Beating Pancreatitis

beating-pancreatitis-how to beat pancreatitisBeating pancreatitis is possible. I have done it. If I can beat pancreatitis you may be able to beat pancreatitis as well. Beating pancreatitis is NOT an easy task but if you want to live pain and symptom free, heal your inflamed pancreas and live a better life you may be able to reach your goal of beating pancreatitis by learning what I did to beat pancreatitis.

I was diagnosed with pancreatitis, both acute and chronic, in 1979 and was told I might have 10 years of life left to live. Quite frankly I didn’t much care for that prognosis nor did I look forward to the horrible pain and other symptoms that come with acute pancreas inflammation and advanced chronic pancreatitis. As a result beating pancreatitis became my top priority.

beating-pancreatitisI am going to share with you everything I have learned over more than 30 years of beating pancreatitis (Read Terms of Service). Things like:

1) What happens to your pancreas during an acute pancreatitis attack?

2) The #1 strategy I use to stop an acute pancreatitis attack in less than 90 minutes.

3) What to eat for pancreatitis and more importantly what NOT to eat. As you read this pancreatitis blog you’ll learn about foods that will help heal your pancreas, relieve your chronic pancreatitis pain (and other symptoms) and also help you avoid another acute attack. You learn about the juicing diet that makes it easier for your small intestines to absorb nutrients. This can be especially helpful for those with malabsorption issues.

4) How to create a pancreatitis food diary and do it right. If you don’t do it right you’ll simply be wasting your time and more importantly you’ll never really know what is safe for you and what isn’t.

5) The supplements for pancreatitis that when combined with an appropriate pancreatitis diet will usually put out the fire of inflammation and begin pancreas healing.

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Why Have I Started This Beating Pancreatitis Blog?

beating-pancreatitis-living-pain-freeI have started writing this beating pancreatitis blog for one reason and that reason is to share what I have found works to beat pancreatitis. The information on this blog comes from years of dealing with acute and chronic pancreatitis. I had ONE doctor, ONE out of FOURTEEN, who was finally able to diagnose my condition which ultimately led to my beating pancreatitis learning experience. I learned:

  1. how to stop acute pancreatitis
  2. how to avoid acute pancreatitis
  3. how to heal the pancreas damage
  4. How to stop the progression of CP and put it in “remission.”

Maybe this information on how to beat pancreatitis may help a few people to heal and lead an almost normal, productive life without being butchered by some surgeon. That is why I started this beating pancreatitis blog.

The Information On This Beating Pancreatitis Blog Is Free

Free-info-beating-pancreatitisEven though I have been told I should write a book about beating pancreatitis I have no intention of doing so.

There is a reason for that which is:

I totally believe God guided me to what I have learned about beating pancreatitis.

You may or may not believe that is entirely your prerogative but since I totally believe God led me to these beating pancreatitis solutions, while protecting me from death, and taking in to consideration He didn’t charge me one dime, I can see no other way than to return His kindness except by doing likewise. That is why this information about how to beat pancreatitis will always be free.

beating pancreatitisAt this point I must caution you about other beating pancreatitis information you may find on the Internet.

There are some people selling books with dubious information (one is actually called beating pancreatitis). Those people have either had a relative who DIED from pancreatitis or now have pancreatitis themselves yet have NOT healed (are still symptomatic) or have never had pancreatitis.

Not to be crass or hurtful but learning from someone whose relative DIED (if the information was good the relative may still be alive) or someone who is NOT symptom free or someone who has never experienced the awful pain and illness that comes with acute and/or chronic pancreatitis or can not or does not offer solutions that make sense is like learning how to manage your finances from your uncle who has filed bankruptcy 3 times.

As far as I am concerned most doctors fall into the last category. They attend school for years in order to “practice” medicine yet most can not even diagnose pancreatitis unless it slaps them in the face and then they miss the OBVIOUS solution for healing. However …

I am NOT a doctor. I can not prescribe a course of treatment to beat pancreatitis. I can only tell you how I beat pancreatitis. When it comes to beating pancreatitis you will have to choose your own course and if you do choose mine – YOU DO IT AT YOUR OWN RISK.

