Pancreatitis Information Online Can Be Dangerous!

By | April 29, 2013
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pancreatitis-information-onlineANY pancreatitis information online that suggests a pancreatitis patient drink red wine because it is full of antioxidants or it’s ok to eat steak (red meat), pork, lamb, other high fat content foods, use oil in cooking (or prep) is extremely dangerous pancreatitis information.

I have scoured the Internet looking for new research (I already know what works I’m just keeping up on new stuff) in regards to pancreatitis and I am amazed at all the outright dangerous info I find especially in regards to a pancreatitis diet.

Alcohol and fat are the two biggest and most dangerous triggers for acute pancreatitis in those who have chronic pancreatitis.

When seeking quality pancreatitis information online find someone who has learned how to heal their pancreas. IF they are NOT healed or have never had pancreatitis (this includes doctors when it comes to food and drink) be very, very cautious.

I have pancreatitis.

I have had pancreatitis for over 30 years. I was first diagnosed in 1979 and I am one of the few who have probably survived this long and it wasn’t by drinking alcohol or eating my favorite high fat content foods. If you or anyone else wants to really learn how to beat pancreatitis and avoid more acute pancreatitis attacks, chronic pancreatitis pain, nausea and other symptoms then PAY ATTENTION to what I do because …

I am pain and symptom free and have been for YEARS.

I’ll share EVERYTHING, my complete library of pancreatitis information, that I have learned by experience and/or research, for absolutely free. This means you do NOT have to purchase a pancreatitis book authored by someone who has never had pancreatitis, isn’t healed or worse simply wanted to write a book about pancreatitis because their father died from pancreatitis. Not be be rude or cold but IF they new what I know their father may still be alive!

There are blogs and static sites (regular web pages) authored by pancreatitis patients that are still sick. Following advice from a sick pancreatitis patient is like following advice on how to lose weight from the fat lady down the block or listening to your uncle who has filed bankruptcy 3 times regarding how to invest your money. It is NOT smart and can be dangerous! Pancreatitis kills people. The mortality rate for acute pancreatitis is as high as 30% in severe cases with infected necrosis.

pancreatitis-informationChronic pancreatitis survival depends on many factors however the chances are good that if you take the bull by the horns and learn how to heal your pancreas that you may die from something else altogether such as heart disease or a reckless bus driver.

There are associated complications with chronic pancreatitis (pancreatic cancer, acute pancreatitis, diabetes) from which your demise could surely come so it might be wise to try to avoid those complications by adopting a whole new way of viewing food, drink and lifestyle.

I have found pancreatitis information online, authored by “white coats” doctors and certified nutritionists, that have some seriously dangerous information because they say things like alcohol or steak are ok to eat or can be used in moderation or some other stupid hogwash that may put you in serious jeopardy.

Online support groups (any support group) are full of unhealed sick people leading sick people. Why would anyone want to follow the advice of someone who can’t heal themselves? IF you had a doctor who was still sick with pancreatitis, couldn’t even figure out how heal themselves and was HOPING to be approved for a TP/AIT procedure (I’ve seen them in support groups) would you want that doctor trying to heal you? Online support groups are full of piss-poor, even dangerous pancreatitis information.

pancreatitis-informationBE EXTREMELY CAREFUL about who you follow online in regards to any pancreatitis information. Most people, including doctors and nutritionists, don’t know shit about what is good in regards to a pancreatitis diet, what you should or should not eat, what eliminates inflammation or how to treat the disease appropriately in non-emergency situations. I am not saying to avoid the hospital when you are having or suspect you are having acute pancreatitis. However …

IF you pay attention to what I do in regards to anti-inflammatories for pain resolution, MY pancreatitis diet and the supplements I use daily you will most likely avoid another episode of acute pancreatitis. I have had ONE episode of acute pancreatitis in 30 years and it was a nasty one but …

It was my own fault for not paying attention, for not reading a label more thoroughly and as a result ingesting a potent trigger which is pork.

Again, be extremely careful who you follow or pay attention to in regards to what you should consume (food or drink) when it comes to pancreatitis information because there is a lot of extremely dangerous pancreatitis information out there.

40 thoughts on “Pancreatitis Information Online Can Be Dangerous!

  1. Col

    I was diagnosed with Chronic pancreatitis a few weeks ago after suffering with abdominal pains for nearly a year & a number of misdiagnoses (IBS, Bowel blockage etc) an MRI scan finally revealed the cause of the pain as Focal Pancreatitis which has now increased to chronic pancreatitis. I no longer drink alcohol (I wasn’t a big drinker anyway) and am at the moment being maintained with pain relief until a decision is made as to if I need an operation or not. Having just returned from the GP’s today and being given yet more pain relief medicines, I decided to do an internet search on my condition (something I’ve been scared to do in the past) thankfully the search engine led me to your site and not to the usual scaremongering, medically heavy sites. I have been reading through the articles and am going to try the techniques and diets you have recommended, I have become so disheartened with trying to live my life in constant pain & nausea, the fear and anxiety of the unknown can get very intense at times its refreshing to find someone who has been through the same as me & is now living a normal pain free life, it has definitely given me a more positive outlook on things & hopefully changing my diet & taking the supplements will work as well on me as they have on you.

