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Pancreatitis Supplements For Pancreas Healing

Pancreatitis Supplements For Pancreas Healing


You can find all of the pancreatitis supplements I use daily, here on this page. This way you don’t need to guess about what to buy or what I use. It’s all here in one spot. One stop shopping with free shipping available on qualified orders within the U.S. If you want to buy them at your own health store feel free to print this pancreatitis supplements page so you have the info.

IF I could only afford ONE of the pancreatitis supplemets I would choose Now Foods Grape Seed Extract 100mg Vcaps because grape seed extract is extremely anti-inflammatory, protects the pancreas from more damage, causes programmed cell death of cancer cells and  this particular product formulation also contains 300 mgs of vitamin c in each cap. So it may not contain tons of vitamin c but it is grape seed extract and c together – 2 for one.

Pancreatitis Supplements

ALL of these pancreatitis supplements are important for various reasons the order in which the pancreatitis supplements are given means nothing in regards to importance. It is my humble opinion that grape seed extract and vitamin c are THE most important pancreatitis supplemets with curcumin and the enzymes tying for 2nd. The enzymes may prove very beneficial if you are not on an enzyme prescription such as creon.

Jarrow-Formulas-Curcumin-951) Curcumin puts out the fire of inflammation and so helps control pain. Curcumin is a powerful pain reliever and one of the best pancreatitis supplements. It fights pancreas inflammation, check this research.  Curcumin is also a very strong antioxidant which seems to inhibit cancer growth by actually causing cancer cells to die (according to some research). I use the Vcaps and I make sure I ingest plenty of black pepper during the day (in food) to help the absorption of the curcumin. There are those who will insist that you need to buy expensive curcumin in combo with Piperine but it seems to me that plain old black pepper works the same.

NOTE: IF you have gallstones or SOD you should probably avoid curcumin because it increases bile flow. Increasing bile flow could cause problems (passing gallstones, acute pancreatitis) you don’t want. The idea is to get well not sicker so if you have gallstones and/or SOD avoid curcumin.

Jarrow Formulas Curcumin 95, 500mg, 120 Capsules

Now-Foods-Grape-Seed-Extract2) Grape Seed Extract my personal favorite among pancreatitis supplements.

Grape seed extract is a very strong anti-inflammatory but it is also one of the most powerful antioxidants on earth and one of the few that will cross the blood-brain barrier. According to research grape seed extract causes cancer cells to die but more importantly grape seed extract helps relieve nausea and pain (at least they do for me) that we all know are two rotten symptoms of pancreatitis. Over time it helps heal the pancreas, at least it did mine but instead of simply taking me at my word read this second to the last sentence in a scholar type article: “supplementation of GSPE ameliorates chronic pancreatitis in humans.” The word ameliorates means “to make or become better, improve.” So get some and see if it works for you too. IF you can afford only ONE of the pancreatitis supplements this is the one I would personally choose because it also contains vitamin C (I use it myself daily).

NOW Foods Grape Seed Anti 100mg

now-foods-vitamin-c-with-bioflavonoids3) Vitamin C is another antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and essential nutrient. Vitamin C can do so many things and it has done wonders for me, in combination with grape seed extract and curcumin. Those three pancreatitis supplements in combination are extremely powerful. In the latest news vitamin C has shown significant benefit to pancreatic cancer patients which makes it even more important in regards to prevention of pancreatic cancer in those who have chronic pancreatitis. Since chronic pancreatitis is a known risk factor for pancreatic cancer my consumption of vitamin C seems to be even more potentially beneficial. This particular formula also contains bioflavonoids and rose hips. 

NOW Foods Vitamin C-1000 W/ Rose Hips, 250 Tablets / 1000mg

now-foods-super-enzymes4) Digestive Enzymes are important pancreatitis supplements simply because your pancreas produces digestive enzymes and the less your pancreas has to work the better. If your pancreas has sustained a large amount of damage it may not produce enough enzymes to digest your food and of course this makes an enzyme supplement mandatory. The enzymes I use contain pancreatin 4X which is Amylase, Lipase and Protease.

NOW Foods Super Enzymes, 180 Capsules

all-One-fruitantioxidant5) Vitamins, Minerals and Antioxidants are important pancreatitis supplements simply because with pancreatitis we can often suffer from malabsorption which simply means we do not absorb the nutrients in our food like we should. Extra vitamins, minerals and antioxidants may be very helpful in providing more energy and all-around better health. This formula may not be the best but it is very close. Most ingredients are natural vitamins/minerals from plant sources. A few are synthetic, which suck compared to the real thing. This formula also uses a much higher grade of B12 and B12 is important for making blood and except for one source of sea vegetation can only be gotten from animal products. That is why I use this formula. It’s gluten free and high quality.

Multiple Vitamins & Minerals – Fruit Antioxidant

Well, there you have them.

Those are the pancreatitis supplements and exact formulas I use every day.

You may wish to use different brands of pancreatitis supplements.

I use those listed because they are gluten free and it is difficult to find quality, gluten free supplements. I use them, I can vouch they work. The “they work” part is important. However …

IF you decide to use other brands of the pancreatitis supplements, that is perfectly cool. Make sure you do not buy grape seed, curcumin or vitamin C that is coupled with mineral or vitamins. You want those THREE supplements to be as pure as possible so that they are non-toxic in large doses. In other words you want quality, stand-alone grape seed extract and stand-alone curcumin. The vitamin C w/bioflavonoids and rose hips.

How I Take the Pancreatitis Supplements

I take the pancreatitis supplements in this manner:  one capsule each of grape seed, curcumin and vit C in the morning when I get up, usually on an empty stomach and then have my coffee and a smoke lol.

The enzymes I take (usually two) only when I eat.

Sometimes another dose (one cap each) of grape seed, curcumin and vit C mid-day.

I take my last dose of grape seed, curcumin, vit C and the all One vitamin-mineral-antioxidant drink at night before bed. I only use HALF the dose on the label of the all One powder vitamin/mineral/antioxidant formula, one rounded teaspoon instead of a tablespoon because that is all that is needed to get a good dose of nutrients and that 2.2 pound can is good for 4 MONTHS! However …

When I started with the supplements years ago (when I was still quite sick) I took grape seed extract, curcumin and vit C 4 times per day; fairly large amounts of grape seed extract (200 milligrams), 4 times per day. The curcumin I was using at that time came in much smaller amounts so it comprised about 400 mgs total per day for curcumin at that time. And the vitamin C was about 5,000 milligrams per day. I’ve taken up to 10,000 mgs per day of vitamin C with no adverse effects but some folks get stomach cramps and diarrhea with large doses of vitamin C, similar to eating to much fruit or to many green apples. So start with small doses and work up to about 4,000 – 5,000 milligrams per day.

Three pancreatitis supplements (grape seed extract, curcumin and vitamin C) are non-toxic so you can take large amounts without fear of a lethal overdose however …

When you first start out you may experience some unpleasant effects due to the fact that those powerful pancreatitis supplements are purging your body of toxic waste so it may be prudent to start off with the minimum dose of once per day. Then add another dose, then another and so on until your pain and other symptoms resolve. Then stay at a fairly strong dose until your abdomen is no longer tender and all your symptoms have resolved.

Note: It is also important to go slow with the digestive enzymes. Try one at a time at each meal to see if that is enough. If you normally get indegestion or worse after eating one may do it or you may need two but start out slow because they are caustic. To many enzymes can be just as bad, maybe worse than not enough.

I must say this – and this is important – the pancreatitis supplements work however they alone did NOT do it for me. It was the pancreatitis supplements and MY Pancreatitis Diet in combination that worked to heal my pancreas. ONE (either one) helps but will not produce healing – at least it didn’t for me. It wasn’t until I learned that I NEEDED BOTH to heal that my healing began.

grape-fruit-juiceI also drank large amounts of grapefruit juice, probably a gallon per day, starting in 1982 which was years before I found the pancreatitis supplements.

YES, I said a gallon.

If it wasn’t a gallon it was close to it because I drank it all day long and a lot at night and I believe it was grapefruit juice that first stopped my acute pancreatitis attacks however …

I did NOT know that until I found research several years ago that said grapefruit protected mice from acute pancreatitis. “The major finding of the present study is the demonstration for the first time that grapefruit-seed extract applied intragastrically is capable of reducing significantly the extent of pancreatitis induced …” Page 818, 2nd paragraph and you can buy white, unsweetened grapefruit juice at almost any grocery store.

Yes, I know we are not mice but I don’t think it is simply happenstance that my acute attacks resolved once I started drinking large amounts of grapefruit juice because grapefruit juice contains flavonoids similar to those which are found in larger quantities in grape seed extract.

So, get yourself the pancreatitis supplements, take them religiously for life (they are not a cure – there is no cure), adhere to my chronic pancreatitis diet and start healing. Of course you can do what you want but so far this regimen or whatever you want to call it has bought me some really good years I may not have had otherwise. In fact, I may have already been dead by now.

Ok now …

My own personal observations are that most often those pancreatitis supplements that qualify for Amazon’s “super saver” shipping at first glance may have a higher price tag BUT I have usually saved between $.25 (25 cents) to $1 per bottle when calculating the other prices of the same product after including their shipping fees. So the  “super saver shipping” saves money in most instances but calculate the transactions yourself and see how you come out.

One other thing: like I have said it may be more beneficial to get your first bottles of pancreatitis supplements from your local health store. That way you can have them immediately and begin using them instead of waiting 10 days for delivery. You may pay more but you’ll have them now and may even see some good benefit within the ten day time period.

Note: I make a commission when you purchase through Amazon using my links. Thanks in advance it keeps me in coffee.  🙂

I wish you good health and pancreas healing!

The Health Guy


445 thoughts on “Pancreatitis Supplements For Pancreas Healing

  1. Good day Health Guy,

    I want to thank you for all your helpful information! My mother has been suffering from chronic pancreatitis for almost ten years now. With just the last attack last week, to yet be admitted to the hospital again = ( …..and to be perfectly honest with you they do nothing for her, I guess they come by it honestly, as they don’t know what to do, as we all know this is the one organ they are clueless about! For the doctors, you either are a drinker or you have cancer…every thing else in between is the unknown, right?!!

    I am going to try the grape seed extract for her – I was told wonderful things about this before, however for cancer not pancreatitis.

    I feel my mother is at a loss with the medical industry/knowledge in regards to her condition. No one has ever been able to give her any direction in treating her chronic condition, however then I stumbled upon your site, ” a sweet ray of hope” and for that sir, I say THANK YOU, THANK YOU, again THANK YOU! Please know the universe and God will Bless you in many ways for your share, I wish and pray for you, for many and much greatness/blessings , even though I don’t know you, however I recognize your wealth within and character in all of this.

    God Bless You Always Mr. Health Guy, for giving my Mother & me some hope in all of this suffering!

    1. You are very welcome and thank you for all your kind words. I am sorry to hear your mother suffers from chronic pancreatitis. It definitely sucks. Grape seed extract is almost a miracle worker when it comes to pancreatitis and yes cancer as well because it actually kills cancer cells. Anyway curcumin and vitamin C are very important also (I use them too) but my personal favorite is grape seed. I’ll have info here on curcumin soon.

      Be advised diet is very critical.

      The grape seed will not be as effective if you mother is not on an appropriate diet for her chronic pancreatitis.

      I have a couple post on this blog about diet.

      Good luck to you and your mom! 🙂

      1. Hi Mr. Health Guy,

        My mom was readmitted to the hospital on the 12th, she is still there! She still has not recovered. I went to see my local naturopath and he said you are correct with your suggestions, however he wants to detox her gently before hand, however this is the dilema I am in – the doctor won’t allow me to administer this…does this surprise you, not I!

        …..very sad = ‘ (

        1. I’m sorry to hear about your mom and no it doesn’t surprise me that her doctor won’t allow common sense pancreatitis remedies because it’s to easy, makes sense, isn’t expensive and they can’t make huge amounts of money from it. Besides, whether your mom gets well or not the doctor still gets paid so it’s no big deal to him. The big benefit for the doc and hospital is the longer she stays in the more they can bill and if they are lucky she’ll become sick enough so they can do surgery and collect more fees, damage her for life and of course collect more fees whenever she needs to be admitted again.

          Sorry, where doctors and orthodox medicine is concerned I am very cynical.

          Here’s the thing – I’m not sure what you should do but I was in a similar situation with my mother years ago. I took the doctor aside and told him if he didn’t get his head out of his ass and diagnose and fix my mother I’d beat him to death. She was diagnosed correctly and fixed within a very short time, like 48 hours. True scoop. But I also knew the buffoon from a previous personal experience. I had made an appt with said doctor (he was a Gastro spec) when I was really sick with pancreatitis years ago. After explaining my symptoms he merely said I was to young to have a serious problem and he thought I had a “spastic colon.” So, I had prior knowledge pointing to the fact that the guy was an idiot. I’ve met a lot of idiots who “practice” medicine.

          I believe, depending upon what country you live in, that you or your mother can fire the doctor (ask someone if this is true before you get to it). You might mention that to him but be careful because it doesn’t endear them to you and not everything I do is actually wise however it seems to me to have worked over the years 🙂 But …

          Keep this in mind: If she is still having acute pancreatitis symptoms, her lipase and amylase are still elevated, that means her pancreas is still sustaining damage. Time really is of the essence. The sooner the inflammation is resolved the better. I know what I’d do but I CAN NOT tell you what you or your mom should do.

          Good luck – hang in there.

      2. hi there
        I have just been diagnosed with CP
        I do not have a clue as to what to take eat drink
        I am just terrified

        1. Hi Dawn – I understand. The diagnosis can be intimidating but the good news is that if you eat right (avoid fats and alcohol) you can live a decent life. Info on diet etc is all here. Invest the time to read about what I did to heal and still do to stay that way. I make no promises but others have done what I have done with good results. If you have specific questions feel free to ask. 🙂

          1. Boy, did I screw up before reading your information.

            I had a acute attack 6 months ago, but was not hospitalized because my Lipase was only 800, so they did not commit me. Took a few days on water to get back on low fat foods. In 2 months my Lipase was down to 100 and felt pretty good. I started having a beer once a month, eating steak every two weeks, etc. My wife made cookies last week and I ate a few. I was not watching my fat intake. I don’t have a clue what they had in them. I have read your information for the last three days, every page and sentence. I now realize after just 6 months from the first attach I was not healed. I’m surprised I made it 6 months. Anyway, I have hurt for several days, but it is getting very slowly better. The pain was pretty bad the first two days. I went on pretty much a liquid diet except to eat a small serving of oatmeal twice a day when I take my pills for spasticity from an old spinal cord injury. Anyway, after reading about taking Ibuprofen from you I tried it out and it really helped. No pain for 6 hours with 400 mg. The first day I also took the 1000 mg of vitamin C you discussed with 100 mg of Grape Seed Extract. So, I took these with the Ibuprofen and oatmeal. In about 10 minutes I was in bad pain, but then in another 20 minutes I was fine with no pain. I got a bit scared so yesterday I quit taking the Grape Seed Extract and C. This morning I took Ibu with oatmeal and my pain was gone for 6 hours. With the Ibu wearing off, I feel a bit better each time. I have had some stomach issues from taking 2400 mg of Ibu for 10 years after my SCI. I am afraid to take any pills without some food,

            After all this talk, must I stop the oatmeal until my pancreas heals? I want to keep taking the Ibu and in a day or two add the Grape Seed Extract back, but with oatmeal. Thanks for all your information on the internet, I ordered everything you listed from Amazon except the enzymes. My plan is to start taking them when my pain gets better where I can take more food. I’m afraid I will get a bad irritated stomach with no food. Any input is greatly appreciated. I am ready to change the way I eat so this never happens again. No more beer, bacon wrapped prawns, or prime rib. I do love all seafood, so I’ll be good. I retire in one year and will do more fishing 🙂 Oh, PS: You are a GOD Send, Bless You and Best Wishes in your ventures.

            Oh, one more. I heard that virgin pine nut oil is good for pancreatitis. It is polyunsaturated fat. What do you think of this?

          2. Hi David – Pancreatitis definitely requires a learning experience. I’m sorry you have been ill. Did anyone explain why you have been ill? There is always a reason. Gallstones and alcohol are two most prevalent reasons. Eating, anything at this point is likely aggravating your pancreas. IF it were me I’d be fasting (no food). I’d drink a lot of water and take grape seed extract and vit c. I’d also be taking Ibuprofen; One large 800-1200 mg dose and then 200 mgs per day after for a few days. I know you mentioned some issues with NSAIDS so naturally it is all your call but if you keep eating while you are ill you may wish you hadn’t. Oh and oil (any kind) is one of the worst things you could consume.

      3. Your information was so helpful and very much needed and appreciated. My stepson has been battling this for 2 years, has had his gall bladder removed and still has had no actual progress made. He has become so thin it’s scary. The doctors believe that he’s fine and his numbers show fine as long as he maintains his weight but that this rate what weight,? He’s skin and bones. We purchased all of the supplements you recommended and have started the diet you recommended, which hoping to follow up with a nutritionist this week. My question is .. after 2 years of trying to figure out what’s really going on he has already been diagnosed with chronic pancreatitis.. at 24 years old, drinking not being the case.., but how should we go about the supplements. Is it best to start slow or just take them all full amount right away??

        1. Hi Kerrianne G – Remember I am not a doctor and anything he does is at his own risk. I simply share what I do/did to heal and stay well. It is always best to start slow with the supplements. Increase on a weekly basis. It takes time to heal so don’t expect overnight miracles. He may lose more weight at first (no fat, low fat diet) but when he gets healed and feels better he’ll probably be able to eat more protein and gain weight again. That isn’t always the case but is the goal. If you have any more questions ask and let me know how he does please.

    2. Hi Health guy

      You have no idea how happy I am to have found your blog. I just ordered the grape seed and vitamin c from Amazon… Wasn’t sure if I could take the Curcumin as I have no gallbladder…would this be ok?? Also is it ok to take a multivitamin on a daily basis?? I am 49 years old… And have had 6 hospital stays 2 MRI’s 4 CT scans and numerous bloodwork… My lipase at its highest was 7000… I can tell when it’s getting bad because the pain is unbearable and the vomiting is violent… I can’t do ibuprofen on an empty stomach (I have acid reflux) and all the strong pain killers make me puke so I get by on Tylenol. Just got out of the hospital a week ago… I had a stone removed last month from where my pancreas and bile duct meet… Doc put in a stent… The last procedure on March 10 was another ERCP because they thought there was another stone… He got in there and couldn’t find it… He did, however, put in another stent as pancreas was still inflamed and he wanted to open up the duct… The stents he uses are passed naturally after a few weeks. If this one does not do so… I will be looking at yet another ERCP to remove it. I am not a drinker but up until 3 months ago my diet sucked… I mean sucked!! My favorite part of the steak was the crispy fat… Well… No more of that…I haven’t been to work since January 2… I miss my job but I’ve been in and out of the hospital so much… So my question is… Can I I take vitamins with the supplements you suggest…. What do you think about the curcumin with no gallbladder? And… How much activity is ok when you don’t feel well with pain? It’s been months… I have lost 30 lbs… I want my life back… I’m ok with no alcohol and low fat… I can’t do dairy so I do almond milk unsweetened… It has very little fat…this blog has given me hope and I thank you for that… Have you considered a book?? Maybe one with all these blog messages… With your advice and everyone’s individual stories… It is a huge help… A thousand times better than what I’ve gotten from my doc or specialists!! Many many thanks!!!

      Lisa D

      1. Hi Lisa – Glad you like the blog but sorry to hear that you are not well. Nope no book in the works. Since you no longer have a gallbladder and haven’t been diagnosed with SOD it is probably safe to use curcumin. I’d get a small bottle to test it first in case something like SOD was missed. If it doesn’t cause problems in a week or so of use you should be good to go. Multi vitmamin-mineral formulations are perfectly safe to take with the 3 supplements. In fact it would be good to use one. As far as activity – do as much as you feel able. Get well and stay well 🙂

        1. Hi health guy… Thanks for writing me back… I’m just starting the curcumin so I’ll give it a week or so… The grape extract and vitamin c you recommended seems to be helping… One more question tho… If I go over 5 mg of fat per meal… I get bad pain the next day… Is this low fat thing something I will be dealing with forever? I’ve eliminated pork and beef…found some amazing recipes… One for a veggie burger that I would take over a regular burger any day… But I’ve lost 30 pounds and it doesn’t seem to be stopping… I’m 5’4 and 128lbs… Any more will be way to low… How do I keep my weight stable with no fat?? One other thing that’s been helping… I squeeze the juice of half a lemon into water every morning before anything else…this might be comparable to your grapefruit juice? I know most people are struggling to get skinny… I just want to stop losing weight and get healthy.

          Thanks again
          Lisa D

          1. Hi Lisa – I know this isn’t what you want to hear but chances are if your pancreas has sustained damage the diet may be a life-long deal but only time will tell for sure. It is best to forget about everything except healing your pancreas. That should be the most important goal in your life right now. Try to consume as much safe protein as you can tolerate. That will help stabalize your weight. Legumes (beans, peas, lentils) and egg whites are full of protein and boast ZERO fat. Half a chicken breast, a cup of beans or lentils with some broccoli will give you about 50 grams of protein with about 4 – 5 grams of fat. You can use the tool on this site to check food fat grams, protein, nutrient density etc. As far as I know lemon juice doesn’t work like grapefruit juice.

          2. Hi health guy… Can chronic pancreatitis give a person joint pain?? I am on no other meds… I’m due to start enzymes with meals but haven’t yet… Just taking the grape seed and vitamin c plus a multi vitamin… My hands and fingers are the worst nut hips and ankles and feet are sore in joints too…any idea??

            Lisa D

          3. Hi Lisa – Your question: “Can chronic pancreatitis give a person joint pain??” and my answer is I have never heard that it does. Have you been checked for arthritis? And has anyone told you why you have chronic pancreatitis? I mean is there a possibility that it’s autoimmune related? Some autoimmune disease actually cause acute pancreatitis. IF you have undiagnosed RA, Lupus, psoriatic arthritis. One of those may be the cause of your joint pain and might actually be traced to your AP/CP. Just a thought. Even Sjogren’s (SHOW-grins) syndrome which can often accompany other immune system disorders, such as rheumatoid arthritis and Lupus could be hiding out in there somewhere. I’m not saying Sjogren’s causes joint pain cuz it doesn’t seem to do that but it hangs out with immune disorders that do and Sjogren’s and Lupus and other autoimmune diseases do cause AP.

          4. Hi health guy,

            Doing a lot better over here… Been taking the vitamin c and grape seed extract… One thing I wanted to share with you… I also am not able to tolerate dairy but I sat with a nutritionist because I kept losing weight… On top of eating very low fat (only 5g per meal) I drink two protein shakes a day made from unsweetened almond milk and sunwarrior protein powder… It’s vegan and the vanilla classic has no fat… That plus any kind of fruit makes a great smoothy and helps get in good calories…again… I can’t thank you enough…your support and suggestions have been so very important in my finding the right path to recovery!!! Blessings to you always,

            Lisa D

      2. Hi, Thanks for the reply. Nothing has been found yet. I had an ultrasound on my gallbladder last Monday. It came back showing no issues. Next Monday I go in for an HIDA (nuclear) scan to check the inside of the gallbladder and functionality. These results I insisted will be sent to Virginia Mason Medical Center in Seattle for review. I hear they are very good at diagnosing the problem. It looks to me like this is what caused the pancreas to start inflaming. I think the gall bladder may have small stones or sludge in it rather than have poor functionality, because when hurting after eating I can take 8 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar in 8 ounces of water with 1/2 lemon and drink this over 20 minutes and have a heating pad, set on low heat over my gallbladder, In 30 minutes I don’t hurt anymore. FYI, I did increase the grape seed extract and took ibuprofen 400 mg twice a day until the pain went away. Once the pain stayed down for two days I started eating like you said and it worked. I am now eating small meals with one enzyme pill after each meal and am maintaining with just a little heaviness in my chest. I did not take the oil because it was like 16 mg of Fat per tablespoon even though most was not saturated fat. Anyway, I am on the mend, but still working to figure out what caused it; which is the reason I have not started the Curcumin. Vitamin C really upsets my stomach so quit that also. Did drink grapefruit juice and this helped. Man, what a weight loss program. I went for 205# to 179# in a few weeks. Kind of glad I had few to spare. Thanks so much for your help, you are awesome man. The Dr’s here are just running folks through like cattle and with my research and your help I gave them direction to keep looking for the problem. They gave up last March when I had my first attack and did not follow through. I was ignorant, so did not say much. This attack, I was more informed and yowled like a mashed cat to keep them moving forward. I am confident Virginia Mason will find out the issue. If my gallbladder really needs removed so be it, but I read of the 100,000 removed each year probably on 7,000 really needed it. My concern is the 10% that have their gallbladder removed and then are still sick, but now without a gallbladder. Not good, these folks are suffering too. Once healed I plan to keep taking a maintenance regiment of the grape seed extract and Curcumin along with my Vitamins you recommended. Bought them all from Amazon from your site and had them in 2 days at a good price. Amazon Prime is the only way to go. Again, thanks so much for the site and all that you do. The world needs more folks like you, God Bless. You will be rewarded some day in heaven. Love ya man, Dave

        1. Hi David – you did drop a few pounds didn’t you? That does happen with this condition and diet. Either one is too sick to eat or the lack of fat in the diet causes weight loss. I’d rather lose weight due to no or very little fat versus being sick. I hope they find the root of the problem and you heal up. Thanks for the kind words and buying the supplements via my site. I use that money to pay my hosting, domain fees, etc for this site. If I can help answer questions holler. Let me know what they find out and the course of action and how you are.

  2. hi – want to thank you for info. i am having my second round of pancreatitis – been lucky that the first was back in 2010 and haven’t had major problems again until now. the interesting thing, and one that your info supports, is the medical viewpoint on all this. more than ever we all need to take care of our own health cause healthcare in america is doomed! my doc was more concerned with my blood glucose (which, admittedly, is higher than should be) than my tryglycerides which were 1,834! I think the tryglycerides are the problem with the glucose, but in any case I am going to a new doc soon. but i love that i could lessen my mental anxiety with info. so much on internet is garbage or has a marketing slant. i appreciate your info and honesty and hope you continue passing along what you have gained from your experience. i did order the materials but even taking an NSAID was helpful in the meanwhile and the diet is perfect. after i did both of those, i had not just reduced pain, but NO pain. i had been on the cusp of going to the ER, so that was a dramatic improvement. thanks again. PKSullivan, Wrentham, MA

  3. I want to thank you as I cry, You are saving so many lives and I am about to help! I have lived w2ith this for over 6 years now lost relationships friends and countless opportunities. Thank you for saving life.

    Adam Lee Draper

  4. So you talk about eating healthy and no alcohol and taking supplements throughout the site to cure the pain and yet you smoke?

    1. yes i smoke. have smoked for years and i will most likely continue to smoke. i don’t care about eating healthy. if my pancreas could handle it i’d be eating a double bacon cheeseburger from carl jr’s right now but it won’t. i’d be sicker than a dog. if smoking caused the same problem i’d quit but it doesn’t. fat and alcohol are the enemies when you have pancreatitis. anything else on your mind?

      1. Hi, I went to get my supplements but got grapefruit seed extract rather than grape seed, guess I will have to make another run to the health store.

        1. Nat grapefruit seed extract is also good. One study done on rats showed it protected the pancreas and prevented acute pancreatitis even when induced. I’m sure that is why my pancreatitis attacks stopped years ago when I started drinking tons of grapefruit juice since I couldn’t drink alcohol when out shooting pool. However grape seed extract is the boss when it comes to pancreatitis. The combination of grape seed extract vit C and curcumin is one powerful anti-inflammatory combination that really douses the pain and nausea and resolves the inflammation as long as you stop drinking alcohol and eating high fat foods.

  5. Is yogurt allowed? My fiancée has been diagnosed with acute pancreatitis. He has been poorly for over a year now with 3 stay in hospital and on the last stay collapsed at home with sever dehydration because he could not keep even water down. This stay was when he was diagnosed. Sunday evening we had a roast lamb dinner and by Monday afternoon he was very sick ( although he would not let me call an ambulance) I found your blog and He has been on a diet of fruit and vegetables for 4 days now. We are going to introduce foods week by week to see how he goes and to see what he can and can’t eat. I found your blog by accident and I have to say it makes so much sense. Thank you for all your information. Much love from England.

    1. Hi Donna – you are welcome. Thanks for the kind words. About yogurt – it may not work well. It has some fat in it. Maybe no-fat yogurt if they make it. watch out for sugar alcohols, such as sorbitol, used as a sweetener. Roast lamb with mint jelly is delicious but is extremely high in fat. Fat doesn’t work. Beef, pork, lamb, goat, sheep, duck, goose, mayo, egg yolk, butter, margarine, cooking oils, olive oil, coconut oil, palm oil, peanut butter and more are all high fat foods that need to be avoided. If he’s really sick still vegetable juice may be the thing for awhile. Fruit juices, vegetable juices (low sodium V8 is good and full of potassium). You may want to consider getting your own juicer and making your own fresh, organic veggie juice for him. Once he isn’t vomiting all the time and feels better then he could try solid foods. IF he’s doing ok on the solid foods now (veggies and fruit) that’s great! IF NOT – go juice. If that doesn’t work then he needs to do a fast with just water for hydration and give his pancreas a rest for several days until he’s really hungry. Then juice for a few days and work back up to vegetables and fruit. Good luck to you both.

  6. Dear sir, I had an acute and recurrent pancreatic attack during the year 2011 and undergone 2 surgeries, one for removal of gall bladder (due to smudge in gb) and external drain of pseudo cyst and another surgery after 3 months to internal drain of pancreatic pseudo cyst. Both being done laparoscopic. Even after I underwent lap surgery to drain the pancreatic pseudo cyst internally, the cyst again started collecting after 2 months of the 2nd surgery and now the size of the cyst remains almost the same. My doctor has advised me to forget about the developments and advised me to carry on till any pain or something happens. He tell that the cyst will naturally get drained/ absorbed, which has not happened till now. Now I am taking creon 25000 iu thrice a day with food. Since there is a collection of cyst, the condition of the pancreas is very difficult to determine in a Ultra sound scan. Pls advice me on how to heal the pancreas and how to drain the cyst on a natural way. Pls advice me and post it to my email please. Thanks

    1. Hi Balaji Sah sorry to hear of your difficulty. IF it were me I’d adhere to a strict, no-nonsense pancreatitis diet (you can find that on this blog) and I’d consume tons of grape seed extract, vitamin C and some curcumin every day. I know of one guy, with a cyst, who has done that and his cyst started shrinking. Other than that I have no idea what may drain your cyst naturally. IF I had a cyst that wasn’t drainable I’d do exactly what I just said.That is ONLY my opinion, not advice as to what you should do. Good luck to you. I hope you find relief and less misery.

    1. Donna did you mean corn? I hate smart phones lol. If you meant corn, corn is fine. ALL vegetables work but don’t put any sauces or butter or margarine etc on them. salt and pepper or some other spice like garlic powder if you like but no greasy oils or sauces.

      1. Quorn is a meat substitute but it has yeast in it and I’m not sure about yeast, Nige had a chicken breast with veggies and a gravy which I made sure contained no fats but had yeast in it and he was ill. But then again it could of been the banana which had brown spots on the skin.
        Grief this is so mind boggling on what foods affect him.
        We are now back on a juice diet with me jucing everything.. He cannot take grape supplements because he is on Omeprazole.. Thank you for your reply. X

        1. I’d never heard of quorn before! Haven’t looked it up either so I can’t speak intelligently about it. Yeast shouldn’t be a problem unless he’s a celiac too like me cuz most yeast is made from brewers yeast which contains barley but the gravy is a whole different story. If it was chicken gravy made with chicken fat (drippings) that was most likely the culprit. But you said the gravy had no fat? How does one make gravy without drippings? Ok … Just googled “no fat gravy” and got some mixes but can’t find an “ingredient” list. What will they think of next? Anyway, here’s the deal you can buy split pea with ham soup that is 99% fat free and it still isn’t safe. Pork, beef, lamb and duck just doesn’t work. Neither does chicken fat. So check the ingredients. I can say my gravy is fat free but ingredients don’t lie. I had one of the worst acute pancreatitis attacks after eating turkey sausage -yep – 99% fat free – Hillshire farms – and all because I didn’t read the label. So I missed “pork casings.” Those are made from pork intestines. The turkey was stuffed into pork casings. Not even the good stuff like ham, chops or bacon – pork guts. I was sicker than a dog for like 4 – 6 weeks. The diet can be a pain and confusing. It took me awhile to learn all the ins and outs. Don’t despair – it is doable.

          Why can’t he take grape seed extract, vit c and curcumin? I can’t find where proton pump inhibitors are affected by either one.

