Pancreatitis Videos: 8 Pancreatitis Videos By Dr. David C. Whitcomb

By | December 31, 2013
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pancreatitis-videosI had one of my readers ask me if I’d seen videos done by Dr. David C. Whitcomb from the University of Pittsburgh. I had to admit to her that I had seen some short videos such as the first that alludes to complex genetics as a cause of acute pancreatitis but that I had not watched the series of 8 videos that Dr. Whitcomb has provided.

These videos were somewhat “eye opening” for me for one reason. It seems as though there really are some doctors out there who care about patients who have pancreatitis and realize that current diagnostic criteria and management of the condition may be lacking.

One thing to notice in video 2 is that there seems to definitely be some patients who do not present with horrible pain. This of course would make pancreatitis even more difficult to diagnose in those cases.

You may want to watch these 8 videos and learn what is transpiring within the field of medicine in regards to actually diagnosing the forms of pancreatitis, how those forms are managed, what risks and complications might arise along with how to reduce those risks and complications. I have found them interesting to say the least.  Thank you Joyce Mayfield Broyles for the heads up!

Pancreatitis: Genetics and Pain

We all know what the pain is like but most people have no clue. It is interesting to hear Dr. Whitcomb explain what he imagines the pain to be like. I think he “gets it.” Then there is the intro to Genetics as a cause which is also quite interesting. This is an EXTRA short video. The 8 part series starts next.

[youtube Jl7ppgaA5yo]

Chronic Pancreatitis Management in 2012: Recent Discoveries for Optimal Diagnosis and Treatment

Chronic Pancreatitis Management in 2012: Recent Discoveries for Optimal Diagnosis and Treatment is a CME-certified online video activity featuring a series of conversations in which Drs. David C. Whitcomb from the University of Pittsburgh, and Christopher E. Forsmark, from the University of Florida discuss recent advances in the diagnosis and clinical management of pancreatitis.

The following videos are a wealth of info about pancreatitis on a “doctor level,” yet easily understood by anyone. So let’s dig in and learn some cool stuff about where doctors are at in regards to pancreatitis.

Recent Advances In the Diagnosis and Clinical Management of Pancreatitis

This video is important because it clearly states that not ALL patients present with classic symptoms. This video is about recent advances in the diagnosis and clinical management of pancreatitis.

[youtube qxIk1nUtxVU]

Signs and Symptoms of Pancreatitis

This is an important video because it is becoming known that just because every patient does not show certain forms of criteria such as fibrosis doesn’t mean that chronic pancreatitis is not present. This video is about the signs and symptoms of pancreatitis.

[youtube LpzwalYGByE]

Etiology of Pancreatitis

Doctors are learning that alcohol isn’t the only cause of pancreatitis and also the Etiology of Pancreatitis.

[youtube 3tU1IOjcVFQ]

Diagnosis and Staging of Pancreatitis

This video covers diagnosing and staging chronic pancreatitis.

[youtube cer_n2RJODA]

Risk Factors and Risk Reduction

Again this video is mislabeled. This video talks about Risk Factors and Risk Reduction.

[youtube _XgZ-oYdkwU]

Pancreatitis Complications and Intractable Pain Management

This video covers pain management. When you hear that antioxidants are not proven to work with those who have alcoholic pancreatitis you may want to be skeptical because I have comments from those who were supposedly diagnosed with alcoholic pancreatitis that have done remarkably well with the antioxidants I use myself. Now …

The antioxidants that have been used by doctors to relieve the pain and symptoms of pancreatitis I don’t and would not use because most are toxic in large doses. Those antioxidants I use (grape seed extract, curcumin, vitamin C) are not. My supplement regimen seems to work all the time for most people, theirs work sometimes for some people.

[youtube Y08jbF4zoqA]

Pancreatic Insufficiency

This video discusses the amount of pancreatic enzymes needed to absorb food nutrients especially fat. Unfortunately for us who have pancreatitis many vitamins and minerals need some fat in the food/diet to absorb them. Fat soluble vitamins and minerals such as vitamin E, D and Calcium need fat to be absorbed properly. Without some fat we can become deficient in those vitamins and minerals. This poses a problem because fat is the enemy; however, if you are extremely vigilant and take your supplements with your meals that have the most fat (should be 5 grams of fat or less per meal) you should do well.

[youtube RDmXUoX0p9I]

Two Complications: Diabetes and Pancreatic Cancer

This next video deals with the two possible complications of chronic pancreatitis. Diabetes can also develop after acute pancreatitis when damage is great enough. Pancreatic cancer is of course the one you really don’t want.

[youtube IxXyN8rwMbE]

I hope you enjoyed this series of videos and even gleaned some new insight from them. I wish you a pain free day!


8 thoughts on “Pancreatitis Videos: 8 Pancreatitis Videos By Dr. David C. Whitcomb

  1. Christine

    I just watched your video about diagnosing chronic pancreatitis in the 32 year old woman who had persistent pain years after an acute pancreatitis attack. Have you ever heard of anyone developing chronic pancreatitis without having an acute attack? Does the an acute attack have to be severe?

