Curcumin For Pancreatitis

curcumin-for-pancreatitis-jarrowsI personally use curcumin for pancreatitis because it puts out the fire of inflammation. Together with grape seed extract and vitamin C, curcumin helps to keep me free of pancreatitis pain and acute pancreatitis. I have been using it for 16 years. Most doctors are not aware of the benefits of using curcumin for pancreatitis.

There is plenty of scientific research about curcumin and there seems to be great potential and possible use in Alzheimer’s disease, diabetes, inflammatory conditions, and several types of cancer; however, there seems to be a concern regarding absorption. Curcumin is not easily absorbed into the bloodstream and most of it stays in the gastrointestinal tract. However …

This flaw is easily overcome when using curcumin for pancreatitis and isn’t all bad because this apparent “hanging out in the intestines” makes it an ideal supplement for alternative treatment of GI conditions such as colon cancer and IBS. Supposedly absorption into the bloodstream is improved significantly when curcumin is used in combination with a black pepper extract called piperine, also known by the brand name Bioperine. However I am pretty sure, in fact willing to bet, you could simply add black pepper to your food when using turmeric or curcumin and get the same results (hint: don’t bet against me I’ve been using curcumin for years).

Curcumin – Turmeric Warning

If you have Sphincter of Oddi dysfunction (SOD) or Gallstones you may want to avoid curcumin and turmeric because it increases bile flow. Read more here

curcumin-for-pancreatitisCurcumin: What is Curcumin?

Curcumin is the principal curcuminoid found in turmeric and is highly anti-inflammatory in nature. This fact makes curcumin especially useful in pain relief. If you have any kind of inflammatory disease curcumin could turn out to be one of your best friends. The benefits of curcumin are scientifically proven and I provide the research for your reading pleasure on this page.

Curcumin comes from turmeric. You are probably familiar with turmeric, especially if you enjoy curry type foods but what you may not be familiar with are the many amazing benefits of curcumin and of course what those curcumin benefits may mean to you.

The science behind curcumin is suggestive and promising and if you have read any of my information previously you’ll know that I rarely talk out of my hat. I always try to have research on hand to back up what I say or hypothesize. However …

As in most herbal or natural substances that can not be patented there is no definitive science that clearly states curcumin will do this or that; however, I have dug up some pretty compelling scientific evidence you can view, study and thereby arrive at your own conclusions. It is important to note that curcumin in its natural state as either turmeric or extract is non-toxic. However, as soon as the drug companies discover the chemical formula to synthetic curcumin you can be sure of two things:

1) It will be far more expensive
2) It will most likely make you sick or kill you

To find out about the benefits of natural curcumin keep reading.

Why Does Curcumin Help Pancreatitis?curcumin-for-pancreatitis

As I said curcumin extract contains compounds called curcuminoids that are found in the East Indian turmeric root. Turmeric root contains two powerful curcuminoids. These curcuminoids are:

1) desmethoxycurcumin
2) bis-desmethoxycurcumin

Curcumin is HIGHLY anti-inflammatory and in appropriate amounts (1000 – 2000 milligrams or 1 – 2 grams) curcumin can relieve pain as well as NSAIDs such Ibuprofen without the possible side effects associated with those NSAIDs such as heart attack and bleeding. Since pancreatitis is inflammation of the pancreas curcumin is extremely beneficial in fighting that inflammation which in turn resolves the pain and other symptoms.

So if you are interested in curcumin for pain relief I can asure you it works. In order to receive the benefits of curcumin you may want to add turmeric to your list of kitchen spices, if you do not already use it, or purchase some curcumin supplements in the form of curcumin extract.

If you are seeking pain relief turmeric will provide some curcumin but not in the amounts that may be necessary to relieve your pain. That is where a good quality supplement comes in to play. However …

Curcumin does thin the blood so it is wise to ask your doctor if it is ok for you to use curcumin IF you are taking some form of medication that is a “blood thinner.”

Research Reveals Curcumin Benefits

curcumin-for-pancreatitis-researchIf you are looking for an all natural health and pain remedy for osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, psoriasis, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), pancreatitis, certain cancers, HIV or Alzheimer’s, curcumin, especially in combination with grape seed extract and vitamin C,  may be of benefit. Read the science here

I personally use curcumin for pancreatitis and can positively recommend curcumin for Pancreatitis pain relief and the elimination of the inflammation that creates pancreatic tissue damage. I can not say that curcumin alone is the answer simply because I combine curcumin with 2 other supplements that also reduce inflammation, grape seed extract and vitamin C. However …

I can say that curcumin is very beneficial in stopping inflammation and pain due to inflammation. The research below will also substantiate what I know to be true, especially in regards to Pancreatitis. If you suffer with pain that is due to inflammation, Pancreatitis, Arthritis, Lupus any inflammatory type condition, you may find benefit by using curcumin to eliminate the pain and inflammation.


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Curcumin Kills Cancer


Curcumin Is Proven By Science to Cause Programmed Cancer Cell Death

The interesting fact about curcumin regarding cancer is that science has proven it promotes apoptosis, programmed cancer cell death. This fact means curcumin may be useful in cancer prevention and to kill cancer cells that already exist. All you have to do to verify what I tell you is to read the research yourself. You’ll find that research on this page.

