Living with Someone Who Has Pancreatitis

By | August 23, 2013
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Living with someone who has Pancreatitis can be a challenge.

One that I wouldn’t wish on anyone.

In fact, because I was so sick at first and I was told by the only doctor who was able to diagnose my condition that I most likely did NOT have a future and since my wife wanted to have children and I felt so uncertain about my life and it seemed to me very selfish to make her go through it (I had watched my mom go through my father’s cancer and death), and to expect her to give up what she wanted in life – I released her.

She was NOT happy about it but I really thought I was actually doing her a very big favor. And, I heard she met someone, got married and had kids and hopefully was very happy.

Now, I didn’t say that is what someone else should do so don’t even think I am insinuating the same course of action if you are living with someone who has pancreatitis or you have pancreatitis yourself because I am not suggesting any such thing.

And I MEAN that.

Hell, I was probably wrong but given the exact same situation, that I faced then, I’d probably do exactly the same thing because there most likely was no future with me or at least that is what I was told. I now know that is NOT the case when one learns correct knowledge and applies that knowledge.

Anyway, back to the subject matter:

Living With Someone Who Has Pancreatitis: How To Do It

This subject matter is being discussed because I have seen “living with someone who has pancreatitis” used as keywords by people who were visiting my sites so there must be a few folks looking for answers. People who are obviously living with someone who has pancreatitis. Hopefully I can supply some decent answers that make sense. I will at least try to do so.

Living on Borrowed Time and Scared to Death


The first thing you need to understand when living with someone who has pancreatitis is, unless they are in denial, that suffering soul knows they could be living on borrowed time. And true none of us knows when we’ll die but some of us may not live as long as most. And it’s a tad different from cancer because the moment of truth’s realization could come tonight after their evening meal.

At any time, without much warning, they could suffer severe acute pancreatitis which results in necrotizing pancreatitis, organ failure and death. Pancreatitis is a condition that can turn ugly real fast.

I tried to put that out of my mind, but, it was and still is always there.

If you remember I have previously shared that I visited the ER on 7 different occasions. None of those visits had even close to satisfactory results or a hint of quality care. The most that EVER happened was ONE blood draw and a shot of demerol during one visit, which did NOTHING to decrease the pain. Now …

When I am sitting on the edge of the ER bed, leaning over, holding my guts in, sweating profusely, and panting like a damn dog from pain because there was no way I could lay down, hell I couldn’t even sit still, you would think any moron could determine there was a need for more tests.

So, if you are living with someone who has pancreatitis,  receiving the same quality care I did (that was sarcastic), you need to understand that even if they portray an outside appearance of courage, they are probably scared to death. Even if they are receiving quality care they are most likely in fear thinking their time is short.

That fear doesn’t leave simply because the pain subsides.

Your spouse, child (this could be really scary for a child) or significant other, deep down most likely has a very large feeling of impending doom. Even if they receive quality care they are probably in fear of the next episode and their uncertain future.

If they suffer from complications it is going to be that much worse.

They May Not Want to Be a Burden

An important thing to get your head wrapped around when living with someone who has pancreatitis is they may not want to inconvenience you by asking you to cook them separate meals from the rest of the family and so they eat what the family eats which is something that will make their pancreas very upset, probably cause more damage, even end their life.

I can’t stress that enough so I am going to say it again …

Most people are much nicer than me. And so when asked if something is ok for dinner (or breakfast or lunch), especially if they love it, they will most likely say: “you bet”, eat it and suffer instead of telling you it isn’t a good thing for them.

That is WHY, if you love them, you need to know exactly what a pancreatitis victim should and should not eat. So study my pancreatitis diet plan and learn how to create a food diary because it means the difference between your loved one suffering, maybe dying a horrible death, or living to enjoy more happy memories with you.

Now I Am Gonna Be Blunt From Here On

living-with-someone-who-has-pancreatitisPay strict attention to my diet regimen.

I haven’t written this blog to make money or become famous.

