Grape Seed Delivers Pancreatitis A Knock-Out Punch

By | July 2, 2013
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grape seedGrape Seed is one of those very rare natural remedies that actually does produce amazing benefits.

I personally have used this amazing extract for years and quite frankly without it I may not have been able to be alive today, writing this blog post on the benefits of grape seed.

I’m not going to post any unbelievable testimonials that may be true and then again may be as phony as a 3 dollar bill.

I’ll not tell you that extract from grapes cures everything from hangnails to prostate cancer because as far as I know the extract does nothing for hangnails. 🙂 Instead …

I am simply going to share with you what I know about GSE, throw in some scientific research to back up what I say and you can judge for yourself the credibility of the information I pass on in regards to the benefits of this miracle of nature.

The important fact to consider when trying to determine whether or not you may benefit from using the extract, made from the seeds of grapes, is to understand that grapes contain highly anti-inflammatory antioxidants called polyphenols.

These little polyphenol super heroes, theoretically speaking, due to their anti-inflammatory properties make it highly conceivable that any inflammatory condition may be improved by using liberal amounts of the extract.

WHY I Use Grape Seed Extract

grape_seed_extractI personally discovered this incredible extract made from the seeds of grapes in 1994 and …

I thought that its benefits were simply to good to be true. You know if it sounds to good to be true it probably is thing?

But I gave GSE a try because I had chronic pancreatitis along with some all to common acute pancreatitis episodes and quite frankly I was searching for some way to beat the condition.

What did I find out?

I found out the proclaimed benefits of grape seed extract are true, at least in my case, as real and true as the nose on your face.

I don’t recall exactly how long it was before I saw some real benefit but I don’t believe it was more than a few weeks.

I started feeling better, the pain began to be less frequent and the tenderness in my abdomen began to fade.

I thought these finding about grape seed and what it was doing for my pancreas was nothing short of amazing.

Why Does Grape Seed Help My Pancreatitis?

grape-seedGrape seed is full of flavonoids, called OPC’s (oligomeric proanthocyanidins), and it is these flavonoids that seem to be responsible for the benefits seen by those who consume grape seed extract.

In my case and most likely yours as well the reason grape seed works for beating pancreatitis is that it eliminates inflammation and pancreatitis is inflammation of the pancreas.

Previously I mentioned that I believe it is because of grape seed extract I am still alive and in essence that is what I believe but there are several other factors involved as well such as a particularily low fat diet and several dietary supplements, one of which is grape seed extract.

Who Discovered The Benefits Of Grape Seed?

Jack-Masquelier-OPC'sJacques Masquelier (aka Jack Masquelier, born in 1922 in Paris, died 24 February 2009) is the French scientist credited with the discovery of oligomeric proanthocyanidins or OPCs.

Masquelier actually discovered OPC’s in the skin of peanuts however he went on to find it in grape seed and French Maritime Pine Bark as well.

He developed an extraction process and then proceeded to trade name his product Pycnogenol. In other words nobody, neither manufacturer or seller of grape seed and/or pine bark products, can call their concoction Pycnogenol. Masquelier who is now dead as of 2009 is the only one with that right.

Masquelier promoted that his Pycnogenol could relieve symptoms of or cure almost anything, from hangnails to cancer.

Other promoters say similar things but I rely only on what I can discern from my own personal experience and the scientific research I have been able to dig up. You of course need to do your own research and make your own decision in regards to using grape seed extract.

Grape Seed Research

grape-seed-researchI have my own personal experience to draw from but you don’t know me from Paul Bunyan so …

It is important that you do your own research on grape seed extract.

I have compiled some sources here for you to begin with, a “One Stop Shop” so to speak on the benefits of grape seed extract and OPC’s.

One thing I want to point out in regards to research on grape seed extract or any supplement or drug for that matter is that …

The research is NOT iron clad proof that anything will help you, grape seed extract included.

All you can do is to try grape seed and see what happens over 30 – 60 – 90 days or longer. If it works for you, you will either FEEL the difference or medical tests (CT scans, EUS etc) may actually show improvement that can not be explained away – that would be great right?

1) “Topical application of GSPE enhances sun protection factor in human volunteers, as well as supplementation of GSPE ameliorates chronic pancreatitis in humans. These results demonstrate that GSPE provides excellent protection against oxidative stress and free radical-mediated tissue injury.”[1] – Science Direct (last two sentences of the abstract)

By the way the word ” ameliorates” is the above article quote means to make better or more tolerable.