Curcumin shows significant potential in scientific research in regards to prostate, colon, breast, ovarian and lung cancer. The jury is still out but the compelling evidence certainly leads one to believe there is hope and possibilities with curcumin.

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The Curcumin Formula I Use For Pancreatitis

curcumin-for-pancreatitis-jarrowsI’ve used Jarrows for years. Good product. Absorbs well. No complaints 🙂

Try Jarrows Curcumin

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  1. Thanks for making this info available. I agree with you everything you wrote. My first time with acute pancreatitis – awful!

    1. Hey Austen you are welcome. I am sorry you have joined the pancreatitis hall of pain. The good news is you don’t necessarily have to get worse. You may be able to heal and prety much live a normal life. You may not be able to eat and drink your former diet but living pain free beats living in pain or worse. Good luck to you!

      1. Is it ok to drink the lemonade cleanser? It is 2 tablespoons of real, fresh lemon juice, 2 tablespoons or maple syrup, 1/10 th of a teaspoon of cayenne pepper. I was think of adding some turmeric to it. Thanks.

        1. Austen – I don’t know. Never used the lemonade cleanser. What does it supposedly cleanse? I’ve heard of something similar (master cleanse) for weight loss? People with pancreatitis usually have no problem losing weight. However I have seen some pics of fat people who have pancreatitis. Even the pain, nausea and vomiting can’t keep them from those burgers, fries, ice cream, pizza and other high fat content garbage they consume. Anyway, sorry, I don’t know anything about the lemonade cleanse.

          1. The master cleanser is the same thing as the lemonade cleanser. I’ve tried it when I was healthy and you do lose 2 lbs. a day, effortlessly. You can only drink this stuff and all the water you want, but you cannot eat or drink anything else. I was just wondering if it is ok to do with this pancreatitis. I took the 4 advil and it stopped the inflammation and pain. Then a few hours later, I ate a small to medium size papaya, and I got gas again. I went into a store and got a bottle of Ocean Spray white grapefruit juice
            and that put out the gas. I am afraid to eat or drink anything except water and white grapefruit juice.

          2. Austen how long have you had pancreatitis and when was your last acute attack? The reason I ask is that it is best to not eat when you are feeling ill. If you aren’t hungry don’t eat. When you are hungry start out with juice (vegetable or fruit) for 2 or 3 days before trying safe, solid food (vegan, no fat or oil) in small amounts. IF you aren’t taking the supplements, start. People who follow what I do soon find they feel better. Those who don’t continue to be sick. Invest time reading this blog, especially the diet portions and supplement info. Do a food diary. You’ll find directions on how to do one properly on this blog. Remember, alcohol can kill you and food is NOT your friend. You have to learn how to: eat to live instead of living to eat. If you get gas and or nausea upon eating (right after, within 20 – 30 minutes) you most likely need to take pancreatic enzymes as well. Depending upon pancreas damage your pancreas may not be producing enough enzymes now to initially begin the digestion process. This causes the gas, bloating and/or nausea and possible vomiting after eating. Pancreatic enzymes should help resolve that problem.

            I know what you are going through is NOT a fun experience so I often try to make people laugh (I use a lot of sarcasm lol). Learning what to do and what not to do takes time but the basics are simple. Fat and alcohol are the enemies. Anything that is highly anti-inflammatory is your friend (except oils such as olive, fish, flax etc). Those oils may be healthy for other folks but they aren’t for us.

            By the way you did good with the advil and grapefruit juice and now you know that what I do works for you too so DO more. Learn more. Get well. Stay well.

          3. I got my first acute attack just this past Monday, Dec. 16, 2013. I thought it was indigestion because I had stuffed myself on Sat., Sun., and Monday. My eating was out of control but not anymore! I have not used alcohol, tobacco or drugs. I am an overeater but I’m changing – I NEVER want to go thru this again! Went to the hospital on Tue. at 8 am and thought I’d be there for an hour. They took x-rays, gave me an iv with dilaudid and wanted to keep me overnight but I left. I an thinking I should be on juices until I heal, then fruits and vegs. Is pineapple and it’s juice ok? I read a blog that said aloe vera juice and papaya juice was excellent. What about the master cleanser? Thanks.

          4. Wow – you are a newbie to all this then. Sorry you had to join the club, the pancreatitis hall of pain. Our club sucks, you should have joined toastmasters instead lol. Pineapple juice should be fine. I love fresh pineapple. Pineapple contains bromelain. Bromelain is highly anti-inflammatory, helps with digestion and is known to relieve pain. Aloe and papaya are similar, both good. Aloe tastes like crap rolled into dirty socks. I would not recommend the master cleanse but you could always try it. If you begin eating a proper pancreatitis diet you’ll drop any excess weight (if that is why you want to use it). A proper pancreatitis diet doesn’t have a lot of fat or caloric intake. Losing weight for most pancreatitis patients isn’t a problem.

