Pancreas Healing: 5 Steps to Pancreas Healing After Acute Pancreatitis

By | October 11, 2013
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acute-pancreatitis-pancreas-inflammationThere are certain steps you need to take in order to achieve pancreas healing once you have experienced either acute pancreatitis or you have unfortunately been diagnosed with chronic pancreatitis. However …

Before we get into the steps necessary to achieve pancreas healing from chronic pancreatitis, which are very similar, I think it is best to cover pancreas healing for acute pancreatitis.

Hopefully you have only suffered a mild acute attack which with proper diet will heal and allow you to be one of those lucky few who heal completely and never have another episode of AP or even minimal change chronic pancreatitis.

One of the things I think that the medical teams do wrong is to introduce too much of the wrong foods to those who have just come out of an acute pancreatitis attack. Even though the majority of the pain may have subsided and your nausea has been controlled chances are very strong that your pancreas is still inflamed.

The pancreas has likely sustained some damage that if addressed properly may completely heal yet I read story after story of patients being given solid, high fat content foods to early and foods that most likely will make the person sick again. So …

Step # 1 – The Introduction of Foods After Acute Pancreatitis

salmon filetIf you have been hospitalized with mild acute pancreatitis and have been ordered NPO (Nothing By Mouth) in order to rest the pancreas and allow the inflammation to subside food should be re-introduced in ‘baby steps.” For example:

I have read where acute pancreatitis patients are immediately re-introduced to food with a sandwich, salmon or something similar and that is just asking for trouble. 

If it were me, and it has been me to many times, I’d start really slow with food in liquid form such as pure vegetable juice. I’d drink enough quantity to allow for decent nutrition. Fresh, organic vegetable juice made from tomatos, beets, carrots, celery, green pepper, spinach, broccoli, red onion and fresh garlic if possible (you’ll need a juicer and the veggies) but …

juice-diet-fresh-fruit-vegetable-juiceLow sodium V8 juice which is high in potassium will work in a pinch. V8 is almost dead due to pasteurization which kills most of the vitamins and minerals.

THAT is why owning a juicer and being able to drink fresh, organic vegetable juice is so important.

Juicing fresh, orgainic vegetables enables you to literally drink liquid vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients every day in an easy to digest and absorb form.

I’d also drink white unsweetened grapefruit juice (Ocean Spray is a good brand if you don’t have a juicer). Grapefruit juice has been shown to offer protection against acute pancreatitis so it could protect you against future episodes even stop them from happening, like it did with me in 1981-82. However …

Grapefruit Juice Warning

Take NOTE: IF you are on medications check with your doctor and your pharmacist to make sure that it is safe for you to drink grapefruit juice. Grapefruit juice should not be taken with some medications and can cause extreme problems. So check FIRST!

Step # 2 – Will Someone Please Get Me Some Supplements!

Buy-CurcuminIf it were me I’d have someone run to the nearest health food store for vitamin C, grape seed extract and curcumin (those with gallstones or SOD should not take curcumin) and …

I’d be swallowing 200 milligrams of grape seed extract 4 times per day, 500 milligrams of vitamin C 4 times per day and 500 miligrams of curcumin 4 times per day to fight the pancreas inflammation and begin the pancreas healing. In fact …

I’d do this BEFORE I began re-introducing food to my pancreas.

See the Supplements page for information on supplements.

Step # 3 – For Pancreas Healing Start a Food Diary

food diaryWhen you begin solid food you should keep a record of what you eat. A food diary is important because the way you introduce a new food and how you keep track will tell you exactly what your pancreas will and will not tolerate.

Read my post on how to prep for and start a food diary.

This step really is important especially if you have had more than ONE acute pancreatitis attack or have been diagnosed with chonic pancreatitis.

Like I said this step will help you know exactly what foods do and what foods do not inflame your pancreas.

This step eliminates the guess work and bad judgement calls.

Step # 4 – The RIGHT Solid Food

split pea soupAfter 72 – 96 hours (3 or 4 days) with no symptoms from the pure vegetable juice you can be slowly, in small amounts, introduce your cranky panky to solid VEGAN type food.

I’d start with something liquid but nutritious like vegetable broth or pea soup.