Beating Pancreatitis My Way

beating-pancreatitis-my-wayBeating pancreatitis is going to entail adherence to a strict regimen which will include a pancreatitis diet and pancreatitis supplements. Both the diet and supplements will most likely be needed for the rest of your life, unless you wish to become ill again once you have accomplished pancreas healing. For some reason healing the pancreas does not cure the condition once damage has been done.

Pancreas healing and beating pancreatitis will be much more difficult for those who have sustained large amounts of pancreas damage due to severe or moderate acute pancreatitis. Even a significant number of mild acute pancreatitis attacks may cause damage that is difficult to heal. Yet as I have said before …

Beating pancreatitis is possible. I have done it, so unless you have been totally butchered by some surgeon or simply do NOT change your eating habits and quit drinking alcohol I am fairly certain you will soon know the joy of beating pancreatitis. In fact …

When it comes to beating pancreatitis I’m rootin for ya!

One Favor Please …

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Good luck and God bless you!


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      1. Hi Jeanne – sorry to hear your daughter is not well. Sugar doesn’t SEEM to cause pancreatic inflammation even though it is inflammatory. I’m not saying that soda pop is great, in fact, I avoid it but when I did drink it (pop) and use sugar I did not notice any problems that could be directly associated with sugar. I still use brown sugar, molasses, honey etc with no problems.

        1. Thank you to The Health Guy, your reply was very helpful. I took in a home made Vegan meal for my daughter because I read it was good to heal the Pancreas and asked a mail nurse if he would allow my daughter to eat it and he said “it wont make any difference to her , it doesn’t work” and started talking about all fat rich foods he likes in front of her. Am I wrong in thinking that fat is bad for her while she is ill and recovering from Pancreatitis
          Best wishes

          1. Hi Jeanne – fat is bad. Alcohol is bad. IF she is in the hospital with acute pancreatitis she would do better on juice (V8 or fresh organic veggie juice) for the first few days, after her pain and other symptoms resolve, before solid food. Then the vegan food (no fat at all) to see how she tolerates it. I’d also get her some grape seed extract. And I’d ask her doc to give her Ibuprofen (anti-inflammatory).

  1. Hi- what are the effects of chewing tobacco in regards to pancreatitis? I can’t imagine it can’t be good but my husband is stubborn and for some reason he came across your website & is finally honestly starting to make positive changes!!!

    1. Hi Liza – I smoke. It doesn’t seem to bother me. I used to chew when I was in the Corps but not since so I can’t say BUT I would guess that swallowing some tobacco juice accidently would not be a good thing. I’m glad your husband is making some changes. Hopefully he’ll begin feeling better. 🙂

  2. I had type II diabetes and my A1C was bouncing between 8 and 10.5. I had, had enough so over 1 year i lost 100lbs dropoed my A1C to 6.5 and got off all insulin. After 3 months i went hypoglycemic with my numbers going to 30 or less. I was also disgnosed with Advanced Chronic Pancriatitis. The specialist thought maybe a rumor inside my pancreas but nothing there. I only eat some fruit, veggies, and light meat. I stream everything and yet i suffer.suggestions?

    1. Hi Lee – sorry to hear you aren’t well. Congrats! on dropping 100 lbs! Ok you said …
      “I only eat some fruit, veggies, and light meat”

      What is light meat? What types of meat do you eat?

  3. How did “they” determine you actually had epi? I was diagnosed w/sibo, small intestine bactera overgrowth. But, I’ve done a billion (not really ) treatments and still major problems. I was in the hospital once for pancreatitis. In shorter wording, how do I know if I have it?

    1. Hi Cheryl – somewhere on this blog there is a post about pancreatic insufficiency (EPI). It is a fairly recent so should show under recent posts other check the categories. I think that post may answer your questions. 🙂

  4. Your website is very helpful. Do you have best practices on not allowing this illness to affect your daily life like work?

    1. Hi Pari hernan – Thanks glad you like the site. I’m not sure what you mean by “Do you have best practices on not allowing this illness to affect your daily life like work?” BUT if you are well enough to work, then work. If not, don’t and do what it takes to get well enough.

  5. Thank you for taking the time to answer all of our questions. I just had a stent put in my bile duct so next week they can see where to zap me for shockwave lithotripsy. Do you know anyone who has had this procedure for a pancreas stone and how long does it take to recover? Just the little bit my surgeon messed with my pancreas while putting in the stent kept me out of work for 3 days. They will do another ercp to take out the fragments and remove the stent. Not looking forward to that at all!

