% who never have another problem. 🙂

  8. Pain started weeks ago. Went to doctor prescribed prilosec and pepcid. Did nothing. Doctor told me to not take ibuprofen because it makes the stomach hurt worse. Have appointment with gastronologist end of this week. Have lost 15 pounds and can’t take this anymore. Thanksgiving ate only turkey and plain mashed potatoes. …pain ! Started next day only water. …no pain. 2nd day water, jello chicken broth and a popcicle….no pain. Third day bought a juicer and had 6 ounces of cabbage,broccoli.,carrot,spinach, cauliflower juice….incredible pain and diarrhea. Back to water….what did I do wrong?

    1. Donna – I quote:

      Thanksgiving ate only turkey and plain mashed potatoes. …pain ! Started next day only water. …no pain. 2nd day water, jello chicken broth and a popcicle….no pain. Third day bought a juicer and had 6 ounces of cabbage,broccoli.,carrot,spinach, cauliflower juice….incredible pain and diarrhea. Back to water….what did I do wrong?

      Well, are you ready for the answer? It all depends upon whether the turkey was meat and skin or skinless and what part of the turkey thigh or leg meat vs breast meat. Turkey, even skinless, has MORE fat than chicken. Chicken broth is full of – chicken fat. FAT is the enemy. Yeah I know, you had NO pain on broth, jello, water and a popcicle but the inflammation and symptoms do NOT usually happen immediately unless you are extremely ill. Most often, trigger foods, FAT, will cause the inflammation the next day and people will blame some vegetable of fruit when it was actually what was eaten a day or two or three before OR a combination of two to three days of fatty foods. Then when someone even gets ill on water they THINK it’s the water – IT IS NOT the water, veggies or jello it is what you ate previously causing the inflammation to manifest and strike. All I can suggest is to find the page that deals with doing a food diary properly. Follow the prep, do the diary and you’ll probably be amazed at the results. Oh and …

      I didn’t see anything that said you’d been actually diagnosed with pancreatitis so there is always the possibility you suffer from some other ailment? Let us know how the appt with the GI goes. Good luck 🙂

  9. Hey.
    I’m actually at a hospital right now with AP.
    I was addmited in the 1st January. Basically after 2 days in a hospital room I was sent to reanimation for 2 days. Just a horrific experience.
    My main problem was that i could’t go to the toilet and I had some gasses stuck in my stomach. Basically my somatch was not working.
    Does this happen in every AP case?
    And what about sugars in my diet? Like having 1-2 spoons of sugar with my tea?

    1. Hi Kaspars – sorry you are ill. I appologize I just got to your comment. Sometimes gas and/or other stomach related issues, organ failure and more are either symptoms or complications of pancreatitis. Nothing ALWAYS happens. Even pain cane be minor or even absent (rare). Sugar isn’t the best since it can cause an inflammatory response (supposedly) BUT I have never found it to be an issue UNLESS it is sugar alcohol. Fat and alcohol are the two main enemies. The other is stupid people (this includes doctors).

      1. Thanks. My doctor is quite ok, however they really need to watch what food they give in the hospital.
        I have a question about citrus fruit. How long can’t I have none? Can I introduce some in the diet after a month?
        I actually had water neer my lung (caused pneimonia) after they pulled that out (900ml) everything started to feel a lot better.

        1. Kaspars – if you have a good doc keep him or her cuz they are hard to find, especially when it comes to the pancreas and healing pancreas damage – anyway – fruits, all kinds except avocado and coconut (high fat) are fine. The enemies are FAT and ALCOHOL. Fruits, except a very few as mentioned already do NOT contain fat. Over ripe fruit can contain alcohol. So it is best to eat fruit when slightly unripe or just as it ripens.

  10. I have been battling pancreatitis for four years. Gallstones caused it ( bladder removed) and a giant ( football sized) cyst formed. The pancreas rotted out beneath the cyst. I’ve had 13 ct scans ( still no super powers!) they think I may actually be surviving with less then 5% of a pancreas. I eat pretty low fat. Take prescription enzymes and probiotics. I usually bounce back fast and hit the gym hard after every flare up. They burnt the nerve that was connected to the flare ups in December 13/15. I’ve had nothing but pain all around it since. Not hospitalizing pain but enough to stop me in my tracks and lay on the couch for a couple of days. No one has ever said more than eat less fat. Your article has been extremely helpful. Type 2 diabetes I can live with I take NPH insulin everyday. So I keep my sugars super low that’s why the juice thing won’t work. Any juice is concentrated sugars and makes me projectile vomit. I’m into crossfit and I’m not certain a vegan diet will be enough. ( yes I freaked the specialist out when he saw a very fit man with a fragile pancreas LOL)
    But I didn’t know about the vitamins you suggest or the grape seed

    1. Brad I commend you! You obviously have the will and fortitude of a bull. THAT is a good thing when it comes to our disease. Yeah the juicing is probably not a good idea for diabetics, especially juicing fruits but veggies have sugars too and the juice would concentrate the sugars. I especially wouldn’t like the vomiting issue lol. I HATE that! I’d rather have pain! Anyway … let me know if the supplements help you out. Good luck and keep up the good work! 🙂

  11. I’m so glad I found this information….a life-saver…liquid diet and grape-seed extract are truly a godsend. I have ulcers plus the acute pancreatitis, so ibuprofen/aspirin are out of the question, but noticed the grape-seed is great. Probably have to stay on grape-seed from now on, it definitely helped. Thanks so much.

  12. Hi. I think i may have pancreatitis. It started about 6 months ago with sharp horrific pain in side and back. Doctors put it down to muscle spasm. But recently the last 2 weeks have had a niggling pain just below my ribs and chronic indijestion and feeling nauseas. Have been to doctors they have put it down to infection as had not been well
    Given antibiotics bit still no better am pulling my hair out not knowing. I did for about 4 years until 3 – 4 months ago drink about 4 – 5 bottles of wine a week

    1. Hi t – I can’t diagnose. I would suggest you diligently seek a proper diagnosis. Alcoholic pancreatitis can and does present as chronic first, which could be your situation but you need to find a doctor who will do the necessary tests which will enable them to either rule out or diagnose pancreatitis. You might want to get tested for the gentic variant that predisposes one to alcoholic pancreatitis. IF you have that variant that would shed more light.

  13. Hey health guy, hope you are still reading this posts. You are helping a lot of people and I am so thankful to have found you.
    31, male.
    My story is that for several years I was a heavy binge drinker (i mention that because it may or may not be the problem). At the time I had what felt like perfect health. Suddenly after thanksgiving weekend of 2015 I have a sudden onset of abdominal pain like I have never felt in my life!
    So I go through all the doctors, go through the tests, see the GI, only to be told everything looks good and I have gerd or dyspepsia
    I have had:
    Multiple sonos good
    Blood work 3x (including er) amy and li normal.
    Ct scan of abdomen with contrast
    And recently a scope down the mouth.
    Everything comes back good.

    Since the pain began its been a world of confusion and questioning as to what is my problem.
    I took lansoprozole for a while during the first 3 months and I have to say other then one attack (while eating a greasy beef brisket) this while carefully watching my diet and of course no alcohol knocked my symptoms out by about 90%
    My doctors advice was that if that was working to keep on doing it forever. This is not acceptable in my opinion especially when I dont even know for surewhat my problem is. Also I am 31, if i have to use a ppi acid inhibitor for long term it could develop other serious complications.
    Currently i am one week off the lansoprozole (ppi) and i am pretty ill all over again. Tonight i was visiting family and the only thing for dinner was hamburgers so i had half of one.
    3 hours later it feels like i have the worst flu you can imagine. Just nasty.
    This has brought me back to you!!

    Eating beef or other fast food, processed food, etc. Seems to be the largest trigger. Of course I have given up alcohol and am fine never looking back, i just want to live pain free.

    So you are not a doctor, but from someone with a lot of experience….
    given that my tests came back the way they did what recommendation would you make at this juncture?
    Is there additional testing you know of?

    Is there something else that jumps out at you?

    Additionally what does it mean that the PPI basically kept a lot of the day to day symptoms down (i could eat most things that were not ultrA processed fast food meats)

    The majority of my diet consists of eggs and a chicken vegetable soup i make.
    This, while on the PPi allowed me to live a basically boring and tedius but pain free life.

    One other thing is that I am exhausted all the time. Im 31 but feel like im 61. I have 5 young children and my goal in life is to give them a dad that will be there with them and live life with them.

    Thanks for everything youve said and done.
    I appreciate the fact you are a random stranger on here trying to help people. We all need to be inspired to do the same.
    Life is short. People caring for and helping people is what we are called for

    1. Hi Zac – thanks for the kind words. Sorry to hear you are ill with no real idea why. With the battery of tests you have undergone you most likely have something other than pancreatitis but who knows? Nothing is 100% accurate and with the history of heavy binge drinking it could be possible and your symptoms do fit (bad abdominal pain and nausea).

      Your symptoms resolve or are vastly reduced when on the ppi right? That would make me think that an ulcer or gerd may in fact be possible BUT when they stuck the scope down your throat they should have seen an ulcer unless it is duodenal, even then they may have went that far and should have seen one if it’s there. Hvae you been tested for H. Pylori Infection? Just a thought.

      IF you have another attack make sure you go back to the ER. The squeaky wheel gets the grease. And sometimes it just takes time for things to show up. I know that isn’t much help or what you were looking for but it’s all I’ve got right now. Good luck Zac, hang in there and keep looking for answers.

  14. GK 3/17/16
    Took myself to the ER early February because I thought I was having a flare from Crohn’s disease (diagnosed 2010). This time, my sides & back were in pain so I was unsure about what was happening. After the CAT scan & blood work, I was told my lipase levels were @1180 & was immediately admitted. After a few days of morphine & liquids only, I was given solid food and basically was told never to drink again… When released 5 days later, Docs never distinguished whether it was acute or chronic pancreatitis.. A few days later, I was feeling fine, ate some fried chicken – 24hrs later was back in ER with levels around 180… It has been a month now & I have been basically sticking to a low fat diet, working out & have been able to put 15lbs back on. Have now started drinking again. – Not nearly what I was drinking before – have been a heavy drinker for 25yrs-whiskey, vodka, -U NAME IT…… but a glass of wine or 2 here & there & I have not had any issues yet. Even today had 2 shots & 2 beers(irish) & no issues…. What am I dealing with here? My crohn’s has been under control for almost a year – now pancreatitis hits, but I’m getting no pain from the booze, or even if I eat a pizza. Am I a ticking time bomb? Finally will have insurance again in 2 weeks & plan on seeing a doctor, but how do I trust them? Is this just a false sense of security or a mis-diagnosis?…. Just looking for some help from someone who knows…. Love the site. Thanks for all of your knowledge.

    1. Hi Greg – If your lipase was 1180 you had acute pancreatitis and it IS most likely caused by your heavy use of alcohol. 80% of acute pancreatitis cases are mild. From what I have read the majority who suffer mild attacks recover without more problems BUT …

      In your case, that was likely caused by years of heavy drinking, you are probably in for grief IF you don’t quit drinking. Hey you might skate for months, even years or you could have a severe attack (due to alcohol abuse) tomorrow (20% of acute pancreatitis attacks are severe). Severe attacks kill people (up to 50% depending upon the resource you read) It’s a crap shoot to keep drinking. Russian Roulette.

      Your question: “Am I a ticking time bomb?” I’d have to say – yes. It is definitely time to quit drinking.

      “I was given solid food and basically was told never to drink again.” Good advice.

  15. Hi I youst startes the day after yesterday to feel pain wen I cuffin in my left side right on bottom of rib cage I dont feel to much pain wen I don’t cuff but b i still fell pain.. can it be my pancreas?

  16. Good morning,
    I am so happy I found this site. I was diagnosed with AP two weeks ago. My lipase was 2200 when I got to the hospital with not strong pain to my left quadrant, and a litle bit of nausea. After 5 hours it went down to 1400. They kept me 30 with NPO and IV. They did Blodd works of evry kind, Ultrasound, CT and MRI with pancreas presented a mild inflamation. They gave me solid food after 36 hours, including a whole egg. The next day I felt a little discomfort again. I left the hospital, and I visited my GI. He gave me enzymes and Donnatal in case of gas w pain. I never took the Donnatal again Thanks to God, but the enzymes I am taking them twicw a day with the big meals. I am on a bland diet, low fat, Turmeric and Aloe Vera. It is working Thanks to God. I still feel tired and weak sometimes, and a little discomfort somehow now and then. I am following your recomendations about the fresh juices, and I will keep they diet as I read in your article. I love the way you explained all details.
    Can I have lactose free low fat yogurt? My doctor said it was OK. I have been taking it for days now mixed with my veggies and fruits. Pineapple is working good for me.
    Please, let me know about the yogurt, the probiotics he asked me to have and if I can eat any typpe of bread (like Sourdough in the near future) I want to know your experiences with that.

    Thank you so much for your guidance and support to all of us w AP.
    God Bless You,

    1. Lourdes – Sorry to hear you have had some trouble. Hey if the low fat yogurt is working for you I see no problem. Any bread is fine just check the labels and look for bad fat (lard) and avoid those breads with lard. Other breads check fat grams and make sure you keep the fat grams low per meal, around 5 grams of fat per meal. God bless you back 🙂

  17. Sorry, I didnt explained that I have never drink, no smoking, and that on December I started having the same pain for 12 days before I went to the ER. They checked everything and the lipase was 25 at that time, no pancreas inflamation in the Ct w/o contrast, so they thought it was IBS. The pain and discomfort stopped. The only different thing I did this time was that I started taking Doxycicline (antibiotic given for my skin condition ) three days before the pain started this second time…. and Now it came back but running to my lower abdomen. After 10 days I decided to visist the ER again, because my GI was on vacation. Thank God I went and they did all the tests w contrast and then it all changed to AP……unfortunatelly.
    I forgot to give you this information about my case before.

    Thank you so very much,

  18. Thank you so much for the great support and information you give to every one suffering these attacks!!!! It was a blessing finding this site. 🙂 I will keep you informed about the blood works for the next week.
    Have a great weekend !!!!

  19. G’day,

    Looks like this thread refuses to end, but then so does the suffering. Hope you don’t mind me extending it yet again.

    Thanks in advance for all the help you have given people, it can be very lonely and depressing dealing with un treatable pain or illness.

    This is my horror story but is not the point of this post. (Just wanted to say thanks from those who suffer.)

    Starts around 25 years ago. Severe abdominal pain, diagnosis, worry and stress. No reason why this should be so. Diagnosis stood for nearly 20 years.

    Additional issues. Pain in lower back and legs. No diagnosis. Ignored, 15 years. This pain however increased and became debilitating to the point of total incapacity and loss of feeling in my legs. On Fathers advice went to yet another doctor who sent me for immediate tests, spondylolisthesis. 1cm. severe pain. Told the doctors I had pain in my right shoulder and arm as well. response. Not possible from a lower back issue.

    My previous issues were being masked by my back pain. Operation; spinal fusion after waiting for nearly 2 years in bed on ridiculous amounts of painkillers that barely kept me conscious. Couldn’t even bare lights or other people in the room with me due to the intensity of the pain.

