Grape Seed Extract Dosing Information

By | March 4, 2021

grape seed extract dosing information

 Extract Dosing Information and  Usage Directions … Oops! SUGGESTIONS!

I suggest Now Foods grape seed extract (start with 100 mg pills first) because it’s best to start low dose and work up so you don’t suffer detox sickness and ALSO contains vit c so you get a “2fer” …
Two supplements in one …
And you’ll start low dose on both so “detox” sickness doesn’t happen.
Learn more about grape seed extract.
I keep repeating myself regarding directions and yet people buy 250 – 400 mg pills to start and then whine about getting sick. 
Follow directions and be happy or do it “your way” and complain it made you sick and doesn’t work.
By the way my supplement cocktail will NOT replace proper diet!
The supplements are NOT magic “snake oil” bullets …
They are a researched, scientifically based, non-toxic solution that has helped me live most of the last thirty (30) years pain free.

Grape Seed Extract Dosing Information

you can heal your pancreas with grape seed extractGrape seed extract is very powerful so go slow if you are just starting out and work up until you get the results you want because like I said …
Grape seed extract is VERY powerful and if you take too much at first it can cause unwanted issues because it pushes toxins out of your body too fast and the liver and kidneys have difficulty keeping up – in other words you get detox flu which can be miserable so start low dose and SLOWLY work up.
Don’t get a product that has more than 100 mgs per cap to start – and start with ONE per day for a week and work up, 2 caps the next week (divided doses one am, one pm). Then 3 caps the next week etc etc etc.
You may need to work up quite high in dose.
Dose depends on a couple of things, weight and damage.
If you’re 6’4, 240 you are gonna need to take more than someone 5’5 and 120.
If you have tons of damage you will probably need more than you think.
EVERYTHING I use is non-toxic (won’t kill you at high doses) but that doesn’t mean it (supplement regimen) is totally safe.
Products that contain larger amounts could cause issues if you are NOT used to it. Once you are used to the grape seed extract then you can buy higher dose caps so you don’t have to take a handful of pills 2 or 3 times a day.
Again, I am not a doctor, I am not even a college grad. I’m just some dude that reads too much lol
I claim to heal or cure absolutely nothing. I can’t diagnose, I can’t prescribe a treatment protocol.
You can get all supplements I use/suggest at your local health store. Even larger dept/chains like Fred Meyer carry health products.
Or you can get them at Amazon below. I use Amazon because they are always cheaper and shipping is usually free which is nice. Just look to make sure at check out that you choose free shipping because they are gonna try to charge you.
Grape seed extract
Vitamin C works with grape seed extract to enhance it and extend it’s half life. Start with one cap and work up just like grape seed extract . IF you get the NOW Foods grape seed extract 100 mg you do not need to buy vit C separately because that particular grape seed formula contains vit C. You get a 2fer
Curcumin is awesome. It is almost as potent as anti-inflammatory medications like Ibuprofen, Naproxen etc BUT does not cause bleeding, high blood pressure, heart attacks, kidney/liver problems like big pharma drugs.
Curcumin will cause stomach upset (nausea and vomiting) in large doses so again –
Start LOW, go SLOW and WORK UP!
DO NOT USE curcumin if you have GB issues or SOD. IF you do you may not be a happy camper.
Allone Multi-Vitamin/Mineral
This is the absolute best multi-vitamin/mineral I have ever used. It may seem expensive but if you purchased top quality vitamins and minerals like this separately you’d spend a fortune and this is a TWO (2) month supply for one person. This formula also boast 8 grams of protein.
Good luck! 👍

6 thoughts on “Grape Seed Extract Dosing Information

  1. Dorothy Lowsky

    My pancreatitis is triggered more by carbs and sugar than fats and oils. Have you heard of this?

    1. The Health Guy Post author

      No Dorothy and if you actually did a proper food journal with proper prep and then followed a plan you’d likely find you working under incorrect knowledge.

  2. Peter Martin

    I used to drink about a bottle of wine every week at the most, for about four years. That was my total alcholol consumption. Yet, they told me in the hospital that my acute pancreatitis was due to alcohol. I had no problems stopping everything alcoholic during the last five years. But today, I doubt that alcohol was the cause and I’m now looking for a second medical opinion from a gastroenterologist.
    Any comments or advice appreciated.