    1. The Health Guy Post author

      Hi Col – The pain, nausea and vomiting does get kinda old doesn’t it? Sorry you had to find out what it’s like. Hopefully you won’t HAVE to have surgery. Most who have surgery have pain the rest of their lives. They don’t seem to heal well. If you are talking about TP/AIT that is different than the whipple or surgery to remove necrotic tissue. You can find quite a number of folks who are pleased with their TP/AIT procedure. Most are very newly done procedures so I’m interested to hear from someone who has been 5 – 10 years post TP/AIT to learn how it actually does long-term.

      Hang in there. Good luck with the diet and supplements. They work for me. I can’t go down to Carl Jr’s and order a bourbon burger with fries and a shake but what the heck right? Any day above ground, pain and nausea free is a good day. Keep me posted. 🙂

  2. Mindy

    Hey Health Guy…stumbled upon your blog via Pinterest. I have always had intermittent stomach pain(since childhood…I’m now 49) and had an episode of acute pancreatitis in ’09. I was hospitalized for 6 days, and went home terrified to eat. Thankfully I was able to go on to a University gastro clinic and pancreas divisum was discovered. They performed a sphincterotomy and off I went, a script for Percocet, and a no alcohol/low fat diet recommendation. The alcohol was no problem, as I was maybe a once a year girl. The low fat diet has since fell by the wayside. Paleo is all the rage…I tried it. I was ok for a while, but recently, I have been experiencing many painful episodes. Today was the worst…all day pain, like a 7/8 kind of pain. I took some (years old) Percocet..still there. Popped 4 Advil a bit ago, quite a bit better! Not 100% but better results that the other. So now, I’ve poured over your blog, and am determined to return to a low fat way of eating. I will also begin the supplement routine, having complete faith in the power of proper supplementation. I’m not gonna lie, eating the low fat way is a complete pain in the ass, but it must be done.
    I have tried enzymes, the first one caused extreme pain. I tried another brand with similar results, pain from top to bottom, burning pain. My Dr.(regular doc, not GI) suggested I take them, and I have found a weaker strength that is ok. I guess I’m not sure exactly how I would benefit from them. I’m wondering if I take them, would my body recognize the presence of the enzymes, allowing my pancreas to just sit back, and not send out its enzymes? My pancreas works fine, my enzymes are sufficient, so adding them to my diet doesn’t make sense to me, unless they indeed allowed my pancreas to “stand down” avoiding any issues due to insufficient duct draining from the divisum. I guess I’m wondering if the divisum is a different kind of situation in that way.
    I’m off to the store in the am to pick up the supplements and get started right away!!

    1. The Health Guy Post author

      Hi Mindy – Pancreas Divisum is an interesting subject. I did not know they had found a way to fix it. So since I read your comment stating you’d had a sphincterotomy I thought I’d relook and viola! Supposedly minor papilla sphincterotomy (MPS) achieves good results in those who have Pancreas Divisum. I would imagine if you’ve had more than one acute pancreatitis attack, even if mild, you have damage that requires a low fat diet and the paleo diet has WAY to much fat. Your fat grams per meal should NOT exceed 5 with most being plant based (polyunsaturated) with a max of 25 fat grams per day. Once you have healed and are symptom free you may tolerate more fat per meal or more per day but probably not a lot more. If you start using grape seed, curcumin and vit C in appropriate amounts you may also see some significant results. In regards to enzymes if you do NOT have nausea 30- 45 minutes after eating a safe meal I doubt you need them. If you find nausea after meals to be a problem after doing the food diary prep and starting the food diary with vegan foods you may want to try a good enzyme product but only with meals.

      The Divisum is definitely a different kind of deal. It’s a congenital defect that as far as I know has not yet been able to be actually fixed but MPS can relieve the acute pancreatitis episodes. And yes, the low fat diet is a real pain in the ass. I definitely miss a lot of foods but I don’t miss the acute pancreatitis and symptoms of chronic pancreatitis. Good luck to you Mindy!

  3. Brandon

    Ironic how you’re posting that “online information is dangerous” in terms of the pancreas, etcetc yet you aren’t a medical doctor and you’re posting information online. I do appreciate your blog and I respect your efforts and information given. Howeveer I think it’s important to note that you speak with a level certainty that prob isn’t accurate for every single person. Every person is different and unique. A good friend of mine had terrible pancreatitis which led to weeks in the hospital, followed by his gallbladder removed from his AP and CP. He calmed down his lifestyle of everyday drinking and terrible diet. However he eats some fats and drinks wine whenever he feels like it and has never had a problem in over 15 years. He is drinking red wine right now and is totally fine. I don;t think it’s the best advice geneally speaking, but I would say clearly everybody is different. Granted he doesn;t drink like he did when we were 21 years old, but he gets tipsy and has his wine all the time with zero repeat incidents in over 15 years. Again I know it isn’t the standard, but the guy is fine.