Then graduate to rice, beans, peas, lentils, egg whites (NO yolk, just egg whites for protein) and other vegetables.

No OIL! NO oil or FAT (butter, margarine, cooking oil) is to be used in either food content or preparation.

TRUE vegans do not allow or eat animal products of any kind.

NO meat, NO Dairy, NO Broths or soups made with meat or dairy, No fish.

They do eat things that contain fat and you will not.

This means NO nuts, NO Seeds (sunflower, flax etc), NO Avocado, No Coconut, or anything else, that VEGANS may use as ingredients or in preparation, that contains fat. Then …

no oilAfter several months of a pure modified vegan diet (no oil or foods such as avocado, flax seed, sunflower seeds, nuts, coconut all of which have HIGH FAT content) you can try introducing different foods, one at a time to see how you do.

Eat that food several times over the next week, along with your newly acquired modified VEGAN diet and WAIT at least ONE WEEK more after the last serving before introducing another food type.

This gives the body time to completely digest the new food to see if it causes pancreas inflammation.

IF you notice pain or nausea upon introduction of a new food you’ll know that food should be eliminated from your list, at least for now and maybe forever depending on how well you heal.

Step # 5 – NO AlcoholNo-Alcohol

If you have been diagnosed with alcoholic pancreatitis you’ll need to bite the big, bad bullet and stop drinking. Alcohol is an absolute no-no after acute pancreatitis, no matter what caused it, especially if you have enough damage to cause chronic pancreatitis because alcohol is extremely toxic to a pancreas, especially an inflamed, damaged one so …

If you don’t stop drinking make sure you grab yourself a permanent vacation home at the cemetary of your choice because you’ll end up there, probably sooner than you expect.

Another thing regarding alcohol.

Alcohol hides. It is used in:

  • Baking (both booze and vanilla extract)
  • Pre-packaged foods
  • Vanilla extract
  • Cold remedies
  • Flu remedies
  • Mouth wash

You don’t have to ingest a drink to have alcohol cause problems. All you need to do is eat something that contains alcohol and a lot of foods, medicines, etc contain alcohol.


By following the above 5 steps you may be one of the lucky few who have one acute pancreatitis attack and never have a problem after. I hope you are that lucky! However …

IF your CT, EUS, MRI, MRCP or ERCP have shown you have damage then the damage is most likely enough to cause chronic pancreatitis and we’ll cover the necessary steps to achieve pancreas healing with chronic pancreatitis in the next post even though they are very similar.

240 thoughts on “Pancreas Healing: 5 Steps to Pancreas Healing After Acute Pancreatitis

  1. Kathleen Johnson

    I was diagnosed with severe acute pancreatitis June 23rd, 2014, 2 months ago. Hospitalized, gallbladder removed, etc. I just had my first appointment with a gastroenterologist a couple of days ago. I don’t have diarrhea & not a lot of nausea. I adhere to a strictly low fat diet. I still have pseudocysts. The doctor gave me samples of Creon Enzymes; 36,000 Lipase units. Two with each meal, 1 with snacks. Too much!! Brutal side effects. I can’t find anywhere on the internet that Enzymes CURE pseudocysts. Do you know? One more question – why are soda’s bad for pancreatitus? Diet soda……..

    Thanks – I love your website. It’s helped me get through this nightmare.

    1. The Health Guy Post author

      Hi Kathleen – sorry to hear you have been inducted into our club.

      The side effects of creon, especially to much can be brutal from what I understand. I use enzymes but not creon, not a prescription. As far as I know enzymes don’t cure anything they just help those with a damaged pancreas digest food. I don’t know any reason why you can’t drink soda pop. It isn’t good for you but it shouldn’t harm the pancreas. No fat, No alcohol, it should be ok. I used to drink it now and then. I’m not a real pop lover but sometimes it surely did taste good.

      The things that may help your pseudocysts heal are diet and supplements. You can find my posts about both on this blog.

