Ibuprofen For Pancreatitis

ibuprofen-for-pancreatitisLet’s discuss Ibuprofen for pancreatitis. I take it for acute pancreatitis, only acute pancreatitis. If you have chronic pancreatitis you may want to try taking Ibuprofen for pancreatitis daily but ask your doctor if it is safe to take with your current drug regimen.

Ibuprofen for pancreatitis is simply common sense but it is NOT a safe drug. Actually there are no safe drugs. A Big Pharma company could take something as safe as vitamin C and create a drug that would kill you so anytime you are dealing with a Big Pharma drug there is risk.

Ibuprofen For Pancreatitis – Risk vs Benefit

With acute pancreatitis there is risk as well, a lot of risk. Risk that it will escalate in to necrotizing pancreatitis (necrosis with infection), organ failure, bleeding, shock and/or death. Severe acute pancreatitis with complications poses a mortality risk of up to 30%.

There is also risk with Ibuprofen for pancreatitis and you need to be aware of the risk.

Why I Use Ibuprofen for Acute Pancreatitis?

I use Ibuprofen for acute pancreatitis because the risks are definitely outweighed by the benefits. The biggest benefit is that 800 milligrams of Ibuprofen will stop an acute pancreatitis attack where NOTHING else but other NSAIDs (aspirin, naproxen, etc) will.

When you cut out all the medical bullshit acute pancreatitis boils down to this …


Nothing that the medical community does in the ER stops an acute attack within 90 minutes.

It takes them days!

They are slower than shit going up a rough tree!

They first try to determine whether or not you are having an acute attack. That is assuming you have already been there done that, have the pancreatitis hall of pain t-shirt and they (your local ER team) have actually recognized acute pancreatitis before and it is in your records. So while they are fiddle-fuckin’ around trying to determine what’s wrong your pancreas is eating itself and you are sustaining damage. Now…

When they come to the conclusion you are having another acute pancreatitis attack they do what?

pancreatitis-doctorsThey give you an opiate for pain.

Opiates only “mask” the pain.  What is worse is that opiates are a known CAUSE of acute pancreatitis. And doctors give opiates for pancreatitis pain? Go figure huh?

So IF they work how do opiates work?

They trick your brain!

Yep, opiates trick the brain into believing you don’t hurt and most will take you on a pleasure cruise to exotic locations, or so I have heard.  Frankly …

Demerol didn’t do shit for me, no pain relief, no pleasure cruise.

The sad thing, like I said a couple sentences up, is that opiates also CAUSE acute pancreatitis.

That is fact!  But …

Even IF the opiates work for you “masking” the pain is not even close to the same thing as dealing with the inflammation, by using an anti-inflammatory drug like Ibuprofen for pancreatitis, which when eliminated also eliminates the pain.

ibuprofen-for-pancreatitisWhy does eliminating the inflammation with Ibuprofen for pancreatitis also relieve the pain?

In the case of pancreatitis, eliminating the inflammation deactivates the enzymes. You see those enzymes are NOT suppose to activate until they reach your small intestine. However when your pancreas becomes inflamed, for whatever reason, those enzymes (trypsin) can activate early while still inside the pancreas. The inflammation causes the enzyme activation. And …

That is why once the inflammation is resolved, by using Ibuprofen for pancreatitis, the enzymes deactivate, they quit devouring your pancreas and the pain disappears. Read a previous post what happens during an acute pancreatitis attack

Anti-inflammatories are considered to be minor to moderate pain relievers because they relieve headache pain, arthritis pain and so on but the reason they work in those conditions is because they eliminate or relieve inflammation. The pain in those conditions is caused by inflammation as well so when an anti-inflammatory is used to eliminate the inflammation the pain resolves. In the case of Ibuprofen for pancreatitis larger doses are required than are those usually taken for joint pain and headaches.

Pancreatitis pain can be mild.

Pancreatitis pain can be moderate. But …

When demerol (used for moderate to severe pain) won’t even take the EDGE off the pain I wouldn’t call that minor or moderate pain, would you?

Doctors treat symptoms.

I prefer to go after the CAUSE because …

While the ER doc is shooting your ass up with pain meds to treat your pain your pancreatic enzymes are still chewing up your pancreas. The inflammation is still there. It has NOT been addressed! In fact the opiates can cause MORE inflammation and CAUSE another bout of acute pancreatitis. An anti-inflammatory like Ibuprofen for pancreatitis makes more sense.

Oh sure, doctors have figured out that you should not eat and so they take away your food.


Any moron could conclude that fact, since ingesting food tells the pancreas to produce enzymes, and then when your pain resolves 2 – 5 days later they want you to bow, pay homage and do the happy dance because they saved your life. Your pancreas is frickin fried and almost useless but hey they stopped your pain and saved your life! They are like …

… gods!


They are imbiciles!

They let your pancreas devour itself.

IF they had the brains God gave a goose they would have figured out that anti-inflammatories such as Ibuprofen for pancreatitis were indeed the answer!

WHY? (I hear you asking)

So we’ll cover it again.

What Is Pancreatitis?

Did you say inflammation of the pancreas? (Correctamundo!)

What eliminates inflammation?

Did you say anti-inflammatory type medications? (Correctamundo!)

See! Did you notice that this pancreatitis pain and inflammation issue isn’t really a difficult dilemma such as solving quantum teleportation?! But …

There is the issue of money.

IF you knew that $.30 worth of Ibuprofen for pancreatitis would accomplish more than a $1500.00 – $10,000.00 ICU visit which would you choose?

Exactly! And …

I would hate to think that money, cash flow, cabbage, bread, c-notes, ben franklins could be the reason doctors do not tell you about Ibuprofen for pancreatitis or other anti-inflammatory medications but money (or it’s loss) may be exactly why you don’t know about the fact that Ibuprofen will stop an acute pancreatitis attack.

Hell, I don’t sell Ibuprofen.

I have no vested interest in telling you about Ibuprofen for pancreatitis and how I stop my acute pancreatitis attacks. Ok, sure …

Ibuprofen-for-pancreatitis-snake-oil-salesIf you buy some grape seed or curcumin and or other products I might make $.44 (44 cents)  up to a whole $1 or $2 IF you really get extravagant and buy several bottles but do the math!

At about $.44 per bottle I’d have to sell 500 bottles per day to make any kind of money! And trust me on this it ain’t even CLOSE! I think my record day has been like 5 bottles, wow, $2.20!

$2.20 EVERY day would barely buy my coffee! But …

I ain’t doing this for money which is a good thing cuz I’d starve! So …

IF any of you reading this Ibuprofen for pancreatitis blog post THINK I’m just a snake oil salesman trying to take advantage of some desperate people well …

You need to think again because this is NOT my dream, lotto winning, money niche.

I have pancreatitis.

I know what the pain of pancreatitis is like and I hate to see people suffer more than they actually need to or be butched by some surgeon IF it could have been prevented with $.30 (30 cents) worth of Ibuprofen for pancreatitis! So …

IF you think for one minute I am simply trying to take advantage of your pain and suffering you, my friend, can kiss my white ass and go somehwere hot!

The FDA can kiss my white ass!

The FTC can kiss my white ass as too!

I stumbled upon what works for me which is to say God showed me what works and I am simply passing it along so that you may have the knowledge of Ibuprofen for pancreatitis as well.

I can tell you this, the night I was in an excruciating acute pancreatitis attack and the demerol didn’t do shit and I started rumaging through the medicine cabinet and found my wife’s 800mg Motrin tablets and they said “take for pain” and I was in PAIN and after taking one I was no longer in pain that …

When I told Dr. Langdon what traspired he was dang sure O.K. with writing a script for me so that I could continue using Ibuprofen for pancreatitis! But then he was one cool and very good doctor. But …

There is risk with Ibuprofen for pancreatitis and similar NSAIDs.

We’ve already covered those risks.

Aspirin is an alternative which seems to work as well as Ibuprofen for pancreatitis.

Aspirin is somewhat different because unlike Ibuprofen aspirin doesn’t cause heart attacks where Ibuprofen has been known to do so. Aspirin can and does cause bleeding in some people, so does Ibuprofen and this can be life threatening as well. But …

Again the risk is small when using Ibuprofen for pancreatitis and it seems to work a tad better than aspirin (I’ve tried 1300 milligrams of aspirin); however, if you have an adverse reaction from either Ibuprofen (or another NSAID) or aspirin please remember I have told you it could happen and I have also told you that if you do what I do – you do it at your own risk.

If you should die please don’t tell me because I will feel absolutely horrible.

I have no idea why God showed me the way.

I have no idea why he saved me (even the doc said I should have been dead) because ..

I’m an asshole.

I’ve been an asshole my whole life. But …

He helped me find Dr. Langdon who listened and had the brains to recognize my condition and confirm it via tests. He helped me discover Ibuprofen. He led me to white, unsweetened grapefruit juice which actually stopped my acute pancreatitis attacks and by that I mean – they just stopped after I started drinking grapefruit juice. Then …

He helped me discover grape seed and curcumin and put together my regimen that along with my diet (which God also helped with – I mean who would think of doing enemas to completely cleanse their system before starting their food diary?) allowed me to actually heal.

So why me when so many others have so much more damage and are in so much more pain?

I don’t have a clue.

I can think of tons of reasons why He should have simply let me die a very painful death but did He?


He saved me.

He had His Angels protect me.

He showed me how to survive and now …

I’m passing what He taught me along to you.

I could care less where you buy your grapefruit juice, grape seed extract, curcumin, vitamin C, pancreatic enzymes, multi-vitamin/mineral formula or Ibuprofen (advil, motrin). Get them at your local health store or your grocery store or where ever, just get them and try them.