    1. Hi Chris – No I haven’t heard of anyone having this (shock wave lithotripsy) done for stones in the pancreas (pancreatic calcification). It’s a treatment for kidney stones. WHY exactly are they doing the procedure? Is the stone blocking something? Will you die without the procedure? Please keep us posted. I’ll be interested in knowing what transpires.

  6. Hey there! 11yr old has slight to moderate pancreas insuffiency now after having acute recurrent pancreatitis. Diagnoses in 2014. No enzymes quite yet. Few more tests to see if it’s beginning stages of chronic pancreatitis. However, doc recommended a trial use of Antox from pharma Nordic in the UK. Have you heard of this at all or been recommended to use it??
    Nancy Noud

    1. Hi Nancy – sorry to hear your 11 year old son has to go through this stuff. I first saw research about the antioxidants used in Antox in about 2010. There was a study done (the first I believe) by an East Indian doctor named Pramod Kumar Garg. His research was published by Gastroenterology in 2009.

      “Study medication
      The antioxidant supplementation included daily doses of 600 μg organic selenium, 0.54 g ascorbic acid, 9000 IU β-carotene, 270 IU α-tocopherol and 2 g methionine (Betamore G, Osper Pharmanautics, India). The compliance and timing of the medication were monitored at each visit of the patient by questioning the patient and relatives, evidence of the empty boxes of the drug/placebo, and capsule count.”

      The above excerpt is from that article. Later, another study was published this time using curcumin as well. The only two antioxidants used in either of those studies that are good are vitamin C and curcumin. I also use grape seed extract because it contains strong polyphenol flavonoids that are highly anti-inflammatory. So …

      I have been using Vitamin C, Grape seed extract and curcumin since 1994 (vitamin C and Grape seed) – 1996 (added curcumin). Almighty God led me to these antioxidants long before medical science began catching up. Approximately 13/14 years before. What bothers me about Antox (and why I’d never use it) is that it contains Methonine which in high doses can cause brain damage. Let me quote WebMD “Too much methionine can cause brain damage and death.” Selenium is also toxic and “builds up” when too much is taken. I could go on but leave it to doctors to use toxic ingredients when non-toxic ones are available and actually better.

      Now, nothing is totally safe. Vitamin C, grape seed extract and curcumin can all cause digestive upset in large doses. They are powerful antioxidants and can cause “detox symptoms” but as yet (at least I have never found any direct correlation) none of them has killed anyone whereas the same can not be said for those used in Antox and that is exactly why I do not and would not use Antox. THAT does not mean I’m right. I’m just a guy who reads too much lol

      I hope your son improves. 🙂

  7. I,m 7 days into an acute pancreatic attack. I was not hospitolized. I tryed to eat a piece of wheat bread & a couple bites of rice with garlic & pepper because i got really dizzy.I woke up with pain in the night.I assumed my pancreas was healing & I could try & eat. I just made a fruit smoothie with red grapes ,apple and melon. Is this going to be trail & error? Am I hurting myself more by eating before my Pancreas is healed?

    1. Hi Johnna – how do you know it is an acute pancreatitis attack? Have you previously been diagnosed? If so and you know for sure you should be in the ER. Eating during an attack is not good. The pancreas needs rest. Please get checked out.

  8. Im going threw this alot right now but still have not been diagnosed with anything, its been 18months and im independent 17yr ive had about 17 er visits, 6 different gps from 6 different drs, been picked up in nz & aus from the ambo almost near dying and theyve found nothing, my bloods have come back near normal everytime, just high n white cells, get kept in for observation then dismissed with some ibrufeon. ive been prescribed and given nearly all the ‘best drugs’ every single time, it got to the point where morphine fed threw a iv., codeine, tramadol, acupan, alot i cant remember but these drugs i will never ever take again or forget how they make me feel!! Now i cant even cosume natural sleeping pills without feeling the need to itch right threw to my insides. After one would stop working theyd up the mg and the dosage. I try not let it get to me, but im loosing it somebody who knows about this crappy diagnosis could you please help me?

