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pancreatitis-remediesThe owner of (Paul Miller aka The Health Guy) is a participant in several quality affiliate and/or advertising programs/companies. The affiliate programs/companies along with various advertising programs/companies are designed to provide a means for this site to earn revenue.

The owner of (Paul Miller aka The Health Guy) is also an affiliate of several companies which may or may not be represented on this site and so …

When you click a link and/or buy something via this website, I may receive an affiliate commission. I want you to know that up front and understand that I may be getting paid when you click and/or purchase. I also want you to know I appreciate your business because it helps pay for hosting and my coffee addiction 🙂

My reviews, articles, opinions and/or recommendations are based on my own personal experience and research. These opinions are not representative of the companies that create the products, services or advertising. The companies have neither reviewed my reviews, articles, opinions and/or recommendations nor do they endorse them.

One thing …

I never recommend poor quality products. If I am not currently using the products I have used them and have found them worthwhile. If I would not buy the product, use it myself or recommend it to my mother I will NOT recommend it you.

I do NOT create false reviews, articles or stories to make sales. It is my intention to explain (so you can make good decisions) and recommend products that will suit your needs best.

IF for some reason you purchase a product via this site and you are not satisfied please contact the merchant. I am not the merchant. I do not have authority to make exchanges or refunds. I am affiliated with only companies that provide excellent customer service and care.

Thank you for visiting my site. 🙂