Use my supplement cocktail coupled with Ibuprofen for pancreatitis to stop an acute pancreatitis attack.

Use my diet and daily regimen to heal.

Avoid all dubious information on the net, especially if they ask you to buy some frickin’ book they wrote after their father died of pancreatitis. IF they knew what I know their father may still be alive and well! And …

free-Ibuprofen-for-pancreatitis-informationMy info is frickin’ FREE! You can spend all day at my sites, learn everything you need to know and the info won’t cost you a damn dime.

A few of you who follow my info have said I should write a book.

I don’t want to write a book and get paid.

God didn’t charge me.

He GAVE me everything.

The least I can do is to try to return His kindness in the same fashion.

I would like to know if the info helps you. If you find releif or better yet healing; I’d like to know. I don’t want a bunch of rah, rah …

I just would like to know if you feel better. And …

If you do, thank and praise God, not me.

Try Ibuprofen for pancreatitis and my cocktail for resolution of your next acute pancreatitis attack and try to have a pain free day!

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  1. wow, i’m so glad I found your site and info. I started having my attack of what I’ve been thinking was a gallbladder one a few days ago. I also stumbled onto Motrin.
    Even though folks on the web said nothing touched their gallbladder pain, I noticed the ibuprofen did. It took it away in about 30-45 min. Today I’ve been in bed trying not
    to take it though, thinking it would mask a fever or more pain which i assumed was from my gallbladder. Anyway, now I think that possibly i have a case of Pancreatitis,
    after reading through your blog. Don’t know if I’ll still get an ultrasound soon to rule out stones…not sure. What started my horrible pain was eating a huge pile of sunflower
    seeds several days ago. Have you heard of that causing Pancreatitis?? Thanks for everything:)

    1. Ibuprofen works wonders for pain caused by inflammation. The pain is relieved when the inflammation subsides. I was kinda led to it I think anyway, I am glad it worked for you.

      Gallbladder disease and pancreatitis have some commonalities.

      Both are triggered by fat. Sunflower seeds are FULL of fat. It may be good fat for most people but those with gallbladder disease or pancreatitis shouldn’t eat them or at least not more than a VERY SMALL mouthful on occasion. So yes, sunflower seeds could definitely have been the trigger or at least the straw that broke the camel’s back so to speak. Don’t get me wrong. Sunflower seeds do NOT CAUSE pancreatitis but they could certainly trigger AP (acute pancreatitis) in those who already have pancreatitis and they could also trigger a gallbladder attack which could and does CAUSE pancreatitis if a stone gets stuck in or near the pancreatic duct.

      Alcohol doesn’t bother the Gallbladder but can throw the pancreas into a real hissy fit. Symptoms can be somewhat similar as well especially if your gallbladder is infected but by and large the pain of acute pancreatitis is severe to extreme and CONSTANT. It can bore from front to back and visa versa. Lying down usually makes the pain worse. The patient usually, involuntarily, leans forward because it seems to help relieve the severity of the pain somewhat. The pain is so severe it becomes hard to breathe and so I find myself taking fast, short breaths (panting like a damn dog on a hot august day). You usually stream sweat, can run a fever. Nausea and vomiting can be really bad for some people and vomiting doesn’t relieve acute pancreatitis pain where I know people who have had gallbladder disease have said they puke and feel better. And with acute pancreatitis things can go from bad to worse in a heart beat (necrosis, infection, bleeding, organ failure and death). Now …

      An infected gallbladder is nothing to take lightly either because that puppy can rupture which causes peritonitis. Peritonitis can be life threatening. If your gallbladder is full of stones those can pass causing the gallbladder attack and/or infection if they get stuck and a stuck gallstone can also cause gallstone pancreatitis (most common causes are stones and alcohol consumption).

      It may be to late now to get a good enzyme reading from a blood draw but if you are still hurting and it is pancreatitis amylase and lipase may still be elevated if you hurry. They can stay elevated up to a week I believe after an attack that resolves.

      1. Glad this works for you! I started hurting Thursday morning so I hadn’t ate since Wednesday night because I know to quit eating. Been taking 800 doses of Advil every 4 to 6 hours and it does relieve the pain, but now it’s Friday and the pain just stepped up quite a bit. Not sure if I’ll make it through without going to the doctor bc the pains getting worse and I don’t want to risk dying from not seeking help

          1. I have been able to resist mini flares like this one, but I believe the 800 Advil Is at fault bc I took nothing else and it got so bad I had to go to the hospital.

          2. Hurting Pancreas – that is definitely suspicious. I’ve actually heard this twice now yet I can find NOTHING that scientifically (case studies, scholar articles, etc) that indicates it to be fact. BUT in your case when your pain got worse after taking it (and did not improve 60 minutes after ingestion) I’d say you most likely shouldn’t try again. This article is ten years old and things change in ten years but as of that time there were “no prior definite cases reported of ibuprofen-induced pancreatitis.” And the probable one they are talking about had to do with overdose. But here’s a list of drugs to avoid that have been proven to cause pancreatitis. Here’s another list by WebMD that lists “categories” of drugs. Hopefully you are feeling better. 🙂

    2. I have chronic pancreatitis. I had it since I was 14 and now am 35. What do I do when ibuprofen makes the pain worse? My pancreas is burnt out so bad to the point my lipase doesn’t even elevate anymore. What can I use?

      1. Hi Shevone – sounds like you have some major damage. How do you know it was the ibuprofen that caused more pain? I have to ask because I haven’t heard that one before. Some folks have said they can’t take Ibuprofen because they are allegic to it, a few have said it helped but didn’t take all the pain away and I thought “why didn’t you take more?” But I have never heard that it actually caused more pain, have never read anything where Ibuprofen caused pancreas pain or AP like narcotics can and it doesn’t make sense that an anti-inflammatory should inflame the pancreas or cause more inflammation BUT that doesn’t mean it couldn’t. ANYTHING is possible. The only other thimg I can can think of is to try aspirin (1300 mgs) for bad pain, (650 mgs) for moderate and see if aspirin works or does the same thing. You could also try another anti-inflammatory like Naproxen and see if it does the same thing or works. Unfortunately it’s possible for people to become so advanced with disease that nothing works (from what I’ve read). I’m sorry I don’t have a miracle answer but I’m stumped.

      2. Hi shevone. I have pancreatitis, too, and I still have problems. But one thing that has helped me is taking the herb Chanca Piedra. It’s usually from Peru. And it can be powdered or coursely ground. Powdered would be taken in a little water. Course would be made into a tea. It’s also called Quebra Piedra or Stone Breaker. It’s an alkaloid. I have trouble finding a really clean source. The last powdered batch I bought seemed to have sand in it. 🙁 I guess they wanted it to weigh more so they could charge more money. Otherwise I would give you a link to my source.

    3. I thank you very much for your information. I do feel the medical, even specialists, are in the dark regarding this disease. I had a flare up last night and did dose myself with ibuprofen, Should have dome 800 mg at one but I was trying to be cautious. I know it’s not for everyone, but you can take up to 3200 milligrams a day, I am at about 1,600 mg, just took 600. Next time, I will do 800 on onset. My doctor said 600 mg per day and go to the hospital, Been to ER 8 times in the last year and they are not nice or understanding. My Doctor, by the way, said I should eat pumpkin seeds to gain weight.

      1. Hi Lori – I’d stay far below the 3200 mg maximum dose. I only use Ibuprofen when I absolutely have to use it and praise God I haven’t needed it for quite sometime. Drugs are NOT safe. Large doses and/or long-term use of NSAIDS such as Ibuprofen (not aspirin) have been associated with heart attack. That is why I only use it when absolutely necessary. I understand you are not well and so you may want to look at your diet (avoid red meat, pork and high fat foods) and also visit your health food store and buy grape seed extract, curcumin and vitamin C (all highly anti-inflamatory). I hope you have a happy, blessed new year 🙂

    4. The night I had my pancreas attack I had eaten a handful of nuts. One of the 6 specialists that saw me the following 3 days I was hospitalized, thought I might have gotten a nut with a fungus on it. Not sure if this helps, but your comment about the sunflower seeds makes me wonder if there’s some connection here? Hope you’re doing better now 🙂

  2. My hubby just came out the hospital last month from an attack . I never want him to go back in . How can I keep his pancreas healthy for life on a budget?

    1. I don’t know your hubby’s condition. He may have had a very mild attack and heal up nicely and never have another problem. If that is NOT the case then the only way I know of to heal on a budget or otherwise is outlined in this blog. All you have to do is read it. 🙂

  3. I left a post under the grapeseed part explaining my situation- to sum it up after having some uncomfortable symptoms that just wouldn’t go away I found out my pancreas was swollen. Stopped drinking and ate healthy for awhile and felt better enough. Then came the storm of stress and I began to eat crappy and drink again like a complete fool. Now my gut is really bothering me however last night after reading what you say about ibuprofen I had some 600mg pills leftover from a knee injury. After taking one I felt a great difference in the discomfort in my gut, I was so very thankful for your advice here and to GOD for helping me find this information. As I mentioned in post under grapesed I think I will try to fast to give my organ a break. At times like this I think this is what money is truly for though, to be able to seek proper medical attention. If I still had my health insurance I would just go to the Dr and find out exactly what the hell is going on, the root cause, is it gallbladder disease?, do I just have a clogged biliary duct? Regardless its up to me to all in my power to be healthy and be proactive to this situation but again I would like to thank you for the ibuprofen knowledge, it was like a big weight was lifted off my gut last night as it relieved my discomfort.