    1. The Health Guy Post author

      Brandon, good for him! He’s rare. All you have to do is read the comments on this blog or join a few support groups to find out how rare he is. I’d debate some of what you said but frankly I don’t wish to waste the time. You are entitled to your own opinion. By the way I probably do NOT remind my readers enough that I’m NOT a doctor so thanks for doing so! And thanks for stopping by 🙂

      P.S. This is a fresh comment that I just answered and is more typical of what I hear almost daily:

      “Just wanted to update this. Yes. I was having pancreatitis but my pancreas enzymes correct rather quickly so if i wait too long or get the tests done too early, they may discard my symptoms something other.

      I must admit that i stayed on a very low fat diet for about five months and then over the course of five months after that, my diet reverted back to a normal American diet. In retrospect, i may have thought i was cured. About four weeks ago, i had bad symptoms and reluctantly went to the er and my pancreas levels were at 2500. Needless to say, they hospitalized me for four days. Interesting fact though was my enzymes had reverted to near normal levels within 24 hours but the symptoms hung around.

      They pumped me full of narcotics with very little relief. I begged for anti inflammatory meds so they stated with iv toradol and that’s when things started to get better. It’s four weeks now. I’m still sore and very sensitive to foods but i know this is part of the healing process. I have an endoscopic ultrasound scheduled Feb 19 to assess damage, potential causes (if any) and take biopsies. Ct scan shows some fattiness and mild to moderate atrophy. In short, I’m going to be real strict on low fat diet, supplements, complex carbs, etc. I hope they perfect 3d printing of pancreas’s soon!” Joe

      You can read the exact comment yourself on this page.

      Here’s the deal Brandon – you know ONE guy. I know HUNDREDS!

      Again, thanks for stopping by 🙂

      1. Brandon

        I fully respect your answer. Again I wasn’t trying to be a jerk and I truly appreciate your response, and the time you spend in general trying to help people. I am conflicted over all of this and I guess was stirring the pot a bit.

        I actually had my 1st endoscopy today, after a catscan, an MRI, an ultrasound, and prob 10 bloodtests which according to my “DO” was fine (DO not a great start as opposed to an MD). Initially I had elevated lipase of about 900 and amaylase in the 300s, that both went down into range but I still have had pain in the upper left quadrant so he finally did an endoscopy today. For the record I have NOT been out boozing and went from an easy 6 pack a night habit to a “zero pack” and a vegetable/fruit/lean protein and multi grain diet. Still the pain remains. The endoscopy initial results basically show nothing just like all the other tests. Realizing a regular endoscopy does very little in terms of the pancreas and is more so to rule out other things, I am going to schedule an endoscopic ultrasound now, and I don’t know what do do after that. Very frustrating. They want to ram opiates down my throat but I refuse.

        I have given up drinking, fatty foods, I exercise 5 days a week etcetc. Going on 3 months of no drinking, and I’ve always been a gymrat who eats pretty healthy. I cant; imagine the restof m life being without a damn hamburger but as the days pass it’s becoming more realistic to me. I love my fish and veggies, and my ginger and fresh garlic etcetc but I also love a good steak from time to time. Something sadly I may never be able to eat again.

        My buddy I mentioned still drinks his red wine, but I’m not going to go that route. I just wish there was a straight diagnosis because playing this doctor game for months at a time is getting ridiculous. I guess I need to find the right specialist, and sadly the pancreas is still a very rough thing to get a knowledgable doctor on, and even in the big apple nyc if you do find one, the wait is 3 months IF they take your insurance.

        FRUSTRATING and I’m very grateful that for now atleast I’m a lot better off them many many people and prob shouldn’t complain.

        If there is anything I’m missing or missed, or any advice you may have in terms of tests or procedures, docs, etcetc I’m grateful in advance for your time.

        Thanks for doing what you do. We need more people like you.

        1. The Health Guy Post author

          Brandon – no worries man. Trust me I KNOW that when I am sick I am very short fused and NOT fun to be around. When I first got sick and SEVEN (yes 7) doctors at 7 different ER visits did NOT do the appropriate tests and couldn’t figure out what was wrong with me, in fact they had NO clue I, like you, became very frustrated. So I know exactly where you are coming from and it’s ok. By the way an OD is actually better trained than an M.D. They take the same courses, go through medical school, get more courses on nutrition and the spine. They can do sugeries, specialize in any area of medicine etc, etc, etc (said with Yule Brenner’s accent from the movie “The King and I.”) They are kinda like an M.D./Chiropractor in one. So don’t discount your guy. One of the better docs I’ve known was an O.D. Anyway …

          Sorry to hear you are actually one of us. Sucks don’t it?