          1. Because it is an antacid ie reduces stomach acid he has been told not to eat or take citrus fruit. I dunno. Seem a shame as I think it will help him a lot more than all the tablets he’s taking. X

          2. Aha! Ok Donna fresh fruit is acidic and contains a fair amount of gallic acid. Grape seed extract also contains gallic acid but I can not find a thing that says gallic acid interacts negatively with PPI’s. In fact what I did find was this and I quote “However, disrupting PPIs is extremely difficult due to the large, flat interfaces of many proteins, which often lack structurally defined cavities to which drug-like molecules could bind in a thermodynamically favorable manner.” You can read the PubMed abstract here. Now …

            I am not trying to be argumentative or undermine your husband’s doctor. This just kind of interested me so I did some digging. What I glean from that abstract is that it is very difficult to stop the effects of a PPI like Omeprazole however, I am neither a doctor nor a professional research scientist genius like Linus Pauling who was awarded the Nobel Prize in chemistry for his work in the area of chemical bonds. If it were me I’d directly ask the doctor whether or not your husband could take grape seed extract and specifically “why not” if he/she says no because …

            Grape seed extract, vit C and curcumin are extremely beneficial in the healing of inflamed pancreas tissue. Grape seed extract coupled with vit C is the bomb boss, undisputed ruler of of supplements for healing inflamed pancreas tissue. Continued use prevents inflammation after initial resolution. IF I could only afford one supplement it would be Now Foods Grape Seed Extract because it contains grape seed and vitamin C in one capsule. Bang for the buck you might say. Anyway…

            When it comes to your health you need to do what you both think is right because what I think or would do is only my opinion and that’s the name of that tune. But do as much research as you have time for and don’t be afraid to ask a doctor “why.” Why should I take this? Why shouldn’t I take this? What is the hard cold proven benefit of doing this or that, taking this or that etc. In other words “what’s in it for me doc?”

          3. Argue away, I have little time for the doctors, they sent him out of hospital with no information about the condition. Everything we know is from trawling the internet and thank god we found you. X

          4. Ingredients for veg gravy….. Concentrated Vegetable Stock (Water, Carrots, Leek, Red Bell Pepper, Celeriac) (43%), Glucose Syrup, Salt, Yeast Extract, Palm Fat, Sugar, Potassium Chloride, Parsley, Vegetable Juice Concentrate (Celery, Carrots, Leeks, Onions) (0.9%), Spices (Celery Seeds, Lovage Root, Nutmeg, Pepper), Gelling Agents (Xanthan Gum, Locust Bean Gum), Flavourings, Caramel Syrup, Maltodextrin.
            I’m taking it palm fat was the culprit in this instance. Thank you so much for all your help. I’ll be an expert on pancreatitis before the year is out. Lol.

          5. Palm fat could have been the culprit and believe it or not if your husband’s pancreas is really inflamed at the moment or has sustained a lot of previous damage it doesn’t take much “bad fat” to illicit a response. I have mentioned several times that meals should contain 5 grams of fat or less. That is a hard number to hit especially if people use prepackaged foods. 5 grams per meal may be to much for your husband at this point. I don’t know his situation however …

            Organic plant based fat is much better on an inflamed pancreas and it takes a lot of veggies to hit 5 grams of fat. In fact here is a list of the types of fats. The only one that is tolerable to an inflamed, damaged pancreas is plant based fat or polyunsaturated fat (no oil even from this fat). This is the fat found in vegetables.

            A decent source of protein with zero fat is an egg white. One egg white contains about 4 grams of protein and zero fat, zero cholesterol. You can scramble them (3 or 4) up, using a non-stick pan (no oil, no butter etc) with some spices (salt, black pepper, onion and parsley) and have a nice 12 – 16 good tasting grams of safe protein; completely fat free.

  7. Hi healthy guy, I would like to get your thoughts on my situation. When I was 29 yo(I’m 34 now) I was out to dinner and began to feel sick afterward. I threw up on the way home and immediately after that my stomach began to hurt. At first I thought I had good poisoning but it did not go away. After many trips to the hospital I had an EUS done. They discover 2 symtoms out of the 9 criteria. Clinically not enough for diagnosis. The pain is still with me today. Always fairly mild. Sometimes it flares up, sometimes I feel no pain at all. It is never debilitating. I don’t respond to any typical triggers. I can eat whatever I want. Fats don’t affect me. It shows up pretty randomly. I pay attention to what I eat and nothing seems to provoke it. Besides the pain, I have no other pancreatitis symtoms. I was a moderate drinker before (beers with the guys after work). In your experience, does this sound like pancreatitis to you? Is it likley that thisis the source of my discomfort? With so few features on the EUS. The features were minimal stranding and small isolated spots of inflammation. The overall structure was good, the ducts were fine. I would appreciate your insight. Thanks.

    1. I forgot one possibly important detail. I had major surgery on my abdomen when I was younger for severe acid reflux. I have a 14 inch scar across the middle of my abdomen. Right over where my pain is. Not sure if this is significant, just thought I’d mention it.

      1. The surgery probably has some bearing on your case. I don’t know how much. Like I said if it were me I’d get another opinion, even two or three until I was satisfied with what was told to me and it made good common sense. Oh I forgot to ask what was your blood work like? Were your amylase and lipase levels normal or high?

    2. Hi Kevin my insights are somewhat clouded by an opinion that there are to many “criteria” needed for diagnosis. Stranding doesn’t just happen in a normal healthy pancreas and small isolated spots of inflammation certainly isn’t normal either. “The clinical diagnosis of pancreatitis is difficult to make and is frequently missed. One review cited a misdiagnosis rate as high as 43 percent; in some cases, the diagnosis is made at autopsy.4 A history and physical examination suggestive of pancreatitis warrant further diagnostic work-up.” You can find that exact quote under the section called “diagnosis” here.

      I find it interesting that fats don’t affect you and so maybe it isn’t pancreatitis but with stranding, even minimal and inflammation it sure sounds like your pancreas should be investigated further. I strongly suggest you find someone who will give you a second opinion. Preferably a pancreas specialist, at least a gastroenterologist. You could have early autoimmune pancreatitis or something else. If it were me I’d ask for a blood test to check IgG4. If that is elevated a CT and MRI may be beneficial.

  8. The Health Guy,
    First off, my hat is off to you Sir! Your blog is the most informative and concise source of information dealing with pancreatitis in every stage I’ve found. All the other sites deal with only one or two aspects in handling the condition.

    I am 52 years old and just had my first bout of it and apparently caught it before it went full-blown to acute pancreatitis. I awoke with some rather irritating upper right abdomen stomach pain and although it was tolerable, something told me it was not good.

    I am generally a health nut but have indulged in consuming beer 8-10 nightly over quite a long period of time. I would venture to guess this is what caused the inflammation and condition.

    I was admitted to the hospital and my lipase level was 1098. They put me on an iv and had nothing by mouth for four days and my levels dropped progressively down to 280 before the released me after the fifth day.

    I am now wondering how to move ahead. I am of course going to follow your suggested diet and eat as little as possible to afford my pancreas the opportunity to heal as fast as possible. I do however have concerns about starting on the supplements NOW instead of after allowing it to fully heal?

    I realize you are not a physician and I’m merely picking your brain here because of your experience. Just to let you know, I have no love for doctors and have always attempted to address my physical ailments with natural supplements first and have been able to do so quite successfully in the past.

    My question is this; if my pancreas is in an irritated state and I start swallowing these supplements, do they not also have to be dealt with by the pancreas and cause it to secrete more enzymes in doing so? If I’m trying to get my lipase levels to drop and return to normal is that not defeating the purpose and causing it to work harder? And/or since my lipase levels are elevated and I begin ingesting digestive enzymes containing lipase isn’t putting more of said enzyme into my system?

    Just to note, I had a cat scan of my entire abdominal region and an ultra sound and nothing was remarkable. Liver, gall bladder, stomach, kidneys, liver and pancreatic ducts checked out clear.

    Your opinion would be greatly appreciated and thanks again for your efforts to help those of us fighting this condition, you are truly a blessing. If you would rather respond directly instead of posting here that would be fine by me. I sincerely hope you reply.

    Thanks again,


    1. Hi John – sorry to hear you have joined the club. At least you were able to get diagnosed quickly that in itself is amazing to me! Ok so let me address one question that is important. You mentioned enzymes. You may not need them. If you aren’t damaged to badly your pancreas may still produce more than enough for normal digestion. So at this time I wouldn’t get any enzymes until you have had time to heal and then find you get nauseated 10 – 30 minutes right after eating a SAFE meal. Of course this is predicated on the assumption you are giving up alcohol.

      You should be on grape seed extract, C and curcumin. All 3 are HIGHLY anti-inflammatory. Your first objective should be to resolve the inflammation. Acute pancreatitis happens because pancreatic enzymes activate while still inside the pancreas. They are not suppose to activate until they are in the digestive tract. The amount of enzymes produced or taken has nothing to do with actual activation. Of course the supplemented enzymes are already activated but will not enter your pancreas yet they should NEVER be taken without a meal. That would not be a good thing. The good news is with one mild attack and no signs of damage you may never need them.

      Now – since your CT scan showed nothing “remarkable” you may skate and be one of the extremely lucky ones who have one mild attack, heal and never have another problem as long as you do NOT drink alcohol. You may have the gene variant that causes alcohol pancreatitis. Just because it took years to show up doesn’t mean you can safely ignore your warning. The last thing you want are more attacks especially an SAP (severe acute pancreatitis). So take it for what it’s worth – quit drinking alcohol. Avoid it in food as well. It hides in many things (cold remedies, mouthwash, vanilla extract in baked goods and other places too) so you have to be vigilant.

      Well there ya go John, my 2 cents. I hope you never have another problem and if you watch your p’s and q’s you may never have another problem. All up to you.

  9. Almost forgot, the only medications I take are synthroid for hypothyroid, clonazepam for anxiety and uloric for gout which I am weaning myself using cherry concentrate since I obviously will not be drinking anymore.

    1. Hey John this is quite interesting and the fact that you are taking clonazepam, a benzodiazepine drug, may have helped reduce the severity of your acute pancreatitis attack. Check this out . So consider yourself quite lucky at this point. You may have skated severe damage because of the class of drug you are taking.

      By the way thank you for the kind words in your previous comment. Good luck to you. I hope you heal up and never have another problem 🙂

      1. Health Guy,
        Thanks for the quick reply and your input, it is indeed greatly appreciated and you are a blessing. I ordered the products off your links, you deserve something for your efforts. No, I do not intend to ever drink again after that experience. I would rather be shot (which I have been) and can honestly say that. I have already started following your diet plan as you suggested and am sticking to beans and rice for now which I can eat every day no problem. I do still have a very minor ache in my right side but will be going to the dock next week to check my levels. I will keep you up to snuff and thanks again for your efforts!!


        1. Thank you. I look forward to your healing John. Let me know if I can answer any questions. By the way it sounds like you may have served in the military or as an LEO. Either way, thank you for your service. Semper Fi

          1. Health Guy, got my blood test results back today 9 days after discharge with a Lipase level of 240. Lipase is now 70 and Amylase is 50, I realize these are both towards the top end so I will be taking the suggested supplements and following your diet suggestions for quite some time and of course NO ALCOHOL! Just wanted to thank you again and will keep you up to snuff and yes I did 6 years in the USMC. Semper Fi and no thanks necessary, best time of my life. Thanks again brother!!

  10. Hey Health guy! Thanks for this site – I’ve been on a no-fat diet and pancreatic pain free for about three months. I’m wondering what you know about soy? Thanks!

    1. Hi DJ – you are welcome. WTG on the “pain free” 3 months. I hope it continues for you! 🙂 I don’t know a ton about soy. I know there is conflicting research. One minute it’s great for you the next it causes cancer, heart disease and toenail fungus. I also know this – I tried some soy products and I can’t stand the taste. I’d rather starve but that’s me. In regards to pancreatitis all I can say is:

      1) I don’t remember if it caused any problems for me. If it did I think I’d recall, especially if the discomfort was anything significant.
      2) Soy may be to high in fat content for those who still have inflammation. One cup of raw soybeans has 37 grams of fat and 14% of that fat is saturated fat (rare for plants) – the worst kind of fat for an inflamed pancreas. That is where soybeans completely differ from other legumes (beans, peas, lentils).
      3) The good thing about soy is the protein content. A small half cup of cooked soybeans boasts 14 grams of protein, about double the protein found in kidney or black beans.

      Other than that I’m pretty uneducated in regards to soy. If you have been eating soy and have been symptom free for 3 months then keep doing it cuz it seems to be working.

  11. Hey there! So my bf got diagnosed with acute pancreatitis and the doctor didn’t give any advice but to stop drinking. They discharged him an hour later after he threw up, gave him some meds, the doc never came back in and then discharged him. So I’ve basically have been playing nurse since Friday the day he went to the er. Friday when we got home from the er he tried to eat some green grapes and drink Gatorade because he was starving and wanted to try and eat and then he threw up about 30 mins later. So I started to look up things about his condition and it led me here! Which I’m glad it did because it seems you have great information and you give great advice as well. So basically everything I’ve read on google has said that someone diagnosed with acute pancreatitis can’t eat for a couple days, just drink water. So my bf has been doing that since Friday and today is now Sunday. He doesn’t have that much pain anymore, he takes his meds when it does start to hurt a little bit. He has been able to drink a little bit of Gatorade here and there. I just want to make sure he won’t collapse on me from malnutrition but he’s actually doing pretty well for not having been able to eat since Friday so that’s good.
    I guess my question is what should he try to eat or drink first after he’s done with the not eating only water diet. Because he’s growing irritated at the fact that he can’t eat and today it’s only been day 2 and today we went to the store to get some V8 vegetable juices and grapefruit juice. And I told him to just taste test and see if it hurts him or not cus I don’t want him to go crazy on drinking the V8 juice and he winds up throwing up or something.

    1. Hi Nico – don’t worry about your boyfriend becoming malnourished at this point. Resolving the inflammation is a much more important. IF he didn’t eat anything for the next ten days he wouldn’t be in any serious danger of starving unless he has some major disease issue not mentioned. His pancreas needs total rest. Eating does NOT provide pancreatic rest. If it were me I’d fast (drink water only) for the next couple days or as long as it takes for ALL symptoms to resolve. I’d be taking Ibuprofen (200 mgs every 6 hours), grape seed extract (200 mgs every 4- 6 hours), curcumin (500 mgs twice a day), Vitamin C (1000 mgs 3 times a day). Once ALL symptoms resolved I’d try some V8 juice. If that went well, more V8 juice for maybe 3 – 5 days. I wouldn’t even think about eating solid foods. Vegetable juice, grapefruit juice, grape seed extract, curcumin, and vitamin C. After 3 – 5 days of juice and supplements with ZERO symptoms I would try some rice or rice with some vegetables – NO MEAT of any kind. No soups, no broths unless totally VEGAN. NO dairy. NO FAT, NO ALCOHOL. Then only MODIFIED VEGAN meals, cooking without oils or fats (vegans eat nuts, seeds, use oil and fats in cooking). EGG WHITES (no yolks), beans, peas, lentils could be tried as a source of protein. EVERYTHING must be cooked without using fats, oils (butter, margarine, cooking oil, olive oil). IF it looks like fat, smells like fat, feels like fat it’s probably fat and needs to be avoided. Diet should be fruits (No coconut or avocado both contain huge amounts of fat), vegetables, grains, legumes (vegan) for about 6 months. Then he can start adding in some other protein sources like white meat fish, skinless chicken. NO red meat, pork, lamb, duck. Try to stay away from processed, prepackaged and fast foods, too much FAT. READ labels. Modified vegan diet and supplements. Good luck 🙂

  12. was diagnosed with severe acute pancreatitis 3 years ago and levels were through the roof(near 4000 I believe).. I ate healthy for a little while but got back into eating whatever crap I wanted and never had pain again now i relapsed and binged after 3 years of 0 alcohol with wine on april 5th and feel my pancreas is inflamed now…. all the symptoms are there not in pain however i know the dull radiating feeling but like so many people say the healthcare industry is doomed and they never give you direct answers it really is frustrating and without insurance forget about it. I didnt eat or drink any fluids for about 2 days and now had a small salad some fruit and v8 today… going to pick up the grape seed tomorrow and want to really thank you for your post ! im 27, was 24 first attack…

    1. You are welcome Brian – if I can help by answering any question feel free to ask. Just know I’m not a doc and can’t give med advice but I can tell you what I’d do if it were me. If you can go 3 years without alcohol you can do it the rest of your life. Hang in there. Don’t let it get out of control. The last thing you need is another bout of severe acute pancreatitis. Good luck to you 🙂

      1. thanks healthy guy I feel like its a little tight dull feeling still radiating to back sometimes but no real pain and i thought it actually felt worse when i wasnt drinking or eating anything after the 2 days… this is the 4th day now stemming back from saturday night any suggestions overall? i ordered the grape seed extract..should i take them when i get them in a few days if i still have the dull feeling? when i say dull i also mean sore i guess like i can feel somethings up..i to have taken benzos and opiates in the past as well…thanks again..

        1. Sometimes it does feel worse before it gets better. If it were me I’d start taking my grape seed as soon as it arrives. Grape seed, curcumin (as long as SOD or gallstones have not been found) and vitamin c should become a daily routine. IF it were me I’d start at 100 mg grape seed 2x – 3x per day and increase until I was taking 200 mg 3x or 4x per day. 500 mg of curcumin 1x – 2x per day and vitamin c 2000 – 5000 mg per day. Might even throw in 200 mg of ibuprofen 2x per day until the inflammation was gone (short term-use). I found that a high dose of 800 mg of ibuprofen stops an acute attack in about 60 minutes, especially if combined with grape seed, curcumin and c. I usually only use Ibuprofen when I have acute pancreatitis but some folks use it more often. I do NOT recommend long-term use because it can cause high blood pressure and heart attack. For long-term use I’d use aspirin instead. 1 or 2 aspirin for mild or moderate pain coupled with the supplement cocktail would be much safer unless someone has bleeding issues or is on blood thinners such as warfarin or pradaxa. By the way …

          I’d take the cocktail (the 3 supplements) every day or at least grape seed and c for life. I have done this for YEARS and quite frankly believe that doing so, coupled with my diet, keeps me from having pancreas issues. Good luck to you Brian. Get well and Stay well.

          1. awesome post, i actually have no pages bookmarked on my computer but this thread lol… so what about water or just stay away from everything??? i read all different theories on water however having some fruits and veggies last night made it feel somewhat better which is strange but didnt eat anything today and feel the same dull feeling……i have a huge container or water, lemon, and cucumber marinating in the fridge…its a dull constant annoyance and i feel it in the back when i sit up for a long time to and i feel me personally believe its inflamed no pain though…maybe i wont eat or drink anything until the 17th when the grape seed extract comes in and then follow that up with the water cucumber and lemon water.. its just frustrating because there are no exact sciences but whatever gotta keep on living… thanks for everything sorry to take up a lot of page with my posts !! you as well stay healthy..

          2. Brian you have to drink some water to keep hydrated. If the veggies worked ok then hey that’s a good thing. If you have a juicer you could make your own organic veggie juice. If not low sodium V8 veggie juice works to get large amounts of potassium, some vitamin A and a little c I think. But if veggies work that is great. Mix in some rice (brown rice so you get b vitamins) and you have a meal you can actually eat and not starve. egg whites are a good protein source and have ZERO fat. Not the yolks, just the whites. You can actually live on egg whites, brown rice and veggies.

          3. I meant to say in my previous comment that you were absolutely right about waiting around for answers/ i have no lab results no ultrasound report \ maybe next week when i am gone for a couple weeks! If i hadnt seen you i dont know what would have happened, but i can tell you EVERYTHING you say here matches up! I did try to get a couple grams of fat in this afternoon, very carefully a few bites of my own oat bread and eensy butter/ i didnt know what else to do/petrified of meat….how else can i get a little fat? And you say NOT olive oil? Well I followed your ideas and its miraculous thankyou/ nothing seems adequate in the gratitude dept.. You are SO smart too … Dang i feel lucky/ i do NOT have an extra pound on my body so i do need maybe a little fat/ am Actually enjoying my grains veggies etc ok thankyou again lenore

          4. Believe it or not the human body doesn’t require a ton of fat. You can get most of the fat you NEED from a plant based diet. Throw in some white meat fish like cod (once you feel better) and you’ll get some saturated fat and natural fish oil. Always eat wild fish. Stay away from the farmed and new gmo frankenfish. Skinless chicken cooked without oil (broiled or boiled is best) and up out of the natural chicken fat will also provide a bit of saturated fat. The ONLY reason one actually needs a “little” fat in the diet is so that fat soluble vitamins such as E, K, A and D get absorbed and you don’t become deficient. Minerals such as zinc, iron and calcium seem to absorb better with a bit of fat as well. So yes, a little fat in the diet is necessary but 5 grams of fat per meal is enough to help fat soluble vitamins and minerals become absorbed. You can eat half a skinless chicken breast and a large stalk of broccoli and have a protein, vitamin, mineral rich meal with about 4 – 5 grams of fat.

  13. If there is no nausea, or diarrhea could abdominal pain after eating fat still be pancreatitis? I have no gall bladder had a gastric bypass 10 yrs ago eat healthy mostly. Thankyou.. I get ultrasound tomorrow.

    1. Hi Lenore – the short answer is yes. Some folks with pancreatitis don’t have nausea, vomiting or diarrhea, just pain. Let me know what your doc says and ultrasound shows. Hope you feel better! 🙂

      1. Ok so EVERYTHING , you have said is a script for what has occurred! I immediately found your site during a night of misery, abdominal pain, sweats, rapid heart rate/ thats it… Was still hungry but scared to eat/ two days later better but still in pain ate chicken salad with light mayo and i mean a small amount and was right back in it/ so went straight to grapefruit juice/ grapeseed extract, curcurmin, vit powder, clear liquid no fat/ added veggies steamed/ and now fruit and grain…… Grapeseed miraculous anti inflammatory!! I have lotta experience with inflammation and that stuff is NOTICEABLE and interestingly the next day I woke up w NO pain but im takin it all anyway….. I was up all day yesterday after a week in bed except for three lab trips, one dr trip, and one ultrasound….. That all happened 5 days ago…. Its vacation starting yesterday so some day next week maybe there will be some clues/ in meantime had i not found u i would be in hosp which is a place a person has to drag me by a rope around my neck! I actually WANTED to go… Because i was hungry i would have eaten toast with butter for sure and then? Ive got a long story i wont burden u w details, but if your info wasnt so spot on I wouldnt have figured it out… I supposed go to Ny to see my grandchild next week and I wasnt gonna make it / im packin now. Bc i have no gall bladder, no appendix, had a bypass, etc the water was muddy but i was able to see the way…. And i did have abdominal injury more than once….. So ya you are the BOMB!!! Lenore

      2. One more thing, Im sooo hungry! I have had ZERO fat for a week i feel like my brain is scrambled, and i am constantly hungry but am scared to eat fat and dont know what or exactly how…any ideas? Thankyou so much for your brilliant info on all counts.. Lenore

        1. Hi Lenore – Fat is the enemy. Plant based fat (polyunsaturated) seems to work out fine so eat lots of veggies and legumes with bulk (cabbage, brussels sprouts, carrots, yams, beans). No fat to speak of and what there is is all plant based fat, lots of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and fiber in all of those so they are win/win. Beans (red, white, pinto, black, kidney) are all a great source of protein. Good luck. 🙂

  14. Hi, I was diagnosed with acute pancreatitis due to high calcium levels in my blood and pancreas creates more enzymes to process the calcium. I’m not sure how true is what I said. I will be getting my thyroid checked next month which my doctor suspects that is my problem. Any input in my situation will be appreciated.

    1. Ho Oz 🙂 Sorry to hear you have joined the pancreatitis hall of pain. Sucks don’t it? Yep high blood levels of calcium can most definitely cause acute pancreatitis. Hopefully it was a lab mistake or you were dehydrated and your levels will be normal at next check. Did your doc redo your blood work to find out if your calcium was high more than once? Consistent high calcium levels almost always indicate an underlying problem that needs to be found. I have never done a lot of research on what actually causes the high calcium levels but I do know that hyperparathyroidism, cancer and kidney disease are often responsible. It sounds like your doctor is on the ball and checking the right stuff out. Maybe you’ll be lucky have only a mild attack and never have another as long as they find and resolve the underlying problem. If you have been told you have some pancreas damage or you end up having more problems (symptoms of pancreatitis, inflammation) you may want to learn how to heal your pancreas. You can find all that info on this blog. Good luck Oz!

      1. Thank you very much for quick response. Yes I had follow up blood work couple times after leaving hospital on May and they all came out to be same outcome with high enzyme levels. I will be getting my thyroid checked next month to find out the main reason behind this.
        I am having my second attack today as we speak and it’s painful but not enough to go to er and drop bunch of $$ for just simple IV and pain killers.
        Thanks to you I have been following your advice on not eating anything but only drinking water.
        I took 4 liq Advils and I will take 4 more before sleep just to give me a break.
        Tried looking for information online if I can take protein powders or not but no luck. Low in fat and high in protein just so I don’t lose my hard earned muscle mass. Should I take protein powders after my fasting which I will continue till my pain goes away?
        Couple days ago I got my blood work results. This time my liver enzymes not my pancreas which don’t make any sense cause I am having pains same spots which I’m pretty sure it’s my pancreas acting on me again:( I’m hoping I will find out if the problem is from my thyroid or not just to find the cause and prevent it from happening again.
        I already started taking supplements you suggested, turmeric, grape seed extract, vitamin C.
        After my visit to er on May I stopped drinking JD and try to eat as clean as possible. But I have been drinking 3cups of coffee and 5 cups of tea everyday with sugar. Do u think sugar can trigger the attacks?
        I really appreciate your time and effort to help people like me in your blogs.

        1. Oz did the Advil work? Is the pain gone? Ibuprofen has never failed me where demerol didn’t do crap. Glad to hear you aren’t eating. You should fast for about 24 – 48 hours after the pain resolves. Then only vegetable juice. If you don’t have a juicer low sodium V8 works. I don’t think sugar is a problem. protein powders may be a problem. Most contain milk, milk solids and some contain oil (lecithin). IF it were me I’d be taking a lot of grape seed extract. How much have you had today? I’d do at least 200 mgs of grape seed 3 – 5 times a day, especially today while you are in pain and 500 mgs of curcumin 2 – 3 times a day. Vit C about 2500 – 5000 mgs during the day.

          1. Advil is making it easier but not cutting it yet. I still have 2-3 days with pain I believe from my hospital visit previously even with the hardcore pain meds. My wife keeps begging me to go to hospital but I know exactly what they do there. It’s just pain management with hardcore meds. And just IV. I wish there was a way for me to get IV hooked up at home:) that would be awesome.
            I did 300mg of grape seed , 500mg of turmeric and 2000mg of vitamin C so far. I will do another round before bed. I will also do grape fruit juice tmrw.
            Too bad I couldn’t get a earlier appointment with thyroid specialist which I don’t know why. When I made July 15th appointment it was May. That sucks:(

          2. Well crap Oz – you had to be 1st, I mean someone was bound to be 1st right? The first to tell me that Ibuprofen didn’t stop the pain in 60-90 minutes. That is unfortunate. Sorry. It was bound to happen. Nothing is 100%. It is important to get that inflammation under control. If it were me I’d do more grape seed and keep doing it about every hour until the pain resolved. Then 6 hours from the original dose of Ibuprofen I’d do another 800 mg dose. MAXIMUM – I MEAN MAXIMUM daily dose according to what I have read is 3200 mgs of Ibuprofen per day (24 hrs). And you may consider listening to your wife and go to the ER.


    1. Hi Jenny – Karlovy Vary Healing Mineral Water may or may not be of value. I did some research on it. Could never find anything of real value pointing to a viable possibility, I.E articles or other articles written by scholars with authority in regards to digestive healing properties. Most everything I found had to do with a site “selling a miracle cure.” The stuff is like $70 – $100 on various sites. I’ve never mentioned it on here because I don’t recommend stuff I feel may be just another scam or haven’t tried and received good to awesome results.

        1. No I don’t use VitaCost I actually use exactly what I say I do on this blog and I get my stuff from Amazon. I like Amazon for several reasons. One if you aren’t happy with the product for some reason they refund your purchase. Two they offer free shipping in the U.S. with I think a $35 order in most cases and just about every quality manufacturer of supplements can be found on Amazon. Take Grape Seed Extract for example. You have tons of choices. I personally use Now Foods Grape Seed Extract 100 mgs 200 caps because that particular formula works and it contains vitamin C as well so you get a bigger bang for your buck. TWO non-toxic, highly anti-inflammatory pancreas supplements in ONE product. So for people on a tight budget this is the ONE product they could squeeze by on and see significant results. You could probably find it at your local health food store but it will be more expensive. I find I save a lot of money using Amazon. I also use Jarrows Curcumin, Now Foods Super Enzymes and several other products. You can find everything I use on this site, in fact on this page you’ve commented on. 🙂 Here’s another post with what I think are the most important supplements for pancreas health and eliminating pancreas inflammation.

  16. Hi and thank you so much for this site! I’m newly diagnosed and haven’t had an acute attack, just diagnosed with chronic pancreatitis and I guess I’m lucky (if you can call anything about this lucky!) because I caught it early. I have a good intelligent gastro doc and he has recommended a specialist in pancreatitis for me now. I got all the supplements that you have recommended and started them yesterday (except for the curcumin I’m waiting to try it because I do take a beta blocker for mitral valve prolapse, but my doc says probably ok just keep an eye on my blood pressure and pulse). I am wondering if I should take an enzyme pill before drinking the grapefruit juice? Is any juice considered a food? Thanks! Jayne

    1. Hi Jayne – You’re welcome. I don’t think enzymes are needed with grapefruit juice but you’ll know if they are (you’ll get indigestion, maybe nauseated). Vegetable juice may be a concern depending upon your damage but I can drink all juice without enzymes. I only need enzymes with solid foods. You may or may not need them at all. Like I said, you’ll know. Good luck on your healing process. 🙂

    2. Hi Jayne, I am hoping you are still doing better and keeping up with this blog. I had a question for you. I too have not had an acute attack of pancreatitis, but have yet to get a proper diagnosis. All my symptoms seem to point to chronic pancreatitis, but I know it is more rare for this to happen without having had an acute attack. I was wondering if you wouldn’t mind sharing how your doctor came to your diagnosis? I have had two CT’s, ultrasound, upper endoscopy, blood work, tested for celiac by doing a biopsy during the endoscopy, had a gluten sensitivity stool test for IgA which normal was considered less than 10 units (I scored a 10, go figure) and a Hida scan with nothing to show for it. Thank you so much. Health guy, any advice you have on what I should do next would be much appreciated as well. It is the worst not knowing what is wrong. A little info about me. I was 26 when this all started in November 2014. I used to drink quite a bit in college, and then just socially after that. My symptoms are as follows. I have pain in my upper abdomen, that seems to be exacerbated after eating. The pain is also on the left where my bra wire would sit. The pain is definitely in my back as well. Mostly in between my shoulder blades where my bra strap would sit, or just above it. The pain can burn, and the pain can burn/hurt in my chest as well. No other symptoms really that would point to acid reflux. What I eat does seem to make a difference. I have some type of pain everyday. I feel the best in the mornings, (not much pain) which I suppose I can attribute to not eating all night? My stools seem to smell different, but the color hasn’t changed. Might be loose one day, but constipated the next. They always seem to float. One strange thing that did happen, I had exhausted all routes of figuring this out, so it was suggested to go to a chiropractor as a last resort. The pain in my front I could noticeabley tell was better after my first visit, however I didn’t want to get my hopes up. I kept going for several weeks, and eventually got
      to where I had no pain. I was so happy, and chalked it all up to my back being out of alignment, or a pinched nerve or something. This lasted about three months and then the pain returned. This was extremely devastating for me. Just recently I had an MRI done on my spine to see for sure if there was any damage. Nothing was found. Sorry for how long this got, but I just don’t know where to turn at this point. I have taken your supplements for quite some time now, but not sure if I am taking as much as I should, or spread out correctly. I just desperately need an answer, or help determining what test I should try and have done next. Thanks you so much for your blog. It is much appreciated!

      1. Sidney – CP is very possible without an acute attack. In fact autoimmune pancreatitis usually presents as CP (CP symptoms) first. Alcoholic pancreatitis can present as CP first. That may be why early signs of pancreatitis are often missed. Since your gluten sensitivity test was borderline you might consider having the blood test done again (testing IgG and IgA). You do have symptoms of gluten intolerence and may want to go completely gluten free (after re-testing) to see if your symptoms resolve. Some people manifest celiac type symptoms from gluten yet are NOT celiacs and then … test are NOT 100% accurate and definitely not all the time. And since the WHOLE small bowel isn’t able to be seen or tested you could have destroyed intestinal villi that simply wasn’t seen. THAT is why some real knowledgable celiac specialists now think that the blood test is actually more celiac predictive than the biopsy, yet is is NOT 100% accutate either. IF your symptoms resolve via a gluten free diet that may speak volumes. Whether you are truly celiac or not would NOT be established by going GF but a resolution of symptoms would probably be welcomed. I’d get retested (blood test) first. Then go GF for a couple months to see if symptoms resolve. IF NOT then look for another diagnostic test such as EUS or MRI for a possible diagnosis of another digestive disorder. So many conditions can cause malabsorption, diarrhea, constipation and floating stools (UC, Crohn’s, CD, PBC, SOD, pancreatitis, etc). Let us know how you progress. Good luck 🙂

        1. Thanks for your response, Paul. I appreciate it very much. The test I had done for gluten sensitivity was a stool test. Guess I haven’t actually had the blood test, so I will try to get that done. I thought about going gluten free to see if it would help, but the pain is so high up and in my back, so I figured there was no way it could related to that? Also, it doesn’t seem to “flair” up the minute I eat a piece of whole wheat toast. I haven’t heard of anyone describing their celiac symptoms this way, but that doesn’t mean anything I suppose 🙂 I will definitely dig deeper into that. Do you think it would be wise to have a colonoscopy done, even with the pain location? Thought it would be a waste of time, but running out of things to check it seems like. None of the doctors have suggested the MRI for my abdomen since I have had two CT’s that show nothing. Since they did an MRI on my spine, wouldn’t that have encompassed everything in my abdominal cavity, or am I not thinking of that correctly? Thank you again for your help!