    1. The Health Guy Post author

      Yes I have heard of people developing chronic pancreatitis first without an acute attack. If I remember correctly I gave you a link to some really good information about autoimmune pancreatitis via another comment reply. AIP often presents like early chronic pancreatitis and pancreatic cancer. It even LOOKS like pancreatic cancer on CT. It is often misdiagnosed as pancreatic cancer. Like pancreatic cancer AIP will present with raised IgG4 levels. Autoimmune pancreatitis is an interesting condition and very few doctors even recognize it when it presents. So this is one form/type of pancreatitis that usually first presents with symptoms of chronic pancreatitis.

      Those who drink can sometimes present with chronic pancreatitis symptoms first. If I know why I don’t recall. It seems to be uncommon.

      Does the acute attack have to be severe in order to cause chronic pancreatitis? In a short answer – No. There are many people who have recurrent mild AP and end up with chronic. Damage is the key. Whether immediately severe or accumulated over time it’s all damage. When there is enough damage you will experience chronic problems. Now …

      Doctors do NOT think that way. You could have recurrent AP 3 – 10 times per month and if that CT scan or other tests do NOT show them their “criteria” they will tell you it isn’t chronic. If you ask them what is causing your pain and other suffering (nausea, vomiting, weight loss etc) they will come up with some idiot off-the-wall explanation or even say they have no clue but unless they are one of the few with common sense and they ask: “WHY is this patient having continued symptoms and misery?” And then look into the reasons why “recurrent” AP or symptoms that suggest chronic pancreatitis occur (pancreas damage, gallbladder disease, high levels of blood fats, pancreas divisum, Sphincter of Oddi dysfunction, medications, high blood levels of calcium, autoimmune disease) and eliminate those possible reasons one by one they won’t ever conclude that there is enough damage to suggest chronic pancreatitis. For some reason doctors can’t seem to get: “If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, smells like a duck and looks very much like a duck – it’s probably a duck.” Instead they will tell you it doesn’t fit the criteria and they think it’s simply acid reflux, gastritis, food poisoning, or that the planets have perfectly aligned with the solar systems black hole and your symptoms really don’t exist, they are an illusion created by your mind. Pretty cool huh?

  2. Pete K., Northern California

    Hey Health Guy- I’ve been through hell and back with the excrutiating pain of Pancreatitis for months- sometimes tolerable, but often just steady, gnawing, aggravating pain.

    Then I tried your (seemed way too ridiculously simple to be true) suggestion of drinking white unsweetened grapefruit juice.
    Un-freakin’ believable- IT WORKS. It works GREAT! REALLY, REALLY GREAT!

    So help me, after just 2 days of doing so, I feel, better than I have in a long time.

    Sir, I am going to hunt you down, vigorously shake your hand, and send you Christmas cards every year for the rest of your life!

    God bless ya, brother.

    1. The Health Guy Post author

      Hey Pete, I’m happy to hear you are doing better! Are you working with your diet as well? Did you get the supplements? If so it will only get better unless you do something you shouldn’t (eat bad foods or drink alcohol). God bless ya back and stay well 🙂

  3. Pete K., Northern California

    Hi Health Guy,

    I am working with my diet, and with great progress. Less sugar, no peanuts, no milk, no mayonnaise, more fruits and vegetables, no alcohol for almost a year, (thought I’d miss it, but I don’t) less red meat, (I DO miss THAT!) and back to seriously hitting the weights.
    I’ve been taking Omeprazole daily- and it seems to help, although a few weeks from now I will take a few days off from taking it, to see if it’s actually needed. I hope not. I’ve lost 16 lbs, and feel GREAT.

    One important thing I discovered is to NOT eat anything within 4 hours of bedtime- that has been a MAJOR factor.

    Again, I’m serious about shaking your hand and the Christmas cards. You have my email address if you would like to send me your home address.

    I sincerely hope you have a long, happy, healthy, and prosperous life- you deserve it.

    1. The Health Guy Post author

      Thanks Pete! Great to hear you are doing well :-). One thing … NO red meat. No pork, duck, lamb, goose. I’d hate to see you have another AP attack due to red meat, even an occassional “cheat” could be the undoing of your progress. Turkey, chicken, both skinless and white meat fish are fine. Later after you’ve been doing good for awhile you could try some salmon, tuna etc to see how they work for you. Thanks for the update and stay well!

  4. joyce broyles

    Hello my dear daughter has had another attack..we are not recouping in spite of all we did last time ( your protocol). but iam wanting to share these videos info I shared with u 4 years now to my f.b. page but can’t for some reason.. an u help me??♡

    1. The Health Guy Post author

      Hi Joyce – I’m sorry to hear your daughter is not well again. Have they discovered why she is having the attacks? Just share this link (copy and paste): on your FB page. That should do it I hope. IF you’d rather do each video separately you can hit play on each and then click on you tube and then use the link for sharing directly from youtube.


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