          Most docs simply don’t know a heck of a lot about pancreatitis. They think they do but well, I used to think I was 10 feet tall and bullet proof but then reality set in lol. IF you can find a pancreas specialist that would be good but most of the time we get a Gastroenterologist as our “specialist” because pancreas specialists are few and most often specialize in surgery. Just hope you get a really good gastro but get this. The only Gastro I saw was an idiot who told me after a 5 minute conversation, no examination, no tests that he thought I had a spastic colon and that I was too young (25) to have anything seriously wrong with me. I ended our little chat after his brain fart diagnosis. The doc who actually diagnosed me was an internal nedicine guy with a brain that worked well and common sense. The place he worked in was like a little Mayo Clinic – totally self contained where I had all the tests done without going all over the city. It wasn’t quite as fast as a good ER but it went quickly. Anyway …

          The EUS is a very good test. It will show certain types of damage better than a CT but they are both great tests for pancreatitis and damage assessment. So you are on the right track. You also seem to be on the right track in regards to alcohol (none), diet, exercie etc. Invest the time to read the content on this site. You’ll learn even more. You might consider doing a food diary prep and the diary itself because doing a proper food diary leaves all guessing behind. If you do it right you will know exactly what foods trigger symptoms and those that do not. On several pages/posts I have listed bad foods to avoid but many times people need to find out for themselves that beef, pork, lamb, duck, goose, butter, cream, mayo, oil and other high fat foods are bad while the grapes they fear are fine and very beneficial in reducing inflammation.

          IF you have questions ask. I’ll do my best to help.

  4. Lisa

    I was just diagnosed with chronic pancreatitis and I am so worried, I have 2 little kids and a single mom. The only symptoms I have (and not sure if they are related) is some back pain and a itchy back. I also have a slight tiny pain in my left rib (really I don’t even notice it)- no stomach pain at all. I do not drink a lot. I believe mine could be the hereditary form (my sister, brother, mom and uncle all had diabetes – and no one over weight and my sister and brother have never drank ). Is my concern higher if it is the hereditary type?

    I am confused on what supplements to take. I will follow a perfect diet if I can figure out what it is and I will never drink any alcohol again. I just need guidance. I don’t know if small meals are better or not eating for a day to heal is better. I do not want to get too thin. I am 5’6 and weigh 120 so I don’t really want to fast completely. What vitamins do you take and how much of them?

    I have never had a attack- they found this on accident basically. I had ct scan with contrast and it came up with 3 cysts- but when he went in to do the camera procedure he told me it is full of “specks”. He has not gotten back to me yet, he did not talk to the person driving me so I am not sure (I was a little out still). I just remember he said it was not cancer and my pancreas was damaged and had specks throughout and I had chronic pancreatitis.

    I cannot get in to see him until next Tuesday but I am so worried I cannot sleep. Everything I read seems to say it is caused from alcohol and I honestly don’t see how mine could be unless it started in my college days 25 years ago and I did not realize. Will the progression be worse if it is hereditary because there is really not a reason for it? Does that mean if it is hereitary that it will just get worse regardless? Will he know how far gone my pancreas is? I have always been active and exercise – but always have been a terrible eater. I am just starting to try to figure this out. I feel like you will be a great help and I am excited to visit your site. I am hoping for guidance on meals, frequency, vitamins,tests just anything! Is the reason it is happening important (alcohol, hereditary, auto immune?) I am concerned about this because of my family history of diabetes and because I have children. Is there a genetic test I can ask for so they are aware of their future and how to protect themselves.

    Thank you-

    1. The Health Guy Post author

      Hi Lisa – Hereditary pancreatitis is caused by mutations in the PRSS1 gene. In 1996, Whitcomb et al. found the R122H mutation in the cationic trypsinogen gene (PRSS1) was associated with hereditary pancreatitis. In addition to R122H, which is the most frequent mutation in these patients, the N29I mutation was found to be the second most frequent; others were also identified, including A16V, D22G, K23R, N29T, E79K, and R122C. What you’ve described doesn’t fit the normal progression of hereditary pancreatitis. But that doesn’t mean squat really because this disease/condition doesn’t always present in a textbook clinical fashion. However …

      Normally people who have hereditary pancreatitis experience their first acute pancreatitis attack at a young age (late childhood) and then suffer recurrent acute pancreatitis with the condition evolving into the chronic inflamed condition. The person with Hereditary pancreatitis almost always has other people in their family tree who have had acute and/or chronic pancreatitis. That certainly doesn’t mean you can’t be different. 🙂 Yet …

      Your symptoms do sound more like alcoholic pancreatitis which can present with chonic symptoms without having the acute condition first. THAT does NOT mean you are an alcoholic but you could have the genetic variant (PRSS1 gene with E79K mutation) that predisposes you to alcoholic pancreatitis and activate the condition simply by consuming alcohol socially. Your condition could also be autoimmune in origin because autoimmune pancreatitis often presents like CP (chronic pancreatitis). The specks interest me and should be noted that they sound like calcification (I’m guessing – I do NOT know) which is more common among those who suffer from alcoholic and hereditary pancreatitis.

