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Pancreatic Calcification – Is There A Fix?

Pancreatic Calcification – Is There A Fix?

pancreatic-calicificationPancreatic calcification is usually due to alcoholic and hereditary pancreatitis. You can read more about pancreatic calcification and check out imaging here. Since there are many decent sources of information pertaining to pancreatic calcification I don’t want to go into it here within this post. Rather, I thought I’d share what may be a “fix” if you will and a possible way to clear the calcium deposits from the pancreas. Please understand this …

It’s A Crap Shoot!

I HAVE NO CLUE WHETHER WHAT I AM ABOUT TO SAY WILL WORK OR IS EVEN SAFE! I have no science to back my thoughts. They are pure speculation. In fact I’d be more prone to call it a crap shoot. Before we get into the possible fix for pancreatic calcification here is a video about the calcification of the pancreas. And one more thought …

Pancreatic calcification seems to be an unstoppable condition once it starts. As far as I know diet won’t stop it, supplements won’t stop it, once it has gained a foothold. Avoiding alcohol may help, diet may help, supplements may help but nothing seems to stop the progression of calcification.

So what can be done to get rid of calcification (stones etc) within the pancreas due to chronic pancreatitis? Again, this is just a thought I had and may be totally erroneous! BUT …

SOME Doctors Use EDTA To Remove Calcified Arterial Plaque

Chelation For Pancreatic CalcificationFor years some doctors have known that EDTA chelates arterial plaque and improves blood flow. It is standard protocol for heavy metal poisoning (lead etc). In the late 1940’s doctors chelated ship painters for lead poisoning. Some of those ship painters had clogged arteries with typical signs of heart disease (chest pain, etc). When chelated with edta many of those ship painters with clogged arteries began to feel better. EDTA was quickly swept under the rug and kept from the public. A cure for heart disease would have cost them BILLIONS!

Some doctors started using a protocol of IV chelation to remove artery plaque from their patients who had heart disease. Of course this was met with hard-nosed disapproval from mainstream medicine. Those chelation doctors were ostracized, persecuted, sometimes prosecuted and had their licenses revoked. The cash cow, heart disease, was threatened!

jumping-for-joyI have personally talked with people who have used chelation for removing artery plaque. I know one doctor who does it. His patients swear by it. I have heard some great stories. And those patients were either GREAT liars and story tellers or were very grateful because they were almost apostolical, evangelical! Anyway …

One of the components of arterial plaque is calcium. In fact doctors use a special CT scan to diagnose how much arterial blockage someone may have and it is also known as a coronary calcium scan. If calcium plays such a role in heart disease and some doctors use IV chelation to remove calcified arterial plaque my next question was “I wonder if edta chelation would pull out the calcium from the pancreas?”

Study Shows EDTA Chelation Benefits Heart Patients

This is the first study that actually shows what patients and chelations doctors have know for some 50 years. EDTA removes plaque and offers benefit. Most every other study done has been financed by drug companies and of course came back with ZERO positive results. Anyway, my thoughts are that chelation with EDTA MAY help dissolve or remove the calcification found in some pancreatitis patients. No guarantees, no scientific research just a passing thought.

IF it were me what I would do is to check around for an ACAM trained chelation physician and ask him/her what he thought in regards to chelation being any benefit for removing the calcium found in pancreatic calcification. One never know if something may help unless one checks the theory out and if it shows merit, tries it.

ESWL for Pancreatic Stones

EWSL is usually used to break up kidney stones but seems to be a potential possibility for the removal of pancreatic stones/calcification as well in some cases. Watch the following two videos to learn more.

In closing this short article just remember every pancreatic procedure carries risk and many procedures can make your life almost intolerable (pain and suffering) or even cause death. Surgical procedures of ANY kind upon my pancreas would be a last resort, ditch effort in my opinion and life because most people I have heard from who have had surgical procedures suffer far more than those who do not. I KNOW I am gonna get flack from some who have had procedures and have been helped enormously. I have also heard some of those stories as well most of whom have had a pancreatic pseudocyst drained. My idea, which is actually stolen from those M.D.’s/D.O.’s who treat their heart patients with EDTA chelation therapy, is non- invasive except for a needle and since EDTA has been proven to pull the calcium deposits from the vascular regions it should do the same almost everywhere in the body where blood flows. Food for thought don’t you agree?