    Shoulder and arm pain remained. Rough time getting of the meds. No help from my doctor who said I was just an addict now. Specialist said there must be something wrong with him, helped me to get off the meds. Great bloke.

    Pain in abdomen increased, lots of trips to the hospital for morphine injections. Every couple of days. Told I had irritable bowl. Demanded ultra scan. Gal stones. Another long wait, lots of mucking around. Finally too much pain so they couldn’t ignore it any more.

    Operation, 2 weeks still severe pain??? Gal stone lodged in pancreatic duct, Again waiting, new doctor forced it through for me after being ignored by others. Operation; gal stone removed, post op 2am that same night, extreme severe pain, barely breath, rushed to hospital, intensive care for a week, more meds, tests, no cancer.

    All this time for years this had been going on. Now I have a damaged pancreas which has taken many years to recover from to at least a functional state. Still sore and can’t have anyone touch anywhere on my stomach or front.

    Have stopped drinking home brew or any other form of alcohol, have experimented with various diets but am also trying to deal with short term memory loss from all the meds, so I haven’t been consistent or regular with these diets. Have to admit that to a large degree I have just given up and eat what doesn’t hurt and take each day as it comes. Can’t remember any other days. I live with pain, its an old friend now.

    I have learned to handle it, after all I have had a lifetimes training. (Sound a little bitter here but am allowing myself the luxury)

    Thank you for helping every one and giving them someone to talk to and help them. Loneliness is a major issue with these things as the pain can’t be shared.

    1. Hi Nigel – Thanks for sharing. It sounds like you have had some really rough times. Diet is extremely important. You can find everything I did to heal and still do to stay well and pain free on this blog. It may help to ease your pain.

  20. This has been without a doubt the sickest I have ever been in my life and I’ve had ovarian cancer as a teenager, influenza with pneumonia when I was 30, and a few years ago diagnosed with interstitial cystitis (a chronic bladder illness). But all that aside, I just want to thank you so much for this website Health Guy. As a result of your advice and guidance through your website I am now on my way to recovery (after 4 months of being very very unwell) and that feels fantastic!!! I’m happy to report that I can finally feel the tide turning and I can feel myself getting stronger & even feeling normal again for a big part of my day. I’ve been using the supplements you recommended, following the no fat and no alcohol diet, and as much rest as I can get away with being a busy mother and wife. If it were not for this website I would still be a very ill lady.

    Don’t get me wrong I still have a long road ahead to travel. For example a few days ago I accidentally had some vegetable oil in a food that I didn’t check the food label and as a result the nausea came back with a vengeance for a few days. But I just want other people out there who are maybe just beginning to look for answers or people who are out there who have been diagnosed with pancreatitis, to just keep doing everything the Health Guy says to do because it’s your only chance at beating pancreatitis. If I have to eat vegan for the rest of my days (hopefully I can get to the chicken and fish in the future) and have nil oil and nil alcohol and I’m not in pain and feeling so sick, that’s a much better life than been extremely ill hands down.

    By the way I have the type of pancreatitis that doesn’t show up on blood tests and my GP has said its mild acute pancreatitis. I’ve lost 20 kg or 44 pounds since I became unwell. Nothing has showed up on my blood tests, but I’ve had ALL the symptoms of mild acute pancreatitis. Extreme pain in the stomach, which radiated up my rib cage and around into to my back, dreadful nausea, dehydration/thirst, diahorrea, elevated blood pressure, racing heart rate and this went on for several weeks. All the while eating exactly what I shouldn’t of been ie salmon, ham and salad sandwiches etc. However, once I found the Health Guy it still took about 2 months before I got to where I am now and that is grateful to feel well and alive.

    Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart Health Guy and thank you so much for taking our wonderful Gods guidance and sharing all you know. Youre truly making a difference in the lives of those who have a cranky panky!!! Gotta keep a sense of humour!!!!

  21. I have a pretty bad problem I have an eating disorder that Iv had since I was like 7 or 8 where I can’t keep down vegetables and a bunch of other food it’s trial and error honestly and I had a acute pancreaintitis attack months ago and a very small one yesterday I need help I haven’t eaten a veggie in over 20 years almost and it’s due to the fact I gag and puke it back up lots of things look appealing to me and a whole other story when it enters my mouth

    1. hey Tyler – that sounds awful. I have never heard of this before. So I am no help except to say you will definitely have a huge challenge trying to determine what you can and cannot eat safely. What about fruits, grains and legumes (beans, lentils, peas)? Are we talking just leafy greens (lettuce, spinach etc) or all kinds of veggies including tubers (taters, carrots, parsnips, turnips,etc), cruciferous (broccoli, brussel’s sprouts, cabbage, kale)? Have you ever tried a food diary in order to locate which, if any, veggies work?

    2. Tyler that’s really hard for you. Have you seen a specialist to determine why this happens? Also don’t discount Chinese or Natropath medicine so many times people on my family have had medical problems and regular Drs have been no help they either can’t help you or won’t legitimise a sickness because it’s not picked up in their tests. If I can think of anything I will let you know but that’s my first thought get a good alternative medicine expert looking into it for you.

      1. It’s a hard thing cus it’s a mental illness technically and was only accepted by doctors in 2010 so the cause and how to fix this odd eating disorder is hard to figure out but it’s literally gonna kill me if I don’t deal with it and it’s terrifying but I can’t some just eat veggies even tho some look appealing to me if anyone here knows somewhere or someone suffing from SED or beaten it and could point me Ina direction would be appreciated I’m terrified I’m gonna put myself in a coffin

        1. Hi Tyler,
          Hearing you say how terrified you are confirms my intuition that there is an energy of fear around this problem. A skillful hypnotherapist can help to identify and release the subconscious beliefs that lie beneath the surface. The human mind is a powerful thing. My sense is it’s more than just physical, Good luck!

    3. I would think hypnosis could be helpful in this case. It sounds like a phobia to me. Good luck. Veggies are SO vitally important to our body’s health!

  22. Your blog is an answer to prayer for me. I had my gall bladder out 12 years ago. More recently, I had one mild pancreatitis attack and I have followed your advice for diet and supplements. Do you know what kind of flour would be best to use if I make my own bread? I am avoiding carbs but I would like to know what grains are best for occasional use.

      1. Hi I Sir,
        My name is Chandra. I got accute pancreatitis at 8 years ago doctors found no reason said due to genes .i got continuous 8 attacks during this time I taken no medicine.and then I found that I had early chronic pancreatitis stage 3 years ago. Now I am continue in taking medicine .
        My recent pancreatitis effect occurred when I drank bear.
        Is there any cure for this otherwise it exists for life long.
        I have problem when I eat chicken or drank bear.
        Doctors advised to take Selvit co medicine .please suggest me diet,is it curable.medicine et
        My age now was 21

        1. Hi Chandra – don’t drink beer. If you have been diagnosed with chronic pancreatitis I am sorry to say there is no cure. Don’t drink beer. Alcohol s NOT good for the pancreas.

          1. Hii health guy,my mrcp reports is altered parenchyma and threads in head and uncinate my age was 22.can I take tp ait surgery to long i can live if take it at the age of 33 years

          2. Chandra – I’m not knowledgable enough to address questions relating to delicate surgeries. I do know that the best pancreas surgeons who do TP/AIT proceedures require you to qualify for the procedure. From what I do know about TP/AIT it would be the last resort on my list – BUT – that is my stance and should not affect yours. You have to do what you think is best for you. If you are interested in TP/AIT find a qualified surgeon and explore it as an option.

          3. Oh boy….do I have questions. You are probably going to regret that offer. Since I’ve gotten out of the hospital, I have had no instructions hardly at all. I was told to eat low fat for a while and stay away from chocolate. To tell you the truth, I thought the instructions were for my ulcers, not my pancreas, so as soon as the ulcers were clear, I started eating normally again. I’m from the south…we fry EVERYTHING. Man, it didn’t take long before I was in pain…and I’ve been in pain everyday since. Your diet seems to be making a difference (I’ve been following it and adjusting for 3 weeks now). I am diabetic, so I have to be careful on the juice fast thing, but I’ve manage to tailor it to my needs and the pain is getting better. I have my good days and bad. I’m finding out I can’t eat anything….drinking water makes me hurt….but I am starting to notice more energy, and less and less “flare ups” so I’m staying the course. My first question is this: While I was being treated for h pylori, two week of antibiotics, I had absolutely no pain at all…within 24 hours of completing the meds, I began to hurt again. This has happened twice. Have you ever heard of this? Has anyone ever mentioned antibiotics helping their pancreatitis pain?

          4. Hi Anna – feel free to ask whatever you want. I’m glad the pain is getting better. About the antibiotic thing – sometimes viruses, like h pylori, can cause problems. Some can cause AP so I would imagine that they can also cause flairs in those with CP. Antibiotics usually do not kill most viruses but they do kill bacteria and parasites so maybe you have something going on that hasn’t been found.

  23. Hello, I could use some advice. I have had acute pancreatitis three times in the past three months. Doctors do not know what caused it. This last time I had an attack in the morning, so I put myself on gut rest for the day and by 9:00pm I had another attack even more sever and had to be hospitalized again. It seems that it doesn’t matter if I eat, or not or what I eat, I still get it….Please advise…Thank you

    1. Hi Kathy – there has to be a cause. The pancreas doesn’t just wake up one morning with the idea “hey I’m gonna get sick and make this human’s life miserable.” So the advice I would give is find a doc who will find out why you have had recurrent acute pancreatitis. Again, there is always a cause. I’m sorry you are ill, been there done that it ain’t fun. 🙁

    2. G’day Kathy, For what it’s worth my pancreatic attacks were caused by a migrating gall stone that entered and blocked the pancreatic duct. Some doctors were denying it existed but eventually due to persuasion by a doctor with greater experience I was operated on and had it removed. Followed hours later by the worst attack I had ever had.

          1. Lol an “expat” is an expatriate. Meaning your an Aussie living abroad. Just don’t see the term “G’Day” used often and I noticed you used it in one of your replies.

  24. Thank you for the information. My husband is 41 and just had his third AP attack. I think the hospital is giving him the wrong foods too quickly. Although, he was so hungry from being NPO he would have eaten anything they put in front of his face. Thanks again, I will be using your suggestions when he gets home!

  25. Greetings Mr. H.G.

    I wonder if you know much about the link between high triglycerides and pancreatitis?

    I was diagnosed almost a month ago with AP in an emergency room and was sent on my merry way to help myself by eating a very low fat diet. Have seen just a small diminution in pain since then so now beginning my own research (and thus your blog).

    I’ve seen that seven percent of AP cases can be linked to high triglycerides, but the study I saw is talking about a reading of 1,000 – 2,000. Mine was “only” 270 at one point a few months back, but still well above the 150 threshold. I am concerned about my propensity for hypertriglyceridemia vis a vis your suggestion for grapefruit juice. I am currently homeless, unfortunately, so making my own veg juices are not possible now, either, so I’m stuck with low-sodium V8 and its high 7 mg of sugar per eight ounces. Perhaps I should limit my current liquid-only diet to veg broth?

    Thanks for your thoughts.

    1. Hi Gregory – from everything I have read regarding high triglycerides as a cause of pancreatitis you’d need to be about 4 – 5 times higher than what you currently are to be in the danger zone. Grapefruit juice may help lower your tris while protecting your pancreas as well. You may kill two birds with one stone so to speak. I wouldn’t worry about the 7 grams of sugar in V8. Almost everything, even organic veggies contain sugar. Beets and carrots (found in V8) are good examples.

      1. I was sort of attracted to some v8 juice while at the pharmacy to pick up my carafate. Health Person love your comments. What do you think about certain medicines to prevent, the docs said carafateadjustes bad enzymes in stomach. Any advice?

        1. Hi Jacqueline – Carafate/Sucralfate is used to treat and or prevent ulcers. It actually forms a “coating” over the ulcer to protect it. Whether it would also protect injured pancreas tissue from more damage I have no idea at this time. I’m sorry I am not more help right now.

  26. Hi health guy,
    Good news. I’m healing very well. I’m able to eat white fish no troubles. Quick question though, would you use a fish sauce? the one I’ve found has zero fat but is fermented. What do you think, stay away from or test myself?
    Cheers, Stacey ?

    1. AWESOME Stacey! 🙂 Hey the word “fermented” often means alcohol content when associated with grains or fruits. Some fish sauce is made with sugar which would likely produce sugar alcohol when fermented. Many of the best fish sauces are made with fish and salt. I don’t see a chance of alcohol production with those two ingredients but Vietnam uses sugar in a lot of theirs. I have to admit I’m no expert lol.

  27. Until I found this blog, I was using low sodium v8 juice mixed with low fat chicken broth. What are your thoughts on that?

    1. Hi Anna – welcome to my blog. I saw the comment where you figured it out lol. If you have questions always feel free to ask. If I know the answer I’ll tell you and if I don’t know I’ll tell you that too. 🙂

      1. My biggest concern at the moment is the big C….I have abused my body over the years so terribly. I don’t know if I should request to be tested or if it’s even worth the trouble at this point. It feels a little like expecting a reprieve…I’m not sure there’s any point to it.

        1. Anna – I understand your concern about the BIG C but in all reality about 88% of the things we worry about never happen and the other 12% can’t be stopped (not by us). And worry just causes other issues like anxiety, panic attacks and more worry. In fact worry is simply wasted effort. It is best not to worry yet still keep a prudent eye open. IF you don’t already have cancer my personal opinion is that the best way to fight cancer is to prevent it. It is never to late to take proactive, defensive measures.

          I don’t know where you stand with God but “getting right with God” is an awesome start. God burdened my heart to start another site so I did. It is new, there isn’t a whole lot of content yet but you may want to consider reading and meditating upon what I call “The Love Story.” And …

          Don’t worry 🙂

          1. I have a veggie broth and veggie juice mix that I drink for breakfast, along with grapefruit juice throughout the morning. I have what I call my second breakfast for lunch which consists of oatmeal, and for supper I have rice and steamed veggies…occasionally a steamed chicken tender…still in pain…not bad and just right after I eat. Tylenol usually keeps it at bay. I wish you had a cook book…I’ve been eating like this for a month and except for the occasional Twizzler or Popsicle, my diet is really boring…is the pain normal at this point?

            I saw your site and it is beautiful. I wish you luck with this because I believe it will touch many people’s lives. Unfortunately, God and I split the sheets a long time ago. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still a grand advocate for him, and I grieve his absence from my life every day (some days are worse than others). But irreconcilable differences are just what they are. Thank you for your help. I appreciate you. 🙂

          2. Hi Anna – about the cookbook, recipe thing. I have good news. One of my readers suggested I create a “recipe page.” I am seriously considering this BECAUSE the one who suggested this seems to be VERY competent. There is another lady who is also. I have to admit it would be a HUGE leap of faith because there are so many people finding relief by following what can definitely be termed as a “boring” diet yet I do NOT possess the creativity, imagination and innovation to create awesome foods with what I have to work with. So look for a recipe page in the future, probably near future.