          1. Hi Sidney – I am a celiac and believe it or not I did NOT notice being sick right after eating. Sometimes shortly, within an hour or so but sometimes not for hours BUT I didn’t keep check on the gluten deal because I didn’t know I had CD until 2009! My childhood doctor chalked me up to being a hypochondriac simply because he couldn’t find anything wrong yet a while back I found where celiac disease can manifest as pancreatitis. Go figure! My pancreatitis may have actually been caused by undiagnosed celiac disease (read last paragraph under “clinical manifestations”) and NOT a football injury. More info on celiac disease including the “silent” version.

            Regarding the MRI it would likely depend on where exactly they were looking. IF it was your lower or upper back and neck area it may not have shown and since they weren’t looking for pancreatitis they may have totally missed any signs. However … I do NOT know for sure. Regarding the colonoscopy it could be useful and it could be a waste of time. The thing is the Transverse Colon is in close proximity to the pancreas and runs just beneath the rib cage so it is entirely possible that pain from that portion of your colon could be causing symptoms but hey, I’m just voicing thoughts. I hope you find out what is wrong and it proves to be something easily rectified. Let us know how things turn out. 🙂

          2. Paul, jumping down from the thread I started in July 2014. It is mind blowing that it took that many years for you to be diagnosed with celiac! All that time you had your pancreatitus symptoms under control, but were then still dealing with celiac symptoms also? That had to be very confusing. I’m sorry you had to go through it all. It is truly amazing everything you have been through, and managed to overcome. God is good, and you are a blessing to all of us that are seeking answers. I appreciate your feedback, and I understand these are merely suggestions. That is what I need at this point casue I am running out of ideas on what to do! Step one, get retested for celiac with the blood test. I came across a recipe, and thought about you. I know you have probably become a master at creating meals even with the limitations on your diet, but I made these pancakes from a recipe on the back of container of WEDO gluten free banana flour, and made a few adjustments. 3 egg whites, 1/2 cup banana flour, 1-1/2 tsp baking powder, 1 tbl alcohol-free vanilla, 1 tbl honey, pinch of salt, 1/2 cup of fat free milk, 1/2 tbl apple cider vinegar. Place all ingredients in a high speed blender, blend until smooth, and then let sit for a couple of minutes. Then cook in your best non-stick skillet. They are a little hard to flip, but taste and texture is great. I added in some blueberries while cooking as well. 🙂 I think you can have all these ingredients in your diet? If not, I’m sorry, just ignore me! haha! Thanks!

          3. Hey Sidney – Thank you for the kind words. 🙂 Yep it has been an interesting life lol and by the grace of Almighty God I am doing fine. I just wish I could help others more but that help is also up to God and His plan for those who read this blog. This blog is in existence ONLY because God asked me to do it, to share what He taught me. He had to ask me THREE times! I didn’t think there was a need but as usual He was right. Anyway …

            I’m gonna have to try your banana pancakes! THANK YOU for taking the time to share that with me cuz YES! I’m thinking that will work! I didn’t even know there was banana flour! I’ll have to see if I can find some. OK! I just checked and WEDO gluten free banana flour is there, ready to ship! Amazing! Thanks Sidney! 🙂

          4. Hi Paul,

            This is Sidney, don’t know if you remember, but I am the one who told you about the banana pancakes! Anyway, I won’t bore you with my whole story again, but last thing we talked about was I was going to get tested for celiac. Well I got the blood test done, and nothing was found 🙁 I also had an abdominal MRI done specifically looking for pancreatic damage. The naturopathic doctor I recently went to that tested me for celiac actually believed me and agreed that my symptoms sound like pancreatitis, and so she was the one who ordered the MRI. I am in pain everyday, so I thought finally this would be it. I was finally going to get my answer…..nothing was found on the MRI. I am losing hope. I am in pain everyday. Upper abdominal and slightly to the left, and also to my upper back off and on. I have had every test done, MRI, two CT’s, Hida scan, ultrasound, endoscopy, all kinds of blood work. I am 27 and this is just killing me physically and emotionally. I just don’t understand how I can feel this pain every day, yet no damage is showing in any test. That would lead me to believe that it is early, and the damage is minuscule. With that in mind, I have even voluntarily started eating very low fat, and taking your supplements for quite some time now, but haven’t had a period of straight relief from the pain. If it is early on, I would assume that my durastic life change would have helped because I have read stories of people on your blog that have actual visible damage on tests and just by starting to eat low fat it has helped them or even relieved all of their pain. I just cannot make sense of this, and since I don’t have any real evidence, it is hard for my husband to agree. Don’t get me wrong, he has been very supportive, and I can’t say I blame him for not just throwing his hands up and saying yeah okay it’s pancreatitis because there has been no proof whatsoever. Just my pain, everyday. I don’t know if you can offer and help or suggestions, but I absolutely don’t know where to turn. Am I doing something completely wrong with my diet? It is so hard to stick to something so strict when you don’t know if it is helping or what exactly is going on. I just don’t know what else it could be. We quit eating out, have done the modified vegan diet, and I take all the supplements. You understand so much about this disease, and I would appreciate any input you can give. Thank you so much for listening, and all your help.

          5. Hi Sidney – sorry to hear you are still suffering. And yes, I remember the banana pancake girl 🙂 Ok, so in your words … “I have even voluntarily started eating very low fat, and taking your supplements for quite some time now, but haven’t had a period of straight relief from the pain.” I have to admit – I’m at a loss for ideas. So I am going to ask some questions because I can’t remember everything.

            1) Were you ever in the ER at which time they check your amylase and lipase? Now before you answer did they simply do regular blood work or did they actually check your pancreatic enzymes? It is extremely rare for someone to present with acute pancreatitis without enzyme elevation after four to five hours of onset. It DOES happen but it’s rare UNLESS the pancreas is so damaged that it no longer produces enzymes. So IF your enzymes did NOT elevate chances are it wasn’t acute pancreatitis. BUT that doesn’t necessarily rule out pancreatitis. Autoimmune pancreatitis often presents in early stages as chronic in which case enzymes may or may not elevate. The same holds true with many cases of alcoholic pancreatitis. It sounds like your naturopathic doc is able to order blood work? Since you seem to have a good relationship ask if he/she thinks testing your IgG4 levels might be appropriate (autoimmune panc elevates IgG4). Just because you did NOT test positive for celiac disease doesn’t mean you couldn’t have another autoimmune disease.

            2) The fact that you have went modified vegan with the supplements and have seen no relief is puzzling. Do you “cheat” at all on your diet such as “tasting” the foods you prepare for others that may contain foods you shouldn’t eat? How much of the supplements do you take daily? Does Ibuprofen relieve the pain? Here’s what I’m thinking … IF a LOW fat diet coupled with 800 – 1000 mgs of grape seed, 2500 – 4000 mgs of vit C, 500 – 1000 mgs of curcumin (if you don’t have GB or SOD issues) and 400 – 800 mgs of Ibuprofen do NOT get at least some results and your tests show zero damage it most likely isn’t pancreatitis. I say this ONLY because of the comments from some people who have had serious damage and yet respond to the diet, supplements and Ibuprofen. But I could always be wrong! Remember I am NOT a doctor and so I really don’t know everything lol 🙂 In fact, I only know a little more than the average person.

            There are many conditions that have similar symptoms. The only thing I can suggest is to keep bugging your doctor to look for and find a concrete diagnosis. I know it sucks to be ill and especially sucks when there doesn’t seem to be a reason. But there is always a reason. Someone just has to discover the truth (cause). I wish I could be more help.

          6. Hi Paul, I’m going to try my best to give you answers to the questions you had…Okay, first I have never been to the ER for an acute attack. First time I went to the doctor for this problem was for the mild pain and they did check my amylase and lipase. Everything checked out fine. I have had it checked several times since then as well, and all had been fine. This would have to be a case where it is starting as chronic. You mentioned checking IgG4 for some other autoimmune disease, and I haven’t had it done so I will definitely look into it. Second, let’s talk about the diet. I have begun eating very low fat. I understand that it’s not just fat, but the ingredients matter also. Let’s say I have eaten everything in a day that is a safe food without a doubt. Then dinner comes around and sometimes I will buy a thin frozen pizza crust from our local health foods store that may have a trivial amount olive oil in it. The total fat is still 3 grams for half a crust. Do you really think this could still keep me from being pain free? I guess it is things like this that make it difficult and confusing for me. I just think it can’t be possible that I am not doing good enough especially when no test can find any damage whatsoever. I could understand it, and maybe be more able to follow the diet to perfection if there was an answer. I try my best to stick to the 15g per day. It seems very extreme, and I would think it should drastically change the pain. Not just changing it a little, and sometimes it doesn’t feel like it has helped at all. I definitely have avoided meats, cheeses, and any of the big no no’s. Like at the most it is small things like the olive oil I mentioned in the pizza crust. I never use oil to cook, or for anything I make. I’m just confused, and maybe I need to quit being a baby and eat nothing but rice and beans for a week and see what happens haha. Does the amount you eat matter if it is a fat free/safe food? One thing I have noticed since starting the diet is that I feel like I am hungry all the time lol. I take lots of supplements spread out in the amounts you recommend, but I am trying to avoid taking any ibuprofen unless I really need it. I really appreciate your insight, and I think I know what your answer is going to be in regards to the diet. Suck it up, and do it cold turkey 🙂 Man, I just wish I had a diagnosis!!!!! I still have not found a great doctor to try and figure this out with me, unfortunately. Good ones are SO hard to come by. So any advice, suggestions, thoughts? I welcome anything. Thanks for ALL your help. God bless you.

          7. Hey Sidney – I know how frustrating it can be to be sick and not have an idea why. I’m not gonna be a lot of help with my answer simply because from what you have said “I have never been to the ER for an acute attack. First time I went to the doctor for this problem was for the mild pain and they did check my amylase and lipase. Everything checked out fine.” So it may not be pancreatitis. If it is it isn’t acute because it is really rare when enzyme levels do not elivate during a full blown attack. Even chronic pancreatitis flairs can elevate lipase unless it is so advanced that the pancreas doesn’t produce enzymes any more. So I’m going to suggest that you keep trying to get a firm diagnosis. Knowing what the problem is would go a long way in finding a solution. That would be my course of action, the one I would take.

  17. Hi! I keep having pain under my left rib cage, does this mean it’s an attack? Or will I always have some pain. It’s not awful, just annoying. I have an appointment with some supposedly expert doctor at the Cleveland Clinic recommended by my gastroenterologist but it’s more than a month away. My gastro is on vacation this week and I can call his partner but I can tell they don’t like to be bothered much unless your near death… I finally had to bite the bullet and take Creon as the digestive enzymes from the Vitamin shoppe didn’t work well enough. I am taking the grape seed extract, curcumin and vitamin C that you recommend. I also drink grapefruit juice but it seems to cause burning. I’m sorry to overwhelm you but you are my link to sanity as I just found out this week I have CP. Thank you so much for your time!
    PS are we allowed to know your first name or should I just call you Health Guy? LOL

    1. Hi Jayne! I don’t know if I’d call it an attack, the “annoying” pain under your ribcage on the left. It is probably inflammation but not acute. That is basically what “choronic pancreatitis” is, continuous inflammation of the pancreas however it can turn severe and acute and you don’t want that. I can’t tell you whether you’ll always have pain. Hopefully, if you do everything right, the inflammation will either ruduce drastically or be eliminated, in which case, your pain and other symptoms should be eliminated as well.

      How much grape seed extract and vitamin C are you consuming daily? How much curcumin? When I was sick I consumed much more daily than I do now. IF you aren’t consuming 200 mgs of grape seed extract 3 – 4 times per day you probably aren’t taking enough to heal. The thing I hear most when I ask how much someone is taking is “small” amounts like one a day, like it’s a one-a-day-vitamin pill. It takes a lot of grape seed, curcumin and C, especially when you are sick. Once you are healed up smaller doses are fine for “maintainance.” The …

      Some folks dump a bunch of the supplements once a day and hope that’s it for the day and will work out well. That isn’t the answer either. An inflamed pancreas needs to be bathed in healing, anti-inflammatory supplements all day. And so …

      The BEST way to take the 3 pancreas supplements grape seed, curcumin and C is to do it at least 3 times a day, preferably 4 times per day. That way the pancreas is always getting blasted with healing, anti-inflammatory supplements. Some folks also see good results adding 200 mgs of ibuprofen which of course adds an anti-inflammatory medication into the mix. I do NOT think taking ibuprofen long term is a good idea. It isn’t a safe medication. It can cause bleeding, kidney damage, heart attack and high blood pressure in high doses and or long-term use. I ONLY used it in usually ONE-TIME large doses of 800 mgs to stop acute pancreatitis attacks. I figured the risk (low) was definitely worth the benefit. It was. Sometimes it took more than one dose but I don’t believe I ever took it for anything else, like a long-term solution. If needing to add a long-term anti-inflammatory into the cocktail mix I’d choose aspirin simply because it doesn’t cause kidney damage or heart attack especially in low doses of say one 325 mg pill.

      Grapefruit juice is very acidic and so the burning may be the acid content. Grapefruit juice actually protects the pancreas so I doubt your pancreas is burning due to grapefruit juice but your stomach and or esophagus may not be to pleased with the acidity. You may want to make sure there is something in your stomach (food) when you drink grapefruit juice. That might help and it might not. If it is really bothersome you may want to forgo the grapefruit juice and add more grape seed extract to compensate.

  18. Thank you! I’ve been taking chewable Vitamin C with rose hips 500 mg. 3-4 times day. I’m learning to swallow larger pills so I chose the chewables for now, your thought on this would be appreciated. I am taking 3-4 curcumin per day and 3-4 100 mg grape seed extract per day. So I will increase the grape seed extract to 200 mg 4 times a day and keep up the 4 curcumin? I have lost 11 pounds with the vegan gluten free diet and got really weak so the doctor said make sure I eat 6 small meals per day and take a Creon enzyme before each small meal. I’m adding more grains and beans and had Rice Chex with almond milk today, that seemed to be ok. Thank you again for your time and research on this subject, I greatly appreciate it!

    1. Yep Jayne it sounds like you have it wired now. If you don’t see enough results doubling the grape seed intake keep adding another 100 mgs per day until you do (it’s non-toxic). I’d say go easy on the almond milk. One 240 gram serving has 3 grams of fat. If it isn’t causing problems well, heck yeah. You sound good to go. Heal up and stay well. That’s all the thanks I need. 🙂

  19. Thank you so much for all this info! Today I had to get off the Creon, it was making me weak. I went back to natural enzymes (two before meals) and feel better already. My gastro went on vacation the week after I was diagnosed so you’re my lifeline this week, plus I really believe you know more than he does. He told me I can have 5 grams of fat per meal for a total of 15 grams of fat per day. Do you agree with this? Do you ever eat low fat cookies, like ginger snaps? I miss treats like that and I just ate 3 of them, there are 3.5 grams of fat in 5 cookies so I ate less than that. Thanks again!

    1. Hi Jayne – believe it or not if your doc said 5 grams of fat per meal he’s right on the money! 5 grams or less of fat per meal. Total fat consumption per day shouldn’t exceed 25 grams INCLUDING snacks. The average diet contains 40 – 50 grams of fat per meal so it is a difficult target but 5 grams or less of fat per meal is where the fat consumption needs to be in order to avoid problems. Of course what you eat is also important. Make sure those ginger snaps do NOT contain lard. Lard is often used in commercial baking. Lard is made from pork or beef, both are bad. Make sure to read ingredient labels.

  20. I can’t thank you enough for your time and effort that you’ve put into this website helping others like me. I am feeling almost normal again for the first time in months! I asked God to please show me a way to healing this unfortunate disease I have acquired and I believe that your information here was the answer to my prayers. You are indeed a God send to me and anyone else with pancreatitis that will follow your well laid plan. Again I can NEVER thank you enough!

    1. Jayne – the fact that you are feeling better is all the thanks I need. Don’t forget to thank God cuz He is the one who helped me discover the pancreatitis information I share. It’s all Him. I’m just a messenger.

  21. Hi, My wife was diagnosed with Chronic Pancreatitis due to high Cholestrol in blood, her pancreas was almost dead and was not producing enzymes at all, due to which she had lost weight and was looking very dull and pale.. and the doctor prescribed her to go with Creon 40000 capsules and to follow a strict diet. Its been more than 2 years now she is still under the same prescription and when she had her latest medical tests,, her cholesterol levels are normal.
    Please advise if she can stop taking creon 40000 capsules and start consuming the above said supplements by you sir as the the creon capsules are too expensive.
    Your advise will be a great help for us… thank you and god bless you sir.

    1. Hi Kiran – I can NOT advise on her condition or prescribe treatment. I can only suggest you ask the same question of her physcian. IF it were me I’d probably do it and see what happens. I’d want to see if over-the-counter enzymes would work. I’d know quite quickly if they were a good substitute for creon. I do not know of any reason why the other supplements would be a problem. IF I was on medication to lower my cholesterol and blood fat levels I’d continue even though my levels were or are currently good because I’d want my blood fat levels to stay good in order to avoid any more pancreas problems. Good luck Kiran, I hope your wife stays well. 🙂

  22. Thank you for your quick response sir… One more thing i missed to inform you is my wife delivered a healthy baby boy 10 months back even though she is suffering from pancreatitis… however our physician advised her to continue with creon as it doesn’t affect the baby… i need 1 suggestion from you is can we replace the creon with the super enzyme supplement you suggested on this blog.. and I also want to know if it is fine to consume the supplements when lactating. Thank you!!

    1. Congrats! Kiran 🙂 It’s awesome that you have a fine, healthy son! I have no clue about the supplements being passed to your son via your wife. I would GUESS it is most likely a possibilty that the supplements would be passed through breast milk however some extra vitamins, mineral and antioxidants should be a good thing to help improve your son’s immunity BUT – I DO NOT KNOW if that is the real deal. Vitamin C and grape seed extract should be no problem. Both are non-toxic. Curcumin is also non-toxic but can cause stomach issues in higher doses so it may not set well with an infant. Vitamins and minerals should only help, after all pregnany women take pre-natal vitamins to ensure their baby’s health and proper growth during gestation. Again what I said is just a GUESS. You may want to do some research.

  23. Thank you so much for your prompt response sir, just i need 1 clarity, can she replace creon with the digestive enzymes, will it be ok?

    1. Kiran all I can say is talk to her doctor, ask him if it’s ok to TRY an OTC enzyme product as a test before replacing the creon. IF it were me I’d try OTC enzymes. BUT you/she should check with your doc first. The last thing you want to do is piss off her doctor when simply chatting with him/her first could prevent problems. IF he/she is open-minded there should be no problem.

  24. Hi again and I really love you, you give us hope and humor! What is your thought on skim milk? Do you ever use it?

    1. Ah shucks Jayne, thank you 🙂 Skim milk may or may not work for you or others. I can drink a small glass (6 ounces) once in a while but if I drink too much at one time or a couple days in a row it just doesn’t set well. Fat free doesn’t seem to make much of a difference. There is something in milk and milk solids (whey powder etc) that doesn’t work well for me. You may tolerate it better than me. Milk, all forms including lactose free, hasn’t caused a bad situation but it does make me nauseous if I drink to much so I usually avoid it.

      1. Thanks! You warned me about the fat in almond milk, which I had failed to notice so I switched to fat free skim milk. No problems yet but I don’t drink it a lot. Do you use anything in your fruit smoothies for creaminess? I miss the milkshake likeness without it. PS I’m having a bit of a difficult time accepting my new illness. Did you go through this? Also do you ever indulge in sweets or desserts other than plain fruit?

        1. Nope, I don’t use anything in my smoothies for creamyness just the fruit and some orange juice. If fat free milk doesn’t cause problems that’s a good thing. It gives you another protein, vitamin D, potassium and calcium source.

          I don’t recall a problem with acceptance. Just that nagging, in the back of the mind, knowledge that I could die painfully lol. Most of the time that thought slips my mind but even now there are times it surfaces because I am NOT cured. Like anyone else with CP I could have a problem by making a mistake.

          No I don’t eat deserts (cookies, pie, cake, etc). The reason, other than fat content (good pastry type deserts are full of oil and fat), is that I’m a celiac, one of a small percentage that illicits a celiac response from rice, corn and oats not just wheat, barley and rye. So I have not yet found a suitable baking flower I can use to make goodies.

  25. Thanks you so much for the valuable advice! I have a few more questions, I’m getting a pretty good handle on the supplements and pain, thanks to you. Do you go out to eat much? I went to Universal Studios Theme Park with my family last week and I found it nearly impossible to find something to eat there. I really felt too as though I was dragging the family down because “Jayne can’t eat at this restaurant or that restaurant” was repetitive. Do you bring your own salad dressings with you? I’m thinking this may be an option for me. One day I ate a salad with a grilled chicken breast (no dressing on the salad). Well I ate the whole chicken breast (it was grilled), but in about an hour, I was in misery. Stomach and back pain with nausea. So now I’m afraid to order any fish or chicken in a restaurant. Do you ever eat sushi? I like raw and/or seared tuna, but again, if it’s seared I don’t know how much fat is on it. One more thing, how much in advance of eating a meal can I take the enzymes? I’d rather pop the pill before I sit at the table and order if that’s at all safe. Thanks again!

    1. Hi Jayne – I’m gonna do a post on “eating out” and another about “eating food prepared by others” or I might just include both topics in one post so I am not going to say anything except eating out can be like playing Russian roulette. You found that out already. About the enzymes. I wouldn’t take them until just before you are ready to eat put food in your mouth. IF you take them early and then do not eat within 10 – 20 minutes (max) you may wish you didn’t. Raw fish/seafood (sushi) should be fine. The soy sauce and other oriental sauces made with soy sauce may not be a good idea because they contain fermented wheat which makes alcohol. So most soy sauce contains 2% – 5% alcohol.

  26. Hi again! Thank you so much, the grape seed and curcumin are making me feel almost like a normal human again! And of course going vegan and virtually fat free. Do you happen to know if vinegars (like a good balsamic) contain alcohol in amounts that would harm us? Thanks so much again and thank God!

  27. Hey Health Guy!

    I just was diagnosed with acute pancreatitis too, and I stumbled on your blog while doing some online research. I couldn’t stop reading all of your posts, they were really inspiring and full of great tips!! I just wanted to thank you for sharing your info with everyone. Since my stay in the hospital, I have stopped drinking any alcohol, switched to a low fat diet, and quit smoking as well. It’s only been three weeks, but I believe I’m on the right track. The supplements sound really interesting, I may start those soon as well … All the best!! -Mark

    1. Hi Mark! Yes start on the supplements he recommends immediately! I feel so good after being on them for three months now, I can’t say enough about them. Also juicing and you can go to Whole Foods they have a juice bar I also go to Jamba Juice but they’re not as healthy but still delicious and better than McDonalds. I like their Apples and Greens, made with kale but you’d never know it. I eat tuna fish packed in water with low fat miracle whip sandwiches, chop up celery and onion and put pickle relish in if you like that. Also I make delicious protein shakes with almond milk (1 cup has 2.5 grams fat) one cold banana, then any other frozen fruit from the supermarket you like. I use blueberries and strawberries or peaches and mangoes, plus pineapple. I add one scoop of no fat protein powder in the shake, mix it all up in my Nutri Bullet but any good blender works fine.
      Good luck and this works!

      1. Thanks very much Jayne!! I did purchase the grape seed extract and curcumin after my initial post. Been taking it several days now – don’t feel any different yet, but from everything else I’ve read, they seem to both be really good things to try. Also switched to grapefruit juice in the mornings. I’ve particularly been enjoying a bean salad recipe I saw on a can of Goya beans – basically any beans you like, some chopped red pepper, cucumber, cilantro, and some non fat Italian dressing. I’ve also been eating lots of fruits and veggies. I can still tolerate beef and pork, but have them in very limited quantities. Been eating much more poultry and fish … I feel so much healthier than before this happened to me. All of your other suggestions sound really good too! This is all pretty new to me, before I really used to eat like crap!! Lol! Giving up alcohol so far has been really easy. I don’t like getting drunk, but I did used to enjoy a couple of glasses of red wine a day to relax. Well, no more of that. The biggest and most challenging change for me was giving up smoking. Although it’s not a direct trigger for pancreatitis, I read many articles that said it can contribute along with the other primary triggers, and weakens the immune system as well. All of my doctors strongly recommended I stop that as well. It’s been four weeks now, and every day I feel better and better – I seem to have much more energy! So thanks again, and here’s to our health!! 😉

    1. Smith that is some good research! I had written somewhere that melatonin and I think Ginko Biloba were supposed to be beneficial but I also found research that had some side effects (I think) or something that made me believe it wasn’t a good idea BUT I don’t believe I had read this particular report so THANKS! That sounds promising. If you try melatonin let me know how it works out. You can just do a comment and I’ll publish it.

  28. I have had pancreatitis for years without to much of a problem. Last spring I started feeling really bad. My gastro doctor did test after test and all came back normal. He finally ran a CA19.9 and it was 276. He sent me to a specialist who did a ERCP and found nothing. I went back to him for a 3 month check and it was 269. He will be doing a EUS Thursday. He has been on vacation for the last two weeks and no one will help me. I had another CA19.9 done a week ago but they wouldn’t give me the results as the doctor hadn’t seen it. In the mean time I have been feeling horrible and burping all the time. No one will tell us if we should be scared, go in hospital or what to do. What is your opinion? Doctor opinion is that I have high triglycerrides that run around 250 and that is causing it. Went and saw my Internist and he doesn’t think they are high enough to cause this.

      1. EUS showed no cancer just acute pancreatitis. The doctor is sending me to an Endocrinologist as he thinks my triglycerides is what is causing the CA19.9 to be high. My third CA19.9 was 258. In the mean time I am feeling pretty bad.

        1. I had the same issue – you need to get those triglycerides down – best way to do it is diet/exercise. Cut out all refined sugar and walk about 45 mins. to an hour a day.

    1. I think astaxantin is possibly good for the eyes and might even be beneficial for the pancreas. That doesn’t mean I’d replace my grape seed extract, curcumin and vitamin C with it.

  29. Hi Health Guy, any thoughts about Zyflamend Whole Body as a potentially valuable anti-inflammatory cocktail for pancreatitis. There’s turmeric and ginger in it, as well as a few other natural anti-inflammatory agents…rosemary, basil, green tea, oregano, skull cap, goldthread, hu zhang, and barberry. The downside might be the caffeine in the green tea and a gram or two of fat in the olive oil in the capsule. (They don’t list the fat content anywhere, but I imagine it’s a pretty small amount.)

    1. I have to admit I don’t know much about Zyflamend Whole Body. I’ve not tried it but it is a top seller on Amazon with a lot of good reviews. It does have some olive oil and sunflower oil which may not be the best thing but in the amounts (very small) neither may be a big deal. I doubt it would replace grape seed, curcumin and C in large doses and Zyflamend Whole Body in large doses may even be toxic. I noticed the company site said not to exceed a dosage of two caps per day. If you try it let me know how it works out.

    1. I looked at melatonin for pancreatitis and didn’t find anything significant. This is a good article. I can’t remember if I posted on this blog or my other one about melatonin and ginko biloba. melatonin may be useful as a sleep aid. in combination with l-tryptophan it may even be more useful. l-tryptophan can be consumed by eating chicken, turkey and fat free milk as long as those foods do NOT cause harm. here’s a list of foods containing the amino acid tryptophan. remember just because a food is on the tryptophan list doesn’t mean it is safe to eat. thanks for the comment and info.

  30. Any thoughts on products like Garden of Life’s Raw Meal?

    Interestingly, it has many of the ingredients/supplements (e.g., Selenium, C, A, E, etc) that have been used in some CP studies (with some success over placebo), and it’s nutrient rich, low fat, low sugar, and quite filling (from personal experience…I just started a tub.)

    A full serving may have a bit too much protein (34 g) for some, but I actually prefer it with a half serving. Conventional wisdom is that the “good stuff” is better absorbed with food rather than pills so maybe this is a good option to get the required nutrition for some.

    I’ll post back if I find it helps in additional to the Curcumin, GSE, GFSE, and Ginger.

    1. Great article! Thanks for sharing. You do know you can make rhubarb sauce right? It is tastey stuff. I bet you can add egg white to hold it together, bake the sauce and end up with something like pie with no crust lol

  31. Thanks so much! Really, I am so happy I ran into your site. I quit drinking. I hope to feel better soon. I am taking grape seed extract, same brand as you, and the Super Antioxidants by same brand. Also, garlic pills. I am feeling better, the pain has reduced, but I still feel pressure in the back.

    1. Hi Adrian – Good to hear you are a non drinker! If you are starting to feel better that is a good thing and once the inflammation is gone you’ll begin to heal. Then, you feel even better. I didn’t hear you mention diet? Your diet is extremely important. Fat grams are not your friend. So, if you haven’t done your diet prep etc yet get with it.

  32. Thank you thank you thank you from the UK I’ve had gall stone pancreatitis for over a year though was only diagnosed 3 months ago even though I went to the doctors and hospital a lot (they called it acid reflux), I didn’t even know you shouldn’t eat after an attack!!! Then I had my gall bladder out 2 months ago and was only in medium pain since then but then a massive attack happened that’s when I found your amazing site.

    I didn’t eat all the next day and got hold of grape seed extract now I’m only on a small pain when I never ever thought the big pain would go away!!! I completely think it was not eating and grape seed. Also I used to eat load of turmeric thinking it was good for me until you mentioned SOD and I think I currently have some sort of blockage as I stoped the turmeric and I don’t get stomach acid in my mouth any more!!

    Thank you so much I just wish I could find the other ladies I was in hospital with and tell them what you told us because they were as worried and confused as me.

    I’ll get my next set of grape seed from your associates, it should work even from the UK as they sell it to the UK and I’ll start to experiment with the other supplements (I got enzymes from the doctor).

    Also I don’t feel ready to make a proper food diary yet but I’m eating vegan no processed, added fats or nuts lol.

    Thank you again

    1. Hi Amelia, you are welcome. Not eating when your pancreas is inflammed is beneficial. Continuing to eat simply causes your pancreas to become more inflamed so fasting and grape seed extract works wonders. Ibuprofen helps big time in large doses (800 mgs) for an acute attack. It USUALLY stops it in 60 – 90 minutes. Then large doses of grape seed (800 – 1000 mgs per day in 4 – 5 doses), vitamin C (2500 – 3500 mgs per day) and fasting usually help put out the remaining inflammation quickly. IF you happen to have SOD the fasting and grape seed will help resolve the inflammation in the sphincter of oddi as well and a low fat diet is beneficial for SOD just as it is for the pancreas. Good luck to you!

  33. Was discharged from the hospital 3 months ago. Have stopped drinking completely. (Not easy…)

    Diet is tough to change (with kids) but making small changes. No attacks yet….do feel a bit sick after eating certain foods. (No more pizza)

    I am ordering the grape seed, Curcumin, Vitiman C, Bioperine, and Super Enzymes. Can you give me when I should take these pills / dosage?

    Also…I like protein shakes for breakfast / lunch. Any recommendations?

    I have been to numerous specialists with no results. I am trying to manage this, but getting NO help from doctors. I was actually told I will know when I am not doing things right…since I will be in the hospital….not what I am looking for.

    Thanks so much for your time / help. I feel really lost and this site has made me feel less alone with this!

    1. Hi Tom – Congrats on quitting drinking. That’s awesome dude. I know that the diet part isn’t easy either but it’s extremely important. In regards to the supplements, IF it were me and it was I’d start right in taking fairly high doses. Grape seed 800 mgs per day broken into 4 doses. Curcumin 500 mgs 3 times per day. Vitamin C 4,000 mgs per day in 4 doses. The enzymes only with meals starting with one capsule to see if that is enough. If not go to two enzyme caps per meal and so on. To much enzymes can be as bad as no enzymes if your pancreas doesn’t produce enough due to damage. Be advised that some folks experience some unwanted side effects when starting with high doses of grape seed, curcumin and C. All 3 are powerful antioxidants and if your body is toxic the cleansing can be miserable. IF you are one of the folks who experience problems because of cleansing stop taking them til the cleansing symptoms disappear and then start again at 100 mgs of grape seed, 500 curcumin and 500 vit C and then in a week double up and then in another week add more until you are back to the orginal doses without cleansing effects. I didn’t experience cleansing effects but some people do.

