Reply To: Low Fat Diet Foods For CP and SOD


I use this recipe for poached pear as dessert.
It may not be nutrient rich coz of cooked fruit but it does taste good when you want to have a taste of something comforting and sweet.
Pear 2 large peeled , cored and halved.
Pomegranate juice 1 cup
Sugar 1tbs
Water 1cup
Cinnamon stick small piece

Place juice ,water,sugar ,cinnamon in a pot. Mix.and cook on low heat till sugar dissolves.

Add pear pieces.
Let juices come to a simmer. And cover and cook with lid closed. After 10 min change sides of pear pieces. Close lid and again simmer for 10 min.
Check to see if tender, if so, then take pear out and place in serving bowls.
Reduce juices till they appear thin sauce like.
Pour juice sauce over pear and serve warm.
Note: all the cooking to be done on low flame, to preserve as many nutrients as possible.