            In regards to your relationship with Almighty God, Anna I’d suggest you really pray about that. I mean seriously pray. IF you read the about page on that new site you should have noticed that I became a prodigal myself. However, even though I turned my back on God, He never left me. If you sincerely accepted Christ as your saviour at one time, you have been sealed by the Holy Spirit. What you do after could bring about “chastisement” but probably not the loss of salvation. There is only one sin that could cause that and I personally can’t see someone who has accepted Christ as savior to be capable of committing such a sin (blasphemy against The Holy Spirit). So, what I am saying is that if you ever want to repent from whatever it is that is keeping you and God aprat – I would guess He will always be ready to renew your relationship. That’s all you will hear from me on this matter, accept I will pray for you and your healing. And …

            Look for that recipe page. I think I’ll try to do it soon if God approves. 🙂

  28. Hi! I stumbled upon your blog while doing some research on pancreatitis and this is EXTREMELY helpful. So, my mother has been suffering from acute pancreatitis for the past one year. She got her first attack in March 2015 and was hospitalised, was kept in the ICU and eventually recovered. She healed completely and the pain, nausea etc. were no longer there. Pancreas had a normal size etc. However, the doctors have been unable to detect a reason. They had found a small polyp in her gall bladder and some sludge. However, they couldn’t conclude anything. She was following a strict diet which eventually loosened up but we avoided fat and some months later she was in such good health that she stopped taking her antacids also. This year, for the past month and a half her diet regime went haywire and she was eating anything and everything. Spicy food, high fat food, sweets, and irregular meal timings to add to that. She started having extreme acidity and even two antacids a day did not help. She also complained of a back ache. We got an ultrasound done and everything was normal. No inflammation, nothing. Only the GB polyp wasn’t found. Then after a week from the brilliant USG reports she had a second mild acute pancreatitis attack, was hospitalised and went through the same treatment. Responded to medication pretty well and enzyme levels dropped significantly in a day’s time. MRCP did not show anything unusual. Everything was normal apart from slight inflammation in pancreas. She is now at home and back to strict liquid/semi-solid diet and is doing fine. However, this is really scary because I have been reading up on the disease a lot and I can’t bear to think what a couple of more attacks could lead to. Doctor has asked her to get an ERCP done after a month. But, we’re so so worried and don’t know how to keep further attacks at bay especially because this is a potentially fatal disease and no reason for her attacks have been diagnosed. Would be very grateful if you could provide any insight into this. Thanks so much! 🙂

    1. Hi Kaushambi – I’m not a doctor. I can not diagnose. I can not prescribe treatment. I am not a doctor. I am just guessing. If they saw sludge, sludge is enough to cause acute pancreatitis. Often where there is sludge, there are also stones. The stones may have passed and were not seen. The polyp in the GB should probably be a warning just as they are in the colon (remember I am guessing). IF it were me or my mother I’d ask for (in this case because of sludge and the polyp) a removal of the GB. Again, I am ONLY guessing. 🙂

      1. Hi Health Guy! Thank you so much for your insight. So, I learned from my mother that the sludge was found inside the gall bladder. The doctor did suggest removal of the GB, but since she was doing good, he didn’t go ahead with it. I don’t think she’s reached the chronic stage because there is no pain on a regular basis or inflammation and presently she’s doing fine. But then the nature of this disease is so unpredictable that we don’t know when a next attack will be, if at all or what could potentially trigger the same. And if she keeps getting these attacks it’ll become chronic. We’re all really really worried. I have lost my night’s sleep and cannot focus on my work because this is all I keep thinking about. I don’t want to lose her and want to do everything in my capacity to heal her completely, if not cure! 🙁

  29. Love your blog! Thank you thank you thank you for sharing your experience. I unfortunately joined the acute pancreatitis club 2 weeks ago after a weekend of some seriously irresponsible eating – but no drinking. In the ER, blood worked showed enzymes at 692. CT Scan showed everything looked normal but gallbladder was slightly inflamed. An ultrasound on the gb showed no stones. Immediately went on a clear liquid diet and 3 days later enzymes were normal. Waited 10 days to try to introduce solids because I was having nausea. After eating an egg white for breakfast, english muffin (no butter) for lunch, and cous cous for dinner, I started having burning pain on my right side. Immediately backed off solids and went back to clear liquids: juice, chicken broth, clear, gluten free soups: all have 1g of fat or less. It’s been 2 weeks and I still have burning pain on my right and left sides (ribs/flank area). Hida scan was done today and results will come soon. What I’m wondering is: can acute pancreatitis last for 2 weeks on basically a liquid diet? I am so hungry, (I’ve dropped 22 lbs in 2 weeks) and am just craving something solid that won’t cause a flare up! Any advice?

    1. Hi Heather – glad you like the blog but sorry to hear you have joined the club. Since you didn’t say which enzyme was 692 I’m gonna guess it was lipase? If the gallbladder was inflamed on CT it is obviously some way involved. Stones can pass before scans are done and thus not be shown present. Sludge (sand) may or may not show but can definitely cause AP if it clogs a duct. And …

      Yes, AP, though most cases are mild and resolve in hours to a few days, can last for two weeks or longer depending upon severity and treatment. Residual inflammation can hang around especially if diet antagonizes the pancreas. I know you probably don’t want to hear this cuz you said: “I am so hungry, (I’ve dropped 22 lbs in 2 weeks) and am just craving something solid that won’t cause a flare up! Any advice?” But …

      If you still feel ill it may be best to fast (no food, just water) and rest the pancreas until inflammation and symptoms resolve. Fasting should also help resolve any residual inflammation in the GB as well. And …

      IF it were me I’d fast, take ibuprofen ONE (1) 800 mg dose (4 – 200 mg tabs) and then (200 – 400 mgs daily) for maybe 5 more days to help eliminate the inflammation. I’d go to the health store, buy some grape seed extract (100 mg caps), curcumin (500 mg caps) and vit c (1000 mg caps), all highly anti-inflammatory and non-toxic and take those as well while fasting. You want stand alone supplements (no combination formulas). Drink ONLY water and white unsweetened grapefruit juice for hydration. GFJ protects the pancreas and helps resolve inflammation.

      Oh wait hold on! Skip the curcumin because you have GB issues which could be stones and curcumin causes bile to flow which could cause the passing of more stones (if they were missed on scan) which could cause another attack of AP. Just get the grape seed extract and vit C. AND This Is Important! if you are on any prescription medication check with your doctor AND pharmacist to see if GFJ (grapefruit juice) will cause issues. This is important!

      More reading:

      Pancreas Healing: 5 Steps

      It is extremely important, in my opinion, to bite the bullet and do whatever it takes to resolve the inflammation as quickly as possible in order to prevent damage. 80% of mild AP cases resolve with no further problems as long as there isn’t a persistent underlying condition that caused it initially. I would like to see you be one of that 80% group.

      1. Thanks for the quick response. Not sure which levels were elevated to 692- they just kept saying pancreatic enzymes. But, blood work 3 days later showed them in normal range.
        I am taking your advice and fasting for the next 5 days – on day 2 of water only. I can’t seem to find unsweetened grapefruit juice. Taking grape seed extract and vit C and the ibuprofen.

        Also, just got back results of the HIDA scan- is was normal, with an ejection fracture of 46. I’m shocked that all of my tests are reading normal but am still having this pain. Onto the specialists I suppose… 🙁

        1. Hi Heather – you’re welcome. Sometimes I’m not so quick lol. I get my grapefruit juice at Safeway. I’ve also seen it at Fred Myers. Keep us all posted as to how you’re doing 🙂

          1. Hi Health Guy. Sorry to butt in but I was wondering about the grapefruit juice as well. I look on line and everywhere but all I can find is yellow, pink, and red. Is yellow the same as white? I found white cranberry juice….right now I’m using pink which seems to have more good stuff in it. Is that ok?

          2. Hey Anna – I’ve never used pink grapefruit juice so I can’t tell you if it works or not lol – and yea white grapefruit juice is actually yellow. The container should say white or just grapefruit juice – but OceanSpray seems to have come out with a combo (white and pink) and it is kinda yellow pink lol. This is my fav grapefruit juice but it is expensive so I usually buy the cheap stuff at Walmart or Safeway lol

        2. Hi Heather. Sorry to hear about your problems. I did basically the same thing except they can’t find anything that could be causing it. My levels when back to normal and although I don’t hurt as badly as I did, I still have pain a lot of the time. I’m going through my second bought with this with a raised lipase level. but I haven’t actually been diagnosed with pancreatitis again, yet. Went to a Gastro this week and had an MRI. He felt there was a possibility of a blocked duct in which he said debris and stones can get in there and kind of float up and down, clogging for awhile and then floating up to allow passage of fluids and making your levels look normal for awhile. I wish you luck, and I hope they find out the underlying cause soon for you. This can be some really painful stuff.

  30. I can eat a bite of bread and have the pain of a severe heart attack I do not eat meat and very little anything else my guts hurt from hunger but I usually eat something once a day lost ,20 pounds in a month my. Doctor wants to do one test at a time I have no gall stones my liver is clear but it has a sore spot under the right rib I bloat and feels like my stomach is full of air it hurts when I fill my diaphragm I been juicing two weeks but I am starting to death. So now what can I do. Will antibiotics help my healing process? From boots sgurgell

      1. hello health guy its shivam i got a acute pancrea attack and the pain was not bearable at all was hospitalized for 5 days still felling a bit pain in my stomach i just want to know tht it was the first time i got this problem is it possible that it can happen in future incase i stop drinking and follow healthy diet im 17 nd dnt want tht this should grow big u know what i m going through so plz suggest wht should i do

        1. Hi Shivam – sorry to hear you are ill. Does anyone know WHY you had acute pancreatitis? The “WHY” can affect the future. If the “why” has been resolved you may never have another problem. So what was the reason your doc gave?

          1. i have gone through a ct scan and acute pancreatitis was diagonosed nd doctors said that it happened becoz when my pancreas and liver was developing i started drinking and they got burnt tht the only reason i got from doctors as i have told u im only 17 can i cure mah problem permanently by following anything tht could be anything u tell i dnt wanna suffer that pain again

          2. Hi Shivam – ya drinking at a young age isn’t a good thing. I can’t guarantee anything but chances are (unless you really damaged your pancreas) that if you quit drinking and follow the diet to allow your pancreas to heal properly you’ll probably heal and have no further problems. So you might want to read all about what to eat and what not to eat etc and give it your best effort for about 6 months. Like I said chances are if you do that you’ll be ok. And stay off the booze, forever. Take care of yourself and if you have further questions just ask. 🙂

  31. Hi Health Guy.
    Thank you for the work you put into your posts.
    I have found your writing insightful and interesting
    You might be able to offer me some advice.
    Two year’s ago I had a distal gastrectomy for a benign granuloma in my stomach.
    Since then I have been dependent on Creon enzymes as post operativaly I suffered from malabsorption .
    I continue to experience pain in my upper left quadrant and occasionally this is severe and radiates to my back.
    I eat a varied diet and have grappled with dumping which is slowly improving.
    I drink two glasses of wine a day and more at weekends. However, though not diagnosed I think that the pain may be due to pancreatitis and not just down to “poor malabsorption,”as the Doctor has suggested.
    Is there any specific blood test I could ask my GP to do to check how my pancreas is ?
    The pain is worse if I am cold but appears to flare up if I drink too much.
    I would like to improve my health as the last few years have been challenging.
    I am thinking that I might need to stop drinking and get more focused on my diet…..
    It all feels daunting so any advice would be welcome.
    Again.thank you for your work on this site.
    Best wishes

    1. Hi Jo – Sorry to hear you aren’t well. When I first started researching EPI I found it intersting that gastric surgery seems to cause the same symptoms. Whether or not the condition is actual pancreatic insufficiency tends to be a subject of contention but when pancreatic enzyme replacement helps it is difficult to ignore the potential probability. Anyway …

      The symptoms in either case seem to be very similar. One of those symptoms is pain. In those who have chronic pancreatitis, the most common cause of EPI, it is likely difficult to tell whether the pain is caused from EPI or simply pancreas inflammation. But in either case, gastric or pancreas, pain is one of the symptoms. What I’m saying is you may NOT have pancreatitis. BUT …

      The easiest way I know to tell is to have your GP check your lipase (blood work). IF your pancreas is inflamed it may be slightly elevated. IF you are really ill (acute pancreatitis) it could be quite high. If drinking seems to make the pain worse you might consider quitting booze. If it is your pancreas booze is not a good thing. The symptoms of EPI seem to be less on a low fat diet. But then everything having to do with the biliary system (even remotely) seems to respond to less fat in the diet.

      If I can be of further assistance please feel free to ask 🙂

      1. Many thanks and appreciate this input.
        Will follow those suggestions of no alcohol and low fat diet for a while and hope that there may be an improvement….
        Keep your good work.

  32. Hi Paul
    Thankyou for your informative blog , I would be lost right now without it

    Just home a few days from second pancreatitis attack hospital stay – 6 days
    last attack 3 months ago

    I followed your information after my shock first pancreatitis hospital stay where my introduction to this disorder was all very new ,
    after sometime I grew confident , ate all the wrong things and had a huge attack while on holidays , I managed to fly home for hospitalisation only just and am still in recovery

    The supplements
    what dosage should I be on ?
    I want to take effective amounts to heal
    I have vitamin c , grapeseed and cucumin
    Is magnesium also good ?
    read somewhere it’s deficient in some pancreatic patients

    While in holidays I suffered two serious pancreatic bouts
    After the first I went nil by mouth 40 hours and unknowingly used ibuprofen , ( as it’s what I had on hand ) and had complete bed rest I actually felt well enough to make it to a restuarant with a friend the next day where I felt confident enough to order a pure pineapple and lemon juice

    Within 40 minutes I suffered a horrific recurrent attack
    which brought in pain , and vomiting
    medics called to my holiday accomodation prescribed no ibuprofen but panadol . It was the longest night of my life before a friend bought Tramodol
    which assisted to mask some pain

    I subsequently 40 hours later managed to fly home under pain relief only to be hospitalised 6 days on opiates

    Question – why did the juice trigger such a violent response ? was it just to early to eat ? would ibuprofen helped to cure a second attack and should you take 400 mg , 6 hourly for 24 hours if required ?
    If stomach empty how long can you get away with ibuprofen to manage the attack

    CRP – 360 on arrival , 62 on leaving

    Kindest regards

    1. Hi Julia – One of the biggest challenges to overcome is to keep on the diet when we feel well. Often we may think I am fine, I am well I can eat this or that but te truth is (if you have CP) you are never cured and slipping of the wagon causes problems. Anyway …

      Supplement dosage is a hit and miss trial because it depends on damage. So what works for one person may not be enough for someone with more damage. IF you haven’t been on them before it is best to start out with a low dose and work up on a weekly basis. An example would be:

      week 1
      grape seed extract 100 mgs 4x daily
      curcumin 500 2x daily
      vitamin c 1000 mgs 3x daily

      week 2
      grape seed extract 200 mgs 4x daily
      curcumin 500 mgs 3x daily
      vitamin c 1000 4x daily

      Adjust up or down week 3 according to need.

