Pancreatitis Eating Tips That Work And You Can Use To Heal

By | March 4, 2021

pancreatitis eating tips pancreatitis diet food list for healing

Are you looking for usable pancreatitis eating tips that work, that you can really use and notice a difference? You’re in luck because …
I just posted a comment on a thread and I was quite impressed with it LOL (just kidding) so I am posting it for everyone to read. Here goes …
I am mostly plant based.
I eat VERY little fat.

Pancreatitis Eating Tips

In fact I have been promoting a low fat diet online since around 2007, long before doctors even had a clue diet was important to the healing of a damaged pancreas.
I stay under 20 grams of fat daily. I suggest others do the same or at least 25 grams or less daily and around 5 grams or less per meal.
I do NOT eat butter, dairy, margarine, oil, mayo, egg yolk, beef, pork, lamb, duck or geese and absolutely no alcohol.
I also avoid avocado, coconut, nuts. seeds (sunflower, flax, pumpkin etc etc) because they are all high fat.
I eat nothing with high fat content no matter how good that fat is suppose to be for me BECAUSE it doesn’t work. And people who are sick find they get well when they avoid FAT and ALCOHOL.
Alcohol hides.
It (alcohol) is in overripe fruit (sugar alcohol), fermented grains (soy sauce is an example), cold remedies (Nyquil, etc), baking products (vanilla extract), mouth wash (listerine), even some prescription medications contain alcohol – if you see a word ending in OL it is an alcohol.
For example:
Sorbitol is a sugar alcohol used as a sugar substitute and other things.
Eating gets complicated when looking for triggers in foods. Food is NOT our friend. One needs to learn to … eat in order to live instead of living in order to eat.
I may expound on this later.
Oh before you go one more thought:
Don’t worry about weight loss.
Worry about continued damage due to inflammation from the foods you eat that are high in fat.
Worry about losing your pancreas!

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2 thoughts on “Pancreatitis Eating Tips That Work And You Can Use To Heal

  1. Susan

    Help! Does this mean we must avoid those sugar substitutes that use erythritol? Some “blends” have Monk fruit or stevia combined with it. We are also fighting diabetes and had used some of those substitutes. Also, what about vinegars like Balsamic or Apple-cider? Must we avoid these too? The vinegars I checked say less than1% alcohol, is even that much too much?

    1. The Health Guy Post author

      Hi Susan … I avoid ALL types of alcohol. People try to say that certain alcohols are safe. I don’t agree. Especially since most of them are still sick trying to figure out how to stay out of the ER. I don’t have that problem because I don’t drink alcohol or eat foods that contain alcohol, ANY KIND! I also don’t slather hand sanitizer on my skin which absorbs alcohol.


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