  4. Any good recommendations as to when you should (and for how long) take Ibuprofen for pancreatic pain? You mention taking it for acute flare ups. My chronic flareups take weeks or even a few months to subside it seems, even when sticking to the diet religiously. I’m not sure how wise it would be to take Ibuprofen over an extended period of time. The pain has been manageable though very bothersome so far during those flare ups, at least during the day. Night time pain/laying down is where my pain is worst. I’m week two into a flare up, hoping that doesn’t last 3 to 4 months like last time. I took some Ibuprofen during that time, but not as part of a daily regimen. The doctors haven’t been much help yet other than advising low fat diet/no alcohol/etc; they advised that PPIs might help since less stomach acid presumably stimulates less pancreatic secretions. (Anybody else here this from their docs?) I took those for about 3 months but not sure if they helped any. My pain is moderate, probably 4-5 on the scale but fairly constant with certain movement and positions. As of a few months ago, I’m minimal change CP with no viewable changes on MR/CT scans or blood work. Heading back to the doctor soon to try to get a handle on the latest flare up. It’s been very hard to get any sleep. I’m willing to do anything at this point. I’ve been on the supplements about a week and very, very little to no fat. I’m planning on staying on them in therapeutic doses for many months if need be. Exercise/running/cycling/swimming seems to ease pain some at the time, but I’m not sure if that keeps the pancreas inflamed over the long term.

    1. Hi Smith, I have never taken Ibuprofen for long-term. More than one big dose was rare. The longest I’ve taken it was for 12 days I think. I mentioned it for folks who have flare ups as a possible additiong for a couple days until the inflammation subsided totally but I don’t think long-term use would be a good idea. You say your flare ups last weeks or months even when sticking to the diet? What diet? When you have a flare I would think it would be prudent to treat that as a “mini AP” and go npo (fast) until the flare resolves. With “minimal change” cp it shouldn’t take weeks to resolve but eating anything when the pancreas is inflamed isn’t a good idea. Eating just prolongs the inflammation. IF it were me, I’d fast for 3 – 5 days (no food), drink water, take my supplements and maybe a couple 200 mg Ibuprofen once or twice to help eliminate the inflammation. I’d be taking a LOT of grape seed extract (800 – 1000 mgs per day in like 4 doses) and at leat 500 – 1000 mgs of curcumin per day. IF that didn’t work I might begin to worry.

      I’m finding a lot of folks do NOT take enough grape seed and curcumin. If you’re sick 100 – 200 mgs of grape seed isn’t gonna be enough. 400 mgs per day may not be enough. Those who seem to heal take a lot of grape seed extract and curcumin per day and go vegan for at least 6 months. That’s what I did and my diet still consists more of vegetables, fruits and legumes than it does animal products like skinless chicken, white meat fish etc. I may have chicken or fish 3 times per week, the rest is vegan. I NEVER eat red meat (beef, venison, elk, lamb, buffalo etc) or pork. I can’t even remember what red meat and pork taste like. 🙂

      When I was bad years ago exercise, even driving sometimes, didn’t work out well but after I was healed up it was fine.

  5. This may be old news, but I read recently (I’ll try to extract the source) that Ibuprofen doesn’t act as an anti-inflammatory until at least 600 mg is taken and that the dose required is largely independent of weight.

    1. I don’t know whether that is true or not. I know 800 mgs works to stop an acute attack. Sometimes it takes more but usually 800 mgs does it. I Always take at least 800 mgs in ONE dose when I feel an acute attack beginning and I’ve had enough to recognize them almost immediately.

  6. I also found the link below to be interesting, particularly related to the length of time Ibuprofen’s anti-inflammatory effect COULD take to kick for some people. Much of the original research I believe was related to arthritis, but inflammation would seem to be inflammation. I find that I personally may be one of those people that may need to take it a bit longer to see the results. I have been a little hesitant to take more than a couple of lower doses per day for a couple days, but I may consult with my doctor to go on a 600 mg dose a couple of times per day for a couple of weeks (or until I can get the moderate consistent level of pain under control.) Tylenol seems to kill the pain more for me but I am definitely more interested in the anti-inflammatory effect.

    Here’s the link..I’m sure there may be better more scholarly sources out there, but good info nonetheless perhaps:


    “How does ibuprofen work?Ibuprofen blocks the production of prostaglandins, substances our body releases in response to illness and injury. Prostaglandins cause pain and swelling (inflammation); they are released in the brain and can also cause fever.

    Ibuprofen’s painkilling effects kick in soon after a dose is taken. Ibuprofen’s anti-inflammatory effects can take a bit longer, sometimes a few weeks.”

    1. I actually can’t say what Ibuprofen does for anyone else. I have had others take it and their attack symptoms subside in 60-90 minutes with an appropriate dose of at least 800 mgs. It has always worked for me. In fact it has never failed me. 600 mgs probably isn’t enough. 800 mgs seems to be the number. I did have someone tell me (it’s somewhere on this blog) that 800 mgs didn’t work completely for them. It helped but didn’t stop the attack so it may take more for those who are over 175 pounds. All I know is that eliminating the inflammation also resolves the symptoms. It is the only common sense answer. Anti-nausea meds eliminate the nausea (sometimes it takes a double dose) but never eliminated the pain. Demerol did not eliminate the pain, hell it didn’t even take the edge off but 800 mgs of ibuprofen stopped it dead in 60 minutes, every single time for me. That’s all I can tell you.

  7. Hi Healthy Guy
    Since Ibuprofen and Aspirin may both have side effects if high doses are taken per day, what do you think of using a combination (let’s say 500mg of Aspirin combined with 200mg of Ibuprofen) 3 times per day for chronic pancreatitis pain?

    1. Hi Sally – I tried a combination of aspirin and ibuprofen for an attack of AP once. I did two aspirin (325 mgs each) and two ibuprofen (200 mgs each). It worked ok. For consistent AP stopping power I prefer 800 mgs of ibuprofen because it has never failed me. I don’t suggest taking high doses of either ibuprofen or aspirin for long periods. Just long enough to resolve the inflammation. Grape seed extract, curcumin and vit C should be able to safely handle most chronic applications with the right dosages as long as diet isn’t causing the pancreas to become inflamed.

    1. I only read some of the first part, especially part 3 which covered the inducers of pancreatitis. I was interested in this portion because I’ve had several people comment regarding the fact they thought Ibuprofen would cause pancreatitis, their doctor said they had pancreatitis because of their use of Ibuprofen blah blah blah yet this study didn’t even mention Ibuprofen. It did however mention some NSAIDS such as indomethacin, piroxicam, ketoprofen, naproxen, rofecoxib and celecoxib. Out of 48,678 hospitalized patients there were 554 (1.1%) that were diagnosed as experiencing an adverse drug reaction. Out of those 554 patients the ACTUAL number of pancreatitis cases related to NSAIDS was 3 and those were associated with diclofenac. I have scoured the internet searching for anything I could find that actually said Ibuprofen was a cause for even one case of pancreatitis and found nothing. There is plenty of info that states opiates (class 1 offender, the worst), used by doctors to reduce the pain of pancreatitis, actually cause pancreatitis. So thanks again for your article find that should lay to rest any qualms one might have about using Ibuprofen to stop acute pancreatitis.

      1. I am one of those people who was told initially that ibuprofen usage was the cause of my pancreatitis attack. It has since been decided that gallbladder sludge was the cause. I have been dragging my feet on getting my gallbladder removed. However, two nights ago I felt like a mild attack of pancreatitis was beginning. Actually, I suffered with it for awhile. I decided that I would use the ibuprofen last night along with grape seed extract, curcumin, and white grapefruit juice. This morning when I got up I still did not feel well. I was in pain so I decided to repeat. Within about an hour I felt better. I felt well enough to get dressed and go to a Christmas gathering. It worked for me.

        1. Hi Jody,

          Not sure if you are still active on this site. You said the doctor said you had gallbladder sludge. What test did they do to confirm the sludge?

          Also, do you remember what you ate when you had the attack? supposedly, if you stay away from fat, oil, alcohol, you should not get an attack.


  8. So I had an accute attack late yesterday and took 800 mgs of advil. It worked great! Didn’t drink or eat anything until this morning when had a glass of water with my meds. Half hour later, BAMM! pain came rushing back. I took another 800 mgs. I know not supposed to take much of this stuff – but you don’t indicate how often to take advil when an attack hits, just once, or until the pain doesn’t come back? PS I’m a female and only weigh about 118 lbs.

    1. Victoria sorry to hear you aren’t feeling well but glad to hear Ibuprofen worked for you. What kind of meds do you take? I am asking because you said the pain came back after taking your meds. Certain meds can cause acute pancreatitis. I would think that to be especially true if the pancreas is already inflamed. I’ve had to take the ibuprofen in large doses up to 10 days in a row during one of my more persistent attacks. USUALLY one dose gets rid of an attack but there are times it takes more than one. Praise God that hasn’t happened in years. Last attack was about 8-9 years ago and that was the first since the early 80’s. That last attack was because I stopped the supplements and made a mistake in food choices. That is a mistake I won’t make again. Here is some Ibuprofen dosing info direct from the horses mouth. Read here

      You’ll note that you can take up to 1,200 mgs per day and be fairly safe. In fact two doses of 800 mgs per day should be tolerated fairly well according to the article I linked. So in the event you had a particularily persistent attack you could probably do two 800 mg doses in a day (24 hrs). Higher doses may not be so safe but max prescription dose is 3200 mgs per day – I wouldn’t recommend that lol

  9. I appreciate your recommendation to take ibuprofen, it makes sense. Unfortunately, I am on blood thinners, and am unable to take ibuprofen or asprin. Any suggestions?