      There are a couple vegan, plant based protein shakes available. I have never tried them. Some contain oil and or flax seed which has fat. Watch the fat intake. I believe there is one called PlantFusion that looks to be a decent product. You can get it at Amazon. You might also find in a local health store. Good luck to you!

  34. Hi,

    In Sept 13, 2014, my daughter had a sprinkle and I drank 2 pinio grigios and then went to a bar and my daughter kept ordering and had another 3 glasses of it. that night I did not sleep at all and started to vomit all my food the next day. Since that day, I’ve had repeated pancreatic attacks. I also somehow developed “c diff” which is an infection in the bowels. I was put on flagyl which gave me another pancreatic attack and felt really sick taking it. Then my stool showed I still had “c diff” so I was put on 125 mg of Vancomycin for 10 days. I started to feel better and ate pizza but my intestinal tract felt queezy just not right. I was put on adult enzymes and after the 2nd pill of the enzyme felt like I needed to go to the hospital so I stopped them and called the doctor. My gastro put me on Creon and I started not feeling well again with burning in my pancreas and intestinal tract and frequent bowel movements almost after every meal. So I stopped that too. It seems that while I’m having an attack I can’t have any acids in my foods like citric acid or ascorbic acid, etc as I get the burning. I have pernicious anemia and 2 years ago had salmonella which I was hospitalized for and was able to come out alive from it. I had neck surgery fusion on c3/c4 in dec 2013 and then I was picked up from a lying position and held on to my neck brace real tight because I felt I was being lifted to quickly. As I was walking, I felt a bone move out of place in T1 then a glove-like effect in both my wrists and then pain in c6-c7 where MRI reveals a very shallow disk bulge and pain up the left side of my neck which closed both my ear drums and I get a shhh noise in both my ears and then I felt my brain shake with distorted vision and blurriness with pin-like needle pains throughout my head. After a month went by I started to have swallowing problems and a simple chicken soup would start burning my tongue or a saltine cracker. I started to move my bowels after every meal and was fighting to maintain my weight. My heart would race and pound, I would get hand tremors and leg tremors and feel total weakness all over my body. I would feel numbness on the left side of my face, pain on the crown of my head and frontal headaches with nerve impingements in both my arms (c6 and c7). I get numbness in my fingertips and when I stretch my hand, it feels like leather and almost no elasticity. I have nerve pain in my mid thoracic, lower thoracic disk degeneration, and lumbar with 2 nerve impingements affecting my legs. One is the sciatic nerve in left leg and the heal of my foot hurts and right leg is affected by a nerve. I had a glove-like affect in my left ankle last summer of 2013 and didn’t know what it was. I also felt a nerve dis-connect and felt like a loose wire moving around like a snake. After one day it went away and must have connected itself somewhere. Recently had a CT scan and they say they see by the pancreas a subcentimeter right renal AML. The appendix is normal but they see a circumaortic renal vein. I don’t know what this means and could be contributing to my pancreatic attacks. I had my gallbladder taken out because it was diseased with stones and then 5 years later had a stone envelope my whole kidney. Urologist finally learned it was a uric acid stone and restricted me from having and cranberry juice, lemon juice, orange juice – everything that was acidic was a no for me. I have a hemangianoma on my liver. I’m a total mess at this point. I’ve been getting muscle spasms and am struggling with body fat. I had no choice but to take the antibiotics for “c diff” and they caused me to get nerve pains all over my body, however, I had no choice to take them to kill the infection or it would kill me. I was told not to have raw vegetables because c diff causing an inflamed intestinal tract and I know raw veggies have all the vitamins and nutrients. I’ve been steaming my veggies. Sometimes I don’t think my colon is absorbing the nutrients that I eat. I don’t know how to get rid of the inflammation when I have impinged nerves in my spine causing the inflammation?

    What do you suggest could help me out and the pancreatitis?

    1. Good info but a week is a long time to endure severe pain when 800 mgs of Ibuprofen usually eliminates it in 60 minutes. I’ve had people tell me that grape seed and curcumin (in high enough doses) have eliminated pain in a couple hours. Whether that is true or not I can’t say becuase I usually use Ibuprofen for acute attacks. I know that grape seed extract, C and curcumin coupled with my diet have made it so I simply do NOT get acute attacks. Praise the Lord! Cuz He led me to everything I have shared on this blog and my other blogs and Facebook Page.

  35. Thank you Health Guy for your website. I had upper right abdomen pain right after Thanksgiving and went to urgent care. My blood was tested and my Lipase was 547. I followed up with my primary the next week and my levels were back to normal so he said it looked like I had a mild case of pancreatitis. Ultrasound was normal. I still had pain but it slowly got better. I ate lightly for a few days but as Christmas rolled around I ate some crap and lo and behold I had terrible pain again. I did not in any way understand the need to totally control my diet long term. It was not explained to me by the doc at all. Anyway I tried to just drink water for two days but that did not really reduce the pain. I added in juices because I was feeling weak but the pain persisted so I stopped the juices again. I found your site and used the ibuprofen and it has reduced the pain considerably. Thank you! I did have blood taken after I had done the ibuprofen and my Lipase was 16. The doc put me in for a consult with a GI specialist but it will take 5-10days to call to even set up the appointment. I have started grapeseed and vitamin c. I am holding off on curcumin because doc said I could have gallstones that didn’t show up on ultrasound. Concerns I have that maybe you can give me feedback on: when I have a gas rumbling in my stomach, my pain increases basically feels like added pressure in the upper right, same is true before a bowel movement – have you experienced that? Sometimes if I take a medium size drink of water, my pain increases instantly – have you experienced pain with just water? I think I read on your site to not start juices until all pain is totally gone – did I read that right or am I mistaken? My concern is that I have been off food for 9 days with 5 of the just water and 4 with not a huge amount of juice. I have obviously lost weight and have low energy. Can I try to start with clear liquids/juices?  The doc yesterday told me to eat chicken and eggs but I don’t believe that is the answer at all since I am even struggling with water and what I have read on your site. Thanks again!

    1. Hi DeezNuts. Doesn’t sound like you are having a happy new year right now. Ok … How much Ibuprofen are you taking at one time? 800 mgs (four 200 mgs tabs of advil etc) usually works to reduce or eliminate the pain in most cases. Ibuprofen plus grape seed, curcumin and C is better. If you may have gallstones it is wise to scratch the curcumin and add more grape seed extract. The secret is to eliminate the inflammation because once the inflammation is eliminated the symptoms (pain, nausea, vomiting etc) also resolve.

      Q1 “when I have a gas rumbling in my stomach, my pain increases basically feels like added pressure in the upper right, same is true before a bowel movement – have you experienced that?”
      Answer: I’ve experienced the rumblings but don’t recall any pressure.

      Q2 “Sometimes if I take a medium size drink of water, my pain increases instantly – have you experienced pain with just water?”
      Answer: Not that I recall.

      Q3 “I think I read on your site to not start juices until all pain is totally gone – did I read that right or am I mistaken? My concern is that I have been off food for 9 days with 5 of the just water and 4 with not a huge amount of juice. I have obviously lost weight and have low energy. Can I try to start with clear liquids/juices?”
      Answer: You read right. It is best to get rid of the inflammation first before eating or drinking food. Food, solid or liquid, just adds aggravation to an already aggravated pancreas. You can certainly try clear liquids and juice. If you aren’t taking any medication that reacts with grapefruit juice, grapefruit juice (white unsweetened) would be a good choice. I doubt your pancreas is ready for chicken and eggs. LOTS of grape seed extract and C. Good luck. Hope you feel much better soon 🙂

      1. Yes I took 800 mgs all at once two days in a row. That knocked my pain down about 90+%. I don’t have any nausea or vomiting. I will continue will the grapeseed 200 4x a day and Vitamin C1000 mg 4 x a day. I am thinking I could do another 800 mg of ibuprofen and maybe knock out the rest of the pain/inflammation but not sure if that is overkill. Thanks for your reply!

  36. I hace sent 2 different posts and don’t see them anywhere? I had a question about grape fruit extract vs grape seed extract?

  37. shoukd theses supplements, grape seed extract, vitamin C 1000, and cucurmin be taken at the same time? Also ok to take with or without food? Or preferably one way or the other ?

    1. Neal I take them all at once. I take them with or without food. I don’t know if it matters which way you take those three supplements but all at once gives a huge triple whammy knock out to inflammation. Of course if you are ill they should be taken without food cuz you shouldn’t be eating anyway.

  38. I am feeling so excited and yet very emotional right now that I just can’t tell you all that is going through my head.
    I have been suffering for at least 6 years with abdominal pains. It wasn’t too bad in the beginning but has gotten so bad that I was starting to think that I should get all of my affairs in order. I have been in the emergency room, doctors here and there, gone to Houston and had over 30 thousand dollars of test done and all they could tell me was that I was the healthiest sick person they know and the Gastro Dr. gave me a pill for reflux. 9 months ago I went to a metabolic and nutritionist who told me he thought I had leaky gut syndrome. He put me on some cleanses and some supplements.
    I would have to write a book to tell you all that I have gone through in the last seven years so I’ll just say that I drank a lot of alcohol. I finally came to a place that I was able to lay it down completely. That was 3 months ago but have had no relief with my stomach. I was just about to go have an upper and lower GI done. I am starting right away on your plan and pray that Gods grace will be with me.
    Thank you so much for sharing your story. I am feeling hopeful again and believe that God led me to you.

    1. You are welcome Debbie but keep in mind you haven’t said you have been diagnosed with pancreatitis. It is important to find out what is actually wrong. IMHO that is the first step, a firm diagnosis so that nobody is simply guessing.

  39. Yes you are right about the diagnoses. I have seen 5 different Dr’s and not 1 mentioned any thing about my pancreas. I repeatedly said that I felt like something is eating on my guts and that I am being poisoned. Take a reflux pill and come back in a month if I’m still having problems is all that I got. So here I am at 6 in the morning with about 3 hours sleep feeling sick,sick,sick with nothing to show for my efforts at trying to find relief but wasted time and money. I will continue with the plans of having the upper and lower GI done but it certainly can’t hurt to start on your plan. My prayer at this point is that what ever the problem is, it’s not too late to be healed. Not only am I dealing with the physical pain but the emotional anxiety (fear ) is trying to take over my mind from nursing my mother who passed away almost 2 years ago with pancreatic cancer. Any advice you have to offer is greatly appreciated.

    1. Debbie, IF it were me, knowing what I now know, I’d try to find a doctor who specializes in the pancreas. Both the Cleveland and mayo clinics have pancreas clinics. Unfortunately these clinics and pancreas specialists are not found in every city. Most folks have to rely upon doctors who have been board certified in Gastroenterology and/or Internal Medicine. I was lucky enough to find (after 7 ER visits and 6 appointments with GI docs and others who I found in the phone book) # 14 who was at this clinic where I lived. The clinic was state of the art for the time and set up sort of like the Cleveland and Mayo Clinics. Everything in one place. The doctor was an exceptional man who listened and did his job well. So the first thing I’d do is try to locate a pancreas specialist. If one was not available near by I’d try to find the best GI doc I could. You can research these docs now online ( and find out what they specialize in, how good they are and what patients say before you ever call for an appt. I didn’t have that available to me in 1979, it was simply find a doc in the phone book, make an appt and hope. But I knew there was SOMETHING wrong and I kept trying docs until I found one that did his job like a pro instead of the run-of-the-mill, make a guess at the diagnosis, pill pusher.

    2. I am combating C diff and presently fighting for my life to survive. It is inflaming all my organs and causing lots of havoc in my body!

  40. Hello: I have been diagnosed with pancreatitis…I am taking the cucermin, vitanin C 1000, and Grape seed extract as you have recommended, THANK YOU!… I want to know if its OK to take the grapefruit seed extract at the same time,, I am also taking Creon to aid with the absorption of digestive emzymes… Dr wants me after the first month which is almost up to go from 1 pill with each meal,,,To 3 pills with each meal? Sounds like a big jump and don’t want to take too much of it if I do not have to….Thoughts? Have been basically pretty much pain free,… Also, I’ve had gastric bypass surgery because I use to be 365, now 173, now I have to actually make sure I don’t lose too much weight…lol…When the Dr did the EUS to biopsy my pancreas ne was only able to biopsy some lymph nodes around the pancreas and could not get to the pancreas itself…I have a lot of surgeries including my spleen being removed in 2010, Internal Hernia surgery from my bypass operation in 2010 and again in 2014 and lastly in late October 2014, my appendix and gallbladder removed..This is why the dr is attributing the difficulty in getting to the pancreas because things have shifted inside my stomach….My lymph nodes test around the pancreas came back negative,Thank God! But he has given me the diagnosis of Pancreatitis…My lipase blood test was 20 which is on the low side of normal, 16 to 60 is where it should be…Do you think I really need to get the pancreas itself biopsied by another doctor or do you think I should let it be? One last thing I had blood test on my adrenal glands and it cam back that I am low on Zinc and DHEA,.. The dr wants me to take 50 mgs of each for the next month and then cut it down to like 15mgs after that… Can I take these 2 supplements with the cucurmin, Vitamin C, and grape seed extract or can they be taken at the same time!



    1. Hi Neal sorry to hear you have been inducted. You’re welcome. Hope the info helps. Anyway, IF IT WERE ME I’d call the doc and ask him WHY he wants a “basically pretty much pain free” guy who is doing well on one tablet of creon to increase to 3 tabs when the possible side effects could make the guy feel like shit. It may have something to do with your gastric bypass. So asking why seems to be prudent to me and then of course why not try two tabs first instead of 3? The low lipase indicates you most likely do need the creon but docs seem to like to make folks sick with to much of a drug. I’ve chatted with other folks who were feeling better with diet and supplements and then their docs put them on a ton of creon and they puked and crapped themselves silly. I’d try to take the zinc and DHEA at a different time that the grape seed, curcumin and C but I doubt it has any real relevance either way except that zinc in 3 times the normal daily dose may make you nauseous. Zinc in higher doses sometimes does that. Good luck to you.

        1. Oooops! I guess I forgot that part. yes, should be fine. I’ve done it. I only take one tab of grapefruit seed extract a day. It should be all you need to help curb acute attacks and protect the pancreas like drinking grapefruit juice does. grape fruit seed extract, grape seed extract, curcumin and C are a killer combo for helping the pancreas heal and curbing inflammation.

          1. Why is it every time nige goes into hospital with a pancreatitis attack I start to receive a mass of emails from you. Lol. Just saying (someone I trying to tell me something else).

          2. Hi Donna 🙂 Emails? I don’t send emails. Oh wait, if you have hooked up to follow my blog or comments or liked my facebook page I think you get notified via email when i make posts or comments on either one. That may be why. I’m guessing that Nige in the hospital right now? Sorry to hear that. Are the docs getting him under control?

          3. Yes I subscribe to your blog. Yes he’s in hospital, been there for 3weeks, they sent him home twice on the Sunday and Monday by Tuesday they admitted him and by Thursday he was in intensive care. He’s on the ward now but still in pain cause dietitian said he can eat what he wants and I shouldn’t believe everything I read on the Internet!!! Quacks!!
            As soon as I get him home he’ll be back on the supplements and no fat diet. It worked well till his consultant told him he could stop taking creon, and eat normally, pain started getting bad and his doc put him on morphine. 20mg to start, a week later upped to 60mg 2days later hospital trips started. I nearly lost him that week so we won’t be taking their advice as law.
            Again thanks for all your advice ans support. Xxxx

          4. Sorry Donna, that just sucks. I know you were probably upset (understatement) at almost losing your husband. I feel for Nige. He’s the one who is suffering. Now he has more damage. Is he back on creon? P.S. the dietician needs to have his/her head examined to see if there is anything inside.

    1. Selenium is a necessary trace mineral and promotes a healthy heart and fights cancer but in large doses is toxic. Methionine in large doses promotes the formation of atherosclerotic plaque (artery disease.) I don’t know much about ala.

  41. Thank you, thank you, thank you for this information. I will be going to the health food store on my lunch break. I appreciate all the info. Jenny

  42. Hi.I took grape seed extract for 2 weeks 1 gram per day and yestarday I had awful pains and swelling in my kidneys.Every time when I took GSE I had pain in kidneys but not so severe.GSE helps me much with my pancreatitis pain.Pancreatitis pain are so severe that I can stand them. I cannot took graipfruit seed extract due to my gastritis and curcumin due toSOD.Thanks for yours advices but there is no cure for me.I married in November 2013 and only 8 months after that the hell beggins.I am so desperate that I dont want to live anymore.Why God is so cruel with me?Every cure had opposite effect on me.I follow diet but pains are here.Only GSE helps me.But last night I lost every hope.My kidneys are infllamed due to GSE and I can not take it any more.Yesterday I planned my future but now I plan my end.I can not live with that pancreatitis pain anymore.

    1. Hi Miroslav – did you start out with 1 gram per day? That is way to much to START with. You need to start out slow with 100 mgs per day and work up, slowly. Grape seed is an extremely powerful antioxidant and doing 1 gram per day to start pushes out so many toxins that it can definitely overload the kidneys and liver. The grape seed isn’t toxic but your body may be full of toxins which the grape seed is removing but your kidneys can clear only so much at one time without rebelling. So ya, you should quit. Let your kidneys have a rest. You may even want to consider having a doc check you out. Hopefully you don’t have any damage, just an overload of toxins. If you read my info on how to use it I am sure I said to start slow, that some people have problem with high doses all at once. And …

      I don’t know how much damage you have to your pancreas but planning your end isn’t the answer. There is ALWAYS hope. IF you breathe, there is hope. God sometimes allows satan to test us. He allowed Paul to be tested. If you recall Paul talked about a “thorn in his side.” Paul never said whether that “thorn” was an illness or a temptation. “Because of the surpassing greatness of the revelations, for this reason, to keep me from exalting myself, there was given me a thorn in the flesh, a messenger of Satan to torment me, to keep me from exalting myself!” 2 Corinthians 12:7 and …

      God allowed satan to literally destroy Job’s life and health. Yet Job remained faithful and God restored Job twofold! “The LORD restored the fortunes of Job when he prayed for his friends, and the LORD increased all that Job had twofold.” Job 42:10

      God is NOT cruel. Satan is cruel. Satan rules the earth right now. God has allowed that rule for a time. But I’ll share with you a secret: “15 Therefore be watching carefully how you walk— not as unwise, but as wise, 16 redeeming[a] the time, because the days are evil. 17 For this reason, do not be foolish ones, but understand what the will of the Lord is. 18 And do not get-drunk with wine, in[b] which is wild-living, but be filled with[c] the Spirit, 19 speaking to each other with[d] psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing and making-melody with your heart to the Lord, 20 giving-thanks always for all things in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ to our God and Father, 21 being-subject[e] to one another in the fear[f] of Christ” Ephesians 5:15-21 Disciples’ Literal New Testament (DLNT) And …

      As hard as it may be to give thanks and praise to God for pain, agony, disease, or some other kind of testing, when you do, interesting and wonderful things can happen for God seems to love and bless those who thank and praise HIM at all times, even when they are in pain and agony. Anyone can be thankful for GOOD things. It is easy to thank God for His generous blessings that bring us joy but He knows full well how hard it is to be thankful in ALL things, good and bad. “Be still, and know that I am God” Psalm 46:10 is powerful. It tells us that no matter what is happening in our life, God is all powerful, all knowing, all loving and in total control. We may not understand WHY things happen to us but He does, He knows and He rewards those who love, honor, obey and praise Him and His Son, in all things. Try this, if you haven’t already give your life to Christ, He died for you and worship our powerful God in song even when you feel like shit, death warmed over. You may be surprised at the out come. I have a song suggestion: “Here I Am To Worship.” God has a plan for you Miroslav and it isn’t planning your end right now. It may be He is testing you to see if you grow closer to Him or pull away. May God richly bless you, heal you and hold you in His arms. 🙂

      1. I started with 300 mg per day.Then increase to 600 and at the end with 1200 per day.Probably I have two many toxins and really kidneys can not manage.Two years ago I took boswellia which is also antioxidant and also had pain in kidneys but not so severe.I read that reason for infllamed kidneys are citocines.Probably I have too many citocines because I have a lot of injuries due to my sport activities.Only hope is kidneys to repair quickly.Medical examinations showed that my pancreas is not so damage.But pains are awful.I had ERCP and doctors cut sphincter of Oddy.One month I have minor pains.And at the end of the year I had awful pain.My medical examinations were OK but pain was awful.Then I took GSE and pains gone.But yesterday my kidneys were infllamed and have pain also in them.Now the pain in pancreas is here again and it is severe.Every minute is torchere.

        1. Yep Miroslav that is way to much to start with for many people. 100 mgs once per day, then in a week go to 100 mgs twice per day and so on until your body has a chance to get rid of the toxins. BUT, you definitely should not be trying that approach until you have been off the grape seed long enough for your kidneys to have recovered. Is there any reason you may have undiagnosed kidney disease? Has any one diagnosed you with kidney disease? Kidney stones? I have never had anyone mention painful kidneys from grape seed extract before. In fact I have never heard of it before but that doesn’t mean it can’t happen from toxic overload due to the grape seed pushing out toxins to quickly like i’ve mentioned in previous comments. You may want to get checked. Seriously. Especially since you have had a similar occurrance due to boswellia usage.

  43. I have several questions as I explore whether pancreatic issues may be at play. I have had a pancreatic elastase test, which came back around 500. Anything below 200 is considered problematic an indication of pancreatic enzyme deficney. According to this test. enzymes don’t seem to be necessary.

    My question is can one still need the enzymes if this test comes back normal. I also had a 72hr fecal fat test which was also normal. I have seen you mention several times, that taking enzymes unnecessarily can be harmful and cause issue.

    With these tests being negative could I still benefit from taking them? In essence how does one determine if they are neccessary, if the tests which show eneyzme deficeines are coming back as normal?

    Perhaps start with an OTC variety which if I understand correctly, is far less potent then Creon?

    1. Hi Mat – the only symptom I know of that may indicate possible need of pancreatic enzymes is nausea or digestive distress of some kind 10 – 30 minutes after eating safe foods. Taking OTC enzymes when not actually needed may be a waste of money. I don’t know if taking enzymes when not needed may cause issues or not but I know taking to many would (even when needed) or taking them without a meal definitely would as well. If you can eat safe food without symptoms you probably don’t need them. I’ve mentioned that taking pancreatic enzymes may help take a load off the pancreas and help healing even if they may not yet be needed. That is a guess. I have NOTHING in regards to research that remotely indicates a benefit. It was and simply is a guess that may or may not be worth mentioning. One OTC capsule, like Now Foods Super Enzymes, with food shouldn’t cause problems, may be beneficial but it may also be a waste of money. Yes, that is correct OTC pancreatic enzymes are less potent.

  44. Hi Health Guy

    Do you have an opinion on Green Tea Extract as an antioxidant supplement for pancreatitis?


    1. Hi Kevin. I think green tea is awesome via a cup or 5 of tea per day. Green tea extract can cause some side effects in some people, the worst seems to be liver toxicity. IMHO it is best to drink green tea instead of using green tea extract.

  45. Hi Health Guy!
    Thank you so much for all your information. My husband found your blog when he was searching to try and make me feel better. I am having my second attack of acute pancreatitis. My first one was about four years ago, after a binge drinking weekend I was 27. Went to the ER with just a sharp pain in my side, i never felt nauseous or had any other symptoms then the pain. For two days I actually thought i was trapped gas and was taking things for that. The pain did not subside and woke in the middle of the night. The ER dr told me I had pancreatitis and “sludge” in my gallabladder, sent me home on a liquid diet and told me to follow up with my regular Dr. I did this and after about a week felt ok again. My normal DR told everything had healed and I could go on “with life as normai” no diet restrictions. I had done my own research and learned about the dangers of continuing to consume alcohol, so I chose to no longer drink. Even though my family DR told me he did not believe drinking would cause any issues for me. That most people with pancreatitis are much “sicker” then I was.That however was the only real change in my diet I made. Over the course of four years I have felt relatively normal, never anything to prompt worry. However this past Wednesday I woke up with that familar pain in my side. My diet has not changed. I ate the same thing I did the week before. I eat healthy, for the most part except my husband I do have the occassional “cheat day.” This reoccurance was not after one of those days. After reading your blog, I now feel so stupid. I had no clue i should be watching my fat intake. I thought I was being so healthy with choosing nut butters, and avocado and olive oil. I can not get the pain to decrease now, I am just having liquids and grapefruit juice. I am so paniced now that my own stupidty has caused and is causing serious damage. What is the best way to tell if serious damage has occured? I have scheduled a Dr. appt for this Wednesday but I am unsure if is worth it go. I want to know what I have done to myself but I also dont want to get incorrect information or waste my time. Thanks for listening. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hi Erin, you are welcome 🙂 Sorry to hear you are not well. It’s funny, well not so funny actually, but, we ALL seem to learn the hard way. It is definitely worth going to a doctor appoinment. IF you are currently still in an attck it may be beneficial to seek treatment at the ER. I hear more and more that doctors are “getting it right” when it comes to diagnosing acute pancreatitis and they can do the tests necessary to find out about the damage, severity etc. It is important to find the cause which in your case could very well be “sludge” issued from your gallbladder since your ER doc suspected that or had found evidence via ultrasound? Anyway, doctors are getting much better at recognizing AP and CP. So it’s important that you seek their help when you are sick. They can order scans (CT, EUS etc) that help to assess any damage.

      In regards to “incorrect info” just be careful if you hear again that you can eat or drink anything, a normal diet, because after two acute attacks that is most likely not true. You could be a miracle girl but the chances are really slim. The last thing you should want is an attack of severe acute pancreatitis. So, use caution in that regard. Good luck, get well and stay well. 🙂

  46. Hey Health Guy!!

    First of all I am SOOOO GLAD I found this blog! I had been so very depressed when I picked up my laptop to search for chronic pancreatitis for my father who has just been diagnosed with it!
    Ok so it all started last year in May when he developed chronic diarrhoea. It was really bad and later was followed by extreme nausea, loss of appetite and fever (he went to a couple of doctors but to no avail. He was told he had food poisoning or rota virus – blah). Things did not help when in July the pain started (he had already lost 15 kgs due to the ongoing diarrhoea), he thought it was the kidney pain since he had a history of gallstones. He went to the doctor who got him hospitalised and performed a colonoscopy which showed he had multiple stones in each kidney, He was put on medicines and the diarrhoea stopped and so did nausea and other symptoms. But it only lasted a month and by September the diarrhoea had resumed full force. It was not just any simple diarrhoea but chronic one. Like he used to pass 4 watery stools on average per day. In October the stools turned fatty. Which was when we got extremely worried.

    He went to numerous doctors, got different tests done but to no avail. He thought he had kidney pain but the tests showed everything was clear, just minor stones in a place which should not be causing the pain he was experiencing. Finally this March when he had no hope left, he went to UK to get himself checked. There he was finally diagnosed with chronic pancreatitis and a bacterial infection in stomach. He is a Neurologist himself and person with a strict health regime (excercising and all)- which means he steered clear of Alcohol or smoking or so. Because of that, I assume he developed chronic pancreatitis due to the stones. The doctor there prescribed him a couple of medicines including enzymes. For all other meds he prescribed a 4 to 6 month course but for enzymes he said it should always be taken through out his life. He never said anything about diet :/ (which reading about here has me on high alert)

    After those medicines, things had been way better as the diarrhoea had improved significantly in a month. From the average of 4 watery stools (sorry for tmi :$) its down to only one per day and sometimes none. He does pass regular stool thrice daily (sorry again for tmi) but yesterday he felt pretty dehydrated and had a 1.5 litre bottle of soda in the evening between intervals and since then the diarrhoea is back with FULL force. Much more then it ever has been! 8 watery stools in less then 18 hours! And its just killing me seeing him like that. Your blog has come like a ray of hope! I think it was the soda that triggered the diarrhoea.

    I have a few questions:

    Like you said about the grapeseed extract and vit C supplements. Since we have established that his pancreatitis is due to gallstones; can he have these two supplements? and also the all in one you mentioned in last? Since he has no other symptoms but diarrhoea. Hopefully these will not trigger more diarrhoea?

    My second question is that like you mentioned that one can have these supplements before breakfast, can he have them along with his other medicines that the doctor prescribed? Apart from the enzymes he has been having other meds too (Mefenamiz Acid, loperamide hydrochloride, Drotaverine HCI, Levothyroxine, VSL # 3 sachets and Creon 40,000 + 10,000) so is grapeseed extract and vit C ok to have with these meds? since you mentioned we have to be sure to rule out drug interactions with each other. And should he have these thrice daily like you mentioned?

    Lastly, THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH! You are a God sent honestly! May God bless you with infinitely! You just made my day so much brighter! I was extremely worried about my father. *huggs*
    looking forward to your reply. Sorry for the long post!

    1. Hi Nargis sorry to hear about your father. Yep gallstones can certainly cause problems. To bad your father has found that out the hard way. Anyway – good to hear they have your father on a NSAID (Mefenamiz Acid) for inflammation. The anti-diarrhoeal drug (loperamide hydrochloride), anti-spasmodic (Drotaverine HCI), probiotics (VSL # 3 sachets), creon (enzymes) and thyroid replacement (Levothyroxine) drugs shouldn’t be a problem BUT call your local pharmacist and ask them if they know of any drug interaction between what your father is taking and vitamin C and grape seed extract. I DOUBT there will be any interaction problems but one never knows. Yep grape seed extract (100 – 200 mgs) and vit C (1000 mgs) 3 – 4 times per day, more per dose if needed. Since he has gallstones and hasn’t had his gallbladder removed avoiding the curcumin might be a good idea. By the way I doubt the soda pop started his last attack and since he isn’t on a proper diet for chronic pancreatitis that is imperative. It should happen like today. Do the food diary prep and diary and begin reading about what he can eat safely (usually) or he will continue to have problems and the disease will progress. God bless y’all and I hope he feels better soon. 🙂

      I Have Pancreatitis What Can I Eat?
      Pancreatitis Diet: What’s a Pancreatitis Diet?
      Chronic Pancreatitis Daily Meal Plan – Breakfast
      Low Fat High Protein Foods

      1. Hey! Thank you soo much for the speedy reply!
        I confirmed with my dad and he has kidney stones, not gallstones apparently so yeah.

        What do you think brought on this attack? He is still having 6 watery stools per day and its killing me seeing him like that. I made sure he had rice and yougurt last night and still he had 3 watery stools late at night 🙁

        Can you can suggest something to stop this attack somehow? We live in Pakistan where the doctors have no idea about pancreatitis and the one who diagnosed it is in UK. However, I’ll try calling his PA today but I doubt we can make any progress via long distance calls.

        What do you think brought this attack? Because he had only had cooked Spanish and yogurt in the afternoon and soda in the evening 🙁 but yes from the very same day he had been complaining about blood in urine (hence he had soda because he doesn’t like the taste of pedialyte)

        And I am thinking about starting grape seed extract supplements and vit c ones 1x before his going to bed and then increase the dose after a week. I’ll get the all in one supplements you recommended through a friend who lives in US but the delivery would take around 40 to 45 days. So meanwhile I’ll score the local pharmacies for something similar if you can guide which minerals and vitamins should I look for in a supplement? And it should be water soluble right?

        One more important thing. We normally give him cooked veggies and we use oils. Since you said its bad, can you suggest any other oil that we can use? Like pure olive oil? Otherwise we won’t be able to cook eggs, they would stick in the pan and the meals would also be weird 🙁

        Do suggest something to stop the current attack. I am sorry for so many questions 🙁 but you are like a life saver for me at the moment. I have no one but my mum n dad and both of them are ill. Mum’s been suffering with reactive arthritis and has both her feet swelled like balloons. Looking at both of them like this makes me want to curl up in a ball and cry.

        Take care. Looking forward to you reply!

        1. Nargis, ok, are we talking pancreatitis or kidney stones? Does your father actually have pancreatitis? Who diagnosed him with pancreatitis and when? IF he does have pancreatitis oil of any kind is BAD. Oil inflames the pancreas. Oil will cause more acute pancreatitis attacks. Yogurt is NOT good either. To much fat and dairy products usually do NOT work well especially if the pancreas is damaged and unhealed. FAT and ALCOHOL are the 2 biggest enemies once the pancreas is damaged. Read my blog, all the info I use to stay well and to originally get well years ago is all there. I cook eggs (egg whites and whole eggs) without oil. He should probably only eat the egg whites until he heals. learn to cook without oil. Use a non-stick pan. If you don’t have one go buy one your father’s health depends upon it IF he has pancreatitis.

          1. Hey 🙂

            A doctor from London Gastroenterology centre diagnosed him with chronic pancreatitis just last month. And since then he has been on enzymes and the above mentioned medicines. Before that he was only on meds for kidney stone and diarrhoea. So he has both i.e. Kidney Stones and Chronic pancreatitis.

            Thank you, we’ll definitely avoid oil from now on. Oh and I thought yoghurt was good :/? I think I read it somewhere on your blog too but I am not sure. He has been avoiding other dairy products altogether like milk, butter, margarine etc

            and can you suggest anything to stop the current attack? :<

          2. Nargis I use 800 mgs of Ibuprofen (Ibuprofen, Motrin, Advil). Usually comes in 200 mg tabs. Since your father is a doctor he could write himself a script for 800 mg doses BUT I already thought he was on a NSAID? If it is any good it should be working on his pancreas too. Ask him about it. I doubt one should take two NSAIDS. But the right amount of Ibuprofen usually works in 60-90 minutes stopping the inflammation which inturn generally resovles the pain and other symptoms.