2) “Three patients with chronic pancreatitis (two with a history of alcohol excess and one idiopathic) are reported. Treatment with narcotic analgesics and pancreatic enzyme supplements had failed to control their symptoms. The addition of a commercially available IH636 grape seed proanthocyanidin extract (commercially known as ActiVin) to their treatment regimen led to a reduction in the frequency and intensity of abdominal pain as well as resolution of vomiting in 1 patient.”[2] – PubMed

What Grape Seed Do I Use?

Grape-Seed-ExtractI use Now Foods GSE and it works well. It is gluten free. It is also free of other common allergens. The Now Foods product is a good value as well because you get two hundred (200) 100 mg caps for around $20 and each capsule contains 90% polyphenols. This means you get 90 milligrams of pure grape seed in each capsule.

Plus you also get 300 milligarms of vitamin C in each capsule which is a good thing. Vitamin C is another highly anti-inflammatory antioxidant which has been proven to help fight pancreatic cancer. This is important because chronic pancreatitis increases pancreatic cancer risk. So this GSE product by Now Foods provides a “two-for.” A good bang for the buck.

For a complete list of the supplements I use daily, including grape seed extract and some info about WHY they are necessary go here.


  1. – ScienceDirect – Free radicals and grape seed proanthocyanidin extract: importance in human health and disease prevention – Debasis Bagchia,  Manashi Bagchia, Sidney J Stohsa, Dipak K Dasb, Sidhartha D Rayc, Charles A Kuszynskid, Shantaram S Joshid, Harry G Pruesse
  2. – Beneficial effects of a novel IH636 grape seed proanthocyanidin extract in the treatment of chronic pancreatitis – Banerjee B1, Bagchi D. – 1Division of Gastroenterology, Department of Medicine, Washington University School of Medicine, St Louis, MO 63106, USA.

123 thoughts on “Grape Seed Delivers Pancreatitis A Knock-Out Punch

  1. Ann

    Hello, please let me know how many caplets in a day would you suggest to take for Chronic Pancreatitis ( 100 Mg VCaps) at below link.
    I would really appreciate your response. My father ( 75 yrs old) has Chronic Pancreatitis diagnosed 2 years ago.


    1. The Health Guy Post author

      I would start with 1 or 2 caps (100mgs each) per day in divided doses and gradually work up to 6 – 8 per day. Once at 600 – 800 mgs per day I would stay at that level until all symptoms, including abdominal tenderness had completely resolved. Then I’d back down to about 400mgs per day (2 – 3 doses) to see if that would keep me feeling good.

      It may take more or less depending upon damage.

      The grape seed extract coupled with a proper pancreatitis diet should at least give some relief and may help him heal to the point he has no pain or symptoms but if he has been diagnosed with CP he will never be cured. It is a life long regimen of diet and supplements in order to stay symptom free and feeling decent again.

      Good luck

      1. Ann

        Thank you very much for detailed response. Just wanted to check do you have any opinion on using Olive Leaf Extract for CP.
        I am reading a lot on internet regarding this also.
        Thanks again.

    1. The Health Guy Post author

      No grape seed oil is totally different than grape seed extract. Grape seed oil contains almost ZERO OPC’s. OPC’s are the powerful antioxidants that fight inflammation and help to relieve the pain and nausea commonly experienced by those who have pancreatitis. Great question, thanks for asking. Others probably have the same question so this was great. 🙂

  2. ElBanditoSolo

    Hi, I am 27 years old and have had CP since I was 19 (cause unknown). The doctors / GP’s have all treated me terribly and never really given me any help or advice, everything I have done to relieve my pain/symptoms has been through my own research. I have been clear of ANY pain now for over 2 years and I believe I have cured myself through healthy living, positive thought and good levels of anti-oxidant rich foods. Do you think this is possible? (all research suggests not) I am still worried that I may end up with Pancreatic Cancer, so I am going to invest in Grape Seed Extract, after seeing your article.

    1. The Health Guy Post author

      Hi Tony, I totally believe it is possible to heal from pancreatitis and live a normal life. I myself am living proof. I’m NOT cured. IF I eat food that is high in fat (beef, pork, lamb and more) I can still have problems (happened in 2006 from pork I missed on a label) but as long as I stick to my diet and take my supplements I am fine. I think you may have been healed but there is NO cure for chronic pancreatitis. That doesn’t mean you can’t heal and stop the progression. It just means what I said. No cure. I am glad you are feeling so much better but to think you have been cured may be an error. If it were me I’d definitely stay on my diet and just be happy with no pain or symptoms. The addition of grape seed extract certainly won’t hurt but it will NOT cure you of CP either.

  3. bharath

    In our country NOW grape seeds extract is not available is it same as you using please help me i too suffering from pancreatitis since 3 years iam only 19 now (india)
    this indian kart (link removed).