    1. Hi Deijaneira – I know how frustrating it can be, to be sick, and not know what is wrong; to hear different opinions from different doctors; most of which don’t make sense. I wish I had the answer but I don’t. All I can say is don’t give up. Find a doctor who wants to find out what is wrong and then let them get to it.

  9. Hi there, thank you so much for the invaluable advice and support on this site!!. My mother has pancreatitis and she is in and out of the hospitals 🙁 she has gallstones (some were taken out already) and I am looking at Golden Paste GP to see if that would help.(turmeric, coconut oil, black pepper and water – made to a paste, and taking 1 teaspoon a day.). I am in touch with the Turmeric Group Users, but there isn’t anyone there who used it in pancreatitis. Would it help my mum, if she takes is regularly? (She is still overweight, has a pace-maker and had her spleen removed, plus swollen/heavy feet)….oh, parents! 🙏🙏💝💝 please advise on GP, if suitable. Thank you. Anda xxx

    1. Hi Anda – sorry to hear about your mother. The curcumin, black pepper and water are fine. Ditch the coconut oil. ALL oil is bad. It is pure fat and fat makes a damaged pancreas very unhappy.

      1. Hi there, thank you for taking your time to reply each one! what about citrus fruits – oranges, mandarins, satsumas etc. Lemon juice for flavoring food? xxx

  10. Hi i dont seem to get any help from my doctor complain for years how i was feeling being told you have this with out any help to help cure please can you help me told i have a shrinking pancreas what to eat and not to eat would be a help

    1. Hi Barbara – atrophy of the pancreas is caused by several conditions (diabetes, chronic pancreatitis) and supposedly old age. Check the categories on the right for diet and read the posts to learn what to eat and what not to eat. Has anyone told you why your pancreas is shrinking?

    1. Hi Darren – I don’t know of any safe meal replacement shakes. Ensure clear seems to work for some. It is the only Ensure product without oil. But in regards to regular meal replacement shakes I’m sorry but I don’t know of any at this time. I’m not to fond of low fat myself but I’m even less fond of pain, puking, organ failure and death which are all possible with acute pancreatitis brought on by eating high fat meals when the pancreas is already damaged.

  11. Hi,I appreciate your help.I watched my mother suffer with cancer of the pancreas when I was 13,she was only 41 yrs old when she passed.
    I have had a strange feeling under my right rib for over 4 yrs.This past April 2016 I had a CT scan in the ER …The Dr. Was nice enough to tell me first off no tumors were seen.What a relief!!
    So for the last 7 months I’ve been watching what I eat ,using turmeric, red pepper,ginger,garlic and black pepper.Well,2 weeks ago my income was cut down which makes it hard for me to buy everything I need.So this puts added stress on me daily. I also take Creon when I eat. So can you simply the list of suppliments I need to buy,veggies n fruit to eat also please.I am a 64 year old woman that’s not ready to go yet.Thank You so much.B.Thumbs Up.

    1. Hi Barbie – Almost all veggies and fruits are safe EXCEPT for soybeans (soy products), avocado, coconut. Anything high in fat is not safe. Anything containing alcohol (mouthwash, vanilla extract, cold remedies) is not safe. IF I could only buy one supplement I’d choose grape seed extract. It is my personal workhorse product.

  12. My daughter has been offered to have her Gall bladder removed but the surgeon said it may or may not work, sounds very hit and miss. So far they haven’t even found gall stones (she’s had scans)

    1. Hi Jeanne – if there are no stones or sludge visible on scans it may be because everything (stones and sludge) was passed before the scans or she doesn’t have them at all. I personally wouldn’t have my GB removed unless there was clear evidence to indicate the need. Of course you (and your daughter) need to do what y’all think is best.

  13. Hi Mr Health guy, I have only just picked up your reply, to my email about fat and Pancreatitis. Thank you so much for your information, I really appreciate it. Just recently my daughter has been diagnosed with type 1 Diabetes caused by the Pancreatitis, she has been in hospital for over a month, in the last week she has had 4 Hypos night time and one day time, surely just before sleep a small snack of slow release carb would stop that happening in the night
    Thank you again

  14. Hi Health guy, it would be so awesome if you joined our facebook groups, ( the groups people join for pancreatitis so many people dont seem to realise the importance of sending you a message on your page. But we do try to share it often. I sent you a fb message a while ago too. Not sure if youve had time to read it yet. I am still struggling to understand this disease.

