NSAIDS Linked to Irregular Heart Rhythm

By | April 29, 2014
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nsaids-linked-to-irregular-heart-rhythmNSAIDS linked to irregular heart rhythm? Common pain killers, used to reduce inflammation have been associated with an irregular heart rhythm called atrial fibrillation (AF or A-Fib) or flutter according to a study published in the peer-reviewed medical journal the BMJ Open. This is an open-access journal, the study is free to read online.

In a previous post I share the fact that Ibuprofen resolves acute pancreatitis within 60 – 90 minutes with an 800 mg dose. It even works better with the addition of grape seed extract, curcum and vitamin C. If you note I personally use Ibuprofen for acute pancreatitis. I rarely used it otherwise, RARELY.

atrial-fibrillation- af-a-fibIbuprofen (Advil, Motrin, Ibuprofen) and other NSAIDs such as naproxen (used in Aleve) may increase the risk of heart attack, stroke and high blood pressure. According to the above study Ibuprofen also carries the risk of atrial fibrillation – a condition which is associated with long-term risk of stroke, heart failure and death.

For those of us who have chronic pancreatitis and sometime suffer from acute pancreatitis this gives us one more thing to worry about when determining the risk versus benefit of using an NSAID to stop an acute attack and reduce the inflammation associated with AP and CP.

NSAIDS Linked to Irregular Heart Rhythm Atrial Fib

In the following video you’ll be taught what atrial fibrillation is, why you don’t want it and you’ll also learn about NSAIDs and why they may cause A-Fib. The video is intended as a teaching aid for nurses but it is quite interesting and fairly easy to understand.

[youtube 9jGiN1HmC1Q]

Even though there is some risk involved with using Ibuprofen it is an easy decision for me because …

The chances of heart attack or stroke from one or two high doses, to resolve the inflammation of acute pancreatitis and hopefully eliminate further damage, is somewhat remote. BUT that chance does exist and so does the possibility of atrial fibrillation however …

NSAIDS-for-acute-pancreatitis-abdominal-painThe chance of pancreas damage if the inflammation is allowed to continue is almost 100%.

Fact 1 – If my pancreas suffers damage I suffer for weeks, months, maybe years while trying to heal the damage.

Fact 2 – If the damage is bad enough I could be visiting another realm of the universe (dead) or be in so much misery that death would be a blessing. Many who have suffered severe acute pancreatitis with complications can attest to fact number two (some are playing a harp as you read this).

Please understand you have to make your own choices. I try to provide you with information. Information about what has worked for me. I try to give you the pros and the cons as best as I am able. Hopefully the information proves to be beneficial. 🙂

12 thoughts on “NSAIDS Linked to Irregular Heart Rhythm

  1. miroslav destanov

    Hi.I appologize for my bad English.Now I am at hospital with severe pains in my stomach.Doctors here are idiots and they are saying that the reason is not pancreatitis because my ammilaze level is 110 and normal is up to 90.I have and gastritis and I am afraid to take NSAID.I did not eat for 3 days and I am afraid.Is it good idea to take injections with NSAID?Please help me.Doctors in Bulgaria are the same idiots like those in USA.Tell me please how long not to take food.I did not take food for 3 days.
    Miroslav Destanov from Bulgaria.

    1. The Health Guy Post author

      No need to appologize Miroslav Destanov. I can’t speak or write any other language and frankly I’m not good at English either 🙂 Anyway …

      Hopefully by now a doctor has found out what is wrong and it isn’t pancreatitis or something even worse. You do realize that I’m NOT a doctor and can’t diagnose medical conditions or prescribe treatment right? But IF it were me I would do my best to find out what is actually wrong. A definitive diagnosis is very helpful. I know you are probably afraid (you said you were) and frustrated. I take it someone diagnosed you with gastritis. Gastritis (inflammation of the stomach lining) is something that normally goes away and doesn’t reappear in most cases. HOwever you might be particularily sensitive to something you ingest or have some condition that causes it to reoccur. In that case NSAIDs may not be a good idea if they are a cause or contributor. NSAID injections, according to my knowledge, can only be obtained from a doctor.

      Not eating for 3 days isn’t a big deal unless you have diabetic issues or some other underlying problem that could be a problem such as electrolyte imbalance. I’ve gone a week or more without eating and a couple weeks at a time without solid food. One can live for quite a while on juice (veggie and fruit). But did your symptoms resolve with fasting for 3 days? I would guess not since you said you were at the hospital and had fasted for 3 days. Am I understanding correctly?

      I can’t stress enough how important it is to find a doctor who will listen and look for an appropriate diagnosis. Without a diagnosis we both are guessing as to what may be wrong with you. I hope you find out what is causing your illness. Good luck.