    1. The Health Guy Post author

      Hi BHarath – Natrol grape seed extract should work as long as it is at least 85% polyphenols and has NO other potentially toxic vitamins or minerals in the formula. Grape seed extract combined with vitamin c is fine. Both grape seed extract and vitamin c are non-toxic in large doses.

  4. aakash

    Hi , My mom has been facing the chronic pancreatitis pain form last 2 years and after doing all we can the pain was still unbearable. But my friend, i started giving her Grape seed extract 500 mg , vitamin c and turmeric powder also low fat diet . And to my surprise, i am so happy to share with you that she is not having any pains from last 2 weeks i hope this continues the same way.
    We are very thankful to you and god bless you.
    “Namaste from India”

    1. The Health Guy Post author

      Hi Aakash! THAT Is awesome news! I am sorry your mom is sick with pancreatitis but I am glad to hear that she is finding that diet and supplements help. That is very cool. Thank you for sharing her success. 🙂

    2. Sarath

      Hello akash did your mother feels the same even now then please let me know her diet and supplements which you are following

    3. Ashish

      Hi Akash ,

      Can you tell me which grape seed brand and vitamin c your mother is taking.

        1. Beverly J Kessler

          How often do you take the 100mg GSE? With every meal/snack etc? Also the vit C and turmeric at the same time? Thank you for being here.

          1. The Health Guy Post author

            Hi Beverly … it’s best to work up to 4x daily. That way your pancreas is continually bathed in anti-inflammatory goodness. IF you continually bathe your pancreas in anti-inflammatory supplements and eat an anti-inflammatory diet (make a journal and you can learn the proper way to determine your own diet on this site) you should heal up nicely. You may never be cured if you have damage that has scarred your pancreas but I live pain free simply by doing what I share on this site. NOTHING work 100% for ALL people but I bet around 70-80% will see relief to almost complete resolution by doing what I do. Just a guess. I’m not a doc but then they have no clue even yet in 2023 how to heal a damaged pancreas. Good luck. Any questions please ask. I also have a Facebook support group

    4. Beverly J Kessler

      That is great to hear! Do you take the 500 mg grape seed all at once or throughout the day to total 500 mg. Also with the vit C? How many mg. of that are you taking. Same with turmeric. I would like to know how to space these out or if I should take all at one time.
      Thank you!

  5. Karin

    i have been in ICU for three weeks and a month in hospital recently and still have pain, not as severe as in the intensive care unit, but it makes me cry. I am on a light diet, and have not eaten red meat in 2 months. I have lost weight, not complaining, because I was overweight. I do not drink or smoke, have stopped that more than a year ago. My gallbladder has to be removed in the new year, as I am still recovering. my stay in the ICU was traumatic as no-one thought I was going to make it, I can not remember everything as I was on morphine and when I was awake, the pain was overwhelming. life support was next to me, but I came through. I do not know if we have the product you use, in South Africa. Will I ever be able to eat normal again? still have to see my dietician though. I am a 48 female and apparently a crystal/s from my gallbladder went to my pancreas. thanks for your helpful blog.

    1. The Health Guy Post author

      Hi Karin – I am sorry you have joined the pancreatitis hall of pain but I am glad to hear you survived what sounds like a severe acute pancreatitis attack with some other complications. I know this isn’t what you want to hear but I suggest you resign yourself to the fact that you most likely sustained enough damage to soon have chronic pancreatitis. I imagine you will never be able to tolerate a normal diet and I personally would be very leery of any diet a dietician may suggest. They usually have no clue as to what a damaged pancreas can and can not tolerate. of course that is strictly up to you. I wish you the best.

      1. Karin

        would like to hear you comment. Pain still not abated after my gallbladder has been removed about a month ago. after that I had ended up in hospital again, CT scan shows cells (fat) dying and pockets, or mass fluids entrapped. I have also been diagnosed with pancreatic panniculitis. At least I have no sores on my legs or body, but a deep pain behind my belly button and towards the left hand side of my stomach. I have now lost 14kg so far and at least this feels better, the pain still wakes me up and I am now on a high doses of steroids to try and curb the inflammation around my pancreas. your input please. how are you feeling?

        1. The Health Guy Post author

          Hi Karin – Sorry to hear you are ill. I am guessing that you said you have been diagnosed with pancreatitis. I am also guessing it was severe acute? That would account for dying cells (necrosis) and mass fluids which could either be ascities or a pseudocyst. Did I get it right or misunderstand?

          If I got it right my next question is are the steroids being used to resolve the inflammation inside the pancreas or “around it?” If you were diagnosed with acute pancreatitis did they tell you it was from gallstones or is it autoimmune pancreatitis? They use steroids to resolve the inflammation of autoimmune pancreatitis that is why I am asking.