      Good luck to you. I hope you feel better soon. 🙂

      1. Pat Morris

        Creon gave me stage 3 kidney disease before anyone figured it out. Thankfully it hasnt progresses any further since I stopped takin in several years ago

    2. Jane

      Hello about 17 years ago I got admitted to hospital with the worst pain imaginable. I was not diagnosed at the time as I lied about what I drank. At the time I was drinking very strong white cider and seemed to get the pain every time I drank it. When I was admitted I was white as a ghost with purple lips and looked dead. My pain was just under my breast bone and went through to my back. I lost an incredible amount of weight. I was diagnosed with type1 diabetes not long after. I stopped drinking for 5 years some years later and after a year of not drinking my diabetes was reversed to impaired glucose tolerance and I was no longer diabetic astounding doctors. I also grew and ate broccoli sprouts which after 2 months of eating I started to feel ill with insulin and stopped injecting ( this was in the first year of giving up alcohol) ~ I read somewhere broccoli sproughts rejuvenate the pancreas, anyway after 5 years I started drinking again (7 years ago) and four years ago became type 1 diabetic again. Because I was never diagnosed I have never thought to give up alcohol but have been told by a few doctors that it defiantly sounded like pancreatis and I really shouldn’t be drinking. The five years I gave up was for a different reason. I have never had the pain since and have never drunk that cider since so did I get a one off acute attack? I have to say after reading all this I’m giving up alcohol again as it’s possible I could get another attack if I had it isn’t it? Not that I want to but do you think I’m a ticking time bomb if I carry on drinking? Thanks in advance

      1. The Health Guy Post author

        Hi Jane – From what you have said it should be easy to choose whether or not to drink. You quite drinking and felt a lot better. You then started drinking again and felt ill again so the choice is easy. If you want to be well stop drinking 🙂

  2. Susan

    Hi health guy. I hope your still answering questions. Can I use a magic bullet type of blender to make juices. I can’t get a juicer yet. I also have loose turmeric im guessing I could use as my supplement in a tea form. I don’t have grape seed extract but I have oil of oregano im thinking for now it my work, what do you think. Thank you for your time and God bless you, Thank you

    1. The Health Guy Post author

      Hi Susan, I don’t see any reason why a magic bullet wouldn’t work. Blenders usually don’t create juice real well but you could try and see what happens. Maybe add some water and create a smoothie of sorts. You may have to blend the heck out of it but … If it works great. Hope it does for you. 🙂

  3. Jen

    After a water fast and juice in which you are pain free for 3-4 days, what are some of the first foods you’d add to your diet one at a time for 2-3 days? I just started juicing but I want to be ready for next steps. Thank you!

    1. The Health Guy Post author

      Hi Jen – anything vegan. Brown rice (more nutrients than white), wild rice, oatmeal (no milk), any kind of veggie (no butter etc).

  4. Peter

    I have been eating Japanese food and wondering if I can have sesame seeds . Also what about Splenda ?thank you

    1. Tam

      Splenda is a Nerotoxin. Your body is better off without it. Google the effects of Splenda.

      1. kim

        never use chemical sweeteners like splenda, there are many natural sweeteners like stevia that
        don’t affect blood sugar and are not potent chemical

        1. The Health Guy Post author

          Good point Kim – you and Tam are both on the money. Splenda contains sucralose which is a neurotoxin. Although splenda may not be problematic in most people I should be more careful about saying certain products are safe. But let’s face it too much water can kill you 🙂

  5. Max

    Hi there. I was hospitalized and diagnosed with acute pancreatitis. My CT scan showed no signs of anything abnormal with my pancreas, but the bloodwork revealed the high levels of the two enzymes.

    I wasn’t kept in the hospital, I was given pain and nausea prescriptions and told to rest and keep my fluids up and I should recover. It has been 4 days since I went to the hospital and although my symptoms have greatly lessened, I still have mild nausea sometimes and diarrhea, but no pain, fever, or anything else.

    I hadn’t tried to eat any foods until yesterday, I had a small bowl of grits made with only broth. And then a small bowl of soup with some soft dumplings. After that I felt bad and had diarrhea. Later I realized that the dumpings were made with eggs, do you think it was the presence of the yolk?

    Anyway, I guess my question is, now 4 days after going to the hospital, should I be feeling better?