      2. I’ve been online and getting conflicting reports about what to eat and drink. I just had some beet and apple juice this morning. Had some 4 oz. of water mixed with 4 oz. of Gatorade at 4:30 am. I heated it to body temp, drank it and woke up with a very dry mouth. Thanks.

  2. Hi, I’ve not had a definite diagnosis of chronic pancreatitis (but they think it could be that) I know it is I’ve had loads of acute attacks and now it’s gone to chronic (pain every night now wakes me from my sleep) I’m taking creon 40,000 with every meal and snack and zomorph for pain plus oral morphine when it’s really bad. Problem is zomorph worked at first but Dr as had to increase my dose twice because it stops working. Anyway past 5 days I’ve been taking turmeric (first night pain not as bad as usual no oral morphine needed) last 4 nights practically pain free! This stuff is working for me I can’t believe it! I’ve also bought some grape seed extract started that as well today. Only problem is I have sphincter of oddi dysfunction (which for the past year since I had botox in it as been ok) so I’m just hoping the turmeric doesn’t upset it. Thanks so much for all this information it’s been a big help for me I’ve seen countless drs over the past 6 year with no joy as my scans are always ok, my amalayse is always raised in my blood but not high enough for them to say pancreatitis straight away (these past 6 years have been a massive struggle the latter being the worst as it’s been getting worse) thanks again for all the information

    Regards Angela

    1. You’re welcome Angela and what a great testimony! I am excited to hear another story of success and less pain! Thank you sharing your success. Remember diet is extremely important as well. Keep on trucking Angela it sure sounds like things are improving for you 🙂

    2. How do you use the turmeric and the grape extract. I have chronic pancreatitis and I am taking pain meds every single day since August last year. They don’t know what is causing it so I want to try home remedy. Please let me know.

      1. Hi Suzana – I’d start with grape seed extract (100 mg caps) 2x daily and increase dosage by 100 mgs each week until you feel results. Grape seed extract is my workhorse supplement. The amount needed daily varies from person to person. Most people start seeing results in the area of 600 – 1000 mgs daily. It all depends upon the amount of damage the pancreas has sustained. I’d also start vitamin C at 1000 mgs per day with the grape seed extract and work up to 3000 mgs. I’d start curcumin at 500 mgs daily and work up to 1500 – 2000 mgs daily.

  3. I have been diagnosed with fatly pancreas/inflammation based on an abdominal ultrasound. I do have sarcoidosis, and my once fatty liver is now gone, and now I have this. Would curcumin be beneficial and how much do you take daily. My gallbladder is fine, but my renal function is decreased.

    1. Hi Kas since sarcoidosis is an autoimmune inflammatory disease and is usually treated with ibuprofen or aspirin or in severe cases steroids, even immune supressants curcumin may be beneficial. Grape seed would possibly be beneficial as well. Since you have renal impairment you may want to check with your doctor first before you add anything. I wish you good luck and better health.

  4. Health Guy I am so thankful to have found you. I am taking the 3 supplements you talked about. I took 1 of each yesterday today I am going to take them twice and increase to 3 times daily. Is it necessary to take each 3 a day or can I take the grape seed 3 times and the other 2 once. I am really confused regarding the supplements. Also I had a cyst that my surgeon put a drain in so it would drain thru my bladder, have you ever heard of this? Again I thank God that I found you.

    1. Zan – work up slow one of each daily for 3 – 5 days then go to two each daily. Those are very powerful antioxidants and they will push out toxins that are in your body but you don’t want that “cleansing” to happen to fast because it could make you feel kinda crummy (some people experience unwanted symptoms). It is extremely important to drink lots of water during the cleansing phase to flush those toxins out of the body so they do not build up. Water is your friend 🙂

      P.S. You asked: “Also I had a cyst that my surgeon put a drain in so it would drain thru my bladder, have you ever heard of this?” Yes, draining it through the bladder makes way more sense than draining cyst fluid into the stomach which a lot of those surgeons do.

  5. Thank you for having this blog. I’m 5 days out of a 4 day hospital stay from Acute Pancreatitis which took me by surprise. I didn’t even know what Pancreatitis was before this happened & I have so much to learn. I went to a GI NP with what they thought was acid reflux, put me on Nexium along with Sucralfate and 4 weeks later I have drug caused Acute Pancreatitis.

    1. I forgot to add my Lipase level when admitted to the ER was 3700, don’t drink or smoke. Started on curcumin today.

          1. Patty let me know how the grape seed extract and curcumin work for you. NOW Foods Grape Seed Anti 100mg is a great choice because it also contains vitamin C so you get a twofor lol 🙂

    2. You’re welcome Patty. 🙂 Drug induced pancreatitis is probably far more prevalent than the medical community is willing to admit. Almost all diabetes drugs are potential culprits especially Januvia, Victoza (aka Saxenda), Trulicity, Byetta. Here is a list of category 1,2 & 3 drug class culprits as of the article date (2005). Ace inhibitors (heart drug) also cause AP (they are made from snake venom peptides). There are more (statin drugs, immunosuppressants, etc)

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