          If you can respond with some clarification I can reply more intelligently but don’t expect brilliance! 🙂

          I’m feeling good. Thanks for asking 🙂 Hopefully you will also begin feeling better soon.

          1. Karin

            hi there, think you must have deleted my previous message, I understand you must get hundreds. I had acute pancreatitis last year in Oct – Nov and was in the ICU for 3 weeks and a month in hospital. I nearly died and was also told later that other people would have died. I even had the blackening/blue around by lower back. The Dr’s said I had gallbladder pancreas, as I have given up any alcohol more than a year before the attack, thus the removal of my gallbladder this year. Dr also said the steroids are for the inflammation which can be seen around my pancreas. My lipase and trip whatever levels are now normal. they say the dying cells are fat cells. I have seen the CT scan report very briefly, but it was taken by the Dr. I have to see him tomorrow. I still get the worst pain early in the mornings, round about 2 to 3 o clock, it is worse if I lie down, but I take tramadol or tramacet for pain, which I could get legal morphine pills or injections as this helped when I was in hospital. Why would I still have inflammation after nearly 5 months, or is it retracting as they say? I know you are not a Doctor, but I value your input. What is autoimmune pancreatitis? chronic? cancer??

          2. The Health Guy Post author

            Karin I didn’t delete it. In fact I just found it. It’s on the blog post that is about grape seed extract. You live in South Africa. I apologize for not remembering. My memory isn’t as good as it used to be. Getting old 🙂 Anyway from what you said you had an extremely rough time. You most likely have chronic pancreatitis now from the damage you sustained. That would be the reason for the continuing inflammation. It also sounds like you had grey turner sign (you said you had bruising on your back) which signifies you were bleeding internally (internal hemorrhage). Did they say you were bleeding internally? Did you have any organ failure? Did they remove any necrotic pancreatic tissue surgically?

            Autoimmune pancreatitis is basically an autoimmune disease. It presents more like pancreatic cancer and is often misdiagnosed as pancreatic cancer. Here’s a little about it. I was just curious because they’re giving you steroids to treat your inflammation which they also due to treat autoimmune pancreatitis. Treatment with steroids may be a good thing since they are highly anti-inflammatory drugs. How long have you been on the steroids? You should know more tomorrow after you have your appointment with your doc. Make sure you ask him the same question about the inflammation and what he sees in your future.

            I completely spaced this:”I have also been diagnosed with pancreatic panniculitis.” I had never heard of this before so you forced me to learn something because I had to look it up! Pancreatic panniculitis sounds like an interesting but nasty condition. It may have been caused, probably was, by your extremely severe pancreatitis from what I’ve read. Hopefully it isn’t cancer. This is probably what your doc is treating with steroids because steroids are used to treat Panniculitis. This is of course why you may still have inflammation as well since panniculitis is an inflammatory condition. Make sure you pointedly ask your doc why you have it and if he has checked for pancreatic cancer. If he isn’t sure ask him to find out.

            Hang in there, don’t give up.

          3. Karin

            just returned from Dr. I feel I have to share this good news with you. The inflammation now and that of last year, was shown to me on big slides. one can actually start seeing my pancreas now and then nothing could be seen so inflamed it was. I did bleed internally, thus the Grey Turner signs, but miraculously no damage to my pancreas or necrosis, I have scarring, but not of the pancreas? I had the life support machine next to my bed and they were going to put me on to it, as my lungs were too small or partially collapsed and some other things failed, but all came right, another miracle. the pain is from the scarring and the little inflammation left, still substantial, but basically nothing compared to that of last year. I am so glad that there is no scarring of my pancreas? do not know if all makes sense?
            Will however be vigilant of my diet. he also put me on tripolene, not sure if the spelling is correct. will talk to you from time to time. all of the best.

          4. The Health Guy Post author

            Hi Karin THAT is GREAT News! Amazing actually considering your previous pancreatitis history. I’m am extremely glad to hear the tests show such marked improvement. The drug may be Triptyline used for anxiety, depression etc …

            Please do keep in touch.

            Godspeed and best wishes to you! 🙂

  6. karin

    thank you very much, will definitely keep in touch. All of the best for you as well. I am not taking any chances and will stick to my diet. never ever want to go through this again….