      In any event I know you are worried (understatement most likely) yet rest assured there is a 90 % chance you’ll live to see your kids grow up, maybe even your grandkids grow up. There are thousands of people who suffer from CP and live a long life. Most do so in pain but they live. But I believe there is good news. I believe that it’s possible for many who are now in pain to live pain free with lifestyle changes. But many are NOT willing to change their lifestyle.

      I believe (I’m proof) that if one follows a low, low fat diet, takes the proper supplements and avoids alcohol that they can beat pancreatitis and live pain free or at least pain free most of the time or at worst simply reduce their suffering. Some who have congenital defects such as pancreas divisum live with a challenge. Those who have had severe acute pancreatitis with lots of damage may never realize complete resolution of pain and symptoms.

      It sounds to me like you have tons of questions you should write down in preperation for your doctor visit. Don’t be afraid to put his/her feet to the fire by asking point blank questions but be prepared for the answers as well. Again …

      I KNOW your fear. I may be well, as well as one can be with CP BUT … in the back of my mind there is ALWAYS that little haunting fear that my next meal could be the one that leads to extreme agony and death. Yet Lisa I have lived 27 years more than the doc who diagnosed me said I would (most of it pain free). So don’t sit around thinking, tormenting yourself, with visions of dying tomorrow, next week or next year. It probably won’t happen especially if you have a good doctor. 🙂 By the way …

      You can find out about everything I did (diet, supplements, etc), and/or still do to get well and stay well on this blog. It’s all here. Unfortunately I’m not a chef, I don’t do recipes etc but you should be able to sift through the info and formulate your own meal plan. The jist is this: NO or very little Fat, NO alcohol.

    2. The Health Guy Post author

      Lisa – I forgot one thing. IF it were me with what I’ve learned over the years I’d really try to find out why you have CP, if your doc is absolutely sure it is CP, why he/she is sure of the diagnosis and what caused it. Keep us posted. 🙂

  5. Vicki

    I have CP and the only way to prevent flare ups in to follow the diet you have described above. My nutritionalist advised me to eat egg beaters instead of eggs. I’m lactose intolerant too! I’m assuming the egg beaters is because the egg yolks themselves are bad for us. Do you have clarification? I have found that grapefruit juice makes me really nauseated – but lemon juice with water works fine. Have you found a safe dessert – sherbet or sorbet – coconut milk yogurt? Just curious – my sweet tooth is nagging me.

    1. The Health Guy Post author

      Hi Vicki – egg yolk is high fat (5 grams per yolk). Fat is the enemy. Grapefruit juice can be hard on the stomach. If you are taking prescription drugs grapefruit juice can cause interactions, some lethal. I love the stuff but I also do not take presrition drugs that interact. Jello is usually safe for most pancreatitis sufferers. Fruit is also good for dessert. You can try the other things you have mentioned and see how they work for you. I high suggest you read about how to do a proper food diary (prep, etc) and do that. That way you know for absolute certain what does and what doesn’t work for you.

      1. nicole olita

        Hi my name is Nicole I have suffered from chronic pancreatits for 22 years well now I went for an mri because I am having issues and they found a cyst 3.3mm now I had to have blood work to find out it it may be cancerous my Dr said he doesn’t think so but I am so scared due to if it’s even benign it has to be watched closely any suggestions how I can get rid of this

        1. The Health Guy Post author

          Hi Nicole – I’m sorry to here you have a cyst and I know the big C word probably scares you a bit. The only thing I can suggest is that you start a proper CP diet. The first step would be to start your own food diary and that begins with a proper prep. You can find the info on this blog. Once you’ve accomplished the prep you begin the food diary step-by-step. There are also certain supplements that need to be taken in the proper amounts. Start out with low doses and work up until you feel good results. The diet in combination with the supplements will eliminate the inflammation and that in turn may help the cyst drain on its own. IF the cyst is cancerous I have no clue what the outcome might be and would suggest you follow your doctors recommendations because cancer is above my paygrade. Please keep us all posted as to how you are doing.

  6. Sam

    I have very bad pancreatic issue I’m only 42years old and already went to hospital twice. I still have pain some times. I don’t drink or smoke, but food is my biggest issue….feels like I cant live without it. what kind food or food chart I should use???
    Right now I am scared that I might end up going to the hospital anytime… I need help

    1. The Health Guy Post author

      Hi Sam – I’m sorry you are not well. I understand your worry. Fat and alcohol are the two biggest enemies. Invest some time reading and learning. On the right hand side of this site is a category section. Check out the categories dealing with diet and supplements.