    1. The Health Guy Post author

      Hi Max – 4 days probably isn’t enough, it takes a while to heal. Grits and broth? What kind of broth? If it wasn’t pure vegetable broth that may be a part of the problem. The egg yolks in the dumplings probably didn’t help either. And what were the dumplings cooked with? I love dumplings but haven’t had them in years. Watch what you eat.

  6. LoriAnn

    I was diagnosed with Acute Pancreatitis when I was 28, the doctors never found the cause, I had none of the typical traits, as I am a white female, weighed about 120 pounds, was not much of a drinker, did not/do not smoke, and did not have poor eating habits. I was treated in the hospital for nearly a month, and was sent home with a pic line and a visiting nurse for another 3 months, while food was slowly introduced back into my diet. I had since completely healed and have had little to know issues for the past almost 20 years. About 8 months ago I began having similar pains again, and just 2 weeks ago I was finally diagnosed with Chronic Pancreatitis. My doctors tell me to eat a low/no fat, low cholesterol, mainly vegan/organic diet, no GMO, no preservatives, no pesticides, no animal products with the exception of fish (not fried). They said that a glass of wine with dinner is fine, but not to over-consume. I’ve been doing lot of research and I’m wondering what your thoughts are and if I may be over-looking something that is cause for concern. My mine goal is to avoid the next stage of Pancreatic Cancer.

    Thank You, LoriAnn

    1. The Health Guy Post author

      Hi LoriAnn – WOW! I’m amazed at your doctors! “My doctors tell me to eat a low/no fat, low cholesterol, mainly vegan/organic diet, no GMO, no preservatives, no pesticides, no animal products with the exception of fish (not fried). They said that a glass of wine with dinner is fine, but not to over-consume.”

      They are catching up with knowledge in regards to fat in the diet of those who have pancreatitis and I can’t dispute what was said about low fat – no fat, organic/vegan diet with no GMOs, no pesticides. That is great advice! The wine? Not so much. THAT is not good advice. Wine contains alcohol. Alcohol and fat are the enemies. I’d definitely pass on the wine. The rest is all GOOD. 🙂

  7. Katrina

    Hi Health Guy, Wow, you are so informative, thank you! I had an AP attack 10 days ago. Was released after 1 night in hospital. And I can vouch for the fact that the hospital served me THE WRONG type of food to see if I was OK to be released. I even asked the woman who took my food order if I could eat whatever I wanted. She said Yes. Only after a few hours and after being home, did I realize that was the worst thing ever. I did not have another attack, but was in pain, thankfully more subdued pain than w/ onset of attack. I had no fever, was constipated and bloated for 72 hours after. I finally felt better a week ago. I have been able to work and assume my activity level moderately. I have eaten too, but have noticed slight pain when I eat too much. I immediately went to a liquid diet the next day so as to not trigger another attack. My question is, I have now been extremely tired. I have energy and have been able to work (I am a waitress at a busy restaurant), but I find I need a good long nap, say 2 or more hours, every day. That for me is not normal as I am a healthy, active young woman in her late 30’s. I do not drink and follow a mostly raw and vegan diet. Though sweets and dairy do show up frequently, but not in excess. Can you speak to the fatigue I feel? I’m assuming my body is still healing. Is this normal? My lipase was 610 upon admission and 317 24 hours later. Quit a shock for me, but once I researched, I have seen values in the 1000’s. Thanks for being such a wonderful resource. Katrina. 🙂

    1. The Health Guy Post author

      Hi Katrina – You’re welcome. Thank you for the kind words. 🙂 Sorry to hear you have been inducted into the pancreatitis hall of pain. Did anyone tell you why you had an acute pancreatitis attack? About the fatigue – even a mild attack knocks a person for a loop. It may take a couple months to feel more healthy and for the fatigue to disappear. You may want to consider following up with your primary care physcian with the objective of trying to find out why you had the attack, if you don’t already know. The good news is that as long as you don’t have an underlying issue that causes another attack you should heal up fine and probably live a normal life. According to stats 80 of mild acute patients heal with no recurrance. Let’s pray you fall into that category 🙂

      1. Katrina

        Thank you!! Ah shucks! Adjusting to not being able to be active will be tough for me. 🙁 There was no clear reason of why the attack occurred. No galstones, I am sober, no autoimmune, and triglycerides were not high. The GI said they saw what looked like remnants of sludge…so that may have triggered it. But he was so brief that I never had the chance to ask him how that may have happened. I bought some pancreatic digestive enzymes as well as herbs to support my liver. Thanks for the advice. I don’t have a primary care physician, suppose now would be a good time to do so. 😉

        Thanks Again.
        Your site has been more helpful than all the others I have found. Big THUMBS UP to you.