          3. also, I have another question (sorry for bombarding you with so many questions :< but its like you are giving me hope after reading those articles about the patient surviving only 7 years after initial diagnosis of chronic pancreatitis 🙁 )

            I have been reading your blog and my question is:
            Can my father have fish, skinless chicken and lean beef? Since he does not have any pain or nausea. He has had a couple of episodes of excruciating pain last year. He then experienced some annoying pain in feb but it was not bad or unbearable like it was last year in July/ August.

            Apart from other things, this is what his report says:
            "I am pleased to say that your small bowel MRI scan showed no evidence of small bowel Crohn’s
            disease. The pancreas appeared to be of normal volume with no evidence of calcification or
            atrophy. Even more importantly there was no evidence of a pancreatic mass lesion. However,
            your stool tests for faecal elastase and faecal calprotectin were both abnormal suggesting
            intestinal inflammation and pancreatic exocrine insufficiency. Your lactulose hydrogen breath
            test was also positive for small intestinal bacterial overgrowth/excessive caecal fermentation."

            so how bad is it? Hopefully he can recover and beat his chronic pancreatitis. Also his doc suggested having a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar in a glass of water. I'll be sticking to the oil free diet like you mentioned. However my second question was, I've read it and have heard from a couple of people that grape seed extract causes diarrhea? is it true? Since the only symptom my dad is experiencing is chronic diarrhea, will having grape seed extract and vit C calm it down or worsen it? Thanks once again for your time and the valuable information you pass.

            You are in my prayers!

          4. Nargis white meat fish and skinless chicken are usually fine. Beef, pork, lamb, duck, goose avoid like the plague. High fat content foods, avoid. He needs to eat no more than 5 grams of fat PER meal and a maximum of 25 grams of fat per DAY. That is not easy to do. It takes vigilance and mostly a plant based diet (veggies and fruits). Now bear in mind there is no cure for chronic pancreatitis. It is “remission” we seek and the goals of healing any pancreas damage that has occured, avoidance of more damage and the prevention of an acute pancreatitis attack which always creates more damage.

            You father’s condition doesn’t sound horrible. I would imagine he can heal and obtain a certain quality of life again if he adheres to a proper low fat diet, the supplements and doesn’t drink or eat something that causes another acute episode. Others have. According to the doctor who diagnosed me I was suppose to be dead around 18-22 years ago. The body can heal itself if given the proper tools 🙂

            Grape seed extract, curcumin and Vitamin C (anti-inflammatory antioxidants) can cause some unpleasant symptoms in some people until the body has been cleansed by them. It is wise to start out with a low dose and work up to where he obtains results that are noticable.

  47. my Dr. tells me i have cronic panceatitis and acid reflex can i still fallow your diet and supplements ?

        1. Hi Alice it all depends on how much damage you have and how well healed you are right now. Tuna and salmon are excellent fish choices for most people but those who have sustained a lot of pancreas damage may not tolerate the amount of fish oil in tuna and salmon. It would be better (IF you are still symptomatic, in pain etc) to eat white meat fish such as cod, talapia, sole, halibut, perch, rock fish, bass etc. Soy products, including milk, conatin a lot of fat. One cup of soy milk averages 4.2 grams of fat. That is a lot of fat for a glass of milk. Fat free milk may be a better choice. Some folks can not tolerate milk at all. All you can do is test it. But test it properly by using the diary and prepping first.

  48. first of all let me say thank you for your site and all the wonderful information. for the last 10 to 15 years i have been making many changes to my diet always looking to stay healthy so that i can avoid doctors as much as possible, i am also a juicer for years my diet has been one of fruit vegetable juices nuts seeds beans whole grains very little meat lots of smoothies loaded with fruit, flaxseeds chia seeds i also fast and detox sometimes days and weeks at a time with enemas to clean out my colon maybe at least twice sometimes 3 times a year, so i am very surprise and upset when i ended up in the emergency sick as a dog i thought i was going to die. my dr. tells me i have cp and acid reflux, disease also known as gerd he says i have savier damage in my pancreas, i ask what does that mean? he tells me my pancreas is very inflame and he cant give me any info untill the inflamation gose down. and he goes in for another look he told me to stay away from all fat and alcohol and no citric because of my acid refllux no coffee.this was in january and i have to have another endo test in june my discharge papers say chronic calcific pancreatitis. i very much want to do a juice fast which i’ve done many times to heal my self of all sorts of other ailments,do you think this is a good idea and if i do go on a juice fast should i continue taking my meds even though i wont be eating solid foods? i am currently taking pantoprazole 40mg1 tablet before breakfast and pancreaze 21,000 3 times a day with meals .i called my dr because sometimes i dont want to eat because i feel sick but she saids i must take it so i eat just because i have to take my enzymes. do i have to have my enzymes even if i dont eat. this dosen’t make sense to me. please help so far everything i’m doing is because i’m learning it from you l’m so grateful i found your site its been a life savor for me because i had no idea what to eat. i am curranly working on my food diary stated fasting with just water today.

    1. You are welcome Alice. I’m glad you find the info useful. Ok, be careful of nuts, seeds (sunflower, flax etc) because they (all nuts and many seeds) are HIGH in fat. Now about the meds …

      IF it were me I’d dump the pantoprazole. I have no clue why doctors insist on giving gerd meds to pancreatitis patients. Supposedly they help some people but if the GERD is due to pancreas damage I would think (I do NOT know) that the reflux would resolve once the inflammation is eliminated and the pancreas begins to heal. In fact there is evidence that some GERD drugs may cause or contribute to the onset of acute pancreatitis – read here. In regards to the pancreatic enzymes I have no clue why they would be necessary if one were not eating. They are extremely potent and caustic. Taking enzymes on an empty stomach is asking for trouble, in my opinion. In fact …

      Eating if you feel sick is asking for trouble. Again …

      I am NOT a doctor. You have to determine what you should and should not do in regards to your health but IF it were me I certainly wouldn’t be eating if I was feeling sick just to take my enzymes. As far as I know there is no evidence that enzymes, by themselves, help heal the pancreas. All they do is help digest food and replace the enzymes the pancreas is no longer able to produce due to tissue damage. I’d be fasting, drinking water, taking my grape seed extract, curcumin and vitamin C. I might even take 200 – 400 mgs of ibuprofen along with the supplements to help eliminate the inflammation. Once the inflammation is resolved chances are I’d feel a lot better. Then I’d try some organic veggie juice a couple ounces at a time (no enzymes) to see how that worked. IF I had no problems with a couple ounces after an hour or so I’d drink a couple more ounces and repeat until I had consumed 8 – 12 ounces of pure, vitamin and mineral packed organic vegetable juice. Then I’d try to drink more veggie juice. I’d continue with the juice and supplements for several days just to see how it all worked out. IF everything was “good to go” (no symptoms) after 2 or 3 days of juice I might try some solid food such as rice, rice and veggies (note in diary how it went). IF symptoms (nausea or pain) developed I’d stop eating solid food and go back to juice, even water, if necessary. Then try juice (if I had to go back to water fast) or solid food again (if juice was enough to resolve symptoms) with enzymes (pancreaze 21,000) once symptoms resolved to see what happened. IF solid food with the enzymes worked out ok, I’d just continue working through different foods using the diary process. High fat foods and alcohol are the enemies. I hope you start feeling better Alice 🙂

      P.S. egg whites (no yolks) are an excellent source of protein with zero fat. Fry them (no oil) in a non-stick pan, scramble them or boil eggs and just eat the whites with salt and pepper.

  49. Hello there! I’m on statins because the docs think my acute pancreatitis attacks are caused by hypertrygliceraedaemia (sp?) so they’re trying to lower the tryglicerides. You’ve mentioned grape seed as a supplement. Apparently grapefruit and statins don’t mix. Is grape seed extract of the same family?

    Would you recommend any other supplements if I can’t take grape seed?

    Thanks for all the good advice too!

    1. Hi Georgie – No grapefruit and grape seed are totally different. Different fruits. Grape seed extract comes from grapes. Grape seed extract should be perfectly fine. IF you have any reservations call your pharmacist and ask him or her. Do NOT take grapefruit (juice, fruit, extract) in any form while on statins.

          1. Hello Health Guy , My name is Sarah,too long a story for now. short of it is after almost 14 years I have chronic Pancreas, which was not diagnosed until last May 2014. I have been doing basically your diet for over a year now. Other then bananas,apples,a little bit of papaya and lemon in water as well as putting on my food. I am at the end process of getting dentures. I was given 7 times or more antibiotics which in turn effected my G.I.track . I am in the process of rebuilding it. I tried Creon,made me ill, allergic reaction for several months. “Yes” the gastro doctor has not been helpful. I have barrettes as well. I am not feeling well at present time,worn down. I am not breaking down my food (Fats ,Protein ) my bowels are not right. I tried curcumin at this time I can not use.My diet is mostly organic. I would like to try the Enzymes you suggest. However I am concerned due to the fruit in it. I have reacted to mango’s ,pineapple and papaya I am not sure of in large quantity. Should I do the vit C and the grape seed only ? Yet I know I need Enzymes. Can you suggest what I might do ? My concern is direarea which has been a problem for a year now. Thank you…

          2. Hi Sarah, you said “I have been doing bascially your diet for over a year now.” What is basically? Have you done the food diary prep (fast, enema, juice intro) and then introduced other foods according to the food diary protocol? If not you are missing a “key” element. The reason I ask is that I have never reacted to any fruit except over ripe bananas (sugar turned to alcohol) before I knew what the deal was with over ripe fruit. I’m not saying it isn’t possible to have a reaction I’m just thinking that if you do actually react due to fruit and not some other known offender that it must be due to damage that is severe?? OR do you have diabetes or actual allergies to certain fruits (fructose intolerence or fructose allergy)? I have some questions. Why do you have Barrett’s? Were you diagnosed with it? Have you had long-standing issues with GERD (usually the cause)? Have you ever been thoroughly checked out for any IBS disease (UC, Crohn’s, Celiac Disease)? Do you know what originally caused your pancreatitis?

            Vitamin C and grape seed extract certainly wouldn’t hurt. I have another question. You said “I tried curcumin at this time I can not use.” so I am guessing it caused some issues? Do you have gallbladder disease or SOD? How much did you take within a 24 hour period? It may have been too much for it does cause stomach distress in some people at higher doses.

            Most OTC pancreatic enzyme formulas have papaya, some also have bromelain from pineapple. The one I use has both so to answer your question on enzymes, I don’t know of a product at this time.

  50. Hello, the Health Guy!
    Does it make any difference if I take supplements with food, but not on empty stomach?

  51. Hello Health guy I have been diagnosed with acute pancreatitis and am do for a check up (CT Scan) in a couple of days. I haven’t had any sever pain or illness, I have had some discomfort here and there in my abdomen but nothing severe. The past month I did have friends in town and a coupe of BBQ’S and did drink quit a bit. I have had a glass or 2 of wine here since and I smoke regularly. I’m worried that the doc might bust my balls for doing so. Am I wrong for trying to start the grape seed/Calcium thing tomorrow so I don’t get any grief? I eat well and have no sickness, vomiting, nausea or diarrhea.

    1. Wow Nate, your alcohol consumption (if you have damage) is like playing Russian roulette. Hopefully your CT scan comes back clean. But if your acute attack was recent you sure aren’t helping your pancreas to heal completely by drinking alcohol and eating high fat foods. Hopefully you are just fine. By the way … the supplements totally work but they are not miracle shields that allow someone to eat and drink whatever they want.

  52. Hey Health Guy!

    I am back again :>
    Thank you once again for all the awesome information here. I got my dad the supplements you mentioned like grapeseed extract, vit c and all one fruit antioxidant through a friend in US. He’s only using the all one fruit antioxidant though and is feeling much better. He does not feel the usual weakness anymore. Like I told you he was diagnosed with pancreatic exocrine insufficiency/ chronic pancreatitis from UK, he was prescribed Creon pancreatin 400mg 40,000 + 10,000 + 10,000 with main meals and 20,000 with snacks.

    He had already gotten himself 3 months course of Creon from UK (since we live in Pakistan and enzyme supplements are not easily available here), those are about to finish. I just wanted your opinion, as to if he could change the enzyme formula to something cheaper. I see you have suggested now food ones in your post but I am looking for something completely vegetarian. I have been on Amazon, looking at hundred different reviews for hundred different vegan brands of enzymes and yet I am clueless. Can you suggest any brand that can be used instead of Creon 400mg pancreatin 40,000? I found source naturals and lifeextension ones but I am not sure which is better as per his condition. So I thought I’d ask you 🙂

    Looking forward to your reply. Thank you once again.
    Best regards.

    1. Hi Nargis, hopefully your dad is improving nicely. At this time I do not know of an OTC (over-the-counter) vegetarian brand of enzymes that works well. The one I use has ox bile. Some others have porcine (pig or hog). Creon is porcine. I use the Now Foods Super Enzymes (ox bile) only because I had the worst attacks of acute pancreatitis due to ingesting pork (anything pork). That is why I shun it. I don’t want anything to do with pork. In fact my last attack, which was a dang doosey (12 days of recurrent severe pain) and another month of feeling like death warmed over, with another 3- 4 months until I felt almost normal again, was caused because I ingested “turkey sausage” that was encased in pork intestines! I MISSED THAT ON THE LABEL! And I paid dearly. So I won’t touch anything even remotely pork based. But again, sorry, I don’t know of a good, all vegetarian (no bile) pancreatic enzyme formula.

  53. My wife age 39 is suffering from Chronic Pancreatitis which was detected about a year back.
    She had undergone ERCP with findings as “Chronic Calcific Pancreatitis with dialated irregular Pancreatic duct with few calculi in head. Pancreatic Sphincterotomy and Pancreatic balloon sweep done – PD calculi cleared. Single Pig Tail Pancreatic Stent Placed.” She was with Creon 25000 – 1 Cap 3 times a day with food and Selvit CP – 1 Cap twice daily after food. However, she was having severe pain immediately after this.
    After eight months, on follow up checks CD USG concluded as Changes of chronic Calcific pancreatitis with prominent PD (3.5 mm), No Peri Pancreatic Edema, No fluid collection. and – Fatty infiltration of Liver, No focal Lesion.
    About other reports, Spot Urine Microalbumin = 5.5 mg/l, Creatinine = 1840 mg/l, Microalbumin to Creatininf ration = 2.9 Ug/l, HbA1c = 7.7, BS Fasting = 116 mg/dl, BS PP = 279 mg/dl, Serum Cholesterol (CHOD-POD) = 131 mg/dl, Triglycerides (GPO-POD) = 130 mg/dl, HDL-Cholesterol = 35 mg/dl, LDL Cholesterol = 70 mg/dl, VDL Cholesterol = 26 mg/dl
    She is now with Razo 20 before BF, Panlopse25000 with two meals, Antoxident OD and Amaryl 2mg BBF) and Glycomet 1g (AND) with restricted diet. Her sugar levels are varying from 140-155 (Fasting) and 160-190 (PP).

    We are looking forward for your suggestion on Supplementation and Vitamin components with dosages that can be helpful for her to remove/stop calcification and guard the pancreas for further damages.
    NK, India

    1. Hi NK Das – sorry to hear about your wife. I know it’s tough on you too. You posted this comment on the page that has my recommendations for supplements. I don’t know of anything that stops or halts clacification however, I “suspect” and I have NO scientific evidence regarding the pancreas, that since EDTA is used to clear calcification in arteries that it may also clear them from the pancreas. It is ONLY a thought. Something you might want to check out with a doctor who does EDTA chelation. And when I say doctor I mean an M.D. or O.D. not some quack like me lol 🙂

      1. I understand from your blog that supplements and vitamins like Grape seed extract, curcumin, Vitamin C, pancreatin supplements etc may help to beat chronic pancreatitis.We wanted to know if those may be helpful for her.


  54. Hello Health Guy,

    I’ve been reading your diet and supplement blog posts to gather information. My partner was diagnosed with pancreatitis a week ago. While his symptoms didn’t manifest until the day before we hit the ER, the progression of the inflammation indicated and his blood results (according to the ER doctor) that it had been developing for quite some time. He’s been a struggling alcoholic for a few years and had binged heavily the week leading up to the attack.

    He spent five days in the hospital, in pain, and not really recovering before just coming home. He’s been on the couch, having trouble sleeping. Since the doctors believe his attack was prompted by alcohol, they’ve encouraged a chemical dependency group moving forward (he enrolled). His father has a history of pancreatitis (not a drinker).

    While he still has pain in his mid section, it’s manageable and he’s becoming slightly more mobile daily. The chemical dependency program will not allow him the use of any narcotics for pain and his doctor is concerned of liver damage to his alcoholism and reluctant to give consent to Ibuprofen use, even on a temporary scale. So we’ll be relying largely on the big 3 supplements to aid in taking out the inflammation.

    I’ve got him unsweetened white grapefruit juice and he’s been drinking that as well as plenty of water. He has been successful in eating about 2-3 fluid cups of vegetable broth daily. Tonight he had about 2 tbs of mixed veggies in his cup of broth (peas, carrots, green beans, and corn – organic) and hasn’t had nausea or vomiting.

    I ordered your linked supplements and the big 3 should be here tomorrow. I plan to have him start them immediately. I was wondering what doses I should be giving him initially?

    Finally, both his father and him have a history of high triglycerides. He has been prescribed fenofibrate. Research indicates that grapefruit isn’t known to cancel it out and I can’t find a conflict with it and the grape seed extract or vitamin C. Do you know if this cholesterol medicine should interfere with the benefits of your other listed supplements?

    Thank you so much for all of this information. Your website has proven so helpful to me in a time where I’ve become progressively frustrated with the medical professionals. I’ve been taking meticulous notes and am so hopeful for his recovery. Finding recipes that entice him within new dietary guidelines might prove more challenging. 🙂


    1. Hi V – You’re very welcome to/for the info. I double checked on the grapefruit juice with fenofibrate. Everything seems to be ok there (GFJ can cause some nasty interactions with prescription drugs). As far as any interactions with the supplements and fenofibrate, I haven’t found anything that would indicate a positive or negative effect. So …

      IF it were me I’d be taking the supplemets like this:

      1) Grape seed extract: 800 – 1,000 mgs per day broken into 4-5 200 mg doses.
      2) Curcumin: 500 mgs 4X per day
      3) Vitamin C 500 – 1000 mgs 4x per day

      IF I didn’t see remarkable results within several days I’d increase the dose of grape seed extract until I did.

      Yes the diet is challenging but coupled with the supplements he should see improvement fairly soon.

      The important thing (other than diet and supplements) is that he completely obstains from alcohol. No alcohol. None, zip, nada. And that means no vanilla extract (found it cakes, cookies and other pastry items). Watch cold and flu remedies, most contain alcohol. Mouthwash can also be a problem.

      Let me know how it goes. If you have any questions V please feel free to ask 🙂

      1. Thank you! I’ll definitely work in those levels with him today.

        One more question: his doctor recommended he start taking an Omega – 3 (fish oil) supplement. Looking at the ones we own (Nature Made brand), there’s fat content at nearly 5g!

        Would you recommend waiting to start the fish oil? At what point (if any) do you think he should be taking it?

        I appreciate your counsel so much. It has made such a daunting diagnosis so much easier to absorb and work with.


        1. Hi V – Yes, hold off on the fish oil. I know fish oil is good. There are certain fats (natural fats) from different sources that are good for those who have an undamaged pancreas but no matter how good the oil is (fish oil, Falx, avacoado, olive oil ect) it is still oil/fat. A damaged pancreas just doesn’t tolerate most fats. Once he has healed up (no symtoms, no tenderness in abdomen) he could try small amounts of of good fish (salmon, sardines, mackerel, tuna, etc) but those may not be tolerated well right now. I’d stay away from the fish oil capsules. Cod and pollock offer a little omega 3’s and neither has a lot of fat content. Much better choices.

  55. Hi Health Guy, firstly thanks for the great info and hope you continue to be well in the future.
    I am 33 rarely drink , slightly overweight.
    7 weeks ago out of the blue had 2 days of major pain vomiting and shakes, fever etc went to a out of hours gp who informed me I had stomach flu but the next day could not bear it anymore and went to AE department where I was diagnosed with acute pancreatitis my levels were around 1700 I think. I was kept in for 8 days on iv and fluids only then started to eat and was discharged. Since then have followed a similar diet to yours and will be converting fully to yours for better results 🙂 i have grape seed extract and vit c but could only get turmeric not cucumin? Are these the same or should I order cucumin to be sure and what dosages would you recommend for all supplements please? I have lost almost 25 pounds with the lifestyle change which is slowing down now but some days feel tired , nause and bad pain, majority of days I eat 4 times small portions and bowel movements really do vary still, Loose to almost constipated ?
    Have daily bouts of mild to bad pain and mainly dull throbbing in lower left abdomen /rib area and often my back. All these symptoms were explained as normal by my doc as I was recovering from a bad illness. but is regular pain in that area common in your experience and if it’s hurting its probably doing harm right ? I had 2 ultrasound scans 1 month apart to check gall stones but all looked healthy, also had a CT scan today and surgeon advised he couldn’t see any abnormal issues with pancreas except aggravation from pancreatitis no lumps or blocked ducts etc and also gall bladder and liver looked clear too.
    I did a urine sample and my amylase was 70 and have heard that is normal but also advised it was high , in your experience do you know the normal ranges ? I am currently trying to get a follow up appointment as he had to rush off to deal with a surgery complication and the other consultant couldn’t answer my questions fully. I don’t think my family doc knows a great deal about pancreatitis so wanted to ask you as knowledge and experience seems key with this illness.

    Thank you so much for setting up this website and taking your time to answer and help so many people whilst keeping faith and positivity amongst us.

    1. Hi Ryan – sorry to hear you have joined the AP hall of pain. It does take awhile to recover, especially if it was a “moderate” to severe AP attack. The reference range for amylase is as follows:

      Serum test: Normal is 40-140 U/L
      Urine Test: Normal is 24-400 U/L

      The reference range of serum lipase is 0-50 U/L

      Curcumin (curcuminoids) comes from turmeric (curcumin is an extract of turmeric). Curcumin is much stronger than it’s parent root. However, since you already have turmeric you may as well use that up and maybe get curcumin next time.

      IF it were me I’d start off with a blast and do 800 mgs of grape seed extract daily divided into 4 200 milligram doses. 1500 – 2000 mgs of turmeric daily should work (3 – 4 doses) and 2000 – 4000 mgs of vitamin c (4 doses). I’m guessing you should feel some results in a couple days. If not, I’d increase doses of grape seed and C (small increases) until I did. Turmeric/curcumin can cause stomach upset in some folks so increase it slowly as well. Good luck, get well. Let me know how you do. 🙂

      1. Thanks, I have started the supplements and also a multi vitamin for good measure 🙂 should I keep on at the doctors regarding the lower left hand pain that also presents in the back too and my amylase urine levels were 68 instead of 20? What would you do in my situation and am I hoping for too much too soon as it’s been 7 weeks after the initial attack and almost 6 weeks out of hospital. I just want to give my body the best possible chance to repair and hopefully avoid another attack or continued damage to pancreas but finding reliable info is difficult , eg two separate doctors gave me conflicting diet advise in regards to fibre and fats etc
        Ps what levels of amylase and lipase are considered damaging to the pancreas? Will my slight increase in levels be slowly chipping away at my pancreas and could that be the reason why I feel fatigued more often than not?
        Thanks again and I will keep you updated on my progress

        1. Ryan your urine amylase levels are well within “normal” limits. Normal being 24-400 U/L as I mentioned. You obviously still have inflammation, hence the pain. That pain should resolve with the resolution of the inflammation. A proper diet and appropriate amounts of the supplements I also mentioned in my previous comment answer should resolve the inflammation. Neither amylase nor lipase evelvations are reliable indicators of damage or possible damage. However, it would seem the higher the elevation the more probability the damage may be more yet that isn’t always the case. Some cases of severe acute present with lower elevations yet damage is extensive. That is why they use Ransom and Apache II scores to try to forecast or confirm severe acute. A-Amylase elevations do not specifically point to acute pancreatitis because it’s found in saliva for exmple. On the other hand elevated serum levels of P-Amylase and/or Lipase (both pancreas specific) are exellent diagnostic tools used to confirm acute pancreatitis. Elevations of either or both pretty much point to acute pancreatitis.

          1. Thanks again for the information you provided 🙂 it really helps as I am still learning and researching what is best for me but to get on the right foot whilst doing so is a MASSIVE help. Thank you so much for all of your help. I will update in a few days and hopefully with good news..

  56. Hi! Your website is a godsend! I’m over 50, female and really started eating very unhealthy about 2007, took my body 8 years to feel the horrible effects. I was taken to the hospital via EMS June 2015 with excruciating pain and sweat pouring down my face. Didn’t know I had severe acute pancrea-bullshit-titis caused by a gallstone stuck in my bile duct. Culprit was bbq’d pork ribs I ate the night before. (BTW, gallstone disappeared on it’s own, doctor couldn’t explain how it happened. My thoughts are because my friends came to the hospital to visit, prayed and laid hands on me, but that’s just me.) Anyway, back to my fun 3-week hospital adventure… a tube down my nose to my stomach to extract green vile bile, ouch! Dilaudid to control pain, potassium in my IV which burned my veins and a ton of antibiotics. Had my gallbladder removed. (Only good thing to the whole ordeal was the eye-candy–good looking doctor’s/male nurses/lab assistants.) Felt good enough to leave after 2 weeks, gave me a list of foods I could/couldn’t eat. Went back to the hospital 2 days later in terrible pain because I started on solid foods too quickly, stayed another week. Was doing ok until I made beef bone broth with veggies the other day and started having pain again, not excruciating but very uncomfortable. Went online and spent hours doing research which was frustrating since there’s so much conflicting info out there re: diet, and then I came across your website (insert angelic music here), what you say makes sense! Last night, I took an aspirin but it didn’t really take the pain away, guess I should’ve taken 2. This morning, I took 1 grape seed extract cap, Nature’s Way brand, 100 mg, with Vit. C., 200 mg. and it reduced my discomfort considerably within an hour! (However, label does contain a warning about not taking it with aspirin.) Am now going vegan for the next 6 months. Again, thank you so much for your info.

    1. Hi OMGWTFWTH! – You’re welcome. Glad you like the info. Diet (what, when and how much) and supplements are extremely important. Just keep in mind that basically there are only two enemies, fat and alcohol. Almost EVERYTHING else you might read or hear is garbage. The ONLY exception is when it comes to drug induced (diabetes drugs, chemo drugs, high blood pressure drugs etc) or underlying condition induced (pancreatic cancer, cystic fibrosis, high blood fat levels) pancreatitis. Then one has to figure out the offending medication or underlying condition and try to eliminate, control or solve that issue in order to help resolve the pancreas inflammation.

      I don’t worry about the slight chance of bleeding that could become a problem when mixing grape seed with aspirin or ibuprofen (NSAIDs). The benefits of eliminating the inflammation as fast as possible far outweight any small risk of bleeding. By the way ibuprofen works a tad better than aspirin. A minimum of 650 mgs (2) aspirin helps control flairs seen in CP. 400 mgs of ibuprofen (2 pills) does the same. Full blown attacks of acute pancreatitis require far more. 1300 mgs of aspirin (4) or 800 mgs of ibuprofen (4 tabs) usually eliminate the inflammation and along with other symptoms in about 60 – 90 minutes. The addition of grape seed, curcumin and vitamin C round out the cocktail. Aspirin or ibuprofen in those amounts are for short term use only to resolve the acute inflammation as fast as possible. It sounds like you are still fairly ill so IF it were me I’d increase my grape seed to 200 mgs (4X daily), curcumin 500 mgs (4X daily), 500 – 1000 mgs of C (4X daily). Those supplements in those amounts should provide some excellent results in a short period as long as your diet is also in line. The addition of 1 – 2 aspirin daily (two doses) may also (usually is) be beneficial. One has to do what they feel is best but that’s what I have found works. Good luck, hope you heal up without more problems 🙂

  57. I also came across your inspiring site last night and am in desperate need of dietary advice.

    I’m yet to be diagnosed with pancreatitis (I’m awaiting MRI) but I have all the classic signs & have had 2 attacks 4 years apart. One has been on and off in the last 2 weeks.

    On top of this, I’m suffering from many other ailments including nerve pain in my arms & legs, eye pain & double vision in one eye…and automimmune diseases including Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, poly cystic ovarian syndrome & vitilago.

    The reason I mention this is because in the last few months I changed my diet to the autoimmune paleo diet which includes a lot veg, protein (including red meat), good fats (eg coconut oil) & bone broth. And I think it’s helped me in some areas but not ling after starting the diet, I had the pancreatic attack (I’m still in one now).

    If you don’t mind me asking you a few questions?
    1) is bone broth ok if u remove the layer of fat? It’s just so good for us otherwise
    2) I’ve learned that we have to have fat when eating vegetables in order to absorb their nutrients. Can u suggest how to have fat with vege without it causing an issue? Or what type of fat? I was thinking fish oil capsules? I have no idea if that would work.
    3) what sources of protein and fat are u getting on a daily basis? I can’t eat seafood or chicken, so red meat, olive oil & coconut were my daily staples.

    Sorry for asking so many questions..I’m just incredibly overwhelmed with all my illnesses and trying to do the right thing and then having even more health problems! And Im all alone.

    I hope to hear from you

    Thanks again

    1. Hi Georgie 🙂 – you certainly seem to have some challenging issues. Never appologize for asking questions. Ok, so let’s see if I can help with some answers!

      1) Bone broth. I’m guessing we are talking bones from unsafe meat such as beef, pork, lamb. I personally wouldn’t touch it.
      2 & 3) Fish oil caps are not a good idea. To much fat. I get my needed fat from plant sources. Some plant sources have small amounts of fat (polyunsaturated). Chia and flax seed are good sources of fat and omega 3’s. Use sparingly. A teaspoon of either daily is all you need (spread it out over 3 – 4 meals so you don’t get to much fat all at once). Other nuts (walnuts, peanuts, almonds, cashews, etc) have high fat content as well. ONE VERY SMALL handful spread out during the day contains enough fat to absorb nutrients. Seeds and nuts are NOT safe. They are ALL HIGH FAT content. Use with caution. Avocado is also rich in fat. A teaspoon of avaocado is enough fat to handle absorption of nutrients. I also eat fish, chicken and turkey all of which have enough fat o absorb nutrients. White meat fish such as cod, pollock, rock fish, crappie, bass, perch are the safest and have enough fat to absorb fat soluble nutrients. Remember 5 fats grams per meal, 25 fat grams daily total including snacks. NOT an easy target but more than that and you are tempting fate. Invest time reading this blog, especially anything to do with diet. Watch the nuts and seeds. Again, they are NOT safe. I do NOT eat them daily because they have way to much fat but you might “skate” every now and then.

      IF you continue to eat red meat, pork, lamb and other high fat foods you ARE tempting fate and in time you may seriously wish you hadn’t.The thing that folks don’t understand is that you may “skate” on red meat or some other high fat, no-no food for a day, maybe even a week and then BAM! You’re sick as a dog on a day you didn’t even eat that stuff and then blame grapes or something just as ludicrous cuz you got sick after eating grapes. The real culprit was the high fat food you ate all week or several days ago. MOST foods are NOT immediate triggers unless you are extremely ill at which time you shouldn’t even be eating anyway!

      Why Can’t you eat seafood or chicken? Food allergy or don’t like it? IF it is simply that you don’t like those foods you better learn to love them because the other stuff can KILL YOU. FOOD is not your friend IF you in fact have pancreatitis.

      Since you have other autoimmune disorders you could have autoimmune pancreatitis. A blood test to check IgG4 levels and a CT scan would help in the diagnosis of AIP. It often presents like chronic pancreatitis or pancreatic cancer. It is often misdiagnosed as pancreatic cancer. IF you’ve been in the ER with severe pain (possible acute pancreatitis) they should have drawn blood enzyme levels and if your lipase was elevated you should have been diagnosed then?

      I’d persue a diagnosis because until you have one we’re guessing, you’re guessing.

    1. Hi Mike – Cinnamon is perfectly fine. I use it a lot. Never had a problem. I’ve never had a problem with ANY spice, hot, cold, or in between. Some spices are HIGHLY anti-inflammatory. Cayenne, chili powder, garlic, turmeric, rosemary, are just a few that fight inflammation.