  7. Vicki Kennedy

    Deer meat is the perfect antidote for a hamburger craving. I was never a fan until I really had to ring in my diet – after the 4th pancreatic attack. Clean eating is key- egg whites, low fat meats. My doctor restricted me to 20 grams of fat a day – no more than 10 per meal. Processed food- and fake foods are the worst. Our bodies are not designed to process them. I am healthier now than ever – and if I cheat – my pancreas lets me know it. Amazon sales a great book – Clean Eating. You will still have to make adjustments – but you will live longer and your pancreas will be much healthier. My treat night is Chicken Fajita’s – with the chicken cooked an indoor grill. (Nothing but pepper added). Salsa, Pico – lots of peppers. Salmon is also a very good choice for meat lovers. Even though it is a fatty fish – it is not high in fat! Grapefruit juice or grapefruit is a really good thing to have each morning. Hope this helps! I am experimenting with a lot of new foods. It is an adventure!

  8. Anne

    I am 3 weeks out of a 7 day hospital stay with acute pancreatitis and still can’t manage more than a small boiled potato — I have found the chronic diarrhoea so debilitating – my liver levels are nearly back to normal but am terrified to eat. Doctor says any fructose in fruit or juices irritates the bowel at this stage – did you suffer with loose bowels after your acute attack ?

    1. The Health Guy Post author

      Hi Anne – sorry to hear you have joined the pancreatitis hall of pain. Do they know what caused your acute pancreatitis? Has the cause been eliminated? If so you may heal up and never have another problem but … It takes time to heal. So it is extremely important to do things right. One of those things is to eat a proper, low fat diet once you are able. I don’t know that fructose is a problem. It has never bothered me. In fact grapefruit juice stopped my acute attacks and helped me start healing at first. I personally think (in fact I know) that juicing is beneficial, especially after acute pancreatitis. I had diarrhea but not often. Grapefruit juice does not play well with prescription drugs (the list is long) so check with a pharmacist BEFORE drinking grapefruit juice if you are on any prescribe medications.

    2. Vicki L Kennedy

      Acute diarrhea is a sign of a misfunctioning pancreas. I have found that eating a bland diet has helped me. I drink warm lemon water each morning. I have given up sodas – and drink water only. I do eat grapefruit almost daily. (Maybe it has the same healing side effects as drinking grapefruit juice.) Lot fat – non processed foods. My doctor told me – no more than 20 grams of fat per day – no more than 10 per meal. If I cheat on my diet – my tummy tells me. My gastro said to follow what your tummy says. Bowel movements are predictive of your gastro health.

      1. The Health Guy Post author

        Hey Vicki – sounds like you have a good handle on your condition. You also have a doctor who is giving good advice (20 grams of daily fat). Grapefruit (the fruit itself) is just as good as juice maybe better since you get the whole fruit.

  9. JP

    I have had ridiculous abdominal pain since I was a teenager and lived in a medium sized town in Oklahoma. I was diagnosed with IBS, Gastritis and random other BS. Finally, one Easter I was out-of-town with my girlfriend at the time, now my wife, and I had an attack. We were in the smallest most podunk town in Kansas. Well after 4 hours in the ER they actually said…you have pancreatitis. I said what? And they said you’re staying for awhile. 30 days later I left the hospital thinking I was good to go and…..not a chance. Long story short, that was 11 years, a Whipple procedure and probably 100 more pancreatic attacks. I literally just left the hospital last night after the worst attack I’ve EVER had. I’ve cut out all the fat, stopped eating large portions, stopped eating regularly and flat out stopped eating at all at times. I can go months without an attack and then have 5 or 6 within 8 weeks. I’ve searched and searched for answers but seem to find none. I am going to read your site and take it in and hopefully find something that works. Oh, my biggest negative in the situation is that I have Polycystic Kidneys and can’t take anti-inflammatory medications.

    In any case, I do recommend that anyone considering whipple surgery really do their homework on the surgeon. I was lucky and had one of the best in the world and it was still a long, extremely painful journey back to normal. One last thing, I’m pretty sure that opioids and other narcotic painkillers are the worst thing to take as I fully believe they cause the pancreas to malfunction at times.

    1. The Health Guy Post author

      Hi JP – sounds like you have certainly had your share of pain. I pray that changes for you. Thank you for stopping by and sharing your story. If you have any questions please feel free to ask.

      1. JP

        Hey, I wanted to follow-up my post. I mentioned that I can’t take anti-inflammatory meds, however, I bit the bullet and took some ibuprofen instead of the oxycodone and MS Contin they prescribed. Guess what… still was uncomfortable BUT far LESS uncomfortable than when I was taking the narc meds. Sooo, my kidney doctor said take them only when it flares up and I’ll be fine. Wow, could this really be a small win? Let’s hope!