      The juice was too soon. Would have been better to fast for 3 days and drink lots of water and take Ibuprofen and supplements only.

      Ibuprofen dosage depends on the situation. One 800 mg dose, then 200 – 400 daily for about a week unless symptoms re-appear in which case you should definitely seek medical attention. IF symptoms come back after one 800 mg dose you should be in the ER. Probably should have been there anyway. I hope you are well soon. 🙂

      1. Hi Paul
        I am just home from yet another hospital stay and pancreatic attack not long after I last wrote you 🙁
        I had a stressful morning and BOOM !!
        this time I took ibuprofen 800mg and went to the ER , rest of my treatment was Tramodol but I did seem to recover in a smaller time frame
        to be honest this is really getting me down .. anyways .. I know staying positive is key and am determined to beat this ..
        I’m back at base line ,
        have fasted and juiced
        Am now looking at maybe eating simalar things 4 times a day for simplicity and wanted to run some things by you ..
        how many hours apart should you eat ?
        do you think fewer meal times gives the pancreas a time to break ?
        is small meals important ? Am thinking
        – oatmeal cooked with water with honey
        organic coffee
        – fruit serve – apple and frozen rasberries with water in the nutra bullet
        – egg white omelet cooked no oil with vegetables and legumes
        – infused rice , cooked with vegetable stock , spices or puréed tomato with steamed vegetables
        – green tea
        – licorish tea
        – infused water with lemon
        – jelly

        how’s things like rice milk , sago or tapioco ?
        is skim milk better ?
        are pretzels ok ?
        chick peas ?
        what sort or crackers or bread is best ?
        hot chocolate ?
        is any confectionary ok ?
        do you believe stress is a factor ?
        Am a pretty positive easy going person generally but have a busy life and 3 kids !! :))

        One of my life goals is to see a new country a year ? ( should I pack my own food )

        I have been diagnosed with pancreatis divisum if attacks continue ( have had 4 in 4 months )
        doctors want to remove gallbladder ( no evidence of stones )
        cut the end of only operating duct
        cut pancreas in half ( extreme if none of the above works )
        Am not keen on any of them ..
        I have one smaller duct working

        I discussed the ibuprofen with doctors and they are so against because of holes in tummy lining but I swear it helps ..

        penny for your thoughts and kindest regards Julia

        1. Hi Julia – sorry to hear you have been having a rough time. Pancreas divisum is a tough deal. Let’s cover the Ibuprofen issue first. It’s true that Ibuprofen is NOT safe. It can definitely cause intestinal bleeding. It can cause heartattack, high blood pressure, kidney and liver failure but what nobody seems to mention is that MOST of the risk comes from those who are OLDER and or already have potential bleeding issues (ulcer etc) AND who take HIGH doses more than 1200 mgs per day for more than 14 days. Most studies I’ve read challenge people for 28 days. NOW, bleeding can result in as few as 3 days after intial dose. Here are some articles:

          1) Association Between Nonsteroidal Anti-inflammatory Drugs and Upper Gastrointestinal Tract Bleeding/Perforation
          An Overview of Epidemiologic Studies Published in the 1990s Read here

          2) Dose–response relationships between individual nonaspirin nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NANSAIDs) and serious upper gastrointestinal bleeding: a meta-analysis based on individual patient data read here

          3) High Doses Of Ibuprofen Cause Significant GI Bleeding, Despite Safety Profile read here

          One has to determine what exactly is more important at the exact time. Risk of complications or the benefit of reducing the inflammation, symptoms and most likely the resulting damage to the pancreas WHICH may or may not heal.

          FOOD: The rule I always live by regarding food is this: If I am feeling ill I do NOT eat. If I am NOT hungry I do NOT eat.

          Your Questions:

          how many hours apart should you eat ?
          Answer: If I am NOT hungry I do NOT eat.

          do you think fewer meal times gives the pancreas a time to break ?
          Answer: Yes.

          is small meals important ? Am thinking
          – oatmeal cooked with water with honey
          organic coffee
          – fruit serve – apple and frozen rasberries with water in the nutra bullet
          – egg white omelet cooked no oil with vegetables and legumes
          – infused rice , cooked with vegetable stock , spices or puréed tomato with steamed vegetables
          – green tea
          – licorish tea
          – infused water with lemon
          – jelly
          Answer: all the above should be fine and smaller meals do work better

          how’s things like rice milk , sago or tapioco ?
          Answer: check for fat and OIL content. If the product contains high fat or OIL discard using

          is skim milk better ?
          Answer: regular milk seems to bother some people like me (even NO fat) for some reason that I honestly have not narrowed down. I can tolerate some no fat milk but not every day. you’ll just have to see how it works for you.

          are pretzels ok ?
          Answer: Maybe. Read labels. Look for fat content and OIL content.

          chick peas ?
          Answer: chick peas are fine. However unlike most legumes they do contain a little fat so don’t eat a large amount. Stay away from soybeans and soy products

          what sort or crackers or bread is best ?
          Answer: read labels. the safest breads have less than 2 grams of fat per slice.

          hot chocolate ?
          Answer: I have a great hot chocolate recipe on this blog under diet. The brand of cocoa DOES matter!

          is any confectionary ok ?
          Answer: candy and pastry can be a big problem. Again it’s all about fat and OIL

          do you believe stress is a factor ?
          Answer: No. That doesn’t mean I’m right.

          One of my life goals is to see a new country a year ? ( should I pack my own food )
          Answer: It is definitely easier to control your diet when you prepare and cook your own foods

          I have been diagnosed with pancreatis divisum if attacks continue ( have had 4 in 4 months )
          doctors want to remove gallbladder ( no evidence of stones )
          cut the end of only operating duct
          cut pancreas in half ( extreme if none of the above works )
          Am not keen on any of them ..
          I have one smaller duct working
          Answer: Pancreas divisum is tough to treat and frankly I do NOT know what I’d do if it were me. I know I’d do tons of research before I did or allowed anything drastic (surgery) that could potentially make everything worse instead of better. IF I did decide to go with a surgical procedure I’d make dang sure that it wasn’t the surgeons first rodeo. There are very few qualified pancreas surgeons. There are always those who THINK they are qualified but the true qualified pancreas surgeon is not found everywhere. That’s my 2 cents lol 🙂

          1. Thankyou again Paul ,
            I am on the same page as you with my thinking ,
            the ibuprofen definately helps
            I stopped a gall bladder removal
            am researching day and night
            as they say ..
            knowledge is power ..

            question – would health food shop digestive enzymes help me ?

            they prescribed pantoprazole and have been taking about 3 weeks ,
            I have immediately stopped these also as believe they are no good

            Did you ever have any surgery that was of benefit ?

            I have read about vitamin c infusions , any thoughts on these ?

            Ps – do you have a fb page ?

          2. You’re welcome Julia.

            “question – would health food shop digestive enzymes help me ?”
            Answer: do you mean otc (over-the-counter/non-prescription)? I use enzymes (otc) from Now Foods. They are called Super Enzymes. They work, They aren’t nearly as strong as prescription strength but I can adjust my own dosage this way. So ya, they may help you.

            Pantoprazole is a PPI (proton pump inhibitor) and they have been known to cause AP. I’m not quite sure why docs seem to like to prescribe them. Some folks have said they help.

            “Did you ever have any surgery that was of benefit ?”
            Answer: I’ve never had surgery on my pancreas. I’ve had my tonsils and my appendix removed and that’s it.

            “I have read about vitamin c infusions , any thoughts on these ?”
            Answer: I read about vit C infusions for pancreatic cancer. Some doctor using HUGE IV doses. Supposedly achieved great results. I’m talking NOTABLE. Then POOF! Nothing again. Can’t even locate the articles anymore. I’m guessing it actually cured some folks of PC and they don’t want anyone to know cuz it’s probably very cheap compared to conventional treatment.

            I do have a Fb page. In fact I have several but I can’t remember the urls. Google beating pancreatitis and you’ll find the page or you can click the FB link top right hand corner of this site 🙂

          3. thanks again for all your input Paul
            I have more questions
            ( hope that’s ok 😀 )

            I have cut dairy completely ,
            Is skim better than say the rice milk ?
            rice milk has a small component of sunflower oil ?
            is all cottage or ricotta , zero fat cream cheese a no go zone ?
            Am eating bread that’s 1.4 g fat a slice , I assume that’s ok ? Is there a bread like sourdough or rye that’s better ?
            Are crackers a big no no ?
            Found some rye crackers some oil In ingredients but very low fat per cracker
            or should I eliminate any threats in this point in healing ?
            Is jam safe ?
            whomeal pasta ?
            quinoa ?
            Cos cos ?
            how’s wholemeal flour with no oil to make pizza dough ( omit cheese toppings )
            can you have too much black coffee , am at about 4 cups a day it’s a saving grace right now ..
            am on recommended supplements and bought a health shop enzyme
            but how about pro biotics and magnesium
            ( I read lots of pancreatitis people have a magnesium deficiency? do the probiotics assist with gut health at this healing stage ?
            penny for your thoughts

          4. Hi Julia – questions are great!

            1) “Is skim better than say the rice milk ?
            rice milk has a small component of sunflower oil ?”
            answer: try NO fat milk, stay away from ALL oil if possible.

            2) “is all cottage or ricotta , zero fat cream cheese a no go zone ?”
            answer: NO fat products seem to work for many of my readers. I can do a little no fat milk now and then. Try NO fat products and see if they work for you (not red meat or pork stay totally away no matter what the label says)

            3) “Am eating bread that’s 1.4 g fat a slice , I assume that’s ok ? Is there a bread like sourdough or rye that’s better ?
            Are crackers a big no no ?
            Found some rye crackers some oil In ingredients but very low fat per cracker
            or should I eliminate any threats in this point in healing ?”
            answer: Unless you make your own breads, crackers etc it is difficult to avoid oil/fats because it is used in baking. Be extremely careful. Test everything.

            4) “Is jam safe ?
            whomeal pasta ?
            quinoa ?
            Cos cos ?
            how’s wholemeal flour with no oil to make pizza dough ( omit cheese toppings )”
            answer: anything that comes from a plant is usually safe with a few exceptions which are: avocado, coconut, soy, nuts, seeds

            5) “can you have too much black coffee , am at about 4 cups a day it’s a saving grace right now ..”
            answer: I drink it til it comes out my ears … no seriously I go through about 12 – 16 cups a day lol (three 4 cup pots +)

            6) “am on recommended supplements and bought a health shop enzyme
            but how about pro biotics and magnesium
            ( I read lots of pancreatitis people have a magnesium deficiency? do the probiotics assist with gut health at this healing stage ?”
            answer: magnesium couldn’t hurt unless you take too much. it can be toxic. I wouldn’t take it more than once or twice a week and try to get most of mine from leafy greens. There is conflicting views about probiotics in those with pancreatitis but I would think GENERALLY via food (no fat yogurt if you tolerate it) they are fine.

            I think I got everything. If you have more questions feel free to ask 🙂

  33. Good morning Healthy Guy ,from Old Blighty ! The info on your blog is by far the best I have read about Acute Pancreatitis. Thank you. Truly. A week ago I was in hospital luckily only for 24 hours with a mild attack . Dam its painfully eh? but the most scary moments for me was when I came home and started learning to understand what this, once mysterious organ in your body actually does and what went so horribly wrong. I hit a massive all time low yesterday , still in pain in my body and worst the pain in my mental head space . I stupidly started using alcohol to cope with the loss of too many close members of my family this year. Embarrassing really that it is totally self inflicted . Today I have picked myself up and told myself that self pity won’t heal me, anyways crying all the time makes my eyes all puffy and cant afford to lose anymore water from my body ! I realise that a total change in my eating habits will heal me ( thank you to your info again ) I am ( was) a pretty healthy woman, fit and happy. Its extraordinary how the hospital gave me full fat foods when I was in ( maybe eating it for the fear of the tube down my throat !) and gave me very little info except no fat no alcohol and pain killers. So having researched foods, vitamins etc with the very helpful guidance from you I am starting from scratch today and drinking water only juicing organic fruits and veg for the next 2 days then introducing warm veg soups and porridge with skimmed milk . getting the grape seed extract, curcumin vit C and unsweetened grapefruit juice. So my quick question to you having heard that you have had a few bouts of this, do you get headaches? I seem to have one most days? trying not to take any more pain killers as I know they are so strong and taxing on the system. I think it maybe the detoxing as I have cut out coffee and the quintessential english cup of tea obvs alcohol. ? and what do you think about taking Eno? Its for stomack upset ingredient soduim bicarbonate, citric acid anhydrous, sodium carbonate. My intestines are making the most extraordinary noise ( possibly because I have been eating a fairly normal diet but with no meat?.)

    1. Hi Romy – did you ask your doc and pharmacist (per my warnings) whether it was safe to drink grapefruit juice with your pain killers (if narcotics)? Detoxing can certainly cause headaches and digestive issues. I don’t get headaches much and have never associated them with pancreatitis but that doesn’t mean it isn’t possible. I’ve had many ask me that and I’m prone to think it’s from the detox effect of the supplements and diet. Eno should be ok. But check with your doc regarding ALL your meds and grapefruit juice. Please 🙂

      1. Good morning and thank you for your reply. Actually I do think it was detoxing as the mind splitting headaches are easing . All the herbal pills you recommended I think are working wonders – I have not touched the grapefruit as yet. Doctors over here are not on the ball as much as they are out there. Eno is doing wonders too. Waiting for CT scans. Is this now a forever thing to watch what I eat/drink? ( not sure I am ever going to drink alcohol again – I only started using it /abusing it to ease the pain of the death of my parents this year. Not eating properly or drinking water. I have more pain now then ever ! ) I am just so scared to find out if I have done lasting damage to other parts of me. I thought I was invincible and it has humbled me. I am the head of the family now and I need to be here for everyone.
        Yours keeping her head up , just. Here’s to people like you who has a good sense of humour and caring nature about a serious condition. Thank you

        1. Hi Romy – Glad to hear there has been some progress. You asked: “Is this now a forever thing to watch what I eat/drink?” Could very well be. Your CT scans should provide some more info.

      2. The perfect juice that works for me is papayajuice from one pound almost ripen papaya in the morning. Papaya is full of digestive enzymes.
        Perfect for the pancreas.

        You can also juce 2 inch ginger, half lemon without peel, 1 large apple and 1/2 pound papaya.
        30 min later i juice 2 pounds of watermelon with 2 large chili peppers. I Love the heat in chili!

        Chili peppers= total bliss for the whole digestive system. And ginger’s like à piece of heaven.

        Thanks for the info on your page!

  34. Thank you so much for your blog. I’m at the end of my rope. I had my first attack of AP two years ago – doctors said it was gallstones and removed my gallbladder. I followed a very strict low-fat, vegetarian diet with lots of exercise and then became suddenly ill again with AP in May. Since then, I was diagnosed with pancreatic divisium. I had a ERCP with a stint to enlarge the duct, which gave me AP again. I recovered from that after a couple of weeks but then began having pain over the summer after every meal. Started me on creon, which did help, but the pain became worse over the summer and my lipase was elevated with a MRI positive for AP. Went back for another stint in September, developed AP again and was hospitalized for nearly 2 weeks. Now home but can’t progress my diet past liquids without immense pain. They took the stint out but that hasn’t helped. The doctors now want to put in a feeding tube. I don’t want a feeding tube but don’t know what else to do. I’ve been trying to progress from clear liquids to rice cereal but that causes so much pain so thought I would try vegetable juice instead. Do you have any advice? I feel like every time the doctors touch me (who is one of the foremost specialists in pancreatitis), I get worse.