I am simply sharing what has actually worked for me and allowed me to feel a lot better for approximately 10 years, then after learning more actually become pain-free and stay pain-free for the last 16 years except for ONE 3 – 4 week period in 2006 (it could have been 2005) when I was sicker than a dog because I poisoned myself with pork intestines. I did NOT read the label on the turkey sausage as well as I should have. The TURKEY sausage was in “pork casings” and I paid dearly. It took a long time to recover, heal and be well again. So learn from me (the good stuff) and from my mistakes and don’t make the same ones. Mistakes like overlooking or missing the ingredients on a label can be costly.

When Living With Someone Who Has Pancreatitis Listening To Others Can Be Dangerous

living-with-someone-who-has-pancreatitisIf you listen to most doctors, nutritionists, or people on the web (support groups) who have the condition and are not pain-free you are going to keep your loved one suffering, I guarantee it. You may even kill them.

I’m a bona fide walking-talking, pain-free chronic pancreatitis victim and I can vehemently tell you that a strict pancreatitis diet is absolutely imperative and if you vary from what I share with you on the subject of diet, you are basically shortening the life of your loved one, maybe outright killing them.

How is that for blunt.

Guess what it ain’t over yet cuz I ain’t through.

I couldn’t careless what doctors say in this regard.

I have read diet information for pancreatitis on medical sites that make me cringe!

If people who suffer from pancreatitis follow the food recommendations of most doctors and patients I have run across on the web it is no frickin’ wonder they are still sick and in pain and damn lucky they aren’t dead yet.

The NEXT point I want to make is:

If they aren’t hungry – don’t push food on them!

Loss of appetite is a BIG signal in pancreatitis.

What it basically means is that the patient’s pancreas is not in a good mood and doesn’t wish to be disturbed!

Listen to the signal!

If your loved one eats, they will most likely PAY – and – get this – that payment could be a horribly painful death!

IF they are NOT hungry just let them be, don’t make them feel bad because you spent hours cooking. It isn’t their fault they aren’t hungry or not feeling well, in fact, it may be yours because you make them feel they have to eat!

This use to happen to me ALL the time.

So you cooked a great meal.

So it took you hours.

I’m sorry, they are sorry, but get over it, let them be or you are gonna make them sicker than they already are.

For now I have run out of things to say so …

Feel free to ask questions. Leave me a comment and show me you are still alive!

39 thoughts on “Living with Someone Who Has Pancreatitis

  1. Chris

    I have a good friend working on contract basis overseas who is newly diagnosed with pancreatitis. In fact, the docs over there say it is necrotising pancreatis and that 30% of his pancreas is damaged. He has been hospitalized twice and I think he is back in again now. I gave him the link to your blog and he said he read it and he is on an ultra low fat diet, drinking tons of water, taking the high dose of ibuprofen but he has symptoms again. Also, he developed constipation which he believes is from the low fat diet.

    Can you please private message me to talk about this further? My friend is rather stubborn and sort of a denialist about some things, especially his health.

    I am very concerned about him. Thank you for any help.

    1. The Health Guy Post author

      Hi Chris, I appreciate your concern. I don’t do private messages, phone interviews or private consults. If I do it for one person I have to do it for everyone and I’d be on the phone or answering private messages for hours each day. That isn’t gonna happen. Your friend can get everything I know (that has helped me) by reading what I post on this blog and in the comments.

    2. Kristin

      My nurse practitioner advised ibuprofen. My new Doctor said absolutely NOT! No otc pain or nsaid. Diseased pancreas is also diseased liver. Cirrhosis patients should avoid ibuprofen or Tylenol he also said it’s useless to take them as our organs cannot process them. I’m terminal stage and soundtracks any otc drugs. Only on creon. See specialist tomorrow I’ll ask about pain options. Sigh.

  2. Helen

    So glad I found your blog! My husband has pancreatitis but after 1 year of severe symptoms still hasn’t been officially diagnosed. He takes painkillers constantly and in the last month he had begun taking the enzymes. Like you, he has been to A+E several times but its pointless. His consultant app is in 2 months but I fear he won’t make it that long. Your blog has been the only information that has made any sense – you write about things that the medical profession seem to be clueless about! Its been a frustrating journey for all of us….. My husband is weak, weighs so little now, suffers from constant pain, diarrhea, hypoglycemic attacks – yet he is still trying to work and earn a living. Everyday I’m anticipating a phone call to tell me he has collapsed or worse still died. This is such a horrible illness, I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy. You wouldn’t let an animal suffer like this but somehow the medical profession don’t seem to be able to help?!
    My husband and I are quite different in our views and he just takes everything at face value with regard to the medical profession but I’m not so sure I believe there to be more solutions that we can provide ourselves with. Yesterday I suggested that he follows a juice diet – he’s not keen but I think its the way forward – I like your idea of keeping a diary too. I will encourage him to read your blog and hopefully that will help. He really has nothing to lose and everything to gain at this point.