        1. The Health Guy Post author

          THANK YOU for those kind words Katrina! 🙂 “The GI said they saw what looked like remnants of sludge” THAT (sludge and/or stones that passed, maybe got stuck and were not visible after they dislodged and exited the common duct and were spit into the duodenum) is most likely the trigger. Gallstones and/or sludge are the #1 cause of acute pancreatitis, alcohol is #2. Yep, find a good primary care physcian (internal medicine would be good) and make sure he/she knows about your acute pancreatitis attack, the “remnants of sludge” and determine a good course of action for you (gallbladder removal or not). You have had one mild attack right? You need to get ahead of the problem and take the best course of action to prevent another attack. Recurrent attacks are NOT good. So, find that doctor, do what you need to do to avoid another attack and possible worse damage that may lead to chronic problems. Good luck, heal up and be one of the 80% who never have another problem. 🙂

  8. Donna

    Pain started weeks ago. Went to doctor prescribed prilosec and pepcid. Did nothing. Doctor told me to not take ibuprofen because it makes the stomach hurt worse. Have appointment with gastronologist end of this week. Have lost 15 pounds and can’t take this anymore. Thanksgiving ate only turkey and plain mashed potatoes. …pain ! Started next day only water. …no pain. 2nd day water, jello chicken broth and a popcicle….no pain. Third day bought a juicer and had 6 ounces of cabbage,broccoli.,carrot,spinach, cauliflower juice….incredible pain and diarrhea. Back to water….what did I do wrong?

    1. The Health Guy Post author

      Donna – I quote:

      Thanksgiving ate only turkey and plain mashed potatoes. …pain ! Started next day only water. …no pain. 2nd day water, jello chicken broth and a popcicle….no pain. Third day bought a juicer and had 6 ounces of cabbage,broccoli.,carrot,spinach, cauliflower juice….incredible pain and diarrhea. Back to water….what did I do wrong?

      Well, are you ready for the answer? It all depends upon whether the turkey was meat and skin or skinless and what part of the turkey thigh or leg meat vs breast meat. Turkey, even skinless, has MORE fat than chicken. Chicken broth is full of – chicken fat. FAT is the enemy. Yeah I know, you had NO pain on broth, jello, water and a popcicle but the inflammation and symptoms do NOT usually happen immediately unless you are extremely ill. Most often, trigger foods, FAT, will cause the inflammation the next day and people will blame some vegetable of fruit when it was actually what was eaten a day or two or three before OR a combination of two to three days of fatty foods. Then when someone even gets ill on water they THINK it’s the water – IT IS NOT the water, veggies or jello it is what you ate previously causing the inflammation to manifest and strike. All I can suggest is to find the page that deals with doing a food diary properly. Follow the prep, do the diary and you’ll probably be amazed at the results. Oh and …

      I didn’t see anything that said you’d been actually diagnosed with pancreatitis so there is always the possibility you suffer from some other ailment? Let us know how the appt with the GI goes. Good luck 🙂

  9. Kaspars

    I’m actually at a hospital right now with AP.
    I was addmited in the 1st January. Basically after 2 days in a hospital room I was sent to reanimation for 2 days. Just a horrific experience.
    My main problem was that i could’t go to the toilet and I had some gasses stuck in my stomach. Basically my somatch was not working.
    Does this happen in every AP case?
    And what about sugars in my diet? Like having 1-2 spoons of sugar with my tea?

    1. The Health Guy Post author

      Hi Kaspars – sorry you are ill. I appologize I just got to your comment. Sometimes gas and/or other stomach related issues, organ failure and more are either symptoms or complications of pancreatitis. Nothing ALWAYS happens. Even pain cane be minor or even absent (rare). Sugar isn’t the best since it can cause an inflammatory response (supposedly) BUT I have never found it to be an issue UNLESS it is sugar alcohol. Fat and alcohol are the two main enemies. The other is stupid people (this includes doctors).

