Grapefruit Seed Extract For Pancreatitis

grapefruit-seed-extractResearch indicates that Grapefruit Seed Extract literally stops Acute pancreatitis and is also beneficial in protecting the pancreas from tissue damage due to Acute Pancreatitis. I personally have very little experience with grapefruit seed extract (I bought one bottle about a year ago) however, I do have experience with grapefruit juice and it’s benefit of stopping my Acute pancreatitis episodes.

Like my other works on pancreatitis and various alternative remedies for eliminating Pancreatitis pain and healing pancreas damage I will tell you of my personal experience and then back up what I share with research to prove what I say holds water.

Grapefruit Seed Extract and Grapefruit Side Effects …

IMPORTANT! DO NOT consume grapefruit seed extract, grapefruit juice or grapefruit pulp if you are on certain prescription or OTC medication. Check with your doctor or pharmacist before using grapefruit seed extract or drinking grapefruit juice or eating grapefruit. Grapefruit Drug Interaction List 

Grapefruit Juice Stopped My Acute Pancreatitis

grapefruit-juiceGrapefruit Seed Extract is made by using not only the seeds but the juice and pulp of the grapefruit. My own personal experience comes only from grapefruit juice and quite honestly I had forgotten that my Acute Pancreatitis episodes disappeared after starting to drink large amounts of grapefruit juice while I was in the Vacation Timeshare industry.

I started selling Timeshare in 1980 but didn’t start drinking grapefruit juice until around 1981 – I think. It has been so long ago that I simply don’t remember exactly when I started drinking large amounts of grapefruit juice however …

I began drinking grapefruit juice because Timeshare people are party animals. We’d work hard and play hard and playing hard usually meant drinking copious amounts of alcohol but …

Since I couldn’t drink alcohol due to my pancreatitis I began drinking grapefruit juice. The vast quantities I drank must have been quite similar to taking grapefruit seed extract. I’d go through maybe a gallon per day of grapefruit juice. Anyway …

My Acute pancreatitis episodes stopped.

I began to feel better. But …

I never did realize until just a few years ago that it was the grapefruit juice that did the good deed. I simply thought that my diet and prescriptions had somehow began to work and I should have been more intelligent or perceptive because I had been on the meds for a over 3 years by then but I thought it was the diet maybe coupled with meds because it hadn’t been all that long since cutting out a ton of fat filled foods from my diet.

Then after starting to share my story and info on the net I find that research clearly indicates it was the grapefruit juice that enabled me to begin healing. You can check out the research below and verify what I say as being very plausable.

In 1994 I found grape seed extract and in 1995 discovered curcumin. Grapefruit juice was put on the back burner and I never did consume it in large quantities after using grape seed and curcumin. To this day I can’t tell you why I stopped the grapefruit juice.

Knowing what I know now in regards to grapefruit seed extract, and juice I would definitely include it into my regimen of vitamin C, grape seed extract and curcumin to stop Acute Pancreatitis or Chronic Pancreatitis if it were necessary.

Grapefruit Seed Extract Research

This is a list of research papers and studies you can review in order to help you come to your own conclusions in regards to using grapefruit seed extract or grapefruit juice to help eliminate Acute Pancreatitis. After reviewing my life with Pancreatitis I can only conclude that drinking copious amounts of grapefruit juice eliminated my Acute Pancreatitis episodes.

Gastroprotective effects of flavonoids i… [J Physiol Pharmacol. 2005] – PubMed – NCBI

You May Want To Try Grapefruit Seed Extract

grapefruit-seed-extractYou may want to try grapefruit seed extract to determine whether or not it will work for you to control and/or eliminate AP (Acute Pancreatitis). If you don’t like grapefruit or grapefruit juice grapefruit seed extract is easy to take and a lot cheaper than juice.


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  1. Hi Paul,

    My husband is suffering from chronic pancreatitis. He has underwent gastroenterology several times. I just need a favour from you. Can you just let me know what do you have for breakfast, lunch, evening breakfast and dinner. My husband’s a foodie and he tends to eat all the food he’s not allowed in small quantities, pleading me that he wants to just taste it. I cannot stop him everytime. I feel sad for him because he loves food so much.