    1. The Health Guy Post author

      Hi Helen sorry to hear your husband isn’t well. “My husband has pancreatitis but after 1 year of severe symptoms still hasn’t been officially diagnosed. He takes painkillers constantly and in the last month he had begun taking the enzymes.” If he hasn’t been offically diagnosed what do his doctors actually think he has? I’m not here to diagnose and the worst thing I think people can do is to diagnose themselves. It is very imporatant to get a firm diagnosis from a good doctor. What pain killer is he currntly taking? Prescription or over-the-counter? With the medical profession one needs to be firm and persistent. Some actually need to be smacked about the head and shoulders with a club in order to get their undivided attention. 🙂

    2. Julie H

      Hi Helen
      If I didn’t know better, I would have thought I wrote your story, because it is my story with my husband. He’s suffered since 2014, and it’s only gotten worse over time. He recently had his gallbladder removed, and yesterday they went through his liver to remove stones in his billiary duct. He’s lost much weight the past few years. But since his gallbladder removal 2 weeks ago, he’s lost roughly 25 lbs. He’s skin and bones.
      He ate broth last night, and this morning he violently vomited over 2 gallons of fluid. He slept all night until tonight, and when he came out of the room to use the bathroom he was shivering so badly and chattering his teeth. I said “Are you ok?” And he just said “No”
      He is just like your husband. Doesn’t ask questions, doesn’t research anything. All I do is those things, and I’ve even been successful when talking to the doctors. All I know is, no matter how inquisitive I am with the doctors, maybe to the point of irritating them, they always tell me how lucky my husband is, to have me as his advocate.
      So hang in there, and I also look into making shakes for him.
      God bless

  3. Tom huppe

    Do you give your diet since it’s made such a difference for you.thank yoi

    1. The Health Guy Post author

      Hi Tom, I don’t understand what you are asking me. IF you are asking for information about my diet there are a number of post dealing with diet.

  4. JB

    Hi, my mum has been diagnosed with pancreatitis and now diabetes as a result of this. She has dropped to just over 6 stones in weight and finding it very difficult to eat anything. can you recommend anything to help her put on weight and build her up? I am not sure if there is such a thing as a “mental block” on food due to the pain she suffers. She has been placed on ensure drinks but I am not convinced this is enough. Also suffers constipation resulting in more pain.

    1. The Health Guy Post author

      Hi JB – sorry your mom is having difficulty. The ONLY ensure product that may be safe is the one called “clear.” The rest contain OIL (fat). Invest the time to read this blog. Most of your questions can be answered by doing that. Diet and supplements are extremely important. If she is insulin dependant she has even more challenges to overcome regarding diet and the need to eat because of insulin usae but knowing what to eat to avoid pain and suffering is crucial. The most important challenge isn’t weight, it’s healing her damaged pancreas. Once she has eliminated the inflammation and healing takes place she can then worry about gaining weight. Constipation is handled nicely with more fiber from legumes (beans, peas, lentils, veggies), wheat bran etc.

  5. Ak

    Hello. I read your article. I feel so sad and so helpless. My fiancé has pancreatitis. He says there isn’t any permanent cure. I also read that the average life expectancy of a person with this condition is about 50 years. It pains me to hear this.
    He keeps getting admitted in the hospital. He says that he’s depressed with his life. He loves food and it’s really hard for him to control his diet. He doesn’t drink or smoke or anything …
    His brother has pancreatitis as well.
    Is there anything you know about a surgery or any permanent solution to this?