    1. Hi Carrie – I am sorry to hear of your trouble. I am not going to be much help because pancreas divisum is really difficult to treat. Your observation (last sentence) may be correct. I’m sorry I don’t have any real wisdom in this area.

  35. Thank you for your suggestions. Do you have any suggestions for someone trying to recover from anorexia? How can one avoid pancreatitis or liver problems when they have become insulin resistant and all grains, rice, potatoes and sweet fruits make them produce too much insulin leading to terrible hypoglycemia? I need to eat loads of protein and fats in order to pack on weight as I have to avoid carbs. My only carbs come from nuts and vegetables. Thanks!

    1. Hi Max – I have no suggestions for the anorexia thing. All I know is that if you have been damaged by pancreatitis high fat foods are not a good thing. I’d focus on protein but safe protein (beans, peas, lentils, egg whites, skinless chicken breast, white meat fish).

  36. Hi, this is a great site!
    I too am looking for some advice. I had acute pancreatitis following chemo/radio for Oesophageal Cancer. Thankfully the cancer looks gone! However, the 1st two years post stomach removal my doctors were recommending alcohol to increase my calorie intake and the pancreatitis was put down to the side effects of my surgery to remove the cancer.

    I now have a slightly raised Amylase (130ish), but during the attacks it was 1000+.

    My question are:
    1. What can I do to get my Amylase lower?
    2. Is it too risky to try alcohol?

    Kind Regards,


    1. Hi Jay – Sounds like you have definitely had some nasty challenges. Praise God your cancer is gone. I’d definitely avoid alcohol. You can find diet and supplement info on this site (will help heal the pancreas which in turn should lower amylase/lipase etc. as healing progresses). Check out the “categories” on the right. If you have any more questions about pancreas healing holler. 🙂

  37. How do I get you on face book. I’ve had it since I was 12 debilitating pain but by the time ambulance came the pain had past. Any time I went to the doctors and explained to them they didn’t seem I carried on with the pain sometimes rolling on the bathroom floor in agony and being sick. Then after a long time I was so bad I couldn’t talk or hardly breath and my granddaughter called an ambulance.was put on morphine and nil by mouth. Then was told that I had pancreatitis.after 4 days they was trying to make me eat ice cream to start me back eating. I refused and my daughter brought me in juice. After that I had my gall bladder removed. That was about five years ago but now it’s back again Ann’s I’ve had it for over a week. The doctor was called and he wanted me to go back into hospital but I refused and have been dealing with it myself and then I found your site and it is a great help to me. I will continue to watch this site for any help and to let all of you people that are suffering the same pain that my heart really goes out to you all.i am 69 now so have suffer a lot of years but I am now trying bio resonance treatment and they say that they can heal the pancreas. Love to you all, Joan.

    1. Hi Joan – when you are sick (like your description) you should go to the nearest ER. Your granddaughter did the prudent thing five years ago by calling for an ambulance. If you again sick like that you need to be in the ER.

  38. Well thank you for giving me hope 🙂 Im in the uk started with psin about 2 weeks ago finally afmitted myself to hospital and after tests they let me go eith mild pancreatitis, Thankfully I found your site because at no point has any Doctor told me not to eat, even when ive told everyone of them that when I eat I get pain soon after!! We must be way behind here 🙁 any how since coming out I have eaten ( then I found your site) so im 24 hours in to just drinking water and some mint tea , is this ok?? And what can I have for energy to get me through the 3 days? Can I take a strong multivitamin? ( link below) this also contains grape seed extract? Thank you so much, your a good man and a even awesomer blogger 🙂

    1. Hi Howard – sorry to hear you have joined the club. The 3 day fast is to give the pancreas total rest. Water is great. The mint tea should be ok. If it were me I’d run to the nearest health store and get some Ibuprofen (200 mg tabs), plain grape seed extract (100 mg caps/tabs), plain curcumin (500 mg caps/tabs) and vitamin C (1000 mgs tabs/caps). I’d take one dose of 800mgs of Ibuprofen (day one), then 200 mgs 2x daily for a week. take the ibuprofen and the supplements during the fast. Take them with the water. Start slow with the supplements at once per day for about a week, then go to 2x per day, then 3x per day, then 4x daily. By then you should be feeling decent (I hope). But fast for three (3) days then try veggie juice (V8) for another 3 days. IF that goes well you could try some solid food such as rice, veggies, etc. NO oil or butter or margarine or anything high fat.

    1. Hi Audrey – I’m glad you like the site. 🙂 I have to admit I do NOT know of any fat free tortillas. I’ll do some checking and if I locate some or a recipe that would be suitable I’ll get back to you. If you don’t hear back from me it’s cuz I didn’t find anything.

  39. Hello Healthy Guy, glad there is a discussion about this sort of thing. Here is my story.

    I was 35 yrs old in October of 2014 I had some pain in my side that was uncomfortable but over the course of 3 days worsened to where I was constantly clutching my right side. Eventually I was unable to sit still or find a comfortable position and slept very little by the 3rd night. On the 4th day (I lived alone in a remote area of Michigan) I drove to a Redi-Med and was diagnosed with constipation. By that evening my brother in law had picked me up and rushed me to the ER where I was diagnosed with Acute Pancreatitis. They kept me in the hospital for a week on an IV and discharged me with a warning to stop drinking. I had been a heavy drinker for about 8 years at that point. I did cut back a little but then felt I was over it and it was a fluke. I was admitted to the hospital again 4mo later. That was almost 2 years ago and while I have cut back drastically on drinking (Here and there, lightly, maybe more at a BBQ or wedding) I still do drink. It’s been almost 2 years since my last bout and I have eaten pretty much whatever I want to. Am I the luckiest AP Patient out there or am I heading into a fiery wreck? I got a little scared after this past Thanksgiving when I had more than I should have to drink and had a mild side ache about a day and a half after I touched anything. I of course halted any drinking and made sure I was hydrated, took 2 Naproxen-Sodiums and felt fine the next day. Reading about everyone else’s experiences makes me think I should kind of be dead by now. I still haven’t had a drop and don’t plan to any time soon because I’m starting to get that Russian Roulette feeling. So NO BS…how screwed am I?

    1. Hi Nino – I should think that your bout with acute pancreatitis would have been a real wake up call. It sounds like you may be one of the lucky who can heal up (over a few months) and maybe eat normal (IF you don’t cause yourself more problems). I’d definitely quit drinking (for good) and watch my diet for a while to let that pancreas heal up.

  40. Hi Healty Guy,

    My younger brother passed away on 8th Nov 2016 due to Acute Sever Pancreatitis, MODS Viral Induced (Dengue Shock Syndrom) thats what hospital written in ’cause of death’.

    around 4-5 days back, he had fever, than fever susided and he started working. On 7th Nov, early morning he compalined about sever stomach pain and vomating. We took to nearer nursing home. Doctros said it is case of Gastroentitis / food poisining. They given him flude NL/RV etc and injection of Reglan, Pentaprazole etc.

    mean while doctor gave him ENO (contain soda) also for gas relief. After 2-3 hours my brother felt some relief and doctor advised us to given some Icecream, Milk and Biscuits to him so that they can see, if there is any problem after consuming food. Just after taking food my brother complained about sever stomach pain. Than doctors again given him ENO (contains soda).

    Immediately after driking ENO, he had vomating. Than doctors reffered him in another big hospital. On reaching hospital, doctors did the Sonography and declared – Acute Severe Pancreatitis, Colitis, Asytis and
    Fatty Lever.

    They took him in ICU, did dylisis of Kidney, but Lactic Acid level in blood was increasing from 14 to 16 to 21. Potassium was also around 8.

    my brother had two cardic arrest also during the treatment. at last they took hom on Ventilator. But he passed away on 8th Morning. At that time he was on ventilator.

    I still wonder, what happend to him. He was healty, just 35 years old. on 6th Nov he ate Pappaya and Coconut water.
    Please help in finding an answer. I can share his medical reports if you want.

    1. Hi Satish Kalani – I am very sorry to hear about your loss. I know you are upset, mourning your brother. He was obviously very ill. I am not qualified to determine the cause of your brother’s death. I’m sorry. 🙁 The only thing I can offer is prayer.

  41. I think I’m in trouble. I’m back in the hospital again with levels that everyone here is telling me they have never seen or heard of before. I don’t know what to do. I was up all night with pain and the on call doctor was MIA. The nurses were wonderful and stayed at my side through it all. I passed out twice from the pain and finally, through the grace of God, I was able to get enough relief to sleep for a couple of hours. Nothing at this point to do now but pray it doesn’t get worse, and that I don’t get as bad again as I was last night. They don’t know what’s causing it and I have to say that I’m more than concerned for my life right now.

    1. I didn’t really mean for my reply to be published. I just wanted someone to tell my troubles to so you don’t have to allow that on. It’s really quite a sad story and these things should be upbeat….I m alone aright now and I just wanted someone to tell this to. They finally found out what’s causing my problems. It would seem I have stomach cancer. Bummer, right? Big surprise to me…..Thanks for letting me bend your ear so much. I appreciate you and all the help you bring to your readers. God Bless you Health Guy!

      1. Anna – here’s the deal. First you are welcome. I’m hear for ya! And … I didn’t post your comments (including this one) to cause you embarrassment or violate your privacy. Instead, many times, my goal is to alert other Jesus followers concerning your need (and others as well) for prayer and God’s tender mercies, healing and forgiveness. I know there are some true believers who come to this site and their prayers can literally move mountains. As followers of Jesus (the Way) we all have been given gifts (power) which can be used to help others. So, I have been praying that you be held in His arms so that you can know He loves you. I am going to give you some “WOG” (Word of God) to read. These particular verses hold real power once you understand what they mean especially Mark 11:22-26. I have seen God’s glory and the results of belief in Him whom He sent as the perfect sacrifice, once, for ALL. 🙂

    2. Anna – I apologize I haven’t checked this site for comments until now. It definitely sounds like you are not having a good time (gross understatement right?). God has a plan for you. I don’t know what that plan is but I will keep you in my prayers.

      1. Ok, this is an update. They have found a malignant mass in my duodenal bulb. It started out as an ulcer and then wouldn’t heal and continued to get worse over the past year. It is up against the head of my pancreas but it is not sure yet whether it has spread to the pancreas. They will be performing the Whipple Procedure in St. Louis and then they will be able to find out more about how far it has spread. I’ve been told the type of cancer I have is rare so there isn’t a lot of information out there about it, but if it hasn’t spread, especially to my pancreas, I should be in pretty good shape.

        1. Hi Anna – THAT was not what I was expecting to hear as an update. I know you are probably scared to death but … You said “if it hasn’t spread, especially to my pancreas, I should be in pretty good shape.” Let’s have faith in God for healing (He’s The Great Physician) and believe that not only does He have a plan but that He will use your trial for good. I will pray for your comfort, deliverance, peace and healing. Has your Whipple procedure been scheduled?

          1. If he is listed as a provider on my insurance, my surgery is scheduled for the 13th of January. The surgeon that my medical team here at home found is supposed to be one of the best in the country, so we hope that it will be him. I have an excellent medical team, here at home, who have been so kind and supportive, and have given me much hope that although I’m in for the fight of my life, it’s a fight that I can win. I always offer my suffering, fortunately, there has been little for me to offer over the past years, so I’m certainly due these days.My fear was quickly replaced by an odd peace, but I will admit that some early mornings feel a little alone. I have wonderful people in my life though, who keep me smiling and two funny little grandsons that make me laugh everyday. Thank you for your support. It means a lot, and fills an empty space that, for many reasons, can only be filled by the comradery type friendship that I get when I come here. Thank you so much for your prayers, concern and friendship. Positive attitudes! 🙂

          2. Anna we are all here for you. You are very welcome. When I need comfort, strength, and encouragement I always reach for God’s Word because it is full of promises. For example:

            1) I am never lonely because Jesus is always with me (Matthew 28:20). God the Father is always with me (Joshua 1:9, more verses)

            2) I am never anxious (1 Peter 5:7). I simply give every concern I have to Almighty God and He handles it and gives me peace.

            3) There isn’t anything I can not do through Him because He strengthens me (Philippians 4:13).

            4) I know that I receive what I pray for because Jesus promised (Mark 11:22-26).

            5) Jesus loves me (you too) so much that He died for me and then rose again on the 3rd day in victory over sin and death but get this … He loves us so much that He asked the Father to love us just as the Father loves Him! The High Priestly Prayer. Do you think Jesus prays to the Father on our behalf and Almighty God says no? No way! So not only does King Jesus love us with an unending love but The Father loves us just as much as He loves His own Son! Get your head wrapped around that and you’ll know how blessed being a child of the King makes you. And if you have never asked Jesus into your life as Savior and Lord do it. If you need to patch up your relationship do it. He loves you Anna! Trust me, I know things 🙂

          3. Hi Anna

            I know how you feel when I read your comment. if it weren’t for HG giving up his time to run this site, I don’t know how I would of got through this last 9 months. I really pray everything goes well for you. Stay strong stay positive and keep all those good people at home and on this site close to you. You’re right it’s a fight you can win. God bless.


          4. Stacey, thank you for your words of encouragement. It really does help so much. Being sick sucks and I just never imagined the day I would realize that I’m sick, and I’m going to stay that way. You are right, though. It really does make the difference when you have a place for support. And I know that I will get through this and my life will be good again. With everything that is going on, I still would not trade my life for anyone else in the world, and I’ve had a great life and more happiness than any one person deserves, so however this turns out, it’s been a wonderful ride, and I’m lucky to have had what I have. Still gonna try to keep going though….I’m stubborn that way! lol

          5. Happy New Year Anna!

            I think the bit nit going to get better is the thing to get your head around. I try to think I’m going to beat this like HG says you can. The last 3 days I’ve been feeling really good so I know there is definitely still hope. We might have to still be careful to keep inflammation down with diet etc but it’s better than the alternative. I have been making awesome vegan fat free food lately. Really tasty food so I don’t even feel like I’m missing out. Even my husband and son are enjoying my recipes which can’t do anything but make them healthier.

            Anytime you need to reach out cause your scared or you just need a fellow pancreatitis patient to talk to I’m here.

            Stacey ?

          6. I’m glad to hear you are or seem to be in good spirits Anna 🙂 Hang in there. I pray that God blesses you beyond your wildest dreams this new year 🙂

          7. I have the final itinerary for the Whipple procedure. It is scheduled for the 11 of this month. My biggest challenge is making it through the surgery and waking up. After that, I have this. I let the doctor know that if he just gets me through this alive, I’ll do the rest. I have since discovered I have some mad ninja Whipple skills….I’m wanting to keep a journal of my recovery, diet, exercise, everything starting from surgery to recovery. I’ve heard it’s different for everyone so we will see….given my health as it is, and my age I’m kind of in the so so category, but I have the will of a lion, so hopefully that will be an advantage. Pray for a well rested, confident, steady handed surgeon for me. I’m ready to kick this pig!