      1. Kaspars

        Thanks. My doctor is quite ok, however they really need to watch what food they give in the hospital.
        I have a question about citrus fruit. How long can’t I have none? Can I introduce some in the diet after a month?
        I actually had water neer my lung (caused pneimonia) after they pulled that out (900ml) everything started to feel a lot better.

        1. The Health Guy Post author

          Kaspars – if you have a good doc keep him or her cuz they are hard to find, especially when it comes to the pancreas and healing pancreas damage – anyway – fruits, all kinds except avocado and coconut (high fat) are fine. The enemies are FAT and ALCOHOL. Fruits, except a very few as mentioned already do NOT contain fat. Over ripe fruit can contain alcohol. So it is best to eat fruit when slightly unripe or just as it ripens.

  10. Brad Boman

    I have been battling pancreatitis for four years. Gallstones caused it ( bladder removed) and a giant ( football sized) cyst formed. The pancreas rotted out beneath the cyst. I’ve had 13 ct scans ( still no super powers!) they think I may actually be surviving with less then 5% of a pancreas. I eat pretty low fat. Take prescription enzymes and probiotics. I usually bounce back fast and hit the gym hard after every flare up. They burnt the nerve that was connected to the flare ups in December 13/15. I’ve had nothing but pain all around it since. Not hospitalizing pain but enough to stop me in my tracks and lay on the couch for a couple of days. No one has ever said more than eat less fat. Your article has been extremely helpful. Type 2 diabetes I can live with I take NPH insulin everyday. So I keep my sugars super low that’s why the juice thing won’t work. Any juice is concentrated sugars and makes me projectile vomit. I’m into crossfit and I’m not certain a vegan diet will be enough. ( yes I freaked the specialist out when he saw a very fit man with a fragile pancreas LOL)
    But I didn’t know about the vitamins you suggest or the grape seed

    1. The Health Guy Post author

      Brad I commend you! You obviously have the will and fortitude of a bull. THAT is a good thing when it comes to our disease. Yeah the juicing is probably not a good idea for diabetics, especially juicing fruits but veggies have sugars too and the juice would concentrate the sugars. I especially wouldn’t like the vomiting issue lol. I HATE that! I’d rather have pain! Anyway … let me know if the supplements help you out. Good luck and keep up the good work! 🙂

  11. Jan

    I’m so glad I found this information….a life-saver…liquid diet and grape-seed extract are truly a godsend. I have ulcers plus the acute pancreatitis, so ibuprofen/aspirin are out of the question, but noticed the grape-seed is great. Probably have to stay on grape-seed from now on, it definitely helped. Thanks so much.

  12. t

    Hi. I think i may have pancreatitis. It started about 6 months ago with sharp horrific pain in side and back. Doctors put it down to muscle spasm. But recently the last 2 weeks have had a niggling pain just below my ribs and chronic indijestion and feeling nauseas. Have been to doctors they have put it down to infection as had not been well
    Given antibiotics bit still no better am pulling my hair out not knowing. I did for about 4 years until 3 – 4 months ago drink about 4 – 5 bottles of wine a week

    1. The Health Guy Post author

      Hi t – I can’t diagnose. I would suggest you diligently seek a proper diagnosis. Alcoholic pancreatitis can and does present as chronic first, which could be your situation but you need to find a doctor who will do the necessary tests which will enable them to either rule out or diagnose pancreatitis. You might want to get tested for the gentic variant that predisposes one to alcoholic pancreatitis. IF you have that variant that would shed more light.

  13. Zac

    Hey health guy, hope you are still reading this posts. You are helping a lot of people and I am so thankful to have found you.
    31, male.
    My story is that for several years I was a heavy binge drinker (i mention that because it may or may not be the problem). At the time I had what felt like perfect health. Suddenly after thanksgiving weekend of 2015 I have a sudden onset of abdominal pain like I have never felt in my life!
    So I go through all the doctors, go through the tests, see the GI, only to be told everything looks good and I have gerd or dyspepsia
    I have had:
    Multiple sonos good
    Blood work 3x (including er) amy and li normal.
    Ct scan of abdomen with contrast
    And recently a scope down the mouth.
    Everything comes back good.