    1. The Health Guy Post author

      Hi AK – it’s gotta be tough to watch someone you care about deeply suffer with pancreatitis. Does anyone know the CAUSE of his pancreatitis? You said his brother has it too. Did anyone else in his family have pancreatitis as well (father, mother)? Why does his brother have it? I’m asking because it could be hereditary pancreatitis or due to blood fat levels or maybe both have the gene variant for alcoholic pancreatitis and I was just curious. In any event …

      IF your finace’ wants to live a fairly normal life without pain he’ll need to make a choice. Food or – pain and maybe loss of life. It’s really that simple. Of course it also depends upon what CAUSED his pancreatitis to begin with. IF he has hereditary high blood fat levels, those are extremely difficult to control and would present another challenge beyond the food consumption.

      There is a surgical procedure available if he qualifys.

      It’s called TP/AIT (total pancreatectomy with an auto-islet transplant).

      I wouldn’t do it for various reasons but that’s me. I prefer to keep my organs if at all possible. I’d much rather avoid foods that cause pancreas inflammation and take anti-inflammatory supplements that promote pancreas healing rather than face the possibility of injecting insulin, sticking myself 5-10 times a day (to check blood sugar), having to take creon at each meal (very expensive meds) and more. But we all look at life differently. One has to do what one thinks is best.

      1. Ak

        Well, the doctors couldn’t quite tell what the cause for his brother’s pancreatitis was.
        They removed his gall bladder but he still gets attacks but rarely. As for my fiancé, the doctors didn’t find gall stones or any such cause. It just keeps happening. No, his parents didn’t have this condition. Maybe, his grandparents had it but I’m just guessing because doctors haven’t found the cause.
        He’s been taking creon for sometime now.
        What really confuses me is that some days when he eats a lot like pizza for example
        Nothing happens
        Other days if he eats even a bit, he gets an attack.
        It’s been a long time since he got an attack until he was in the hospital last week. He was better and he came home healthy. Yesterday, he got an other attack.
        He’s trying to recover at home.
        2 days ago he had a small sandwich.
        Few months ago, nothing happened even if he ate the greasiest of things.
        He uses a lot of pain killers. Injections, tablets everything. I hope they don’t affect his liver.
        I told him to get a blood test done to check if the blood fat levels are normal or not.

        1. Ak

          Your article makes so much sense. He just told me yesterday that he doesn’t want to be a burden on me…

          1. The Health Guy Post author

            See the truth came out. And I can tell you from experience that the knowledge we could die because of our next meal is ALWAYS tucked away in some corner of our minds.

        2. The Health Guy Post author

          AK – Unless your fiance’ is real young tests to check blood fat levels are unnecessary. Even a dumb doctor would recognize high blood fat levels on a yearly cholesterol screening. If he has access to his past cholesterol tests that should be sufficient to rule out that possibility.

          Pancreatitis is unpredictable and what I call pancreatitis triggers (high fat content and alcohol) are NOT always immediate. That’s why people, even some doctors, think that perfectly safe foods are unsafe. For example:

          He could eat a a high fat roast beef with mashed potatoes, butter, gravy, and a nice big slice of apple pie for desert meal and “skate” for 3 days then eat a bowl of grapes (highly anti-inflammatory and filled full of polyphenols) have an attack and blame the grapes (ludicrous assumption); instead of the high fat Sunday meal where the blame actually belongs.

          AP does NOT always happen immediately after eating an offending food yet it CAN. IF he has pissed off his pancreas by eating high fat foods for 3 days in a row even a safe food could be the “straw that breaks the camel’s back” and results in an attack. BUT … it wasn’t the SAFE food that caused it.

          I know this may be confusing but that is how it works. As a result many people are “lulled” into preconceived misbeliefs that such and such high fat foods are safe while ZERO fat, very beneficial, safe foods are bad. The real problem lies in the fact that you can hear the misconceptions spouted all over the internet, especially in support groups, thereby fostering belief in the fact that those with pancreatitis should avoid grapes and cabbage while having a steak is perfectly fine! I’d laugh, but it’s dangerous dissemination of incorrect information.

          1. Ak

            Thank you so much for all your help.
            He will follow the diet plan.
            God bless 🙂

  6. Geri Donnet

    My daughter has had chronic pancreatitis for 14 years. She is also a vegetarian. Other than legumes, any suggestions for protein?