          8. Hi Anna – Is your surgery still on for the 13th? I’ll see if I can get some prayer (from some prayer warriors, me too) going up to the Throne of Grace for you. Just remember how much God loves you. Jesus prayed to The Father and asked Him to love us as much as He loves His Son (read all of John 17).

  42. I’m back with another question! Is there a place on this site that just has a chart of foods you can eat. I saw it someplace and it listed the foods and then it was either in the “can have” column or “cannot have” column. I’m so sorry I didn’t print it and now I can’t find it. Can you help? Thanks again for this site I refer to it often.

  43. Great Post! Very well said! Hi Health Guy! Had a bunch of tests done at UCLA medical center..MRI/MRA on my abdomen. I also had a MRCP on my Pancreas. It looks like I have a blocked portal vein to my liver. But the good news is that because I do a lot of cardio, I have been able to build small blood vessels around the liver to bring in the oxygen it needs. As for my Pancreas I have a series of small cysts, that are too small to biopsy on the tail of my Pancreas. I will have to have MRCP’s done every 9-12 months to make sure they don’t grow in size. Otherwise things look ok for now. Been having a lot of nausea of late and not sure why? It seems to start in the mid-morning and lasts till the evening. I have some nausea medication that dissolves in your mouth. Seems to help somewhat, but why am I getting nauseated in the first place. That the dr’s can’t tell me..
    Happy New Year to you and every kind individual on this sight.

    1. Hi Neal – sorry I am so late replying. Thanks for the kind words. Glad you liked the post 🙂 I would guess your nausea is probably due to the portal vein blockage and the small cysts on the tail of your pancreas. Happy New Year to you too Neal 🙂

  44. Hello again my health guy Thankyou for answering my questions. I am now giving an update.
    I have had no pain at all for about two weeks. I have stayed fat free and have been very careful with what I have eaten. Only healthy for me now. I am sprouting seeds and making different concoctions. Eating things like quinoa,it’s lovely.the only thing I did wrong was to put an organic chicken stock cube in my food. A little while later my head started to spin an cold sweat and felt like I was going to be sick had to crawl to my bed as I couldn’t stand .it felt like it was coming from my pancreas as a warning to me and that’s all it could of been as everything else was ok apart from that. I am ok again now but find myself very weak still. I still check your site and read everyone’s comments. You are a good and kind man and you have helped so many people I hope you realise what a blessing you have been. It’s good to see that you have a strong belief in the bible too.and I’m sure that you know this scripture that we can all look forward to its revelation21v4and 5. I am in uk and you have helped people all over the world so once again Thankyou x

    1. Hi Joan – You are welcome. Each and every person who God brings to this site. Thanks so much for the kind words. ALL the glory belongs to Almighty God and yes, one day, He will wipe every tear from our eyes. There will be no more pain, no more sickness. All things will become new. We’ll be able to eat GOOD food, you know the great tasting foods we have to avoid for now in order to stay well? I can’t wait to sink my teeth into a nice big prime rib HA! Some day when Jesus calls me home 🙂

  45. HG,

    You know I value your opinion, while you say your not a Dr, I think you know a hell of a lot more than most Drs about pancreatitis. Here’s something I’ve noticed lately. When I feel nauseas it’s pretty much a result of eating fats (tiny amounts) or a big amount of protein and can last 24/48 hours. But I’ve also noticed if I eat when feeling nauseas I feel better ie the nausea subsides. Does that sound pancreatitis to you? From what I’ve read it’s not.

    I met with a surgeon and he wants to take my gall bladder out. He said because of the intolerance to fat. Sludge, small gallstones it would warrant having the GB taken out. He said it may not fix it but then it takes the gall bladder out of the equation. My specialist gastroenterologist says she now thinks i have a bad case of irritable bowel. More likely she can’t cure me so put it in that basket.!! She also wants me to try Questran to see if it helps.

    I’m having a conundrum. Do I get my gall bladder and potentially cure my problem or I get more complications from surgery. Do I not get the surgery and just try the Questran for a few weeks see what happens.

    Hope all is well with you.

    Stacey ?

    1. Hi Stacey – Thank you for the kind words and confidence you have in me. No I am NOT a doctor and I really am not qualified to give medical advice. I sometimes walk a really gray line so keep in mind my answers are simply my thoughts, nothing more.

      Question #1: “When I feel nauseas it’s pretty much a result of eating fats (tiny amounts) or a big amount of protein and can last 24/48 hours. But I’ve also noticed if I eat when feeling nauseas I feel better ie the nausea subsides. Does that sound pancreatitis to you?”
      Answer: No, it doesn’t sound like pancreatitis. I have never found eating to help symptoms of pancreatitis. It (eating) has always made things worse for me. BUT that doesn’t mean it couldn’t ever happen. I can’t see eating being of benefit in the presence of gallbladder inflammation either. But who knows?

      I am definitely not qualified to give advice on gallbladder surgery. I have to agree with the surgeon in regards to the one benefit of surgery being that it takes the gallbladder out of the picture as an additional risk for another acute pancreatitis attack due to a stone getting stuck in the common bile duct.

      One of my readers (Daisy) wrote a cool comment with info about the lack of iron (especially in women of childbearing years) causing super saturation of bile with cholesterol thus increasing the risk of stone formation. Increasing iron intake (by food) may be of benefit in reducing that risk. Anemia can cause GB stones. Whether or not just being a little low on iron can do the same I do NOT know but I suppose it could be possible.

  46. Hey, I was diagnosed with liver damage, days later chronic pancreatitis and giving me 2 days to live, with the power of GOD and my family it’s now a year later. After a couple of months I came home, told I could eat what ever. I’m on a list of medicine but on my on I take milk thistle, turmeric curcumin, one a day, doc. Tells me my liver numbers looking good. But should I start this diet your talking about or can I make just a few changes to help heal my pancreas, will it ever fully heal?

    1. Hi Lisa – Praise God for His healing power! He’s an awesome loving God. If you’ve been diagnosed with CP it’s a life-long deal. There is no cure. So it would be wise to start the diet because the diet coupled with grape seed extract, curcumin and vitamin C can put it in remission, even help regenerate certain cells (acinar) once the inflammation is resolved. So yes, I believe the pancreas can heal but again there is no cure for chronic pancreatitis.

  47. I began having pain this past summer. On Memorial Day I ended up in the ER. They took out my gallbladder. 3 weeks later I had another attack. Pain was so intense, it lasted about an hour. Over the summer I had a total of 6 attacks. Some worse than others, but all happened after my 3rd drink of alcohol. Sometimes I drank and it didn’t happen. So now I just stick to 2 drinks max and have been fine. I only drink once a week. I am 43 years old, weigh 120 and lift weights and run daily. My health is important to me, I have two boys that I want to be around for. I keep reading how bad this could get, but I am really struggling with no alcohol ever. If I only have 2 drinks am I still dong damage. I recently went to the Cleveland clinic and they did and MRI which was normal. They also did a scope and found pancreas divisum, but aren’t sure if this is the cause of my pain or not. The trigger is definitely alcohol, but I don’t want to give it up completely. Do you think I am ok with just a few drinks occasionally and drink slowly?

    1. Hi Stacey – pancreas divisum can definitely be the cause. Many people with pancreas divisum go their whole life without a problem while others suffer. In regards to your question: ” Do you think I am ok with just a few drinks occasionally and drink slowly?” My answer is no, especially since you have been diagnosed with pancreas divisum and you already know that alcohol triggers flairs (pain). But it’s your life, your decision. You have to do what you think is best.

  48. thanx. informative. just got out of hospital (against their advice). need to watch my diet, however i am a chronic pot smoker. the munchies are literally going to kill me

    1. Hi Eugene – thanks for visiting and your comment. I remember one dude I was sort of friends with in a pancreatitis support group that swore pot helped him cope (helped the nausea and pain). I know cancer patients who smoke pot and eat it (candy, cookies, brownies etc) to cope with the same. I did not notice whether or not it helped me when I actually did smoke pot years ago.

  49. Hello Health Guy

    After food poisoning from a seafood burrito at a Mexican restaurant 3 years ago that caused diverticuli and several subsequent diverticulitis infections due to the violence of the “evacuation” during the initial food poisening. They know this as a colonoscopy 1 year earlier showed a beautiful perfect colon. I spent 2 weeks bleeding internally and deathly ill, missing 3 weeks of work.

    That brings me to to this stage of the story. I have since suffered several episodes of severe, only what I can describe as burning, aching, throbbing pain on the left side just below the rib cage and slightly under, sometimes radiating down the descending colon and just behind it at the upper range of where the pain starts in my back. Hungry but no appetite, very little to no nausea part of the time. All that has been found is an enlarged bile duct. 2 ultra sounds 6 months apart showed no change in the enlargement and always the pancreas looed good. I don’t believe my lipase levels have been checked even after multiple ER trips. Since starting acupuncture 8 months ago I am able to function most days thru the exhaustion, headaches, strange vertigo like dizzy spells that can last for hours even days that leave me with a rapid heart rate, short of breath and with a strange feeling being achy with a swirling in my head and odd almost like I have carbon monoxide poisening feeling, with it comes cold sweats and heat flashes. Not a single blood, CT, mri or ultrasound can explain this. I was once hauled out of work in an ambulance at the onset of a particularly bad one. The paramedics thought I was having a heart attack at 40. I have a very demanding high stress job, OT most days and have worked like this having missed only 1.5 days since the food poisening due to my stomach and bowel issues.

    Right now I am suffering one of the episodes of the pain in my pancreas area. I am on day 5 now even after just juice, crackers and clear chicken broth. I drink naked juices blends and odwalla raw juice blends. Both have vegetables and fruits blends. Still suffering and can’t decide if it could be pancreas or an ulcer. I was able to get to sleep last night after a prilosec.


    1. Hi Melody – I’m sorry you are ill and do not know why. That is very frustrating. The only suggestion I can make is to get yourself to the ER and ask them to check your amylase and lipase levels. That will either rule out or in acute pancreatitis. If your levels are normal keep digging to get a diagnosis that makes sense. There is obviously something wrong.

  50. Hi Mrhealty guy..first of all I want to thnx u for helping the people and providing them so necessary information.. I m a 29 years old guy from indiaand have an acute passionate pancreatitis attack on 5 Apr 17 m still in hospital. I was on iv along with antibiotics and pain killers up to 16 days. My rate of severity 10/10. Now doctors advice me to have some semi liquid soft diet and stay away from fat and other dairy products. Now m felling a mild pain only for few minutes whenever I eat or drink water. After few minutes all are normal..can u tell me may I live a normal life after D’s attack …and what should I have and what avoid in my diet…

    1. Hi Jaideep Sigroha – It sounds like you have had a bad couple weeks. Whether you’ll live a “normal” life (able to eat normally and feel fine) after your attack depends upon how much pancreas damage you have and how well it heals up. It sounds like you have a good doc who knows fat is not good for a recovering pancreas. That is a good thing! So follow that advice and stay away from fat for quite a while (it could take quite a while to heal) and give your pancreas time to heal. Find the category drop down box on the right of this site and read about diet. If it were me I’d start off with vegetable juices and fruit juices (for about a week) to see how your pancreas tolerates those before going to solid food. If I tolerated vegetable juice I’d then try fruit juice. Then after a week of just juice I’d try some steamed vegetables, then rice. Then rice and vegetables (leafy greens, greens, tubers, legumes etc) together. No fat, no oil (any kind), no soy (tofu, soybeans, etc), no coconut, no avocado, no animal products, no nuts, no seeds (sunflower, flax, etc), no sauces made with fat/oil, etc. Just plain rice and vegetables. Salt, pepper, (spices) should be fine to flavor the rice, veggies.

  51. I got necrotising pancreatitis in sep 2015. Spent one month in local hospital the 5 more months in a bigger hospital. I had multiple organ failure. Not quite dialysis for kidneys, but close, but a ruptured spleen. Liver not so good either. Had a tracheostomy for 5 months as well and now have an awful cough and a very deep voice. I was fed through a nasal tube all this time and then in the february of 2016 finally on soft foods. It has been suggested that i have my gallbladder removed to lesson the risk of another attack. Due to my husband being ill that was put off till this week. Went to hospital for keyhole surgery. This did not happen because of the scarring. I had and mrcp and will also have an ultra sound scan. Apparently i have sludge in my common bileduct and gallbladder. I first started eating any food as the drs wanted me to put on weight first as i had been so unwell and nearly dying. I myself cut out processed foods, sugars as much as possible. Thank you so much for your information. I put down the potato chips as i was reading this. I will stay at my current weight i think. Am now waiting as they might do an ercp. I think they should just get rid of my gallbladder.will be leaving our province to go to the bigger hospital as because of the cost thye seem to be mucking around with my life here. Once qgain thanks for your advice. Hope all is good with you and all the people you have helped

    1. Hi Alana – sounds like you have certainly had some really rough times. If I can help with any questions holler. Thank you for visiting and sharing your story. I will pray that you become well and stay well. 🙂

  52. Hi Health Guy,

    I was going to ask about my own pancreatitis health/healing and ended up reading all of the comments on this page….I was just wondering if you’ve heard anything else about Anna?? Though I am not too well myself since the start of this year I gained some perspective in the comments above: that it could be better (which would be great), but it also could be worse.

    Prayers for you Anna if you see this!!! And for all those who are suffering or seeking answers.

    1. Hi Megan – Anna had pancreatitis due to cancer. They didn’t find her cancer in time. Evidently God wanted her home. Anna went to be with the Lord Jesus last month. I miss my friend. I had gotten to know her and she is a very good soul. Thank you for caring enough to ask about her. 🙂

      1. May she fly free and rest easy in the never ending embrace of love…Hugs to you and thoughts to all those who love and miss her

      2. Hi health guy,
        i am suffering pancreatities from the age of 14 now I am 23 as of now not much more. reports shows that my pancreas is small.i feared about my life expectancy and my quality of life in future.and the main thing is my marraige can i marry or stay single for lifelong this is eating my mind all the day.give some hopes about future

        1. Hi Chandra – I’ll try to help with your question. I’m not qualified but I’ll try. I believe there is always hope. As long as one has breath and air to breathe there is hope. 🙂

          I think you need to ask some questions of yourself and then answer straight forward.
          1) how are you feeling right now?
          2) How have you felt over the last 6 months?
          3) How have you been over the last year?
          4) Do you feel like your health is deteriorating or improving?
          5) what are you doing right now to improve your health?
          6) what are you willing and able to do to improve your health from today going forward?

          After you have asked yourself those questions and given yourself straight forward answers you need to sit down with whomever it is you are interested in marrying and have a conversation. I would think the both of you could come up with the best solution (in regards to whether you should marry). Again, I think that there is always hope. I think that, in most cases, there is always something one can do to improve their health. I also think it boils down to what one is willing and also able to do in order to achieve the goal.