        1. The Health Guy Post author

          JP that is awesome! Sounds like a win to me 🙂 I don’t remember if I mentioned this but curcumin can do the same thing as anti-inflammatories like Ibuprofen and do it almost as well and it may not harm the kidneys – I am NOT sure of that so let me check it out. Curcumin may also be beneficial for PKD and kidney disease in general. Check out the research …

          1) Curcumin inhibits renal cyst formation and enlargement in vitro by regulating intracellular signaling pathways. Read here
          2) Curcumin and chronic kidney disease (CKD): major mode of action through stimulating endogenous intestinal alkaline phosphatase. Read here
          3) New treatments for autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease Read here

  10. Kaushambi

    Hi! My mother has been suffering from acute pancreatitis since March 2015. Her first attack
    was quite severe and that time some biliary sludge was found, but apart from that the doctor could not find a concrete reason. There was also a small polyp in her gall bladder. The second attack happened in July 2016 and it was mild. That time too, no reason was found and she was asked to maintain dietary restrictions which she did as much as possible. Her third attack happened yesterday, which was milder than the last one (Amylase – 339 and Lipase – about 3000).

    She did not have to get admitted to the hospital this time and we got it under control at home itself. Her doctor today has said that he wants to get some specific tests done for genetic mutation or pancreatic divisum etc. My grandfather died of leukaemia and one of my mother’s aunts succumbed to breast cancer. Does that put her under any risk?

    Additionally, my mother also suffers from hyperparathyroidism, hyperthyroidism, hypertension and is also undergoing treatment for endometrial hyperplasia (which happened later in the same year as her first pancreatitis attack).

    We are unable to figure out how to control this unpredictable disease and are also very worried about this progressing to a worse condition. Any advice would be very helpful!

    Thank you!

    1. The Health Guy Post author

      Hi Kaushambi – I am sorry to hear about your mother. Genetics do increase cancer risk. Sludge aka biliary microlithiasis is a common cause of acute pancreatitis. Gallbladder removal may be something she might want to consider. Also if she is on prescription meds for he various conditions you may want to check out the names, google them using name of drug + pancreatitis and research whether any drug she is currently taking may be suspect as well. Since biliary sludge has been identified (where there is sludge there are probably stones that have already passed as well) she may want to cut out high fat foods (red meat, pork, mayo, butter, margarine, oils, etc) because they cause the GB to expel sludge and stones. If she is still able to bear children (having periods) she may want to consider eating foods rich in iron (beans, peas, lentils, spinach, etc and eat those foods with a high content vitamin C food such as oranges to help iron absorption) which may help reduce the super saturation of bile which will help to slow down stone formation. I hope she feels better soon 🙂

  11. Kaushambi

    Update on previous comment:

    So, I checked with mum and turns out that during her first attack, USG reports suspected sludge but MRCP did not show any. But, a polyp was found in her gall bladder. However, a week before she had her second attack, she had a USG done again in which the polyp was no longer visible. Another MRCP happened after the second attack, where everything was normal, apart from the normal inflammation of the pancreas. No scarring or tumour or any abnormality was detected, by God’s grace.

    The gastroenterologist had suggested an ERCP but later said that it could be done if she had a third attack. Third attack happened yesterday, though milder than previous ones. Now, the doctor wants to test for genetic mutation and all, and obviously wants to get an ERCP and EUS done. He has therefore, referred us to another doctor who specialises in pancreatic diseases. We are yet to consult this new doctor, but don’t know what to expect. It could be absolutely anything, though only fear is the big C. Hoping and praying that it’s not THAT!

    Mum mostly maintained dietary restrictions but had started taking too much tea/coffee and dairy products and stuff like fruit cakes and nuts on a daily basis. She would get occasional hints of pain, but thought it was normal and then yesterday she had some fruits, tea and then a sweet, right after which she felt uncomfortable and stopped taking food and only took water. She isn’t doing okay with water and electral and did not have to get admitted to the hospital.

    And now, we’re only waiting to fix an appointment with the new doctor and till then we’re absolutely in the dark, apart from scary information available on the internet which is doing little to calm our nerves. Present doctor is not paying much heed to the observation that excess dairy intake might have been a trigger! Any, absolutely any advice, insight or anything is nothing short of a blessing right now!

    Mothers are such precious souls! Many many thanks from the bottom of my heart!

    1. The Health Guy Post author

      Kaushambi – It is good your mom is going to see a pancreas specialist. In the mean time diet is extremely important. A proper diet (No alcohol and little or no fat) can go a long way in preventing more acute pancreatitis attacks. Invest time reading my posts about diet. You can find them under the category (categories are listed on the right side of this page) called “pancreatitis diet.” You might also want to read about supplements that fight inflammation. Almighty God, THE Great Physician, can do what man can’t so put your trust in Him and take everything to Him in prayer (Luke 18:27). Cast all your cares upon Him (1Peter 5:7).

      1. Kaushambi

        Hi Health Guy! Thank you so much for your valuable inputs. Mum regulated her diet ever since her second attack and is taking very low fat diet. She’s feeling fine and is on leave from work and taking rest at home. I think this time they will perform an EUS for further investigation.

        Earlier MRCPs have shown everything to be normal, no mass lesions or dilation or anything. I’m only worried about EUS revealing something disturbing, though I’ve been doing some reading and it shows that MRCP is just as sensitive, just non-invasive. Don’t know how worried we should be about the EUS and its outcome.