    1. The Health Guy Post author

      Hi Geri – it all depends upon how vegetarian your daughter is. There is a big difference between vegetarian and vegan. Some vegetarians eat primarily plant based foods but will eat dairy and fish where vegans will not. So if your daughter isn’t completely plant based there are options. Otheriwse not so much.

  7. Sofia

    Thanks for that useful information, i have been looking for something like for a while now, my husband suffers with chronic pancreatitis for 2 years now and keeps getting abdominal pain and nausea.. Its painful to see this. I have read about Grapefruit juice interferes with other drugs, please advise as he is on Panlipase, Pantocid and another enzyme… Also been taking pain killers.

    1. The Health Guy Post author

      Hi Sofia – Yes, that is a major problem with grapefruit juice. It doesn’t play well with others lol. So people who are on prescription meds need to use extreme caution and check with their doctor and pharmacist to see if grapefruit juice should be avoided. It can be deadly when combined with certain drugs. Do not use it without checking and getting approval.

  8. Sandra Bernard

    I have chronic pancreatitis. This after being diagnosed with Sphincter of Oddi Dysfunction and two unsuccessful sphincterotomies. The result is what they now believe to be chronic pancreatitis. I have attacks and am in the middle of one now. I didn’t go to the ER because it wasn’t that bad (in my mind) but days later I still am not feeling better. In all of this, since my original diagnosis, has anyone explained the urgency of chronic pancreatitis until I read your blog. Thank you. What is the average “healing” time from an attack? I am afraid to eat or take any meds right now because I’m not certain what set it off. I believe it was a combination of my meds plus Benadryl for migraines, but not sure. Thanks in advance for any insight you might have.

    1. The Health Guy Post author

      Hi Sandra – Sorry to hear you are feeling like crap. I know this isn’t what you are going to like hearing but healing time varies from individual to individual and depends on severity of that attack and the amount of damage. I’ve had some “lite” attacks that lasted for maybe 12 hours and I actually felt ok the next day (not great you understand but not horrible) and then I’ve had some that lasted for 5 – 12 days and I felt like death warmed over for weeks ( like 4 – 6) and then took another couple months to actually feel ok. Some people who have extremely severe acute attacks never feel “good” again. Some die. So there really is no “pat” answer. In regards to “what set it off” it’s usually FAT related. Both SOD and pancreatitis respond poorly to high fat content. It could have been meds, depends on what they are. I don’t recall Benadryl as being a problematic drug but there are many that are. If you gave me more info I could share what I think and you can take it from there. Hope you are feeling better by now. 🙂

      1. Sandra

        Sorry for the delay in responding back to you. I’m slowly getting better. Good days and bad. I took a ‘migraine cocktail’ of Benadryl and ibuprofen. I daily take Topamax for my SOD as well as Vyvanse. Every time I take Benadryl I get high as a kite, so not sure if it doesn’t play nice with Topamax. I have since read that there are some warnings out there about those two being mixed, but I don’t quite understand the issues with them. At any rate, thank you for your response and this extremely informative website. I have started changing my diet including cutting out all alcohol intake as a result of your superb info. I am forever grateful.


        1. The Health Guy Post author

          Hi Sandra – good to hear that you are doing better and revamping your diet. Your bennie high does sound interesting! Probably does have something to with an interaction between drugs. Thank you for the kind words. Get well and stay well 🙂

  9. George McCallum,Jr.

    Excellent article with valuable points. Personally I’m not in agreement with the Fat Free diet or avoiding all the food items on you list. Although a Fat Free diet short term would be most beneficial. This can be used as the spring board to gradually introduce saturated fats from raw organic food sources. Making certain one observes the single serving size portions.

    I was diagnosed with Chronic Pancreatitis in 2012. Now I’m reading about this disease, nutrition and food as though my life depended on it. Absolutely no Ultra-Processed “foods” … Turkey Saucage … Never! ?

    What I do to stay pain free is I eat near 100% Raw Organic Foods. Just started introducing Raw Organic Milk this week. Many of the fish you recommended I would never touch. I have no issues continuing with a healthy balance of fats, protein and carbs.