  7. Bobby

    Glad to hear that good news as well Karin! Thank you and the Healthguy for sharing your experiences and knowledge. I have not been diagnosed with panceatitis however after having bloody stools and tenderness in my left abdomen my doc did a colonoscopy and saw nothing verifiable. I ate very healthy and it subsided. Since I have been under a tremendous amount of stress and indulged in microbrews along with eating not so healthy, the symptoms came back and the DR. ( gastroenterologist ) did a endoscopy thinking I had a ulcer but said my belly looked fine but my pancreas was swollen. All he told me was do not drink and I did not and ate very healthy again and it seemed to improve. Again I was bombarded by intense stress and unfortunately drank beer and ate not so healthy, now I am paying for this. Its not excrutiating pain but dull and quite uncomfortable so I am swearing to make the permanent change with all that is in my power. One of the reasons for my stress is finances and a result of this is my loss of health insurance so I will not go to the Dr unless my life depends on it. Reading what you said about grape seed I will buy that exact kind tomorrow and am right now having a garlic ginger tea. I read this is very good for inflammation and such. I love to juice so will juice lots of veggies. do you have any specific types that you can suggest? my staple ones are carrot, apple, ginger, beet. Not sure if it helps but I love green tea and drink about 3-5 cups a day without any sweetener. Right now I am thinking I kind of need to fast to give my unhappy organ or system a break, meaning eating very little solid food and eating pure nutrients through the juicing, maybe fresh veggies, protein shakes. Any suggestion what so ever would be greatly appreciated and I fully understand you are not a Medical Doctor, but someone who has suffered from pancreatitis.

    1. The Health Guy Post author

      hey Bobby sorry you have a problem. The GI doc said your pancreas is swollen. He/she did not test your amylase and lipase levels? Didn’t investigate further? Didn’t mention pancreatitis? Inflammation of the pancreas is pancreatitis. Doesn’t surprise me. probably expects you to now what to do without mentioning what the condition is called or how it should be treated.

      IF it were me, and it has been me, I’d fast for like 3-4 days, no food of any kind, just water to stay hydrated. If I had some aspirin I’d take a couple (helps reduce inflammation). I’d go buy some NOW Foods Grape seed Extract 100mg caps. Read the label make sure the product contains BOTH grape seed and vitamin C. If you have the right product it should say on the label 100 mg of grape seed extract (90% polyphenols) and 320 mgs of vitamin C. I’d take 6 Now Foods Grape Seed caps per day to see if that resolves the inflammation and symptoms. When pain resolves I’d do some organic vegetable juice (juice tomato, spinach, kale, carrot, beet, celery, onion, garlic) makes a powerful nutrient dense juice. Cucumber is a good addition. If the juice sets well, keep drinking it for a few days, take supplements and aspirin. once you have felt good for a week you need to get serious about a food diary and pancreatitis diet. Oh and NO ALCOHOL. None. Zip. NADA! Good luck to you Bobby 🙂

  8. Vic

    Guys – just short info from me – i was told i have IBS and after visiting 5-6 doctors
    it turned out it is PANCREAS that was makin me trouble – couldn’t eat anything.
    And i had many attacks (did not know what it was on that time – just thought i am gonna die and that
    this is the end..- however it was not painful it was just there) anyways one thing
    that saved my life and since i started to use it everything slowly became normal (diet is a must so
    i am not mentioning it) – so the thing that saved me is MANUKA HONEY.
    Incredible! I had everythign before – LA pacho/cats claw/GSE/coloidal silver/garlic extract and
    dozen of antibiotics and i am tellin you i stoped everything after takin 1st spoon if this Honey.
    It kills all bad bacterias within 3 days and it is a good start for healing – at least it worked for me.
    I lost 30 kg in about 4 months – so you can see it was really serious. (which worked well for me
    so at least this is one good thing out of it)
    Anyways have a alt of faith and never give up!


    1. The Health Guy Post author

      Vic – Thanks for posting. I had not mentioned Mānuka honey before simply because there are so many folks who are allergic to bees, bee pollen (found in honey), and honey itself. I didn’t want to be responsible for someone having anaphylactic shock.

      Quality Mānuka honey with a UMF of more than 10 is highly useful as an antimicrobial, antibacterial agent. Mānuka honey may be useful (like colloidal silver) in preventing infected pancreatic tissue should someone have an attack of SAP (severe acute pancreatitis). Anyone allergic to bees should NOT use Mānuka honey. Thanks again for posting and it is good to know that you found relief 🙂

      Mānuka honey science:

      1) Manuka honey inhibits cell division in methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus – read more

      2) The effects of manuka honey on plaque and gingivitis: a pilot study – read more

      3) Synergy between oxacillin and manuka honey sensitizes methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus to oxacillin – read more

      4) Intravenous administration of manuka honey inhibits tumor growth and improves host survival when used in combination with chemotherapy in a melanoma mouse model – read more

