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      The Health Guy

      Welcome to the Beating Pancreatitis Forum!

      This forum is for those who suffer with acute pancreatitis (just diagnosed), recurring acute pancreatitis or chronic pancreatitis. If you have questions and need answers this may be your information resource. And be sure to visit: Beating Pancreatitis (The site).

      I hope you like it and come back often 🙂

      Forum Rules

      I have decided, tongue in cheek, to start a beating pancreatitis forum so that people could ask questions, share experiences with others and generally have a place to come and visit with others who have the same issues. I want everyone to feel comfortable, welcome and appreciated however …

      I do NOT want to see posts from people telling others it is ok to eat what I’ve preached as being banned dangerous foods such as:

      • read meat (beef, lamb, goat, sheep, moose, elk, deer, antelope, or some mystery meat), pork, duck, goose or
      • gravies, sauces, soups and broths that contain those banned foods or
      • any other high fat foods (mayo, egg yolks, butter, margarine, cream, milk, oils, nuts, seeds, avocado, coconut, chocolate candy)

      The only EXCEPTIONs are NO fat variations (no fat milk, no fat cheese, no fat yogurt, etc) that seem to be well tolerated by a lot of people.

      I do NOT want to see posts that allude to or condone alcohol, even in small amounts, as being “OK.” In other words …

      I do NOT want this forum to become like most support groups that keep those who are sick, sick because …

      My goal, if at all possible, is, for those who are sick with pancreatitis, to find relief, healing and the resolution of symptoms.

      In the case of chronic pancreatitis, which has no cure, my goal for those who stalk my blog is what can only be termed as “remission.” I want you to feel good again! And if you achieve healing, remission and a better life all I can say is praise the Lord! If it weren’t for Him this forum, blog and me probably wouldn’t be here today.

      I don’t want to see forum abuse (spam, arguing, unkindness, vulgarity). In other words …

      This is NOT the place to hawk your mlm, affiliate products or post the links to some guru site (kowabunga hagnasty) who supposedly heals everything from hangnails to cancer.

      I do not spend all my waking hours on this site so there is a chance I will miss a spammer, hawker, rule breaker for a time but when I do see a rule breaker there will be no grace! I will delete their posts, ban them for good and consider this to be the only warning.

      Other than the above no-no’s please feel free to have fun because IF I have installed this forum properly …

      • You can create your own profile.
      • You can upload avatars.
      • You can upload cover images.
      • You can create topics.
      • You can upload appropriate pics to your topics.
      • You can post answers and comments on topics.
      • You can subscribe to forums and topics.
      • You can friend people.
      • You can send private messages to friends.
      • You can delete your own account.
      • Etc, etc, etc (Yule Brenners voice)

      In order to accomplish the above simply register, login then go top right and check out the “dropdown” menu.

      So I hope you like and enjoy the time you spend here and thanks for joining 🙂

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