    I do a monthly reset in which I fast for a night/day/night once a month. In that day I also flush out my colon via enema kit. When I resume eating the following morning I introduce Probiotic rich foods for a few days along with my daily Probiotic supplement. Foods like Kefir and Kombucha.

    My Raw Organic veggies are broken down with a powerful blender before I consume them. Only Sprouted Grains. Not all the ingredients in some Organic Foods is good for you with or without this disease. No cooking with the Microwave Oven. Things like potatos and sweet potatos are boiled or baked. I could go on and on.

    1. The Health Guy Post author

      Hi George – Thanks for visiting and for your insightful comment. Everyone has a right to either agree or disagree with what I do and I do have a feeling you could go on and on lol but let me ask you this:

      How long have you actually been pain and symptom free and when was your last acute pancreatitis attack? And how many have you had and what severity? Is your CP in remission (NO symptoms, no more damage) and have you actually healed, even had tests (like some who have commented on this blog after following what I do for a year) that do NOT show damage where there was damage previously? And by the way …

      I don’t write about going “fat free” for long term or life. Just right after AP or a person who is currently experiencing symptoms of CP. However long it might take to be symptom free and the healing to have begun. Then, a low, low fat diet with just enough daily fat intake to help absorb fat soluble vitamins while not inflaming the pancreas. But again, IF you are healed, symptom free and what you do works for you then all I can say is hot doggy! But …

      I can’t in all good conscience recommend that my readers follow what you do because I have a feeling most would either remain sick or become sick again eating some of the stuff you think is ok, such as Kombucha, which contains alcohol. Not a lot, usually about .5% but sometimes a lot more. And any amount of alcohol is NOT good for those with pancreatitis.

  10. Tammy Howington

    My husband has pancreatitis and and stricture in the little esophagus he has left. His stomach is pulled up under his chest. He has a J-tube in his intestines and gets his nutrition from a feeding tube. His stomach does not empty (every few days) and has had the tube for 10 years. Even the formula he pumps into him hurts him sometimes. We can’t always control our pain. I have never forced food on my husband. I understand. I wish those around us who celebrate everything with food would understand. Sometime’s it’s difficult for him to watch people eat because there are times he does want to eat but can’t swallow the food. Your thoughts are wonderful for those that really don’t get it. I hear most spouses don’t understand or have the patients and it floors me. We vowed to love and honor in sickness and in health. I’m still here. Family members aren’t here to take care of him or be close by in case there is an attack, black out, disorientation, or what ever is thrown his way. You are correct that people don’t get that a pancreatitis sufferer can turn on a dime. This makes me think I can help by starting a blog as the wife of a chronic pancreatitis sufferer. I hate the question of “how did you get pancreatitis? Were you a heavy drinker and smoker?” My husband has several GI birth defects and one is divisum. So no, it was not from alcohol or cigarettes. But so What???? All pancreatitis sufferers deserve quality medical care no matter how they ended up so sick. I have seen many pancreatitis sufferers continue to drink and eat unhealthy. Do they decide how they will treat a gun shot wound by how they got shot? No. They act, and then ask questions later. Drug overdoses and alcohol poisoning is the same thing. So why can’t the medical profession have respect for all pancreatitis sufferers?

    1. The Health Guy Post author

      Hi Tammy – I am sorry you have to go through this with your husband. You sound like a fine woman and your husband is lucky to have you. “So why can’t the medical profession have respect for all pancreatitis sufferers?” I don’t know, pancreas divisum certainly wasn’t your husbands fault or choice. I’m sorry.