  10. Is it okay to drink white grapefruit juice during a mild pancreas flare-up? I’ve fasted for a couple of days and continue to take the supplements and ibuprofen. Or should it just be water only until it goes away? Also, what about organic vegetable broth? Or is that too much on the pancreas? Again, this is a mild flare up I think because I caught it quickly.

    I’ve learned so much from this website. Your instructions absolutely work. Thank you.

    1. Jim, you are most welcome. I’m sorry I was not on this site 2 days ago when you needed an answer. I must admit I found grapefruit juice in-between attacks so I have never drank it during one. So I simply can’t give a good answer. I just swallowed enough water to take Ibuprofen. At the worst of my times I had not yet discovered the anti-inflammatory trio (grape seed, c and curcumin). Grapefruit juice came after implementing diet and then my acute attacks simply disappeared. Maybe small sips throught the day might help, I just don’t know. It was sometime later I was led to the supplements which enhanced healing. I hope you are feeling better by now 🙂

  11. Hi There, I just found your website and could really use your expertise..One year ago I suffered an acute pancreatic attack send me to the emergency room and I was then sent to a medical center for which I wound up having a big surgery for nacrosis build up of the pancreas..The blamed it on the diabetic medication (Janumet) that I had been taking several years.I am not a drinker and never was…I have since recovered but it did take a toll on me..I am now 72 yrs old..I live in fear because I do not want to go through that again..I watch what I eat and stay away from fats and fried food as much as possible..
    I am suffering terribly with arthritis and it seems Drs are all afraid to give me any meds because many of them can cause pancreatitis..So, I am taking tylenol extra strength and they are like taking m&m’s, they do nothing for arthritic pain..
    Would you have any suggestions for me?..I would so much appreciate your help!..Thank you in advance…Carole

    1. Hi Carole 🙂 sorry to hear you have had such problems. Type 2 diabetes drugs are notorious for causing pancreatitis.. Tylenol, especially in large doses can damage your liver, even kill you. I’d suggest aspirin or Ibuprofen. Yet, neither of those are totally safe. Both cause bleeding in some folks and Ibuprofen in large doses, especially used long-term can cause heart attack. You might want to try grape seed extract and curcumin together. both are highly anti-inflammatory. Curcumin in large doses can cause stomach upset but it does work for pain. neither will cause pancreatitis in fact they will help your pancreas heal with proper diet. that is about all i can suggest. I know arthritis can become very painful. wish i could help more but my knowledge of arthritis is limited.

  12. I just got out of the hospital with acute Pancreatitis and started drinking just vegetable juice but now I am confused because I read that to do a food diary you need to do a 3-5 day fast, than an enema, then vegetable juice. Should I start the fast now even though I’ve been drinking vegetable juice for two days now?

    1. Hi Theresa 🙂 Sorry to hear you have joined the pancreatitis hall of pain. Was it your first attack? Was it mild or severe? If mild hopefully you’ll heal up nicely and never have another problem. Anyway … Are you still experiencing pain or other symptoms, nausea, vomiting? What did they feed you before your release? If they fed you a bunch of food, especially fat filled food before release or you are experiencing pain or other symptoms then yes on the fast and enema. Get cleaned out again. The fast will also again rest your pancreas. Then juice, then to solid fat free or low fat foods (veggies, whole grains like oat meal, egg whites, rice, etc). I use this site to check out the fat, protein, nutrient content and density of foods. Just remember to check the foods out and test them one by one for at least 48 – 72 hours before moving to another fat free or low fat food.

  13. Hi,very good information, I have a question, I had a “mild, my ass” attack of acute pancreatitis,lipase got up to 2700,in early January, 10 -12 days later felt back to normal. I was never hospitalized . Just yesterday was having tummy trouble and drank a lot of liquid imodium, and slowly throughout the day dull pain in my pancreas began ,nothing like the first time. But I feel the medicine is the culprit. Have you ever heard of this effecting anyone else? Just took ibuprofen , because, you’re right , just makes sense . Another question, is after reading many of these other posts, I thought there were two types ….acute ,and chronic. If so many are having reoccurring attcks, doesn’t this make it chronic ? Which freaks me out , I’m already to young for this shit. ???

    1. Hi Nicki – to bad you have had to deal with this. 🙁 But there is hope that if you do what you need to do (diet, supplements, no alcohol) that you could heal up and NOT have a chronic problem. BUT to many recurrent mild acute attacks can turn into chronic due to the cumlative damage. SO it would be wise to STOP whatever it is that may be aggravating your pancreas. I doubt it was the immodium but who knows. If you haven’t stopped alcohol, or changed your diet that is most likely the problem and to be honest if you were beginning another acute attack THAT does NOT bode well for the possibility of total healing and no more problems. THAT probably wasn’t what you wanted to hear, right? The good news is that we don’t KNOW you had another attack brewing at the time however, it isn’t to difficult to remember the pain 🙂 By the way why did you have your original attack does anyone know?

  14. I had some abdominal pain went to hospital my lips were at 5000 so they said I had pancreatitis I stayed two nights and checked myself out never had vomiting or fever just a little pain they couldn’t tell me why and why I felt better after a day they even tryed to give me morphine for the pain I told them no I had no serious pain I’m just curious what I could’ve had was it a mild case of pancreatitis and when you say diet does that mean you can never eat a burger or a piece of pizza again

    1. Jesse it sounds like you may very well be just fine after you heal up. You may never need a diet like those of us who have chronic pancreatitis BUT I’d watch my P’s & Q’s for at least a couple months and allow for healing. Good luck 🙂

      1. Thanks for the reply really appreciate it I’m still pretty scared because I don’t know what caused it I don’t smoke or drink I’m 33 I don’t understand that’s the scary part I have suffered from panic attacks for 20 years I do not know what to eat I’m starving because I’m afraid I might set something off

  15. So glad to have found you.

    Brief history: appendectomy 9/2014 & gallbladder removed 5/2013. Each one was removed as a result of one acute attack, trip to ER-ct scan showed inflamed. In both instances emergency surgery performed within hours of arriving to ER. Never had any digestive issues, stomach pains…nothing…ever. My mother was diagnosed with primary biliary chirrosis (sp?). An otherwise very healthy female. Only other time ever to emergency room was to deliver a baby. I am 47. Have been put through the wringer the past two years in my personal life, that problem has finally been kicked to the curb and I am now living a stress free life.

    Had extreme pain (thought it may have been cardiac event) 3 days ago. Awoke out of a dead sleep with pressure concentrated on my sternum, felt a cool rush over my body, thought I might vomit (never did…as I had with the other two events). Went to ER, ct scan showed zilch; admitted to hospital with pancreatitis, per lipase 3000. No pain meds administered, pain lasted about 2 hrs from when it started in my home. Then it was gone.

    IV saline drip administered, with a daily IV injection of prilosec (I have never taken this before). 24 hour fast, no water. Bloodwork…increased lipase 3500. Liver enzymes 800. MRI: everything normal ($ for hospital). Note: no pain or discomfort at all. Next day: clear liquid diet. Through to this point, all doctors and nurses state I’m atypical…most people with these blood readings are vomiting and doubled over in pain. (No, I do not have a high pain threshhold.) The specialist they called in stated initially I had acute pancreatitis. Then changed her tune, stated my liver enzymes were high. She starts asking me about sexual behavior (which I found insulting!) and ordered hepatitis bloodscreen. Those came back normal. She then said this might have been a one time thing, a viral infection. Another doctor asked if I had eaten pistachios recently, I said a few weeks ago. He suggested there may have been a fungus. The only thing they seemed to agree on: no one was sure what was happening.

    The specialist wants me to follow up with her office in a week. I won’t be doing that.

    The pistachio dr wrote me an order for bloodwork in a week with my regular physician. That, I will do. Just to see what the numbers are.

    I have ordered the grapeseed (via your link) already had the curcumin, which was sitting in my cabinet, untouched. Already have ibupofen. Wish I knew to take 800mg 4 nights ago!

    Looking forward to your input!

    1. Ok, Michelle, glad you like the site 🙂 – when you visit you doc for blood work have them do the new blood tests for celiac disease, my liver enzymes were often elevated (not as high as yours), yet nobody took notice or seemed worried when hep tests came back normal all the time. I thought (so did the doc who finally diagnosed me) that my recurrent acute pancreatitis episodes were due to an abdominal injury (football) BUT … YEARS later I find out I’m a celiac. After doing research I have also found that celiac disease, especially if it has gone undiagnosed for years like mine (I started symptoms in childhood but wasn’t diagnosed until 2009, about 50 years later), celiac disease can cause pancreatitis. I quote “Other manifestations of CD include weight gain and obesity, gastroesophageal reflux disease, irritable bowel syndrome with abdominal pain and constipation, pancreatitis, myocarditis, aphthous ulcers of the oral mucosa, lymphocytic and collagenous colitis, hyposplenism, and asymptomatic IgA nephropathy. There is a slightly higher risk for gastrointestinal malignancies and lymphomas in CD patients than in the general population.” – Section “Clinical Manifestations” last paragraph. With that being said …

      Alpha toxin (nuts) could possibly be a cause. Not sure I’d say – “yep that’s it” but who knows? Of course the sexual behavior question was simply to look in all areas and hep c is transmitted sexually (body fluids, especially blood). She was just actually doing her job. Anyway …

      Here’s the good news! You said: “My mother was diagnosed with primary biliary chirrosis.” PBC is an autoimmune disease. That means you probably have it as well along with other AID (autoimmune disease) issues (other AID’s) becuase autoimmune diseases often travel in packs, like wolves, lol 🙂 Have your doc check you for autoimmune disease (PBC, celiac, Sjorgren’s, RA, Lupus, etc). They are all associated with pancreatitis, including autoimmune pancreatitis. By the way …

      Thanks for your business (order). I appreciate it. 🙂

  16. I’ve had several acute attacks. After I had an EUS procedure I was diagnosed chronic. I asked my doc. To give me an Advil 2 days ago when I was hospitalized because the pain mess they gave me IV or otherwise we’re making me sick (vomit) and that I thought they worked better for me. He would only give me Tylenol. I am home and I just read this. I also heard somewhere about grape seed extract and poured a large glass of white sugar free grape juice. I took 600 mg of Motrin. If it helps I will let you know. I’ve pretty much felt like my life is over. I’m 48. I don’t want them to take my pancreas out grinde it up and inject it into my liver. Please let this help.