    My First question is this, why is it that all acute cases seem to become chronic even after one attack?

    Secondly my lipase has finally come down to more normal levels after 3 months yet I am still in extreme pain. Trying to eat mushy food for a while again and I did fast and ate jelly for a few days. Lipase stayed low though so not sure if it was an attack or not, no vomiting. If the lipase is coming down and staying down is this a good thing or totally irrelevant?

    Then lastly a bit of an odd question, If your stool floats I was told this is a sign of malabsorbtion, yet my fecal elastase test was normal. Is this even possible? Because I know something isnt right. I bloat after eating nearly anything. I am concerned what the excess gas inside your intestines does to your body. Is it normal to bloat with pancreatitis issues?

    Thank you:)

    1. Hi Candice – I haven’t seen your message. I apologize. I’ve been locked out (FB jail) of one account for several weeks. The other is still working.

      Question #1: “why is it that all acute cases seem to become chronic even after one attack?”
      Answer: that’s a really good question. according to the medical community 80% of one-time, mild acute pancreatitis attacks heal with no further complications. I can see that being possible as long as there isn’t an underlying condition that is causing the problem which has not been addressed successfully. the problem lies in the fact that many doctors have difficulty diagnosing AP let alone finding the cause unless it happens to be so blatant it slaps them up side the head (gallstones that show on scans). 10-40%! of acute pancreatitis cases get diagnosed as idiopathic (depending upon the sources read), with an average of 20%. Idiopathic means the docs have no clue as to cause. And so when the cause is not addressed there can be recurrent bouts of AP which means damage on top of damage (happened to me. heck it took 14 docs just to diagnose me. 13 couldn’t figure out what was wrong. this fact caused me to have attack after attack with more damage being piled on top of the previous damage. luckily more and more people are being diagnosed correctly the first time in an ER). Anyway … it is my humble opinion that even a small amount of damage, that doesn’t show up on CT etc, can eventually come back to bite someone under unfortunate circumstances (they don’t heal properly or fast enough before turning to a regular diet).

      Question #2: “If the lipase is coming down and staying down is this a good thing or totally irrelevant?”
      Answer: According to everything I have read lipase levels normalizing is a good thing and signals the resolution of inflammation. However, lipase doesn’t always rise or stay increased with mild cases of CP and in the most advanced cases where the pancreas is burned out (does not produce enzymes) they don’t increase in either acute attacks or chronic flares because there isn’t any enzyme production.

      Question #3: “If your stool floats I was told this is a sign of malabsorbtion, yet my fecal elastase test was normal. Is this even possible?”
      Answer: Yes, floating, oily, foul smelling stools (steatorrhea), can be caused by pancreas damage but did you know that stools will float because they contain gas? It true! In fact gas is the most common reason stools float. Unless they stink to high heaven and/or you see an oily film on the water or globs of fat hanging on your stools I wouldn’t worry.

      Question #4: “Is it normal to bloat with pancreatitis issues?”
      Answer: Yes.

    1. I guess the doc who diagnosed me found enough evidence of damage on CT and endoscopy that he told me I’d be chronic and within 10 years unable to eat anything. Anyway he must have been right because I can’t go off my diet and supplements and stay well. I learned that the hard way.

  15. Sorry, last thing I hope:) I found a fat free, sugar free protein drink. The protein content is 14g per 250ml drink. My question is, we place a lot of emphasis on fat and sugar with this disease but does your pancreas not also break protein down? Would it be safe to drink this at all?

    I had an EUS done to try and diagnose chronic pancreatitis, they found a few ‘granules’ which I would imagine is calcification due to my attack? But the one Dr says it was less than 3% and in size they were 2.5mm ( in opinion this is big? ) but she says its not. They wont diagnose me as chronic on this one find. Thats also why I was wondering what tests you had done to diagnose chronic? How many years after your last attack, did it take for you to feel fairly normal again? And I was wondering are you diabetic? Do you think cutting out all whet products would help? Im just struggling to gain weight, I weigh 85 pounds currently.

