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      grape seed extractGrape Seed Extract is one of those very rare natural remedies that actually does produce amazing benefits. I have used this amazing extract for years and quite frankly without it I may not have been able to be alive today, writing this forum post on the benefits of grape seed extract.

      Grape seed extract is highly anti-inflammatory.

      What this means to you is that it can most likely reduce the inflammation in your pancreas.

      If you suffer from SOD (sphincter of oddi dysfunction) I am almost certain you will see “happy dance” results. In both cases (pancreatitis and SOD) grape seed extract should be coupled with a low fat diet, devoid of high fat, inflammatory foods to obtain the best results.

      For more complete information about grape seed extract visit my blog post called: Grape Seed Delivers Pancreatitis A Knock-Out Punch

      Here is a list of supplements I have found to produce amazing results.

      It is best to start with low doses and work up until you achieve the results needed. Start with 100 mgs and take 100 mgs once per day for a week. Then increase to 100 mgs twice per day, for a week. Then 100 mgs 3x per day for a week then 100 mgs 4x per day for a week. If you have not seen the results you were hoping for within the  example timeframe simply keep increasing the dosage until you do because …

      When I first started I needed 200 mgs 4x daily, coupled with my low fat diet, to get results.

      supplement sweet spotFinding your supplement “sweet spot” is a trial and error journey. People with a lot of damage are going to need more. Larger people will usually need more than smaller people. So test, test, test.

      When buying grape seed extract you want it to be a single, stand alone product or you want it combined with vitamin C (both are non-toxic). DO NOT get a formula that contains a bunch of other ingredients that could be toxic at high doses! MOST vitamins and minerals can become toxic when taken in high doses. Here are some that are toxic in high doses:

      1. Vitamin A
      2. Vitamin D
      3. B complex (B1, B2, B3, etc)
      4. Folic Acid
      5. Selenium (mineral)
      6. Iron (mineral)
      7. Zinc (mineral)

      The jist is this: even though we need certain amounts of all essential vitamins and minerals many become toxic when too much is ingested so – avoid combination formulas when buying grape seed extract.

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