    1. Hi Cathy. Sorry to hear you are suffering. Tylenol is almost useless for pancreatitis pain. Grape juice has some good stuff in it (polyphenols) but not near the amount your’d get in grape seed extract. Motrin should help (ibuprofen). 600 mgs may or may not be enough. It depends on your current inflammation status. 800 mgs of ibuprofen seems to be the magic number for me when in an acute attack, which hasn’t happened in awhile Praise God 🙂 For chronic pancreatitis 600 mgs may work nicely. Even 200 – 400 if your pain isn’t off the charts. But have someone run down to the local health store and get some good quality grape seed extract and couple that with the ibuprofen (motrin). Watch your diet.

  17. I am so, so, so, thankful that I found your website. I was searching a few months ago after having a few attacks. I tried the ibuprofen during my next attack after reading your post. It worked like magic! I just had another attack about an hour ago and a few minutes after taking the ibuprofen, the pain started easing off. It’s unbelievable! The pain is the worst pain I’ve ever had in my life…worse than childbirth! It is truly unbearable! Thank you and bless you for posting what you did. I can’t thank you enough!!! I really can’t! Bless you a hundred, thousand times!!!!!

    1. You’re welcome Darlene. 🙂 I’m glad it works for you! God led me to Ibuprofen one night when I was desperate and the demerol that my doc gave me didn’t do a thing. What is causing your recurrent attacks? Is there an underlying cause? Your diet is extremely imortant. If you are eating a normal diet you may want to consider a change.

    2. I agree. Pancreatitis attack I had was way worse than childbirth. Worse than my appendicitis attack and way worse than my gallbladder attack. I now carry ibuprofen with me so I can be prepared. Thank you to “health guy” for sharing your experience with all of us!

  18. Hi , thx for all your hard work , I had a but of recent acute pancreatic inflammation and the Dr’s said the ibuprofen could have been the cause , tell me can one recover from acute and or chronic pancreatic inflammation even if there was some necrosis , thx again , matt

    1. Hi Matthew – It all depends on how much damage. I think it is entirely possible to heal in most cases. Obviously if someone has a large portion of their pancreas removed (removing the necrotic tissue) it makes it much more difficult. I also doubt your case was caused by Ibuprofen. There is no common sense to that since Ibuprofen is an anti-inflammatory and pancreatitis is inflammation and no actual evidence exists that Ibuprofen has been directly linked to drug induced pancreatitis like other drugs such as diabetes drugs, blood pressure drugs, immunosuppressants, steroids, opiates, statins, etc. Yet, anything is possible.

      Here’s an article you should read regarding NSAIDS and the extremely small possibility of NSAID induced pancreatitis. ONE possible case out of 48,000+ in an Italian study and then there are some other study facts too. VERY small risk compared to opiates (morphine and/or derivatives). Ibuprofen isn’t even mentioned.

  19. Hi …. Drs Drs since I was 32 …. I am 68 now. Damaged my bile ducts and pancreas in a bike accident. Drs destroyed my pancreas by giving me test after test (ercp and others ) I am now suffering (today) with bile duct dilation which just recently put me into another severe pancreatic attack along with severe gastritis which I am guessing from bile not being distributed right into duodenum since I have scarring from Drs debriding most of my pancreas in 1900 after a severe infection after an ercp My question is where I have gastritis too can I take grape seed extract and grapefruit juice etc to help me?? I just want to die this time. Please reply. I hope u can help me as God has all these years

    1. Hi Annette 🙂 Sorry to hear you have had such problems. I would think that grape seed extract would be excellent for both. Ibuprofen too. Grapefruit juice IF you are NOT on medication that it doesn’t get along with (many). IF you are on meds call your doc AND pharmacist and ask if grapefruit juice could be bad for you while taking whatever it is you might be taking. The diet, grapefruit juice (if ok), Ibuprofen and grape seed extract should help emensely. Let me know how it goes for you.

  20. Hi, I have CP accompanied by a condition called SODD (sphincter of oddi dysfunction) which causes severe pain when I take certain meds like ibuprofen, aspirin or even Tylenol. I once spent 6 days in the hospital after taking 2 Imodium AD tablets for an upset stomach. I fear meds more than just about anything. What else could you suggest to stop inflammation?

    1. Hi Renee I know a little about SOD and I’m amazed to hear that Ibuprofen and aspirin cause problems for you. SOD responds to a low fat diet and anti-inflammatories (drugs) and natural anti-inflammatoroies such as grape seed extract. DO NOT use curcumin or turmeric (cooking spice) because curcumin (turmeric) can and does cause problems in those who have SOD. BUT grape seed and vit C should work, coupled with a low fat diet void of trigger foods (pork, beef, butter, cream, milk, mayo, chips, dips, high fat stuff). Now …

      IF you have been eating a normal diet I’n gomma suggest something you may find difficult to believe but it may NOT have been the anti-inflammatories (Ibuprofen and aspirin) that caused the problems you have experienced. BUT there is always the chance they did as well. BUT … high fat foods can trigger an immediate response or a DELAYED response. Here’s what it boils down to – IF you eat a normal diet you can’t really tell what triggers your SOD and what doesn’t. Same holds true for pancreatitis. And gallbladder disease. EACH of those conditions are triggered by hig fat FOODs and of course pancreatitis is also triggered by alcohol which doesn’t seem to affect the other two conditions. So …

      I’d kick the fat to the curb and go buy a couple bottles of good, quality grape seed extract.

  21. Went to GI specialist today, ask about taking Ibuprofen? He put me on 400 mil grams 2xdaily to start with. Today was my first day on it. Praying this works for me. I am also on Creon enzymes.

    1. Hi Teresa – Great! That should be enough for mild and moderate CP pain. For AP 800 – 1000 mgs are needed. Let me know how it works for you. By the way you can get Ibuprofen at almost any drug store (walgreens etc). Even grocery stores like safeway carry it. What I’m saying is if your insurance doesn’t cover it Ibuprofen is available over-the-counter. It comes in 200 mg tabs. 🙂

  22. I have minimal change aka small duct pancreatitis. I take ibuprofen daily, have done for years, much to the annoyance of drs. I, like you, thought that it’s an anti inflammatory so how could it harm?! It helps me so much, haven’t had to be admitted to hospital in 4 years now and I swear it’s the ibuprofen. I am quite poorly with it too and currently waiting for a total pancreatectomy with autologous islet cell transplant. I definitely recommend ibuprofen!

    1. Hi Deborah – glad to hear that Ibuprofen works for you. I do have a question because I am nosey, curious and just interested. Since the Ibuprofen has helped tremendously and you haven’t been hospitalized in 4 years. WHY are you opting for TP/AIT instead of a lifestyle change such as diet (avoiding food with high fat) and suppplements that help heal and/or relieve symptoms?

      1. Hi, sorry for the delay in answering. I have changed my diet, food is a problem. I can’t really eat anything without pain. Even if I don’t eat at all I have pain and feel bloated. I survive on vitamin pills, creon and very sweet cups of tea. If I eat anything, what ever it is, it causes pain. Obviously eating a high fat content causes the worse (can’t move or breath properly) pain, but eating a strawberry or salad causes ‘I’ve been hit with a baseball bat around my ribs’ kind of pain lol…sorry I always find it hard to describe my pain. I am the type of person who doesn’t like to complain too much and I am a qualified nurse…this I feel is the reason why I’ve stayed away from hospital. I know the routine very well, as I’m sure you do, I. V. Fluids and pain medication…that’s all the hospital do really. So I figure as long as I’m drinking and passing urine I don’t really need to go. I have a fentanyl patch and a bottle of oramorph, which I take every hour if needed, that mixed with ibuprofen and paracetamol and I can survive…well just about. So this is my reason for needing the tp ait…even though I stay out of hospital it doesn’t mean I shouldn’t really be there…also the type of pancreatitis I have, small duct cp, the tp ait is my only option…I’ve done stents, balloons, can’t remember how many ercps and mrcps I’ve had, lol. So I have no choice.

        But ibruprophen has definitely helped me stay out of hospital!

        1. Deborah – I don’t know what to say except that I’ll pray for you. Keep us posted so we all know how you are doing. IF you haven’t tried them yet you might consider going to the health store (or sending someone) to get some grape seed extract, curcumin and vit C. They really do help. In your case it will probably take some healthy doses. But I know the pain (your descriptions work well) and ANYTHING is worth a try to get rid of it or at least find some relief. Ok, yes, I found something to say lol. 🙂

          1. Yes I’ll try the curcumin (have read a little about it) and the grape seed extract. I take vit c in with a multi vitamin, also I drink a lot of orange juice (squeezed) so my vit c levels should be ok. I’ll definitely keep in touch. I’m in England u.k. and the nhs are still deciding on funding the tp ait…although they have agreed it is cost effective. ..they have been deciding since 2012, I pray they decide by my next consultant meeting at the end of march…will ley you know how I get on then. Thanks for taking the time to care x

  23. Don’t know if I belong here yet. Just googled my symptoms after a rare night of red wine and fatty foods was followed by 3 sleepless nights of intense stomach/back pain and swelling. Have SO enjoyed all your info as I am a sponge for information, and trying to avoid any full-on attack. My doctor said to go to the ER, which I am also trying to avoid. So I’m on the 2nd day of fasting (a few sips of veggie juice and a few bites of brown rice) along with Advil the wonder drug and another good one, CurcuMed, which I had on hand. So far it’s not getting worse and seems to be calming down a bit, so we’ll see what happens. I’m still whining in my head about a possible future with no fats and wine (I’m Italian), but if need be, I promise not to whine out loud. Thanks much. Keep you posted.