      1. Vic

        Hey thankz for replay,
        I hope it will be ok for me since few days after 4 months of fighting i think
        i might have the way to get back to normal however Dont make Hay while the sun shines..
        i had allergy for almost every kind of food at the start of this HELL … (everything
        cose of alcohol + some extras + stress – show biz job)

        anaphylactic shock – i think i had it at least 3-4 times during early stages – almost died
        it took sooo long to find out what is goin on – i might had been infected with everything i guess.
        I was just wondering i had feeling of – FINAL DOOM – but it was never painful i am just wondering how this can be? any idea? means there is a chance i can heal it ?
        or opposite that is damaged so much that i dont feel pain ? (mainly was this Final Doom experience – if i could feel pain it only lasted few sec – to be honest dont know what
        is worse) – sorry if it is not clear what i am asking for but you seem to be in the subject
        from quite a while.. all Amylaze and Lypaze are ok – after reading about it thought
        maybe i have lack of HCL in my stomache …
        Just tried to shorten what is in my head and finally someone answered and tryin
        to help..

        Thankz again !

        1. The Health Guy Post author

          Vic if you are talking about that uneasy feeling that your next meal could be the one that does you in, sure, I’ve had that. When I was really sick I thought the end could come at any time. I felt like crap a lot of the time and sometimes like I was surely gonna find out what the next life was all about. I think it’s normal for most people because it is difficult to understand how one can hurt that much, be that sick and not die. One thing that having real bad times with pancreatitis has taught me is that dying must really suck.

        2. Shana

          I realize I’m really late with this post, but i’m just finding this board. I know exactly what you mean, Vic. The impending doom.. cold, confused, unbalanced, labored breathing, shaking/sweating, sheer panic.. but no pain. Turns out I have no stomach acid, zip. So The pancreas is affected because the correct amount of digestion is not being done in the stomach. Reactions are a severe uptick in insulin production once food hits the duodendum, followed by hypoglycemic episodes. Late stage “Dumping Syndrome” is another name I’ve found. Scary as hell. I’m still working with my naturopath to get it all figured out, but completely both terrifying and debilitating. 5 years this has been going on.. allergic reactions so severe they sent me to Mayo Hospital in Minnesota.. and then every allergy test under the sun came back negative. I will be searched for insulomas soon, extra prayers always welcome. But my empathy is with all of you suffering through all of this. Not sure if the GSE would work in my case.. input is greatly appreciated. Ugh, just scary business.

          1. The Health Guy Post author

            Hi Shana have you been diagnosed with pancreatitis? NO stomach acid? Interesting. How do you digest food? What is the cause of the lack of stomach acid? “Dumping Syndrome” can be caused due to several things and one in an insulinoma as you mentioned. I’m not sure whether grape seed extract amy help either becuase you haven’t said what your main condition or disease is. I am guessing that no one knows? By the way …

            Achlorhydria or hypochlorhydria can result as complications of bacterial overgrowth and intestinal metaplasia and symptoms are often consistent with those diseases. It is also a symptom of Helicobacter pylori infection which neutralizes and decreases secretion of gastric acid to aid its survival in the stomach. There are other conditions that affect acid production as well such as hypothyroidism, Pernicious anemia, the use of antacids or drugs that decrease gastric acid production (such as H2-receptor antagonists) or transport (such as proton pump inhibitors), rare diseases such as mucolipidosis (type IV), gastric bypass, and, it is also a symptom of stomach cancer.

  9. danny

    HI HealthGuy,
    I came across a gentleman in internet who takes 5 X 12g of Grape seed extract Caps per day for the CP pain and he admits that it definitely helps with the pain.
    12g looks like very high dose . Can it have adverse affect. ? Highest strength of Grape seed extract available in US is 600mg. This guys lives in Australia where 12g capsules are available . It’s available in the name of “Healthy Care Grapeseed Extract 12000 Gold Jar 300 Capsules”.

    Thank you

    1. The Health Guy Post author

      That is a hell of a lot of grape seed extract. I’ve never even come close to taking those amounts. Heck I didn’t even know you could buy those amounts. I’ve taken 800 – 1000 mgs per day. I know a guy who was taking 1000 mgs at a time several times a day and it really helped him but he had severe acute pancreatitis and they cut out about half of his pancreas by the time they were done getting rid of the infected, necrotic tissue. I doubt he will ever be the same as he was before his ordeal. Anyway, unless you are really damaged I seriously doubt you’d need those kinds of doses. To answer your question grape seed is non-toxic but I doubt those dose amounts were tested. Anything can kill you. Did you know you can kill yourself by drinking to much water? I know crazy huh? Nothing is perfect.

      1. danny

        Hi HealthGuy,

        That’s what I thought about 12g dose of grapeseed.
        Thank you very much for sharing your thoughts!!


  10. Chloe

    Hi Healthy Guy

    I saw you discussed Manuka honey above.

    What about any kind of honey – is it good, bad for chronic pancreatitis or indifferent?