      1. miroslav dastanov

        Hi.I fasted for 7 days and today i ate 3 times rice.After last meal I had nausia and pain in upper abdominal.Unfortunaly I was in hospital last weeki and there I did not received proper treatment.So far I did not buy grapeseed extract and vitamin C/I had bad experience with curcumin and wiil not take it/.I will receive grapeseed extract and vitamin C in Tuesday.What is your advice-shall I fast again.Is it dangerous to fast so long?About NSAID I simply afraid to take some.But if after next meal I have the same symptoms I will take the risk.There is no light in tunnel-if I dont eat I will die,but after every meal I go to hell.

        1. The Health Guy Post author

          Calm down take a breath. What type of “bad experience” did you have with curcumin? If you take to much it can cause nausea and vomiting. It is hard on the stomach in large doses. It is suppose to be non-toxic and I haven’t had any problem with 500 mgs 2 or 3 times a day. IF you have gallstones or SOD curcumin could cause some unwatnted problems because it increases bile flow. So far the answers to everything you’ve asked me can found on this blog. Invest the time to read what I’ve written.

  2. miroslav destanov

    Thanks.I was diagnozed with pancreatitis .My story is the same like yours-my enzymes are not so high 110 amilaza with normal level up to 90.And only one doctor said that this is pancreatitis.I have all the symptoms of pancreatitis-pain in the upper left abdominal,vomoting,nausia,my stools are yellow.The worst thing is that every meal is a disaster-I feel pain and nausia after that.In Sunday I was not so bad but I ate potatoas who were cooked with oil and drank a tea with some herbs.And in the night there was a real nightmare-there was severe pain in my left upper abdominal and vomoting.I went to hospital but they dont give me proper treatment.They gave me antibiotics,PPI and some other shits.Even worse they gave me foods with meat and they said that is not a problem.Of course I did not eat at all.Nasty thing is that I still have pains in my abdominal.Yesterday I was OK but this morning I have pains in my left abdominal.Today I will leave the hospital.Please tell me what to do next.You are the only person in the world I trust.I dont believe doctors-they are idiots.The chief doctor said that I am hypohondric and the pain is in my head.I asked another why they dont give me NSAID and he said that this was not a proper treatment.Could you tell me what to do after I leave the hospital?Should I eat?What supplements to take?I am so desperate that I want to die.Please help me.Is it good idea to eat brown rice-wnen I ate it before there was no problem?

    1. The Health Guy Post author

      I know you are worried. Pancreatitis has a tendency to scare the hell out of folks. It isn’t fun. Everything I’ve done to heal myself can be found on this blog. So invest the time to read so I don’t have to retype everything here in this comment. There are posts on what to eat after acute pancreatitis, how to prep for and do a food diary, what to eat and not to eat to keep from inflaming your pancreas again and the supplements. It is all there. I know it sucks, I know you’re scared but take a deep breath and relax. I hope you heal. Good luck to you

  3. miroslav destanov

    This morning I have severe pain in my upper left abdominal.Is it normal because i did not eat for 5 days?This morning I did not take Nexium-is it possible stomach acid to irritate pancres?The bad thing is that levels of my enzimies are normal and doctors thing that my illness is not pancreatitis.Please tell me if you were on my place what will you do?Is it good idea to take 200 mg of Celebrex which is COX 2 inhibitor.Doctors dont want to give me NSAID.Please give an advice.

    1. The Health Guy Post author

      I would stay away from Celebrex. Ibuprofen is a better choice but does anyone actually know what is wrong with you? You mentioned that your enzyme levels didn’t raise much. Most people, including me have highly elevated enzymes after 3 or 4 hours of an attack. Some don’t though. You really need to find a doctor who will find out what is wrong so that you know what you are dealling with. One minute you say you have been diagnosed with pancreatitis then the docs think it isn’t pancreatitis etc … you need to get a firm diagnosis.

  4. miroslav destanov

    Thanks for yours advice.Now I am out of hospital and feeling better.I began to take grapeseed extract 800 mg per day.I think because of it I am feeling better.But there occured one problem-now I have diarrhea.This morning I was in toilet 5 times.Is it due to grapeseed extract?Should I reduce the doze?How to take it-with meals or between meals?

    1. The Health Guy Post author

      It is very possible that the diarrhea is from the grape seed extract. Grape seed is a powerful antioxidant and some people experieince a “cleansing” due to the amount of toxins in the body that are being pushed out. That is why I suggest starting out slowly and increasing the dosage weekly instead of doing large amounts to start. It may be beneficial to cut your dosage and see if the diarrhea resolves and then increase back up slowly until you reach 800 mgs per day again since your pancreatitis symptoms are better at that level. You can even increase the dose more until you hit the point that you feel good. But do it slowly and let your body adjust to the cleansing. As far as taking grape seed with meals or in between I don’t kmow whether or not it makes a difference.

  5. miroslav

    Thank you.In Bulgaria is not possible to buy Grapeseed extract Now foods.I bought Grapeseed extract 100 mg Haya labs.Other indegrients are gelatin and silica.But I saw at the label this notice:”Manufactered on equipment which processes products containing milk,egg and soy”.Is it dangerous to take it?


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