    1. Hi Cindy – sorry to hear you aren’t feeling well. You should have gone to the ER for a “work up.” You could still go in and get one cuz if it is acute pancreatitis your blood enzymes may still be increased and that would be a dead give-a-way.

      CuraMed is good stuff. Very potent Curmin formulation. It’s kinda pricey but it is good. I’m glad Advil (ibuprofen) is working for you. Fasting would also be appropriate until symptoms resolve. IF you haven’t gone to the ER yet you might consider doing so. IF you have another attack make sure you go.

      1. Thanks, I was wondering about that. Do you know how long the enzyme levels generally stay elevated after an attack?

          1. Just wanted to mention that they can also return to normal very quickly, even though you are still suffering. Also, as in my case, they never rise. I have minimal change aka small duct chronic pancreatitis and am currently awaiting a total pancreatectomy with autologous islet cell transplant. Levels can also look normal if the pancreas is badly calcified.

  24. Every morning so much pain full body sweats trying to have bm cramps so bad hold breath need relief help me please…

    1. Hey Brenda – Ok you have found the post that tells you about Ibuprofen, why I used it for pancreatitis when I needed it and what you might expect as well. But Ibuprofen is only one part of the pancreas healing puzzle. IF you want to get well and are able to get well (I don’t know how much damage you have) you might want to consider following some steps to get there. In order for me to heal and feel pretty much normal again I had to do certain things. You can find out all about what I did to heal my pancreas on this blog. I had to completely overhaul my diet. I had to use Ibuprofen when needed. I had to start taking certain supplements daily and in the right amounts. I know your pain. I’ve been there. I may not have been as damaged as you may be and maybe I was damaged more I don’t know. The fact is what Almighty God taught me to do worked. It still works. It works for me and it is working for others as well. So invest time reading this blog and learn what I did initially to heal and what I still do now to stay healed. Holler if you have questions 🙂

  25. Thanks for the site and the information. Been suffering from chronic PC for about 5 years. I had 2 Acute attacks and was hospitalized the first time. The 2nd time I dealt with it with pain medication. Both times they lasted 5 days. I got an attack yesterday and looked up your site and read about treating with Ibuprofen. Everything you said about how the hospital treated me the first time was spot on. Now I’m smart enough to stop eating but after reading your site I immediately took 800 mg. ibuprofen and pain was reduced but not gone. Took another 800 mg in 3 hours and went to bed. Woke up almost pain free. Today I’m taking 400 mg and reducing as the pain goes away and not eating. Worked great for me especially when I think about what I went through the last two times. So today I ordered the supplements you suggest. Thanks for the information and your site!

    1. Hi Kirby – you are definitely welcome. Hey if you are a bigger dude (I’m only 5’7″ and 150 – 160) it may take more than 800 mgs of Ibuprofen to do the job. IF there is a next time and let’s hope not you might wanna up that to 1000 mgs, even 1200 (depending on your size and weight). That increase might do the trick. And then maybe not. But I’m glad the second round did the trick for you. Thanks for sharing, commenting and visiting. Stay well. 🙂

  26. Started your program 5 days ago…think it is helping…I sufferer every morning for hours Been in hospital 100 times in last 30 years.Thanks for options… I want to live not just survive… Really rough time need a reprieve… Thanks

      1. So tired of this ….I wake up everyday to bm ,..that is cramps sweats pain nausea ribs back sore holding breath twisting so not right….to tired to get to Dr on there schedule…. Hospital ER really suck veins shot so hard to get blood or iv ….waiting for them to figure out what you told them hours before is your problem. Pancreatic is constant high count 400 then up from there… Your Ibuprofen idea is helping …I hope….I hate being weak and out of my self….

        1. Hi Brenda I am glad the Ibuprofen is helping. Make sure you invest the time to learn everything tht Almighty God taught me. When I was finally diagnosed I was told I might have 10 years. I probably asked God to help me. One dark painful night I had an attack. The demerol (meperidine) I was given for pain was NOT helping. God led me to my wife’s Ibuprofen. In less than 90 minutes I was feeling so much better. Then He led me to cut out huge amounts of high fat foods from my diet. I improved more. He then led me to grapefruit juice. I improved even more. Then years later I had a daughter. I remember praying for God to allow me to live in order to watch my daughter grow up. He then started leading me to supplements and I learned about grape seed extract and vitamin C. Then curcumin. Soon I was feeling like a new man. Brenda EVERYTHING I was taught is somewhere on this blog. All you have to do is invest the time reading, learning and doing. I make no promises. All I can tell you is that God is an awesome God and what He showed me to do worked for me and is working for others. May God richly bless you with healing. 🙂

          1. So wonderful of you to care
            ….One of the worst feeling of this is the emotional side …I am controlled and in charge when well and so weak and out of control now…Today has been a emotional start .With less pain …laying with heating pad on belly…1 2 mg dilaudid 600m . Ibuprofen 1 grape seed 1 vit C to start the day Bless you for helping others

          2. Hi Brenda – Thank you for the kind words. Increase the grape seed extract and Vit C on a weekly basis for a couple weeks and then you can probably keep increasing faster until you feel results. I’ve taken 2,000 mgs of grape seed extract daily when not well and as much as 10,000 mgs of vit C. IF you can take curcumin (no gallstones or sod) you may want to consider adding that as well because it is a super quartet with the addition of 500 – 1000 mgs curcumin daily. That cocktail rocks.

  27. Good grief…. You sound a lot like me! God has given me ways to help people naturally and they have said the same to me! Can I pay you for your time? You need to write a book, go on YouTube, etc. etc. but you are wonderfully correct I can’t charge for what God gave freely 😎

  28. Thank you for your help and info. My wife had an acute attack 2 years ago from alcohol, we haven’t had a drink since. Had another acute attack a year later because of steroids and antibiotics she was taking for a cold, and yesterday had another mild acute attack we are guessing from eating pizza. We have been decent on our diet but break it from time to time. Read all your info yesterday in the middle of here attack and 800 mg of ibuprofen did the trick, helped her pain a ton. Her temperature also went down also immediately, she’s been fasting since yesterday and I thank you again for all your info. I guess my question is when should we start with the grapefruit juice and grape seed, she has been fasting two days now and the pain is much less but still there. You are a godsend and the doctors don’t even take us serious the just assume we drink and it all stops there,

    1. I’d start with the grapefruit juice now Frank. I’d also keep taking Ibuprofen, grape seed extract, curcumin and vit C. Make sure she keeps hydrated. I hope she is feeling better soon and is able to stay well. 🙂

  29. Thank you so much. I have suffered stress related pancreatitis since I was 10 years old (they took my gall bladder out at 18 thinking I couldn’t possibly have pancreatitis at that age). Over the years I have found out myself that codeine sets an attack off as well, contrary to what many doctors told me. I recently had a total knee replacement and the hospital had problems managing my pain as I also have stomach infammation issues. After I was given a dose of Oromorph I was heading for another attack but thank heavens the doctor listened to me and gave me the muscle relaxant and anti spasmodic I knew could help. It did. But then all I was left with for pain management was paracetamol and that just isn’t enough so I have been struggling with the pain in my knee. No one mentioned ibuprofen as a possibility so I will give that a go and see whether I can get some relief with that – at least it shouldn’t set my pancreas off which is a really big worry for me. Thank you again.

    1. Hi Jackie – Stress itself usually doesn’t cause pancreatitis in healthy people. Have you noticed whether or not the use of narcotics (codeine, oromorph, etc) always seem to cause acute attacks or at least flairs? Has anyone mentioned the possibility od SOD (sphincter of oddi dysfunction)? People who have SOD would do much better avoiding narcotics since they cause the SO to spasm. Ibuprofen should be a much better solution, especially IF you happen to have SOD. You may want to also consider getting some grape seed extract, vit C and grapefruit juice, all of which will prove beneficial especially in combination with a low, low fat diet.

      1. Hi I started your program and found out the ibuprofen makes you very sun sensitive. I had skin cancer removed on top of hand a month before than pancreatic attack in hospital for a week. After home outside for ten min. blister on scar on hand . appeared.. …

        1. Hi Brenda – I have no idea whether Ibuprofen makes skin more sun sensitive. Try another anti-inflammatory such as aspirin. 1300 mgs of aspirin works almost as well as 800 mgs of Ibuprofen. Ok …

          I just checked and NSAIDS do cause sun sensitivity. Read here. So I just learned something. I guess you probably should avoid NSAIDS including aspirin as well or stay indoors.

  30. I am trying to figure out what I have. I have severe stomach pain all along under my ribs. I vomit yellow mucous. my left lower back hurts. it even hurts to bend over. I have passed blood and my poop has blood on it as well. I am nauseous as soon as my eyes open in the morning. the pain keeps me up all night.

    I’ve spent probably 100 grand on medical bills. colon resection alone,was 64 grand. out of pocket expenses are probably 20 grand. now that I’m on medicare I cant go to er or doctors anymore.