    Also, as Now foods Grape seed is not always available in stores, I found Grape Seed from Nature’s way in gelatin capsules. Is gelatin OK for chronic pancreatitis?

  11. Deb

    Three months ago I had my gallbladder removed since it was full of stones and had a 3% ejection refraction rate. I was having horrible back pain and my lipase was was 1482. They initially thought I had gallstone related pancreatitis. However, since I continued having pain associated with eating, an endoscopy revealed I have pancreatic divisum.

    I am taking Creon 3x a day with meals, and also Zegerd for acid reflex. Is it ok to take the grapeseed exact in addition to the Creon & Zegerd? Are there any contraindications?

    Thanks so much for your time and efforts in responding.

    1. The Health Guy Post author

      Hi Deb – grape seed should be fine with creon and Zegerd. If you have any worries check with your doc and pharmacist. The pharmacist would be my call. An actual pharamcist (not a helper) should be able to tell you about any possible problem with drug interactions.

  12. Sridhar

    My brother is suffering from pancreatitis,doctors said it is infected and there is no chance for surgery.what can we do? please help me…

  13. Neal Borenstein

    Hello my name is Neal: I was able to get some of the products you recommend for the Pancreatitis here in Arizona at Sprouts.. I just ordered on your website through Amazon the vitamin mineral powder and the 100 v cap 100 mg grape seed extract.. I was only able to get the Now product in 60 mg Grape Seed Extract at Sprouts to get started with….so I got the 100 mg from you. I was able to get the Now C-1000 vitamin C at Sprouts in addition to the Curcumin 95. As for the digestive enzymes I just started Creon this week so I did not get those as well..I also picked up a 14 day Liver Cleanse…made by a company called Enzymatic…..when the 2 weeks is up I was told to get a product called Liver Care made by Himalava. My question to you is will any of these liver products make the pancreatic products not work as effectively? the 2 week Liver cleanse you take 3 pills in the AM and 3 pills at bedtime for 14 days…the Liver Care you take 2 pills daily 1 before breakfast and 1 before lunch or dinner… Thanks for all your help!

    1. The Health Guy Post author

      Hi Neal – If you’re on Creon you certainly don’t need OTC enzymes. Creon is a much more powerful enzyme product. “My question to you is will any of these liver products make the pancreatic products not work as effectively?” My answer: I doubt it.

  14. Neal Borenstein

    I know it has only been 1 day! I know that! But I feel remarkably better in just 1 day! More Energy!

  15. Neal Borenstein

    is it Ok to take grapefruit seed extract at the same time as the grape seed extract, cucurmin, and vitamin C? Im not big on grapefruit juice?

    1. The Health Guy Post author

      Should be. I do. I’m not dead yet 🙂 I started using the grapefruit seed extract instead of white grapefruit juice because it’s way cheaper. I still buy some juice now and then but I like it so I get it to drink. Since you aren’t crazy about grapefruit the extract should be just fine.

  16. Deb

    Will enzymes like Creon basically digest the grape seed extract without it being useful?

    I read on a few sites that grape seed extract should be taken with food. My concern is the timing of actually taking the grape seed extract. My doctor said to take Creon before I start eating. So if I take the grape seed extract capsule after the meal, than would I just be digesting it out of my body without getting any benefits?

    Additionally, what type of dosage do you take for daily maintenance? The bottle I have says to take 1-3 a day.

    1. The Health Guy Post author

      Hi Deb, answer to your creon question is NO. Creon is simply a digestive aid. If anything it should help make sure the grape seed is absorbed into your system. I’ve taken grape seed on an empty stomach (every morning) and with food or after eating. It doesn’t seem to make a difference. Don’t worry about what the bottle says. MINIMUM maintainance dose should be at least 1 mg per pound of body weight each day BUT that is ONLY after you are completely healed and symptom free for at least 6 months or more. IF you still have symptoms, which means you still have inflammation and are not healed the dose should be as much as it takes to see results, good results. Like no pain and/or nausea while on a proper low, low fat diet That varies from person to person. The more damage and inflamed a pancreas is the more grape seed is going to be needed to help eliminate the inflammation and begin the healing process.

  17. John

    Hi Health Guy,

    I’m all about eating organic (including supplements), so I found this site that sells an organic Grape Seed Extract and Grape Skin Extract, not sure what the difference is between the two (maybe you can comment on that as well), but was wondering if you can check out the product (see link below) and comment on whether or not you think this could be a good supplement, since it doesn’t contain Vit C in it, but it does have reservatol. Please let me know what you think (just your opinion):



    1. The Health Guy Post author

      Grape seed extract contains reservatol. Buying special formulas is certainly your option. However grape seed extract manufactured in GMP approved facilities is my choice versus buying from a farmer who moonlights at making supplements on the side. Just my thoughts.