  53. Hello. Monday morning I woke up with stomach pains but I didnt think much of it. Took my dog for a walk and then my daughter to the orthodontist. The pain was getting a little worse so I took an advil and gas-ex, but that didnt work. My stomach was getting bloated and tighter. My husband told me to go to Med-Express (which we love). I would never had normally gone right away if my husband didnt push me because Im a busy mom and put myself last. Also, the pain wasnt unbearable by any means. I gt to the clinic and she asked me some questions, examined my stomach and told me to go straight to the ER. I got to the ER, they took me right away and did a CT scan. Came back and told me I had acute pancreatitis. I was shocked. My blood levels were out of wack and they told me it was moderate, not mild. I was admitted for 4 days! I have been a drinker off and on so I figured that caused it. I was honest with everyone about that because I know its important to tell the truth. My MRI showed I have gall stones and will probably have my gall bladder removed within the next couple of weeks. They didnt do it then because I would have been in the hospital for at least another 5 days and I needed to get home. I didnt eat anything in the bospital for the first 3 days then was on clear liquids. I did fine in the evening so the next day I had a turkey sandwhich, soup, salad and fruit. Did fine with that (except I stuffed myself) so they released me. Ive been so hungry since I got home and have been eating a lot but am eating low fat and being careful. I got home Thursday evening and have had zero problems. Am I pushing it by eating a lot or does my body seem to be healed? I am very weak and tired, though. So glad to find your site because I stress myself out by googling every little thing.

    1. Hi Nicole – sorry to hear you have joined the club. Good news is IF you avoid any more acute attacks and the one you had didn’t do too much damage and you get your GB out to eliminate the problem you may heal and be fine the rest of your life so … what I am saying is be super cautious UNTIL your GB is out and you have completely healed because it takes time for pancreas inflammation to resolve and damage to heal AND until you have your GB out you can always pass more stones.

  54. Hello to the initiator of this site & thank you.
    I wrote on the prayer request (July 21-22 midbight)
    A few months back (Feb 2017) I had a tooth infection & due to me not wanting to take antibiotics I took oregano oil pills to my dismay. I believe this has been the cause to my 550 amalyse (raised from 400 last month) & lipase at 170 (which I read is on the upper range.) I feel very foolish as I have always lived a very healthy lifestyle (working out, never smoked, tried wine a few times, I can literally count with my fingers) but didn’t like it. So this!! Just cause of my resistance to pharmaceuticals. WARNING ON oregano pills. Pls do not take them. I took them for 4 days (4 in one day 250 milligrams each). I’m thin. 135 lbs _ thinner now (120 5 ft 7) because I’m trying to rest the pancreas & sometimes don’t know what to eat but have learned alot from you!! Thank you so much!!!! We are pricelessly grateful!
    I’d like your advice – is whole rolled oats with water, cinnamon okay for this or no?

    I believe I will heal completely in the Name of Jesus & learn my lesson from drinking oregano & He will be glorified but it will be a very long journey (doctors still have not diagnosed anything, it’s so sad how little they care).

    Thank you & Praise God for your dedication to share this & respond. You have made a community of strengthened folks you being @ the forefront.

    1. Hi Celines – You are welcome! Thank you for the kind words. 🙂 You asked: “is whole rolled oats with water, cinnamon okay for this or no?” Rolled oats (oatmeal) is fine.

      1. Thank you Paul!!
        I feel especially strong when I eat rolled oats & so I asked.
        My update since my last post has been. Endoscopy shows no injury to organs, slight gastritis. Although DR. Said he can’t really see the pancreas or liver. I will admit myself into the hospital tomorrow as I have been dealing with this on my own with family & I believe I should not let it progress (but I’m eating very little) & have lost a few more pounds.
        I don’t mind the losing weight as long as its benefiting the health. Perhaps I can receive IV in order to rest the organs.
        What are your thoughts on that idea Paul? IV in hospital for 1-2 days.

        Also, I just found out my cousin suffered a Acute Pancreas attack 4 years ago which he has not had one again after eating friend chicken & drinking too much. He was speaking to me about the pain which I have not had (except for the slight upper back burn) although I believe I could get if I don’t admit myself.
        Also, is the level of pain (stabbing) pain indicative of the LEVEL of damage to the Pancreas? More pain more damage?

        Thanks Paul! It’s amazing to have this forum & your support. God Bless!

        1. Hi Celines – you are most welcome 🙂 Your test results sound promising. I don’t know if I’d admit myself to a hospital; I don’t think that is possible any longer if I want insurance to pay. I can fast at home for free. And trust me on this if you ever have an acute pancreatitis attack you’ll know because even mild cases produce severe pain. I’ve had one woman tell me she’d rather have 4 babies in a row than have another attack. I’ve had a number of women claim they would rather give birth. I’ve had military vets who have been shot tell me they’d rather be shot again than have another bout of AP. I am sure that with elevated amylase and a lower elevation of lipase that something is going on but it may not be pancreatitis. I definitely think you should keep a close watch and even try to have your doc find out what could be causing your illness. It could be an IBD (celiac, Crohn’s etc) or some other condition. There are condtitions other than pancreatitis that can cause amylase and lipase elevations. With that said – acute pancreatitis lipase elevations vary from lab to lab, doctor to doctor etc. Some use 3 times ULN while others use 5. You could have a mild case of pancreatitis there are always those who do not fit the norm. But absence of pain is rare. The next time you are really ill make sure you go to the ER.

          1. Thank you Paul! I appreciate your advice & you writing back also.

            I have been on the up & down with my family – doctors, exams, all that & my head didn’t fall off because Lord knows =o). But there is good news – all these ailments (after an MRI) are due to constipation on the splenic flecture which was pushing on the pancreas head & tail. Now, the issue I was trying to get to was “what caused my constipation (chronic , as they said), since my diet was always lots of fiber & fruits. After honestly accessing my EGO, I realized I just ate way too much fruit & perhaps at the wrong times (after meals) which causes fermentation & mucous build up —> inflammation. Thats really not a good thing! Time will tell but my amylase number this week is at 180 from 2000 two weeks ago.
            I have been trying to resolve the underlying causes & have felt much better. I have learned that once our systems are compromised & “security is breached” =o) all is game for evil invaders like the negative bacterias. the key is to strengthen our immunity also. So, everyone should always take a GOOD QUALITY probiotic with a 50 billion cultures etc. 70% of our health & immunity comes from our entire gut area!!
            I have noticed my healing is much quicker now too!!
            In general, I do think there was minimal damage to my liver since the poor guy has to bear the burden of the others. Thankfully, He is very forgiven & has extreme ability to regenerate – Incredible intelligent designer right!?
            Toxins were staying in my body as well since I wasn’t releasing daily.
            My endoscopy came out “fine” & MRI showed no damage except for the constipation (which at one point I thought was due to a parasite from raw foods).

            All in all, I am learning to take things ONE DAY AT A TIME & knowing that I CANNOT control everything except what decisions I make for TODAY & my attitude towards those.
            I am truly blessed to say that this machine we live in is always trying to SAVE us!! Please, lets treat it with care & love as it was meant to be treated. It is truly, a Temple of the Holy Spirit. {1 Corinthians 19-20}
            I want to THANK YOU Paul for all your help & support to anyone who comes on our site & to me- Convinces me that the good in us comes from somewhere outside of us.

            Blessings & warm wishes for health, love & great relationships forever!

            P.S. I will update more in the future.


          2. Hi Celines – thanks for the kinds words and I am glad to hear you have been told what the problem is and have been getting it resolved which is helping you feel better – good news is always welcome, Praise God! Yes, keep us informed and get well 🙂

          3. BTW – the women & Veteran saying things on there pain is INSANE to me! Wow!! & you were on the money with saying I had some stomach issues. Good Judgement call Ref! Take Care all & Paul!!! =o)

  55. I was hospitalized beginning of august with acute pancreatitis. I have been drinking health shakes and eat one meal a day. I still have pain. Will this ever stop!

    1. Hi Denise – “health” shakes (boost, ensure etc) often contain oil and oil doesn’t work for an inflamed or damaged pancreas. Whey (dairy) from protein shakes sometimes causes problems as well. With that said it does take time to heal. I’m sorry you are not well.

  56. Just out of the hospital with acute pancreatitis attack AND … as a result, gallbladder removal. I believe that stress had a huge factor to play in attack — happened less than a week of going through Hurricane Irma and all that. EXTREME STRESS. But now, without gallbladder. The thing is we eat organic fruits, veggies, etc. I usually had 1/2 glass or maybe a full glass of white wine each evening before or with dinner. I do smoke small, filtered cigars. I HATE taking medications and the only one, right now, out of fear of getting ‘that pain’ again is a proton inhibitor that I was given to take for 30 days until my followup appt.. I’ve had bleeding ulcers in the past and currently dx’d with GERD, Diverticulosis, have several small cysts on kidney and liver and mild cirrhosis of the liver. All this ‘occuring/developing’ in less than 6, months after having ruptured appendix and subsequent removal of appendix in March this same year. (yeah, its been quite the year!) … The thing is we are very careful about what we eat. We do eat *some* snackie type stuff that isn’t within organic realm but mostly veggies (raw in salads), white meat chicken, white fish, and fresh fruits. Little to no starches, or anything processed like bread, pastries, pastas, etc. Its gotten to the point of what the heck can I eat !?!? I do juice, drink smoothies made with almond milk (lactose intolerant so no dairy) and make my own gluten free flour mixes for flat bread, etc. So what to do? Can’t even fathom WHY this happened.

    I might mention that I live in an area where NALED is sprayed and MALATHION is sprayed frequently for mosquitoes. It has destroyed my horses’ health so can only assume that somehow it is affecting me, too. I’ll also mention that for days preceeding attack I was wading, sometimes thigh deep, in flood waters on our property from Hurricane Irma. So maybe that contributed, too. Whatever … it is what it is and now I need to know what to eat. I won’t eat the white bread, soft foods that are recommended by Drs and Hospital.

    Hopefully you have some insight to this for me?

    Thank you.

    1. Gwenyth – sounds like you have definitely had a year that could not be called fun. On the right side of this site you’ll see a category area (drop down tab). You can find diet posts via that route.

  57. Hi,
    I have being diagnosed with chronic pancreatitis on 10/2/17, fatty liver, erosion stomach with ulcers and I am diabetic. I don’t know what to eat….any advise….im so frustrating and I am in pain all the time. I have lose 12 pounds in 10 days only eating chicken broth, egg white and cream of wheat, no sugar, not salt only water. Thank you

    1. Hi Soe – I am sorry to hear you have CP, are unwell and in pain. The two enemies are alcohol and fat. So anything with alcohol or high fat needs to be discontinued. Chicken broth is high in fat. Eat veggie broth instead. You are going to lose weight on a low fat diet. There is no way around it but the important objective should be to become pain free or at least more well. You can find diet info on this site. I hope you find the info helpful and soon feel better.

  58. Hi Health Guy.
    I was diagnosed a mild AP but amylase and lipase don’t want to go down after 2 weeks and when eating (always low fat meals) my belly is very swollen and i feel a little bit of nausea.
    MRI doesn t show up any damage.
    So my questiion is how much time is required for this symptoms to disappear ?
    Thanks in advance,

    1. Hi Paul sorry to hear you have experienced AP – sucks doesn’t it? It often takes months to heal (if you do everything right), even from a very mild attack. The good news is (since you have had only one very mild attack) if you heal up nicely you may never have another problem. If you do everything right the symptoms may disappear in a short time but it may actually take a lot longer to really heal. I hope you heal totally so that you never have this again. if you have any specific question just ask.

      1. Thanks for the kind words the health guy, it really helps. I’ll try to update my condition if anything changes.
        Thanks again.

      2. Thanks for the quick response and thank you for this very helpful site you rock!
        For now Amylase and Lipase levels are still at 400 after 17 days, but symptoms are fairly better (bowel movement, gas, stools).
        I will do a ECRP in few weeks ( i hope days) and see what is happening down there..
        Thanks again Health Guy people like you is needed in this world.

  59. Hi Health Guy,
    I feel so lucky to have found your site. I am newly diagnosed 9 days ago with AP, due to the love of wine, which I have decided to quit as I love life and my family more.
    I am doing a lot of research of diets and food to eat and not to eat. Here in Seychelles we are rice eaters as our main meal, there are many contradictions I have read some says yes some says no. What do you think? I am eating a lot of fruits and vegetables also and plenty of fresh coconut water. Thank you for your help.

    1. Hi Marie-Rose, sorry to hear you have been ill and joined the pancreatitis hall of pain. Rice is fine, any kind of rice white, brown, in between. It is how you cook it and what you put on it that can cause problems (butter, oil, sauces etc). FAT and ALCOHOL are the two main food source problems. Almost all vegetables and fruits are fine. The exceptions are soybeans, avocado, coconut (high fat). Get well and stay well 🙂

  60. Hi Health Guy,

    I had a mild case of AP the middle of last month. Everything I look up scares the living daylights out of me. It looks like if I have anything I shouldn’t I’ll die swiftly from further damage to it. I’m a bit overweight. I don’t drink that often, maybe a drink every 2 weeks, sometimes months between a drink. I haven’t touched it since and I’m not an alcoholic, so I don’t mind. I use electronic cigarettes. I’ve read things saying tasting something sweet can trigger the pancreas. I had initially gone to the hospital and spent 4 days there. I was eating solid foods the 2nd day and it seemed fine. When I think about it a lot I think I can feel it hurting. I think I’m psyching myself out with this. I’ve been an anxious and nervous wreck. Some days I won’t eat until dinner and it’s some small amount. My wife has been very supportive and making heart healthy things. My triglycerides were 800 in the ER and the doctor said it goes up during AP. They gave me fenofibrates and the next day it was 180. Since it’s still recent, what can I do right now to fix this and get away from further damage? I’m a 6’1″ 235 lbs 31 yr old man. The scans didn’t find any gallstones, and every doctor and nurse told me to stop the drinking. They seemed skeptical of my lack thereof. I don’t eat the healthiest, so that’s probably got something to do with it. I used to eat a lot of candy as a child and early adulthood. Sorry for the wall of text, but this has been freaking me out.

    1. Hi Alex – One case of mild AP, as long as there isn’t an underlying condition that causes recurrent AP, usually heals without more problems. Do they know why you had AP? Knowing the actual cause and fixing it if possible would be helpful.

      1. Every doctor and nurse I talked to said to stop drinking. I don’t drink hard by any definition of the word. Maybe a drink every 2 weeks, sometimes 3 months in between one. My triglycerides were high going in, but they’re down now. The doctor thinks it was the cholesterol. I haven’t touched beef, fats or dairy since and don’t plan on until I talk with a gastro. I’ve been really healthy and I’ve had some constipation and heartburn, sometimes a little nausea to go with if I drink water.