    I keep telling them to check my damn pancreas but they wont. I do not have a gallbladder and I had to have 13 inches of colon removed.

    I have had tons of tests…ct with and without contrast, xrays, mrcp, colonoscopy, endoscopy, echogram, stress test, thalmic stress, more bloodwork than dracula would drink. everything is normal normal…..I hate that word.

    all bloodwork is normal even tho I’m doubled over in pain. enzymes never go up.

    I am almost housebound.

    please help. everyone now says im stressed out and a hypochondriac. some doctors now make me see their assistants. they won’t deal with me.

    I’m not crazy honest just in pain and suffering.

    1. Hi Randi – it sure sounds like you have been through the wringer and are certainly not having fun. I have no clue what your diagnosis would be. You have had so many issues that it could be a bowel issue, or a biliary system issue. I am sure that you most likely aren’t crazy. What I can suggest is that you do NOT give up. Find a doctor who will listen and search for the problem. Since I have been in your shoes (in regards to doctors not doing their job) I’d probably write a list of my symptoms, make an appointment with a good doctor and then when he/she and I were face-to=face I’d ask them if they considered themselves to be a good doctor with good diagnostic skills. IF they said yes I’d then cut to the chase and say” “first I want you to know I am not here because I am lonely, I’m here because I’m sick. There is something wrong with me and nobody in your profession has been able to determine what the problem may be so …

      Here is a complete list of my symptoms that I have experienced over the last month. You will note that the symptoms that are usually present the most have “stars” next to them. IF I were your daughter, sister, mom (whatever fits) what would you do next to determine what is wrong with me?

      Randi I hope you find out what is really wrong and that it’s a fixable condition.

  31. Hey!!
    Thank you so much for YOU taking the time to out line this info!
    I found you by the frustration one day,
    After googling fucking stupid doctors!

    My first attack was absolute HELL on earth. As I was picking up my guts
    It took the shit4 brains Doctor 8 hours
    To figure out what was wrong. Doctor figured it out when my white blood cell
    Count was dangerously HIGH!!

    Really? 8 hours? With out even a aspirin!!
    Morphin barely touched the pain. Not to mention the agony of laying in a hospital
    Bed just feeling i would rather be dead!
    This happened last December and it took me months to feel better. Since then I have had a couple of very mild attacks.

    June 18 I had a attack and ended up in the hospital. Frustrated with no answers
    And being discharged by a stupid Asian
    Doctor who told me ” I could die” with out giving me any information on my disease.
    And judged me and assumed I was a drug addict. I was at the end of my rope!
    The discharge asshole was a pulmonary
    Doctor! However? The comment that
    “I could die” stuck in my head.

    I found your site it made common sense and you spoke In human words and terms! So I went out and bought the regimen
    Of vitamins. I stopped alcohol 4 months ago. I can trace back to why I got this last attack. NO DOCTOR nor in any where
    Did I know opiates can trigger a attack!
    Doctors are so ready to pour out the opiates! That’s sure what caused this last
    Attack. I’m praying that my pancrease
    Will heal now and any damage will somehow get better.

    I’m now a vegan, that’s been a rough change and excited to get better because
    I have hope and I am doing the right things to prevent any attacks. I have the
    Ibuprofen and changed the way I eat.
    I’m very aware now of what NOT to out in my body.

    I’m still healing but with these new vitamins I’m convinced things will only
    Get better. God bless you for your
    Information. I wish you wonderful health
    To you and your family!

    I can’t thank you enough !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. Currently on Day 1 of my 3rd AP attack. I read your post and am curious as to how many times a day you should take 800mgs? I’m a fairly small person 5’7 and 115 pounds. I’m in so much pain, but dont want to over do taking medicine.

    1. Hi Gauri – sorry to hear you are ill. First of all you should be in the ER if you are sure it is AP (since you’ve had 2 other attacks you should know). IF it were me I’d not do more than 800 mgs every 12 hours. I would hope that would be enough to get it under control. But like I said you should be in the ER. let me know how you do.

  33. Thanks for this info. Very useful. I’ve had acute pancreatitis for three months and had several attacks so far which have landed me in hospital. One of these attacks was caused by me following doctors orders to eat lots of fat because I’d lost weight! Unbelievable really. Because of this, I definitely share your concerns about the way doctors advise about this condition, and I’m learning not to trust what they have to say. Also, along with this, I’ve also developed an abscess behind my left lung which is causing me a hell of a lot of shoulder and rib pain. Life’s a bummer!

    Anyway, for whatever reason the doctors also say I should avoid ibuprofen, but it seems to work way, way better than opiates during an attack. If it stops the attack rather than just masks the pain as well that seems to explain why it works. I’m going to try experimenting with other anti-inflammatory foods – I’m thinking raw garlic has to be good. I used to chew a clove of garlic for my heart (I used to get flutters) and it worked within a minute or so – so should be very useful if it does the same for pancreatitis.

    Also, I think you should maybe advise not to take large doses of ibuprofen when you’re fasting or just drinking juices during the aftermath of an attack. High doses of ibuprofen on an empty stomach can be bad news, and its relatively easy to mistake the symptoms for the signs of another attack. Which means you take more ibuprofen! My solution to this is to use ibuprofen gel instead. You rub it into the skin and it seems to work just as well. Also, because it goes directly into the bloodstream it doesn’t damage your stomach lining. I’ve heard its worse for your liver, but I haven’t done the research yet.

    Finally, thank you so much for making all this effort to inform me and others about this condition. Also, if I find any miracle cures I’ll be sure to post them up!

    1. Hi paulstanway – yep ALL drugs can cause problems. I can almost guarantee big pharma could make vitamin C deadly. I’m an old dog, it’s hard for me to try different things that may NOT work during an acute pancreatitis attack. Time is of the essence. The faster one can eliminate the inflammation the faster the damage is also curtailed. Those are just my thoughts and I have no proof that I’m right but I’ll take the small chance of possible liver, kidney or heart damage using Ibuprofen over the KNOWN fact that damage will occur the longer the acute attack is allowed to continue, especially if it’s severe. But, each of us has to do what we think is right for us. I always recommend going to the ER if someone has AP.

  34. Hey Health Guy. When you refer to “acute” do you mean the attacks that someone with Cp gets or are you referring to people who don’t have CP yet? I just started on the supplements you recommended but I have CP. Fortunately I don’t have any attacks just mild discomfort. Did/do you have CP or acute? Thanks for your encouraging site 🙂

    1. Hi Gavin 🙂 I was diagnosed with both. Acute is the type of pancreatitis that comes on fast, usually with severe pain, and often nausea and vomiting and a possible host of other symptoms depending upon severity of the attack. CP is the chronic form of the disease which can be anything from a mild annoyance in regards to symptoms to severe similar to the acute form. In extremely advanced CP many people no longer have pain because their pancreas is burned out and no longer produces any enzymes which cause most of the horrible symptoms because they basically devour the pancreatic tissue. Hope the info helps 🙂

  35. This sight is complete and total XXXXXXX (bad word). If you Actually have ACUTE Pancreatitis? You don’t just take a xxxxxxx (bad word) pill and get over it! If you have Acute Pancreatitis and take Ibuprofen? IT WILL KILL YOU!!!!!!!!!!!! If you have gut pain and Ibu gets rid of it/ YOU HAD A XXXXXXX (BAD WORD) STOMACH ACHE! You stupid MORON!

    1. Hi Harry – I can tell you are very intelligent and know a lot about acute pancreatitis. I usually don’t approve comments from stupid people but in your case I want to make an exception simply because the responses will be entertaining. I hope you are following the comments because well, let me just say I’m gonna laugh myself to death lmao 🙂

      1. I’m not writing this from my grave. I followed the advice on the site and it was the only thing that stopped an acute attack. My wife has been a nurse for 20 years, 10 of those in critical care. I have had 3 accute attacks. One hospitalized me, one I dealt with at home for a week with pain medication. The last one I cleared up in 24 hours taking 800 mg of ibuprofen 3 times after asking my wife what she thought. She agreed that using Ibuprofin to stop the inflammation might work. I think most intelligent adults understand the dangers of Ibuprofin use, but most intelligent adults dealing with pancreatitis understand that it is inflammation. When I looked on the site at the beginning of my last attack, it made sense. It worked.

    1. Hi Jody I haven’t heard of gaviscon causing AP but PPIs (porton pump inhibitors) such as omeprazole (Prilosec, Prilosec OTC), lansoprazole (Prevacid, Prevacid 24-Hour), dexlansoprazole (Dexilent, Kapidex) rabeprazole (Aciphex), pantoprazole (Protonix), esomeprazole (Nexium), and Zegarid, a rapid release form of omeprazole have been know to cause AP.

  36. My friend had an attack of pancreatitis and is in the hospital right now. They are flushing her system out. They said it was naproxen that caused it. But she has had serveral flare ups. What can we do to prevent any more flare up? What are some good things to eat and what not to eat. Thanks Jo Rita.

    1. Hi Jo Rita – sorry to hear about your friend. Here is a whole category that deals with diet. I hope she is feeling better real soon. Thank you for visiting and posting your question. 🙂 Oh and by the way …

      Go to your nearest health store and get her some grape seed extract and vitamin C. IF here gallbladder is clear (no sign of stones, low ejection, or inflammation) and she doesn’t have SOD (sphincter of oddi dysfunction) then get curcumin too. ALL 3 are highly anti-inflammatory and non-toxic. You can find out more about those 3 supplements under the category section about supplements. Oh and you want “stand-alone formulas.” Just grape seed extract, Just vitamin C and just curcumin. No other weird stuff in the formulas that may be toxic in large doses.

