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Pancreatic Calcification – Is There A Fix?

Pancreatic calcification is usually due to alcoholic and hereditary pancreatitis. You can read more about pancreatic calcification and check out imaging here. Since there are many decent sources of information pertaining to pancreatic calcification I don’t want to go into it here within this post. Rather, I thought I’d share what may be a “fix” if you… Read More »

Alcoholic Pancreatitis: Who Gets Alcoholic Pancreatitis?

Alcoholic pancreatitis may not be caused simply by drinking to much alcohol for years like once thought. As I mentioned in a previous post about Alcoholic Pancreatitis and the need to quit drinking, there may be underlying factors, like a DNA variant, present in those who suffer from alcoholic pancreatitis. The important thing to understand no matter… Read More »

Drinking Alcohol When You Have Pancreatitis Is Deadly Stupid

Have pancreatitis? Hurts don’t it? Do you enjoy pain? Then quit drinking alcohol! Drinking alcohol when you have pancreatitis is deadly stupid because alcohol can definitely cause the next acute attack that just may KILL YOU! Ok so here’s WHY YOU need to quit drinking alcohol when you have pancreatitis. If you have been diagnosed… Read More »