  18. Yoram

    When do you recommend taking the grape seed extract? Before or after meals?

  19. Stacey

    Hi health guy, I’m not sure how much grape seed I should take to get the full benefits. My bottle from the local pharmacy says super strength 20,000 mg equivalent to dry seed 20g. How does this compare to what worked for you? Not sure if you have this brand over there but it’s Bioglan.
    Cheers, Stacey.

    1. The Health Guy Post author

      Stacey – WOW! THAT is a boatload of grape seed extract! You are only the second person that I have had on this blog that has mentioned that HUGE dosage formula. Y’all nust be from the same area 🙂 Ummm … that is way too much grape seed I think. I have to ask … EVERY capsule has 20,000 mgs? I’ve never seen a formula with that high of a dose. Can you take it back and get a normal capsule? I’ve never even come close to taking 20,000 mgs in a day let alone in one dose. I’m thinking more along the lines of 100 – 300 mgs per dose and maybe 3 – 5 doses per day.

      1. Stacey Wykes

        Hi Again Health Guy,

        Okay so no wonder I’m confused. Its so weird that there’s such a huge gap in the strengths of our grape seed supplements. I looked up grape seed extract as sold by two of the largest vitamin companies here in Australia – Swisse and Blackmores. Swisse has grape seed extract 14.25g or 14,250mg. Blackmores has 12g or 12,000mg. This is really puzzling and seems very excessive in comparison. Also I just went on a couple more pharmacy websites and the high quantities seem to be the standard here in Australia. I will phone both companies tomorrow and see if I can get any more info and I will go to the drug store near my home and see what else I can find out. Surely it can’t be that much of a huge difference, it’s got me worried now. Will let you know how it goes.

        1. The Health Guy Post author

          Hi Stacey – yeah I don’t know why they would concoct such HIGH strength formulas when it isn’t needed. I don’t think I can even buy grape seed extract in that strength here in the USA. I’ve heard of some folks with a lot of damage who have had to take 1,000 mg (1 gram) doses to see results but that isn’t anywhere near 14 – 20 GRAMS per dose!

          1. Stacey Wykes

            Hi Health Guy,

            Okay so got this back from one of the Vitamin Co’s

            “Thank you for your interest in our products. Grape seed has a very low absorption through the intestinal wall. The super strength grape seed 20 000mg is designed to ensure the maximum absorption to support antioxidant activity”.

            I’ve investigated further it seems all supply in Australia is at this high dose. lowest I could find yesterday was 12 mg. Australia usually quite stringent on drugs etc so doesn’t make sense. I think I need to improvise and cut capsules in quarters?

            Also while I have you, I’ve started the curcumin and whilst it helps with the pain no doubt about it, generally I feel a bit rawer and a bit sorer than before I started it. Should I stop it or persevere? Unless it’s the fruit I’m eating lol.

            Also do you think Amitriptyline could cause pancreatitis? Apparently it can cause gastritis, which is what the hospital diagnosis was. Only my GP thinks it’s my lpancreas.

            Sorry for all the questions, but I respect your knowledge and value your input.

            Many thanks

          2. The Health Guy Post author

            Hi Stacey – I haven’t read anything that mentions grape seed extract being difficult to absorb. I’ve had it work in 30 minutes on me. It is one of the few powerful antioxidants that will cross the blood-brain barrier. Curcumin on the other hand is noted for being difficult to absorb. Piperine, found in black pepper, helps the absorption of curcumin and that is why some curcumin products have piperine in them. Curcumin can also cause stomach issues (nausea, vomiting) at high doses so if you are taking more than 1,000 mgs per day that might be the problem and you could try backing down to see if it resolves. Or you could stop taking it and see if the issue resolves. If not it’s something else.

            Amitriptyline possible side effects are MANY! Whether it could or does cause pancreatitis is not mentioned.

            Ask questions anytime. I won’t always have a brilliant answer lol and if I don’t I’ll tell you 🙂

          3. Stacey Wykes

            Hi Health Guy, wow you’re not kidding there are MANY possible side effects for Amitriptyline. I’ve started cutting back my dosage and I will continue to do so until I can reach a point where I am on the lowest possible dose that works for me. I have another chronic illness that is painful and hence I need pain relief as it is non curable and ongoing. But funnily enough since taking the vit c, grape seed extract, and curcumin my pain is no where near as bad as it was, so that’s a bonus too!
            I guess it makes sense as pain is usually a result of inflammation. Thank you again for your time and patience. God must be smiling down at all the helpful, positive and supportive correspondence going on back and forth between all us folk with AP or CP.
            ? ? ?