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      The Health Guy

      Low Fat Diet Foods For CP and SOD is the place to post any SAFE recipes you have personally tested, tweaked and found safe for your damaged or healing pancreas.

      I had originally planned on some folks sharing recipes and I’d post them to my blog. However, there were to many logistical problems. So I have decided to open up a forum for pancreatitis and SOD diet foods. I do NOT want to see posts from people telling others it is ok to eat what I’ve preached as being banned dangerous foods such as:

      • read meat (beef, lamb, goat, sheep, moose, elk, deer, antelope, or some mystery animal),
      • pork (any cuts)
      • bear
      • duck, goose or cornish game hen
      • mystery meat (hot dogs, lunch meat made with banned meats or any kind of weird meat)
      • gravies, sauces, soups and broths that contain those banned foods or mystery meats
      • oil (any kind)
      • any other high fat foods (mayo, egg yolks, butter, margarine, cream, milk, nuts, seeds, avocado, coconut, chocolate candy)

      The only EXCEPTIONs are NO fat variations of certain foods (no fat milk, no fat cheese, no fat yogurt, etc) that seem to be well tolerated by a lot of people.

      I do NOT want to see posts that allude to or condone alcohol, even in small amounts, as being “OK.” Alcohol may not affect SOD but it certainly causes problems for those who have pancreas damage.

      I’m not trying to be a control freak but people who follow my lead (what God taught me) have been finding relief. Some have had extremely good healing experiences. It is my goal to continue in that direction. So …

      Please, do not post recipes that will get you banned.

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      I use this recipe for poached pear as dessert.
      It may not be nutrient rich coz of cooked fruit but it does taste good when you want to have a taste of something comforting and sweet.
      Pear 2 large peeled , cored and halved.
      Pomegranate juice 1 cup
      Sugar 1tbs
      Water 1cup
      Cinnamon stick small piece

      Place juice ,water,sugar ,cinnamon in a pot. Mix.and cook on low heat till sugar dissolves.

      Add pear pieces.
      Let juices come to a simmer. And cover and cook with lid closed. After 10 min change sides of pear pieces. Close lid and again simmer for 10 min.
      Check to see if tender, if so, then take pear out and place in serving bowls.
      Reduce juices till they appear thin sauce like.
      Pour juice sauce over pear and serve warm.
      Note: all the cooking to be done on low flame, to preserve as many nutrients as possible.

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      The Health Guy

      That sounds tasty! I’m gonna have to try that. Thanks for sharing Faria 🙂

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      I tried this flat bread. Glutten free recipe. It makes decent flat breads, which can further be used as pizza base, or baked to form crackers etc.

      Potatoes 2 large, boiled, peeled and diced.
      Rice flour as required 2-5tbs
      Topiaco flour 2 tbs
      Salt and pepper to taste.

      Process boiled potatoes in food processor for a few minutes, they will start looking sticky.take out in a bowl.
      Add topiaco flour ,salt, pepper to the potatoes and mix with a spoon.
      Now add rice flour 1 tbs at a time and keep mixing between each tbs.
      You want the potatoes to have a dough like consistency and should not stick to your hands when kneeding.

      Take 2 tbs of dough.make a ball.
      Flaten out to 1/4th of an inch thickness. Heat a non stick frying pan on medium heat, now toast both sides of bread on medium high heat till golden bubbles form on both sides.

      Serve with soup, lentils, mixed vegetables, or use like a roll,

      P.S. if you cook it on low flame it would turn hard. And won’t be nice to eat.

      Once cooked you can cut it in strips and bake till crisp for a kind of finger food.

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      What do you think of eating Beef Gelatin? The proper grass fed kind, e.g. Great Lakes Brand? It has no fat but does come from beef so could this cause a reaction? For people without Pancreatitis it is very healing for the gut and if you make it into a jello only using gelatine and fresh squeezed vegetable juice can have nutritional benefits. But not sure about for us cranky panky people.

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        The Health Guy

        Tanya I don’t know. I’ve eaten jello with no problems (as far as I know) and I’m sure the gelatin used in Jello probably comes from components of some animal. It should be fine but if you experience symptoms you may want to discontinue usage. Sorry I don’t have a better, more scientific answer lol.

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