    Kindest Regards

    1. Here are more answers Candice …

      Question #1: “we place a lot of emphasis on fat and sugar with this disease but does your pancreas not also break protein down? Would it be safe to drink this at all?”
      Answer: Fat & alcohol are the two primary enemies of a damaged pancreas. Large amounts of protein at one time can also cause problems with some. I have never been able to point a bad finger at sugar except that it is highly inflammatory (the processed white stuff) and cancer feeds on sugar. If we were to cut out all sugars we wouldn’t be able to consume fruits or vegetables because they all contain sugar. And most fruits (except avocado and coconut) are safe choices. In regards to the protein drink make sure you read the label carefully because many/most contain oil. Ensure clear seems to work for most folks.

      Question #2: “what tests you had done to diagnose chronic?”
      Answer: CT and endoscopy

      Question #3: “How many years after your last attack, did it take for you to feel fairly normal again?”
      Answer: Around a year

      Question #4: “are you diabetic?”
      Answer: No

      Question #5: “Do you think cutting out all whet (i’m guessing you mean wheat?) products would help?”
      Answer: No. Unless you are a celiac like me or allergic to wheat I see no benefit in going wheat or gluten free

      1. Thank you so much fro your prompt responses!! Is the oil in the shakes bad even if it says 0.3g fat per 250ml drink? Dont want to go spend a fortune on a product that is bad for me. I have had the oil in the stool but yet the malabsorbtion test came back clear. So weird and frustrating. I am drinking soups and a thinned out porridge for the next few days just to be safe. And my diagnosis was idiopathic, although there is a general consensus between my Drs that a medication I was on at the time caused this. The thing is I stopped the meds and still have problems up until now. I guess I am trying to figure out if this means I am chronic or not as my Drs cannot agree on this. On the Fb groups everyone seems to be chronic. But yes maybe it will take a year to heal. I have been told to take something called moringa oliefera as it is a clean and very potent antioxident ( not made in a lab) All natural product and I have been told to combine it with Ambratose. Have you heard of this at all.

        1. Hey Candice – Pancreatitis FB groups are full of people who have chronic pancreatitis. Well people usually don’t hang out in support groups unless they have a loved one who is sick and so look for answers. For the most part I found pancreatitis support groups (i joined several) full of sick, frustrated and angry people (I understand the frustration and anger) who liked to give advise to others (usually wrong) which helped everyone to stay sick. So I left and haven’t been back. Moringa oliefera is a south asian tree that grows like a weed. The leaves are chalked full of nutrients and phytochemicals. I’ve never tried it but I would think it could be very beneficial. One thing that concerns me is that the leaves, etc, contain oil. It is even used in cooking in some countries. Oil, any kind, is pure fat. So it may be better to locate a powdered formula (capsules, tablets) and try it after researching the fat content. Ambratose on the other hand looks to be empty promises.

  16. Sorry Mr Health guy I thought they might be connected, some people who suffer bouts of Pancreatitis end up with Type 1 Diabetes
    Best wishes

    1. No reason to be sorry Jeanne – your thoughts are correct, diabetes is definitely connected. Diabetes seems to be a risk factor for pancreatitis and damage caused by pancreatitis often causes diabetes.

  17. Hi,thank you for your advise .In what form do I buy the grape seed oil,and how much how many times aday? I drink. Aloe vera juice and white grape juice,is water the best for flushing my organs out. What would you suggest for a healing daily diet?
    I didn’t mention my pancreatitis is chronic..I keep losing weight.Anything I can eat so I can rid myself of this,to repair my organ. I also have swollen lymph nodes in my neck.I would rather get remedies from you then another prescription. to mask things.Bottom line is…I want to be my old self again and gain weight and want to leave the house.
    Thank you so much for chairing your recovery.I would love to be a success story of yours.I will follow everything you tell me to a tee.

    1. Hi Barbie – Grape seed oil is not good. Grape seed extract is the ticket. Start out with one dose per day (100 mg) and work up on a weekly basis until you feel results. Water is great for flushing toxins and staying hydrated. Diet and supplement info can be found on this site (check the categories on the right). If your lymph nodes stay swollen for more than a few days you should have them checked out. If you have specific questions that you find are not answered somewhere on this site please ask. I would like you to become a success story because it glorifies Almighty God – He gets all the credit because He taught me what I know. I would like everyone who suffers with pancreatitis to become a healing success story!

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