  58. Hi Health Guy,
    My wife came across your blog while searching for hard to diagnose Chronic Pancreatitis. I am sure glad she did. I have never been so depressed as I was after my Doctor told me my CT Scan looked good and he did not see any problems with my Pancreas. A few days before that he called me and told me that my blood test looked good and that I did not have Pancreatitis. I started to think I was going crazy. I had twice in the last two years been confirmed in the Emergency room to have acute Pancreatitis about a year apart. I stayed in the hospital for several days until my blood counts came down and had nothing to eat or drink. I only got everything through an IV. The pain was very bad and felt the same this time as it did both of the other times. I did not want to go to the hospital so I tried taking the pain and staying home. After almost a month I could not take it any more. I called my doctor and asked for the blood test outpatient and have Visiting nurses come to my house and hook me up to an IV hoping to save money since I am on a fixed income disability check. The last bill was over $8,000.00 and I was responsible for $3,000 of it. I had the CT Scan done outpatient avoided the hospital but still had the same pain. My doctor thought it was muscular skeletal problems since I have had a broken back in the past and have always had a lot of pain. He gave me muscle relaxers to try. They have not helped. I have been on dilaudid for years and got a bigger dose to help with the pain. I had not had an increase in dosage for 6 years but now take 48mg. per day. I was at 32mg. After what I read here and a few other sites I am sure I have Chronic Pancreatitis. I read that it is often misdiagnosed when the patient had low numbers and nice CT Scans. I am going to go back to see my doctor with printed pages from the internet and hope that he will read them and put them in my chart. I fasted for 30 hours before the blood test but stopped fasting after being told the numbers were good. Now I am going to fast again and my wife bought all of your suggested supplements today. I am wondering which ones I should take while fasting and how long should I fast when my numbers are already low? I have not had a drop of alcohol in over 23 years but the doctors always look at that first. One time before that I was totally sober for 8.5 years. I am 57 now. I drank for 12.5 years total sometimes heavily but not daily. I had my gall bladder removed about a year before the first acute Pancreatitis. I had gall stones a couple times in a couple years and was told surgery was the answer. Out it came and my surgeon told me I would be back to work on Monday and be able to eat anything I wanted. I was very sick for almost a month. I disagree with him now. After my second Pancreatitis attack my doctor sent me to a gastro specialist who put a scope down into my gut and said I looked pretty good, had acid reflux and put me on prilosec and told me I could eat what I wanted not to worry because my numbers were low compared to most people with acute Pancreatitis. I will never go back to him again. I think twice I should have had strict warnings by the specialists and been put on a serious diet with warnings of what could and probably would happen if I did not follow the directions. Looking forward I am going to eat Vegan, not to thrilled about that and take supplements. Everything I read here makes sense. Thank you very much for taking your time and sharing your knowledge. How do I find a good doctor that specializes in Pancreatitis? Should I look for Pancreas cancer doctors and skip a few years of pain and suffering?

    1. Hi Tom, sorry to hear you are having difficulty with your health (pancreas) and also with doctors. It is REALLY difficult to find a really good doctor so if and when you do hang to him or her because they are a precious comidity. I don’t know where you live but if you happen to be in a big city you might be able to find a pancreas specialist. If not you’re stuck with Gastro’s or Internal medicine docs. The dude who diagnosed me was pretty cool. I wish he hadn’t have left town. Anyway …

      “I had my gall bladder removed about a year before the first acute Pancreatitis …” I find this interesting. I’m going to do something I shouldn’t which is assume nobody knows why you are having recurrent attacks of AP. THAT should be addressed. Dilauded is an opiate. Opiates can cause acute pancratitis. The reason I referrence this is because you’ve been on opiates for sometime (you said right?). Yes, I know docs give opiates for pain to pancreatitis patients. All they do is mask the pain, they don’t address the issue which is inflammation. In fact they can cause more inflammation in the pancreas. BUT that may not be the problem. Drug induced pancreatitis isn’t rare. Diabetes drugs are notorious. Immunosuppressants and high blood pressure meds too. Anyway, I’d try to find out what is causing the recurrent AP. I’d also look into possible SOD (sphincter of oddi dysfunction). Pancreas divisum should have shown on CT so that probably isn’t likely. But that’s what I’d do because until that is known you really don’t know why you have the problem in the first place and the bad news is you might never know. It can be like looking for a specific needle in a pile of needles.

      Ya I can empathize with the vegan diet – I’m not a real rabbit food lover myself but think this way – food is not my friend. Eat to live, instead of living to eat. You’ll have less problems that way. Keep in touch let me know how you are doing. Good luck Tom 🙂

      1. Thanks for the reply,
        I have been on opiates for about 8 years now and to be honest I believe I am addicted to them. I think it will be easier to eat Vegan than to give up the pain pills. I was in a bad motorcycle accident about 30 years ago and broke my back as well as a few other major problems. Then I gained over 100 extra pounds and my back started hurting a lot more. I wonder why? Luckily no diabetes yet but I checked my sugar the other night after dinner and it was 127 that I was told is over the normal range. The 4 Advil helped quite a bit and I would have bet anything against that so you made me a believer. I still have my lower back pain where I broke it but the pancreatitis pain is completely different and easily detected by me now. I have laid in the hospital like you for days hooked up to an IV and almost had to beg to get enough dilaudid to kill any pain because I have been taking 32mg. per day on a good day. When I have pancreatitis I need much more or maybe less with Advil. I try not to go to the hospital unless I really can’t take it any more. I am thinking about trying to give up the opiates to see if that would help but that scares me a lot. I have been guessing on how many supplements to take any maybe taking extras to be safe. I live in Rochester NY and I know one gastro specialist I will never go to. He told me my numbers were low for pancreatitis and he saw acid reflux with a scope and take Prilosec and eat whatever you want. Don’t worry about it. So I didn’t. I can’t feel the acid reflux and quit taking the Prilosec about a year ago. About a year before the first pancreatitis attack I had my gall bladder removed after a couple stones that were very painful. That surgeon told me I would be back to work on Monday and continue to eat whatever you want after a couple weeks. I don’t think very much of him now either. I have told a few people that I took 4 Advil and that took away almost all of that pain and they look at me funny. Oh well I know what happened with me. I really appreciate you taking your time helping others. You helped me more than those two specialists. I have lost 40 pounds over the last 6 months but I was trying very hard. I see some people lose it without trying. I can only lose more fat on this diet. Hopefully that will help my back pain.
        Thanks again,

        1. You are very welcome Tom. Glad to hear you are finding some relief. I would imagine, since you’ve been on opiates for such a long time that you most likely are addicted. It doesn’t take long for that to happen. I know NOTHING about overcoming opiate addiction. I would advise talking with someone who is very knowledgable before trying to ween off if that is what you have in mind. Losing that extra 100 pounds or 60 now (good job!) should definitely help. Good luck to you Tom. 🙂 Oh and …

          Supplement doses (Vitamin C, grapeseed extract and curcumin) vary depending upon the individual. I suggest starting out with low doses and increasing weekly until you reach the desired result (lessening of symptoms, to, no symptoms). Curcumin in large doses (over 2,000 per day) can cause stomach upset in some people.

  59. Hey Health Guy,
    One other thing, is there a way to download this blog in a .pdf file? I would like to save in my Pancreatitis folder and print it for my doctor.

  60. I just recently found your blog. I have suffered with pancreatitis for about 10 years. Mine luckily are pretty mild. Only 3 times have I ended up in the hospital. Had my gallbladder out this past May but that didn’t cure it. I can usually tell when its coming and will do a water fast then juice fast. But since I found this I am going to order these supplements and stick more towards your diet. My question is about probiotics. As you know they are pushed on us everywhere. I actually bought some geared for women. Took them for about a week. Started to feel like an attack was coming on and looked up online and it said they could make an attack worse. Did they start the attack? Anyways, I haven’t taken them since. Do you think they are a big No No with being prone to pancreatitis? I wasn’t sure if maybe it was the type I took, I was eating pretty healthy. Thank you.

    1. Hi April – probiotics, for some reason, according to scintific study, evidently can make acute pancreatitis, with necrotic infection, worse, even cause death (if used while patient is suffering severe disease). The evidence may, supposedly be tainted (see links below), but, you must of course understand that the food and DRUG industry have BIG money at stake when it comes to probiotics. Activia (yogurt) sports a money back guarantee if their yogurt doesn’t help balance a person out in 2 weeks, blah, blah, blah lol.

      1 – Link #1 – This first link is from MedScape which is a site that is used to actually help teach med students. It talks about increased death occurring in patients, suffering SAP with infected necrosis, who were given probiotics. You may not be able to view it without becoming registered but hopefully you and others can read it here.

      2 – Link #2 – Article by Reuters (2008) reported about the study which suggested the dangers of probiotis in AP patients.

      3 – Link #3 – This report is trying to undermine (debunk) the efficacy of the trial done that claims probiotics can kill acute pancreatitis patients.

      Whether probiotics can CAUSE AP or not I have no clue.

  61. Hi Health guy:
    I was recently in the hospital before and through Thanksgiving. This time I went to Mayo Hospital of Arizona because every time I go to Honor Heatlth Hosppital in North Scottsdale they always want to cut on me. Hence they have taken my spleen, gall bladder, and appendix. I thought it was a major pancreatic a attack had tremendous pain my back and thought I was dying! But according to the team of doctors at Mayo it turned out that I had a blood clot in my superior messanteric vein. I have been put on blood thinners now and it might be for the rest of my life since I also a year ago had a clot in my portal vein. I am taking Xeralto twice a day. So far so good. Anyway while I was in the hospital, I have a bit of a sugar addiction, I was told my by nurse to try a herb supplement to control glucose levels and eliminate sugar cravings called Gymnema Sylvestre. Product is made by NOW! After reading about the suggested usage on the bottle which I purchased it says that this herb can help to support healthy glucose metabolism through its ability to promote healthy pancreatic function. In addition Gymnema exhibits potent free radical scavenging properties. Just thought I would pass on the info! Love your website! Love what you do for everyone! You are a blessed man!

    1. Hey Neal! Thank you for your kind words. I know you have had some really rotten times in the past and I’m sorry to hear about your new wrinkle … THAT sucks. I have to admit I don’t know a thing about Gymnema Sylvestre. Thanks for the heads up and I’ll check it out. Get well and stay well. May God richly bless ya man 🙂

      1. Hi health guy, I replied to a comment left on July 2014 on this thread about a week ago. It says it is awaiting moderation, but I thought maybe something went haywire since I tried to reply to a post that was so old. It’s long too, and took awhile to post so just wanted to check and see if you could actually see it. If I need to redo it, I can. Thanks.

          1. Yes you did! Thank you so much for your response. Sorry, I didn’t mean to seem impatient, I just thought something may have went wrong.

  62. Howdy! My husband was recently diagnosed with Chronic Pancreatitis. Over the last two months – I have done tons of research and tried to figure out what to feed him. It wasn’t until two days ago I came across this site (through divine intervention.) The information you have provided has helped more than I can express through words.

    The guidelines that you have given for fat has literally saved his life! I thought I was doing good but after hearing about the 5 g of fat per meal – I went back to look at all the labels and wow! I was overdoing it big time! There is no other information out there like this that works – I could see almost immediately a change in how he felt. We are still working on the back pain and the inflammation, but I was able to get the supplements today and we will begin those this evening.

    I do have a question, I was able to find grapefruit juice, however I am unable to locate (locally) 100 % white grapefruit juice. What I have found is a blend of white and pink, it is 100% juice with no sugar added. What are your thoughts on this? Is there a reason why it has to be White? I’m going to have him try it and see if he can start adding to his diet – I don’t think I can get him to drink a gallon, but I think even some will help, right?

    I really appreciate all of the information you have provided and I visit frequently to get more info.

    Laura in Oklahoma 🙂

    1. Hi Laura in Oklahoma 🙂 – glad to hear the info has helped your husband! About the grapefruit juice … I do NOT know if pink or ruby red or a combination of pink and white is better or not as good as just white unsweetend. I’ve only used the white, mainly cuz I like it lol. IF you have a safeway store in your local they usually carry Ocean Spray white unsweetend. But if not I guess you’ll find out if a combo of pink and white works 🙂 Let me know how your husband progresses once on the supplements and juice and diet for a few weeks.

      1. Thanks for the info! I was able to get him to drink a little of the grapefruit juice which is a victory! LOL! We are working on the supplements and he is committed to taking them as I have suggested. I will keep you posted of his progress. Thanks again!

  63. Hey Healthy guy,

    Found your site very informative. I am 57 years old, don’t drink or smoke. But due to the nature of my business I have HBP and on medication. I also have high cholesterol and took some medication for over a year before I read the damage it could do to your body. About 2 months ago I started to feel a lot of pain in my right side and back and the Ultra sound found gall bladder stones. So I was booked in for it to be removed when my surgeon called and said the CT scan showed cysts in my pancreas. I am now booked for an MRI. The pain is excruciating and I have been taking some antibiotics. But the pain is constant. Unfortunately my younger brother who had the same symptoms passed away due to cancer of the pancreas. Obviously I am very concerned and the stress is getting to me. My question to you is: What dosage of Vitamin C, Curcumin and grape seed do you recommend. I am hoping and praying that i do not have cancer or if I do then taking heavy doses of above may cure it. I have lived a very healthy lifestyle and been juicing for years and going to the gym, eating healthy etc. so am fairly surprised that I have cysts on my pancreas.



    1. Hi Mark – I can understand your concern. I usually suggest that people start out slowly (small doses) of the supplements and build up until they see results. It’s hard to determine how much one person needs versus another. It all depends upon damage, the amount of inflammation and the size of the person (weight). Mostly on damage and inflammation. I am not going to tell you taht the supplements will cure any thing. They do seem to help heal the pancreas from the damage caused by pancreatitis but in regards to actually curing anything that hasn’t been something I’ve experienced. The supplements coupled with diet keep me well but without them I get sick so there is not cure as far as I know.

      If it were me (in a similar situation) I’d probably start with a fairly high dose of vitamin c (2000 mgs 3x per day), grape seed extract (200 mgs 3 to 4x per day) and curcumin (500 mgs 2x per day) and then see what happened. IF I didn’t see results I’d simply increase the amounts, slowly, until I experienced results. It’s a crap shoot (just guessing) on dosing. And starting with those hgiher doses may cause some unwanted side effects until your body gets rid of all the toxins that may have built up within your body. I didn’t experience side effects but then I usually felt like crap from time to time anyway when I first started so I may have “missed” them. It would be better or easier on your system if you started in small doses and worked up. Good luck. I wish you better health. 🙂

  64. Yes,I do have most of everything(pancreatitis related) the previous posters/sufferers in last few years,posted…yeah,where I come from eating pork and drinking alcohol was like a national sport,grrrrrr….them days are long gone…
    I am 69 male and still alive,must have 99 lives…lol…lived thru the horror stories of pain and misery and doctors,medications,guessing etc….
    At present time I am waiting for a colonscopy(my first one) phone call and also a surgeon,to discuss the necrotic spot removal or not…heavy on waiting….

    2years ago I had my last of my bottom teeth extracted as I was not able to bring a persistent tooth/gum infection under control.
    I was on amoxicilin for 2 x 6+ weeks before it broke the infection just so it could come back later on…and life was good for 4 weeks than back to hell….which also included itch,bloating,constipation,joint and muscle pain,sometimes debilitating headaches,high B/P….taking a b/p pill for last 3 month again…
    I can pass all the blood/urine test,no diabetes,no cholesterol problems here,kayak,xc ski,pump iron,split wood for excersise and fun….

    2 weeks ago my pain had subsided due to taking(by docs prescription) a 2 x 40mgs anti-acid Tecta.
    Month earlier a pseudo-cyst on my pancreas had broken open and drained out(that was the beginning) and after CT,US and blood/urine test all they can find a necrotic 30mm patch on the duodenum….and 2 cysts on each kidney and one on liver.
    Must be compliments of infection/inflamation from before….

    My family doctor is out of the loop as he does not have the experience to help with pancreas issues,mind you he can order tests….what a pitty eh?….
    I am a self-diagnosed chronic pancreatitis sufferer…the light bulb came on and the fog of confusion has parted month ago,finally…

    Needles to say,I have by now fully realized that unless I pull a fast miracle out of the hat,my chances of happy retirement/life are doomed fast….and this is when I found your site,alleluja….

    You are talking to converted here,Sir…

    I have ordered/bought all the supplements you suggested and cleaning out the fridge,freezer,pantry of the un-desirable foods….
    I do all the cooking,no preserved foods or restaurant foods or junk foods,here anymore…
    I am going to do what you have already figured out before…and blazed the trail for rest of us…

    I got it…..
    No alcohol,No fat,No milk,egss etc,,,lol…motivation,I got it….

    I need few more days,to work my way up to the grape seed,curcumin,vit C levels…not using the dig.enzyme yet but gonna try it in next couple of days….of
    course vegan food too and NO arguing…lol…

    I am feeling GREAT,thank you,thank you,thank you HG

    Got a bit of a tickle where the cyst broke and getting better(no pain) for last 3-4 days and need more time,to heal some more….pain not resolved,yet…
    I am improving,no doubt….

    Honestly,I am extremely happy that your suggestions work sooo good.
    I would like to say and use BIG words,to describe my appreciation,gratitude,thanx for your blazing the trail and giving us road map to better health,recovery and decent life from pain….

    You should be nominated for a Nobel health prize,Sir….you got my vote….good Karma your way…

    Thank you HG from the bottom of my pancreas,John

  65. Thank you so much for this blog. I have hereditary pancreatitis, and so have suffered with it for all my life, however somehow I’ve never considered things like diet and supplements (or been recommended any by doctors!) I am going to give the diet and supplements a try for sure!
    I would love to have your insight on something if possible: I currently have a 2cm stone in the pancreatic duct and scarring of the pancreas. They have offered options to remove stone with open surgery (as too big for keyhole) or to remove the pancreas, but I really rather would do neither!!!

    I am very keen to have another baby soon, and wondered if you have any advice on whether it would be silly to get pregnant with the stone in the pancreatic duct, or whether it might be ok?

    The surgeons didn’t wish to discuss daily life matters like that, only surgery! 🙂

    Best wishes,


    1. Hi Jess – I wrote a short post about pancreatic calcification. I do NOT know a lot about it however I do know it is more common in alcoholic and hereditary pancreatitis. About the issue of pregnancy I am really no help. You might join one of the larger support groups and ask if anyone has been pregnant after being diagnosed with either your type or regular cp and what their experience was while pregnant.

  66. Hello “Health Guy”… thank you for all this great information. I have not been diagnosed with pancreatitis (labs and ultrasound have been normal) but I have been having some worrisome symptoms so I am doing some early research just in case. I was wondering if you have ever heard of using magnesium supplements to help prevent or clear calcification? On another site, a man claimed that magnesium cleared his calcification because if you have too much calcium the magnesium gets rid if the excess. Does this sound plausible to you?
    Also, have you ever heard of ACV having any benefits for pancreatitis? Thx.

    1. Hi Courtney – Early research is good but getting a diagnosis that makes sense is even better. If they checked your enzyme levels and they were normal chances are it isn’t pancreatitis. The symptoms of acute pancreatitis are far more than what I’d classify as worrisome. They are horrible. Yet there is always a possibility so the next time you feel ill go to the ER and get another work-up. In regards to magnesium and apple cider vinegar I have no info that indicates either one is a viable fix. I wish you better health. 🙂

  67. This is by far the best site I’ve found on pancreatis – thank you! I’ve been suffering excruciating attacks from pancreatis for the past 8 months, and have only had this officially diagnosed last weekend. I’ve been ‘through the mill’, so to speak, visiting 3 different hospitals, where I’ve been told that I am not only a ‘drug seeker’, but imagining my symptoms, (despite blood tests that show lipase levels sky high, as well as very abnormal readings (calcium – critics), etc.
    I’m going to the store now to buy grapefruit juice, as well as grape seed Extract and Rose Hips. I’ve been prescribed Creon 10 (but friend I have to take an anti-nausea pill with this. During my 3 day stay in the hospital, I was given Pancrealipase-10 which seemed to agree with me and made me very hungry (good thing), since I’ve lost 55 pounds in the past 8 months. I would appreciate hearing your opinion of these pancreatic enzymes if you get a chance. I did contact a nutritionalist earlier, and she suggested Cotazym as well as hydrolyzrf formulate (Peptamen 1.5.
    The whole experience has been a nightmare, and I thank you so much for helping.


    1. Hi Jane – you’re welcome. Sorry to hear you have been feeling rotten. Been there done that myself. It sucks. Sounds like you’ve met the same medical professionals I have met. Prescription pancreatic enzymes are quite strong. If you are having good success stick with them. Cotazym is pancrelipase which you are already taking. Peptamen 1.5 is probably and excellent dietary drink for people who need it but it contains a ton of fat. It’s 34% fat and about 14 grams in one serving. Way too much fat for a damaged pancreas. Good luck to you. 🙂

  68. Hi there. Thankyou for your valuable posts.I am 20yrs old, I was admitted in ICU for a week in the last week of Jan due to severe acute pancreatitis caused due to alcohol overuse, got discharged, and then within two weeks, i actually ate fried fish coz of why I again got pain in my upper abdomen and was admitted again in the hospital, not the ICU, for a week and now I’ve been advised to eat only fruits & vegetables. I’ve been given tablets for my liver, pancreas to produce enzymes (amylase, lipase & protease), vitamin B & C cpasules, folic acid, wheat germ oil caps, etc. I have been eating only fruits and veggies since then.
    I just want to know Sir, that whether I’ll be able to eat fish/seafood or chicken soon again? Not red meat like beef, bacon, lamb etc but I just want to know about the chicken thing. I have completely given up alcohol and I’m comfortable with that.
    Waiting for your reply.

    1. Hi Parag – Sorry to hear you’ve joined the pancreatitis hall of pain. Kudos on quitting alcohol. I would believe you will be able to eat skinless chicken, fish/seafood cooked without oils or sauces as soon as you heal up significantly. I wish you better health and a long happy life. 🙂

      1. Thanks a lot for your reply and your wishes too. 🙂
        Hope you’re doing good as well Sir.

        I would like to know about which fishes I can eat once it heals up.

        I am actually kind of depressed as I am a foodie (mainly chicken and fish, not red meat though) and I never ever thought of giving up on it. I am an Indian, so you can imagine that how spicy our foods usually are 😀
        Do I stand any chance in the future of eating chilly chicken, kebabs as such? Or would I directly land into hospital again by eating them? 🙁

        Can you help me with some of the dishes that I can eat now cause I’ve been eating only fruits and boiled veggies since 2 months now.

        1. Parag – How are you feeling? Are you still sick (pain, nausea etc). Is your abdomen tender still? If your answer is no you could certainly try eating some white meat fish and skinless chicken breast to see how it works for you now. Spices usually are not a problem. It’s fat and alcohol. So if you can improvise and cook your dishes without fat (oils, butter etc) you could probably begin eating more protein.

          1. Thankyou again for your reply. 🙂
            No Sir, I don’t have any pains right now, neither I’m feeling nauseatic. It’s just that I was advised to eat only fruits and vegetables from last month, that I actually get scared to go back to eating fish again.
            A week before, I ate raw cabbage instead of eating boiled and I kind of got a lil bit of pain which went away in few hours.
            Ok, I will try to cut out maximum fats as I can on my diet Sir. 🙂

            But on a different note, when we are taking tablets of pancreatic enzymes (in my case I’ve been advised to take tablet which has Lipase 25000, Amylase 18000 n Protease 1000 ph.eur.units) which has high lipase levels, then why can’t we eat foods which has fat? What is actually the problem if we eat fatty foods? Why does the pancreas get inflammed again when we are taking external pills to help breakdown the fats?

            And Sir, I was going through Total Pancreatectomy with Islet Cell transplant articles and videos recently and found out that it means total removal of the pancreas and harvesting the islet cells from our pancreas and injecting it back into the liver through portal vein which will produce insulin and glucagon and control blood sugar levels. And they said, the more islet cells they harvest from the pancreas, the more safer you are from getting diabetic. And this surgery is done only with patients having chronic pancreatitis. So why not with patients dealing woth acute pancreatitis? I mean if we wait until chronic stage, we might lose more islet cells, hence we will be more prone to diabetes.
            So after total removal of the pancreas and injecting islet cells back in the liver, we will have to take pills of pancreatic enzymes after every food. So pancreatic cancer is out of question and so is pancreas inflammation.
            Then I just have a doubt that after doing this surgery, whether we’ll be able to eat like before, meaning before we had pancreatitis?

            Curious to know.
            Hope to get some answers from you if you know them or if you know a very good gastroenterologist doctor.

          2. Hi Parag – in regard to your questions:

            1) “why can’t we eat foods which has fat?”
            Because your pancreas is damaged and fat inflames the pancreas.

            2) “What is actually the problem if we eat fatty foods?”
            I get sick – you will probably get sick (99% sure).

            3) “Why does the pancreas get inflammed again when we are taking external pills to help breakdown the fats?”
            Because your pancreas is damaged

            4) “So why not with patients dealing woth acute pancreatitis? I mean if we wait until chronic stage, we might lose more islet cells, hence we will be more prone to diabetes.”
            TP/AIT is NOT an easy surgery. Not easy for the surgeon and definitely not easy on the patient. The better question is why would anyone want an organ removed when it isn’t an absolute necessity?

            5) “Then I just have a doubt that after doing this surgery, whether we’ll be able to eat like before, meaning before we had pancreatitis?”
            I sincerely doubt TP/AIT is as glamorous and /or successful as people seem to think. I did a lot of research on it and I wouldn’t do it.

  69. Can you please share your meal plan with me? I’m clueless on what to eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

    1. I’d certainly share it Straugh but I really don’t have a meal plan. I just prepare or create something that sound good, made from foods I know to be safe. I do have some of my meals on a page that I need to finish. It only has breakfast and snacks right now. Some day I’ll add lunch and dinner ideas but I leave it up to everyone to create their own meal plans using foods form the safe list and what they compile creating their own food diary.

  70. Hi Health Guy. I am a 65-year-old female who has suffered from pancreatitis since the age of 27. Took me 10 years to find a doctor who found that the duct that controls the stomach acids was open all the time. He put me on the same enzymes that you recommend plus Reglan for gastic stomach emptying. It worked wonderfully and I lost 30 lbs in 3 months!

    Then in 2008, after treating with a surgeon for 3 years about gallbladder pain and being told that I was a hypochondriac, my gallbladder ruptured and I was hospitalized for 4 weeks. While in the hospital, I kept complaining of pain in my upper left lung area and he, once again, poo pooed me and sent me home with 3 drains and bags still in. I was miserable and in so much pain in the upper left lung area. After a week, followed up with him only to have him roll his eyes at me and he ordered a CT scan which showed that I had a PE plus DVT! He told my daughter that I should NOT be taking enzymes and Reglan for the number of years that I had been on them for pancreatitis. So after her constant nagging for 2 years, I got off my meds and have been miserable since.

    I totally agree with you that most doctors are just “practicing.” After reading your blog, I am going to go back on all of the medications that you recommend and will order from Amazon so you receive some of the proceeds. I do have SOD but will try all the meds you recommend. It is so comforting to know that I am not the only person who doesn’t like doctors.

    Thank you and I will keep you posted on my condition. At this point in time, I am in a lot of pain and live on nausea pills. Unfortunately, I am unable to take NSAIDS or aspirin as I have had five ulcers from taking them. So I just suffer. But now I know there is hope.

    1. Hi Colleen – sorry to hear you have suffered the way you have and have obviously met some of the same doctors I have. When you say PE are you talking pulmonary embolism, edema or pleural effusion? IF you have SOD you may want to avoid curcumin. IF it were me I’d take LOTS of grape seed extract and Vit C. Grape seed extract will help eliminate the inflammation and also curb nausea. Of course once the vit C and grape seed have reduced the inflammation your nausea should also resolve. At least you have nausea meds. I wish you better health soon.

      1. Hi Health Guy. Thanks for answering. When I said PE, I meant a Pulmonary embolism and also had DVR, deep vein thrombosis, in the calves of my legs in 2008.

        The nausea meds I have really don’t work. My PCP doesn’t want to give me phergan because, God forbid, I take 4 mg of Klonopin each night. I do get panic attacks without it. Glad to hear that the grape seed and vitamin C will help or stop the nausea.

        We just moved to a new State after living in the same town for 36 years and California all my life. I also fractured my patella and tibia, tore my ACL and meniscus in 2010. Now I have to find new”idiots,” I mean doctors to fix that and my pancreas, et cetera. It’s just difficult as I spend most of my life in bed as my knee is getting worse and, thanks to you, my pancreas is getting better.

        Best to you. And, again, thank you.

      1. Thanks for the reply. Trying to find jam with Stevie instead of splenda is hard. I do use spices on veggies but corn I love butter. Started the vitamin C yesterday along with grape seed. Hope it helps with the pain. I have a tumor in my pancreatic bile duct that is huge and needs surgery waiting for insurance to approve out of network doctor. In the mean time pain is debilitating.

  71. My husband has chronic pancreatitis sand the gastro dr has him on Zenpep an enzyme that is very expensive. Do you think he could switch to the supplements that you take? He is going to follow your diet. Thanks so much for all the wonderful info!

    1. Hi Terry – Prescription enzymes are way more powerful than what you can get OTC (over the counter). Depending upon the dosage he’s on it may take a lot of OTC enzymes to compare. I’m not saying they wouldn’t work cuz they seem to do ok. You’d have to look at the protese, amylase and lipase amounts in his prescription med and compare it to an OTC product and then compute how much of the OTC product would be necessary at each meal to do the same thing.

      Zenpep site
      Zenpep dosing as of March 2014

      If you have questions please ask (I may or may not know the answer) and keep us informed of your husband’s progress. Oh and never stop a medication without contacting the doctor first and getting his/her recommendations. All the other supplements should do nothing but help him 🙂

  72. I am surprized that I couldn’t find this helpful blog over the years. It has so much useful info.

    I can’t thank you enough for the great details you have given about beating pancreatitis. I had quite a few attacks from past 8 years.
    I have tried Creon tablets in past, but were not of much help.
    Panlipase 10000 and Ultracet for pain did the trick. I could get back to my normal diet.

    Sweets / chocolates were a big trigger for my pain. Which I have been limiting as much as I can.

    Your combination of :
    1.grape seed extract+ vitamin C
    2.curcumin supplements
    3.Multiple Vitamins & Minerals

    I am going to give it a try.

  73. I have been diagnosed with chronic pancreatitis. My blood levels for amylase was over 400 (very high) which means I am producing too much enzymes. Should I still take the enzyme supplement? Also, I have too much B12 in my blood so I am worried about taking the antioxidant supplement. What is your recommendation?

    1. Hey Dale – does your doc have you on enzymes? I’m guessing that’s a no cuz you are asking about enzyme supplements. As far as I know enzyme blood levels have nothing to do with enzyme production but instead inflammation. An increased vitamin B12 level is uncommon. Usually, excess vitamin B12 is removed in the urine. Conditions that can increase B12 level include: Liver disease (such as cirrhosis or hepatitis), Myeloproliferative disorders (for example, polycythemia vera and chronic myelocytic leukemia). IF you truly have too much B12 in your serum you doc should have said something?

    1. Dale – what exactly are you taking? Many supplements are toxic in large doses. Unless you have scientific evidence that all the teas and herbals you curently take are non-toxic an actually help your pancreas I’d ditch them. I know the three I use are non-toxic and actually stop inflammation. And that’s the goal. Stop the inflammation by eliminating anything you are ingesting that causes pancreas inflammation (high fat foods, certain drugs, alcohol, etc) and then eating anti-inflammatory foods and taking supplements that do resolve inflammation.

      1. Thank you for getting back to me so quickly. I am a truck driver and my wife travels with me so she has been doing the research and found your site. Praise God that you are doing such a wonderful work helping people.

        This email is going to be quite long. I am going to a natural dr. She told me to stop taking the papaya enzymes that I was taking, but in doing the research I found that I do need the enzymes. I am taking digestive health enzyme right now.
        I would love to use your products but I am traveling so I will be stopping at a health store today. I just want to be sure that I get the right things.

        Let me start by listed the items that I am taking:
        Digestive Health Enzyme
        Concentrace Trace Mineral Drops
        Liver C (prescribe by natural dr, which will be done in another week)
        Liquid Iodine w kelp
        Marshmallow Root
        Multi Vitamin
        Protandim (for free radicals)
        Activated Charcoal
        Primal Defense – Probiotic
        Aloe Vera Plus
        Slippery Elm
        St. John’s wart – my wife thinks this caused a reaction

        Below is a list of combined powders that a friend was taking for energy and sex drive. He looked real bad before taking it now he looks wonderful so I thought why not try it myself. I got it from bulk supplements – Pure Pine Bark Extract Powder
        Vitamin C Powder – 2500 mg 1/2 tsp
        L-Lysine Powder – 2500 mg 1/2 tsp
        L-Proline Powder – 500 mg 1/8 tsp
        L-Arginine Powder – 250 mg 1/2 tsp
        L-Citruline Powder – 500 mg 1/8 tsp
        Pycnogenol Powder – 75 mg

        Now with that listed, the many blood tests that I took are more than 8 pages long. I can’t figure how to attach them or even to copy and paste them. I will do the best I can to give you the results that I think you should see by typing them out and if you need to see something else, I will give you that too. For me, it’s hard to understand all the different tests that were ordered.