    1. The Health Guy Post author

      Hi Peter … I’m sorry I am responding so late. I have no excuse. Doctors always pick alcohol as the culprit. It makes it easier to call someone a drunk instead of looking for the actual cause. It’s funny that these experts don’t even know that alcohol is no longer the #1 cause of acute/chronic pancreatitis. Gallstones are now the top cause with big pharma drugs coming is fast os the heals of gallstones and alcohol. So if you’re looking for the real cause look #1 for gallstones or “sludge.” Most of the illustrious experts don’t believe sludge is a cause but sludge is small gallstones, sand, and sand is abrasive. Think sandpaper and then what it does as it passes through the common bile duct into the sphincter of oddi. It literally “sand papers” the sphincter causing the formation of scar tissue which then pisses of the sphincter causing it to “spasm” shut and when that happens it can mimic pancreatitis pain but it can also cause the bile and pancreatic enzymes to back up into the pancreatic duct causing acute pancreatitis. The next source could be big pharma drugs. IF you are on ace inhibitors for high BP or heart failure, Lisinopril is a common one, they contain snake venom which pisses off the pancreas and throws it into acute inflammation. Diabetes drugs EXCEPT insulin are all culprits. Statin drugs for cholesterol also cause acute pancreatitis. Viral infections, autoimmune diseases, abdominal trauma, and pancreatic abnormalities such as Pancreas Divisum also cause acute pancreatitis. Then there are high blood fats which also cause acute pancreatitis if they exceed 900. There is ALWAYS a cause. Doctors are simply to lazy and unskilled to search. Good luck in your discovery efforts. I wish you better health!

  3. Dave

    First of all thank you for your very in depth discussions regarding pancreatitis.had my first encounter at age 23 rejecting food .swollen Pancreas,painful to touch sometimes touching would cause instant vomiting,nausea etc.after a week I saw Dr.he expressed his opinion about my panc but didnt take it serious because of my age .I read some info in a health book and learned alcohol and fatty foods were no good so I stopped drinking and eventually things seemed better for most part.the years to follow I had my ups and downs with AP flare ups some worse and longer lasting than others but I would always just tough it out. I learned quickly how helpful water was in those times and used that to help for years.eventually when I was 30 I was getting mri of my heart I believe or maybe ultrasound I can’t remember as I’ve had so many different scans over years butduring scan they found my pancreas was riddled with cysts along with 1 of my kidneys.My Dr recommended I get panc looked at on yearly basis but as I wasn’t shof or etc therefore didnt realize how much I have been hurting myselfwing direct acute symptoms no other orders were given.Not long after that some drastic changes occurred in my life leaving me out of medical coverage and living in a completely different part of country from Dr.But I’ve always refrained from drinking as my lesser if 2 evils.Past 6 months I’ve been living in a place that provides my meals twice a day and between the poor diet and lack of exercise during pandemic lockdown my health has dramatically deteriorated past months.I’ve only put it all together within last 6 weeks or so but all of my symptoms are definitely result of my pancreas..lost weight,painful stomach,nausea,loss of appetite,vomiting,dark urine,to name a few ,unfortunately I was never told what symptoms to look for therefore had no idea the agony I hav inflicted on myself.Anyhow.I want to thank you for all the work you’ve done to help educate and essentially give us the tools and knowledge to fight this as I’ve lost almost all faith in our doctors(over paid pill pushers)And Now I am hopeful that I can pull myself out of this once again by following your supplementary and dietary I was begining to worry I could lose the fight as this is worst I’ve gotten since my first attack 16 years ago and almost all medical reading only tell you pancreatitis is terminal etc…doesnt leave much room for hope…lol at least now if the supplements and strict dietary change doesn’t work in next few months…maybe then I will worry enough to even see Dr about it….I got serious about it enough I went and got life insurance policy for daughter as I didnt feel too hopeful and I knew if I was gonna open can of worms through doctor and medical system it would definitely affect chances of life insurance coverage….but at least now I have something to try which I feel can’t make things any worse in next 6 months and anything that it makes better is just bonus.thanks (sorry for rambling)

    1. The Health Guy Post author

      Hi Dave … I am sorry to hear you have been suffering for quite sometime with no real medical care. It’s a tough condition to control once damage is done. If you have questions just ask. I’ll try to help. I have a support group on Facebook (Beating Pancreatitis Support Group) you may find helpful.


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