14 thoughts on “Pancreatic Calcification – Is There A Fix?

  1. Hello! I just left a post on another one of your blogs, but it did not post! SO if for some reason it shows up please ignore. I have CP, 59 woman.. Started about 5 years ago with a couple of very sharp pains under right rib cage and breastbone. Then it was vague pain for a couple years.. I thought it was SOD. Many Dr.s and many tests later show a few calcifications (as of a year ago) and a small cyst on pancreas. They also found a narrowing and redundant (extra loop) duodenum. Which they think could be backing up and causing some sort of issue in my pancreas.I have never had acute. Pain is worsening. I eat well, used to drink, but not much. Raised on health foods, always have eaten very good, close to vegan. No meat or dairy or gluten now of course. I saw 2 drs at cedars, one a pancreatic specialist who wants to do a surgery to completely bypass my duodenum. The other an SOD specialist who thinks I may have SOD, but wants me to do the other surgery first before addressing that (if at all). Cant do the surgery.. all nutrients are absorbed in duodenum! I also talked to a dr there doing research on cur cumin and CP.. I told him about not being able to take it because of the possibility of SOD. I could tell he hadn’t heard that one.
    But have been looking into EDTA. Do you know anyone that it has helped? I emailed Gordon Research Inst, hoping for an answer. I’m trying serrapeptaise, nothing yet but maybe I just need a higher dose. Also I live near you I think. Do you know of a good GI doc here? (Newport Beach).
    FYI, I had an iV of phospphatydal Choline once for a slightly fatty liver.. Completely took that away along with pancreatic pain for weeks.. Wish I could do those regularly, but really pricey. That is the only thing I’ve done that I feel a difference, besides no food!
    We’ve got to fix this.. figure something out..It just is a life changer. And I really like life.
    THANKS for all. you are good..

    1. Hi Chris – sorry to hear you have CP and other issues.

      I think I suggested to another gal who has calcification to check out edta chelation. I do NOT know of anyone who has done it for pancreas calcification but there are thousand who have done it for heart disease and many have expressed remarkable results. I’ve personally talked with chelation patients who swear it saved their life by opening clogged arteries. This “opening” occurs due to the “clawing” out or removal of calcium in the plaque deposits. I am just guessing that if edta removes calcium from arteries it may also remove it from the pancreas? It’s just a guess. Oral edta is super cheap. IV edta chelation which would be much faster is fairly pricey at about $120 per infusion. But like I suggested to her IF it were me I’d talk with an ACAM doc and see what he/she thought. I’d help with a ” GI or pancreatic doc suggestion” but I don’t know one good one.

      I’d also suggest investing time reading this blog, especially the posts regarding, diet, creating a food diary and supplements. Good luck!

    1. Hi Tiffany 🙂 – Good question because there are many drugs that definitely do cause pancreatitis yet are still on the market. Diabetes drugs seem to be common offenders (Actos, Januvia, Victoza, etc). In regards to Adderall I couldn’t find much except for this: click here. It’s supposedly a study of some sort that found that .53%, about 1/2 of 1% were found to acquire pancreatitis while taking Adderall. So I would imagine it could definitely cause pancreatitis to become worse, not heal, etc. Drugs are dangerous. Precription drugs, used AS DIRECTED by a physcian, kill over 100K people per year in the United States. That doesn’t include the number maimed by conditions such as pancreatitis. To many people simply pop some pills without doing research on side effects, asking questions of their doctor like: “if you were me would you take it” or “if you or your child had the condition I do would you take this drug or prescribe it for your child?”

      That doesn’t mean that I’m implying it is your fault. We, as a whole (humans) have been conditioned to take what a doctor says as gospel but many are flat wrong in diagnosis and treatment protocols. Yet, that doesn’t mean they are totally to blame. Unfortunately they have to work within certain guidelines and approved protocols most of which are outlined by the FDA and drug companies. However, many have forgotten the portion of the hippocratic corpus that states: “do no harm.”