  11. Abi

    Hi I spent 7 mths in the hospital a year and a half ago with necretizing pancreatitus. I have 4 kids,two who are autistic. I had multiple organ failure(kidneys,pancreas,intestines paralyzed) brain swelling,coma,diabetic keto acidosis. Body stopped producing red blood cells. Multiple blood transfusions. Multiple blood poisoning.One pseudo cyst the size and shape of a fat man’s arm,another the size of a soft ball. Multiple small pseudo cysts. 5 or six procedures to drain them by going down my throat.first one drained had 2 liters of pus and necrotic tissue. They kept refilling. Nobody told me more than half my pancreas had died until a year later. Months after I got out of y he hospital a doc finally told me of the brain swelling or intestine paralysis months later. No one told my I’M guy that half my pancreas was dead. I ended back in the hospital for a week ,got my first surgeon who had to tell me about it. NO won told me they expected me to die. Until I got better. MY blood tests always come back weird as my I’M guy says. I had to learn to eat and walk again. I just made three months without ending back in hospital or ER. No one will be honest with me about my life expectancy. which I find very frustrating. ANY ideas? I also just found out that the malnutrition and B12 defisuncy I couldn’t figure out may be due to my pancreas not functioning correctly by looking online. None of these docs seem to know what they are talking about. I also have diabetes now and my whole family has a rare condition called ehlers-danlos. Every doc who sees my files are shocked I am alive. I didn’t even know that I maybe should be taking enzymes and a few other things til searching the Internet tonight . ANY answers on the life expectancy thing or advice on the malnutrition thing? Thanks, Abi

    1. The Health Guy Post author

      Hi Abi – it definitely sounds like you have had some horrible times. I didn’t know what ehlers-danlos was so I had to look it up. I know you are frustrated, probably scared due to your condition and I don’t mean to add any frustration but I don’t know what your life expectancy might be. Only God Almighty knows that and He does have a plan for you, your life and your family. Call on Jesus. Pray and ask Him what His plan is for you. Give your life to Him and let Him work everything out according to His plan. I’ve seen God do some awesome things for people Abi. I don’t know what His plan is for you (life expectancy). Only He knows that. I urge you to get close to God. He is the great physician. I will ask Almighty God to bring you healing. You might also find the prayer request page and ask for prayer. This way others , who visit that page, can pray in Jesus’ name for your healing as well. But, again, I urge you to get close to Jesus. Give Him your life. Get a Bible and begin reading the New Testament (start with the books of John, Matthew, Mark and Luke).

      In regards to the B12 deficiency issue I’d get a good B12 supplement. I’d also get some grape seed extract, curcumin and vitamin C. You can read about the last three on this blog under the category “supplements.” May the Lord God Almighty hold you in His hand. 🙂

  12. Mary

    Glad I found your site after my husband was hospitalized 2 months ago with pancreatitis. I don’t know what kind he has – I’m taking notes for when we have next follow up with all kinds of questions I have now. They did say they weren’t sure of cause. He did drink social (too much on golf day), has gallstones, poor diet and high triglycerides. 2 months pass and another flare up but he didn’t go to hospital. I’m sure it was from “feeling fine” and eating that burger and then the cake with buttercream frosting 2 days later. I was wondering . . Thought I recall a post on pinto beans (re fried) as a no no and wondered why and then was wondering your thought on black beans as well. Also was wondering where most of your fat source comes from. I see to avoid oils, butters, mayo etc. Is that during flareups and healing only? I normally use small amounts of olive oil to cook with and if feeling good, eating clean, wondering if a teaspoon or so in a meal would be ok. I know we need some fat in our diet. Thanks for sharing your experiences with us! I’ve ordered the grape seed, c and enzymes. No turmeric because of the gallstones which I was giving him earlier before I came upon you site.

    1. The Health Guy Post author

      Hi Mary – sorry your husband is not well. Beans are great. So are lentils and peas. BUT it is what is used to make dishes that can turn safe food into dangerous – for example most commercial “refried beans” contain lard (beef or pig fat). You could always make your own and leave out the lard and any other fat (oils etc)

  13. david

    Hi interesting reading I have been suffering from acute chronic pancreatitis since I was in my twenties {now 55} still hurting more and more often what I have read has made since just have to follow it { I had two slices of cheese pizza last night and today I’m dying}

  14. Gerrie

    Are you still active on this blog? I am newly diagnosed with CP as well and have never met someone with similar circumstances with this diagnosis as you, I was in the hospital for months with a necrotizing pancreas and psuedocysts, etc., after being misdiagnosed; I too would like to keep my organs as long as possible.

    1. The Health Guy Post author

      Hi Gerrie – yes. I am still active but sometimes I forget to check my site due to age related dementia maybe? Anyway … sounds like you have had some awful times. How are you feeling now?


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