  37. Health Guy: I was lucky they diagnosed me with Pancreatitis right tin the ER. I had a viscious attack right after eating at a Ruby Tuesdays in Florida. Thought I was having a massive heart attack ( sweating, nausea per abdomen pain, hypoxia. Art ER lipase was 3813/ white cells 20k, Immediiately did CT Scan and Sonogram to rule out stones and I rarely use alcohol. I have struggled with high triglycerides for years and it can be a case of long term hyperlipidemia MY enzy=mes ad white cell count were back down to normal after 4 days of no food and vats of antibiotics. 2 weeks have passed I have lost 17 lbs of my 217 frame. I am very fatigued and don’t desire to eat like I used to. At what point does acute pancreatitis theoretically become chronic. I am pretty certain my with loss is a combination of no food and now eating much less then I used to. What abut fatigue is that a common side effect of your pancreatitis. I am 53 do not smoke but have to be honest I ate foods like Pizza, fast foods, snack food etc like they would never hurt me.

    1. Hi labradorman – sorry to hear you have joined the pancreatitis hall of pain. Sucks don’t it? Do they know why you had the attack? You mentioned high triglycerides. Are your tri numbers real high? Usually takes 1000+. Here’s an article regarding tris and pancreatitis. If your tris aren’t that high there is probably another cause.

      Question #2: “At what point does acute pancreatitis theoretically become chronic”
      Answer: The medical establishment has their own criteria for diagnosing CP. Unless you had a lot of damage it usually takes a few acute attacks but that isn’t ALWAYS true. In fact most doctors can’t even agree with their own criteria and/or effectively diagnose chronic pancreatitis unless there are overwhelming indications.

  38. They gave me norco and im against drugs that mask the pain. But I have used ibuprofen and always noticed the benefits for any pain. I have yet to take the first tablet as I have just been diagnosed with acute 4 days ago in E.R. and just trying to stay mentally strong. I totally agree with you im just hoping my use of ibuprofen over the years won’t lesson the effect when I finally need it most. I dumped the norco its just big pharma trying to mask the pain with addiction but I underestimated what and how serious this will be for the rest of my life. kinda tripping but you seem to be the guru on this and im glad the last 4 nights that I continue to run into your help besides praying its giving me hope and also humbling to see how serious this is. 800mg saved me many times for tooth pain or migraine im expecting it to come through for me one more time.

    1. Hi John – IF it were me and it has been many times in the past – I’d take the Ibuprofen, if you haven’t already because it stops the inflammation. The longer you have inflammation the more chance for damage. If you are still ill I’d do 800 mg one time dose (hopefully that resolves most of the inflammation) and then 200 – 400 mg daily for about a week to get it controlled.

  39. You are a life saver! Exactly what I did went to the ER a couple of days in horrid pain only to wait fricken 7 hours to be seen. By then I vomited my entire stomach out and felt better. Then they decide to come in and give my morphine! Of course I felt fine leaving but the pain of waiting was excruciating and I had ibuprofen 800mg the entire time in my home! 🙁 I’m about 3days out any suggestion of food in the meantime? I’m also breastfeeding and I find myself extremely tired trying to make it throughout the day. Also anemic, yaaaaay me! 🙂

  40. I have been hospitalized for pancreatitis, 2. I have pain a lot too like right now. Have stopped throwing up for a week, missing work and my eyes have turned gray. I’m afraid of the hospital because they almost killed me and doped me up for 3 weeks didn’t even know I got visitors. After that they have me cdif and mrsa. Had to send me to a bigger hospital to take care of it. I guess I scared because I do like to drink a little, I’m Italian! But I read this after I took my ibuprofen and nothing else seemed to work! Now if I could just sleep I’d feel better. Thank you for the read!!

    1. Hi Samantha – Glad to hear Ibuprofen works for you too. I hope you are feeling better real soon. I understand about the apprehension you have towards hospitals but if you are ill with acute pancreatitis that is where you should be and you may also want to consider stopping the alcohol consumption.

      1. The Health Guy
        I finally went to the hospital and yes it was acute pancreatitis that have me fluids and tried to cope me up yet again but I said no pain meds. The vomiting has been none stop almost 2 weeks I was so dehydrated the wanted to keep me over night. I have now believe it is the drinking and I want and threw everything I Had away. Got to be clean to stay clean.

    1. Unless there is brand new research (case studies) I doubt Advil caused your pancreatitis unless you overdosed. The ONLY record of Ibuprofen (Advil) causing pancreatitis was in a guy who took like 4 GRAMS at once. Gross overdose. Not smart.

  41. Thank you so much. I have been in excruciating pain for two weeks while Er doctors shot me up with dope. Im glad you shared your info

  42. My sister had pancreatitis and I so much appreciate your information. I have shared this site with her and hope she pays attention to advice. Also thank you for your humor. I laughed or chuckled most of the way through it even though it is no laughing matter. Keep it up!!

  43. I’ve had chronic pancreatitis for 4 years nearly continuous! I have portal vein thrombosis and splenic thrombosis? A huge pseudo cyst 9cm now and many smaller adjacent ones! I’m stuck
    On warfarin and loads of medication (I’m really over it) my pancreas is absolutely buggered, I had a huge internal bleed in September which was really scary, it was in my duodenum, I had it burnt and clipped, and had 6 transfusions! I was in hospital 2weeks ago stuck in Icu for 5 days I tried to tell my dr the pain was different but they think they know , I knew it was my gallbladder??ciz my lipase was 3,600 they wouldn’t look further! I’m often taken to Canberra coz I’m high risk and complicated!last time in Canberra was in sept 2016 they were meant to take gallbladder out to reduce attacks and drain big pseudo cyst as they told me they burst around 10cm well I’m bloody close! I’ve changed Drs and she is good but it’s getting the Drs to do something and finally operated on! I honestly nearly give up? I pop bloody endone like tic tacos, ,I’ve tried patches, Targum, methadone tablets (no I’m not a druggie) it has less side effects to OxyContin etc! I weaned myself off them coz Drs used to give me hell trying to get a script filled! I am currently trying to get over another attack I got 4 days ago but I’m stubborn and am trying not to go back in, just not eating much at all, for the first time i brought Ibruprofen, to give anything a go really and I do think they work, I have been taking endone with them, which honestly has helped a bit!! You have no quality of life as when you go down you can’t do a thing except suffer! I will try grapefruit extract nd unsweetened juice, also some other hints you have in here!! This disease nearly drives you to the point of insanity! I’m really over it and just want to be fixed! So thanku for your straight forward story, and by the way you aren’t an asshole, your a really good person for being frank and saying it the way it is! I do appreciate your info and I’m willing to give anything a go to try and get a bit better so I can live my life again!! Thanks again Wendy😀👍🏻

    1. Wendy – I’m sorry you have been so ill – that really sucks. Hey do NOT take grapefruit seed extract or drink grapefruit juice without talking to your doctors! Grapefruit does NOT play well with a lot of medications. Grape seed extract and vitamin C should be fine also … IF you have gallbladder issues do NOT use curcumin or turmeric (it could cause more problems). I hope you can find healing. 🙂

  44. I recently had a very bad acute pancreatitis attack that led me to the ER, then ICU, then an ambulance ride to a different hospital’s ICU. It’s been 2 weeks since I had the attack. I also found out in the ICU that I have C-Diff, which isn’t fun and can be life threatening as well, so between the two I am happy to be alive at the moment. So I did my 4 days of fasting in the ICU. Since I’ve been home my diet has been very restricted. I eat very little and when I do eat it’s usually toast or yogurt. So the problem I’m having now is that my stomach is still very swollen and tender, I can’t even button my pants. The C-Diff is under control now, and I don’t expect my pancreas to recover over night, but it’s been 2 weeks. Did any of you experience this or have any advice? Thanks

    1. Hi Bobby – it can take weeks to fully recover from an acute pancreatitis attack and the worse the attack was the longer it takes to heal. C-Diff can take up to a year of antibiotic treatment. Either one can be the cause of your swollen and tender abdomen. I hope you are feeling better soon.

  45. Thanks for much for your honesty, been suffering with this for awhile now, question, I been taking Aleve one pill twice a day to help with the inflammation….I do get acid reflux as well with is what I first had for a couple of years then it went into pancreatitus. The pain is low grade to moderate but usually constant with a few days here and there of no pain….I also take fresh ginger which helps too…Would the Ibuprofen cause acid reflux, is it harder on the stomach then the Aleve? also, how would you recommend taking it with food on a full stomach and how much?

    1. Hi David – Aleve is naproxen. Naproxen is also a good anti-inflammatory but I prefer Ibuprofen because it is safer (somewhat) than naproxen in larger doses. In regards to acid reflux I have no clue whether Ibuprofen would be better or worse or even has any affect upon reflux. If it were me I’d try 800 mgs of Ibuprofen (one dose) to attack the inflammation and then drop to 400 mgs twice a day for a couple days and see how I felt. I’ve never been on it for a long time cuz the stuff is not safe. I usually go to aspirin for anything long term. They both can cause bleeding (GI tract) but aspirin doesn’t cause heart attack like other NSAIDs can.

  46. While suffering a serious pancreatitis attack, I know because I also was once rushed to the hospital and reading your story almost made me laugh that it’s ridiculous the way they treat you in there and how they just pump you full of drugs. So this time I laid there almost all day as the pain got worse praying that I didn’t have to go to the hospital again because I would never want to endure that again. I began to pray and got online for some answers and found your website I was almost ready to take one of my husband’s opiates that he had because I was in so much pain but after reading your article I rushed to the cupboard and took 3 ibuprofen 200 milligrams and within an hour I was feeling so much better. Thank you so much for this amazing article and to God be the glory.

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