      Again FDA approved drugs are dangerous. That is why you see so many lawsuits regarding prescriptions drugs. The thing one must understand about personal injury lawyers is that they are different from the normal parasitical lawyer. They work on a percentage of the procedes, usually 30%. They don’t charge their clients a dime unless the client wins. So when they take a case you can dang well take it to the bank there is a good chance of winning in or out of court; which means the claims are true and drugs maime and kill people.

      More drugs that cause pancreatitis

  2. Hi My name is Mari, I have hereditary pancreatitis surgury for apsess when I was 5, no issues until I was around 30,and am 55 now from that point on in and out of hospital with so much pain they discovered stones in the pancreas with a ercp so they removed the stones and send me home. Have been checked for cancer while the were in there that was clear . have been taking enzymes for probably 7 years, but would love to get off prescription drugs , I have been following your diet and hope that helps any suggestions

    1. Mari I am extremely lacking in knowledge when it comes to pancreatic calcification. In fact the ONLY suggestion or idea I have “toyed” with is mentioned in the above article, EDTA. Whether it is a solution or not is definitely an unknown. Just a thought is all.

      1. Thanks, that is fairly the answer I get from the specialists that I see he also says I can’t explain why you continue to get the pancreatic stones. 24,000.00 for a total to have them removed each time. But I am still tring to use your diet it can’t hurt still tring to save the money to get supplements.

      2. Yeah and among all medical field as well. No one knows why I get stones formed in the pancreatitis and the duct. I have been doing the 15 g fat daily not easy but am successfully getting thru it all. I really miss milk thou any suggestions on that

  3. I see toxoplasmosi in the video parasitic infection encased in cysts, I am independent researcher toxoplasmosis hemochromatosis and diabetes and the association of these to each other

  4. have been told by doctor, pancreas must be removed due to many, many calcifications. Can you explain to me if there are other options and if not the type of surgery itself and living afterwards without a pancreas.

    1. Hi Deborah – I am sorry to hear you are ill with pancreatitis. I know it isn’t fun. I just refreshed the above article with some new content that may be helpful to you check it out. I am NOT a doctor but I have researched various surgical procedures. I would certainly ask your doctor WHY he/she feels that removal of your pancreas is the only option when others do exist. I’d also ask if it were him/her or his or her child or spouse or mother if they would be recommending, doing the same thing as they are recommending that you do. Now …

      I do NOT know how extensive your calcification is nor the locations of the stones/calcification etc. You already know the gravity of removing the pancreas or you wouldn’t be concerned and asking the question you have asked. Which means if you are unhappy with the outcome you can’t simply bop into the local Walmart and buy a new pancreas. I personally believe that the removal of the pancreas should be the last resort, final ditch effort, when all other therapies and options have failed. I also know that surgeons get BIG BUCKS for doing surgeries especially difficult procedures such as TP/AIT, Whipple etc. The normal fee for a TP/AIT could buy most people a house they could live comfortably in forever. And here’s the deal. Whether or not you are satisfied with the result your doctor, Gastroenterologist, surgeon etc., gets paid. Even if you die on the table they ALL get paid. Pretty cool huh?

      In regards to living without a pancreas the ONLY long-term survivor I know of was Peter O’Toole. So I would ask your doc for “after surgery” longevity proof. Again the longest I was able to find researching case studies was a woman who lived 6 years after TP/AIT. Most everyone you hear testify about their pancreas removal procedure had it done only a year or two before. So dig for testimonials of people who have lived 5-10-15-20 years after and what their quality of life is like. The quality of life is important because you will forever need pancreatic enzyme supplementation which means you will need to buy (expensive) CREON or a similar enzyme formulation and take pills at every meal for the rest of your life. Stats show that most people without Islet cell transplantation need insulin shots daily. And approximately 30% of successful TP/AIT patients remain diabetic and require insulin. Then there are those who still have pancreatic ghost pain. Yep, they no longer have a damaged pancreas but they still have that pain! It’s like someone who loses an arm or leg, they can still feel it and pain. So before you let a surgen slice and dice you make darn sure it is absolutely necessary because it can NOT be undone!

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