        Amylase, Total 478
        Cortisol 13.3
        Lipase 55
        Urea nitrogen/Creatinine 22
        Ferritin 315
        Vitamin B12 1844
        Alanine 62
        Aspartame Aminotransferase (AST) (SGOT) 41
        TSH 5.661
        Thyroxine free .88
        CBC (Complete Blood Count) with Auto Differential – these were all within normal range
        Urea nitrogen/Creatinine 22

        t-Transglutaminase (tTG) IgA Less than 2
        Tissue Transglutaminase (tTG) has been identified as the endomysial antigen. Studies have demonstrated that endomysial IgA antibodies have over 99% specificity for gluten sensitive enteropathy.

        I do have a gluten issue. Is this what this means?

        I am very skinny and hungry all the time. Also, I do not drink alcohol.

        Thank you and have a wonderful day!

        1. Hey Dale – I’m gonna still stick with what I said earlier which was to basically ditch most of the supplements you are currently taking. I’m guessing your wallet feels pain lol. Most everything you need to be healthy can be found in one quality multi vitamin mineral product called allONE. The other three products grape seed extract, curcumin and vitamin C are strictly for the pancreas and eliminating the inflammation (as long as you don’t eat bad and/or high fat foods). Since you’ve been diagnosed with CP enzymes (quality enzymes with pancreatin, protese, lipase and amylase) might be a good move, especially if you experience digestive upset 15 – 30 minutes after eating. If you do NOT experience the digestive issues after eating save the money and forget the enzymes until you know you need them.

          Your question:
          “t-Transglutaminase (tTG) IgA Less than 2
          Tissue Transglutaminase (tTG) has been identified as the endomysial antigen. Studies have demonstrated that endomysial IgA antibodies have over 99% specificity for gluten sensitive enteropathy.

          I do have a gluten issue. Is this what this means?”

          From what I know about CD I’d say with IgA less than 2 you are negative for celiac disease. My IgA was 14 if I remember correctly. Here’s a great article that also describes reference values for blood work.

        1. Hi Dale – no problem. I will answer your first comment question completely soon. I’d get off the St. John’s wart. Pure Maritime Pine Bark extract (Pycnogenol) is awesome stuff and works hand in hand with grape seed extract. Both contain huge amounts of OPCs. If you can find a combination of pine bark and grape seed that is one killer formula. I had one available to me for years. It is expensive but like I said POWERFUL and good.

  74. I got acute pancreatitis around five years back i used to smoke,drink eat heavy foods and partying with weed even i used to have beef and well processed food even but i got attack only 10 times hardly and it will be cured with in 2 to 3 days.but now my pancreas went to mild chronic pancreatitis so i want to quit all those booze n be healthy so will your healt diet n seeds can help me to cure it completely and i have some questions
    Is islet transplantation is a good choice.
    Chronic pancreatitis effects sex life.
    Daily i will get a very little pain in pancreas how to prevent that.
    Can i get ibuprofen in india.
    Can i live only by eating fruits n can i have atleast a bear.
    Please let me know the answers for above questions il be thankfull to you.

    1. Hi Sarath – I’ll try to answer your questions.

      1 – “will your healt diet n seeds can help me to cure it completely”
      There is no cure for chronic pancreatitis. BUT if you do things right you could live symptoms free for a long time.

      2 – “Is islet transplantation is a good choice.”
      I did a LOT of research trying to find out how long people live after TP/AIT and I could NOT find any case study that reached 10 years. Peter O’Tool lived for decades without his pancreas but he is the only one that I know of. There has to be more but I am not able to find them. Most people who have vids and blogs about their TP/AIT procedures are less than 5 years out. So as of yet I can not recommend it. But I am NOT always right. And I am NOT a doctor.

      3 – “Chronic pancreatitis effects sex life.”
      I suppose it could because who feels like having sex when they are ill?

      4 – “Daily i will get a very little pain in pancreas how to prevent that.”
      Diet and supplements

      5 – “Can i get ibuprofen in india.”
      I don’t know

      6 – “Can i live only by eating fruits n can i have atleast a bear.”
      No. You need a varied diet comprising fruits, vegetables, legumes (beans, peas, lentils) and other low fat proteins. Beer is out. No Beer, no alcohol.

  75. Do you feel that Nexium for very bad acid reflux will protect the stomach so ibuprofen can be taken? Also, can any of these supplements and diet be taken while breastfeeding? I can’t find much info concerning that.

    1. Hi Lyn – gosh you hit me with two questions that I do NOT have an answer for except I know tons of medications and supplements pass through breast milk. But that is all I know. I have never researched this area. Sorry.

  76. Thank you for your blog. I finally found someone who understands what I’m going through. I’ve taken the Advil, 800 Mg, 4 hours ago. I still feel my pissed off pancreas. But pain is bearable. I spent 7 days in hospital December 2015. This is my first attack since. I felt good and went back to eating like my pancreas wasn’t damaged. Lesson learned. I’m sure your blog has kept me out of the ER today. Thank you very much.

  77. I am thankful to have found your site! I’ve been struggling with attacks of acute pancreatitis for five years now. I’ve had all the test run and they can’t find a cause. I am an overweight 46 year old non drinker female and I have noticed that every attack I have had has happened right before my cycle. Have you heard of any other women with a hormone connection? My dr acts like I am crazy when I mention it, but I really feel like there is a connection. I have ordered the supplements and will start the diet when I get over my current acute attack I am having now. My gallbladder checked out fine, no stones and all the ducts look fine. I am praying the diet works! I fear if I can’t get these attacks to stop happening I won’t have a pancreas left!!!

    1. Hi 5dphotographysav – yes, I have had other women mention the same. I also did some preliminary research that suggests there could be a connection. I have not yet determined what that connection might be but when I do I am going to share my finding in a post. But, from what I have found so far it may be as you have guessed; a hormone connection.

    2. I’ve been having attacks for 30 years diagnosed, and that’s probably what’s been wrong with me all my life. The only times in my life that I’ve felt healthy were when I was pregnant, so I ended up doing that seven times over the years! I belong to a support group on Facebook for sufferers of AP and CP. Many women on there also believe there’s some connection with hormones. I have idiopathic pancreatitis, as well. But, there has to be a reason. I’m going to check into genetic testing.

  78. Hi Healthy Guy
    Enjoy reading Ur articles & advice
    Very Interesting Thank U… No birdy required

    How about healing the liver
    Tummy Inflammation- not absorbing nutrition
    Probably from drinking too much wine & Stress from family restaurant business & young kids???

    Currently Under acting Thyroid- On 2x75mg Eutroxsig Thyroxine Tablets- Just started taking correct dose regularly again…
    They blasted my poor thyroid with a radioactive Iodine capsule 4 years ago

    1. Hi Barbara – I’m glad you enjoyed the articles. Grape seed extract, curcumin and vitamin C will all help with healing the liver and inflammation. You may also want to add Milk Thistle to help detox the liver. Thank you for visiting and reading. I hope the info helps you. 🙂

  79. Good afternoon,

    I was wondering if you still use this blog? I haven’t went to the doctor yet, but my symptoms go along with pancreatitis…I was hoping to ask you some questions if you’re still active on here.

  80. Hello how are you doing? Did you change anything? My husband has chronic pancreatitis and had just started following your routine.

    1. Hi Delilah – I’m doing well! Some things have changed due to the fact I was diagnosed with celiac disease in 2009. But it was mostly diet changes that your husband would not need to worry about. Grapefruit juice is awesome BUT it doesn’t play well with many prescription meds. So if your husband is on medication check with his doc first before drinking grapefruit juice.

  81. Greetings Health Guy… such a wonderful site and helpful resource you have shared with the world. Thank you so much.

    I am currently using the grapeseed extract and vitamin C daily. Outstanding stuff.

    I have a question regarding additional supplements, and whether or not they might cause issue with a pancreatitis sufferer. I take saw palmetto for prostate health; three 450 mg. capsules per day. This is dry plant material in a gelatin capsule. I am told the saw palmetto has beneficial fatty acids and phytosterols. I am wondering if these fatty acids and/or sterols might initiate a flare in my pancreas.

    I also take L-arginine for improved circulation and heart health; 1500 mg. daily. Powder in a gelatin capsule. Any potential for a pancreas issue?

    Additionally, I use a daily multivitamin and also a vitamin D3 softgel – will the softgel initiate an attack due to being a suspension of vitamin D in soybean & corn oils? I know you mentioned the fish oil/krill oil softgels as being a no-no. Would the same principal make the vitamin D softgels a bad idea?

    Thank you for all the assistance and wisdom you have provided. You are truly a blessing to those who suffer.

    1. Hi feral-1 – you are welcome (glad you like the site) and I appreciate the kind words. Yes, grape seed extract and vitamin C are great supplements for pancreatitis. Saw palmetto should be ok. The cool thing is that grape seed extract will also help your prostate and cranberry extract (juice too) will also help your prostate while the phytochemicals found in cranberries will also help fight inflammation (pancreas, prostate etc). Vitamin D3 is excellent (don’t over do it it can be toxic in large amounts) and necessary for good health. I’d probably opt for tablets instead of softgels. L-arginine is excellent for heart health. Shouldn’t be a problem for the pancreas either but I have not checked it out in that regard. Have a blessed day!

  82. Greetings, Health Guy! I came upon your site today in search of natural remedies to heal my inflamed pancreas. I had my 2nd acute attack last week (first in 2013) and spent 4 days in hospital; feeling better now but still achy and sore as if I were punched in the gut. I have read much of this blog and am grateful to you for sharing your experience. Headed out to health food store to get the ingredients for the “cocktail” you have described here. I am a little scared that I still can feel the inflammation, because I did not after my first acute attack resolved. Getting ready for a much-needed vacation and I want to do whatever I can to feel good and avoid this happening again. I am worried about long-term effects of inflammation (cancer?) on my pancreas and liver. I know I probably sound like I’m screaming for Jesus after a lifetime of sin. Not proud of that.

    I am wondering if you know anything about pancreas divisum (congenital) and how that might affect my approach. Was diagnosed with this during my first hospital stay by MRCP and told to stop drinking. Being my stubborn self, I went back to drinking beer (4 to 6 about 4-5 X/week) and you know the rest, although I went another few years before my next acute attack. I am not ready to test those waters again anytime soon. I am nearly 50 and should know better.

    I hope you are still watching these pages. Thank you for passing on your knowledge and I am hoping to hear your reply.

    1. Hey Starfish – I know just enough about pancreas divisum to be dangerous. I know what it is, that many people who have it go their whole life with zero symptoms or trouble but for those who are symptomatic it is most often difficult to treat successfully. I’m fairly sure (60+%) that quitting drinking, adopting a low fat diet and using those supplements (the cocktail) will most likely get results. How good those results will be I can’t say. I wish I could be more helpful but like I said pancreas divisum is a challenge simply because the pancreatic duct in pancreas divisum patients is not normal in formation. It’s like a highway with a washed out bridge. Traffic (pancreatic enzymes, hormones etc) doesn’t get through to the proper destination.

    1. Hi Jessie – yeah, uh, I still smoke. Well I don’t but the cigarette does 🙂 Smoking can’t be good for a body. Tobacco is full of toxins. I can’t say it does or doesn’t cause pancreas inflammation. I have never seen any scientific evidence that links smoking as a direct cause like a gallstone getting stuck in the common bile or pancreatic duct. Here’s one wishy-washy article from which I quote: “However, the mechanisms involved in smoking-induced AP have not been completely elucidated.” In other words they have no clue whether it does or doesn’t cause AP. Here’s another that states the risk is increased (well duh! It increases the risk of pancreatic cancer, lung cancer, heart disease and probably hang nails too.) Let’s face it … smoking almost certainly doesn’t help yet the this article states the risk doesn’t abate for at least ten years after quitting? That is helpful lol

  83. …..and if you are allergic/intolerant of grapes/grapeseed??? The curcumin and white grapefruit juice are still worth taking???

  84. I have been home two weeks from the hospital from an acute pancreatic attack. I had my gallbladder removed in March of this year and another attack 6 months before that I was sent home with not one word of dietary instruction I have stumbled across your blog and I pray to God that you have offered good advice because I am going to follow it I would like never to have another one of these attacks thanks for all you do to keep us informed
    genie in Georgia

    1. Hi Genie in Georgia – I don’t blame you I don’t want any more attacks myself! That’s why I do what I do 🙂 Naturally I can’t and don’t guarantee any results but it works for me. It’s worked for YEARS, Praise God.

    1. Hi Julianne – the only croon I know means to sing softly. OHHHHH did you mean Creon? And are you asking whether enzyme supplements or Creon is better? If so, Creon (prescription pancreatic enzymes) is MUCH stronger than enzyme supplements. Which is better? IF you have enough damage to where your pancreas produces very little pancreatic enzymes Creon is likely much better.

      1. Thank you for answering me. The doctors have said I have mild pancreatitis. I am in no pain (yet) and able to eat everything. They found it when I had a MRI. I was having back surgery in 2013. I go every year for MRI because I have cysts and they are watching them. They have gotten slightly bigger. They also said my liver is fatty. Creon has many side affects so that is why I was interested in your opinion. I know you are not a doctor but one website seems to contradict the other and is so confusing. You make it much easier for us to understand. Sorry about the croon instead of Creon!!

        1. Hi Julie you are welcome – croon, ooops! lol Creon does have side effects especially if the dose is too high. I’m surprised you don’t have symptoms since you have cysts (they usually cause inflammation and symptoms) but hey I’m glad to hear you don’t! Had you previously had acute pancreatitis or been diagnosed with hereditary pancreatitis? I’m asking because I am wondering WHY you have cysts and “mild pancreatitis.”

          1. I have never had an attack and no one in my family has had pancreatitis. I have been pretty healthy for 70 years! I have an appointment to see the doctor in 5 weeks. I have not started the Creon yet and I think I will wait until I see him before I start. I may even get a second opinion to make sure I need to do this. I am not a fan of medications unless there is no other way. Reading your posts I realize I am lucky to not be in pain.
            They have helped me understand pancreatitis more than the doctors. I need to ask more questions before I just follow what they say. So I just want to say thank you.

  85. Hi health guy I’m not sure if you still keep up with this site but thank you so much for this info you’ve been more help than my doc. I started getting this odd pain on the upper left hand side about a year ago it mostly happens when I lay down face up at ninight and it radiates to my back . It’s a dull gnawing ache. I asked my doctor about it and she thought it was my gallbladder so she gave me a blood test and ct scan but found nothing, she suggested I lose weight. It’s been at least a year and this hasn’t gone away so I’m did my own research and keep coming up with pancreatitis or pancreatic cancer both which freak me out! I made another doc appt. at the end of the month but will try your diet and supplements in the mean time. Thanks so much for this info!!!!

  86. If you have calcification in your pancreas, is it safe to use Now Grape seed extract, which contains Calcium (from Calcium Carbonate)?

    1. Hi Sarah – great question. The 36 mgs per cap probably isn’t an issue unless you need to take a ton of grape seed extract in which case you could definitely locate a pure, grape seed extract only, formula. I simply recommend that formula because I have used it (for a long time) and it has vitamin C in a decent amount so it gives a good bang for the buck.

  87. Thank you so much for all of your help. I’ve been juicing for a week after a four day pure fast. The past three days have been wonderful. I have hardly any pain, and no hard spasms. Although I had some vomiting early in the fast, I haven’t vomited in a week. I have had a little nausea, but the reglan I take for gastroparesis and the Zofran help. I haven’t had this little pain in I can’t even remember how long! How wonderful it is to not have to expend so much energy trying keep it together in front of people and not collapse from pain. I’m so happy today. I am hopeful that the good trend lasts. I’m going to start my food journal when I begin eating, and I’m going by your diet. My dietitian wants me to eat lots of rice because I need to gain weight. She told me I could use soy sauce, but I read here that I can’t because of the alcohol. I found a product online that is made by a place called Bragg, and it’s called Liquid Aminos. It’s unfermented soy sauce, and has no alcohol. Have you tried it? I’m wondering if it’s worth ordering.

    1. Yes Braggs liquid aminos is wonderful. It’s sold in most grocery stores too. Usually near salad dressings, oils and vinegars or by regular soy sauce.

  88. Hi,

    I have come down with what my dr said is alcohol-induced pancreatitis and I have been closely following your site to alleviate my symptoms. I’d like to first thank you very much for all of your information. I would like to explain my situation and ask a couple questions about what you think.

    Several days after a weekend of fun and more-drinking-than-usual in June of 2017, I started for the first time to feel very minor pain in what I now realize was my pancreas and radiating into my back on the left side. It lasted a couple of days and I’d only feel it a little bit here and there, but it wasn’t even really painful, just a feeling. It went away entirely and I didn’t think much of it.

    6 months later, in December of 2017, after another few days of (moderate) drinking, it came back — this time with quite a bit more pain — and lasted for about 2-3 days, but wasn’t debilitating pain and I still went to work and functioned fine. After that, the pain subsided but not entirely; I just would feel it for 1-2 seconds (right in my pancreas under my breast and radiating into my back) a couple times a day. By January, not much had changed — it was still there — and still, I’d describe the pain as a 1 or a 2. I went to the Dr. who sent me to a gastroenterologist and the guy said I had classic symptoms of acute pancreatitis. He ordered a sonogram and blood tests and all came back normal (I know amalyse/lipse/etc comes back normal if its not within the timeframe necessary to spot problems) but it was still on the lower end of normal.

    So by late January, I discovered your site and have switched to the modified vegan diet with egg whites, low-fat (no more than 5g/meal), lentils, beans, rice, quinoa, fruits and vegetables, other whole grains, etc. and still experienced the same low-intensity pain. I also have worked my way up to 960mg/day grapeseed extract, 1500mg curcumin (started taking 2000/day this week, though), 1500-2000mg vit C, and just this week started with the grapefruit seed extract. I quit drinking in early January once I realized this could be pancreatitis.

    In February, the gastro ordered celiac as well as some other tests including pancreatic sufficiency stool tests and they found some pancreatic insufficiency. The normal range is 200+, with moderate pancreatic insufficiency being 100-200 and severe insufficiency being 0-100. Mine was 171. My stools haven’t been great as of late, so my doc prescribed creon. However, I noticed on the ingredients of the prescription that it contains “Cetyl Alcohol” and I am concerned that this could become problematic. I started taking it yesterday and stools already seem to have improved, but I am having slightly more pain than usual today and wondering if that “Cetyl Alcohol” has anything to do with it.

    Now in March, I am still feeling the same pain, although perhaps slightly diminished but some days I just feel it more than others despite eating a consistent diet and never cheating. Most days I will be pain-free all day except for one or two spells of pain where I feel it for 1-2 seconds at a time off-and-on for a couple minutes. But other days I feel it more often.

    Obviously, I fear this has devolved into Chronic Pancreatitis, and I wish I could become pain-free — but that doesn’t seem to be happening. If you were me, what would you do from here? I am wondering if I should have more tests done, since I only had an abdominal ultrasound which was normal. I find it odd that so many ppl with pancreatitis have been hospitalized, yet my pain has never been severe but has absolutely been persistent and not a day has gone by without feeling something. It’s usually a sharp, stinging feeling but lasts for a couple seconds and disappears — sometimes I won’t feel anything til night time, other days I’ll feel it earlier in the day. Thanks so much in advance for your help.

    1. HI MR – I have heard of and read case studies about people who have acute pancreatitis with little or no pain but it isn’t common or “classic.” The doctor who diagnosed you with acute pancreatitis did he draw blood and check your enzyme levels (amylase and lipase)? IF so do you know what the elevations were? Pancreatic insufficiency (EPI) can also cause pain. It is of course seen in those who do have pancreatitis but also in those with Celiac Disease and so on. I just learned something from you (and I checked my sources) Creon DOES contain Cetyl Alcohol! I did NOT know that! I have never been prescribed Creon. There are many who come to this site who are on Creon and seem to do well with it yet I do find that very interesting. Also alcoholic pancreatitis can present with “mild symptoms” at first resembling a mild form of chronic pancreatitis (in regards to symptoms) instead of the full-blown hell of “classic acute pancreatitis.” What would I do in your shoes? I think I’d ask about the enzyme elevations and pursue more testing. But that doesn’t man I’m right. I’d also keep with the diet and supplements because both work it just takes time to heal. IF your pain worsens and you acquire other symptoms (nausea, vomiting, fever etc) I’d definitely suggest the ER.

      1. Thanks so much for your response! I was tested for Amylase and Lipase 1 month ago, which was about a month after my 3-day pain affair, which subsided for the most part but lingered in terms of light pain and continues here and there. My Amylase was 56 and Lipase 26. I understand that this is a bit on the low end of normal, which I’ve read can be signs of chronic pancreatitis.

        When my sonogram came back normal, he told me to eat whatever — and I kinda did, even though I was skeptical. I had Avocado on a Wednesday, then again on a friday, and by friday night the pain came back more than usual. This was about a month ago and I quickly reverted back to the modified vegan diet. That more intense pain has not really returned, just light pain here and there.

        I was also tested for Celiac and he called the results normal but this is what I got: Immunoglobulin A, Qn, Serum, which was 465 (apparently thats a bit high? but I’ve no idea what it means). t-Transglutaminase (tTG) IgA was <2, and apparently negative is 0-3 while weak positive is 4-10. Endomysial Antibody IgA was negative.

        My dr diagnosed me with acute pancreatitis during my first visit simply based on the way I described my pain. It has basically been pain right on my pancreas and radiating into my back at that same location.

        My stools have somewhat improved on creon 6000 but not completely. Still many of my stools are greasy and sometimes the edges are not as smooth as normal. Maybe I need stronger creon, but I'll give it another week or two to see. I have not been losing weight, so that's good at least.

        Yesterday and today have seemed to be my best days yet pain-wise, and I wonder if its because earlier this week I increased curcumin to 2,000mg a day, vit C to 2000 mg a day, and Grapeseed extract to 1080 mg a day. I'm not 100%, but I'm completely pain free for 95% of the day yesterday and today with 1 or 2 five-minute spells of discomfort, not even really like pain.

        What do you think about the test results?

        1. Hi MR – it sounds like you were tested way too late to determine whether or not you had a bout of acute pancreatitis. IF you should ever have another 3 day pain affair it would be beneficial to go to the nearest ER and get a work up so you could find out what is really wrong because right now, even though symptoms may be somewhat “suspect” it really sounds like everyone is guessing what is wrong. Your celiac blood work is normal so I doubt you are celiac but sometimes there are false negatives. Hopefully you were eating gluten before being tested. IF diet and supplements are helping then something is inflamed or was (pancreas, gallbladder, liver, or maybe even your sphincter of oddi is causing havoc). Remember I’m not a doc, I am not qualified to give professional advice. I just said what I think cuz you asked.

          1. Hi, MR here again. Just wanted to provide an update. I wasnt happy with how my GI was sorta dismissive of my symptoms and ran no further tests besides abdominal ultrasound and bloodwork. So i found a new GI and had my first appt.

            I explained that i had two separate painful episodes lasting a few days apiece and both came after several days of drinking in a row. After the second one in December, the pain in my pancreas area has lingered to this day although it seems to have gone down a tiny bit in the last week or so but still there despite strict lowfat vegan modified diet with daily regimen of 1040mg grapeseed extract, 2000mg vit c and 2000mg curcumin.

            My last GI prescribed 6000 creon and that wasnt enough because my stools were still poor, so my new GI increased my dosage to 36000 two pills per meal. That seemed a bit too much because i ended up with frequent diarrhea, but i scaled back to 1 pill per meal and my stools are fine now.

            After i explained my symptoms and showed new GI test results, he ordered an endoscopy for next week. Hope this gives me more answers. I asked if its ok to keep taking my supplements before endoscopy since they have been known for blood thinning effects and he said yes its fine.

            I know you are not a doc but in your opinion do you think endoscopy is the right testing to determine if this is chronic pancreatitis? I have a $2k deductible and this will cost $600 so i just want to make sure my money is being properly spent on the right testing. I know you arent a doc but im sure you have heard of which kinds of tests are the best for determining pancreatitis. Just curious what you think. Thanks so much.

          2. Hi MR – IF it is EUS (endoscopic ultrasound) that test is a very good test for detecting even small areas of damage that other tests miss. I am glad you found the right Creon dose and feel better.

  89. Hi there, I am so pleased to have found you! I live in Spain and was admitted to hospital last September with Pancreatitis . I never touch alcohol or fried food now, and thought I was eating healthily,…. wrong…. but got a bit complacent and the pain came back slightly. Love the recipes and and went out and managed to buy Vitamin C and curcumin, the grape seed supplement is very expensive here, so will keep searching. I noticed you said not to take curcumin if you had SOD , can’t find out what this is… could you please advise? Many many thanks .

  90. Hi, MR here again. Just wanted to say it turns out I don’t have Pancreatitis (at least I shouldn’t)! I had an endoscopy and they found
    1) antral ulcers
    2) hemorhagic gastritis
    3) hiatus hernia

    I tried going without the Creon and that didn’t work, it just leads to greasy stools, so i guess I need to heal from these things first. I am on a proton-pump inhibitor to decrease acid and the doc took a biopsy for h pylori and i will find out next week if that is what caused all this. Idk why my pancreatic sufficiency test showed I had some pancreatic insufficiency, though. and idk why I still need creon. I returned to eating oil and other fats four days ago and my pain has gone down quite a bit since i started taking pantiprazole.

  91. Hi there, (sorry this is so long..) I’ve been sick for 2 months now with what I fear may be chronic pancreatitis due to alcohol. I’ve never been a huge drinker ever in my life, but the past year & a half was very hard & I did start drinking 2-3 times a week to deal with stress. My diet has also been pretty high in fat & i have family members who have had acute attacks (one alcohol related and one not)
    The past 8 months or so I’ve noticed sometimes my left ribs would ache for hours and all I could do was use a heating pad until it went away. One night about 4-5 months ago after drinking my left side was just aching & burning but I managed to fall asleep & it went away. Other than that I had no symptoms until 2 months ago when my left side started to ache & hurt every day, my stool started floating & I noticed very small oil droplets on the water, it seems there’s even oil droplets in my urine which I think is odd?. I’ve gone to the doctor a few times & told him my concerns (he thinks it’s not my pancreas because all my blood tests were perfect except low b12 & cholesterol a bit high but nothing alarming. My organs all work perfectly according to him. Enzyme levels were normal and I’m not diabetic. He thinks I’m crazy for assuming this is what’s happening because “I would have had to drink everyday for years to get chronic pancreatitis” I tend to disagree..
    I changed my diet to low fat 2 months ago like you suggested, & I don’t drink anymore. I started taking papaya enzymes though I don’t know if they actually helped. I’m scheduled for an abdominal ultrasound this week & if it shows nothing I have to get a scope. I’ve lost almost 30 pounds since the beginning of April because I’m scared to eat much.. I still will eat roughly a meal a day but that’s about all.
    This past week I noticed the pain is not nearly as bad (it was only a 2-3 before) & actually now barely noticeable most of the time but I do get chest pain instead of left side pain, and burning right where my ribs connect at the top of my abdomen. Even though the pain is less it seems like my digestion has gotten worse (I can’t digest bread well for example or grapes or this common for pancreas issues? I thought fats were the problem?) I’ve never been nauseas or really had diarrhea at all (except this week my bm’s are getting so loose it’s almost to that point.. sorry TMI.)
    I also bought the digestive enzymes you recommended and after 3 days I see no change in my digestion.. it actually seems worse to be honest.. how long do they take to work? I’m really not sure if I should take them at all..?
    Anyways sorry for the long message I’m just very worried & don’t know what to do. I live in Canada so the wait list for tests can be ridiculous & that doesn’t help.. & my doctor seems to think I’m nuts assuming this is pancreas related because I don’t have a history of alcoholism and I’m only 33.. even telling him my mom had it & so did my grandpa doesn’t change his mind. I just wonder what your thoughts are on my situation (I know you’re not a doctor but any advice at this point is greatly appreciated & thanks for taking the time to read this)

    1. Hi Stacey – I am saddened to hear you are ill. I know how frustrating inconclusive diagnosis’ are. You said: “Even though the pain is less it seems like my digestion has gotten worse (I can’t digest bread well for example or grapes or this common for pancreas issues? I thought fats were the problem?) I’ve never been nauseas or really had diarrhea at all (except this week my bm’s are getting so loose it’s almost to that point.. sorry TMI.)” The bread thing is like deja vu … does any one close to you (mom, dad, brothers sisters) have bowel/stomach issues? Have you been checked for celiac disease? Have you ever had any genetic testing done? Pancreatitis can be hereditary and it is called hereditary pancreatitis. IF it were me, knowing what I know now, I’d stop the enzymes, I’d get tested for 1) celiac disease (do NOT go gluten free before testing) and 2) genetic mutations that could predispose me to pancreatitis (hereditary, alcoholic).

      1. Hi health guy,
        Thank you for your response and your advice. I did stop taking the enzymes for now as I didn’t think they were helping. I had my ultrasound and I am waiting for the results from my doctor (hopefully this week) My Mom was very sick & had several bouts of acute pancreatitis (I’m not sure if it became chronic.. I’m assuming it did but she passed away so I can’t ask her) she also had her gallbladder removed & she died from cirrhosis of the liver. She never drank or did any illegal drugs but she had a doctor that put her on every prescription under the sun so i feel like that is why her health went the way it did. My grandpa on my fathers side was an alcoholic and he also developed pancreatitis & he had bad digestive problems as well. I think there are others in my family with IBS and things like that but only two with pancreatic disease and 3 diabetics. I will definitely ask my doctor to test me for celiac disease & he is also looking into my pancreas because of my family history so hopefully I know more soon.

          1. Hi Health guy,

            Well I got my ultrasound results back & my Doctor says everything looks normal. I told him I’m still very worried about my pancreas & he told me it looks completely fine on the ultrasound and my enzymes are normal so he doesn’t think it’s my pancreas causing my health issues at all. I’m still extremely worried about it given my symptoms and knowing it’s so hard to diagnose. I’m still eating a low fat diet to be safe & taking vitamins and drinking smoothies everyday. Now I’m being tested for celiac disease, food allergies and H. Pylori so if that comes back normal like my other tests then I don’t know what to do.. he’s talking about IBS which kinda made me roll my eyes since it seems like that’s the diagnosis they give a lot of people when they don’t know what is wrong with you. I’m not even sure when I will be referred to a Gastro doc either since I was just informed we now only have one in our small city since the other retired & he’s not taking new patients… so that’s all I know at this point.

          2. Hi Stacey – I know it’s frustrating. I also know you’re worried because close relatives have had pancreatitis. There are genetic variants that run in families and predispose members to pancreatitis IF they have those variants. Unfortunately sometimes patients do not get diagnosed quickly and one just needs to keep vigilant and be persistent. I’m not sure whether regular ultrasound is a good enough test to determine much in regards to the pancreas. CT, MRCP and EUS are much better. Your doc could be correct and you do not have pancreatitis but he could also be wrong. I don’t know how Canada works for medical care but a good ER may be your best bet the next time you are really ill. Hang in there. 🙂

          3. Hi Health guy,

            Thanks again for your response. I know you’re right about the abdominal ultrasound probably not being accurate enough to determine pancreas issues. I’m hoping my Doc will order a CT scan if these blood tests come back normal again. I truly hope he’s right & this isn’t my pancreas causing problems. I haven’t vomited once or had diarrhea or excruciating pain so that’s why he doesn’t believe it’s the cause. My pain daily is a 1 & on a bad day maybe a 4. I asked him about floating stools & why I may be not digesting fat & he said it’s totally possible it’s celiac or H.pylori causing these symptoms so I don’t know.. I don’t think an emergency visit would be any help honestly. We have free healthcare here so at least where I live the emergency room is full everyday & most cases could be dealt with at a doctor but that’s the downside of it being free a lot of people take advantage & our system is very overwhelmed.. people go there when there isn’t an emergency. The wait time here is anywhere from 3-6 hours unless you’re at deaths door unfortunately. Anyway, thanks for all your advice you’re doing a really good thing helping people 🙂

          4. Stacey your doc may now be on the right track looking at celiac disease and H.pylori. Celiac disease can cause all kinds of symptoms because the disease is systemic meaning it can attack all kinds of tissue not just the small intestinal villi. And not all people present with the “classic” symptoms. H.pylori can and does cause ulcers. A serious infestation can do damage so it too can cause unpleasant symptoms. I hope you get properly diagnosed and the condition rectified.

  92. I have a couple gallstones and acute pancreatitis. I don’t want my gallbladder removed. Having issues with loss of appetite for a couple days, considering a juice fast and the grapeseed extract. I cannot have grapefruit juice because I’m a transplant patient on tacrolimus.

      1. I was having nausea everything morning for a few weeks. I’ve started taking Milk Thistle and the Now Grape seed extract with Vitamin C, 60mg capsules. I have been juicing a lot of granny smith apples, usually with a little lemon and having that for breakfast most days. Eating high carb low fat Vegan. Also taking papaya enzyme with dinner, or if I go out to restaurants and have something heavy, I will take it then also.