    Since the pain began its been a world of confusion and questioning as to what is my problem.
    I took lansoprozole for a while during the first 3 months and I have to say other then one attack (while eating a greasy beef brisket) this while carefully watching my diet and of course no alcohol knocked my symptoms out by about 90%
    My doctors advice was that if that was working to keep on doing it forever. This is not acceptable in my opinion especially when I dont even know for surewhat my problem is. Also I am 31, if i have to use a ppi acid inhibitor for long term it could develop other serious complications.
    Currently i am one week off the lansoprozole (ppi) and i am pretty ill all over again. Tonight i was visiting family and the only thing for dinner was hamburgers so i had half of one.
    3 hours later it feels like i have the worst flu you can imagine. Just nasty.
    This has brought me back to you!!

    Eating beef or other fast food, processed food, etc. Seems to be the largest trigger. Of course I have given up alcohol and am fine never looking back, i just want to live pain free.

    So you are not a doctor, but from someone with a lot of experience….
    given that my tests came back the way they did what recommendation would you make at this juncture?
    Is there additional testing you know of?

    Is there something else that jumps out at you?

    Additionally what does it mean that the PPI basically kept a lot of the day to day symptoms down (i could eat most things that were not ultrA processed fast food meats)

    The majority of my diet consists of eggs and a chicken vegetable soup i make.
    This, while on the PPi allowed me to live a basically boring and tedius but pain free life.

    One other thing is that I am exhausted all the time. Im 31 but feel like im 61. I have 5 young children and my goal in life is to give them a dad that will be there with them and live life with them.

    Thanks for everything youve said and done.
    I appreciate the fact you are a random stranger on here trying to help people. We all need to be inspired to do the same.
    Life is short. People caring for and helping people is what we are called for

    1. The Health Guy Post author

      Hi Zac – thanks for the kind words. Sorry to hear you are ill with no real idea why. With the battery of tests you have undergone you most likely have something other than pancreatitis but who knows? Nothing is 100% accurate and with the history of heavy binge drinking it could be possible and your symptoms do fit (bad abdominal pain and nausea).

      Your symptoms resolve or are vastly reduced when on the ppi right? That would make me think that an ulcer or gerd may in fact be possible BUT when they stuck the scope down your throat they should have seen an ulcer unless it is duodenal, even then they may have went that far and should have seen one if it’s there. Hvae you been tested for H. Pylori Infection? Just a thought.

      IF you have another attack make sure you go back to the ER. The squeaky wheel gets the grease. And sometimes it just takes time for things to show up. I know that isn’t much help or what you were looking for but it’s all I’ve got right now. Good luck Zac, hang in there and keep looking for answers.

  14. Greg Kelley

    GK 3/17/16
    Took myself to the ER early February because I thought I was having a flare from Crohn’s disease (diagnosed 2010). This time, my sides & back were in pain so I was unsure about what was happening. After the CAT scan & blood work, I was told my lipase levels were @1180 & was immediately admitted. After a few days of morphine & liquids only, I was given solid food and basically was told never to drink again… When released 5 days later, Docs never distinguished whether it was acute or chronic pancreatitis.. A few days later, I was feeling fine, ate some fried chicken – 24hrs later was back in ER with levels around 180… It has been a month now & I have been basically sticking to a low fat diet, working out & have been able to put 15lbs back on. Have now started drinking again. – Not nearly what I was drinking before – have been a heavy drinker for 25yrs-whiskey, vodka, -U NAME IT…… but a glass of wine or 2 here & there & I have not had any issues yet. Even today had 2 shots & 2 beers(irish) & no issues…. What am I dealing with here? My crohn’s has been under control for almost a year – now pancreatitis hits, but I’m getting no pain from the booze, or even if I eat a pizza. Am I a ticking time bomb? Finally will have insurance again in 2 weeks & plan on seeing a doctor, but how do I trust them? Is this just a false sense of security or a mis-diagnosis?…. Just looking for some help from someone who knows…. Love the site. Thanks for all of your knowledge.