    Hence, I wanted to know some basic recipes that you may be having yourself, something appetizing and tasty, so that I can prepare the same for him. He is a pure vegetarian (no eggs also). Dairy products, yes, he has them. He has just been discharged from the hospital after clearing some stones in the pancreatic duct and a stent has been inserted. Doctor has advised soft diet for 1 -2 weeks. I am not so good at cooking but I want to learn to keep him healthy. Please help me.

    Also, he is on medication. He takes Creon 25000, 3 times a day with food, Pantodac before food and Glycephage for sugar. Vitasafe is advised as supplements. Just wanted to know, that can he take Grapefruit juice or Grapefruit seed extract or grape seed extract along with these medicines.

    HE IS JUST 28 yrs old. PLEASE HELP ME.

    Prajakta (Komal)

    1. Hi Prajakta (Komal) – I’m not going to be a huge help on the food thing because I don’t really have any recipes. I suggest a good vegan cookbook and simply take out anything with high fat content. Heck I’m just an average guy, not a real chef so cooking to me is:

      Breakfast – organic vegetable juice
      Lunch – a fruit smoothie (whole fruit in a blender) with strawberries, pineapples, banana, orange, kiwi, blueberries
      Dinner – throwing a skinless chicken breast on the grill (no oil, butter or fat sauce), bake a potato and steam a stalk of broccoli and call it good, homemade lentil or split pea soup or a bowl of beans or some other weird concoction I come up with.

      Sometimes I look for recipes in various cookbooks (vegan, chicken, fish type books) and take out anything that is high in fat content. Sometimes they taste good and sometimes my dog won’t even eat it! For me it is kind of a crap shoot. I am sorry I’m not much help with recipes. 🙂

      In regards to drug interactions with grapefruit/grapefruit juice here’s a list of drugs that grapefruit and grapefruit juice do not play well with and one should NOT use a grapefruit type product when on these drugs. Here’s another list. I’d also check with a pharmacist. In looking I can not find where the two drugs Pantodac (Pantoprazole) or glucophage (metformin) are on any list that prohibits grapefruit products. Grape seed is very easy to get along with unless a person is on anticoagulants, blood thinners.

      Sorry I am not more help. Good luck to you and your husband. 🙂

  2. My sister in law lacerated her pancreas a few weeks ago in a snowboarding accident, her Dr. put a stent and a drain in. She was in the hospital for 11 days, she is still so nauseous, throwing up and in quite a bit of pain. I haven’t been able to find anything on your blog dealing with a lacerated pancreas, wondering if you had any insight?

    1. Brandi, sorry to hear about your sister. All I can say is that her pancreas is damaged. If she eats like a normal person it will most likely have the same effect as one damaged due to pancreatitis. She has to do what she thinks is best but I’m gonna take a wild guess that a proper low fat diet and anti-inflammatory supplements will help her to heal. Can’t tell you what the future might hold in regards to long-term complications. I wish her the best! 🙂

  3. Hi HG. Me again. What dose grapefruit seed extract? We picked up a bottle at the local health food store, same brand as your picture, but 250 mg. Which would you recommend, 125 or 250, how many per dose, how many a day? It says 1 cap, BID, empty stomach. He can’t drink a lot of the juice because he gets canker sores from too much acid.

    Is this a daily thing? Read where he should take probiotics if more than 3 days becsuse it kills good gut bacteria. He is doing the grape seed (thru your link, thanks for the easy wsy to tind it) and C.

  4. My daughter is on xanax and I know that its not compatible with grapefruit but really want to try it, do you think as long as she takes them 4 hours apart it would be fine? I know you are not a dr but you opinion always means alot to me. thank you

    1. Hi Joyce – When grapefruit (juice, pulp, seeds, extract) is used with drugs that it interacts with those interactions can be lethal, e.g. statins, latuda, and a lot more so before you let her try it I’d ask BOTH her doctor and the pharmacist if it would be safe. Thank you for your trust! 🙂

      Joyce here is one answer stay tuned I’m still looking 🙂

      1) How does taking Xanax and eating grapefruit affect the body?
      2) Grapefruit–drug interactions

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