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      In 2005 the mainstream medical community finally found curcumin to be an effective pancreatitis treatment. The good news is that curcumin won’t kill you. I had previously known this information for 10 years.

      When the above article was published I had already been using curcumin (found in turmeric) for over 10 years as an all natural pancreatitis treatment. In combination with grape seed extract and vitamin C,  it not only reduced my pancreas inflammation but eliminated pancreatitis symptoms with very good results.

      Like I said, I already knew that curcuminoids, found in the extract of turmeric, was beneficial as a pancreatitis treatment. Its benefits was proven in my case and quite frankly that was good enough for me but now for you doubters out there you can read concrete medical proof that curcumin works for treating pancreatitis. Supplement treats acute and chronic pancreatitis.

      Why does curcumin work for pancreatitis?

      curcuminCurcumin is a natural and highly ANTI-inflammatory curcuminoid found in the spice called turmeric. It is a member of the ginger family. Ginger is also anti-inflammatory and …

      Since pancreatitis, acute or chronic, is an inflammation of the pancreas common sense dictates that a powerful, natural, anti-inflammatory such as curcumin would be beneficial.

      It was beneficial.

      I personally can not tell you how beneficial it may be by itself because I use a combination of curcumin, grape seed extract and vitamin C; ALL powerful, natural, anti-inflammatory nutrients.

      The curcuminoids found in turmeric reduce pancreas inflammation.

      Even though my major concern is stopping pancreas inflammation BEFORE irreparable damage can occur, curcumin has another potential benefit for you and me.

      curcumin-cancer fighterIt has also been shown to a possible angiogenesis inhibitor. In other words it inhibits cancer, even kills it by causing cancer cells to commit suicide.

      Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation scientist Biji Kurien is studying how curcumin, a chemical present in turmeric spice, can affect cancer.

      “What caught our attention is that Asian countries have very low rates of prostate cancer,” Kurien said. “Curcumin is quite common in traditional Asian dishes. In the West, where the spice is used much less, the rates of cancer are higher.”

      To learn more about what an angiogenesis inhibitor is and why it may be an important factor for those who suffer from chronic pancreatitis follow this link.

      Since turmeric is a member of the ginger family common sense should tell you, me and everyone what?

      That ginger also helps resolve the inflammation that hallmarks pancreatitis.

      Ginger is also a powerful anti-inflammatory and it has been a home remedy for nausea for years. You may want to consider adding turmeric’s buddy, ginger, to your supplement arsenal.

      I use both turmeric and ginger in cooking.

      A lot of both.

      I also take turmeric extract (capsules) daily. The exact product I use can be found here.

      You should as well.

      I would highly suggest that you begin using turmeric and ginger in cooking and take the extract daily as a natural treatment for pancreatitis – if you want to prevent, control and stop attacks of pancreatitis and the potential resulting damage.

      Curcumin is one of the products you should be consuming daily to stop the inflammation in your pancreas and adding ginger to your food will be of benefit as well. 🙂

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