          1. Hi Alex – I get what you had said. BUT it sounded like you were still drinking and even if it is rare like you said if it were me I’d quit cuz alcohol is toxic to a damaged pancreas and you have the opportunity to heal and live a normal life. Who knows maybe you are one of those lucky folks who have a genetic variant that predisposes one to alcoholic pancreatitis which means that you don’t even have to drink a lot. You don’t have to be an alcoholic. If you have that variant even a little alcohol could cause it BUT let’s say it isn’t that. Let’s say it has something to do with high blood fats because you mentioned that your triglycerides were high. High triglycerides can cause AP. IF you and your doc can keep those controlled you could again, live your life almost normal as long as you let your pancreas heal properly now. Whatever caused your initial AP if that is found out, rectified or at least controlled you could be normal or at least not damaged for life. That is all I am saying. I hope that is your future – pain free and normal!

          2. Yeah, sorry if I didn’t sound totally correct. Wasn’t the biggest drinker, but I did in my early 20’s. I’ve sworn off the Devil’s Urine totally now because I really don’t want to go through that ever again. I have a follow up with gastro next week, so we’ll see how it’s recovering. I’ve been following this since it happened. The hospital told me to follow a “heart healthy” diet which included meats and dairy. I’ve just been avoiding it like the plague until I get a better picture of what’s going on in there. Have you or anyone else here had heartburn, constipation and nausea after? I am pretty sure it’s anxiety. I’ve had that from high stress before. I’ve been doing so much research into this now and seeing a lot of ugly prognosis for it. It’s been freaking me out and that’s when it started. I will say though, that this website is one of the few positive outlook websites with pancreatitis. Every other website tells me I’m going to die of every known illness now. I’ve even seen some sites where they say to just CUT DOWN on the drinking. That worries me with who is out there giving advice. I doubt very many of those forums and sites are written by someone living with it. Thanks a lot for what you’re doing. By the way, I’ve been looking up supplements to help and I found these. What do you think?

            30-60 minutes of daily exercise
            Omega 3
            Milk Thistle
            Green Tea
            Grape seed extract or…
            Grapefruit seed extract
            GABA supplement
            chromium picolinate

          3. Hi Alex – Thanks for the kind words and yeah I have had heartburn, constipation and nausea after BUT it may or may not have been pancreatitis in my case because I also have celiac disease which causes all kinds of problems and symptoms because I went a very long time (55 years) without being diagnosed. So in my case it could have been either one.

            30-60 minutes of daily exercise – good if you feel up to it
            Omega 3 – good except most sources are oil based (olive oil, flax, oily fish, fish oil or krill oil)
            Berberine – used to help absorption of some supplements such as curcumin
            Milk Thistle – good liver detox supplement
            Green Tea – good in tea form. full of antioxidants
            Turmeric – excellent for pancreatitis inflammation. Highly anti-inflammatory. helps relieve pain too
            Grape seed extract – my favorite pancreatitis supplement. Highly anti-inflammatory. Help releieve nausea caused by pancreas inflammtion
            Grapefruit seed extract – different from grape seed extract. one NIH study showed it protects pancreas against acute pancreatitis.
            GABA supplement – probably not beneficial
            chromium picolinate – probably not beneficial unless you wish to lose weight or need to control blood sugar

  61. Thank you for this blog. I’m at a loss. I was first diagnosed with pancreatitis in 1993. I’ve had it at least twice per year, and sometimes more than twice, since then. They call it recurrent idiopathic pancreatitis. Nothing shows up on the CT scans or MRIs, but my amylase and lipase go off the charts. The last time I was hospitalized three weeks ago, my lipase was near 8000. I don’t drink alcohol, I don’t have my gall bladder, and my cholesterol levels are spectacular. I don’t understand why I keep getting this awful thing. I’m trying to keep a good/symptom diary, but that’s not easy. I’m happy to see you have a plan for that, which I will check out. The doctor prescribed Creon for me, but it cost $567 for a month’s prescription. A nurse who cared for me in the hospital knew that the enzymes were cost-prohibitive for me, and she contacted the manufacturer for an application for some help. That was about 10 days ago.
    Every time I eat, I get sick. I’ve seen a dietitian, who gave me lots of papers to read, and some sample menus, but they’re not working. I don’t know what to do. I’m malnourished, weigh 102 lbs, and have been told I need to gain weight. The dietitian limited me to 30 total fat grams per day. I’m scared to death to eat anything at all. I’m going to peruse your website, and I’m really hoping you have something new and encouraging to tell me. I’m super-bummed about this.
    Thanks for listening.
    Anne Artis

    1. Hi Anne – sorry to hear you are a member of the club and I know what it’s like to be bummed and frustrated. First off I don’t believe in idiopathic pancreatitis. As far as I am concerned that simply means “lazy” or “dumb doctor.” The pancreas simply does not wake up one morning saying “gee I think I’ll do something cool, like make my host sicker than a dog just for giggles and grins.” There is always a reason the pancreas becomes inflamed, especially on a recurrent basis. IF I were a doctor (which I’m not), knowing that you have had this recurrent AP for quite sometime and do not have a gallbladder I’d be looking at a couple things: 1) SOD (sphincter of oddi dysfunction) then … 2) autoimmune disease (there are quite a few which can manifest/cause recurrent AP). I’d also look at genetics. You may have a genetic variant that is causing hereditary pancreatitis. I’d also look at any medications you may be taking for some other condition. Immunosuppressants, diabetes meds and heart meds such as diuretics (thiazides and furosemide) and ACE inhibitors (made from snake venom) are notorious. Again, there is ALWAYS a reason for pancreas inflammation. So if it were me I’d be looking for the underlying cause. With that said …

      I understand that you are probably malnourished and underweight but food is not your friend. And 30 grams of fat daily may be too much for your pancreas to handle. The most friendly foods are veggies such as greens, tubers, beans (red, white, black, kidney), peas, lentils. FAT and ALCOHOL are the two main enemies when your pancreas doesn’t work properly.

  62. Hi guys. I am 29 years old. I had a mild acute pancreatic attack on the 1 st week of February.I was hospitalized for 6 days.I am not alcoholic ; I have no gall bladder stones.My calcium and triglycerides are found normal in tests.Doctor could not tell me the actual cause of my attack.He gave me a diet chart of 1800 Cal and 25 ml fat intake daily.He also prescribed an enzyme supplement with food.I was ok with it and recovering.Buy last Friday I drank warm turmeric water and next day I faced diarrhea.Now the diarrhea has gone.But I am very weak.My question is that am I following a proper diet?I don’t know the reason of my attack.Please help.

  63. Hi Health Guy,

    21 year old pregnant female here. Everything I’ve searched so far about my situation has brought me back to you (since Feb 2018, my first acute attack).
    To sum most of it up, in Feb I was diagnosed with acute pancreatitis at 16 weeks pregnant, lipase levels at 17,000, doctors couldn’t identify the cause via ultrasound. After allowing my pancreas time to heal after reading your articles, I had another terrible attack in May, rushed to the hospital again, lipase levels were now 25,000. My OB ordered another ultrasound which revealed that I have upwards of 20 gallstones, OB says it must be removed 6 weeks after delivery. Fast forward to June, attacks have become more frequent and painful. Admitted to the hospital, lipase above 48,000, morphine wouldn’t touch the pain at all. I am terrified at this point to eat or drink ANYTHING (36 weeks pregnant, lost about 35lbs during this whole ordeal). I am now left with a burning sensation when I drink liquids of any kind and having difficulty taking deep breaths.
    In all of your experience, through all of your posts, have you ever heard of anything like my case? I am praying removing my gallbladder will help, but I am afraid the damage caused to my pancreas is already permanent. Thoughts on this? Not looking for any kind of medical advice via the Internet, just could use advice/opinions from someone who knows exactly how terrifying this is.

    1. Hi Alora – I am sorry you have been ill especially while you are pregnant. I can understand how that would be scary. You asked: “In all of your experience, through all of your posts, have you ever heard of anything like my case?” I have had some pretty sick people come to my site(s). Some so damaged that it is amazing they are still with us. I have heard of women having acute attacks and chronic flares while being pregnant but I have never chatted with them or if I did I don’t recall the details. I can’t give you any opinions or words of wisdom because I have never been in your shoes. I’ve had plenty of acute attacks but I have never been pregnant nor endured both at the same time. This is way above my pay grade. I’ll pray that God helps you and your baby safely through it.

  64. Hello the health guy!
    I would like to thanks to you for sharing such a great information about me pancreatitis! I had a gallbladder surgery last year feb 2017 bcz of gallstones at that time doctors also diagnosed to inflamed my pancreas bcz they assumed some stones to struck my bile duct during that I have s pain on and off feeling sick most of the time they also did gastroscopey but couldn’t find anything except my pancreas inflamed but couldn’t find any reason! I’m assuming that I have AP last three weeks bad pain and nusea I stopped fat and heavy meal but it still feeling not good ! What should I do now? In my case my family doctor didn’t take seriously she said it takes time to heal ! But I’m suffering that pain!


    1. Hi Attia – I’m glad you like the info and you’re welcome 🙂 It is most probable that one or more gallstones became stuck and caused your AP. If they saw them in your gallbladder on scope or at surgery that is a good indication of cause. Since your GB surgery was quite sometime ago and you are still having pain I would fast (no food) for 3-5 days and give my system and pancreas a rest. I’d ONE dose of Ibuprofen 800 – 1000 mgs and then start aspirin in a normal adult dose a couple times a day to help resolve the inflammation. I’d go to the health store and buy some grape seed extract and vitamin C and begin taking those as well while fasting and hydrating with purified water. Then after the pain resolved after 3-5 days of fasting, ibuprofen, aspirin and supplements I’d try vegetable juice. V8 juice works well. Most everything I just said is in this post you commented on or on this site somewhere. Invest time reading. I know being ill sucks so hope you soon feel better. If you have specific questions ask and I’ll do my best to answer.

  65. Hello, I just wanted to thank you Health guy for the wonderful information that you have provided here. It helped me get better after my last pancreatitis attack. To every one here going through similar issues please remember you will not get better until you follow a strict diet and combination of exercise. I am still dealing with AP when I do not take care of myself. I am testament that It is possible to live a healthier life but you must be active with the process daily! The supplements Health guy lists here work extremely well. I use turmeric,vitamin C,grape seed extract and aspirin(aspirin works for me the best but some might prefer another anti inflammatory med due to side effects) along with CBD pills and this all combined with a very lowfat diet and lots of vegetables,legumes plus digestive enzymes when eating a full meal.This combo has helped me live with no pain, I hope it works for you. I, like many of us used to drink heavily and fell under the trap of allowing my issues get the best of me by drinking and drowning instead of facing my problems. Thankfully I am still alive to talk about it. Please seek help if you are an alcoholic and cannot stop drinking sometimes we can’t do it alone. FYI if you use cbd do not take it in oil form for obvious reasons..The pill form is best. It can be expensive but the best quality and price I found was from They are a great company with excellent standards and and even give discounts to low income households, people with disabilities and US veterans. I don’t juice much but I make lots of smoothies with fresh fruits and green veggies. This gives me so much awesome energy throughout my day. I also drink alot of green tea..Hang in there y’all. the hardest part is changing our habits and dieting and exercise but you can get better if you stay on top of it. God bless!

  66. True health doesn’t come from a vegan diet. Pegan, yes, but not vegan and not for ethical reasons.

    A moderate, healthy diet has always and always will be achieved with balance.
    To a degree that ‘balance’ changes depending on the individuals health.

    Pushing an unbalanced high meat, high fat diet is harmful in.

    Vegan diets don’t support complete healing, especially with the caveats you have included here.
    Stop pushing the religion of a vegan lifestyle. I doubt anyone else will see this as I had to push 7 pages into google just to find a few articles, like this one that even address healing from pancreatitis. But you will see it ‘Health Guy.’

    Nothing wrong with careful amounts of olive oil.
    Nothing wrong with careful amounts of raw and unfiltered coconut oil.
    Nothing wrong with careful amounts of animal products.
    What if I take b12 from an animal source?
    What if I take iron or pancreatin from an animal source?
    OH NO, that might hurt the ‘ethics’ of the vegan religion.

    Give me a break. True health is achieved with balance, not from following a diet that has become a religion.
    Your fanatical views have influenced a guide to healing the pancreas. And don’t get me wrong, we share many of the same suggestions. But when the vegan part jumps into the conversation, you are going to lose anyone who truly understands functional medicine.

    1. Hi Micah – I am sure you are an astute individual – your answer proves that you are astute to at least someone in this world but not to me. You obviously have never had pancreatitis if so you are undoubtedly still sick. I wouldn’t be surprised if you are in the medical profession. I have met tons of ignorance from that community in regards to certain disease/conditions. I have published your ignorance for one simple reason to allow others (who do have pancreatitis) to see blatant ignorance and avoid it whenever possible so they can heal.

    2. Sorry to say Micah but every vegan I have met is a cultist. I have SOD which is currently feeling very panky. I don’t get any help from the medical field and this guys blog popped up for me before anyone else.
      If it wasn’t for the Health guy i’d be dead already.

  67. Hi Health Guy,

    I was wondering if you had ever heard of instances where Pancreatitis can occur without frontal pain?

    I have just started having attacks about a week ago. Intense cold sweats which are particularly bad after eating fats. Tons of undigested fat in stool. Back pain.

    I have just taken a Grape Seed Extract supplement after reading about it on your blog, and for the first time, the sweats have completely stopped.

    1. Hi Nate – sorry to hear you have been ill. Yes, I have heard of people having acute pancreatitis without frontal pain. I have read where a guy had no pain just severe vomiting and couldn’t find the cause until autopsy which showed a severely mangled pancreas. It isn’t a common thing, actually it is quite rare but it is surely possible. I am glad to hear the grape seed extract helps you. It is my work horse supplement. I use it every day.

  68. Thank you for your suggestions, having had 6 acute pancreatitis I search any way to stop them…I would be very pleased to ask you what do you thing about honey. Can be a good way to get weight and to eat something good? And also, what do you think about biological black chocolate? Please let me know 🙂

    1. Hi Mariella – I personally love raw unfiltered honey. I also like dark chocolate but it does have some fat so watch how much you eat. Both are full of beneficial goodies (nutrients). But both are also forms of sugar. I like both. 🙂

  69. Hi, just started your blog, is there a site to go too, really enjoy your comments…
    Curious after suffering a attack recently, I was following the water for 2 days, then tried white grape juice, apple juice, I needed some calories, was getting dizzy, also on telesmartan or mycardis for hypertension…
    Is juice okay to drink due too the sugar content, feel achy after the juice….
    Also do u think the medication may have caused the attack….
    Had gb removed years ago, always had pain after fatty meal, never advised any enzymes to take….

    Love your blog, my husband is picking me up some grape seed extract today…..

    1. Hi Kathy – glad you like this site/blog. Telmisartan or Micardis may be combined with hydrochlorothiazide E.G. Micardis HCT and hydrochlorothiazide has been known to cause acute pancreatitis. Both furosemide and hydrochlorothiazide (diuretics) sometimes cause acute pancreatitis. They both contain Sulfonamide which is an antibiotic which can cause acute pancreatitis so whether it is the sulfa or some other chemical in those diuretics that causes the AP is unknown for sure. I hope you find that grape seed extract is helpful to you. Start low dose and move up weekly until you see the results you are looking for. Example: 100mgs twice daily, then to 3 x daily then increasing the amount of one dose to 200mgs etc etc etc.

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