        Hoping for the best! 🙂

        1. The Health Guy Post author

          EUS is a GREAT test (from what I have read about it) and can be extremely helpful in seeing stuff no other test can show. It also has a low risk of complications. All good.

  12. Theresa Myers

    Hi Health Guy, I believe I wrote when I had my first attack, if not, I read, learned & lived through the first severe attack. I got the grape seed extract, vitamin C & just noticed I failed to get the curcummin. I just went through a second attack & noticed my abdomen swollen & I was very ill. I swore the Lisinopril set it off! Losartan was just as bad. Ezetimide made me deathly ill. I would feel a little less pain & misery & after taking a dreaded blood pressure pill, it started the downward spiral of feeling like I was going to die. The night of my monthly mandatory doc visit, due to pain rx for chronic moderate to severe back, hip, neck, shoulders, knee, ankle, feet, hands, & wrist pain; I was due for blood test. She took 4 or 5 vials so I will check my amylase & lysase levels. I was also put on a statin that caused multi dysthymias & will never take another! I am allergic to ibuprofen so I had migraine rx w/acetaminophen & butisol for pain & inflammation also 15 mg. Oxycodone for pain. Ice packs to my abdomen because it was hot, swollen & full of pain. The area where my gallbladder was cut became very sore & ached as well. I really thought I was ready to die! I have been terribly fatigued for the past year & getting worse everyday.I wanted it checked but did not want to know if I had cancer because I am a Paramedic and worked in the ER and other floors and already know I don’t want to know. I don’t want my last stretch of life consumed by one prominent, ugly, no hope vision. I consider ignorance as bliss in this case since I’m 63!;) I visit the doc in two days. I also want to add that with the chronic spine, I can even feel my spinal cord swell & touch metal or bone from surgery 12 years ago! I’ve been grieving the loss of two long term pet companion family members. My Blue & Gold Macaw of 23 years & my 14 y/o English Bull Terrier. I’m sure that grieving didn’t help but the relentless bone pain is making me crazy. I quit the patch due to all of the hassle & I’m allergic to adhesives but had a few areas on back & upper arms that were able to tolerate it sometimes. I don’t want nerve blocks. I want to feel what’s going on, not find out by accident! I don’t drink because it will give me a headache if I take a nap:( I swear the constant pain is killing me. The suffering is unbearable. I don’t like talking about it because I get tired of my own voice! If they called my bone pain CANCER, I could be given dilaudid straight away! Morphine also makes me deathly sick & you know if you start vomiting with a bad pancreas you know it almost kills you because you vomit until you vomit sand like emesis. I do want to share one good thing I discovered & it is Hibiscus flowers tea. Introduced by neighbor from Mexico one day when I got sun sick about 10 years ago. I just happened to make some because a new dog was coming & I made it for the family bringing her. I took a few cold, sweet sips and my pain eased up! I was thrilled & almost over did it and got gastric reflux set off but I got things under control and used it over the next few days. The dog escaped 13 hours after being here so I lost money and a dog and grieving again because she was mistreated that it was more of a rescue! One woman actually got offended because I said I was too sick and carrying life’s burdens & secrets had broken me down. I thanked her for the nice Mother’s Day message she sent but was just too sick to chat. Told her chatting actually made my gut tense. Her response was
    “Okay understood.” I was stunned. Now I have to nurse someone’s feelings & I feel like I’m dying. All I could say when she called was ,”You clearly don’t know me.” because I’m no kind of way trying to tell her don’t fuss over me or blowing her off. I couldn’t believe my eyes & ears. What I read or heard. My chest started hurting into my shoulder blade and neck so I took a chewable aspirin and let the craziness go before I had another heart attack. Lived through at least one big one & maybe 2! I don’t want my heart messed with either! Know all to well what goes on in the operating room! How’s that for jaded!! Thanks for all of your tips & any input is appreciated. I do drink a lot of milk but I’m hooked on it. It eases my stomach pain after taking pain rx sometimes plus soo much acetaminophen causes my guts to hurt. The migraine rx has low dose 350/50/50 on caffeine & butisol. Thanks HealthGuy! Theresa

  13. Theresa Myers

    Hi Health Guy, it’s Theresa again. I forgot to mention that I have become weak and shaky in my extremities as I try to go about even the smallest chore. As my abdomen swells I become extremely short of breath just from ambulating short distances. I do use an inhaler since wheezing started a few years ago. Thanks for listening & I hope you try the Hibiscus flower tea or called Jamaica at the Mexican online grocer. I just got up to sip some and the search for my half of a glass in an overfilled refrigerator.

    1. The Health Guy Post author

      Hi Theresa – it sounds like you haven’t seen any improvement since your last visit. I’m sorry to hear you are still suffering. You said: “Thanks for all of your tips & any input is appreciated.” I don’t know what input I have to offer except that ACE Inhibitors DO cause acute pancreatitis. ACE inhibitors are made from Lancehead venom peptides (South American viper).


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