  93. Hi again health guy,

    Well I had the celiac test done, food allergy and h. Pylori & everything came back negative. I started getting frustrated about my diet as I was eating a very strict low fat diet so at times I would indulge and eat the way I used to before I got sick. It really didn’t seem to bother me & weirdly my digestion got better.. My stool stopped floating everyday. It still does sometimes but not like before. I could eat mashed potatoes and chicken and I didn’t get really sick so after a few weeks of that I felt like maybe I’m just crazy & it’s not my pancreas because if it was wouldn’t I become very ill from eating a lot of fat?.. anyway I was at my mother in laws and I felt pretty decent so I had a couple glasses of wine. It didn’t bother me at all but then the next day my pain was worse. It’s been pretty crappy the past 4 days. A lot of burning in my chest and upper abdomen right under my rib cage. My doctor keeps telling me that’s where my stomach is an not my pancreas so I don’t know. He put me on 300 mg of Zantac a day so I’ve been taking it for about a week now but I don’t think it’s helping. I guess the idea is if my pain is from acid it should provide me some relief. I see my doctor again in a few weeks & if the Zantac doesn’t help I have to get a scope done. It’s quite depressing not knowing what is wrong with me & obviously I have the fear it is pancreatitis.. it’s just weird I don’t have the vomiting, diarrhea, or any acute attacks. All I have still is pain that ranges from .5- a 4 out of 10 every day, sometimes it feels like something is torn in my sternum area and I get a burning sensation in my chest and upper abdomen. If I feel really bad I notice I have a hard time digesting vegetables which is weird. Anyway that’s what has been happening lately. I hope the endoscopy will tell me something because I’m getting very tired of all the tests.

  94. Hi health guy,

    All your information is amazing, im just struggling with one part – the enzymes.

    You say u use now food super enzymes which contain pancreatin 4x however your link takes us to the same thing but contains pancreatin 10x. Does this matter? Ive found different brands with 4x and 10x but all with different lipase amylase and protease amounts.

    Any idea as to how much of each i should be consuming per meal?

    Many thanks


    1. Hi Richard – glad you like the info. The enzymes have been improved somewhat. They contain more protease (digests proteins) and amylase (digests carbs and sugars). I prefer the capsule because they contain more lipase which digests fats. Same product just a tad better now.

    1. Yes I did smoke for years. As far as I know it never affected my pancreas however if I end up with pancreatic cancer we’ll know that was not true lol. I did quit 14 months ago. I have not noticed any difference.

  95. Good day to you health guy.

    Sorry to keep posting but i keep finding new things to ask u. Im trying to find the multivitamins and minerals u use however it seems to be out of stock everywhere and im not sure of anything similar i can use. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Oh and im from the uk so i dont have the luxuries of massive stores to find them. 😀


    1. Hi Richard – there is no reason to be sorry or apologize for asking questions. I happen to enjoy helping people find relief and healing. You can get it (just Google AllOne Multi Powder) from Amazon, Vitacost, The Vitamin Shop, PureFormulas and more. Those are all available online and Amazon has a UK site. Never feel like you have to buy stuff through me. Anywhere you can get stuff you need is good.

      1. Hi health guy

        I’m pleased to inform u after months of following your regime my tender stomach has disappeared! It’s the strangest feeling, I can’t stop touch it! :D.

        However I’ve still got aches and pains on my left side and back. Am I doing something wrong or do u think I just need more time?

        Currently taking 3x curcumin, vit c, grapeseed 3x a day.

        Thanks so much .

        1. Hi Richard! Great news! Hopefully the aches and pains on your left side and back will disappear as well. Are you eating anything that you shouldn’t? Increasing the supplements a little may help. And then maybe it’ll just take more time. How long has it been since you started? How many months and how long since your last pain and nausea etc etc or AP episode? I apologize it has taken so long to respond. I needed a break.

  96. Hey Health Guy

    I love you blog. I’m having an acute attack right now and have been following your liquid regiment for about 2 weeks now (I’m doing water and bone broth). I’m feeling very low energy right now and I’m not sure I can continue only liquids, however, I’m still having a lot of pain. It’s not as bad as it was, but I’m sure I can’t do anything while yet. What did you do to keep your energy up during an acute attack?


    1. Hi Jessica I apologize I have been slow in responding. I am glad you like my blog but I’m sorry to hear you are ill. Have you sought medical care? It would be prudent to seek medical care. I know this is going to sound weird but I wasn’t concerned about my energy level when I was having acute attacks. I was too sick too care.

  97. Do you think it would be safe to take Juice Plus vegetables and fruit pill supplements for a person who has had an AP? My wife started them at same time as trying all the health recipes the company shared like peanut butter balls and eating avacados and coconut oil based dressing etc. We are trying to figure out if her attack had anything to do with the juice plus pills which were taken at same time as the diet change to be healthy. Thanks

    1. Hi John I doubt the juice plus pills had a thing to do with it but I can tell you that high fat foods such as “peanut butter balls and eating avacados and coconut oil based dressing etc” is not at all wise and whoever or whatever company gave you that kind of info should be shot. They obviously know absolutely nothing in regards to pancreatitis and foods that are somewhat safe.

  98. Hi, Health Guy,

    I’m very worried. I have been taking curcumin tablets on a daily basis for more than 4 years.
    However, I recently read that long-term curcumin use may not be safe for the kidneys.
    Do you know of any research that deals with effects of curcumin on the kidneys?

    Thank you.

    1. Hi Nick – No. J have not found anything credible regarding curcumin being BAD for the kidneys, in fact the exact opposite is possibly true. However anything is possible. Here is information that states curcumin is good for kidneys:

      1) Curcumin and chronic kidney disease (CKD): major mode of action through stimulating endogenous intestinal alkaline phosphatase

      2) Effects of Curcumin in Patients in Chronic Kidney Disease

      3) Curcumin – A promising nutritional strategy for chronic kidney disease patients

      4) Curcumin ameliorates renal failure in 5/6 nephrectomized rats: role of inflammation

      Here is some negative info regarding curcumin and causing kidney failure

      1) 5 Natural Products That Can Trigger Renal Failure

      One thing to note is that I have no clue whether this info was posted via an actual site run by pharmacists or if it is simply an online marketer with a membership site BUT I will also point out that the only reference to curcumin was a 54 year old dude who swallowed 15 + SPOONFULS daily for 10 days. THAT is a tone of turmeric. There is even one that shows vitamin c caused problems when taking 60,000 mgs daily! WHO in their right mind would swallow 60 1,000 mg vit C pills daily? Anyway …

      Drug companies and their dealers usually discredit any natural medication simply because neither can make big money with it for natural substances can not be patented and so do not created huge incomes.

  99. Hi, Health Guy,
    I think my first Post comment just failed, so I’m writing my message again, sorry if this is a duplicate.

    I’m very worried. I’ve been using Curcumin on a daily basis for over 4 years.
    I recently read that long term use of curcumin may not be good for the kidneys.
    Do you know of any research on the matter?

    Thank you.

  100. Hello Healthy Guy,

    I have posted before, but wanted to ask your opinion on SAM-e, Vitamin E, and selenium. I have been doing a bunch of reading of medical papers (I have access to them being a scientist) and then I came across this great summary: @

    The last 5 paragraphs are very interesting (Long-term treatment)

    Have you any experience with these additional antioxidants? Seems like in the 1990s they really had some promising results with the cocktail called Antox. They reported treatment failure of around 10%– pretty good for micronutrient therapy. They also mention grape seed extract as a possible treatment and really suggest choline as something that could also provide benefits. Any case, figured I would pass this along/ask your opinion.

    1. Hi Jared – I have read other reports previously so I admit I just skimmed this report however I did invest a little time on the last 5 paragraphs under long-term treatment. I am glad to see they are still doing testing but most use the same antioxidants as used by an indian doctor who reported good results in 2009. Unfortunately most of the nutrients these people seem to pick are toxic (selenium, zinc, magnesium, methionine, even vit E) In large doses many vitamins and minerals turn from beneficial to toxic with death a possible result and that is exactly why I was shown, researched and use vit c, grape seed extract and curcumin. None of these will kill you in high doses. Some people experience less than awesome side effects (rare) but it does happen especially with high doses of curcumin which can cause stomach irritation, nausea and vomiting. The article you cite mentioned curcumin and said it was useless. I think they must have been using it rectally because people who have used it orally say it is awesome.

      One thing I did find interesting is the results of choline usage which controlled AP. THAT interested me because if in fact a deficiency in choline may result in increased AP risk and thereby supplementing with it reduces that risk well that is good news for those it helps.

      Please do NOT perceive me as a know-it-all because I am not. I simply know something about a few subject and almost nothing about most lol. I’m gonna take a hard look at choline because IF I remember correctly it is also non toxic.

      Thanks for the info!

      1. No problem 🙂 I thought I would run it by you, as you have been at this for a while now. I tried the “Antox” regime, and boy does it cause side effects (at least with me). One thing I have learned is that a lot of these antioxidants/nutrients are also blood thinners of sorts, and as somebody who has hypotension (my blood pressure is usually 90/55 or so) these can make it so I am incredibly light headed and dizzy. Selenium was the worst– I took one pill and wanted to sleep the entire day– I don’t recommend.

        I have been trying SAM-E (methionine), however I need to do more reading on it’s toxicity… Is this a kidney or liver issue? I will say that since I started choline and SAM-E I feel much more focused at work, so I think they may have some sort of mental effect. My best results have been from grape seed extract and Vit C, although if I go up to 600 mg per day of grape seed extract I get a little too light headed. Guess I just need to consume more salt to get that blood pressure up!

        I started choline with inositol about a week ago and I originally got a headache, but then when that wore off I felt pretty good/sharp. I switched it to right before bed instead of morning, so we will see how it goes.

        I haven’t read a whole lot on vit E toxicity, and I tried a 1 a day 400 IU pill, however I’m not sure this is a good idea as vit E is fat soluble and comes in encapsulated with oil. I may stick to my daily vit for this instead of the larger amount.

        1. Hi Jared – 90/55 is somewhat low. Are you on BP meds? Have you talked with someone about it (doctor)? IF you’re an athlete it is probably fine but there may be a reason that needs addressing. Often times people with CP or an IBD become low on B12, become anemic or it could be another issue. Methionine toxcity shouldn’t be a huge problem unless you really get carried away but it can increase homocysteine which causes heart disease. Selenium on the other hand can kill you or at least make you very sick. Vitamin E at 400 – 800 units should be ok. I’d just do 400. Choline should be fine. Grape seed extract can thin the blood so if you’re on blood thinners you may want to check with your doc but it isn’t like aspirin or another drug that thins blood.

          1. It runs in my family, my dad is around the same low BP as well. I am also a bit of an athlete (I bike a lot), so that probably plays a role. I get dizzy from it, so I have to be aware of it and make sure I don’t jump up quickly, etc. Guess I could always load up on salt 🙂

            I dropped the selenium (gnarly stuff) and have been taking grape seed extract, vit C, methionine, and alpha GPC (choline). As a result, the past week I have felt as good as I have since it all started 2.5 years ago… I also seem to be a bit more on point mentally, so I am thinking the alpha GPC might be doing this. I pushed it a bit with the diet to test this and I was fine with foods I normally react to… so I think it’s doing something.

          2. Jared I can’t tell you it is the Choline but I can tell you that grape seed extract and vitc in proper doses (each person is different in dose) works absolute wonders for many, including me. But I am sure the choline doesn’t hurt from what that article said. So keep doing what you’re doing just don’t get to liberal with your diet because it may come back to bite you – that I do know can happen. I am glad to hear you are feeling better! 🙂

  101. Hi HG,
    Your site is great man.
    I’m wondering if you or anyone else has any experience, thoughts or knowledge about the supplement Astaxanthin. I’ve read some remarkable claims about Astaxanthin and it’s antioxidant properties. I’ve read claims that Astaxanthin is thousands of times more potent as an antioxidant than, for instance, vitamin C.
    I’m still using your cocktail to keep my pancreatitis at bay, but thinking about giving this stuff a try.
    Thanks and take care.

    1. Hi Norm – I don’t know a ton about Astaxanthin except that it is a carotenoid and it is found in trout and salmon and it gives their flesh the pink/red color. It is an antioxidant but exactly how powerful I don’t know. People claim it is able to cure hangnails, cancer, heart disease etc etc etc. I won’t be trading in my grape seed extract for it but if you try it let us know how it works 🙂

  102. Hi Health Guy
    @ end of rope & would appreciate your thoughts/regimen. What would you do if in my hubbys shoes 🙂
    He has highly elevated triglycerides
    Meds dont work
    He has used many supplements & diets
    Each doc says something different
    They have said no carb/sugar
    Then, no fat
    Vegetarian, which is difficult w/o carb as always hungry
    The latest said high fat low carb & im praying i dont have to take him to the ER tonight
    He has been hospitalized twice with acute pancreatitis
    They say due to highly elevated triglycerides
    Last time they were 3300
    Now they are 1500
    Last December was in hospital a week fasting/morphine & they only went to 400
    How do we get his triglycerides down once & for all?
    He is blood type AB ( supposed to do better as vegetarian but then he is always hungry & beans have carb & triglycerides are the body’s inability to burn off excess sugar so it converts it to fat)
    We’re going nuts here.
    He had a hida scan & no gallstones
    Had him on chanca piedra 8 mos & apple cider vinegar to make sure cuz was told they dont always show up.
    Current doc pushed keto & now hubbys triglycerides went up to 1500 from 1000 instead of going down grrrrr
    Tonight he has pain
    Praying no hospital
    He started fasting
    What would u do if u were him?
    In detail. Step by step plzzzz cuz I’m frazzled, old & worn out
    He doesn’t drink or smoke never has
    I think they messed him up overseas with sooo many vaccines including anthrax vaccine.
    He has used countless supplements, activated charcoal, organic non gmo diet
    We are at a loss
    Need help/guidance
    What type of doc/specialist does he need?
    Currently has an internist, we just moved here
    Thank you & God bless

    1. Hi Regina – I know you lol. We have talked on my new Beating Pancreatitis Support site and through FB messenger. I already covered this stuff with you so I am gonna say everything you have asked me can be found on this site somewhere. But the best doc IF you can find one is one who specializes in the pancreas and pancreatic disease such as pancreatitis

  103. Where can you buy the antioxidant fruit powder? No longer available on Amazon. Is there another one you would suggest?

  104. 48 and suspect I have CP with a CT scheduled for next week. Abdominal ultrasound normal, HIDA scan normal, and initial bloodwork normal range including Amylase 79 with range of 31-124 and Lipase 37 with range of 14-72 but understand those would not show elevation for CP. Never hospitalized or went to ED for an acute attack, but have had 2-3 bouts of vomiting, diarrhea, and severe abdominal pain that lasted several hours over the past year. Wine consumption over the years varied from none to 3-4 glasses a night. I’ve been on low fat diet for 6 weeks. While waiting on CT I had bloodwork retested after the 6 weeks on low fat diet. My triglycerides went from 161 to 206 High and my ldl went from 79 to 92. Glucose went up from 79 to 92 with 99 being upper limit and my ALT went from 18 to 39 with 29 being the upper limit. AST went from 19 to 25 with 35 being upper limit. I’m concerned I’m quickly progressing to diabetes and thinking I should start taking the super enzymes immediately to help process absorption and delay diabetes progression. Do the enzymes help with preventing diabetes with digestion assistance or should I take something like Vitamin Code Raw B Complex to help slow the progression? I know you are not a doctor but trying to weigh the risk/value with starting the supplements now and would appreciate your opinion.

    1. Hi Anonymous – I have to admit I don’t have an answer for you in regards to supplements helping to slow progression of diabetes. I have never researched that aspect. I’ve seen my blood glucose levels fluctuate but have never been over 120 as far as I know but then normal blood work has almost always been done after fasting. Vitamin Code Raw B Complex looks to be a very good supplement but again I do not know whether that product (or any vitamin supplement) or an enzyme supplement such as Now Foods Super Enzymes would be of any benefit for what you asked. I just don’t know. What I find interesting is that your LDL, TRIS and Glucose levels INCREASED on a low fat diet! I’ve never heard of that before. Liver enzyme levels (AST & ALT) fluctuate as do the others and yours are still quite normal. Lipase can rise in CP, especially during a flare of inflammation. It just doesn’t usually rise to the levels of an AP attack. However, it can also stay normal. Since you like wine, have had US, HIDA which seems to have ruled out GB issues, you might ask about genetic testing for variants that could predispose you to the types of pancreatitis (alcoholic, hereditary) that often present with CP type symptoms first. You may also want to ask for autoimmune disease testing – there are some blood tests that can cause AID to be suspect. I’m just thinking out loud lol 🙂

  105. Also- forgot to share that I started having pings of stomach pain several weeks ago with upper back ache between shoulder blades for over a month that varies in discomfort. The intermittent pain started on right side under ribs and the stomach pings of pain move around the naval. I’ve lost 21 lbs over about 9 weeks on low fat diet and stool has been pale and loose at times with oil spots or more solid and floating.

    1. Pale stools (like white or clay color/ tan) can indicate a problem with the drainage of your biliary system, which is comprised of your gallbladder, liver, and pancreas. A one-time thing is nothing to worry about but a consistent light color should be addressed. Your right side upper gastric pain could have been caused by the passing of GB stones and/or sludge and IF that occurred BEFORE the Ab Ultrasound and HIDA your system could have dumped all the “evidence” leading to possible incorrect diagnosis about the GB. They can also be caused by CP and the oil spots and floating fat is suspect. Testing for genetic variances could be enlightening and I’d also ask about the autoimmune testing as well because I had undiagnosed celiac disease for years (since i was a kid) and often had biliary issues. I hope you find out what the problem is and that it has an easy fix.

  106. Thank you for responding! The intermittent pain started a week after the US, before the HIDA scan, and about 5 weeks after that last bout of vomiting/diarrhea/pain. Stopped the wine and have followed the recommended low fat diet since about a week after that last episode (after researching symptoms online) which is why I was so confused about the recent lab results increasing. Everything I read says diabetes is at a late stage of the CP disease. Have you heard of that occurring sooner in the progression of the disease? My pain actually started high up in the back between the should blades and my primary care said it was rhomboid muscle irritating the nerve on my spine and unrelated to digestive issues. Icing helped it for a period of time. Then a week later started getting the stomach pings of pain. Stools have been more yellow/tan and once a day with some normal consistency and some floating. Went to GI and shared concerns about pancreas based on my symptoms and online findings….she said she would eat her hat if it was my pancreas. Wrong age, pancreas pain would be on the left side not the right, diarrhea isn’t a symptom with pancreas attack, and that if those episodes were truly attacks I would have been in the hospital for several days. Focused mostly on my anxiety and how I needed to stay offline because there is no context. Only ordered the HIDA scan to rule out GB and ordered Enzyme tests to ease my mind (although I shared those wouldn’t be elevated with CP). She wouldn’t order a CT at that time, but since I shared the new bloodwork results this week she has now ordered the CT scan. Previous H Pylori breath test was negative and Celiac test was negative. Appreciate what you do and the information you provide! God bless you and I’ll let you know what they find with the CT. Can’t think of any other condition that would cause these symptoms and the thought having done this to myself is horrific.

    1. Anonymous you’re welcome. Sorry I am not more help. I don’t think you have to worry about diabetes, yet, unless you have close relatives who have it. You said your doc said “she would eat her hat if it was my pancreas. Wrong age, pancreas pain would be on the left side not the right, diarrhea isn’t a symptom with pancreas attack, and that if those episodes were truly attacks I would have been in the hospital for several days.”

      1st off the head of the pancreas is on the right (thereby right side pain is entirely possible), the neck is close right and then body is about center (causing center/midsection/left-sided pain) and tail (left side pain). It is approximately 6″-10″ long (varying from person to person but usually closer to 6″) and weighs about 3-4 ounces or about 80-100 grams. Tell your GI doc to re-look at her anatomy pics and ask her if she wants some mustard, ketchup or both with her hat. She is likely right about the hospital IF it were Acute Pancreatitis which makes one feel very ill – I mean very ill. Presenting with mild CP symptoms first is not likely to illicit the same responses. AND I have chatted with MANY pancreatitis patients who have had diarrhea as a symptom of both acute and chronic pancreatitis however it is usually NOT a symptom of AP. Again, I wish you the best in finding a diagnosis that is correct.

      1. Hi Health Guy- well my CT results came back and showed pancreas within normal limits but noted mild relatively generalized colonic wall thickening and pericolonic vascularity…..suggestive of mild inflammatory or infectious colitis. GI said she wasn’t sure we would find anything but wants to do a colonoscopy next week. Asked if this could irritate my pancreas and she said “your pancreas is fine….I’m the doctor and don’t understand why you don’t believe me”…..she put me on Lexapro for anxiety and that seems to make my pings of pain worse and causes nausea. GI wasn’t concerned about bloodwork changes and said that this was my anxiety causing me to feel worse. Still no plausible explanation for symptoms (pings of pain that move around the abdomen and stool changes). Oddly, my vision has even gotten blurry over the course of the past month. Didn’t mention that to her as she would have said that was definitely anxiety driven. There is a lab locally that does the ANA blood test without a physician order, so I may go ahead and get that done in advance of colonoscopy as another data point. Thought about starting the enzymes and supplements this week, but wasn’t sure if that would muddy the water with the colonoscopy. If the colonoscopy doesn’t reveal anything, I am heading to another GI for a second opinion. A few questions: 1) If this is CP, do you think it would be normal to have an episode like I did end of May and then 5 weeks later start to have pings of pain on a low fat diet? Would pain have started right after episode? Guessing there is no science to this and both are plausible. 2) Do you think Lexapro irritate my pancreas? 3) Do you think starting the supplements no vs post test would muddy the water? Appreciate any insights you can share…..understanding you are not a doctor.

        1. Hi Anonymous – I seem to be late responding. You may have more info now if you have had your colonoscopy. I will answer your questions as best I can.

          1) If this is CP, do you think it would be normal to have an episode like I did end of May and then 5 weeks later start to have pings of pain on a low fat diet? Would pain have started right after episode?
          Answer: Yes and 1a) possibly – symptoms vary from person to person as do flare time frames. It is hard to give a definitive answer.

          2) Do you think Lexapro irritate my pancreas?
          Answer: Yes it is quite possible; in fact under “side effects” then scrolling down to “Gastrointestinal” you’ll see a section that says “Postmarketing reports: Dysphagia, pancreatitis, stomatitis”

          3) Do you think starting the supplements no vs post test would muddy the water?
          Answer: They could. I wouldn’t invest in supplements etc until you find out what is wrong.

          1. Health Guy- Thank you for the response! Colonoscopy was normal, so CT was wrong about inflammation. GI wants me to take lexapro at night to sleep thru nausea but I’m afraid it will increase abdominal and upper back pain again. She also wants me to see a psychiatrist as she thinks my anxiety is causing the pain and stool changes. Family agrees and are pushing me to eat more as I’m down from 143lbs (end of May) to 117 lbs now. Duke is not far and has a Pancreatic Center, but they require a referral. Working on trying to get scheduled with another GI that does EUS for a 2nd opinion. Frustrated as I wish this was all in my head. Not sure how eating a very low fat diet would do anything but improve stool, so I feel like there is something going on in combination with the pain. With the abdominal ultrasound, HIDA scan, and CT clearing the liver and gallbladder it really only leaves the pancreas. My family keeps saying those tests also cleared the pancreas (CT and US). IF I give into family pressure and start introducing more fat back into diet I’m worried I will cause more damage and pain if this is my pancreas. Wondering if I should start the enzymes and supplements (have them now) to see if that improves symptoms, but don’t want to muddy water for 2nd GI opinion. Since pancreas damage isn’t reversible, seems like a safe test as a future EUS would still show any damage. Appreciate any thoughts you can share….if you were in my shoes.

          2. Hi Anonymous – IF it were me I’d get a referral and an appt at Duke. Or call them first and ask why they need a referral. Get their email so you can write a nice letter detailing what is going on along with being able to attach files. They may want to look whether you have a referral or not. Another option is to simply find another doctor (GI or pancreas specialist). Where there is a will there is always a way it just might take perseverance. Sometimes the key to resistance is persistence lol. IF you don’t feel like eating don’t eat. Ask whoever keeps pushing you to eat to back off. You might ask them if it were them who got very ill from eating if they would do it just to please someone?

            You said: “My family keeps saying those tests also cleared the pancreas (CT and US)” and my answer from talking to many is that often that is not the case and they end up getting a diagnosis of minimal change chronic pancreatitis BUT that doesn’t mean you have that it simply means that if you are ill you need to find out why. I’d definitely get another opinion and try to get a long enough appt so you can really express your concerns and write down all the questions you have so that you don’t forget to ask. I wish you better health!

  107. Hi Health Guy- Hope you are well and enjoyed the holiday! I was finally able to get in with a Duke GI (not in the pancreatic center though) and she wanted to do an endoscopy as a next step after reviewing US, HIDA, CT, and colonoscopy clear results. I shared with her that I had started to take the Super Enzymes and that normalized output, but I was still having pain occasionally in the right upper abdomen but pain in the upper back between shoulder blades daily. It goes away when I’m sleeping and comes back every day a few hours after eating breakfast….keeping to very low fat diet. Endoscopy was clear as well, so then she then ordered a SIBO test and that came back negative. I sent her a note via the patient portal stating that since the US and HIDA seem to have ruled out the gallbladder was there another test that would give us a better view of the pancreas. She said that the since the lipase levels were normal and the CT was clear there was no need for further tests. She ordered a nutritional consult. I’ve started taking the grape seed extract and I’m up to 200 mgs 3x day with a weight of 113 lbs. It’s been about two weeks at that higher dosage but still have daily back pain with occasional pings of pain in the right upper quadrant. Believe you mentioned GSE can be consumed at high doses….but wanted to confirm going up another 200-200 mgs a day given my weight would still be a safe dosage. I’ve got a 3rd GI scheduled for early January in hopes to get a 3rd opinion. This GI does EUS and I’m hoping he will agree to take a look. GI’s don’t think it could be pancreas because I have never been diagnosed with AP and when I explain that I would have gone to the ED with the 3 episodes I had over last year if the pain/diarrhea had not subsided after a few hours it doesn’t seem to resonate. Frustrating…. In addition to the GSE dosage question a couple of others if you have a minute. 1) Possible for AP attacks to last just a few hours or is that more aligned with CP episodes? 2) Possible to have autoimmune attacks with a negative ANA blood test? Had one done at a lab locally and it was negative, but see reference to Igg4 testing so wasn’t sure if that is a similar or different test. 3) Hereditary CP, could that start in your late 40’s? Most of what I see online shows it starting much younger. 4) Alcohol CP, does alcohol caused CP start with AP episodes as well or can it start directly with CP? 5) With the super enzymes, do you take just enough to normalize output or are they supposed to also help with pain. Wondering if I am taking enough as output has normalize but I have still have the daily upper back pain. Appreciate your thoughts whenever you have time to respond. Thank you!

    1. Hi Anonymous – the holidays have been fine so far thank you 🙂 Yeah grape seed extract is non-toxic yet some folks do get side effects such as gastrointestinal issues but if you go up slowly you should be fine. It is interesting that the enzymes have helped while the grape seed extract is lacking. How long have you been on the grape seed extract (total time)? I do not recall at what dose or time span I first noticed results. I wish I had taken notes. Ok … on to your questions.

      1) Anything is possible but sounds more like something else.
      2) Sometimes my ANA is HIGH and sometimes it is not and I DO have several autoimmune diseases (celiac, RA, psoriasis)
      3) Again anything is possibles but usually shows up at younger age
      4) Yes alcoholic pancreatitis can and does start with CP type symptoms with the progression to full blown AP. Alcoholic pancreatitis can actually begin as CP.
      5) Just enough. Often symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, indigestion, pain caused by eating without the necessary panc enzymes being produced resolves with the proper amount of enzymes however too much can cause similar symptoms so it is important to get just the needed amount.

      Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas 🙂

  108. Happy New Year Health Guy! Appreciate your response and hope that you had a good Christmas. In preparation for the 3rd GI in a few weeks, I’ve done a few more things. New bloodwork to see if my glucose, TRIS, and LDL have improved since last result given it’s been about 6 months now on the low fat diet. Awaiting results. I’ve increased the GSE to 700mgs/day spread out thru the day and will plan to go up to 800mgs next week as I still have the upper back pain daily and occasional pings of pain RUQ. I started the GSE in September. Enzymes have definitely solved output issues taking 1-2 per meal. Found the company Ariel ( When I researched Dr. Whitcomb out of PA, I discovered he was the co-founder of this company and his daughter is the CEO and co-founder. They do DNA testing for 12 genes associated with CP. I’ve definitely consumed wine over the years, so I’m sure I brought this on myself but thought the DNA test might potentially be helpful with future treatment if my diagnosis is confirmed. Got the 2nd GI to sign off the order as an additional data point if I paid out of pocket for the test. Sent off DNA swab this morning and the results take 3-4 weeks. Couple of additional questions when you have a minute. 1) How does jaundice fit in with AP or CP? Suspect blockage would cause jaundice in AP, but not sure what would cause it with CP. I had yellowing of eyes for about 4-5 weeks after that last episode end of May. Bilirubin was normal with bloodwork though when they were yellow. Not sure if it’s possible to have jaundice without the elevation of Bilirubin. 2) Have you seen anything on Thermography testing for the pancreas? Noticed a couple of spots in the area offer scans to detect organ inflammation. Since getting good images of the pancreas is challenging…wondering if that test would show any inflammation of the organ. 3) In your opinion is EUS or MRI more sensitive to picking up CP? Wanted to position my next visit with the next best step and my thought is an EUS since the CT didn’t pick up on anything.

    Thank you!

    1. Hi Anonymous – I had a great Christmas and New Year so far thank you! I hope you’ll have a better year this year.
      1) Jaundice usually happens with a blockage such as a gallstone. It also happens with autoimmune pancreatitis. It also happens when pancreatitis-associated ascitic fluid induces liver injury.
      2) I haven’t seen a lot about it but from what I understand it is fairly new tech that will measure surface temperature and pick out the shape of the pancreas which could def be promising
      3) EUS but MRI is pretty good as well

      Best wishes 🙂

  109. Hello The Health Guy,

    On my bottle of Super Enzymes by NOW, it specifically states not to take the supplement if you have pancreatitis. Confused. Please advise.


    1. Hi D are you in Canada? I ask because I have heard this same comment question in the last 30 days and it was from someone in Canada. I would think anyone with acute pancreatitis would know not to take enzymes during an attack and simply go to the ER/ED but Chronic Pancreatitis is treated with Pancreatic Enzymes E.G. CREON. So it must be a requirement of other countries and why I have no clue unless it is for those people who simply need more direction like “don’t remove from oven without wearing hand protection.” For example I just reread my bottle and it does mention “do not eat freshness packet. Leave in bottle.” 🙂

  110. Hi Health Guy- just a quick question on a drug called Fosamax. I’m still trying to get a concrete diagnosis of CP, as the genetic testing came back and showed that I have 5 CASR and CFTR variances that increase odds of developing AP or CP. Genetic counselor and GI both state that the presence of the variants don’t firm up a diagnosis. The genetic counseling recommendation based on having the variants is to not smoke or drink, but they couldn’t offer up an other recommendations. After twenty years of wine consumption at various levels it is a little too late on the second one… least I never smoked which takes one risk factor off the table. My GI is treating me for SIBO currently to see if that clears up the symptoms. He doesn’t think it is pancreas related. Getting a diagnosis is such a frustrating process….I always thought that treatment was the complex portion of medicine…but I was clearly wrong. I also recently completed a bone density scan at the ordering of my GYN. I’ve got osteoporosis, 2.5 at the spine, and they want to start me on Fosamax. Vitamin D level is currently good. Do you know if it is safe to take the Fosamax if you have CP? Trying to weigh the risk, knowing that I have to take something to offset the bone loss….just wondered if you knew anything specific about Fosamax and if would be safe to take if I end up with a CP diagnosis. If not safe, do you know of any other options to stop/slow bone loss? Appreciate your thoughts!

    1. Hi Anonymous – I actually don’t know anything about Fosamax. I just did a quick check regarding side effects, looking explicitly for acute pancreatitis but did not find anything. That doesn’t mean it is safe because it has a laundry list a mile long.

  111. I love this article because you explained very well about these supplements. You also share your personal experience. Anybody can select easily a supplement because of your writing skills. Thanks very much for sharing this informative article.

  112. Thanks for all the great info. I had a sudden acute pancreatitis attack 5 weeks ago. I was hospitalised for a few days and the pain gradually subsided over a couple of weeks. I’ve been completely pain free for 2 weeks now and feeling good apart from more tiredness than usual. I’m keeping to a low fat/vegan diet and no alcohol.
    My question is that a scan showed that a large part of my pancreas was “non-existent”. The doctors were a bit vague about this but my blood sugars have been normal and I’ve had no problems (there was no infection). Do you have any idea why this would have happened and if there is anything I need to be aware of? Of course I am concerned that this doesn’t develop into chronic pancreatitis. Thanks so much!

    1. Hi Bob – I am guessing that during your acute pancreatitis the enzymes which are very much like acid ate your pancreas to the point you are now missing some of it. Ask the doctors exactly what happened. Most of the time they feel that if you don’t have an M.D. or D.O. next to your name there is not a chance you’d understand if they tried to explain. I always assure them that I didn’t become a doctor for only one reason and it wasn’t stupidity. And then say: So tell what is the real problem, the possible affects upon me and what is your plan to fix it? I will then ask more questions until I am satisfied. I hope you are feeling much better very soon 🙂

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